feeling like you're stuck in a hurry cause everything i found it just keeps on turning don't worry.

don't worry don't worry you got the future on your mind no hurry no hurry just take it one day.

it's championship saturday here at the club tournament of champions and it's the ladies that are taking center court now we've got a tremendous final coming up here the top seed lucy kovalova and utah's favorite cali smith will be battling for the title callie is going to have the whole crowd on her back and.

Boy did they need it in their semi-final as they were challenged by jesse irvin and anna bright but the crowd and their expert play got them a victory in three games on the other side it's mom and daughter anna lee and lee waters are ready to battle they look great in the california run-up to this tournament they beat leia jansen and catherine.

Parrento in their semi-final in two games they want this title it's the tournament of champions who's gonna be the champion who is gonna be the queen of this court all right welcome back to brigham city utah dave fleming here and it is the ladies on center court here at the ppas.

Club tournament of champions dave fleming here and i am joined by one of the top ladies in the game leah jansen welcome to the booth thanks dave thanks for having me so let's set the stage here folks we've got lucy kovalova playing with cali smith the hometown crowd wants to get behind callie cali.

Just played in the mix did not go her way leia but man are they fired up what can that do for these two utah is probably one of the crazier places i've played and having played cali here it's very difficult they will search for anything to get into this match so you've got that going on and then on the other side we have anna lee waters.

Looking for what she called the triple triple she's got two triple crowns she's going for a third one she's got her mom by her side there you see lucy kovalova let's play pickleball and as you mentioned they're even gonna just go crazy on miss returns here to support cali oh yes and the waters i think have the wind.

Behind them right now yeah so the wind has been swirling all week here uh we both played in this event obviously congrats to you for a really really great event and we look forward to your insight here so here's emily waters starting on the right serving to cali smith.

Yep and that's that's what they want that's what you're gonna look for them they want lead to take the drive and the lead to take the poach such good split step and then explosion again if you're just joining us championship saturday best three out of five so we could be here a while and i know the fans would love a five game.

Thriller lee waters crushing two-handed backhands and callie and lucy are starting with a straight up look right now usually they start stacked and it looks like they're going to go with the switch right here and that's that hand open hand you saw that cali smith gave that signal there.

Great job by the crew of catching that so you know lucy is traditionally played on the right side throughout her career played it as well as anyone in pickleball history they've got to find the answer here so that drive goes a bit deep you'll see the two triangles are in this case one.

Triangle on the scoreboard each member of your team gets to surf so that will indicate where we're at we had a little egg hunt back in the corner we've located the ball put it in our basket we're ready to play here comes cali smith there's a good look at her thank you.

Cali and lucy grinded through a win against jesse irvin and anna bright they had to dig deep on that one the lights last night down in game three we had friday night lights it was a lot of fun and they won a very spirited match would have this place going absolutely bananas.

So playing at altitude the ball is going to fly as um a lot no because of the the air is thin so the waters are really taking advantage of this um they are you're not going to see a lot of dinking i think it's going to be one two fire yep and we love fire so we're all for it uh.

Yeah so uh came here from a couple of events out in california almost at sea level and then you've got to adjust here to the altitude it's been hot it's been windy so you really have to show your ability to adjust and these ladies have done it well enough to play in the final.

Now i hate to bring up a loss of yours but last night you and catherine parento did lose to the waters what would you tell smith and kovalova that maybe you picked on yesterday to try and find a way to take these two down it's very tough but a lot of i feel like the points that they got on us is i just feel like it's so hard to get up to.

The kitchen line on the waters and control the game so they can take a lot of control of the game so as daunting as it may sound you're gonna have to fend off annalise drive and really switch around the drives because analyse poach is just really good and lee gets in a very big rhythm so you have to have the ability.

To insert her but not too much so she can overtake the match and there you heard your first screaming come on from cali smith so lucy koval over to serve down too early again best of five and you know they're gonna feed the ball.

To lee waters you've got the best player in the world to her right happens to be her daughter and uh you know her level has been so good lately that uh they're like bring it on lee's like bring it on i'm freaking good man bring it on yeah we especially as she starts seeing more and more balls gets into the rhythm of the match so.

Again they got to be careful of just feeding it to her too much because look at what happens if you do step around forehand rope and then she has the backhand ready if that would have come back on the forehand side she wouldn't have had the paddle there so you know you just sort of lodged that all right she got me on that one.

A lot of this match in my opinion is going to be on lucy and cali's ability to fend off the drive oh there it is a big come on too such a beautiful we love to talk about placement over power and if you've got them on the run just put it where they're not well done cali smith.

And this is where i think in my opinion they're written now that lucy's comfortable on the left switching against the waters is very dangerous as we saw right there it's a decent volley but the onslaught's coming and switching is unwinding the stack so here they'll just send kovalova straight ahead.

And that stays in right on the baseline and then yeah they get such a fortuitous lob and then you've got an absolute sitter for anna lee waters and she plows out into the net so can they build off of that opportunity and that's what i think callie has to do.

You got to go first on them and as you know cali brings the offense more more than anybody so when she gets those dead dinks things that sit up to her forehand i think she has to take those opportunities we talked about this a little bit in the mixed match they get a little momentum.

Coming back and then a missed third or a missed serve gotta keep that level high when you're playing a team that is firing on all cylinders like the waters are and mama shows her daughter this is how you hit an overhead right like this that is plastered by the former.

South carolina gamecock tennis star leah waters well that's what they want boy did they ever kiss kovaleva hit a very timid first volley there and uh that was sitting there like a meaty fillet just ready to be munched uh hit too hard by lee waters okay that i mean that's a big side out.

Right there because the crowd is packed around this court just urging them on we did a great job of fending off lucy's first counter right there to keep that point alive because lucy really clocked that and talk about fending off lee waters impressive just getting hammered.

Blocks it back and then she turns defense into offense and forces a mistake that's an impressive point from lee waters right there now they're going to move anna lee to the left this is the water's ability since you know they are related um switching too much can sometimes cause confusion within teams but for them they do it.

Great and here's a good timeout they do indeed so after another miss so just a couple of loose errors on the side of smith and kovalova you look at the scoreboard guess what that's the impact so water's up early here in game number one.

I think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams ups or fedex for this one fedex they deliver on saturday it's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality black shell soft how.

Does he know all this stuff strength that's awesome unknowns things that are unclear we need all right we are back fans plastered around what a beautiful setting dave fleming leia jansen playing down in the valley here mountains all around us we talked about the altitude effects.

Play what would you tell lucy and cali they're down early right now they're going against the wind so this is their opportunity to kind of swing for the fences you can't let the waters take it to you i think they're really gonna have to find a way to attack lee and just a little too much there so the.

Waters stay hot coming out and and they're going to keep the left hand see that's the trouble and when you return to anna leach it's the best singles player in the world and so she has the deadliest drive but then that's that's the other option so.

You're staring at wait but option two was supposed to be better and it wasn't and what is happening we're at game point just like that what a get by lee waters there and that goes just.

Long and lee waters is like daughter how after what i just did did you not clean your room come on now so second chance to take game number one just stays in that's one sometimes anna lee will come get she did not there so two game points stopped we talked about this as a gamer runs you.

Get that ball back maybe you can keep it you can certainly get some momentum for a second game but you'd sure like to put a little pressure on them because they're swinging away got the ball there you can kind of feel it picking up a little bit and that's a ball smith has an.

Opportunity but you got to make it yeah and i think it's good that she's going to take it now that she because she missed it she just can't let herself get tentative right and as you can see the flag over her shoulder up above on this shot this is the side to be going aggressive.

And there's a nice ball from kovalova so wichita's favorite cheering i'm sure back in wichita for her cali's got him right here packed around the court the waters from south florida have fans there as all these ladies do as does the woman to my right signing autographs right before we went.

On the air i love the fans involvement in the sport perfect roll from waters because that is a really tough shot to keep in the court with the wind at her back and i think that was good lucy kind of did a heat check there third chance to take game one for the.

Waters okay there we go that's the way to put the drive away though yeah get that get that out of here just get that the heck out of here says callie smith okay get a ball hit hard on the run so okay there's.

Four gone away gotta put pressure on him though on your server just tremendous defending by the waters they were behind the whole point but made them hit another ball and another ball i think that's great by lucy and callie though you can tell they just shrugged.

It off good partner support and laugh it off next one and there's what you've been exuding them to do take the fight to them don't wait for them to pull the trigger especially on surf bullies don't like getting bullied you know that's that's what i like to say the waters aren't shy to take it to.

You so it's interesting to see if you can change the game on them it's hard but you have to there you and the go tech paddles are down and that means time out so four game points saved a little run going crowd getting all behind this we'll be right back to see.

If they can keep it going you need to dive into the yellow one not today breaks over you drop something that's a wicked backhand so.

all right we are back dave fleming with leia jansen she herself played on championship saturday against young annalee waters who played well but great run by leia jansen here so congrats on your great tournament so now look who's.

Getting pushed a little bit we talked about those who are comfortable well now it's a little uncomfortable because four game points have been saved and here comes cali smith you see right there serving down just two and a nice little attack in the middle you even saw callie smith flint she.

Thought it was coming her way that's the disguise yes off speed has been working try number five and you knew a big swing was coming but the ball was deep and didn't have pace on it so you had to generate all your own this is where her singles comes into.

Play because she's used to hitting specific targets on literally a single shot right there i mean beautifully done so it is the waters who take game number one annelise looking for that triple crown she's one step closer we'll be right back brady.

Yeah he comes in to recharge gets offer updates you know same time next week go let's go let's go on your six ladies.

The world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours what's your secret oh it's no secret it's the expert help i got it solutions make an appointment at footsolutions.com are you looking for content are you looking to up your game by watching some of the best content in the game make.

Sure to go over to the mcguffin pickleball club youtube channel you can check out educational videos you can check out my vlogs with my family or you can check out the mcguffin show subscribe today to the mcguffin pickleball club all right welcome back dave fleming with leah jansen and.

The waters ran way out had multiple game points but weren't able to finish until several had been saved that got momentum going for cali smith and lucy kovaleva but they didn't finish it they didn't finish the comeback so can they find the magic here as we look at game two leia we've talked about can they fire.

First anything else you would tell lucy and cali here no i mean i think they and they know themselves they're great supportive partners i think they know like they just have a slow start and now they're kind of getting now they're kind of getting into the flow of the match.

This is what i would not recommend though i think against the waters you have to stay there you go especially on the first point like you're just begging them to go crack it there like everyone in the whole place if they're following pickleball knows you're unwinding the ball's gonna get.

Hammered where you're coming and uh nice matrix move there by lee waters as that ball was coming hot and high we haven't seen the kovalova come ons and the arm in the air or they just haven't gotten that momentum and kudos to the waters for oh man just complete.

Bumper cars there but they got away with it and why not have a neck quartz get lucy kovaleva going and gets the utah crowd going too yeah lisa lucy may be from slovakia but she is a celebrated utah resident right now yes indeed.

And there it is again like just feed you feel it and then the third drive gets in the net you don't even give the crowd a chance to really keep picking you up i one thing about the waters that i was thinking about playing last night and that i'm gonna go stat is i want to know.

How many thirds they make because it's easy to say drive drive drive but then i miss two drives so i have to start dropping just to make my thirds it's impressive the amount of drives they can make so leia will send an apology that's the announcer's curse welcome to the booth leia we never miss a ball over here.

Though that's that's we are we are perfect here as we will not swing a paddle from here it is also really funny because i i can thoroughly say i do my homework and then some each time i go back and watch my match and i go you knew that and it's just so funny how when you get under duress and the nerves and the adrenaline.

How you forget things yeah and i think that's a a great point for players at all levels to remember like if there's a strategy and it's working get your ego the heck out of there and just keep doing it because some of the time people like yeah but i've been working on my drive yeah but every drop they're leaving up and your.

Partner's killing it it's a good return right there get over here yeah man what a job at fending off a ball that was jammed up just under her chin and able to get it down that's a good play though.

You gotta take some chances swings from cali smith and that was in their favor there one two one game two of a best of five they will take every last freebie that is available oh there we go okay sorry not sorry from.

Cali smith there so we get a ball that lee makes 99 out of 100 is missed and then a ball rolls off the net and suddenly you got a lead and that gets you know we haven't heard anna lee used to be a much more vocal player now she'll only use it in spurs she used.

To hear her screaming come on all the time so i think she's sort of learned her spots even for her self cheering and that sails deep so okay 4-2 still serving it's a good run right here and they're doing it with lucy on the left that's going to stay in.

Kovalev took one step to the middle to cover and nice finish there so that's a good run a little pressure put on 2 4-1 i think they're calling a squid no okay kovalova yelling way out on that one.

Okay so uh that's this team gets all sort of geared up when it's going well it is in the game plan and then just again it's like this crowd just you heard him groan there that's like the last thing we want to see we want to see you excel that's an unbelievable dig from.

Lee waters because that ball was tattooed yeah that was fed to lucy's backhand and callie's on that they just had a little bit of the wind behind them good luck at lee water serving there and you know on your fourth if you leave it there they don't care that it's maybe four feet behind the kitchen line they're.

Going to clobber it you saw smith and kovalova concede the kitchen right away that's how good your fourths need to be and now a fourth drive is missed and i think this is where at four four i would have called the timeout and i was hoping they would call one here because the waters want to play quick.

And they can run with the score better than anyone yeah they've oh there you go got the ability to score in bunches but cali smith says i see your timeout on my paddle lane jansen right here there we go great job fending off a ball that looked a lot like the winning shot.

From game number one so the lead is two okay and the layouts are coming so now they're gonna start they're gonna their chatter is part of as you mentioned it's part of the game plan but as we've talked about the stakes are.

Rising higher for sure there you see that's another kind of gimme right there and she hesitated on it yeah the wind uh maybe brought it into her body a little too much there the wind not huge but definitely at the back of kovaleva and smith and there's switch.

Great hands by cali smith there keep this point going and they get another mistake and these paddle tech powers are going to hit the ground so looked like a timeout was needed from smith and kovaleva smith makes a huge play on an anna lee drive and then suddenly timeouts are being called on the other side so guess what smith and kovalova.

Have the lead here in game number two john's what do we got parento another one shame third one this week any suspects no yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw.

championships all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with leia jansen and this has had the chance to change a little bit we've gone ahead with the waters now they're.

Behind the crowd is now re-engaged this is where they haven't seized that opportunity they've missed thirds or a serve can kovalova and smith now ride the wave we'll find out here unfortunately it is the exact same pattern they got a second chance here but man.

This place was ready to go bananas for him oh wow that's a great job because she just missed those last couple where they're hanging those fours are those thirds and she missed her fourth so that's pretty clutch right there yeah that was a tentative third after the one before it was missed.

Though so lee waters gets it but they are down one and now man alive this has been the formula here and it's so hard to win when you're playing such a quality opponent i do think the waters earn a little bit of credit and i can say this that's competed against them so much they put.

So much pressure on you that you even feel it on the easy shots and that's just kind of good for people at home to remember like if you really oh there we go you really pressure your opponents all the time they start thinking of it and they give you easy errors and i love to talk about pedicures.

That's one right on the foot so beautiful drive there okay the lead is just one look at lee waters track that down but then it sails deep so unbelievable get on the first one great communication between smith and kovaleva there were a couple balls in the middle that they were ahead in the point let's make sure.

The right person hits it okay seven eight will we get the teeter-totter to change who's got the lead after this possession oh my god came in so hot right there oh her face afterwards was a pure disgust but there you go i think this is this is the.

Greatest thing about kovaleva and smith i think they do a great job of nope so there's what sure does it's a huge swing but cali smith couldn't even get there but she makes you take a wider angle and even though she didn't even touch the ball she created a miss and then a miss serve it is.

This pattern is going to cost them a chance to get a title if they don't get it fixed quickly for sure cali's been doing a really good job of getting in there on the poach i would start putting the thirds on her yeah wow perfect little roll into the wind from.

Anna lee waters there sometimes it's blunt force trauma and sometimes it's just using that that left hand on the two-handed backhand that really lets her put that spin on it that was almost an incredible recovery from lee waters after it bounces off the net 982.

Huge game two nine eight two that's what you need right there and he missed third anna lee looks back up at the wind and can't believe it it is in her face so kovalova's serving oh what a try by callie smith but just can't get there the merits a top spin.

Exactly and for callie not to get there she's one of the quickest on tour i mean those feet are never stopped second chance to tie it much better third and that pushed lee waters off the line and it is 99 in game number two i think that if lee is on the right side whoever.

Is on the right for lucia cali really has to isolate it there she's getting more used to it but that still is a very vulnerable pattern if there is one kovalova tracks that one down what a get from cali smith on the next one so the net was not kind to.

Its local favorite cali smith so nine nine this just seems huge to go up two games to none for the waters would be massive so can they scrap it back and get another chance to serve oh man what again great get by kovaleva again.

And that time wow to be able to shovel that over literally open their paddle up to the sky that was the only way and then come over the slowest part of the net question about whether they want to take it all right all right no they're going to trust their guys anna lee was going to call it and mom said.

No dessert for you here we go not just the fists i feel like there were veins i think i mean there were lasers coming out of the eyes there they were staring it down okay nine nine on a one nine one and this this crowd place is going to go bananas if they can win this point.

I can't tell you how difficult with a two-handed backhand it is for annalee waters to have gotten that ball off the tape one of the best shots she's hit all day that's how hard that was second chance to get to 10. and kovalova sitting backhand was ready for the fire that time she does the.

Waterspire with her own and they will have a game point it is the waters who called timeout folks this is what the crowd wanted they're getting it will they be able to finish we'll find out after this.

Ben you've got to give it up you're stepping out of bounds i'm so close parental it goes all the way to the top talking refs commentators food vendors but how can you prove this it's so simple bring me the jigsaw.

Folks we are back it was dance party usa in here during the time out the utah crowd is ready to go can kovalova and smith pull off the last point of the comeback here we go and a really safe third that was just sort of wheeled in was not what they needed there it's better than missing it but not hit with confidence so.

Down one game point saved here come the waters and callie smith just swinging for the fences look at that and then rips that winner and somebody might say hey i saw her push off on the kitchen line reestablish that left foot so perfectly legal on that point oh no.

And seeing if she'll try and attack it with the one hand and roll it into the net so 10 a piece but then anna lee waters is she seems a little she's so comfortable earlier a little frustrated with where the wind's at where does where does it need to be 10 a piece big rip goes deep.

Yeah that ball's well out and lee is engaged in the shall we say conversation that's going on here and lee waters fires down and look at what we have here now it is the waters with a game point so my goodness this is pickleball at its finest the ladies have brought their a.

Game they brought their vocabulary and they've brought everything else what a match what a game number two we'll be right back with the conclusion one two three.

I already told you matt wright is my lawyer well matt wright isn't here is he i've got nothing to say to you we can do this the easy way or the hard way bring me the jigsaw all right we are back and the waters.

Have crept ahead they saved a game point down on a very tentative third hit from the other side where they got way ahead in the point right away utah jumping utah dancing they want them they want cali smith to get this ball back but will the waters allow that to happen here we go wow and they went away.

So they chose to unwind the stack and you knew what drive was coming and they got ahead and got the ball down at their feet so the waters overcome the stairs the fists the crowd the dancing and they take game number two we'll see what happens in game three right after this.

is not yet buddy.

Dave fleming here with leia jansen and my goodness leia that is what a game of this level on championship saturday needs to look like and my goodness the toss the turn can kovalova.

And smith find that energy that got them just to the edge of winning game number two okay there lee's missed a few of those but she doesn't really seem too worried about that smiling about that one now the on this side that's going to be pulled back even closer to the net so the ones.

Before kind of jammed them up because they went just a little farther than she thought wow yep and the off speed we've seen the off speed kind of work for them on their attacks much more than power catching them swinging big boy that's what you kind of talk about just.

Can't happen one one what a gap by anna lee waters just a tremendous point by the waters nice 2-1-1 that's big pace from cali smith right there.

It was hard to even see it and then that's the perfect netball if you're the one that hit it because it's way in and there's no chance to get that yeah and that is a beautiful job of lee waters closing down the middle if she's going to play the left she has to do it she.

Did it perfectly there yeah the waters do combo which is one to attack and get ready for the response better than anybody but i think they've kind of found their formula they're going off speed catching lucy and cali kind of swinging big and able to get a few misses or lack of power on their counters.

right there look at this she defended those off and i i would think you need a timeout and kind of like what we talked about in game one the waters are wasting no time lucy and callie have to take it to him nice so they get it back but my goodness.

The waters have raised their level here in game three and are coming out fire there's a beautiful ball down the middle so if you leave it in bad places and you're not all the way to the kitchen there are a very few small places to put the ball when you string and swing from that spot.

But it is dangerous to go there i gotta keep trying because i get anna lee pushed back see if they get that middle and another ball kisses the net and callie smith can't believe it so down three haven't been able to swing a bunch together except for late in game two when they got to a game point.

Yeah they're just they're just going i really i really think at this point you kind of have to make it a little tougher for them to get up to the kitchen line and get established yeah if you came for a dink point you have come to the wrong match ladies and.

Gentlemen this is fire all day long oh okay anna lee's not gonna like that got tagged on the inside out beforehand and a big come on from cali smith there's kovalev and smith great move and again.

You have to pick your poison do you want the nle drive or do you want anna lee patrolling the shaken bay cause it is lee driving it yeah volley there it's a good first volley i do have to say the maturity of annalee at 15 years old if someone came at me like that at 15 years old i might have.

Lost my mind and her mental toughness this year is really improved not improved but it's just it just really shows why she's one of the best yeah it you know just athletic talent alone will not get it done out here everybody's too good you gotta have the focus you gotta have.

The patience and you gotta have the mental willpower to deal with whatever's thrown your way saw her looking back at the wind she threw that away made a bunch of shots to get herself a win in game two got tagged didn't even pay it another notice and kept playing awkward but impressive from lee waters.

There and now it is that gets tagged because they're just relentless yeah they just they're gonna keep going and the utah crowd is really looking to get into it i mean they were getting really loud at the end of game.

One of those floating bait ball thirds and the timeout is necessary because guess what folks we are three points from a triple crown for anna lee waters and they have come out smoking here in game number three look.

If we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone forever but we've tried everything we haven't tried everything bring me the jigsaw.

attention all right we are back dave fleming with leia jansen and the waters have crept to within three points of a title just bringing the heat just catches the back edge of the line.

On the return and they may be challenging their own call here have a video challenge on the call back here all right looks like we're going to see our first video challenge video challenge of the day the waters are saying the return it looked really close so.

We've got drew de genes has been our head referee kristin dibbal is the second the tracking referee is bill reitz and ed nelson is our video referee who will be checking this out so we'll see it was really close coming off the.

Paddle when they went to hit it you have to have a timeout challenge which they do have so while we look at this leia they've got a regardless of how this turns out they've got to get going now what would you be telling them because this is called sort.

Of a free time out yes i mean that that's that's the thing i'm wondering what lucy's having a long discussion with uh the wrath for um but right now i think they're i haven't i don't know about you but i haven't really seen too many.

Attacks and like i said they're going against the wind um annalee and lee are also really kind of just stepping in and taking their drives i know one time lucy it was kind of awkward but she kind of lobbed it up they're going against the wind if you give it some air maybe you can get an accidental short but you gotta look on okay it looks like they're.

Having a really long discussion at this net so i think the question is is a couple more shots had been played in that rally and then suddenly we're challenging a ball maybe two back this is my memory of what was taking place there now they may have said no you can still.

Challenge this and and that may be happening but that's what my eyes saw we'll see with the referees they may they may have went and and decided to go ahead and i think they may still be challenging this so we'll see i know there's a lot of debate about what took place here so.

it was not a rally ending action so there's no video challenge allowed yeah so it's exactly what i said is a little bit out no they said the there was continuous action and then we went back to challenge a ball a couple shots ago so that is not allowed so there is no video challenge so false alarm.

This is what a checkpoint looks like it's a miracle i don't think this favors them though i think lucy's gotta run around her backhand and take it because that's what's gonna happen as you saw like the point just extended for a long period of time and lucy actually has a very good run around and.

They're just gonna have to do it i mean i say this as i didn't pull the trigger on them last night but i i think this might actually be something we have to implement okay so they get the roll over in their favor but the deficit is significant so can kovalova and smith get on a run kovalova's trying to have some fun here.

And if you tuned in and just saw those smiles you would go uh they must be in great shape here but uh they are not and there's another tough ball in transition so second serve down seven cali smith desperate to give her fans something to cheer about.

Wow yeah two it's that's not where you're looking for a miss transition ball and then kind of a high third and an easy put away and the water's just cranking on all cylinders up 9-2 they've been switching sides when they needed to okay.

There's an oh yeah yeah if you can get her on her back foot and then get a decent dry volley at lea that's that's what you need but you gotta hit a good return that's the formula oh just.

Ridiculous two-hander dink roll from anna lee gets extra spin by kissing off the net and we are at match point for the waters triple crown point for anna lee and lee waters tries to deliver a perfect gift for her daughter had a chance to have the whole back side open didn't.

Even have to hit it hard tries to go backside and keep it instead of keeping in front let's see if they can do some damage here i mean they can make some come back but yeah and see that this was working when they were kind of when they got to a game point in game she was swinging in the transition zone.

I just think she's really moving like bulldozing through and she doesn't time it right then it's gonna sail oh there we go and they're gonna take anything utah crowd will not give up no no and uh three you know you can only win one point at a time here so just that's the.

Way you have to look at it okay they want to get in their heads with the way outs and all of that so that's going to keep coming but they're way behind right now 4 10. that's just a brilliant ball right there kovalova almost had that that was pretty good so match point.

Number two triple crown point number two and and the waters choose to just slow this down i like it call timeout figure out what do we want to do where do we want to throw a third do we want to run a shake.

And bake let's this is the one time you can actually call a play in pickleball we'll see what they choose when we come back no way she gets this let's go thank you.

Thank you thank you my turn all right welcome back everybody come back and we are sitting in match point and i wondered if the waters were going to run this play so you're like you cannot hit this return out of the air and lee.

Waters has to let it go and they would have loved to finish they they pulled that play out you know once a tournament maybe once every two tournaments that was a tremendous return obviously the second ball has to bounce so that's for looks.

Another opportunity to win it and they do not and remember in the first game i think this is why they called the offensive timeout they kind of let a big lead go in the first game they could have closed them out so let's see lucy's still smiling here we go beautiful ball by kovaleva to.

Keep them in it but there's there's that reaching backhand one-handed flick that just it hasn't it's not going their way so far today and now so just in a matter of seconds the match is back on.

The paddles of the waters with a lob serve and that sells deep and the waters win the women's doubles championship and anna lee waters is your triple crown winner she takes the singles sorry leia she takes the mixed doubles with ben johns and she takes the women's with her mom.

So it is triple crown time for anna lee waters i will talk to the winners when we come back congrats to anna lee and lee waters new people pickleball.

each shot has its own strategy each player their own style whether you dink it drive it blob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score.

We recognize the winners podiums are earned if you want an edge you best work for it electrum earn your edge all right dave fleming here back on center court and uh first utah give it.

Up for cali smith and lucy kovalova who had a tremendous tournament but now it's time to talk about water here in utah i'd usually start with mom but when you're wearing three gold medals and you're a triple crown winner i'm going to start with you anna lee waters.

Folks anna lee waters did not lose a single game in any of her brackets this weekend how in the world did you do that i honestly tried not to think about it while i was playing i was just like play your best and um until about five minutes ago i actually didn't know that so um but it's really awesome it's kind.

Of like a golden tournament but i'm super excited unbelievable now lee this was a battle you knew with cali smith in the house that as much as utah was cheering for you guys last night callie wasn't on the other side so second game you had to save a game point what was going through your mind to be able to keep that under.

Control and pull out game number two yeah i went in a little sinking spell in that second game and anna lee just said we gotta get back to being aggressive we're we're not being aggressive so we just went back to our roots and it paid off but i just want to say this utah crowd i know we weren't the favorites today but you guys enjoy good pickleball.

And we just appreciate you and all the cheering you did so thank you we hope we have a few fans in utah there's no doubt you have a few fans so anna lee tell us about what it's like to show up today with a wish of wearing three medals and then being able to pull that off what.

Did you do last night what did you learn from this experience what's inside that head of yours well i've been in this situation before sometimes i've gotten the triple crown sometimes i haven't so i knew what was coming ahead but i was just really proud of myself this morning for getting to all three and then when i got out here i was just saying like take.

One match at a time and i have really great partners i have my mom and ben to help keep me on the rails but um yeah just super fun disturbance so you take the triple crown let's get you a trophy so let me welcome our sponsor club and our tournament and ppa ceo connor pardo connor give them.

Thanks dave on behalf of our title sponsor club the ppa tour and brigham city we present you here with the trophy for winning the tournament of champions let's give it up for him everybody you guys that's some of the best pickleball i've seen we had a great.

Crowd engaged the entire time this is also a special tournament here in brigham city it's one of the first ever prize money tournaments in all of pickleball one of the fun traditions they have here is they do have a ring here and this ring goes to the high point.

Winner for both the women and the men and so the women's ring is going to be awarded to annaleigh waters so all the hardware is going to south florida folks anna lee waters and lee waters now lee your day's not over because lee's going to join me in the booth for the men's match but give it up one more time for.

Anna lee and lee waters let's hear it match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next i'll say i'm going we're going to margaritaville.

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Most welcome ladies and gentlemen to championship saturday here at the club tournament of champions presented by selkirk we've had some incredible matches all weekend long and now it's down to the best of the best who will take home the gold medal matches ladies and gentlemen it's the best pickleball.

In the world right here on the ppa tour so it's time for men's doubles here on championship saturday and we've got the top two seeds ready to battle the number one seed riley newman and matt wright.

Are looking to take out the johns brothers wright and newman looked very good in their semi-final they defeated utah's own tyler loong and callan dawson and the johns brothers were pushed by the third seed man were they in trouble jay devilier and tyson mcguffin had them on the ropes.

But they were able to push three down two in the third game of a best of three they were able to come back and take it so it's the johns versus wright and newman best three out of five we'll have that for you right after this all right welcome back everybody dave fleming here at the tournament of champions.

On the ppa tour and i have a champion to my right lee waters congratulations a tremendous match you just played it had to be thrilling to win in that fashion and be the last part of getting your daughter a triple crown yeah i did actually feel some pressure i was like oh no now it's up to me for annalee to win the triple but um but yeah i mean.

Mainly we just we wanted to follow up our win from last week at the skechers and prove prove that we're the top team and so we really went after it today yeah and you know as i discussed with you on the interview afterwards there's a lot going on here in that match and you guys just played it brilliantly so.

A great women's match let's hope we have the same engagement in fire here so let's set the stage here we've got ben johns and colin johns now speaking of triple grounds ben johns has a chance and elite gave me the triple triple triple when i talked to her yesterday it was her third triple crown she got her.

Triple crown that's two now ben johns has to deliver he's going to be playing with his brother who also was kind enough to spend some time with me in the booth now they're the two seed because riley newman and matt wright have been playing some tremendous pickleball what are you going to be looking for here yeah i think it's really interesting.

Because they both both teams have different playing styles matt and riley i would say are two of the most aggressive men's players i really like how they play they kind of play they play my style with pickleball a lot of flicks a lot of speed ups whereas ben and colin they they're they like to dink they like to finesse they like to really.

Work the point and set up that put away ball so it's going to be interesting to see which style you know kind of comes out on top today yeah the uh i told the fans watching your match like if you came for dink rallies you've come to the wrong place because truly it was who's going to pull the trigger first.

And you guys were able to do that successfully same thing here if riley and matt are going to be successful they're going to have to do that you just played on the court give our fans a sense of the wind the visibility what was that i'm not gonna lie it is tricky conditions um on the side that.

Well nobody's really there now we'll let you know in a second one side the side that's with the wind's tricky because when you do want to speed it up or hit a drive you got to be careful that it doesn't fly the opposite side you're against the wind so you can pull the trigger a little bit more however it's harder to see on that side okay so you.

Get into those battles and then you sometimes lose the ball i think there were probably more body bags as we call them or people getting hit on that side because you lose it as the ball is coming back to you yeah you have a little higher you know batter's eye to use a baseball term on on this on the far side here so the side.

Too you see tom whitson our referee what a great referee so he's got the control here you see colin johns coming up to fist bump there's ben johns with his hat on backwards riley newman and matt wright are ready to go colin johns wants to do what you did.

Help a family member achieve a triple crown and get your own gold medal we actually we actually talked about it before me and colin we were like geez it's up to us to make sure our siblings or daughters gets the triple crown so it's a little pressure all right here we go let's play pickleball colin john's to serve.

Ben looking to be aggressive on that side early try to set a tone so the wind as you can see the flag just for a second there is in the face of matt wright who you see serving there wow and we talked about perhaps wright and newman would be speeding it up lee i'm actually surprised though because.

Ben's uh sped up the ball two points in a row and um i noticed in their semi-final match against uh tyson and jay devilier oh wait to the point's over ben was really looking to be aggressive in that third game he like lit fire and it's looking like he's taking that same type of aggression right now because there's a ball there in the middle of.

The point that he'd often just roll into the backhand side and he took a full cut at it and matt wright was able to handle it it's that ball right there that kisses the tape and stays in for him so he said he was going to play aggressive when i talked to him yesterday and this morning after singles and we're seeing.

It early yeah you really don't see ben drive that many balls he's already driven at least two maybe three thirds interesting yeah that's hard to miss a return that's cut into that wind but gets too much of it they're coming at the bend like here.

Comes the ball this is fantastic just no doubt about it we're bringing heat all day long that one catches the wind and sails long and ben served huge in his singles match this morning and it played big dividends for him oh my and colin thought ben was going to come over so instead we'll just have a.

Highlight reel after we almost run into each other and there he comes into your living room i can assure you that was not planned no but it worked out there's riley with that quick speed up i know colin's been working on that pancake which is where he gets down low with his paddle high and just pancakes.

It down and it's been successful with it loves to get that scorpion stinger up there well done that's the thing lee you i've seen are getting that paddle up square instead of to the side a lot as well what does that do for people when they're getting attacked yeah it just it's easier to get.

The ball down back at their feet so they can't counter back it also helps you when you get down a little bit lower let the higher balls fly out and in these conditions a lot of balls are going to fly another drive from ben jones right there and a beautiful atp from cj there.

What a shot look at that and riley was there but it was so deep you don't see an atp laying that close to the baseline that was a great shot i think riley might have thought it was actually going out it was weighing little stare down staring down at the end of that point lee waters is incredulous and how fast those balls.

Went back and forth you were just playing on that chord my friend just high octane pickleball here i love it yeah and i have to think that matt and riley are a little surprised at how hot spend how hot ben came out because i think they thought they would see a lot of the as you described it at.

The beginning we're going to see two different styles they're going to roll those they're going to open the court they are such strategy guys we know where we want to put the ball where's it safe and no we're going to just swing for the fences all day long.

Good defense but riley was able to get that one down 4-1-2 oh no we've had quite a few leg cores already and we had him as well in our match so i don't know what what the heck but because everybody is driving the ball a.

Millimeter above the table i think that's it and i think the answer is lee and you were doing it yourself you know if you drive it and it's up at all these guys are so good and the women are so good they're going to put that away and you lose your advantage so it's got to be low it's got to be low.

Plus with the altitude here anything that gets up it just soars i mean it's speed up city there's not much dinking going on and i would have told matt and riley who you see there that that's the what's going to happen they would have said what no we're doing it.

And it is ben john's who gets the last answer on that one and you can see how he filled the middle now unlucky for riley and matt that it went off the net colin likes to sit back and get caught yeah i'm talking about ben in the middle he's not an overly tall guy but he's so big on that court i mean he has a presence.

Okay so scrap through a uh sort of a dick porn i'm not gonna call it a full dink point there lee but we're getting there angle me this watch this angle folks he hit it really well too he didn't turn his shoulders to show he was going there and then he just flipped his paddle.

And if you're not paying attention at home that is yet another return and another return and another return going to riley so we'll see if that continues but uh having watched them all go there so far i would expect that to continue yeah matt wright's really known for his thirds he's got a great drop he's got a.

Great drive so i think most teams when they when they play matt and reilly they probably hit most balls to riley it also keeps riley from poaching off off matt's thirds so it really serves two purposes exactly step back forehand from right misses there so 6-2 here in game one again best of five.

Seconds ben still driving that third it does put a lot of pressure on the other team even when you miss just to see ben come in like that calling too colin just tattoos went into the tape so there's no doubt that there was a conversation made about we don't like what happened in.

Our last match against these guys that time they're able to just get bent a little uncomfortable he's usually on balance wasn't there matt wright's staring it down second server three six two wow okay.

So what does that how does that feel for matt wright he stared down ben johnson and wins it and uh wants to keep going there yeah i mean he's she's trying to tell ben you're not you're not gonna drive me everywhere oh wow oh high angle little brother hit one angle but mine's better.

Look at that i think it is better i think i think colin one upped him on that six four one yeah i think any semi-high dink that goes matt wright's way you're going to see a speed up guys so a couple missed serves here in game one from.

Ben johns who served so well in singles you don't see that much actually you don't see matt poach much especially off his backhand side like that you know but if the same patterns happen i like the mentality of that like i gotta get them to stop i mean it's the same thing they're returning over there.

And then where's the next ball going oh let's pick up riley newman known to probably have the best defense in the game the game plan in the john's offensive coordinator playbook with we are bringing the heat all match long there it is.

Yep that time it's matt wright getting one as you mentioned if he has anything on his forehand especially if you're calculating wait they're speeding it up on us all the time i gotta take my turn yeah and his speed up is so good he can go down the line to ben's backhand or he can bring.

It across his body to his forehand there's that great defense you talked about oh my what a point it is riley newman that gets tagged here at the end of this one are you trying to get out of the way too sometimes your hands are so quick you actually get to a ball you didn't want.

To get to you know this i feel like i was talking about the woman to my right this team can get on a run and you just get back and serve and you can get four points in less than a minute and a half and it is very intimidating especially playing like this.

Super aggressive the scorpion from colin this is absolutely unbelievable i'm gonna just tell you fans no one said you have to speed up every ball i love that they're doing it but i did not tell them the referees lee i don't believe you told them no maybe maybe the women's match inspired it did.

That so maybe you were the reason i like it yeah i have seen many matches between these two teams and i've never seen one look like this i agree called this several times just in the last few months obviously prior to the summer break and they were playing all the time and they were.

Grinding and ben johnson's swat and he's flies no prisoners either i mean he's swinging 100 percent another and that driver the tape and goes wide yeah i really do love the third shot drive fifth shot drop combination.

Yeah cause you might get a miss on that first volley and it makes your drop so much easier because you're hitting it from ideally a lot closer to the net cj unable to get from a backhand to a forehand in time there swats that one into the net a lot of swatting going on there's another one there's there's the.

Other benefit as you mentioned so look at this just in rapid fire we got a game point oh my complete that was a fake out by ben yeah that was a big fake out so a game point is saved by just letting the john's brothers fight over whose toy it is.

Oh earning me this but riley was there oh my gosh that is one of the hardest balls you will ever see look at this i mean he actually turned his paddle that was crazy i think ben went and like worked out before this match or something he's already played twice today come on dude.

Honestly this is this is a this is a new bin john this is a new benjamin that is bad news for everybody very well could be good news for anna lee though man yes okay i still like it they're up 10-4 take the risk put the pressure on the other team third try here for the johns brothers to.

Take game number one this time ben says i'll take it okay i can't make that reset so again can wright and newman you guys actually took a while to close out game one earlier and that can give a little a little bit of momentum you know do you think about it you know we've got six chances here yeah it gets mental for the.

Team that's up and you know the team that's coming back has nothing to lose at that point and they just gain the momentum they gain the confidence it can be a sticky situation can't make the third so they get it back but uh really no harm done try number four colin johns to serve another miscommunication in the middle.

Up above their heads not exactly an overhead but one-handed finishes and ladies and gentlemen we've taken it to 11 here and this match inspired by the woman in the booth with me the ladies were cracking the ball in the women's final and the men have taken it up a notch from there we'll be back with game two.

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Profile today can you change that six to an eight i sure can try we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after.

To make our own tequila it wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your castle all right we are back dave fleming with tournament of champions champion lee.

Waters here in the booth lee we're both shocked at what's going on here what would you tell matt and riley to do after the johns are playing a different pace yeah i mean matt and riley's game is definitely like the speed up game but it didn't really work for them this the first game the jon just came out firing i actually would.

Try to slow it down a little bit they're both great dinkers i would try to move the dink around try to move ben get behind ben a little bit um i might even try switching sides put riley in front of ben see if he can create something get big in front of them but doesn't look like they're switching.

Sides just yet so here we go of five so a lot of time to kind of work this out and ben johns is swinging for the fences on point number one you didn't think he was gonna change of course after what we saw but my goodness okay.

So i'm wondering if this is like a strategy against this team specifically because we really didn't see this from ben in the earlier rounds no and this team was in serious trouble twice in this tournament not playing like this i would like to point out yeah so i'm curious why ben hasn't been playing like this.

All tournament yeah okay all right so riley newman reads that's colin john speed up down the line and you know maybe wright and newman are like they can't possibly keep playing like this so maybe it's just okay let them hit themselves out of this.

Colin johns was standing off the court in the middle of this point so ben and colin are now against the wind ish um it's kind of a side wind but so their their put aways aren't going to be as penetrating on this side now riley and matt are going to have that full force coming off their paddle.

You also talked about the visibility being better on the side that wright and newman are on so in those hands battles when you're talking milliseconds that can make a difference and i've seen this all day long teams that are trying to climb up a hill haven't been making the fundamental shots of making a third and getting into.

It yeah i noticed in our match both teams we had a lot of missed thirds i think it's a combination of zero one the altitude the wind um being nervous sure trying to do too much trying you know it is championship saturday after all and there's a lot on the line.

Okay matt right sitting on that one and just absolutely crushes it it started to resemble a normal john's brother's point and it of course went a totally different way oh i'm actually surprised ben played that with the wind i think that ball was.

Sailing that's correct yeah anything up in the air going that direction that was started out that high i don't think that was staying in the court okay coming back down to earth maybe so that's you know that's that was the other thing you know we talked about a little bit even off the air maybe it's.

Just okay can they possibly play this way for three four or five games matt doesn't miss many of those now the feet just jammed him up a little bit and then he was taking some choppy steps to get the swing ready they've already matched their score from.

Game one that's got to feel really good because then you start saying hey we're just on the good side no big deal from game one yeah we i think um colin and ben need to get a few points though to keep the pressure you know don't let this game get too far out of.

Control and cj unable to get that ball down and talked about pancakes lots of syrup on that one finds the right side of cj's body there so can't get their first point on try number one okay so what was working in game one hasn't caught fire quite yet for ben and.

Collins definitely a little harder on that side as i said to be super aggressive second server so you can't be disappointed in that that's the way we're playing today matt keeps swinging at the forehand yeah swing's just a little big just looks a little big.

But i mean i like it i think it's the right play stay aggressive just sits on that backhand here and just punches it into the open court and folks after a ben johns swinging for the fences fast in game one it is 5-0 newman and right.

In game two that's why you keep swinging right there nice cross-court attack and you want to talk about the tables turning and the johns brothers were all about it and then i see a zero up there still lee so my how the tide has changed here.

We'll see if this continues here from the ppa tours club tournament of champions after this hey uh katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen and get the creamer i can't i can't come in the kitchen sure you can.

No i really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air all right that's why stay out of kitchens all right we are back dave fleming with tournament of champions champion lee waters saying boy have we seen a turn of.

Events here john's brothers call timeout get the ball back so let's see if anything about their approach changes or they just felt like all right enough that's some focus out of colin johns right there my goodness yes there's.

Okay so matt smith yeah matt's missed three or four speed ups he's may also made a couple but it looks like maybe they're letting him tee off and see see if they can get him to make some more unforced stairs give a let me fall off the net clears the kitchen we'll replay that on.

The ppa tour but it just caught the line yeah got out yeah riley's saying they're not gonna beat me in my game six one one yep and there they go so a little more.

Patient point but the minute riley saw something and he is much better off the bounce with the backhand than the and forehand big swing on a volley from colin johns yeah that could be a little bit of that visibility that we were talking about that a little bit higher you could have lost it because.

That's kind of what it looked like there's some anger in those swings yeah i will say when they switch sides matt wright looked very determined he looked like he was ready to bring it and they really have brought at this game yeah i think you know i think the conversation was there are two things we can do we can change or we.

Can dig in here and when you get riley talking to the crowd that is what is part of this and there he goes thank you right on point and it goes off the tape they're high-fiving people in the crowd now this is the danger this is what you had to deal with because the crowd does love.

The waters but not if cali smith's on the other side so here we go it is nine to one wow what a change of events i mean this is like this is pickleball though yes and and as we said the third game.

Assuming they finish this will help us sort of dissective sides are the big issue here for sure so again every return to riley newman so he's going to get plenty of practice drive oh he set himself up perfectly for that one he just moved before he hit it he.

Pulled off it oh that's that was a big problem for this team when they started the year in the middle but they worked it out matt just sits on that backhand so well he just keeps it out in front and he's able to counter counter and turn that defense right into offense.

And he reads the paddle of his opponent so well that if it is coming forehand he sees it in time it's a really delicate balance to be able to do that that's gonna stay all in it's going to make them hit another oh man what oh.

And that's a 9-1 point right there i've never seen it exactly matt was feeling it on that yeah and you talked about the look of determination this man who's about to serve has it's still right there man and the key shot in this exchange is that riley newman came in to get that ball you see how close they are together.

A lot of teams don't support their partner in those rallies and this is game point in milliseconds look at riley newman play defense oh no he's in the crowd with the people he was high-fiving there our camera can't even get wide enough.

yeah i think both these teams you know trading off wins the last couple times they've played you know they want to show who's the alpha team and they're they're both out there looking for the w tonight that's for sure.

All right 110 there's ben johns oh and now matt wright is shaking his head okay the crowd seems to be loving it oh now he's starting the partner lucy kovaleva way out stuff you had to deal with that and your match you were able to overcome.

That but my goodness this this team is determined right now can't get game point number two let's see if number three is the difference oh and with a grunt and they're not even looking at each other as they tap paddles.

Oh my goodness lee waters what is happening here so we surmised ben jones is going to swing at everything that worked they switched sides that didn't work is it the side we'll find out right after this.

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Everyone pressing on these guys and he's just doing it all from here he did have help with the audio and then somebody oh all right welcome back everybody and lee waters my goodness gracious what a complete 180 we just saw yeah so.

We saw a determination we were high-fiving the crowd we were running into the crowd and now the johns brothers do they have a reply to what they just witnessed oh that newman willpower worked there and it is matt wright who speeds it up first it was almost a dank point yes one.

Of the longer points we've seen for sure but anything on his forehand side he is firing away i feel like the drawns have decided well we'll see i'll wait get some room service right off the net and he was actually going to be beat because he had.

Had his backhand ready yeah so far they haven't sped the ball up yet though the john's no they so i'm curious see if it was just ball type and opportunity oh what a get by ben there and then riley finishes with a beautiful ernie.

Read that perfectly and now he's got the crowd amped even more look out nice just couldn't get the resets down there yeah i'd like to see the john's start to get a little bit more aggressive if possible especially on this side they got to take.

Advantage of the side right now ben was very animated with cj that doesn't happen too often matt's feeling it right now and he's reading the ball off ben's paddle brilliantly he knew where that was going we talked about ben being such a good reader and anticipator oh there's that angle again.

Well matt and ben actually were teammates for a while they were indeed so if anybody knows ben's game i would think it's not right and oh matt is waving to the crowd high-fiving his partner.

to kiss off the tape and they've won 13 of the last 14 points that's insane they're playing so well they're so aggressive right now they're putting so much pressure on the jawns their hands are just so fast.

Okay another drop yeah cj has a big forehand love to see him crack that and then let ben have a chance to shake and bake off of that that return had nothing no it was short return that was a good one to punish there's another ball that cj backed off and just.

Laid it in and i see either conversation or frustration i couldn't see ben's face well enough to know i think it's a bit of frustration but they keep speeding up to the same place matt's backhand and he's kind of just sitting on it.

There you go second turn kind of like to see him pick another spot either try his hip come from around him or start speeding up maybe at riley or down the middle where we have seen trouble in the past look at ryan human play defense from the marketing now a lefty lob's gonna stay in.

Oh if they win this point this place is gonna go nuts and matt wright just can't help himself and hits a forehand 212 miles long but hey it's been working so far so take the rest especially on serve no harm done there's that backhand speed up to the vacuum again.

And it is riley newman coming over like i don't care that there's another half the court you're not going to put it there from the pressure there's so much to learn from watching that point right there it helps too that riley and matt are two very tall big dudes.

No question about it i mean little me five eight over there i try to help out my brother but i don't have six four of wingspan know they can leave a little bit of court open and almost bait you too because they know they can cover between the two of them yeah and there's no ball with pace that's going to beat you over.

There and riley as you've seen has so much athleticism he'll get anything off of bounce keep making them hit overheads too yeah we talk about callan dawson all the time having such a great lobby but matt wright has a really good lot he's very smart about it he hides it very well i mean we've seen it defensively but he.

Uses it offensively so they're finally on the board here they needed that all they have are ones on the board there it's usually 11's but those ones are accurate folks okay so a couple of errors from wright and newman and there haven't been very many.

Of those for the last 20 minutes or more of pickleball yeah i don't i'm not sure how i feel about the drop to matt's forehand like that especially with his speed up being so good but they got away they've gotten away with it so there must be some strategy behind that.

That time he was able to catch matt with a blistering low drive as he tries to slide and get that backhand there but that's tough to do on a ball that low well they got on the board they put a little bit of pressure on matt and riley let's see if matt and reilly go back on a tear no thought of a seventh shot drop there.

From matt right i don't even want to come in i'm just gonna swing as hard as i can i'm gonna throw a lob up in the air that time he tried to sneak in but again matt knows he's not getting the ball so he is trying to figure out how can i help a little bit here because they're.

Sort of on to what riley's gonna do on his thirds and now it is colin johns with the reply watch him slide here and he's gonna go to the right backhand ready if you try to go to my right it's gonna be out so i'm sitting right on my body right took a little off that to keep it.

In and colin john's ready for the attack again so now it is the replies that are winning yeah and you talk about colin kind of fading over there's quite a few right-sided players that have gotten really good at that fade as they call it they read it so well and they're able to just counter.

And very often the counter is very offensive that's a ball ben is going to make most of the time that's the pace in that look that game one had church there's that offensive law we're talking beautiful out of the air great track down by colin johns they may get back in.

This point oh it trickles over they do longest point of the match and feels like an eruption from the crowd will come with it second lob second beauty.

look at ben johns get off the ground yeah and third time was not a charm no not enough points so matt wright throws up three lobs lob volleys too in the matter of 10 15 shots longest point of the match goes to the johns they're back in business.

Newman and wright have a call timeout we'll be right back at baird my name is catherine parento and i've been playing pickleball for almost six years i travel a lot to play in tournaments i'm always on planes and i see a lot of people when i.

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Dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late all right welcome back everybody that john's on a run here at the ppas club tournament of champions and you're good man has this been just pure entertainment lee waters yeah this game means a lot whoever comes.

Away with this game riley newman screaming out no one screams out better than either newman lindsay or riley but you can't get out of the way of something that's going to hit you good job all right at defending that i don't know if ben's ever hit more overheads than one match in his life.

There comes matt six five one that time the lob goes well deep and it was not well disguised if you try to hit a top spin lob and you lean your whole body backwards you're telling the whole world hey lot's coming i really do like that the middle dink.

That colin and ben seem to be using well it's this it's the safest place on the court exactly because matt's not gonna fire off his backhand and riley occasionally but very unlikely the two-hander on the other side way more dangerous he got that one up higher on matt's.

Right shoulder time uh riley didn't come in and help out no second turner even the leaves have a stare invested in them good spot right at his feet so six a piece in this pivotal as you.

Mentioned lee game number three sns if i've ever seen it sorry not sorry especially at this point in a championship match nice job by riley because colin was on the first one but to be ready is just so difficult because you have no time but no you hit it there i kind of know where it's coming you.

Just got to be ready yeah i'd be careful giving matt that wide forehand dink try to keep it more in the middle that was a good spot got it to his forehand that's the first time they've gotten it to his forehand so the deficit is two.

We're tied at one game apiece again no memo was sent that every ball has to be hit hard we promise you i mean matt is literally teeing off on just about every forehand and they have not to your point and we've seen it throughout said we're not going to put the ball there anymore no no.

Yeah that looked wide so snowman on the board 8-8 game three nice drive so a short return is slammed down the middle and riley newman couldn't get there and solve that so my goodness what a game three after a whitewashing in game two we'll.

Be back with the conclusion after this one two three all right we're back at this very historic tournament for pickleball gotta thank john gullo who got this going kyle klein.

Who everything they do here what does this mean to you to be a champion at tournament of champions here lee yeah i think this was one of the first majors we ever came to uh when we started playing pickleball and it it was just really cool it was the biggest complex of its time i think and.

The community is just so behind the city the community the crowd is just so behind this tournament it has a very special feel uh very different from a lot of the other tournaments we attend yeah and the support is amazing and uh thrilled to see the best players in the world battling like crazy here in game three.

okay so there's a question of whether it hit colin johns that is a challengeable call if they have a timeout left out so cannot challenge 10 8 so that's suddenly a game point here great job by right oh my god it comes off the tape but ben.

Johns can't handle it yeah i think ben thought it was a little higher but just a little too low for that pancake nice job by riley newman to fill in the middle and then a little off speed but got it behind ben john so a game point saved oh here come the lobs again if that rotator cuff reviewed here for.

Ben john's there's another one they're going into the wind oh no so colin johns probably hit a ball that's wide although the wind was going to bring it in and then tried for a stupid acute angle just going really sharp and got too sharp on it.

My goodness this is everything 10 a piece oh that's a good one again the lob retrieval from colin johns has been epic i like this middle dink though there's another one and colin johns can't run that down and.

Both look at the johns brothers hands on the hips they go to the sides and now they are staring at a game point they didn't use their they didn't no they don't use timeouts much ever okay there's one and john squash is the first one second chance.

For newman and wright oh and a ball that's usually been hit harder just cut and newman out in front of it so one saved on one side now two by the john saved there and now they have a chance to tie this at 11.

Matt wright chooses not to go after that one and the dikembe mutombo no no no finger from riley newman comes out as john sped it up but right into that forehand yeah right into the sweet spot oh what a drive oh wow great get by matt right there and colin johns was ready and ben johns.

Filled in the middle but a big swing he's behind the pace yeah i think that ball was going out too i'm not sure and there comedy hour over here and the crowd continues third try to take game three oh just missed it wide another great law.

By matt though and again taking out of the air you get surprised into the wind he's gonna keep it in and he knows he knows that ben is leaning in great job by cj to fill it in and ben john's misses and my goodness a game point was saved by newman and wright and now.

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What are you guys doing getting our duper tattoos oh cool hey cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your.

Free profile today i haven't started yet oh that's behind us so now we had friday night lights last night we got saturday night lights we got everybody lighting it up out here and before we get to game four there was going to be another presentation the john gullo award for.

The hardest working woman in pickleball was going to be awarded to melissa mccurley who does so much for pickleball melissa just had knee surgery couldn't travel can't thank her enough for all she does for pickleball for all she has done and wanted to take a second and make sure everybody knew that so thank you melissa.

Yes melissa man yeah you just can't say enough about what she's done for this sport and behind the speech the scenes so really doesn't get wait to the point's over shut up she doesn't get the praise she.

Deserves because she is behind the scenes so melissa if you're listening we all love you such a deserving hardest working woman can be better said and humble and loves the sport all right so what's gonna happen here is is are the john's gonna slow this down.

We're under the lights now so the ball will play even faster believe it or not well i can tell you who's not gonna slow things down and that's riley and matt especially on this side they've been so successful overall i'm annalee and i said the same thing when we were on that side to close it out we said we're just going to be ultra.

Aggressive everything is going to be a speed up and i think that's the same game plan going on here yeah look at matt wright he is coming in at the full sprint and able to set his feet and find that opening and since colin johns is playing so far over to the right there is opportunity.

There if you can get your paddle on it newman is there i mean ben johns has hit just under 13 000 overheads in this match it is unbelievable so true i don't like that oh no it's still going oh geez oh that is an unbelievable that's one of.

The hardest ones he's had to hit because it was behind him yeah that was amazing that was a great lob again though that took a degree of difficulty of 99 out of a scale of 1 to 10 to make that ball caught matt that was another high high.

Right shoulder ball see the johns brothers focused trying to force a game five oh i hope we get there been unable to reset that one and matt wright has done a wonderful job of the speed-ups of going to different spots that one he brought across the.

Body of ben johnson caught the forehand he'd been blowing up the backhand earlier colin thought little brother was taking that ball but they get out of it and unbelievable lob doctor title might be up for grabs gallon dawson.

Oh no that ball which was going in front of matt wright ends up going almost out of bounds on the other side but stays in everything going their way here and remember they won 11-1 on this side in game number two riley willpower says enough yeah and what makes matt so.

Dangerous on those ups is he can hit different spots like you were saying from the same paddle position very hard to read or he can throw up the lob this is the first time matt's been on the left side and he speeds it up from over there they.

Were there only because riley poached and on the switch and now that is working it might be time to cool matt wright off and make riley newman hit a lot of balls not that he is i was that's what i was going to suggest actually i mean matt's just on fire right now he's feeling it he's walking fast he's.

Playing fast yeah i think i might try to take matt out of the equation for for just a little bit oh my look at the big bend from that right there i'm ben's thinking i need to drive right there good day ever.

Again you see the flag over yeah john's head there so he's trying to drop that into the wind great and that's the wizardry that he brings to the table that has not been an option because we just haven't played points where that ball was available that is not a replay from a minute ago.

To be able to go inside out on that block matt you said this might be the best match you've ever seen him play i i'm trying to find something that's better on this type of stage yeah i feel like the johns need to find that that middle.

Dink slow down that speed up from both riley and matt try to get him a little out of position but they're giving him choices when that thing comes over there he is proven i'm going to throw up the lob i'm going to attack somewhere i'm going to make this hurt yeah i don't i really don't like that.

Cross-court dink anymore here it is again yeah anything to matt wright's right just needs to be wrong that's a great job there right tried to sneak in and oh ernie might have i think he was in the kitchen too might have been i think his.

Who's blocked it the breath was blocked completely blocked and yeah i like i like this and now ben's finally able to get on top of one because the pace of that was just a little slower the call for middle dinks is working.

And for all that we saw earlier this is tied at four big drive goes well out john's did a good job of of getting back even on the board though riley and matt were looking pretty hot there and it is the two-handed backhand of riley newman.

You can see colin sitting expecting to be attacked body and he's bought it down the line what a shot by riley newman there yeah and you saw them come together together like somebody threw a hundred dollar bill up at the net they're gonna come.

First one to cut it yeah they need to call a timeout yeah this this has to be and colin johns is marching to a chair and it is 7-4-1 they are four points from a title here the johns brothers got it back even but now that fire from newman and wright is there again.

What a match we'll be right back dorothy i really think you'd like the magnesium perfect i'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks dorothy you too come on does he do that every time every.

Time birthday matt oh thanks lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have i have one more surprise.

For you okay ah come on i love it babe dave fleming back here with lee waters and lee we watched the body language of the johns boys during that time out and there was frustration everywhere what would you tell them if you were coaching them because they're four points from.

Being sent home yeah i mean it's tough because matt and riley are just playing so aggressive and they they're not missing i mean they're pulling the trigger they're making it they're countering their defense has been insane the middle dink seems to be the one way that the john's.

Boys have been able to win some points out see can't really talk from that angle call on the okay so got a challenge we do have a challenge so let me set up our referee so that was tom whitson's voice tom.

Agreed with the call from his vantage point roger workman's the second referee our tracking referee is howard hepworth and this is in eileen hegloff's hands she is our video referee and my goodness this is huge because this thing crawled onto the line now again.

That ball was traveling with the wind here correct they will lose from bright in newman's perspective i think this is worth the challenge if it was that close you get a timeout sort of okay yeah they haven't used a timeout so they still will have one left if they lose this challenge.

But i mean going back to your question i mean ben and colin need to keep those dinks off the lines because you've got riley newman on the backhand line he's too good at speeding up down the line you've got matt wright on the forehand line too good at speeding it up down the fort they're getting killed on the lines.

Keep it in the middle try to create some kind of confusion bring them both in to create some space on the outsides i mean nobody's better at dinking aggressively than ben john's so get them together maybe find an aggressive dink outside that they can't attack i mean but it's tough i'm telling you the pressure that matt and reilly are.

Putting on the johns right now is tough so we have the referees gathering we have a verdict and this is a big one the referee seemed pretty adamant that the ball was tom whitson was all over it.

Saying it was out we'll see if he was right the call on the court the ball was out the call was challenged video replayed the ball was clearly out okay includes one timeout it's now second server on this side the score is seven on this side scores four on this side on server number two.

Great job tom woodson and just walking us through everything there great job great job the referees are a critical part of this operation laid it out perfectly for us can they get a second stop a little lefty by riley newman there but colin johns just able to ease that down the line so.

4-7-1 4-7-1 the thing you have right now is you've got wright and newman unwinding a stack so if you get a short return you do have a target and ben goes behind newman hoping to.

Surprise him okay all right one fire fight goes to the john's boys oh two missed thirds at a crucial crucial moment okay matt wright making sure they're in.

Position every third has been yours rally so that shouldn't have been a surprise great dig can they get out of this i'm not right with the speed up nope and they cannot and again that ball continues to be an opportunity.

Great get by matt right in the middle there it went again they're two points from taking the club tournament of champions title and it is riley newman on top of that one and that scoreboard shows us that this is match point for riley newman and matt wright.

Just in oh and matt wright wanted that desperately so a first try at match point you got to get one more save one more stop and then who knows what could happen keep it off those yep there we go oh my.

It trickles over and then lands on the line on title championship point we will play on yeah i think matt and reilly are literally going to i mean they've been doing it already but i think they're literally going to speed up everything at this point that's why they had.

Two chances not colin john's drive catches the tape second chance they gotta go here and again lee waters you've been saying don't put the ball out wide because everything is working for newman and right here's another chance to take a title just lays the serve in.

Okay we talked about this earlier this gets in your head especially when it's a championship point three lost and a missed return is the anticlimactic end to a tremendous match there they are riley newman and matt wright brought the.

Heat withstood the first game fury of ben johnson there high fiving the fans here that was a tremendous effort any final thoughts yeah i mean they earned it they earned it they took the risks they pulled the trigger every opportunity they that they had they countered well i mean they were unstoppable they really.

Were tonight so it is riley newman and matt wright who take the title lee waters thanks so much for joining me in the booth congratulations to you for your title i'll go talk to the winners right after this what a match.

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we're just getting our audio squared away everyone's fired up dave fleming back here on center court for one last time and first of all give it up to the johns brothers for an amazing run here in the tournament and what a match but let's talk to the winners riley newman and matt wright go crazy utah.

so matt i had the pleasure to call that match with lee waters who had just won on this very cord and we said this might be the best match i've ever seen matt wright play what enabled you to play at this level on this stage in such an impressive fashion i don't know.

Some days it's just it's hard to explain some days it's there some days it's not lucy and i came back here i think the first time in 2016 we kind of call this one of the og tournaments we have so many great memories we love being in brigham city the fans bring so much energy um.

It's it's just a pleasure to play in front of this crowd i mean it's uh it's a pickleball hotbed you know i mean they have a lot of roots here so and then being under the lights just always gives that you know little something special a little extra so riley ben johns came out and hit.

Every ball 4 000 miles an hour in the first game and you're down a game and then you had an amazing comeback what was the difference to come back and win game two 11-1 i'm not sure if people picked up on this but ben started to wave the finger and it kind of woke us up it woke it woke matt up uh he started the fight and so.

Matt was heads up against ben matt played really well today uh he was attacking really well and when when he attacked i was looking to squeeze middle on the next ball and uh no it's very very happy to be here thank you everybody for cheering so matt we talk about pickleball as chess not checkers you.

Guys were very clear on what you wanted to do we just joked before we came on there's not going to be a dink here there's not going to be a dink and then though your lobs were terrific tonight how were you able to add that in to make this match go your way you seem so surprised dave is my lot usually bad.

Maybe it is i don't know um i was just feeling it tonight i was just trying to keep them uncomfortable keep them on on their heels be unpredictable sometimes like i said i think the other day after mix or maybe was after men's sometimes i look very foolish out there and what was that shot what an idiot but that you know that's.

My style go down swinging i'm not going to sit out there and hit 50 dinks you know kind of played your comparative advantage and that's what they did and then we talked a lot about on the broadcast riley when the balls went out wide both of you chose to speed that up and your two-handed backhand you were able to get it down the line get it in.

The middle what enables you to disguise that so well to be able to make that such a winning shot well my sister lindsay thinks it's predictable every time i attack the ball um but i try i just try to make it look like a dink and then all of a sudden when i see colin not really as ready or maybe he's giving up a little bit of core positioning.

That's what i'm gonna fire and be ready for the next one but uh it was it was a super fun day uh you know i've won nationals i've won us open but this is the last major i have not won so this is a bittersweet one and happy to do with matt so it's a great day all right tremendous match.

That is unbelievable let's bring in club our tournament sponsor to give you guys the trophy and the ceo of the ppa tour thank you very much here's connor pardo matt wright riley newman congratulations you guys played great today that has to be one of the most fun pickleball matches ever played and recorded to watch i think it's going to.

Have many many views for many years to come and you guys should both be proud on behalf of our sponsor club the ppa tour and the whole group here we present you with this trophy enjoy it this is a fun one thank you ladies and gentlemen your club tournament of champions men's doubles.

Winners riley newman and matt wright all right welcome back for one final time dave fleming here and one of the best matches you'll ever see.

With so much on the line and it was riley newman and matt wright playing outrageous high paced just we are going to bring it all day long and did they ever so what great champions they were and it was a day of champions anna lee waters.

Wins the triple crown she didn't drop a game this entire tournament winning singles mixed doubles with ben johns and women's doubles with her mom that was sensational ben johns does take home two crowns the one i mentioned with mixed and he won men's singles over dylan frazier but.

The match of the day and the match of the tournament goes to matt wright and riley newman for everybody on the crew in the truck for all the great analysts that joined me scott crandall this morning leah jansen colin johns and lee waters a champion herself thanks to the volunteers those.

Hard-working referees and everybody here in brigham city i'm dave fleming thanks so much for watching we'll see you from cincinnati on the next ppa stop in september have a great night i guess i'm sort of unique in how i was.

Introduced to the sport because i was sort of watching from the sidelines for years as my brother was ascending the top of the sport pickleball was kind of funny and then it crept up on me in terms of what it was to me so i started playing in early 2016 and in that time there were a couple professional tournaments i didn't have any plans with.

It i just thought it was fun i played the os open for the heck of it ben and i are both competitive we like to win all the time and of course in the gold medal match there's more on the line so you want to win those ben john's having a moment it was all john's brothers in control from the start they had their foot on the gas pedal and did not let up.

If you're the target that means you're in a good position but it's where other people want to be so i definitely don't underestimate or undervalue that really it's about trying to trying to stay on top you know i mean people say you don't have upwards to go and that's that's never exactly true it's a constant fight still and that's really what it's more.

About is the grinding the fight my number one reason and why i continue to play pickleball is the fact that i get to spend time on court with my little brother it's just really cool that we found a sport that we can compete in and play together let alone actually be at the top of the sport so pickleball really did.

In many ways come out of nowhere it's very sociable so when you go to play you might have a billionaire a gender and and just your average housewife on the same court and wanting to win wanting to play well and enjoying themselves out of nowhere might be the title right now but years from now it's going to be something very different.

Welcome to Championship Saturday at the Club Tournament of Champions presented by Selkirk.

Today brings us all five finals as we wrap up the classic tournament from Brigham City, UT.

Schedule (all times MTN)
10:45 AM – Men’s Singles: (2) Ben Johns vs. (8) Dylan Frazier (Winner: Ben Johns)
12:15 PM – Women’s Singles: (1) Anna Leigh Waters vs. (3) Lea Jansen (Winner: Anna Leigh Waters)
4:00 PM – Mixed Doubles: (2) AL.Waters/B.Johns vs. (5) C.Smith/Koller (Winner: Waters/Johns)
6:00 PM – Women’s Doubles: (1) Kovalova/C. Smith vs. (2) Waters/Waters
7:30 PM – Men’s Doubles: (1) Newman/Wright vs. (2) Johns/Johns – Tennis Channel

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