The first pickleball complex of its kind uh in the lower hudson valley but it's really great to see that our residents now will have the first nine dedicated courts um that they'll be able to utilize and again my gratitude to all uh the members of the town board for their strong support of this but uh i i can't thank assemblyman zabrowski enough.

For the partnership that he and i have and we've worked very closely together throughout the years ken was able to secure a half a million dollar funding from the 10 uh for the town it didn't cover the the entire cost we covered a good chunk of it but this is a project with all the upgrades that we've done here is just a little under a.

Million dollars um you know here in the town of parkstown so the pickleball courts uh the new uh refreshment stand cafe um other upgrades that we've done here uh within the parking lot security you name it so there's a lot a lot of things there's still a few other things we're gonna be doing here we all have a lot of.

Issues and a lot of things that it's important that we can consistently work to make our community better and solve problems but we should take a a second or so to think about how great a town is like clarkstown to live here the type of amenities are here it's because we have uh folks that run it like supervisor homan and his town board and such.

Dedicated members of the community who come out and push us to do things like this like joyce and like her team i think it was less than a year ago that joyce sat down on the couch in my office and told me what i had to do and we went out and we went out and and did it this is the kind of thing where we work together.

In government the state and the local officials but we have it doesn't matter what party you are we can do good things for our residents and i'm proud of that and i'm proud of all the work we do every day to make sure we serve our constituents quality of life enjoyment this is what it's all about it's a great complex i look forward to it there's a.

Lot of talk about my colleagues playing and trying to play and i think maybe we have to use joyce to uh make it make a grid in a bracket sounds good so i'm looking forward to using it and watching people use it and congratulations to everyone involved i mean we are happy that just see your smiling faces says it all so enjoy have.

Fun with it and i'll see you on that court i promise you this is a comprehensive project it's not just the eight pickle or the nine pickleball courts that we've done here but there's some other upgrades we've done to the park we've done some security upgrades with cameras we've done wi-fi upgrades but the biggest.

Thing is we had a building that was really underutilized and under you know you know really not purpose it was really kind of storage it's going to be a year-round cafe with bathrooms and it's actually going to be staffed by people with disabilities from bridges as far executive director.

Bridges is an organization serving people with disabilities for over 35 years in essence we remove barriers and help people achieve independence uh whatever that means for each individual so i'm excited to bring that mission here as we serve the community so thank you everybody please come visit us soft opening today so light refreshments and.

Coffee and snacks by next week will be full blown cafe so looking finally forward do want to recognize the folks from uh rocklin and clarkstown pickleball our ambassadors um that have worked so closely with us i want to thank joyce green green on behalf of all of the pickleball players you see here and all the ones.

You don't see we are so grateful and so thankful and this is this is amazing and we just we thank you so much you