Nine four that behind his back I feel like we just got to give him the point for that amazing save when I first started hearing his name around the scene everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of.

I don't know what do we call it a little yeah I was gonna say Swagger but it's like I believe they've played um at least one other time where I want to say the score line was was respectable I think he is the tweener King I think it's fair to crown him that title here we go is correct so look for some of those extended rallies to your.

Point playing some of that cat and mouse watch out coming for the body is Ben johns but you already saw just off that first return alone from Alshon to him pretty uh pretty tough to deal with if you're all shown putting his athleticism on full display.

Great body control uh to get that one off the the let cord in control and win the point all right the tweener and the longest rally to this point you got to go hats off to Christian Alshon.

Point yeah really really high level stuff from all Sean there what I love about that point why not every player can do it that uh often because you have to have that put speed to recover putting a little extra on that ball is all Sean thank you.

Yeah excellent hold by all Sean unfortunately o for two on the tweeners as far as winning the point nice reach there to clear the net thank you what a shot from Ben John's beautiful adjustment with the footwork and it looked like he used a little bit of misdirection in singles there hit that.

One a little different than he normally would really sold that he was going the other way and fooled al-shawn with some excellent execution there well right now we've got four full days of coverage coming to you on the carvana PPA tour ATP for the number one seed well Sean was ready for it.

Point 5 10 now Ben John's finding the body of Christian Alshon Alshon made him work for that one though and you see some of the intangibles the things that are hard to teach the movement The Flash the shot making on the stretch all shot naturally.

Has it that's why he can push somebody of the caliber of John's here point game so game number one going to Ben johns but plenty of fantastic rallies throughout that first game you saw the extension especially in the early stages a gnarly third round matchup between Ben Johns and Christian all Shawn game number one going the.

Direction of the number one seed Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie as Ben Johns fights finds the sideline as well as the side out points earlier easier with raw power he's going to utilize that there's the soft stuff but Christian alshine finds the corner within the last year or two.

Comes from a high point located right on that hit for Ben Johnson and to Ben John's side out the accountability he has for himself in terms of performance.

And shot selection switch that grip a little bit he can open up the face and be able to have an easy volley on the next one all Sean's trying to cover not only every inch of the court but every inch outside of the Court yeah I know you see the kind of position that John's can put you in with these angles that's what.

He's known for all Sean an amazing athlete to even just get a paddle on that one yeah I think his his first step and his explosiveness is making it a little tougher for John's to be comfortable there I still think he has the edge there but he has to hit his spots that much better against a player like this yep.

Nine four shot got that behind his back I feel like we just got to give him the point for that amazing save it's match point for the number one foreign drop after drop Ben Johns takes down Christian allshun 11-5 11-4 this is why.

John's is so difficult to beat he drew on almost two personalities from game one to two played very aggressive in game one was able to win it but recognize that he felt a bigger Edge against all Sean was his soft game used that a lot more in game two to get the job done
Quarter-Final Pro Pickleball Singles Match Highlights Between Ben Johns and Christian Alshon at Desert Ridge PPA

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