News 12's chip Chapman brings us stories to uplift and Inspire in chips good word brought to you by Robert Badgley most of us have at least heard of the sport pickleball and you know it's kind of quirky well a pickleball wasn't strange enough it's about to get a whole lot weirder in today's good word have a look the sport that is taking America by.

Storm gets its own two-hour special tonight on CBS it's called pickled and it's an All-Star celebrity pickleball tournament and it's all played for Laughs the celebrities include Emma Watson Dirks Bentley Daniel Day Kim Sugar Ray Leonard and many many others Stephen Colbert is serving as host for this event again pickled coming up.

Tonight at nine on CBS or on the Paramount streaming service so here's a question how can local pickleball fans top that how about indoor blacklight pickleball we've got it for you Chattanooga Outdoors will host the event coming up tomorrow night at the Washington Hills Center so exactly what is black light.

Pickleball all about here's how midnight match did it out in San Diego thank you this is freaking awesome yeah I mean the glowing of the lights and the whole atmosphere the vibe the music incredible it's just the the excitement of all come at you it's absolutely a blast.

Foreign make sure and check that out locally Chattanooga Outdoors hosting the event tomorrow at the Washington Hills Center and don't forget to check out the special pickled coming up tonight at nine right here on CBS if you have got some good news that you would like to pass along we'd love to.

Help get it to us news at that's news at I'm chip Chapman remember tonight is the night to get pickled and make sure to join us tomorrow about this same time for even more good news
Chip shows us two new takes on Pickleball, including the celebrity contest tonight