Hanson what's up what do you think of the nickname I mean it's great fittings it's pretty fitting you know lately I realize the power of Twitter when I was watching you know the app final and just like I had talked about not playing singles before and actually James ignatowicz went on and said it in multiple.

Interviews that he thinks singles should be gotten rid of but uh so I just decided to tweet it and I didn't I honestly didn't realize the backlash but that's when I realized Twitter has like power so right it was a good Learning lesson yeah I like Twitter fingers I'm just going to interject here I like Twitter fingers but.

I think that you should be called the honey badger because honey badger doesn't give a yeah with my comments back 100 oh yeah yeah like somebody says something dumb in the comments and Leia is like oh I'm honest she is all over it I'm on it well I just really I I know that like I'm not going to change people's minds but I.

Just want them to let him know because some people like make it so personal like that lady on Facebook who was just like you know the Leia who I knew I'm like I don't even know you you don't know me you said hi to me one time I'm sure if you said hi to me now again I'm the same person actually to not call me to call me not humble anyone who knows.

Me like I struggle with my Encore confidence that's like one of the bigger things about me so when you just make it personal and you absolutely have zero clue what you're talking about then I interject right pop off yeah I love it I love it it's it seems like again when we first started this podcast it was like at the beginning of this year and we.

Started talking about how like the Kumbaya era of like all the the football players being nice and everything it's like that shit's over and it's for sure over now like people always are like and I get it because the fans like this is their social setting so they don't understand for us it's not really our social setting like.

To maybe to some it is but for me this is a job and this is like really how I make my money so if there's Shady stuff going on I'm not not going to not say anything yeah what Shady stuff is going on yeah what what in what in particular like you change one thing what's what's the number one thing that pickleball.

Needs right now drug testing absolutely one thousand percent we needed player handbook and we need drug testing um because no one really is breaking the rules because we don't have a rule saying you can't use this you can't use that you need a prescription for if you're going to use this um it's just kind of a free-for-all.

They're not really breaking the rules because we don't have a rule and any sport especially if we're going to get betting in we need we need drug testing and like classic sociology teaches you like you know if there's a will there's a way so if like there's something to be had especially hundreds of thousands of.

Dollars in sponsorships and there's no rule to not cheat people are gonna cheat that's just human nature that start didn't expect the sociology yeah well I mean seriously it's like uh when people are like well you're just I've had a lot of people DM me and be like you're just not happy for other.

People I'm like first of all I've had a great year you can't if I if someone were to tell me seven tournaments and how much I've meddled in singles and doubles I would be like not expecting it at the beginning of the year so I just kind of want a more even playing field are you going through my Twitter yeah well specifically what you just said.

Because it was like I saw a tweet that was just basically like you pretty much meddle every tournament you play in for singles yeah uh and it's not always gold so maybe you sort of fall under the radar but your consistency is off charts yeah it's been a medal in every tournament this year right every singles event that you've played yeah that's.

Impressive um only didn't play in Austin yeah I didn't want to do a back to back and that was kind of the main reason for it right well you should try some recovery steroids yeah I should you know I might as well just get with the crew you know that's the thing like uh where I'm just like I'm ranked this high and I.

Know for a fact that there's people cheating at the top and I'm not so that's where a lot of the frustration Right comes in at what point do you just go get a delaminated paddle just to even the playing field exactly I mean Zane what do you when when would you because I mean we've gone through some frustrations being singles players in.

The paddles that we've used and like not been able to use I mean last year it was the the spin this year it's the it's the power and I think that last year the spin more affects the men's singles game yeah for sure the power much more affects the the women's singles game um I don't know I've been I discussed this with you over the weekend what I'm.

Curious what happens if I go to the next event and I say I make a statement I tweet out beforehand I'm gonna play today with a delaminated paddle I'm going to I've been on steroids for forever but I'm also going to take an Adderall and I'm gonna call every ball out and I'm gonna play my tournament.

Like I think at this point even if I were to say all of those things they're they're still I don't think or any repercussions no right I'm sure I'm sure somebody makes a public statement it's like okay you're making a you're making a mockery of of us like we're gonna come down on you but as of right now there's nothing.

Basically like you can if I were to do this and I'm playing against Leia Leia could send my paddle back to uh the national testing but the result from that match is done right doesn't matter it takes two weeks to get the results back by that time our match is done and I mean I think that's part of your frustration from from this weekend so.

Yeah would you mind taking us through like exactly what happened in the in the match with Salome and and you know what your what your thoughts were hello man can we get can we get to the bottom of this name how do you say is it Salome um so a lot of my frustration was I walked up I was warming up in the other court and I walk up and at least turns.

To me and says this is not fair it's a completely different paddle than at least had just beaten her uh 10 days before right we're just gonna say her yeah 10 days 10 days before and hitting a completely different ball so what was she playing with she was playing with her usual the Yola which uh I think it's either the Ben johns or the Hyperion.

Um that she consistently Waits up and she said uh and she was pretty confident going into that match um and because she had a pretty solid game plan and she said like she's like I'm about to fall over when I hit the ball as you can imagine Elise is small um and likes to fall over yeah exactly and um at that point I mean when I.

Walked into the place Tyson was playing Travis Rhett Meyer and you could hear Tyson's paddle from a mile away I remember turning and telling Jay like Tyson's using a new laminated paddle um and we had heard that Travis had challenged his paddle so she asked me if she could challenge it and I said yeah you can challenge it.

Um and then wait who asked you Elise Elise asked me I once the match was done she turned to me and said are we allowed to challenge delamination I said yes you are so then they go up to the net and what actually started it was I'm not even playing her at this point and I'm just standing there and she says well Leia's gonna I'm like what are you.

Talking about like I'm not challenging your paddle right now like you can save this one for later so they go over they have a big talk Don Stanley she is well aware that we think this paddle is delaminated she is well aware of the sound they're banging on it they're having a big long discussion and Elise is frustrated if she thinks she just got.

Cheated out of that match now she has to go to the backdraw um and she so then Tyson when he was aware of his changed his out Salome I thought she was gonna I thought no way she's going to show up at this paddle she shows up with the same paddle what type of paddle was it it was the backtick pro okay and everyone said.

And I I we're pretty well aware with the back to the pros because elise's husband uses one and it's actually pretty soft and her mixed doubles partner Spencer Smith uses it yeah so first couple points like I can just feel it on my volleys and then she what really did it in was um I just developed a new serve and I've been working hard.

On it and I served Brooke Buckner off the court who I was actually more worried about than my semifinal because I had played both Elise and Solomon before and never played Brook before and I have a lot of respect for Brooke singles game um and she just hits a return winner and then every service just like jumping.

Into me and what really became noticeable is when I hit a dip because I couldn't get in off her serve she I dipped it low she volleyed and it volleyed like 20 she tried to hit a drop volley and it like goes out I'm like you're kidding me like nice paddle so then I mean I can admit like my emotions got the best of me but in that match.

With altitude and she's just smacking this ball knowingly using a paddle that we think and know is delaminated I was like this is this is a joke like why I I should have just stopped the match and not even played and like if I were to go back um and then I just kind of want to get the ball controversy out can I do that.

Any controversy you want like oh everyone was like well Leia with the ball against Salome was like I'm like okay we need to go back to Daytona first off I lost 1 000 respect for Salome in Daytona what what little I had left was when uh we were warming up and I just like waved my hand and I had to walk off.

The court because my blood sugar was at 40. any diabetics out there or anybody who has any understanding with diabetes no when you're at 40 you're gonna fall over you're gonna pass out and this is before a big semifinal so I had to go over at least gave me um apple juice I think yeah so I'm chugging apple juice and she goes victim mode and goes oh.

She's not even warming up with me I'm like this is a hand like I'm playing with a handicap this is a handicap I'm about to fall over and die um and that was like the big controversy before that match and she proceeded to go out and tell people tell people on a Blog that I wouldn't warm up with her I I always warm up with.

My opponent I had to walk off because I'm about to die and like I ended up beating her in that match and like I was about most people winning if you even played that match so anyway um and then during the match the ball kept on Miss bouncing and you can hear me the whole time I'm like this ball and.

I kept on trying to change it out she wouldn't change it out until she got a bad bounce so hold on did she have to agree to change the ball both people have to agree so she didn't want to change it out because she was hitting heavy serves and I'm like this ball you can go back to the match so then she gets a bad bounce in that.

Match and she goes up to the ref just to go change it out I'm like no no no no no no don't you remember last time no give me that ball and everyone's like oh Leia blah blah blah I'm like listen you guys don't know the passiveness of what she does and then um I complained about her yellow shirt during that match so she cheated twice in my opinion she had a.

Delaminated paddle she had a yellow shirt which US APA rules right can't have a yellow shirt I told the ref that right he's like well she only has one shirt just like she only had one paddle I guess for the match like wasn't it is it's like tournament director discretion at this point so like you can be you can challenge a player's shirt and it goes.

To the director of the the tournament this year apparently okay well she should be forfeited for that match for the shirt too but I think Connor Pardo would agree with me um where was Connor Connor wasn't there yeah so the raft actually didn't even tell Don Stanley because I think Don Stanley.

Would have sided with me um and so after the match I'm like and you worry sure tell me why you're wearing a yellow shirt and she goes oh well my sponsor gave me this shirt I'm like Nike it's a Nike shirt Nike sponsored sponsored her like so it's just like he has other shirts too it's a lot of stuff I'm not the only person who has a problem with.

Her and that's why um a lot of people are like well Solomon is so respectful even during Daytona she tells Leia Nice Shot Listen People I know the coach who Salome works with and he knows me very well he tells her just like Simone used to do he tells her to tell me nice shot because you don't want to start it with.

Me you don't like Salome used to stare me down and stuff and that's just playing into my game so now she does this turn behind oh good shot to try and get in my head so it's not being a good sport she's really passive she's really just overall this is why it's now if you want to take me out of the equation that's fine I understand I'm way more.

Controversial but when you add in Catherine parento Elise Jones Megan fudge you don't even have to put Irina in there but Irina like all of us all have a problem when we play her right like there's a reason why and she knew like if I had been a lease I probably would have just handled it like at least but she was told.

That paddle was delaminated and she chose to use it in my match anyway I I should have defaulted but I thought there was no way she was going to show up with that paddle right so you you play the match um you're pretty clearly rattled in the in the second you lose yes and then what happens then I said then I forced the.

Paddle challenge okay and so paddle challenge there wasn't paddle challenging available on site this time which there has been recently um so essentially the paddle is getting shipped to a testing facility in if that's the right paddle too because right that's that's what I was going to ask you did you witness this paddle.

Being taken from her and then I didn't and I kind of after Thursday just stepped out of it because I didn't want to become like more of it I wanted to trust it but I'm hoping that there was some protocol that it was the right paddle because you can hear it very firm and clear and um right if she's smart she has four.

Paddles in her bag yes and it has one that's not and I don't like with her Integrity I don't really trust it so I'm hoping there is some protocol put in to be to like to make sure of it because it was it was obvious and like like I said I know I'm controversial I'm gonna call stuff out as I see it but Elise really doesn't like controversy.

Like that whole National stuff she stayed pretty quiet because she she didn't like it um so for her to to be upset about it and force a paddle challenge like I I I just think you know rules are rules and you know when you break them it's interesting that like she used the same exact paddle you'd think once a paddle.

Has been challenged that paddle should basically be taken out of circulation for the tournament right like because the whole thing was pretty weird in French because there's no there's now no she's already having the paddle challenge why wouldn't she continue to use it right like I mean at that point you know at what you might as well and.

You're getting your stuff challenged you're already if it comes back to be delaminated you're already forfeiting all of your your prize money you're already forfeiting all of your points why would you not continue to use that pedal yeah exactly so I I think I kind of think she also used it to practice and then because I was when I was.

Watching the singles final first of all Catherine can handle power much better than me now I guess and um she also because Catherine was able to extend those rallies where me and Elise couldn't she just eventually lost control and I was like that thing is on its way to.

Being completely delaminated now because by the end it was just like did you watch so you watched the finals did you were there was there commentary I'm sure there was plenty of YouTube commentary but did you could you hear anything from the um from the the live stream or were you there in person I was just watching live stream I actually don't look at.

YouTube comments I think is good for me yeah they're just brutal like Lauren stratman was telling me one time like about the YouTube comments after her Minnesota final I'm like you're not even controversial I'm not even ever gonna look at them right yeah yeah the weird the weird part I've noticed lately about.

The the YouTube chat is like Salome gets in there and starts talking and oh of course she's friends with everybody she talks to everybody in the years yeah she talks to everybody in the YouTube chat she talks to nml I mean like it it's just kind of like stop like you know and if it's just annoying too because that's.

The I was pissed when I started seeing like I wouldn't warm up with me and then it's in the nml blog well this is a win for Salome because her opponent warmed up with her I lose complete respect for people when you don't understand my diabetes I always warm up with you I had to step off that court and make sure I was going to stay alive because when.

You're at 40 you're about to pass out and I still came in and beat you so imagine what I could do with no diabetes so it was that that that was where I lost complete and utter respect for her and anyone who wanted to say anything about it you need to understand diabetes and you need to just like step out of the situation and not give your opinion.

Do you ever worry about like saying this stuff publicly like I mean because so many of us are are afraid to to speak our mind at least until at least until somewhat recently like I think a lot of Pros are definitely talking more and more likely to to say things yeah but like do you ever think twice about.

About like coming on here and and saying this type of stuff or no not for this stuff because I feel like she's already out there flooding it with like I'm a bad this I'm a bad sport um certain things yeah and like to be honest I I know I'm really setting myself up for some hatred so I've been.

Thinking about it more actually kind of was talking about right about that today like you can't worry about the keyboard Warriors but some they do get in your head from time to time um because Matt was saying like use it yeah he would he would he would go yeah he would go even harder out on the court if it weren't for that so sometimes I do.

But sometimes it's like it's getting to a point where I think people are like passively doing it so I might Garner some hate but it's not like I'm vouching for a bad cause in my opinion I would say on on Twitter I would say you're you're two-thirds to one-third like positive to to hate yeah it seems like at least two-thirds of people like.

Agree with the stuff that you're saying one-third hate you oh yeah there's some total hate like and that's it that's fine and um actually my dad told me that if someone takes the time out of their day to absolutely hate you um that's more on them than you right and that's kind of like always kind of what I thought.

Um I always say like how many tweets and stuff does LeBron get like I remember growing up and like being like Oh my God LeBron he complains all the time he's such a baby like who am I LeBron to LeBron nothing you know like if you're out there people are gonna have an opinion on you true that whether you're like a decent person or not like Lauren.

Getting getting crapped on for the Minnesota final like we're gonna what like she was doing nothing she was just playing you know I actually don't know what yeah what exactly went down I didn't really ask her she just said the YouTube comments were awful and like to me I think Lauren's a good sport I think she never does anything really out on.

The court she's just pretty much to herself and so if you find a problem with that like you're gonna find a problem well I think that's something to keep in mind you could be you could do everything right yes you could avoid controversy at all costs you could be the most respectful player somebody out there there's enough people watching now.

Somebody out there is going to find a reason to criticize you well so I actually was telling somebody this this weekend of like it's kind of funny because a lot of people message me like you don't know what you're doing I'm like you guys don't think I know what I'm doing like so I remember last year in Orlando.

A lot of people reaching out to me and like stuff and they're being like why don't you ever smile on the court why don't you do this I'm like what am I doing like and it's like I this was kind of a constant thing all year like last year I was not even bad not anything but people still had a problem with me so going into this year kind of I I figured.

Out I played better with a chip on my shoulder so going into this year I'm like you know what people have a problem with me anyway I'm just gonna go and go full force full out I'm gonna be the villain because someone's got to be the villain yeah I mean a lot of people have talked about that so I just kind of think it's funny.

A lot of people are like do you realize what you're doing I'm like you guys don't think I realized what I'm doing I don't I don't think of you as the villain I think of you as somebody who's authentic I think ultimately that wins out at the end of the day as long as you're not being manipulative deceitful yeah and you're.

Being authentic I think that wins out I think your supporters actually will support you more and you'll win a lot of fans but there will always be that small percentage which is a little more nasty to you than the average player just because you are out there giving your opinions and and Loud yes and before I definitely like last year I think was.

More of an insecurity year for me um I was playing with partners that were definitely more like act like this do this and so I didn't want to rock the boat but I remember just in Orlando like just after the final and like ever after my uh singles day just be like why don't you do this why don't you do this and just kind of.

Deciding right there like next year I'm just gonna go full force because you'll get noticed that way you'll get more Center Court time and that's how I played better yeah and you know hate me or love me I think people know me more now than they did last year yeah yeah definitely that's that's the truth um.

Yeah when what do you say to the people like uh you know you you mentioned to me in one of those tweets and and I think we've been in general agreement about a lot of this stuff whether it's delamination cheating uh Peds getting rid of singles uh not not an agreement there I understand your point not an agreement.

Um but like one of the most one of the recurring pieces of I guess hate that I've been seeing is like people saying quit whining figure out your own game yeah yeah that's my fave well and what's your what's your response to something like that so on the singles one especially it.

Was just like I'm just typing out an idea and secondly uh you can't really take away from my game like that's where I felt like I was good and when people are like stop whining about her paddle blah blah blah I'm like you guys I own that head to head like when I see Salome davite am I in my side I see that it's tough but I always know.

I'm gonna win the only time she beat me before this was when I picked up an engage paddle when I had been using a YOLO One two days before and she barely beat me and then I had game points in each of those games so it's like I own that head to head and I'm actually playing better and working harder and getting better people are like oh Leia.

Doesn't want to play singles anymore it's like I work harder at my singles than anything so I don't think you can say that to me I think if you are saying that to me you don't really know anything about pickleball to be honest well just I think maybe people don't understand just the exact impact that that something like this has right like.

Like using a delaminated paddle people are saying like just just figure out your own game and get and and get better it's like and you're on your back foot how you're supposed to well the point that I made is is like if if Aaron judge was allowed basically if he went out there with an aluminum baseball bat and Major League Baseball had no way of.

Reprimanding him there would be a lot of whiny baseball players yeah yeah right like and and can you blame them at the end of the day this is our our job and when somebody is using an illegal piece of equipment it makes it so that we can't do our job effectively more to the same quality maybe an everyday example would be like.

You're a a car salesman at uh at a at a dealership and you have quotas that you need to make meet right your buddy next to you found a way to fabricate the system and make 30 more on all of his sales and now you aren't getting bonuses because your buddy's outperforming you well they're not really like they're you're not getting sponsorships you're.

Not getting the same amount of prize money because the person next to you is is cheating so like it can have there are real life examples of this and this is our job so yeah maybe we're gonna maybe we're gonna whine but like when somebody's not playing by the rules like I I don't know what I don't know what people expect us and and I play these.

People week in and week out so if you sudden come up with this and you're getting way more power on your shots and you're running to balls way quicker like we notice like I I play you guys week in week out I study you guys so you're not gonna trick me and this is something where like I people don't think so but I care very much about singles like.

Actually singles day sets the tone for my doubles days a lot of the time so I I really do carry going into this year I really worked hard to on knowing I'm the number two and gaining on Anna Lee and uh I've invested a lot of money work looking up world class you know off-court trainers and people helping me to get in a lot better shape and gain.

More power and to beat them but so when people are cutting Corners it's really frustrating to me yeah understandable to clarify quickly delamination if you could just very quickly summarize what are the two advantages that a delaminated paddle affords a player who's using it just in case there's any confusion.

Around that well it's the first strike and first singles is First Strike so if you're not gaining the first strike you're always on defense so you're you're constantly being pushed back and also balls that normally people can get to are winners like some of the shots that Salome was hitting I like had a read on it but it's past me in any time.

That I can even get yes some of the some of the winners she was hitting it wasn't even like it was dotting the line no you were kind of in position yeah it was just sailing past you and that's what a Elise was texting me during the match and she was just like okay like these are clean winners on you I thought I was just short yeah you know so if you're.

Just clean passing me at the net and I have a read on the ball something's up and the test for delamination would be the test for deflection slash dwell time yes so when the PPA implements these testing policies and can do on-site testing in order to flag a delaminated paddle they need to it they need to flag it for.

Deflection 12 time like that's the test no um a delaminated paddle would obviously be very high on dwell time and deflection okay and it would it would test out of spec on those things probably but that doesn't you can have a delaminated paddle that isn't delaminated in an effective way we're.

Talking about paddles that are delaminated effectively like this one that increases dwell time and and deflection um you can have a delaminated paddle that's not effective and the way that you would would test that from what I understand that Carl is Carl Schmitz from USA pickleball is talking about it.

Is there's like this um basically taking an almost an x-ray of the paddle that can see the space between the the surface layer and the core of the paddle and see if there's a little bit of a pocket in there so yes you're you're correct in in how it would work for some of these paddles that are delaminating effectively.

But not for every paddle like say say my paddle got delaminated my paddle would be shitty delaminated um and it would not score higher on deflection or or dwell um but then again I wouldn't be using it so um that's that's the thing like pros.

Know like we we hear it like it's a very obvious sound like anyone from a mile away who has a brain nowadays can hear it it is it's interesting like I I was talking with with Rafa before our Saturday and we're just we're chatting and all of a sudden somebody hits a drive three quarts over I'm like oh I feel like a like a like a a vet with.

PTSD or something yeah when I hear one I'm like I can hear it from across them really it's it's like it is actually to us it will sound the same as when somebody does go to a baseball bat everybody else is hitting with wood and there somebody hits with an aluminum yeah like that's how that's how clear it is to us we need to get a video of.

Two paddles side by side one not delaminated one delaminated and just get a recording of This Chris I've been talking about the video to pick them all well about it yeah yeah I got a pickleball will so also I kind of wanted to say if people want to say like oh well you just bullied Salome is like three months ago when I played Irena.

Tarashenko at um Desert Ridge right after this was when the first Whispers of delamination were starting you can watch our bronze match she was using a delaminated carbon and every single time I'm just like nice paddle Irina like that freaking paddle like the whole time afterwards I told her she should not use the paddle that.

Was three months ago and Irina wasn't like oh please following me and she was just like whatever you know no rule yet and um after that matches like when I was when I talked to Connor and said like you something needs to be done about this that was three months ago so if you're just showing up three and a half.

Months later and you're like no it's not deluminated it's like where have you been where have you been but it wasn't just me bullying her the whole time I was playing Irena I was doing the same thing and I won that match but it was a lot so they don't bully anybody yeah exactly well I mean if you want to say that I mean you said it like so that's.

What she says bullying me I'm just like well if everybody treats you the same on the court maybe look inward that would be like me being like why do people tweet me mean things it's like well man maybe don't be outspoken Leia like if you're gonna do something expect something back um funny yeah uh like going back to so.

Anyway you have a paddle that uh that is being tested or is being sent to to NTS do you have any idea what that means I I don't like that's the thing we none of us know none of us know if the even the like there's just nothing like yeah I have no idea what that is there needs to be some sort of handbook there needs to be like the fact that we don't even have.

A wind ordinance in that's to me is like insane as well um yeah I'd be curious to have so I know that if if they've mentioned that if the paddle fails that the person forfeits any prize money and and points I'm just curious like one of the results of this going to be released are they going to be released.

Is this going to be something dealt with like behind closed doors like it's gonna get out I it's like now what yeah exactly I mean I feel like someone really needs to be made the example of um so we'll see how it goes and I think the problem with like a forfeiture of of pay and points and prize money is it.

Doesn't do anything for for you no you lost pay end points and and yeah and like Anna Lee was not at that tournament as well that was like a big you know that's where the other frustration was it was just like oh you're going to do this when annalize not here cool like the one time you beat me it's just right and she knows she knows that's a big.

Opportunity as well so and I I think like Travis said like Tyson didn't want to give up his paddle when it was super dialed that paddle was super dialed and she didn't want to give it up there is a sweet spot with it and once you go over it's done um yeah I think there that there's got to.

Be some form of of suspension because you can't do anything really about the tournament in which no it occurred no um and so you need to really I think you do need to make an example of of somebody when a paddle does come back illegal um yeah that's that's rough delamination another amateur question.

Here is it as effective as much of an advantage in doubles as it is in singles I assume not I don't think so it depends on the person if the person has crazy touch you can you can use it well in doubles uh Thomas Wilson I think has like absurd touch very soft hands so he.

Was able to do it um and there's you know I'm sure there's a few others also if you just take the time like if I took six months to get really dialed in with that from going then I could but for singles it's immediate right away because like I said it's first strike especially in in with females where essentially the power game.

Is huge you know guys is more you know angles spin cat and mouse for females it's like if I have my first strike I'm winning yeah so the way that I see it there is I don't think any downsides to a delaminated paddle in singles there are upsides and downsides to a delaminated paddle in in doubles like you're gonna have a harder time.

Controlling some of your your dinks and your resets and whatnot um however long term Pros Pros holding their paddle control their control right like I can learn to control a piece of plywood like it's me I'm the source of control to a certain extent I'm the source of.

Power but also the paddle is a certain is a is a source of of power so I can learn to control anything um and then I'm looking for that advantage of having extra power so yeah like initially it'll probably give you worse things but we can control anything right we can control any any paddle and then.

We're eventually only working with the with the upsides um so I I think it's it's tougher to to use right away in in doubles but I think the same advantages over time are are there and the biggest thing is just like being able to on a reflex Valley just get the paddle in the way and have the paddle do essentially all the work for.

You is is enormous in hands battles it's huge it's one ball counter see ya and then it changes like I've been in front of delaminated paddles like in mix I used to be fine with going out Thomas and then I played and and it was mental like I didn't want to LEAP balls High I didn't want to leave my third tie uh any speed up I was scared afterwards so it's.

It's it changes what you can do but also changes what your opponents can right that's interesting like the the carbon paddles are really really powerful but I don't know if they I know that they they have the possibility to delaminate right but maybe I just never played against Thomas.

Where I thought it was the the paddle is powerful right for sure but I don't I don't know if I ever played against them where I'm like this is it didn't have the same the same degree of sound I really against him a few times and his ability to put the ball away and just uh lives as well was pretty was pretty insane it.

Was definitely much more significant than his electrum yeah yeah that's for sure he's definitely got a lot more more power now and then later not saying that I mean Thomas Wilson still hits the ball hard even without that so he has the most Lively arm on tour but there was just a certain degree of amped upness for sure yeah that was I I don't know.

The answer to this but I I know like we had DJ in here and he said he wasn't able to use the the carbon power series I I wonder if that's something that they're addressing yeah I actually I just don't know I don't know about that so well shouldn't Pros right now just be like.

Searching high and low to find the perfect delaminated paddle I mean if there is no if there's no rule yeah why not why not go search for that and use it every time like you two right now if you do have a delaminated paddle in its sweet spot you know it's hitting well and you've got increased power yeah are you gonna keep it are you going to.

Sideline it because you have integrity well I'm Gonna Keep playing with it either of our you're using what a Yola yeah the paddle that I'm using right now cannot uh D if it does it's it doesn't yeah neither of us are using paddles that would effectively delaminate or like a delaminate in a productive way um so yeah I could delaminate or.

Attempts to delaminate mine I don't really know how to how to do it but if I did it'd be a pretty garbage paddle well here's uh Loosely and Matt's paddles delaminate and they meaningly don't use them when they delaminate yeah because they're pretty against it Lucy actually challenged the paddle this weekend as well through delamination so.

You know I I do think people who are against it will not do it right um and also you know we don't know what the repercussions are maybe Salome if it's found to be a delaminated paddle yeah maybe she's suspended yeah like if it's yeah so we don't know what the repercussions are right um.

Yeah we don't it'll be interesting to see I can't wait for for whatever that yeah for that to come out I would like to know too because we have we have a couple weeks we have two weeks off until Newport after that's North Carolina another couple weeks I wonder I'm curious how long this process takes yeah we'll see I hope I.

Hear something like I just I just kind of want to know yeah all right Tommy what else you got I don't know I'm just thinking about if I'm the the PPA right now or any of these tours leagues I like the fact that there's all this conversation I like the fact that there's animosity.

I like the fact that social media was Ablaze talking about this whole delamination issue I love that you're getting out there and and tweeting and calling people out and everybody's all focused on these these controversies I think it's like I think it's needed yeah you got to bring eyeballs to it as well but you also have to have like.

Polarizing figures like I mean like you can't just have everybody Ben and JW are great but they're Ben and JW's like I hate it when people tell me like look how Ben ax I'm like okay me and Ben have completely different neurology makeups like we're just not going to be the same people and uh you have to have different things and characters and like you know.

Tennis has never really become a mainstream sport it's always struggled in the viewership and filling up stadiums and you know uh I'm a huge Novak fan and I like I remember everybody just hated Novak yeah right like thought he was awful but you have to have like people like that and figures like that and people to make it.

Interesting to be honest I found Zayn way more interesting to watch in Daytona than Zayn not yeah you guys were speeding up you guys were getting chippy I was like Wow men's doubles is fun to watch right now yeah and then you know jdub and the Johns went on for their semi-final and I didn't watch that one right.

Um yeah I think I think yes I think controversy is is good but this isn't the controversy that they they want they don't want cheating to be at the Forefront of things for sure well if you classify it as cheating I mean you guys keep using the word cheating I don't know that it is cheating at this point well it's just kind of like how I'm.

Outspoken about people not using Peds like you can't tell me it's cheating because there's nothing written down that says you cannot use this right so you can't really you can't really say it yeah but at this point like someone tweeted at me it's it's becoming like um the Tour de France and if you if you think about it in that aspect I would.

Really like to see everybody if we said paddle testing drug testing tomorrow before a tournament that everyone is at let's see who all shows up let's see who would actually do it right now I'm not saying everybody does it but it's becoming like the Tour de France where if you're gonna be clean if you're not gonna be using.

Illegal equipment are you going to fall at the middle of the pack as people come in more and more I mean I truly do think so yeah so so I asked Connor this and Connor didn't answer but I've got a feeling you're gonna answer uh what percentage of signed PPA Pros would you guess are on at a given time.

A some form of performance enhancing drug whether that's steroids or or Adderall or or anything else that enhances their performance that would generally be considered illegal in other sports I think it's a little more a little more prominent than I would say 25 to 30 percent at least if we're including Adderall for sure and.

So do you think do you think Adderall is the the main culprit I don't I think that's the easiest culprit but I think those there are some definitely going beyond that um I would but I think Adderall is definitely the easiest culprit because.

If I had an Adderall prescription you could be like hey Leia I need it and I can be like oh you know it's just kind of like college so I think that's the easiest culprit and the most noticeable one because you can just see the signs when people are on it um but there's definitely a lot more going yeah the pupils the pupils are like big.

The peoples are large yeah um interesting um and what do you oh go ahead I was just gonna say I think that Adderall is is less significant because you could theoretically mimic the effects at least to a degree by just being amped up on a ton of caffeine right like.

I've done that a ton of coffee yeah and chug Celsius like you know yeah typically those those advantages are the same I think Adderall is just more sustained yeah I did I was at the this is a funny match I was at the Franklin uh us so it was at the tennis's U.S open last year oh yeah yeah and I they had these little hydration packets and they.

Were they're called hydrant and I've taken hydrant a million times bleep that out bleep that out Jamie oh yeah we have uh we have somebody else yeah we're working on it okay we're working on it sorry um I had like five or six of them because it was it was hot it was like 80 degrees.

And then I'm like I'm chugging these and then I've opened up my seventh and I turn it over it says 100 milligrams of caffeine yeah like holy crap yeah you're dying and like you you should somebody should go find some clip of me from that because I'm I'm like staring at the ground in between points I'm like my eyes had to have been so big.

I was like I think that was the only time last year that Andrea and I beat deckle and and Vivian and I was locked in I was that was very much locked in um so yeah definitely definitely felt great but that was caffeine and a lot of it had to run to the bathroom a bunch of times.

That's the downsides yeah I wasn't wearing my white Fury shorts so we were good and to be like you can't take away Adderall because once you just I I do think we need to make something where you have to have a script so people can't just be like hey blah blah blah let me have one you know I I think there needs to be a script for it but yeah.

That's about that's I I do think there needs to be other stuff if betting's coming in and people are like oh well pickleball Peds and pickleball is so lame I'm like it's taxing it's also it's also like I I think people don't know how much money like the top makes you know especially when you're at the.

Top you make a significant more like Anna Lee probably makes three times the amount that I do so there is a lot and we all know this is a short period of time and then there's people who who have been on top where they it would be like life-changing if they weren't on top so why would they not right well the incentives are definitely there.

Oh yeah yeah for sure there's no doubt about that um okay anything else you want to bring up before we wrap floor is yours I don't know I didn't have a I didn't have a rant really really gone going but.

Um no that that's it I would just uh like to say I mean a lot of people think that I mean just to kind of reiterate my point to every to all you talking heads out there you will not change my behavior I am very well aware of what I am doing and just like um Tyson has gone out and said a million times like.

Somebody in the PPA wants us to be controversial as long as you're being yourself well Tyson knows himself that I am being myself right now yeah um I've been like this like if someone wants to take videos of my 12 Junior matches like been like this for a long time so it's just kind of how how it's going to be.

And I'm going to do it as long and maybe I won't be as loud as if people follow the rules yeah so well we look forward to more of that yeah if you love Yeah follow her if you hate Leia definitely follow her definitely I tried it I was wondering if my tweet today would be controversial but yeah well.

Um I'm making a prediction on uh Iggy and uh a b being I mean when I look at James I just think that guy's got so much more room to grow I think that's gonna be like Ben and Anna Lee have never had a true rival and I think Anna bright and James ignatowicz will be much more of a rival than Riley Newman and Catherine yeah.

I like it all right that's all we got wrapthedink.com get your Ernie hoodie it's the coolest hoodie in pickleball that's it boom pop off foreign
It’s been said before. It will be said again. Pickleball is the wild west right now. Between PEDs and paddle delamination, there seems to be ‘cheating’ happening every weekend. Lea Jansen joins the pod to share her unabashed thoughts on the matter. This one hits different.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Twitter fingers Jansen
3:30 We need drug testing
7:12 Delamination Abundant in Utah
11:02 Lea vs Salome Saga
17:12 The YouTube chat and being authentic
24:16 “Quit whining and figure out your own game”
28:20 Testing for a delaminated paddle
32:40 What off site testing means
35:22 Does delamination benefit you in doubles?
40:54 If you’re the league do you love the controversy