Do you know that how you play depends upon who you play in this video Rising Star Anna bright is going to help us understand what you need to do the next time you're out on the pickleball courts stay tuned hey everybody my name is CJ Johnson and together along with my partner Tony Roy.

Master teaching professional we help pickleball players over 50 live their best lives on and off the pickleball courts I know that you transitioned from tennis at UC Berkeley write a high level high level of tennis and playing you know tennis at some of the highest levels and you come into the pickleball and I'm assuming and I came I came from.

Tennessee not at your level but I came from tennis so you start really as a tennis player can you talk a little bit about the soft game or how you had to adapt from tennis to pickleball so that folks understand how that process a little better yeah so tennis and pickleball are obviously.

Similar and that they're both racket Sports um but pickleball has a lot of things that tennis doesn't have at all like in tennis there's no there's no third shop drop there's no dinking the ball you know nicely to your opponent when they're right in front of you so I think those are the two shots that tennis.

Players struggle with the most uh coming into pickleball um so those are the things that I really had to learn and I would say that I always had very good feel so I do think that for me compared to some other tennis players kind of learning those shots might have come easier than than.

For some and of course I was a very good tennis player so there's definitely a certain level of talent and Baseline ability that was already there for me but yeah those are some things that it just takes a lot of reps and for me when I first started playing pickleball I didn't get those reps through drilling I just got those reps through playing in.

An obsessive amount but now I drill a lot more to continue to get better at those things yeah if we can let's talk a little bit about that soft game because there's no doubt about it that you you are a Powerhouse I mean um that that especially that backhand of yours uh you can see a little bit of fear in some.

People from time to time what have you done to um help yourself transition to the soft game into and and I guess more than that realizing gee the power is not going to work I need to go soft yeah I think when I when I first started playing pickleball like probably when I first started I was already at around a.

4-0 level and um I hit hard enough that I got away with things you know but as I got better and I played with higher levels of players as I gradually moved up you know I had to learn you know driving every third doesn't work anymore you know and then I had to start learning and adapting you know which is you know as.

You guys mentioned it's always going to happen you know you're always learning and adapting and trying to pick up on new skills but that's something that probably you know within just a couple weeks of playing I realized you know it's not going to work every time um so yeah and then I think that a big area.

Where I recognize that my soft game really needs to improve is actually in mixed doubles because uh women's doubles is largely a bang a banging game you know it's like we take like two to three steps off the kitchen and we're just in these intense firefights with each other and it's that's kind of how women's doubles is transitioned and that's why.

It's my favorite event you know there's not too much dinking in women's doubles but uh next is is a you know there's a very different role you know as as a girl it's largely you know you got to be super consistent you know you're you're making dinks you know you're trying to get the advantage over the other woman that it's more of a dinking game you.

Know so I think in order for me to become a better mix player like that really comes with me prove my my sauce game and my dinking ability and it was really interesting uh to hear that differentiation between mixed and women's doubles at the pro level and I'm curious about that if if you have an.

Answer I'm just kind of curious to explore this if you have a second which is this because what I've noticed in in the game study that we do is when I look at at uh pro-men matches there's a lot of dinking right when I look at Pro women's matches I would say there's some thinking but yes there's much more aggression when I look at Senior Pro.

Women it's aggression all day long right and so I'm trying to understand like is that like you think like when you play a mix is it like a hand speed thing or is it like you know like if you go aggressive in the mix what what what's it what's wrong in that scenario why can't you go hard there I guess it's interesting so I.

Think that the roles for men and women and mixed are very different really defined I think the difference between men and women and pickleball is a lot less exaggerated than it is in a sport like tennis you know in tennis you have to serve you have so much more room to cover you know so Mobility is a bigger Factor you know just height alone is a.

Bigger Factor whereas in pickleball I I don't think there's a huge difference in hand speed between minimum I think it's more so the power you know but I I practice with JW Johnson and I can tell you that if I you know start a hands exchange with him like I'm probably winning like less less than five percent of the time before starting from neutral.

You know and that's just kind of the reality you know so so and mix next you have to be really really selective with when you're going to go at the man if you're going to pull the trigger aggressively on that the men can just you even see a difference in technique you know the men will keep the paddle in front of them all the time and they're.

Like flicking whereas women like they're taking full swings at the ball because we just don't necessarily have the same wrist strength so that's why you know I think that men's doubles is more of a dinking game but for the men and mixed it's a more offensive game you know because mix largely comes down to which woman is setting up their man.

Better and then which male is creating more offense and overpowering the other other woman more successfully so the roles are are really different you know we have to dink more and mix they dink more and men's and they're more aggressive yeah I was going to ask about that that's what I was thinking it might be.

Like that because about you watch JW and a lot of the players are deckle or whatever they're just out of here and from here they can just Ram it right whereas mostly the female players take more of a longer stroke so yeah that battle would work out well so if you'd like more pickleball tips click on the playlist right over here because.

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According to Pro Anna Bright how you play depends on who you play and there’s good reason to change your pickleball game depending on the format of the game. Rising Star Anna Bright gives us some tips on what you need to think about to perform your best.

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