Living in California there's a lot we take for granted beaches mountains the food in and out there's only one Cali and there's only one tennis garden the Indian Wells Tennis Garden but this week call it pickleball Paradise the margarita Ville USA national pickleball championships concluded on Sunday come for the pickleball stay for the fun and.

The views thousands of people were on site enjoying the wonderful food and beverage people on stilts this is what you call a Vibe find me someone who isn't loving life at the tennis garden and I'll show you a liar five Championship matches on Sunday this was the women's doubles match between Jesse Irvine and Anna bright versus Catherine.

Parentu and Anna Lee Waters in the visor on your left the pickleball Phenom just 15 years old usually plays alongside her mom Lee they're on your screen but Lee had a withdraw due to a knee injury suffered on Friday Waters won the women's singles gold medal earlier in the day and won the doubles title in five games truly the present and future.

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