And smith saw an opportunity there but just pulled it deep so again to reset where we're at johns and irvin win game one eleven nine trail in game two three two again this is just best two out of three two eleven sometimes we play three out of five on sundays at the showdown we're.

Just gonna go two out of three yeah i think the players uh and certainly with these conditions nice and warm i'm not gonna be too upset about that as we said two players going for the double crown as well and there is a bert as ben johns comes flying in front of.

His partner and ernie of course is when you jump across on your side but we all love sesame street so there is a bert from ben yeah right complaining about the unnecessary use of athleticism and youth from ben jones man gotta.

Gotta pair that up and not be oscar the grouch on the second point after that oh it wasn't quite there you really have to shape that ball around the post which is completely legal in our sport just get it on the other side over around whatever you can do.

And second time get it on the first one get that thing dialed in for the encore performance cali smith well done and smith flicks one at john's left shoulder yeah that's not the typical kind of destination but i think he'd gotten quite used to her normal positions.

So a good change up there from smith and right ran through that one in a hurry a little frisky there you know again trying to catch john's leaking into the middle taking that away john's just holding his position there waiting for that exact ball and once again a little uh little uber.

Aggressive yeah went with the one-handed backhand flick in the middle just a high degree of difficulty on that and that one surprised john's but he was still able to pull his paddle across his body in time miraculous unbelievable paddle manipulation there by ben johns.

And two for three now on that particular shot is cali smith with a come on on top of it irvin is so used to being the one who hits the vast majority of these atps she can't believe that there's enough room and angle for smith to do it also so they're tied up at five with a second chance to score here from smith.

That's just beautiful pickleball on all sides of the court and matt wright is able to finish irvin not many players were gonna be able to get that lob and do something no she hit a decent shot for sure however it did start a cascade of events that has given smith and wright the lead good luck at.

Cali smith there to serve oh hello net cord we don't get to say hello newman in this one because uh riley and his sister are not available lindsey newman for this showdown they'll be back in action on a ppa court very soon.

And another one skids off i tell you the uh the pickleball gods are shining on wright and smith and we did hear uh right after the famous words that everyone has said on a pickleball court sorry not sorry well that one's getting just over and that's a beautiful shot by right.

There and this is a freight train and oh my john johnson has seen enough rarely calls timeout walked up and put his paddle against the net frustration with the net frustration with the score so very well done here by wright and smith what are you seeing yeah i'm seeing uh some real clicking of.

The high as we talked about before high risk high reward style from wright and smith all the chances they're taking they're starting to really take hold you know it looks like that more conservative approach that john's and uh urban are taking and obviously you know john's is going to do his thing irvine's approach has been so.

Far to be very solid she's a methodical player incredibly reliable so solid with thirds dinks cross-court all of the above but right now matt wright and kelly smith have found a real groove in some high-level shot selections yeah they have and uh you know.

That's the beauty of pickleball as as we bring this to a new audience here on tennis channel you just get that ball and get a little mojo get a couple of net chords get them a little frustrated you can run out three four five points the next thing you know it's 9-5 yes lady luck has definitely been on the.

Side of wright and smith um but that'll swing both ways it always does and that one refuses to pop over and it is matt wright and cali smith with a game point almost always almost i mean you know she might have a game three to.

Equal the task but gotta earn it and the i formation does not work for irvin and johnson what an onslaught i mean seriously after seemingly a 45 minute uh game one game two over in a relative blink of an eye fast points fast and furious.

In favor of wright and smith wonderful display and when you play at that pace it has got to stay in the court and it most certainly did yes lady luck was part of it but their skill was the difference we'll have game three to decide a winner after this eric weinmare blind man wanted to climb.

Mount everest my man crazy but he believed it was possible and because he believed he became the first blind person ever to stand on top of the world guaranteed rape believes in your dreams that's why we treat everyone like we treat our own family and work extra hard to get you the lowest low rate possible.

Because if you believe you will you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over.

You don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the medal the podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech let's.

I deserve all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with morgan evans and a impressive finish to game two by cali smith and matt wright really bringing the heat that the california sunshine is bringing as well so we will switch sides at six jesse irving the.

Local to serve okay and jessie irvin is like i've had enough of this yeah she was due to send a serious return message kelly smith played a phenomenal game too yes a couple others around the posts uh they were coming from angles that.

I i could see irvin's face just didn't believe that that angle was actually a possibility so good start for irvin with a big two-handed backhand finish okay good exchange there matt wright wins it matt wright yells it matt wright stares it down yeah when he starts barking.

It's always a warning sign for his opponents and he knows it and it is the power of cali smith overcoming that one and yeah she managed to get one ball just low enough on the prior shot and uh was awarded and that roll from john sails just deep.

Again we will crown a champion at the end of this game and the ernie from irvine we haven't seen much of that today so far no if uh matt's gonna throw it back behind her she's gonna not let that happen by putting that in his head looking to shake and bake that one comes.

Into the net so the edge in front and this truly high level sell kerklab showdown final and ball was just low enough it was at a beautiful height but unfortunately just dropped out of the sky and made it a little too awkward for.

Right it would have been a perfect height for me at 5 8. it would have been an overhead uh defend that one cali is uh the message that was sent on this ball right here beautiful finish yeah who knows if it was closer to her she may have but yeah that was certainly struck with some authority.

Nice angle there and smith and irvin as we mentioned earlier are going to get uh get to see each other twice today so they're ahead by the slimmest of margins and kelly smith taking some real chances on the returner serve but i think they know for them to win this.

Match it uh they're gonna have to redline yeah look at look at the score at game two that's that's our that's our pattern oh great angle there from right didn't need to uh hit a bullet no put it into a very tough location and that was started by a little roll flick by smith down the middle that caught.

John's just a bit off guard oh and the net is not even remotely being fair in the opinion of ben johns 100 now we saw him uh a look of dismay towards the heavens and like a great match horse race here it is.

Now smith and right that have nosed in front oh my well that was fun but that was a super fun angle that would have set up one of the greatest atps ever if someone would have been standing over there of course he hit it there because there's no one within 25 feet of that.

Okay and ben johns is like i want the ball back i don't like being down in game three let's go yeah we're gonna see now just what level of aggression he's gonna bring to the table and cali smith says i see you and i raise you.

Yeah i mean is this really a team that will allow ben to you know really take over as he can steal your intensity and another one flicks off the tape and stays in that might have been clean anyway we'll never know but unbelievable i think that that seemed clean to me i think i had her.

But just unbelievable disguise for her to hold that paddle there indicate nothing but dink and then pull the trigger and plenty of margin from the baseline that time it is john's that comes out on top on the fire fight at the kitchen line now john's he just finished uh his.

Little exchange with a popped up ball more than high enough for smith to take care of business directing it cross court towards irvine talk about a team that has dialed in for a game and a half that team is right in irvine yeah right and of course smith so wright smith looking great irvin and.

John's trying to find an answer we'll be back with a conclusion no time to waste under the sun into our wildest follow me.

into our wildest dreams whitney all right we are back and matt wright and cali smith have continued to put the formula from game two in play here it is working they're up 6-3 we've switched sides.

Here we go okay ben with some serious counter punching there and you saw the difference if right is reaching the pace and direction of the ball is going to play right into.

Ben jon's hands okay well a rare error i haven't seen much of that in the last few games no from uh that looked a lot like game one where it was just the patient pattern we also haven't seen much of that no but that's what pressure will do to you this is.

One of those rare moments where you see john's behind in game three on the little friendly fire there as the dig from cali smith catches matt right and five six is just one jesse irvin making sure she's got that ball popped right the way she wants it nice low drop and.

Again great drop in the menacing presence of john's you've got to keep that ball away from him so that's that combination we're tied at 6. time out certainly a possibility and it is a reality yes 100 great time out.

They had a good lead and they've seen that dissipate quickly so we're now at 7-6 johnson irvin what would you tell callie and matt well they need to pick up their energy again i think they suffered uh what so many players do an adrenaline dump they had one of the greatest games either one of them has ever played i'm.

Sure in uh in game two and they came out firing in game three really felt good about their level however the side switch it it does affect everybody mentally you go into the new side a little curious if uh if it's going to play a role you know it's not like there's a serious wind around but the optics are different everywhere.

So they weren't able to quite keep their level a couple of loose errors some of those fourth balls that dipped beautifully from irvine and john's caused some tough contacts from cali smith and that started a bit of a snowball effect unfortunately once that pressure.

Starts mounting it's not easy to dig yourself out of that hole so here we go irvin to serve at seven six good time out stops the momentum they're only down one can they find that same idea of making quality thirds they've.

Been driving most of them and that time is the best backhand third that smith has hit in the entire match for sure she got low enough really changed her aim point a little higher above the net oh my amazing hand oh and after some tremendous defense.

From cali smith can't quite find the range on the last one the level has just been phenomenal i love it tied at seven so matt right to serve sevens all over the board.

Yeah that was certainly not available as she might have thought yeah yeah the uh from that position in the court there's very little chance that you will surprise him with that no and the instruction we can hear from right towards smith was uh just slow on the back end.

The ball has entered the commentary booth and none of us are quite aware of where it went so i will take my headset off and morgan is going to crawl under as a person that is very particular about the ball myself i understand the desire if it can be located.

It has been eaten by the cable monster so uh it is gone we got a new ball seven all here we go and that one she just misses seeing her make two of those and you know you ask why they want the same ball well a newer ball can play a little livelier and you've got the one that you've been.

Using for a while dialed in yeah judging this one does look like it's got some experience so defended their way back to the kitchen line but uh couldn't finish it off so irving again getting a good bounce on that ball and we haven't seen irvin pull the.

Trigger much at the kitchen line chooses that moment and right is sitting on it yeah she was off the line and i think it's a little bit indicative of the kind of pressure they're under right now and uh everyone sort of knows to alleviate a quick easy point might be a good chance.

Yep and then there's more pressure on your thirds get them down get it to bounce let's see they didn't on the first one can they on the second one to tie this at eight okay and what a whole reach in by ben johns with a little flick right looking for.

The ball on the other side and cannot get out of the way so yeah perfect placement and a a well deserved time out yes so johnson irvine back in control here my goodness so sometimes you just need a timeout after you've played a point of that length so.

Right nervin they're right right there so right smith irvin johns will be back with the finish right after this at baird we my name is catherine parento and i've been playing pickleball for almost six.

Years i travel a lot uh to play in tournaments i'm always on planes and i see a lot of people when i travel i need to make sure that i stay healthy i need to support my immune system so that's the reason why i use the pureway c-plus we are back.

Right smith call a timeout make sure they're at peak efficiency hydration and ready jesse irving to serve their up one big serve to start oh and the off speed roll by john's is perfection haven't seen that all day no that was an incredibly unique shot two-handed backhand in the body.

Massage downwards nicely because you're looking for that on a much different hitting those plane certainly uh high risk it's a little bit deep oh and then inside out yeah i don't know if this was the time to be a hero no.

So we are staring at match point for john's and irvin they have battled their way here struggled to finish game one finally did on their eighth chance can they do it on their first to win the showdown they cannot so they're still in it so now you're thinking hey we did this.

We did this before we didn't get all the way over the mountain can we this time and she's gone for a lot this game and to her credit it's one of the reasons why they've been able to apply as much pressure as they have on john's and irwin but you've got to pick your moments.

Right yeah and if you're going to go i mean at least you guys yeah and you gotta gotta go and you now comes down execution because the game plan hasn't changed and they come on comes flying back with that vicious two-handed backhand from irvin that was huge.

So much power on that two-hander and that's given her team a second chance to be the victor right just saying you might want to wipe off the ball a fair amount of sweat a glisten on there urban known to bounce the ball.

Beforehand does a little extra does get the serve in and the battle of one-handed inside-out backhands goes to cali smith so try number three and what a drive by ben johns to end it and.

That's as high quality a match as you can have with partners who are not used to playing with each other that you could ever ask for so smith and wright impressive in defeat but it ultimately came down to the precision of jesse irvin and the presence of ben johns at the kitchen.

Line yeah i think jesse irvin played a fantastic game she kept the ball alive for as long as she needed to she trusted that if her dinks were good enough then the kind of risks that callie smith were going to have to take aren't going to be good ones and she was right towards the tail end of this game especially kelly smith.

Did take a couple of extra chances whether it be nerves or just she felt like the ball was there who knows but in the end john's and irvin proving victorious and irvin even found a couple opportunities to show her power in finishing at the end so the local.

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Absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that tom brady yeah he comes in to recharge get software updates you know same time next week you got it cool yeah always use gas always thank you hey do we need you guys nope how about now.

Hey remember daddy's birthday's tomorrow a gas card i could use this evolve your journey beyond the pump in the first ever tucson plug-in hybrid ev welcome everyone to center court i'm here with our champions guys this was such a tense match throughout do you feel like the pressure was on or off the two of you or was it more on the other.

Team i think it was equal for both of us we're both playing with you know people we've never played with before so that's you know something you're always having to work through during the match um but it was a lot of fun a lot of great points uh so i hope everybody enjoyed watching for sure well then we heard.

Matt wright at the baseline saying ben always goes 110 against me it's so frustrating what do you think he meant by that i think i see him in a lot of finals and i usually conserve energy in some other rounds so it might not look like i'm going 100 but you might as well leave it all on the court on a final so i'm sure.

When he sees me in finals a lot he uh he gets 110 me uh yeah they both played well this match they're both unpredictable players and i think they played really well so uh you know great match great uh great for the spectators i think and uh happy to win well how great is it to start the year off with a win like this the second half.

Of the year and what are you most looking forward to in the rest of 2022 yeah no this is great i think this is a lot of fun it's great playing with new players seeing different match-ups um it's a good kind of warm-up to get back into the tournament season uh and i'm just excited you know to get back on the on the court and compete again well.

Congratulations guys we're gonna take you back to the court after this quick break i love pickleball i love pickleball i love pickleball i love pickleball because of the community the community is number one the community the competition level very satisfying seeing yourself get better over time i can play.

With my neighbors i can play with my family i can play in the pros i can play against my friends the people i've met in this sport have become lifelong friends it's so social at the end of the day we're all just here to have a good time just met all kinds of people through all walks of life and that have just become family.

our new evie rental fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that tom brady yeah he comes in to recharge get software updates you know same time next week you got it cool let's go.

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Nope how about now still no hey remember daddy's birthday's tomorrow a gas card i could use this evolve your journey beyond the pump in the first ever tucson plug-in hybrid ev.

each shot has its welcome back everybody to the selkirk lab showdown powered by invited we are at the braemar country club just outside of la and morgan you you get to championship sunday and you're like we want to see.

The level rise each day that thing went to the top of the hills here yeah top of the charts i am trying to think of the last time i saw such a good match you know we're talking about in the break there typically we've got ben jones playing with annalee waters those.

Are the two consensus best players on the planet right now it's not too easy for any other team out there to compete and to make it you know such a good match we had johns and irvin uh you know proving victorious in an incredibly tough battle and it had ebbs and flows it was a roller coaster and uh.

God i'm gonna watch the replay it was that good yeah this is one of those matches where to see what it takes to win points you run that back you're like certainly at this point within a rally it must be them and half the time it was the other side flipping the script yeah the ability for all four of those players to.

Turn defense into neutral into offense uh or sometimes just skipping neutral all together just swooping in doing serious damage it was a pleasure to be here courtside for that one and i think we're gonna be saying the same about this next yeah so now we've got the ladies and we've got.

Anna lee waters paired up with cali smith so she loses a heartbreaker doesn't have a chance to think about it has to just flush that come back now and has a chance to take this and look who's there i've been dinking cross court with jesse irvin for the last hour and a half and she's still out here yeah it's going to.

Be very interesting to see if they want to stick with those sides and just we just did this before it's good for the cameras why don't we continue our little uh cross-court dink fest so kovalova and waters come out here cold the other two have just played so it's gonna be interesting is it stamina or is.

It freshness we will have the ladies on the court when we come back ah i need a bag bruh send it through quickly i'm making his dog like i'm in a big i'm in the big leagues.

Totally don't miss me balling like houston hey feeling like all right folks welcome back the mixed doubles did not disappoint and now we've got the ladies center stage and you will see truly some of the best pickleball you could ever imagine some of the points that the women have are.

Arguably the best that we will see all day long and all year long and you've got the 15 year old phenom and anna lee waters out here and what's special about her she gets to play women's doubles with her mom but because of this format separated from mom and actually had to play against mom and here she is the.

Victor and heading on to play with callie smith against jesse irvin and lucy kovaleva today yeah i'm not sure we're going to see much of any separation anxiety no she's a professional player has been for quite some time and i think she gels very very well with her partner.

Callie smith we talked about a little bit about uh yesterday if you're gonna have someone like annalee waters who is very happy to start a fight from anywhere on the court you better have someone with quick hands next to you and who has quicker hands than cali smith yes and those hands are warmed up like the sun shining on this.

Court because she stared down ben johnson had a number of interchanges with him and she was up for the task jesse urban and lucy kovaleva one of the big things they bring to the table is reach and that can never be underestimated how they posture themselves up at the kitchen line and their combined length.

Makes it very difficult for their opponents to keep the ball bouncing in front of them that is formidable no doubt here we go the ladies are ready let's play pickleball all right welcome to the court ladies let's go they are not wasting any time and just to set the stage of who you've got that's cali smith serving to lucy.

Kovalova next to cali is anna lee waters and jesse irving the la native at the net and just uh showing everyone exactly how high the net is 36 on the outside 34 in the middle wow i think she was she was upset with herself on that last one and took it out.

On the ball and sometimes those will sort of snowball into two and three misses nice job by her channeling that into a positive and cali smith got plenty of practice with atps in the mixed and comes roaring out the gate with one here in women's doubles that's three for the.

Day already batting 60 of those three for five yep from slovakia and lives in wichita good leave by irvin there yeah it's unusual for cali to be hitting those ones high her paddle position noticeably higher than the vast majority of players often able to get the ball.

Down in a hurry and unlike the last match it will be predominantly kovalova cross court from cali smith if they stay in these positions we definitely saw anna lee waters and cali smith switching it up a bit yesterday playing both sides anna lee.

Very comfortable no matter where you want to put her and there's fire coming from that backhand again that was millimeters above the net tough one for waters to field and starting to find some fire.

Let's just put together a backhand attack teaching video and just show this first start of the game it is jessie irvin on display here feeling great she's a resident of the area and she is putting on a show for her fellow residents who've come out to support.

This great event this is the selkirk lab showdown this is the best women in the world we'll be back what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh sh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match.

Download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight i sure can try i need a bag bruh send it too clearly i'm making his dog like i'm in the big leagues told.

Don't all right we are back and the roar you hear is the two-handed backhand of jesse irvine second server side two two and great reach we talked about that earlier on.

How well they really counter balance themselves to be able to lean as far forward as they need to to make you know the dinks coming from the side of smith and annalee waters need to be absolutely inch perfect yeah and again we talked about this yesterday you've got kovaleva playing against cali smith who is our her normal.

Partner how much of the strategy is she gonna give away to irvin on how to attack cali yeah maybe just the first paragraph but not the rest of the book no getting the full book that drive stayed in by a good margin.

And you see they did go for the side change here so it is cali smith now playing the left that's proven some dividends quickly and now these two are going to prove that they can cross court on backhand side and urban.

Challenges referees appear to see it clearly and it's called lucas the referee says i saw it out now that doesn't mean you can't challenge it you still can okay so the ball was called out the referee said i saw it out but guess what we'll see what.

The camera saw so uh yeah video doesn't lie no so a challenge is called for by kovalev and irvin and uh we'll take a look at that so what are you seeing here so far morgan well i've seen some phenomenal play from irvin that backhand uh.

Really working well and it's already encouraged a side switch from waters and smith it's interesting and something we talked a little bit about yesterday off the air there's certainly an argument to be made for the dominant side in men's and women's to be different.

Where we're so often used to the alpha male for example in men's doubles being on the left side having that middle forehand um however the prevailing two-handed backhand in the women's game and how big it is how important it is in the game coupled with the fact that not many of them are looking to take 70 80 of the.

Court and really shelter that left foot of the right side player um is there an argument to be made for the right side being the alpha player in the women's game i mean we look at annaleigh and lee ward as how they so often play together and leave on the right keeping that massive two-handed backhand in the middle.

We've got her on that side now and uh i like to see that change so good idea there they've all got these just vicious two-handed backhands how is that any different than a forehand so let's see if that continues to be the preponderance of what the thought is.

Hey let's let you dictate from the right side and just wail that two-handed backhand so we'll keep an eye on this as we talked about in the first match of the day this game is evolving the players are getting better what they're able to do with the ball is changing and uh what is not changing is.

The call there the ball was called wide the referee called it wide and it was not overturned racy irvin's like hey i'm owed about five of those from the next match even though she was able to still eke out a victory and the.

Cali smith atp clinic continues this time on the backhand and you have to hit it like a racquetball shot you got to flick it about an inch above the ground and she did it perfectly yeah she is four from six today and that's a ball that just cannot be hit there you are already out of position.

Yeah and the person in front of you is should be sitting there on that her level of ambition hasn't changed since the mix but that rally has tied up game one here there's a quick 12 after that one not happy had a look at something there but uh.

Just got below the height of the net that's in and unbelievable work from waters and smith just to stay alive let alone turn the tide and that was after kovalova turned the tide by tracking the ball down at her feet interesting choice urban made of not hitting a ball out of.

There she let the higher ball bounce and unlike a tennis ball it's not going to come up enough to get an overhead out of it so after a phenomenal start from urban a couple of errors creeping in she has obviously just played a uh an incredibly long arduous mixed doubles match.

And there's that two-handed roar lucy kovalova just handling business she's not seeing too many balls here but uh when they're coming they're coming as attacks from kelly smith and she has been ready and waiting oh beautiful moving ernie from cali smith look at this.

Oh she read that beautifully that'll help irvine's confidence knowing that uh kelly can't be playing at this level the entire time or can she great deep return so the answer on at least that return is she most certainly.

Can and emily waters has been very patient hasn't seen a ton of balls herself but hasn't tried to do too much to put her team in trouble she's going to let callie smith whale and then finish what's left and does it beautifully right there and urban now on the right side and she.

Looks to be staying there for this point at least well i think it was there something that's definitely there she has that attack she's got such a good single-handed rolling attack and uh we have a game point here for smith and waters who are down early in this game.

High formation and just misses they will not challenge it cali smith was trying to figure out where to go and then just like okay youngster go finish this off and miss by an inch great serve from waters.

It is an anna lee waters finish so great job by cali smith of continually setting the table finishing her own ball atp count is rising and a really good job by those two to dig out of an early hole and take game one will we have a game three we'll see we gotta see game two first we'll have that right after this.

i felt like i had to always drink water over and over but i still felt a little bit dizzy by the end of the day but once i tried to incorporate more electrolytes in my daily life it really helped me out my favorite thing about the pickleball cocktail is the flavor it tastes great i drink the pickleball cocktail every.

Morning to make sure that i stay hydrated throughout the whole day it's important to drink first thing in the morning if you wait until you play you usually too late you start feeling dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late one two three.

like i'm in all right we are back dave fleming with morgan evans and cali smith and anna lee waters with a big finish of game one let's see if they can keep it going i'm curious that they have uh started off with waters on the left they were doing.

Very well with her on the right but they're going for the switch now maybe they forgot yes especially on serve it's very easy to set the table however you would like that table to be set you want to put all the cutlery out there just the spoon whatever you need yeah sometimes i go with four forks.

Especially if there's a good dessert and there is a beautiful piece of cake right there for smith to just absolutely obliterate with a great angle because they know it's coming back if they don't find an angle so the one-handed backhand flick percentage has been low across the board here yeah.

But uh i admire that she's sticking to her guns to a certain extent that's just beautiful by callie smith because if you are going to run around and go down the middle the next ball you are thinking is coming to the middle so she went there immediately she left the backside.

Exposed but knew that was unlikely to go there and then nice complimentary pickleball annalee waters finishes and there's anna lee water sticking that back in and she's never seen a ball she didn't think she could get back but callie smith's waiting with that onyx paddle ready to go and a great dink there.

cali smith into a tricky little cross step yep and irvin just so patient and clean on those oh she's just pulled that one wide after a very intense point by kovaleva just a look on her face.

Air traffic controlling those balls in the middle brilliantly so there's no confusion and a foot fold is called yes the right foot yeah kelly smith the right foot so sometimes on those overheads you will rotate your body or slide a little bit.

And uh just catch that white part of the kitchen so the line is part of it and that is exactly where that was caught by leslie frank excellent matrix move by cali smith there that was coming at a w those are hard to get out of the way of because it's a diagonal.

Yeah i think kovalova and irvin were right to try to target smith on the returns of serve the only issue though of course is if she really gets a good third in you've now got annalee waters moving in a hurry and uh being incredibly menacing prowling that kitchen looking for it.

And it's in your head and you don't make as good a volley and sometimes you don't see a winner hit by emily waters but she forces the error which is the same outcome just done differently yeah they're doing enough with that first volley to keep it away from waters.

More often than not so so far nothing nothing needing to change in the strategy sometimes just a little off-pace ball with some extra spin like that will make it harder these ladies like to take the pace and use it to reset the ball yeah i mean we're all sort of creatures of habit to a large degree.

Oh my god anna lee water's just so steady at the line and just finds the open court yeah kovaleva really kind of looked to take matters into her own hands there you are going to hear me everyone is going to hear me again one of those backhand flicks that are low that's just a tough ball to.

Make there's their formula coming back drive crash finish give me the ball back let's do it again and then that push pressure as we talked about on that first volley and irving caught reaching there the question is is a side switch in order yet.

It feels like it should be because two missed volleys there are difficult to deal with so we've got waters and smith up a game and now have stretched out a four point lead here in game two looking for a selkirk lab showdown title you'd like the magnesium.

Perfect i'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks dorothy you too come on does he do that every time every time happy birthday matt oh thanks lucy.

oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have i have one more surprise for you okay oh come on i love it babe.

All right welcome back timeout called by kovalova and irvin look at the feet bouncing smith and waters are feeling it can they continue and the ball off the tape stops what was an epic point right out of the timeout yeah the defense there from waters and smith just to stay alive.

And give themselves a good shot you want to talk about all the flash of annalee waters but the two defensive balls she played especially the second one atp defense good but irvin did exactly what you want to do and hammered one at her feet and she just threw that back in the kitchen yeah i mean there are levels within.

Levels and we're seeing a display of exactly what is making her the consensus number one female on the planet in all three disciplines yes that time it's irving that comes out on top is anna lee was trying to take over that point but was never in a great position so they got a nice lead but unable to.

Add to it here so kovalova and irvin need to find something now oh that was interesting a little attempted pancake there and that was due to the heat coming off that drive by kovalova just wide yeah i would stay away from that kovaleva forehand on the return here.

And that is the difference of if you cannot get the ball down you're gonna eat it yeah she just kept herself in great position stabilize the lower half uncorked and massive winner so we are seeing now urban on the right side.

And you saw emily waters cleaning up trouble in the middle that's gonna feel good crowd is loving it packed in around the court here and there was some open space there and it would have been a real stretch.

For smith to be able to retrieve that one that just cramped up cobalova and just three points away make that two and from a body language from smiles from just posture we've seen comebacks before but this is a pretty big hill yep great return though.

Smith's got the foot speed to get there but couldn't throw it back in but again they add to the lead and it is go time for irvin and kovalova we haven't seen her have to hit too many cross-court backhand dinks it's always wonderful when someone looks to try to expose that.

Space usually uh it's a futile effort another great return kylie smith has stayed on top of those returns all day long yeah she hasn't had the best third shot drop day in her life but her returns have been very impressive.

Oh four for seven now that was a real difficult opportunity on the atp because of the depth and the pace of the ball coming over there i think if she ends at 50 and the attempts were on serve then to win and uh a ambitious attack from kovalev from the mid court which was definitely.

Gonna go out is struck by smith so that brings us within three here so we've got a little comeback coming on here what do you got to do to keep this rolling if you're kovalova and irvin well i mean you've got to remind yourself that smith and waters they are.

Human beings they are going to make some mistakes they have been playing phenomenally however a couple of loose errors creeping in you never quite know when you're going to stumble across a perfect strategy i think irvine being more comfortable on either side is one of the keys to at least mix it up.

Make it a little more tricky they are targeting her in a lot of areas and that's putting a lot of pressure on kovalova i think if they can settle down find a nice groove in a cross-court dink exchange because cali smith is taking some real chances and i think it's an educated decision from smith she.

Knows that if it is just going to be a long drawn-out dink exchange between her and anyone who's cross-court then it's not quite so easy for her partner emily waters to really get involved emily waters can certainly feed off chaos though once a fire fight starts she is incredibly good of getting in.

There hitting either that big forehand or the even bigger two-handed backhand and helping finish proceedings so irvin kovalova have narrowed the gap to three timeout called this is their second server and they are able to get a stop so two.

Points from a win that's a good time out from waters oh no and after a perfect return that set up a bunny she hits it deep and we are at match point and callie smith comes flying in and finishes a shake and bacon it is.

Callie smith and anna lee waters they are your selkirk lab showdown victors kovalova and irvin put up a good fight but i'm sure callie smith's happy to get a split with jesse irvin loses the mixed wins the women's so 1-1 we won't have a double winner on the women's side ben johns has a chance.

Coming up but let's close out this women's what did you think of you what you saw here i saw an incredibly polished performance i think the real difference makers it wasn't the whiz-bang it wasn't the showtime it was how well they dealt with third shot drops how well they defended their work in transition they managed to keep.

Points alive and get the ball down into some tough locations again and again and again and unfortunately for irvin and kovalova that part of their games suffered a little bit unfortunately so it is anna lee waters it is cali smith they are your self kirk labs women's double.

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everyone welcome back to the selkirk labs showdown ladies you have clasped the title here today that was such an electric match so tense on both sides how did you come away with the victory yeah i think uh me and callie we both play our best when we're playing really aggressive and i think that got away.

From us a couple times we called timeouts and we were like all right let's drive the ball some more and be really aggressive and that's what we did we came out on top well cali you've been out here so many times before you know what it's like to play at the top of your game how cool is it to play with anna lee waters by your.

Side it was really fun to play with emily you know where i like as you know we're always opponents so it's kind of fun to be on the same side for woods and emily is just as awesome as you all you as you all know and as you all think so she's just as great on the court and just as great of a partner and it's fun when you have a bunch of cheers and a.

Bunch a bunch of new fans including my family and her family and you guys are amazing and sponsors onyx optivita health and spray just it's wonderful to have you on our side so thanks well the action doesn't stop here we go to the selkirk or the skechers invitational next weekend you guys are staying out here i think some of the.

Players to hang out in california before that one what do you have planned i think we're just gonna relax take a couple days off and get back to the grind and get ready for the skechers i will be playing against cali in that event so we got to go from being besties to now being opponents but uh no i think we're just gonna eat some good food.

Maybe a little shopping but i'm really excited cali how about you uh so we've actually got some clinics kyle and i are going to go coach some clinics in san clemente area and just hang out with the kiddos have a good time and then be right back to have an opponent in annaleigh again right back to the grind guys dave over.

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All right folks welcome back it is now the men's term we had a just phenomenal mixed doubles match and then we saw a couple of ladies that being anna lee waters and cali smith really dictate the terms in the women's doubles match and get ahead stay ahead and never look back now we've got the battle of the bands.

Yes the one you all know and trust ben jones he's partnered up with jay demilio opposite them is tyson mcguffin and a relatively new face in the game mr ben newell but from what we saw yesterday we are about to witness some fireworks the likes of which fourth of july may.

Not have seen so do not blink everybody we're gonna see some of the quickest points in men's doubles history and also the fastest hands you'll ever likely see in the game yeah and if you came to see well thought out dink rallies you have come to the wrong place this is checkers we've had our chance at chess yes this.

Is full on ben newell chaos he's got the flashy california shirt we got all the flow that comes with tyson mcguffin he'll be barking he'll be talking to the crowd they came after matt wright and colin johnson.

Thwarted the chance for a johns v john's final here instead we get a band v band yeah either way it's uh it's a delight for the fans yes and i think we're gonna see mcguffin and newell drive the vast vast majority of third balls so so much of the success and failure or.

Failure that is going to be on the paddles of devilier and john's is how well they can handle that first strike yes you know if their fourth ball stick volleys are on point and therefore making it incredibly difficult for any kind of shake and bake shenanigans to uh to go forth for the team of mcguffin and newell then.

I like their chances and divilio he didn't start as strong as he would have liked yesterday however some of the stuff he brought to the table towards the tail end of the mix especially he really looked like someone who is as formidable as we always known he can be you know great.

Strength his reflexes are good so much of what he can do when a ball actually gets behind him almost he's got a continental grip he's one of the few players that are kind of sticking to his guns to a large degree um that makes him quite backhand oriented and that backhand is beautiful when he really.

Gets the shoulders around on the volley and when he chooses to drive with that single hander oh it's just lovely to watch so much power so much precision so yeah and i'll tell you how stressed out he and ben johns were before this final they were warming up left-handed yeah no i mean it switches on the other side of.

The brain i often brush my teeth left-handed because it helps the brain really work so i don't know if they were doing it for that or just to see who was better chances are it is the latter uh not the former but quite certain there was a scoreboard somewhere and uh whether there was wagering we'll never know but uh they look good though they.

Did we hope we got some footage so you're gonna see mcguffin roaring hitting that big deep high bouncing surf and then for those of you that love to see people drive the ball from the baseline there's only 44 feet of space for ben newell to rip both forehands and.

One-handed backhands you don't care yeah yeah i think what he's going to realize fairly early on is if he elects to rip those balls at ben jones in particular that firstly john's has such an acute awareness of what's staying in and what's going out he will easily swivel himself out of the way of things going.

Out and if he's the returner still coming forward they may still elect to drive towards him one of the other you know parts of this game um that we have to be aware of is both mcguffin.

And devilia know each other's games very very well they are uh we can call a long time partners now they've played this year and a lot of uh a lot of tournaments i think we had tail end of last year as well they know what to do against each other and they understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.

I think they'll be fairly comfortable sharing some stuff as well yeah you know this is uh one of those where i know you you know me we know what the one ben is gonna do it's mr newell and what level is he able to bring to a final what he brought to the semi-final.

Could be plenty enough to win here on sunday yeah i think ben jones and jocelyn de villier for them to have a good chance here and don't get me wrong i think they probably are the favorites um we never know exactly when john's is gonna really find that second third.

Fifth uh well it looks like he skipped fourth on that particular center but either way he could just he can just do that first to sixth on occasions but it's going to hinge a little bit on de villier being a little more patient yeah they definitely had some instances.

Where they ran into each other all right the men are ready let's play pickleball and that is bad news if you're newell mcguffin because devilier not only handles the first one but it goes behind mcguffin and hits a winner yeah i think that one probably was sailing.

Yes i think it was destined for our booth they will find energy wherever it is oh they have solar panels probably in their clothing just to tap in yeah both uh colin johns yesterday and ben johns today have gotten zero love from the net in their opinion.

And there you see you mentioned it in the open of this match devili able to handle a ball behind him on the big drive from newell and he's going to just keep cracking it that's a pretty good leave i think ben johns with a good natured uh out call there as the selkirk labs uh.

Banner was able to withstand it i'm happy to report and there's the backhand we talked about he is not shy he went one for his first four in the semi and then really found the range yeah it's all fire all the time okay the sun getting involved.

I noticed what newell did there he baited his opponents to return to him by standing four or five feet inside the baseline really hoping that they would direct traffic towards him that will of course allow mcguffin to disconnect all right good attempt yes inches away from greatness.

Good job by mcguffin of just keeping that so low and close to the net and a rare fifth shot error from john's yeah nice job by newell putting that top spin on it just makes it a little harder to handle and your tv is not messed up that's ben john's on the right side of the court.

And a huge play from mcguffin and newell backhand ernie tags devilier on the right pocket and a lot of confusion again oh and oh okay so secondary ref here don stanley appears to have called a foot so take that away after all that fun.

The heel lands he's going to just keep swinging you don't even need to tell him mcguffin doesn't even need to look back and say keep swinging he will do it so we'll see if the footfall call is a momentum changer.

John's two five fifths in a row oh my okay the net disaster for the john's family continues and there we see the jump right on the line yeah it's a good catch from don stanley we'd expect nothing less oh the stomp fake is back in business.

And then oh oh and ben newell wanted that for his highlight reel mcguffin making fun of his partner we were promised the carnival and we are getting it there was a head shake from john's there not amused oh and then and then the serve goes over the.

Tilt-a-whirl and so all is right in the world now with ben jones back on the left-hand side and just missed good duck there from mcguffin able to get the moulay out of the way as well yeah get that flow out of there newell's even having fun little soccer action with the.

Retrieval of the ball to serve so we're pretty tight here at 2-1 looks like a bit of a stalemate let's see who can wrestle some advantage oh that's a nice ball getting behind mcguffin as he attempted to intercept he was certain he was going to get something to.

Smoke in the middle and that is not where it ended up you know and this sort of chaotic play just is exactly what mcguffin and newell want let ben start driving it maybe he'll miss some and he misses the backhand drop as well so uh tough start for ben jones.

While serving mule came in with some serious steam however he predict he directed that shot towards possibly the wrong player not possibly most definitely even though that player is on the road and mcguffin says i don't care who's on the left or the right i'm going right between them on a ball that was low.

Showtime and again they go in the wrong place on the attack but boy just the squeaking of the shoes on this side is great you have two of the quickest players you could ever pair up with newell and mcguffin yeah and they will be switching sides so let's see if they get caught nope and pretty by devilier right there yeah.

He does own some great deception uh you would expect uh some flamboyance from a traditional frenchman and sometimes you know you hear body serve a lot in tennis but it can work for pickleball too to hit it right at your.

Opponent and see if they get tired or lazy legs got one there wow the degree of difficulty of john's getting a paddle that went off the tape was extraordinary it doesn't end up creating a point for him though nice.

So ben on ben crime there only it's newell that gets on top i mean one of the other factors at play here is left-handers are incredibly difficult to read you know we all rely on understanding body language and getting some you know a fraction of a second early reads on where an attack is about to go and that is that much more.

Difficult with a lefty in front of you and that ball just wide so they're in the lead four three one is the drive the shake and then there's the macguffin bake yeah that is a clinic in terms of how you can play aggressively.

Coming off a fantastic serve oh my honestly than that it's i'm not i'm laughing at the situation with what has taken place here today 6-3 team chaos no if that goes in this place is going to.

Absolutely lose its mind they still love it of course nonetheless so they're in control doubled up and they've got preferred sides that certainly helps no no but these points are fantastic so jones will get the ball back and be.

On his traditional left-hand side and there's a beautiful ernie that time it does get just over the net yeah devilish proving once again why he is so dangerous it's not just the deception but that length and athleticism oh and john's the dreaded htp had a look there but uh.

Just clipped it off the edge there so uh second sir so 6'4 this game is uh it's taking a little bit of time now because uh a couple of times people have struggled to win on their serve and there's the.

We don't need to tell you the formula the formula is the violence oh whoa and uh it was different you really i don't know if i've ever seen uh an ace on john's jamie foxx looks on in approval yes okay that's pretty from jocelyn devillier so.

Yes you mentioned jamie foxx in the audience a uh lover of the sport yeah he actually came out to the desert we played about 12 games uh two or three months ago he told us the most amazing story you'll ever hear and folks you're just gonna have to live.

With the fact of that uh tease no i can't say yeah i certainly can't but uh it was phenomenal um really good hands could use a little work on the dinks no doubt about it but great hands that's a pretty drop shot so he's got the pace but he's also got the touch does ben.

Newell and ben newell flying all over the court here they're gonna keep coming all day long yeah i mean there's so much to be said for applying constant pressure keeping your foot on the jugular for as long as possible it just doesn't give your opponents any.

Real room to breathe and if the returns continue to be this short newell is just going to have batting practice fastballs to just tee off on yeah some tentative returns oh mamacita that one there was a game winner.

Okay and uh he enjoyed it yeah newell's laughing at himself i mean that's why they're team chaos right there attempted that nice slippery inside out forehand but mcguffin wise to it.

And another a successful ernie sets up the big finish from ben johns and uh the selkirk lab zero zero two paddle hitting the ground is the sound of a timeout so what an entertain we knew we would have chaos we hoped we would have a lot of.

Entertainment with it we've had that and we've had a very high level pickleball to go with it so it is the team of mcguffin and ben newell that are still in front they get a smart timeout there and this is a lot of fun we'll be back with the conclusion of game one right after.

This give me a little thing.

All right folks we are back there you see jay devilier and ben johns they were well behind they're now back within three and newell and mcguffin are gonna just keep coming they're crazy like a fox great to see jamie foxx a lover of pickleball in the house today oh i see.

What you did there nice work way to set yourself up just knock it down and the timeout comes at the perfect time two very smart points played by mcguffin and newell and now can they get the drive crash shake and bake to the finish line yeah that's what we talked about a.

Little bit earlier john's does not bite on those kinds of uh drives just on the baseline with the server mcguffin says put more spin on it yeah we saw that one coming didn't we he attempted it on the previous shot there's the fake and there's the winner so very smooth.

That's three for him yes and there are all of a sudden within two oh and mcguffin's body was not committed there and a choice that i don't think is good even if it's.

Within the court because john's is right there and as you said he has probably as good an eye as anybody so the humongous team chaos lead the carnival was oh kids were winning stuffed animals everywhere it was beautiful the crowd was loving it hey guess what it's nine.

All now yeah i mean that is the risk you take when you're that aggressive it's pretty tricky to turn it off when you're suddenly on the return observe um you know that kind of feeling that you've you've got dwelling inside you of it's time to go it's time to go uh unfortunately it has a place on serve.

Not so much on return so yeah because you get to grab the ball you have to go serve it like this is my time my cord and and now you got to deal over the return you got to get up to the kitchen we should be ahead so nine nine devilliers level is rising and he's used that threat of the ernie and.

Then the actual execution of it very well yeah it's one of the the few benefits of being a player that is being picked on you know when you're alongside ben jones you know you're going to see a lot of balls and to negate that issue just make yourself the most dangerous player on the court with an ernie again and again.

And newell sneaks in there with the left hand and catches john so he wins another ben v ben that's gonna stay in no and it's all that hard work well all the hard work defending from john's and de villier paid off beautifully.

About and they are able to close it out so they come all the way back down huge team chaos unable to get that 10th point to really apply the pressure devillie and john's hung in there let the balls go when they were smoked deep and.

They take game one we'll be back with game two from the selkirk lab showdown powered by invited new people pickleball how do you get what you want eric weimer blind man wanted to climb mount everest.

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Because if you believe you will you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet.

Everyone sees the glory the medal the podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech let's go again folks welcome back dave fleming with morgan evans and boy we we had a lot of fun there and it.

Was devilier and john's who maybe were the only two people in the house just playing it even keel yeah to say they weathered the storm is an understatement oh no he gave it everything no doubt about it lost a little balance and uh and the.

Point smart shot by newell there knew he had john's in trouble and they've got them on odd numbers right now and they will be staying because they don't want to risk the drive catching them in transition so this is a point that is crucial for.

Mcguffins when you can put three or four on the board if it's played well yeah this is big yeah yesterday the fist pumping the chest pumping chest bumping haven't gotten quite to that level yet but it's coming there's okay double slap.

Yeah once again even though devilier was up there the uh the balance player at the kitchen he got the drive at him needed to do a little more with that oh and then it's in your head and you get a missed return and just like we said a bundle can come and here's three.

Yep punches and bunches no oh god oh no and then just forgot to put the car back in neutral there came flying up there yes.

Newell strikes me as a man who's uh not going to spend too much time in the land of opportunity he is going from baseline to kitchen in one house just slice and full ginsu knifed 2 3 2. great depth and in a position that wasn't going to allow devilier to really.

Get his uh his hands in there three two one it looked good it is a relatively flat backhand unfortunately there's not a lot of shape on that so the margin for error is tiny especially you got 44 feet to work with it hasn't changed and goes for the fifth shot drive too so.

You can get the ball back quickly when the chaos is not finding the court that's what happens here and quite frankly the points they've given away have been opportunities for them he's sitting there just on a platter yeah if they make those it's a very different animal so.

Uh beautiful hands good initiating attack there from john's into a tough location newell sort of jumping up into it and unable to keep it down john's as you saw on the replay beat devilier to the ball he gets the credit for the winner.

It's a nice flick there by mcguffin and we've lost the ball unfortunately so we'll have to uh hopefully find a suitable replacement that suits the players i think mcguffin and newell would like uh the fastest one you got you got a new one over there.

Cold and new that's a good volley there and you know we talk about the ball slows down and the heat so uh anything that you can get for a little bit of an advantage you're looking for it and davilia sticks two volleys on that exchange and.

They keep mcguffin and newell at three mcguffin explaining that uh the ball seems very very soft that should suit the game style of johns and de villier more so than mcguffin and newell and there was the flying newer brother not in position great job by de villiers.

Defending a yes onslaught yeah that's some of the fastest volleys you're ever going to see that exchange it of four volleys or 120 volleys i'm not quite sure no we'll never know but uh newell and macguffin are in trouble so it is john's it is devilier they're up a game and doubling them up here in game.

Two we'll be back with the conclusion i think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams ups or fedex for this one fedex they deliver on saturday it's three minutes on high.

It's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality black shell unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow war all right welcome back everybody we are at the selkirk lab showdown appreciate selkirk's support of not just the game but pushing the game forward with all their innovation you see one of those.

Paddles in the hand of tyson mcguffin and as mcguffin and newell who just called timeout they're down 6-3 they've got to rally oh just filth from benjamin that is gorgeous just.

Hooked it into an area of the court where no one had even seen and uh go ahead and call your little timeout and try and stop our momentum i got a little trick for you and devilier up for the task wants to hit the highlight reel himself yeah that is a great time to have such a good.

Reflex volley and again so unwinding the stack newell on the run can't hit a clean volley and devilier again not overhitting it sticks it into the open court and they're two points from a title yeah you can see how much extra juice john's is putting on the serve and that has inspired a timeout.

So there's nothing worse than calling timeout on a two for your opponent and they rattle off four more and you gotta call another one right thing to do you can't take them home they have no value at your local grocery store you can't trade them in you can't take them with you.

This is uh yeah it's quickly running away from you know in contrast to the beginning of game one especially where mcguffin and newell look like they had the run of the land a real challenge and what we see here is that uh yesterday we.

Saw wright and johns meaning colin johns lose that first game and then just came roaring and took over the second game we thought oh that would continue it didn't here the pattern has continued once they overcame that onslaught it's getting really late really late to make that happen so.

Here's a match point oh well okay he knows uh the risk of going for absolutely everything on the serve and mcguffin smiling like a butcher's dog over there beautiful rip yeah off the back of a quality serve okay yeah momentum is a funny thing once you have a little you can have a lot.

Oh my oh oh and after all that after the frenchman was flying in the air and couldn't get to that perfect lob yeah i think he recognized that uh mcguffin lost a little bit of balance and may not be in perfect position to handle a middle attack.

And uh lo and behold he was right and lo and behold the third shot lob was way deep so match point two see if they can get the serve in to get it started oh he tried the most difficult shot.

Possible running sliding over there and hooking it back across your body you mean yeah that's the one oh i'm just a bullet little ben v ben crime on the drive and it is ben johns does get the double crown here at the selkirk lab showdown he wins.

Mixed with jesse irvin earlier today and jay devilier as his partner so great run by tyson mcguffin and thanks to ben newell for playing at a great level today we'll talk to the winners when we come back.

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To the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass amigo our tequila is.

Your tequila our casa is your casa our new eevee rental fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that tom brady had a few friends but they suck in the past i don't even try when welcome back to center court i'm here with our champions guys you played as hot as the california sun out there how.

Happy are you to come away with this one and too yeah you know first time playing together so it's always uh interesting but i thought we communicated well played it all together had fun uh and winning is always of course uh the primary thing uh winning is everything guys uh so yeah we did that and we had.

Fun uh yeah i enjoyed playing this weekend well ben newell is a fresh face to see in a final i think it's his first final ever is this a harbinger of new pros pouring into the sport yeah no and ben is an incredible athlete uh lefty so he's very tricky to play i i'm lucky i get to know him because he lives in kansas city so not.

Too far from us so i knew a little bit how he plays but uh yeah congrats to him he's an unbelievable player and i'm happy for him but uh he managed to win final well guys jamie foxx showed up to watch some of the pickleball he's actually practicing with annalee waters right now how cool is it that celebrities are.

Taking notice of your sport and who would you like to play with most uh yeah you know it's very cool i think the sport is actually built for well i like to call a sport for anyone and everyone and that includes celebrities i think they can have fun grudge matches with each other they can have fun playing with the pros and all that uh so all.

That is super awesome if i could play with any uh celebrity i think i'd choose kevin hart just because he's like the funniest guy i've ever seen or heard uh see i choose kevin how about you jay you know i have a lot of celebrities i would like to play with i'm not like uh ben but um.

Yeah i think kevin hart is a good choice but i would take dwayne james and dwayne johnson it's a rock uh so i could play against ben and kevin that would be very funny i take leonardo dicaprio all the way guys congratulations on an awesome final go rest up dave all right so i.

Great three match final but folks we're not done we're not done we have more pickleball we have a great ladies match we're gonna put on here i don't like the term exhibition because these ladies are going to give it all they've got especially elise jones so.

We've got there you see megan dezan warming up and she will be paired with her usual partner that's elise jones she is on the near side you just see a little bit of the back of her ponytail there they will play leah jansen and catherine parenta we'll play two out of three to keep the pickleball going here as part of the selkirk lab showdown and.

For those watching that aren't as familiar with what does selkirk labs mean what's that all about morgan what is that all about yeah no look selkirk labs it is the brainchild of the barnes brothers the the selkirk founders and it's their way of.

Crowdsourcing the engineering of the perfect paddle i mean that's what they're shooting for they're trying to make the greatest paddle ever made time and time again and to do so they've started the selkirk labs program and uh there are various projects so far we've had three projects the project zero zero four will be coming out shortly as well.

And essentially what happens is you become a member you are send one of the paddles you choose which one you like they've got three projects out now they've got different characteristics and what they do is they request feedback it's really enforced you know they want to hear exactly what you think about the.

Paddle they're using a variety of different technologies and they're isolating it's it's evolution at its finest really they're trying to weed out the the tech that isn't necessarily pivotal and the best technologies that they have go through to the next project and again and again and they trickle on down.

Through the line of selkirk paddles from the power air through all the way to the slk omega so it's a great uh it's a great program and i implore all of you to give it a go all right so great sponsors great support across the board here so again the ladies will be on the court will have a great match for you coming up we.

Are at the selkirk labs showdown yeah he comes in to recharge get software updates you know same time next week you got it cool let's go it's a gas card you can always use gas always wait but you have a mm-hmm thank you hey do we need gas nope.

How about now still no hey remember daddy's birthday's tomorrow a gas card i could use this evolve your journey beyond the pump in the first ever tucson plug-in hybrid ev uh.

I'm in the big leagues totally don't miss me balling like houston hey feeling like whitney i need a bag bruh send it through clearly i'm making his dog like i'm in the big league.

all right welcome back everybody on the court we've got a couple from utah dressed in black megan dezan and elise jones they will battle catherine parento and leia janssen so unlike everything else we've seen this weekend morgan jumbled up matchups pairs that haven't played.

Together now we have familiarity these teams play together on tour yeah i know exactly and i think because of that both teams are really going to have a better kind of cheat sheet on how to go about uh taking down their opponents but we are going to see some some incredibly fun play all right let's play pickleball 2.

Out of 3 to 11. bragging rights are on the line and we saw a ton of power from design yesterday and here's another example yeah noticeable uh increase in serving speed and third shot drive speed from her oh.

And that catches so a blazing start in the hot sun for the duo from utah and jensen just uh with a loose dink error there it's giving them a 4-0 lead and there's the place to keep getting better for design drill that third drop the fifth and be able to make the seventh in transition.

Comes up short on that one jones didn't even realize i was staying in the court she didn't know where the ball went off the sort of the handle of her paddle yeah tough to really direct a shot well off the handle i don't think that's in the selkirk lab but maybe it is.

When i first started i did experiment with playing a number of shots off the handle i hold the paddle upside down just to see what kind of spin you could get off it it um obviously did not prove fruitful at all it was incredibly difficult and i subsequently stopped doing it quickly or we're glad for those of you at home not.

Sure which end of the paddle to pick up that morgan's already done that for you so yeah grab the handle it's wildly better with the handle and team utah is saying hello yeah we're dressed in black we don't care if it's hot out here we ain't impressed with your heat california we've got a heat of our own.

So beautiful start from design and jones here oh look they they uh they are not hiding their strategy they're gonna serve big drive thirds may have watched a lot of the first game at least of the mcguffin newell onslaught uh as they really started incredibly strong.

As well they know that uh porrento and jansen are gonna find their way back in this match quickly it's only a three point deficit and uh captain parental when she's on the court you know how quickly she can change the landscape and fortunately she's.

Partnered with uh a real wrecking ball in her own right leah jansen one of the best singles players on the planet fantastic serve and drive as well yeah and what do you think the mentality is obviously you want to win you're playing on tennis channel but it is an exhibition do you change anything no every one of these players is.

An absolute competitor at heart and no one has a well let's just it will attempt this around the post now because maybe it's a highlight real shot they will play high percentage and whatever way they think is going to get the job done that's going to be what comes and again as a as an athlete.

Every opportunity to put your brand on a piece of video you've got to take advantage of that and that's what these ladies have here and elise jones handles that up you know that's you you jump in with the ppa tour and these are the things that are provided to number one raise the.

Level number two we had wild pairings today that was a lot of fun to watch and then you get to work on your game against the best players in the world on huge stages and that ball is just an inch away from being either a clean winner or an incredibly difficult one to field oh and that serve is long so the ball.

Will go back and jones is calling for the fake a little bit wide and design is not going anywhere herself i want to see how well they actually initiate the fake there's not much there nope something to work on.

And the ball that often gets to the forehand design has such a length up there they're able to stick that ace of spades paddle in there and uh catches parento and sticks the paddle in again not the same result no but uh the threat the constant threat.

And the pressure they're applying that's that's something that will pay dividends from start to finish oh my so that one-handed backhand flick by the ladies today across the board just has not been a high percentage shot no it's not flick day is it catching that one late finding the.

Selkirk labs banner back there oh big swing from jansen you know the other thing that this format today especially for these ladies is to forge you to play some new patterns some new sides of the court and see.

You know what can we what can we take into the second half of the ppa season here yeah they've had um you know some time off four or five weeks or so and that's been more than enough for some noticeable improvements and uh these players do love some time to drill.

Oh design was there she kind of hesitated a little bit yeah i think she saw just a bit of the edge of the yola paddle from elise jones there and pulled hers out when she needed the case stay with it did a great job there of getting it low enough.

Beautiful lob by jones it has a good location just very nice perfect yeah orchestrated play from the utah ladies yeah i hoped uh i hope jones continues to keep that lob as a threat well in the way she dinks the ball the disguise will be there because she holds.

The paddle right there and all you're doing is changing the angle of your wrist when she does it so i agree with you love to see more of that from her i'd love to see less of that of course yes a little less of that now she's got to be keeping that paddle just a little further out in front you'll notice uh design does have quite.

A deliberate uh quite extended paddle position somewhat reminiscent of a cali smith yes very similar another utah player oh don stanley he's excited about that the don stanley alarm clock just went off there fortunately uh uh we all survived the ground is like.

Okay clear very clear on the call very quickly he knows it he uh he knows it i might actually switch my alarm sound to don sandwich no no stop sleeping and i mean the crowd is reacting to the pop that design is getting on those attacks.

Yeah it's like a small gunshot every time isn't it and there's i think parrento is waking up uh pretty quickly now and she's looking for what can i do she even saw her motion that two-hander at the top of the screen there like i have so many little tricks what what can i do with this.

Let's put a lot of those on tape right here oh nice return fire yeah we talked quite a lot about um the added ball speed design has put into her game but i'm saying the same thing from jones as well especially in the counter punches yeah because if your counters are just.

Resets or don't have much on them you are just going to keep getting hit and then you are not going to be able to win those exchanges yeah if the average person can't tell if you were trying to counter or reset there's an issue design down the deline beautifully we'll give it to you we'll give it to.

You why not it's it's an exhibition for us as well so uh beautiful beautiful start here timeout called by parento and jensen and you know design and jones came out here hey this is championship sunday i want to win on championship sunday too they look.

Great we'll be right back what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh sh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free.

Profile today can you change that six to an eight i sure can try too much all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with morgan evans and we've got a great women's doubles match that the crowd is eating up and uh.

It is design and it is elise jones playing fantastic pickleball here oh yeah when jansen gets enough heat on one of those exchanges it's very difficult for anyone to really uh stay in control of a hand speed exchange amazing works from jones gets so low.

Oh the visor is on the court that's perfectly okay it almost hits the visor if it lands in the kitchen that's a different story we say she's leaving it all out on the court but come on elise.

It's normally just blood sweat and tears now we're having a yard sale out here okay all right great commitment and jansen with the ball back and that's a nice reach angle by design there.

Great first volley there by design and then the neck gave him a little help but uh already in a good position oh oh they transitioned so well eventually design did find a a good ball to chip cross court got the ball to bounce oh and just perfect pace.

Stepping in does megan design and they've got a game point here and that is out fantastic play it is championship sunday and they are bringing their best game yeah so uh design and jones are putting the rest of the tour on point we've been working on our games we've got a lot to bring.

To the teville and you better be ready because we are ready so we'll be back with game two right after this what if you could have shades like these for a fraction of big brand prices with shady rays you can we're an independent company so we do things differently we offer high quality.

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alright welcome back everybody we've got leia jansen ready to serve paired up with her typical partner on the ppa tour catherine parento and boy it is elise jones and megan design stealing the show so far oh.

And there's a tag i'm gonna think a relatively genuine sorry yes these are all very sportsman ladies here and what's going to make this team dangerous if design can continue to develop the mid-court game is then you're going to.

Have to pick your poison and that is not going to be fun because jones is going to keep getting everything back in play yeah we've always seen how well she scrambles how well she's happy to do to dive around the court to make just one more ball again and again and again and it's helped make her and his own household names.

They're struggling with the pace right now yeah they heard jansen scream leave it that you know sometimes you get caught up oh and megan design wow ready willing able and hitting winners yeah that's uh one of those shots that came back i thought that's a clean winter time but it came back uh again.

And again off the paddle of design through the middle and that stays well it wasn't long okay okay jensen says she thought it was a little wide and the final tally is then it was a little wide.

Yeah that's where again we talk about this a lot the right side player on the ball is being attacked through you let it go your partner is likely there with a forehand that's a good ball trying to keep jensen back one extra one all you can say is nice on that one how well she just loads up gets onto.

That right leg and unwinds the massive 200 backhand so that shot has won a lot of singles matches right there it's it's both beauty and beast oh just clipped just clipped here so they're still ahead by the slimmest of margins 3-2 design serving to jansen impressive work again they are as you.

Say so often playing very good complimentary pickleball they're getting a great feel for when attacks are coming and which part of the courts they need to claim she had it i like it actually yeah she closed in quickly got a good look at the first counter oh.

Interesting just couldn't get the paddle back in where she wanted and then sort of kind of flopped at it yeah it's one of the uh the only downsides to playing that kind of slippery inside out slice attack is it brings the paddle into a very different location and that can often make it very.

Difficult to get it back it comes across your body at such a speed often that bringing it back up again that's tricky so you've always got to be thinking about how your initial attack is going to alter your body position oh lovely and there's where that slippery.

Inside out backhand is hard to read and it comes in through the middle as opposed to across the middle it's an interesting ball flight certainly caught uh lorenzo and jensen by surprise that is actually one of the things you may not sort of.

Pick up on so easily but the leave game uh from designing and uh jones has certainly improved it wasn't too long ago where everything was look see uh loopball it's a hitter's game let's hit them all referee don stanley just uh checking uh checking his texts he's not doing that but it sure looks.

Like it yeah just adjusting the battery pack for his mic it's a great ball by janssen design has found sort of a pattern on the third and the fifth drive the third and then cut that fifth with the backhand across court so they've been stuck at four a little bit haven't been able to add to their.

Lead big drive finds the net off the back foot and a woo comes from elise jones after her partner just destroys that ball yeah really thumped with authority oh.

And not much is going their way at the moment yeah stunning choice to hit that one from parento who had to know that one just couldn't pull the paddle back and another woo from elise jones for design doubt about it it is woo worthy it was definitely double woo worthy indeed and design again.

Putting on a clinic with that forehand drive so jansen doesn't even consult perento just walks over to the timeout and they're gonna sit in the shade and try and figure out what is this utah onslaught and how do we stop it we'll see if they can after this.

Huh uh i host the show in the kitchen i share my workouts in the kitchen i roll one sleeve up in the kitchen i stream in the kitchen i can't cook but i'm in this kitchen i.

Gave my paddle away in the kitchen i helped keep you fit in the kitchen we're all family in the kitchen let's go okay welcome back megan design elise jones playing fantastic here morgan it's the best i've seen from them oh play continues.

And joan screams come on think she has a winner and jensen scraps it back and they admit that was a hindrance and give it up well there you go that uh a level of nice that are they trying to be canadian what's happening the canadian is actually on.

The other side of the court in catherine parento oh and jones is on the deck oh and it wouldn't be an at least jones match if she wasn't on the deck at some point just love it and what's great is now the rest of her game is matching the.

Intensity and the effort great atp yeah beautiful work tracking that plenty of patience and parento got low but it was just so well hit by jones and you want to talk about crowd.

Favorites with the thumping of design and the diving and overall play of jones they are going to have a lot of people showing up to watch them play on the tour of the back half of the year oh and just relentless yeah it is exactly that it's not like.

They're not playing resets at the appropriate time but they are playing very aggressive pickleball and is paying off second yeah it's a good slice return very nice by jansen so uh i think uh jensen they're gonna have to lift the energy levels.

i think tactically you know they're electing to hit a lot of returns towards dizon um in an attempt to keep her back one extra ball however she's doing more than enough damage on the third shot drives so i think warrant a change of tactic in that respect oh that's definitely going deep but.

Jones chooses to play it oh and jones is there yeah yeah dizone possibly wanted to uh have a crack at epic levels of defense and after all that charging around and quite frankly diving around the court they've said okay let's cool this off for a second so.

We'll take a quick break as well it is team utah in the lead super fun i'm in the big leagues so they don't miss me.

All right welcome back everybody design and jones have been flying all over the court it is time for parento and jansen to rise to the same energy level that's nice by the way a jansen right there yeah if you're going to be on the left side you've got some certain responsibilities and she did it.

Beautifully there and especially with design you want to force her to make consistent high quality dinks so jansen and perento it's their turn to apply some pressure yeah and you're like okay can they just sustain this level or not i mean.

That is what's in your head nice shot by jansen we saw her use that very effectively yesterday the cross-court attack and they have come all the way back yeah and uh jones and design are going to get back into their regular locations here.

That's nice by design after a really nice drop from jansen yeah jansen really does have well i'd say the two players yeah jensen and parento have just the most effective top spin rolling drops in the game and design doesn't get enough on the.

Opportunity she had and janssen shows this is how to finish yeah she got enough peace there there's there's so much that uh jones can get back uh oh that has floated long that just took off okay but they've come all the way back and taken the lead.

And the precision just a little off right now these are the margins it takes to beat a team of this quality and jansen and parento oh and that is not a ball that catherine wanted to hit at all but she's happy to get away with it she'll spin her paddle on the way back.

And thank her lucky stars there's the lobster staying in for jansen yeah and that's one of those where jones has to be able to put more on that and finish because she got a good opportunity and she tried to place it and.

Guide it and these two ladies are too tough on the counter hello catherine yeah and the indecision in the middle and giving ground so just the comfort level at the kitchen is the next step here that really is and uh that's what it's taken for parento and jensen to be able.

To right the ship here just some quality third and fifth balls getting up there knowing that at the kitchen line they still have a bit of a bit of an advantage i think yeah they definitely do they gotta hit good thirds and then just ease their way up there and uh.

Then they are in control from there so uh a big lead has been erased and a three-point lead is theirs of their own and i think again breaking through into the upper tier of the pro game we've seen you've done work there's no.

Doubt designer jones can you sustain it for three games against this level yeah can you counter what they change exactly the moves and counter moves you know there's a bit of time off during this mid-season and they've used it wisely they've clearly been drilling well they're well-versed however it's not tournament practice and.

Under pressure even though this this you know on paper is an exhibition they want this battle badly so a game point here for parento and jansen and design ready for that two-hander from parento there still not out of the woods yet another ball that design has to come get.

That's a big finish so that's the other thing design needs to get some of that alpha into her if she's gonna play over there with that big heavy game is go patrol those middle balls have to be hers yeah well we're seeing so much more of that than we've ever have before in the women's game i wonder if carolyn dawson will let her.

Play that left side and start driving her life away we certainly saw colin john seed the left side to emily waters yesterday yeah look the future ain't what it used to be just on the line on the return okay.

Here so they brought it back within one and on a one so yep saved one game point that ball is going to hit the advertising oh no and that's the thing that the drives do though it makes it difficult for you to you got to let them go you talked about.

How ben johns and jesse irvin did a great job of that throughout the day to flick it with that backhand her and like many of the girls her netflix account has certainly been cancelled could not finish so uh third try to take game two.

And they get it done there so we've split in the exhibition and uh we're gonna have a wild unique format for game three and we'll let you know what that's gonna be when we come back don't go anywhere match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next i'll say i'm going.

We're going to margaritaville hey feeling like whitney i need a bag bruh send it through quickly i'm making his all right welcome back everybody as all selkirk labs showdown exhibition matches.

Our game three is first to five win by one beautiful job by leia jansen right there yeah she dealt with some good counter punches stayed in control of the rally and when the space opened up had the sense to be able to find that opening that is a tricky tricky proposition who just caught parental taking one step.

To the middle that's a tough miss on a game to five right there twenty percent of the required points oh my god can i get the ball back good first volley if that drive is high you can really get on top of it.

Yeah parental and jansen did a good job of getting the return away from that uh lethal forehand and that there's where that sets up and the fact that jones has the foot speed to get pretty much anywhere to come up and finish that is huge oh my.

It was available yeah i think i'd have to see it again she might have been just off the line and just a little bit closer and that's over but i have to review the tape on that and the grunt helps finish that one from design yeah she doesn't often bring out the sound effects.

Good leave i noticed design really just stayed in the middle of the court there okay so oh no and we have a water bottle and we are playing for four more minutes so whoever's got it there you may not get to five.

Another little known rule of the selker clap showdown yeah that ball has to it's a difficult ball but you got to put that in safety either cross court down the line that's hard to leave it so and jones and that'll give a lot of confidence not just for today but for.

Days in the future this might end up being first one to two and they're already there she thought about leaving it wanted to leave it didn't get the paddle out of there and we're tied at two.

Two one can anyone get to the elusive three unable to finish and a beautiful volley from dishon taking care of business there that is 2 2 1. yeah give it a go but no i think that one wasn't going to be wide enough to go around the place.

Regardless all right folks well thank you so much for watching the selkirk lab showdown here on tennis channel we will see the conclusion of this brilliant exhibition between these ladies you can go to tennis channel plus you can check it out on the ppa youtube.

Page but we got tennis coming up from dc so check that out thanks for watching everybody we'll see you soon and parento clamping middle nicely okay hi everybody hi dave we're gonna go ahead and finish.

This to five and what a point to jump into here and elise jones finishes it so again we will play the five win by one as is dictated by the selkirk labs showdown rule book for all exhibitions and it is the utah duo in control not by much.

Great finish by leia jansen yeah the quality of the hand speed exchanges in this match have been very impressive there's a nice finish by design and we are at match point good decision just to drop that one and that ball stays in.

Okay so a match point is saved two four one that sails deep so a little roll from jansen is ultimately effective forces the miss that ball's going out but uh okay now it is jansen and parento with a match point.

and that stays in so uh a couple of winners have been hit on uh match point four four two first to five win by one oh no and the last ball of the showdown is unfortunately that right there so great show from.

The ladies here to conclude the selkirk lab showdown so just uh to put a bow on this morgan uh what a great event we talked to the players the players loved having new partners new matchups new things to see as they're coming back off of a break talked to the fans they were digging it.

And i hope you at home have enjoyed it final thoughts morgan yeah for me this has been a an absolute joy for the game you know i've talked a lot about how things are growing in the game this was another prime example of how we continue to grow the sport you know the essentially experiment that we had here.

Where we're mixing up a lot of partnerships seeing who gels well with who it uh it gave us a great chance for the best of the best to showcase their incredibly well-rounded skills and uh this exhibition to finish was another beautiful match fantastic showing from the utah ladies.

In the end leia janssen and catherine parente take it out yeah so let's uh see what they have to say as uh the exhibition winners by the narrowest of margins and save the match point they're down 4-2 in that unique sprint to five welcome back to center court everyone catherine perento leah jansen here with.

Me that team played you so tight how did you finally pull away with the victory i think we started making less and first errors and we kept fighting we started off pretty bad in the first game and we were able to just fight and put more balls in the court and uh yeah that's what that worked out for us.

Well i know how hard everyone's been training in this two-month offseason that we've had what have you personally been working on later personally i've just been working on adding more offense to my game from the right side and i've also just been working on a lot of defense and keeping my cardio up and this weekend was a good.

Test and i almost passed well guys everyone wants to know what it's like to be a professional pickleball player what is your favorite part of being with that i would say to just travel to like wonderful places like here um it's amazing location so i think that's my favorite part traveling to different.

Tournaments and compete again how about you leia i really like competing and like finding your partner and competing uh week in and week out i could do without the travel personally but i really like being on court and competing with partners like catherine congratulations to you both ladies dave.

All right all right so uh there you hear it the last word from catherine and leia who uh are now gonna be able to get paired up and come out in a few weeks time in actually design and jones's home state of utah we do have a great event next weekend at the riviera country club so that'll be a lot.

Of fun still with some mixed up combinations to get everybody ready for the second half of the season so wonderful wonderful weekend of pickleball i think we're going to see some more invitationals like this because everybody loved what it looked like and the level.

Of play was fantastic so thank you to all the referees the volunteers the ppa staff that makes this possible all the guys in the truck who bring you those beautiful pictures all weekend long here in the beautiful braymar country club for hannah johns and morgan evans i'm dave fleming thanks so much for watching we'll see you next weekend goodbye.

Championship Sunday Schedule at the Selkirk Labs Showdown presented by Invited:

Mixed Final: Jessie Irvine & Ben Johns vs Callie Smith & Matt Wright
Women’s Final: Anna Leigh Waters & Callie Smith vs Lucy Kovalova & Jessie Irvine
Men’s Final: Ben Johns & Jay Devilliers vs Tyson McGuffin & Ben Newell
Bonus: Allyce Jones & Meghan Sheehan-Dizon vs. Catherine Parenteau & Lea Jansen

Watch the conclusion of the unique event to kick off the second half of the PPA 2022 Tour Schedule. This event started as pool play and seedings determined partners in a traditionally styled bracket.

The PPA will be back next week live on CBS at the Skechers Summer Championships.

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