Thank you Anna bright takes on Salome Davide after that we have our Men's Pro singles gold medal match Julian Arnold faces Hunter Johnson following that our third match of the day on Deck is our women's Pro doubles gold medal match Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop take on Simone jarjim and Anna bright fourth up is our Men's.

Pro doubles and Spencer if you can hear me can we turn the music down I can barely hear myself thick out here so in our men's bro doubles bracket we have J.W Johnson and decobar taking on DJ Young excuse me Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson.

Taking on deckle bar and DJ young and following our final match of the day is pro mixed doubles Vivian David and Thomas Wilson take on let me think I lost it Andrea coupon Say Never Till There It Is So Adam Stone in the booth you hear me bud you hear me he's good all right.

Hilton Head is ready for some gold medal pickleball action this morning I'm throwing it over to Adam in the booth where I will join him shortly and then we'll get into that first match with Salome Davide and Anna bright Adam take it away all right thank you so much Lauren Just Another Sunday another Championship Sunday as Lauren said.

Fantastic five fantastic matchups throughout this day and we're gonna start off with the ladies Salome Davide and Anna bright uh met each other earlier on Thursday in the winners bracket final and Salome Davide winning in three 11-4 5 11 11 5. so uh Anna Wright getting dropped down into the bronze medal match and winning.

Eleven five eleven three against Eva radzikowska so that's how they got here and I would say a few of the main things I'm looking for in this match is we have seen Salome David say very much picking her spots when to come forward more frequently as her singles career has moved along so I expect to see her coming forward as opposed to staying.

Back some of the previous matches that she's had especially a couple months ago and I would also say that Anna bright one of the most mentally tough locked in players on tour but she could possibly be getting a slight mental block against devizay who has had her number the last few times out so I think that is definitely something to monitor moving.

Forward in this match to see if Anna bright can stay locked in like she always is and not get flustered especially if Salome Davide has a couple nice runs in her which she almost always does so either way a few thing to look for in this match but I have no doubt that ladies are going to put on a show for us and we are very much about to get.

Underway here at the Palmetto Dunes tennis and pickleball Center Hilton Head South Carolina there was a chance of some rain this morning but we avoided it and we are ready and I'm back you're back I'm that made the long Trek all right so Kathy postal weight will be our first referee here on court.

Anna bright with the serve on the near end here in game one great shots from David say and we see point one David say up at the kitchen line great progression great adjustments in her game really well-rounded now on the singles Court not that she was ever a one-trick.

Pony but definitely favoring the back of the court early in her career love to see the adjustments very talented player and I'll say a 5-0 rated last name for our referee love that postal weight I know it's great David say coming forward again and painting the sideline with a fantastic two-handed backhand.

Yeah just really good pressure right now from David say I believe that's the third or the fourth point and three of those four points Anna bright is forced into a defensive LOB obviously David say over far to her right and service position and we've mentioned previously on.

Singles day on Thursday when these two ladies faced off Salma David mentioning that Anna bright did beat her in her very first tournament ever but Anna bright has since struggled against Salome admitting it herself so sometimes I mean there are sometimes.

Those players you play against you just they always give you fits you just it's just a puzzle you can't solve and I think it's exacerbated by the fact that we're playing an individual sport right now and not the doubles so it's a little more mentally trying when you're playing individually the same person nice depth uh quick quick timeout.

Kathy trying to get a B Anna bright fired up but just I mean perfect play from David say to start out this match and unfortunately for bright she's at a 5-0 deficit Salman divides a 36 years old originally from the country of Georgia now in Jupiter Florida she played a professional tennis in her.

Younger years was the youngest Fed Cup match winner at 13. stop it yes for the country of Georgia builds RVs in her free time as we've mentioned before and she was in the top 250 in singles and doubles during her career so very accomplished former professional tennis player and certainly brings that Talent here into her pickleball.

Game and a bright 22 years old in Pompano Beach Florida played her Collegiate tennis at University of California Berkeley where she was heavily recruited even leaving High School a year early to join that tennis team and I believe she also double majored while at UC Berkeley so.

Very smart she's bright she's bright indeed very smart very talented athlete dude you set him up I'll knock them down more and let's go like I would just like I wish we could have a Graphic of where David says balls are landing they are so close to the sideline they're so close to the.

Baseline just incredible execution in the first three or four minutes of this match that's the first anything that wasn't perfectly Struck from David say and and a bright saying come on underneath her breath and she needs some of that energy see if she can get some points on the board.

The backhand is lethal from David say just always I mean she walks into every match just so competitive you can just see she dials into that it's yeah it's game mode yeah you can see her in game mode it's like calm swag you know we see some more Flair some.

More peacocking with you know some of the other players and it's obvious they have that Vibe but she's real calm about it but she's got it all right both ladies were getting their ground strokes very deep into the court very well hit but.

Again just to be they putting so much pressure on bright yeah I'm another second time out from Anna bright and and really what I've noticed earlier in this match is almost every single shot that David's a hits her contact point is the same because of her footwork and some of the previous shot that she's hit to force Anna into.

Not being able to to get the depth or or the angles that she's looking for and Anna Bright's contact Point has been a little all over the place uh reaching for some balls off to the side reaching down reaching up very inconsistent with their contact point and that's because the quality of David's shots are just so good right now.

I mean if you're bright and and you have a player like David say that you know you struggle against you have not beat since maybe that very first time when she was new on the scene what is the answer for bright she's obviously not really getting to the kitchen line at all what is the adjustment she can make if anything to.

Try and get her into this a little bit yeah too good and a lot of times I like to say play within yourself but I think this is a situation where Enterprise just gonna have to go for more even if it causes some errors or is a little bit out of her comfort zone too good from David say you got to step it up and just kind of go for your shots a little bit.

More even if you miss them because if she just rolls the ball back in or or doesn't do something with it David say is very much going to there we go that dies on that sideline here right yeah that was a great shot and a funky bounce uh so nice combination and it gets her on the board.

Yeah I mean that was very mixing it up there that was I think very much what you were talking about Adam got to the line quickly just decided to put some pressure from the net and I mean again at this score what really do you have to lose at this point gotta just do something different.

Yeah and I think uh it's a testament to Anna bright I think a lot of people down 9-0 might uh you know gone through the motions for a couple points and then started focusing on game two and we saw right away at zero nine uh she uh got one point and instantly went to positive energy for herself so uh you know she's gonna battle you know she's gonna dig.

Deep even though it is a large mountain to climb right now so I do like to see her uh you know staying with it mentally uh obviously step one in the process to getting back in this match absolutely and I think you know Anna bright again has she needs it she needs that energy she needs a little something to draw from and that hasn't quite been there.

But she's getting a little fired up here these last few rallies they have gone her way she's got three points on the board closing the Gap and I think this is exactly what she needed that's a tough break when you've been desperately in need of some momentum you got a little bit uh and again good time out there from DaVita though doing.

Exactly what she wanted to do which is disrupt that momentum swing that was going towards Anna bright first volley yeah and you're exactly right Lauren that previous Point obviously occasionally when you have some momentum your opponent's gonna take it away from you but you don't want to be the one to squash your own momentum.

With that Miss serve missed it uh with the with the approach shot from David say completely fine with Anna bright taking a little bit off the forehand side trying to roll it at her feet couldn't execute the shot but I think the shot selection decision was pretty sound yeah a couple a couple claps and let's.

Go from Kathy you know feed on it feed on it David say has been stalled out here at nine after going on a run essentially up to nine before bright was able to stall her out here a great great ball from Anna bright uh the initial return uh or the initial approach shot from David say was amazing.

So to dig out of it and be able to come up with a pass Two Shots later very nice little mini scramble from Anna bright got nice pressure and uh you know just kind of forcing David say to come up with a shot on Anna Bright's terms as opposed to a little earlier in the match where everything was on davide's terms.

Great lateral movement at the baseline from Anna bright these shots from David say I mean we have a perfect look right on Anna Bright's Baseline I mean these shots are penetrating and they are very deep into the court almost every single one uh within a foot or two from the Baseline so nice job from Anna bright to come up with a few passes and the last.

Few points she very much needed it Lauren and we talked about both of these ladies backgrounds Fierce competitors that mental toughness is what keeps them in these matches that seem lopsided to start and as you mentioned as we got into this match this is a look from our semis how these ladies got here Davide taking on hallahan and her semi-bright.

Taking on marasha they met in the winter bracket final Davide coming out on top Anna bright having to defeat Eva radzikowska in the bronze medal match and now she has a tall order in front of her must beat David's in the two out of three and the tie record match 215 so I have no doubt she has the mental fortitude and the talent to get it.

Nice down the line backhand from David say and this is talk about some crazy runs I believe it's a nine point run in the seven point run uh I I I mean obviously we thought this this first game was almost over and here we are oh great hands from Bright after the medcord getting up there good movement good anticipation.

Yeah you're you're exactly right Lauren she was breaking to the middle of the Court as soon as she finished making contact with her forehand up the line so great Court coverage like you said yeah that's too good from David's a because the previous ball from Anna bright was about three inches from the Baseline so for devise to come up with.

The Cross Court angle there uh that's a that's a cap Tipper just too good just ran out of room a little bit there on that sideline Steve's a little bit more angle on that final shot and I think we've we've used all four timeouts in this game one haven't we I.

Believe we have ladies gonna have to Coast it out regardless which way the tides turn here I mean finally breaking off of nine yeah just a slight Miss hit on the first volley from Anna bright and both sitting up a little too much and you know what DaVita is going to do with that.

Game point here in game one of our gold medal match for Salome DaVita right holds her off at least on this first attempt now needs to break off of seven herself yeah the just the the depth of the early shots and the point and the crispness of her approach shots is like night and day from the beginning of the court to.

Beginning of the match the second half of the match so great adjustment and way to step up her game Anna bright yeah just hope for her sake it's just not a too little too late you know uh it's very obviously very difficult to get down 9-0 and come back in but she's done about as good as she could have done so far.

No question another game point here for David say and she will get it done but not without Anna bright really making her nervous I have to imagine here in this first game so game one in the books David say only needs one more here in this two out of three portion to get that gold medal.

We'll take a short break back into the action right after this our priorities they've changed hey Lexus play my music it's not just about getting constant grind for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech.

And our most advanced Safety system ever foreign thank you foreign.

foreign 's got a couple enemies out there welcome back into the action everyone Lauren McLaughlin enemy of Adam Stone over here in the booth we're Frenemies for today though I like that.

Back into game two of our gold medal match Salome Davide on the near end Anna bright on the far end David's a with a 9-0 lead in game one Anna bright closed that after picking up some momentum she was lacking in the beginning of the first game but just as you mentioned it was a little too little too late so Davide took game.

One now looking to take that gold medal here in this second game nice positive talk from Anna bright on a nice passing shot David's a certainly wasn't in a bad position to execute that two-handed volley but she did catch the tape so David saying watching art does seem like she's obviously most comfortable.

Still in kind of the ground stroke game from the Baseline I think if bright can get her on the Move she's in a much better position to be able to come out on top of those rallies I think Davide looks much less comfortable when she's forced to really have to move on the court a lot.

Yeah and I think that's a good point uh also you know we as humans don't certainly on her terms Lauren that's the key yeah nice two-hander from David say and it's it's definitely important to note that when you're playing doubles you got a partner to pump you up you have some back and forth with that.

Partner these ladies are out here by themselves and it is very mentally taxing bright just looked like got caught a little bit on the move there kind of in between trying to volley take it off their bounce ends up short hopping it sending it wide wow just three huge ground strokes and.

Then a passing shot and and uh to what you said one point ago Lauren if you are short hopping a first of alley three or four feet behind the kitchen line you probably came in on the wrong ball all right receiver all right so DaVita has re-picked up some momentum after being able to take.

Game one and we have a timeout here from Anna bright trailing by three saw her wisely do the similar thing and in game one taking that time out about Four Points in to David's run and then needing to take another one at I think about eight yes and then got got it together so we'll see if she can do it.

Here in game two and if game one is any indicator uh there will not be too many sustained runs from either player without uh their opponent breaking the action with the timeout uh they used all four pretty quickly in game one obviously there was a lot of runs in game one but uh good use of the timeouts and I don't think any player is going to.

Score three or four points without their their opponent stopping the action foreign probably one of the more aggressive fist pumps we've seen from David say after that nice two or three shot combination yeah just a very slight pull off from.

David say and what I mean she is locked and loaded in her athletic position really low with her legs just kind of popped straight up right before contact that's just gonna happen sometimes questions oh she guessed wrong but it worked out for her because she knew she was in a tough spot so she just stepped to her.

Left hoping DaVita was going to go up the line David say choosing to go across court but couldn't keep it in all right yeah I think we caught David saying something about gotta hit that forehand or something with a forehand in it yeah and obviously there is no weak.

Spots in the game of David's day but like a lot of these ladies which I I don't really understand because I am so forehand heavy when I play singles these ladies backhands are so good and uh occasionally I think uh sometimes it's easier to break down the forehand of the lady so uh obviously not something uh that that is a as a true weak spot but.

If if the backhand's that good sometimes you got to take your chances with the forehand activity with the time out here is bright is back within one and David say one of the few players especially in singles you know she doesn't talk too much to herself not out loud at least a lot of times you see players.

You know talking to themselves trying to pump each other up Etc she's fairly quiet fairly stoic on court yeah it's like calm swag and then you have less calm swag from from Anna bright it's more energy swag so two two different ways to go about it come on.

Yeah definitely showing some frustration there I I think that was a lob attempt uh yeah I was I was thinking that's an unusual shot from Davido we certainly have never seen before I think you may very well be right a bit of an in-between something there fortunate role yeah and it's possible on that previous Point she slightly mishit.

The ball but there was a different look to that stroke I really think that she was going for the Top Spin lob so uh we haven't seen that yet in this match interesting decision foreign I mean they're so good really nice last one-handed backhand volley there.

Throw off bright that side out point that's she's saying that's how you hit a forehand so uh that was like a half Curt scene there you go there it is let's do that let's do that that's what I'm looking for oh Breezy.

It's not a warm breeze either yeah to me it's a very loudly saying windy yeah and uh effectively poor return from Anna bright kind of putting David say in an awkward position to approach the net with it being short and low that's that was the biggest one Lauren.

Let's listen for it oh you can see her harnessing her Julian Arnold right been very successful after that stretch in game one when she is able to get to the net and again that's some of we talk you know David say is starting to play a little bit more doubles but bright.

Obviously very much playing and doubles and mixed doubles now two great success so I think in the singles game when you are able to get to the net kind of that play in doubles which is done a lot at the net really comes into play where I think David's a still a little less comfortable in that area yeah I think that's definitely a fair.

Statement and and really it's just uh we we've seen her just kind of come forward more on her terms I think a couple times in game one she was just kind of coming in because she thought that's what she needed to do now she's really kind of setting it up uh maybe uh hitting a couple deeper balls after some.

Nice shots from David's and then finding the one she likes and coming coming in more on her terms and that's going to be a balance she's gonna need to find obviously uh throughout the duration of this match yeah that's that's so good uh well balanced moving into the court really striping that inside out backhand.

One of her favorite shots and one of the best uh inside out backhands in the entire game of pickleball if it caught it caught the very back edge of the line watching it live I don't fault David's at all for calling that out it was maybe barely caught that the.

Back of that bass line so I think super close call nice Inside Out angle on the overhead yeah and for me being right on that line I think the biggest indicator wasn't necessarily what I saw when the ball hit but how it kind of took off a little bit so it kind of changed Paces so that's what made me think it hit the line but.

Man you're exactly right very very close all right a couple very successful moves to the net after just talking about how she didn't seem quite as comfortable up there but looked nice and cozy and comfortable up there those last two rallies comes out on top of them and back within one of tying this up.

beautiful Point Construction no no ripping winners on the first ball really really nice to see uh some of these points really from both Ladies as this match has progressed uh going here going there putting their opponent in a tough spot and kind of looking two or.

Three shots ahead as opposed to just trying to you know blow them off the court and and when you can find that balance to to look ahead a couple shots and set stuff up that's uh that's a that's a great place to be that's that's definitely a happy place certainly different game two here than we saw in.

Game one with bright staying very even with David's and out in front most of the second game definitely looks like she figured out what she needed to in game one continuing to do so here tied up at eight we'll see if coming out of this time out if David can retake the lead yeah that was definitely a ball that she.

Should have come forward on we saw David say look to come forward and kind of pull off because she didn't like her approach shot so Anna bright stepping in and ripping that and trying to come forward is for sure the play obviously a little frustrated with herself for not being able to execute nice short volley from David say we've.

Seen that a lot really on both genders kind of come into the game more in singles especially on the women's side we saw Paris Todd really trying to use that against Megan fudge last weekend in Houston and I see it being more of a thing moving your opponent back and forward as opposed to just laterally gold medal match point here for Salome.

Davide and Anna bright will delay and hope to ruin the chances of that gold medal attempt here in game two has to win the second game to force the third if she wants a shot at it yep uh Anna bright did our job for us as.

She says too good on the pass cross-court pass from Salome DaVita salame David say sorry I had to flub it once right I mean we're just getting started so many flubs for both of us to come today well her gloves to come let's go now it is Anna bright that's just too good on that backhand passing shot.

Another Match Point held off great angle you can see the shape of that ball a lot of those ground strokes from the Baseline barely clearing the net going deep in the court this one definitely had three or four feet of net clearance and then tumbles down.

With the topspin to create a fantastic angle for David say third gold medal match point attempt here for devizay just got some friends and supporters behind her given that big fist pump too and a great start to our morning here on Championship Sunday at the app sunmed.

Open presented Hilton had opened precepted by Alexis there's my flub as we as we get in as we get it going here but look at that score 11 8 11 8 but a much different game two than we saw in game one so Anna bright a big congrats she is our silver medalist with Salome David's 8 takes gold we will take a short break head to the Franklin studio.

For our Trophy presentation and back with our Men's Pro singles gold medal match Julian Arnold will Face Hunter Johnson right after this fruit truth food smash super hot sells you with real juice it's party juice foreign.

this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you.

so thank you we hope you like your work foreign only one welcome to the Franklin studio with our first gold medalist of the day at Salome David say congratulations got it done into against Anna bright you did face.

Her on Thursday as well so coming into today what was the thought process what's the mental preparation just coming into this to try and play your best game and come out with that gold medal uh I came out I thought at the beginning was very important for me because I wanted her to keep in mind that if you had to beat me she had to.

Beat me again and I think she finished what was it 10 30 last night and I'm sure she slept in a slipping bag out here because when I came here she was already here this morning but I I just stayed tough and she's a fighter and I know even if she's tired she would fight her heart out I really decided to come in and make her move I didn't want her.

To get comfortable and like have the rhythm going and making me move so that was really my thought process and um again I'm still working coming in getting better in Bali so I said I'm gonna go in as much as I can definitely seemed like in that first game very confident you had that 9-0 lead to start and then she started coming back you got.

Stalled out for quite a while mentally is that something you just have to kind of reset yourself and adjust maybe a little bit to what she's now adjusting to you and and then get yourself going again I mean it's you know you're not going to go up in 11-0 right I mean she's a great player she works really hard and it's getting better so I think.

Uh when when it gets like this and the Rhythm goes away Lily you just have to stay tough fight one point at a time and trust yourself that your work will pay off and you will get your timing and you'll get back into it you did indeed and it looks like you have a big fan club over here with the family how fun was it to be able to win the gold medal.

In front of them it was so much fun I love them so much and they've supported me all week so thank you thank you thank you all right let's bring in Ken Herman with our trophy one I know it's always a big one here at the APB always a big one wow what a great year you're having I know you took last week off you weren't with us in.

Houston but she was rested and you were on fire all week long congratulations Hilton head's a special place for the app and it was just great playing today what a great way to start off our day our 2022 gold medalist here she is everybody congratulations salamate any final thank yous or shout outs before we sign off yes thank you.

For my entire team back in Florida back in New York thank you so much for helping me and I'm gonna just keep working harder see you soon all right first gold medal in the bag here in Hilton Head we're back with our gentleman next Julian Arnold takes on Hunter Johnson right after this foreign.

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Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed your official CBD store of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro welcome back into Championship Sunday everyone Laura McLaughlin and Adam Stone here at Courtside for our second of five.

Gold medal matches here to conclude our weekend in Hilton Head Island South Carolina we have a Julian Arnold coming through our winter bracket he takes on Hunter Johnson coming off a big gold medal win last weekend in Houston while Julian Arnold took gold the week before in Alabama Hunter Johnson 28 years old out of New.

Braunfels Texas was a four-time high school state champion in tennis his collegiate career started at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and ended at Southern Methodist University before going on to play five years of professional tennis with twin brother Yates Julian Arnold 31 out of Austin Texas.

Originally from California played about a year and a half of tennis at UCLA ultimately not finishing up his collegiate career there heading home for some family things that needed taken care of and again now in Austin Texas and Mr Andiamo will do nothing but bring the fire here interesting enough we did.

Not get to see Hunter and Julian face off in Houston but we did see them face off on Thursday Adam how did that go yes so uh thank you for that lovely lead-in Lauren and you know I you said you expect a lot of energy here I think I think Julian's just going to be calm for this one no I would I I would be so.

Like suspicious of what's happening or what what's going on if he was actually just calm and smiley and what if he just rolled in JW it's a great time the weirdest thing ever but yes a little tale of how they got there uh so we had Julian Arnold with a nice win over Dylan Frazier to get to the winter bracket final as you mentioned against Hunter.

Johnson and Julian capturing that winter bracket final against Hunter 4 11 12 10 11 6 absolutely electric match hunter Johnson in his semifinal was able to defeat James ignatowicz 8 11 11 0 11 4. so uh talked about it on Thursday when we're in the booth lots of Heavy Hitters in the draw the names continued uh all the way down the sheet 15 or 20 very.

Well known very high level player so these guys were on the grind on Thursday Hunter also defeated JW Johnson twice on Thursday knocking him out completely no big deal I mean faced him in the bronze medal match after I believe dropping him down earlier in the day so Hunter Johnson is just having himself a month I tell you what just.

I mean him and twin brother Yates as I mentioned is here of course cheering him on somewhere in the crowd just look for a very familiar face looks very much like Hunters but uh they just started playing pickleball really in January February of this year so not even a full year of pickleball under their belt and in the beginning talking to them at.

Several tournaments they were very frustrated just kind of feeling like the results were not what they wanted to be weren't coming but they are putting in the work they have a lot of really great high-level talented players in New Braunfels where they are which is just outside of Austin as well as of course all of the Austin players that are now.

Residing their high level drilling Partners people to play Rec with of course plays men's uh with his brother Yates but the results they're coming now the results are now coming and I just expect incredible shot making so say for instance we'll we'll use JW Johnson and Federico stacked fruit obviously very.

Much on these guys level but they're more of the steady consistent no real Peaks and valleys just Rock Solid incredible players and these two here I believe have a little more capability of crazy shot making big shots and weird positions both the backhand and the forehand for both so maybe a couple more sprinkled in errors from these two but.

When the offense is on with Julian and Hunter it is ridiculous and Hunter Johnson will have to win the two out of three and a tiebreaker to 15 to capture gold so see Julian Arnold getting those bounces going back there Hunter Johnson will start us off serving on the near end Brett hutless is our.

First referee Andrea Gately our second here for this gold medal match foreign like a little a little long with the swing on that volley wasn't Julian's not a bad shot but wasn't Julian's best effort I think Hunter could have shortened up and had a better shot to execute that volley.

This one gets a big reaction from the crowd that's what they're here for they are here for the Andiamos they're here for the yells two zero we'll see who in the audience gets that intense eye contact from Julian Arnold after some of these exchanges I hope it scares me sometimes though.

Yeah decent look uh obviously pretty far back in the green so a tough shot to execute but I think Hunter was leaning to his right so Julian going inside out was a good try couldn't couldn't get it done by far the windiest it has been here this weekend had a touch of Breeze here and there but.

It is much stronger here today so definitely going to affect some of these shots yeah and Julian looking back at the line again questioning whether possibly both of those shots would sail wide from Hunter Johnson so a little a little awkward on the decision making from Julian whether to volley those two shots.

Yeah too good from Hunter and a tough break for Julian lost his footing kind of coming forward after that return and unfortunately for him he was kind of behind for the rest of that point and we've mentioned the the tightness of these courts not a ton of space around them and that's even more prevalent in singles when these guys are moving a lot.

Want to be kind of deep in that court for the returns and the serve absolutely free point there for oh and he follows it up and I made a made a motion that the ball's jumping a little bit on the toss and obviously as you mentioned by far the breeziest day.

Yeah just uh just a bad decision from Julian Arnold I think he had plenty of time to to go with the drop to either side uh so um possibly got there quicker than he expected and uh went with the LOB probably wishes he had that one back a little long on that serve from Hunter.

Perhaps Hunter maybe has the advantage as the win picks up seeing as he played in Houston last weekend with our gale force winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour boy tough break there for Johnson at least it was a fancy throw the ball back to Julie very impressive he's got Tricks he does three four.

It's funny that the crowd I think a few people thought Julian wasn't going to run for that one that's that's pretty laughable heard some gasps yeah from the crowd okay we mentioned this every time we have a women's and men's singles back to back the clear obvious difference between the.

Two styles both of the gentlemen here getting to that net as quickly as possible nice rip from Julian Arnold an uncharacteristic let's go normally an Andiamo but we'll we'll take the energy yeah subdued Andiamo great shot from.

Julian Arnold all his balance all his weight forward and and when that happens the ball comes off the paddle a little bit differently wow crazy combination from Julian kind of stabbing the two-hander uh after a very nice shot from Hunter Johnson and then ripping that second two-hander Cross Court.

And we have a timeout here from Hunter Johnson who has not quite cracked into the top 10 standings list while Julian Arnold is at that number 10 slot of course this is an accumulation of points across the app tournaments these players have played in the last year it's a rolling list so.

The hilt head results of last year which I don't think either of these players were even at would fall off if they had them but I'll tell you who was here last year myself getting a bronze medal so just just another singles no no in doubles and doubles no no not in singles yeah this is that was many moons ago but just just wanted to bring that up.

Because it's just going to be another tournament where my points are falling off more more of my points falling off so uh no big deal we'll get through it we'll get you more in the booth which I think the people are loving so they're not mad at it good side out coming out of the timeout from Hunter Johnson got a couple words.

Of advice from Yates who I saw come over to the fence at the end of that time out that might be a little bit of the wind pushing that wide definitely very cross-court from right to left as you're looking at the court foreign nice put away from Hunter and I think it's you're exactly right it is cross.

But it's actually slightly in the face of Hunter so it's kinda yes kind of coming across and uh yeah it's it's a special win for sure and it's it's been fairly consistent uh I mean we've only been playing for a little under 10 minutes but it's been consistent this whole match yeah great volley from Hunter because.

Julian Arnold's initial backhand volley was very good so hunter able to be somewhat offensive off of a great volley from Julian and he's rewarded with the point oh my gosh that is that is ridiculously good I mean you can see I mean that's a passing shot that is landing one foot.

Past the kitchen line to create that angle amazing almost a carbon copy of the previous point but as it often does the net gets in the way yeah Hunter looking back at a spot on the court did not thank that sir from.

Julian Arnold came up as much as he was hoping got out okay with the drop attempt uh kind of the aggressive Top Spin drop that Julian Arnold was going for but he left that one high and Hunter Johnson able to kind of hit down on a two-handed backhand nothing.

Julian can do with the next ball yeah and another another great volley from Julian and Hunter comes up with the goods off of that low volley but Julian with the and fantastic footwork to get back to the middle of the Court we saw some on Thursday we've seen a little bit here today but I anticipate we'll see a couple these two don't cat.

And mouse at the net but they do have pretty intense hands battles occasionally with some really quick paced shots both have such great hands yeah so they they can absolutely rip through passing shots and then go with the softer uh more angle or or more ball with Top Spin but they don't really get.

Into the true cat and mouse points like you're talking about Lauren indeed oh my gosh Julian Arnold just everywhere getting several shots back that I'm pretty sure most players would not be able to get back a great job from Johnson that inside out to finish.

Yeah so a real back and forth game one mentioned uh before the match started about how these guys are big time shop makers and they can really string together three four or more fantastic shots and we just haven't seen either one be able to get in their full Rhythm yet thank you.

That's what it takes I mean that's three ridiculously good shots from Julian Arnold uh knowing that his opponent is so good you're just not gonna finish in one against these guys very often even in singles which is kind of crazy to say hey go.

Got out and he had I wouldn't certainly wouldn't say it was a big window but he did have Hunter kinda a little off balance leaning to Hunter's left so going down the line with that two-handed backhand was a a great option but a little wide nice angle created on the backhand slice volley from Julian Arnold.

88. oh my God Focus got out yeah I mean he was there he got there in plenty of time and then just it's a little too much heat on that yeah I think he's I I don't know the feeling but I think he might be too fast sometimes you should all be so lucky yes yes.

Never fully experienced that feeling extremely evenly matched first game here though to start great two-hander from Julian Arnold and both of these guys just awesome ability to hit those two-handers up the line and across Court from Hunter Johnson his second and final as he.

Takes a seat on the court definitely hearing a little frustration out of him here I like the sit down that's my favorite way to do time I like to sit Indian style on the court at variola Georgia Johnson yeah just kind of drink my water and you know zone out for a minute.

I mean we've seen this be extremely even I mean the scoreboard they've been neck and neck with each other the whole time is it just that very slim margin of who's executing better than the other at this point versus anyone needing any sort of real attempt at a strategy change yes no that that's how I see it right now I I don't.

Uh obviously there's some incredible shot making going on but I I I I believe that previous matchup was a little cleaner and you know that could be some slight nerves it could be a little bit of Breeze it could be a lot of things but until uh some of the the cleanness of the ball striking gets better I think that that's the main factor.

Foreign I like it when Hunter just kind of nods when he hits a good shot like yep played doubles uh in an event with him a couple weeks ago and uh you know when I set a shot when I hit a good shot you know he said nice shot and when he hit a good shot he just.

So good complimented himself more than you oh my really getting that paddlehead underneath the ball and whipping through with some nice Top Spin in his defense he did have a lot of good shots in our doubles partnership so.

We can't fault him too much for that but big Andiamo from Julian Arnold let's see what he's got here main point here in game one it's great control of the kitchen line from Hunter Johnson weathering the storm of four or five Julian Arnold ground strokes and.

Each one of those topsman volleys from the kitchen line very Chris from Hunter foreign Hunter just is pushing them wide I don't know if of course we talk about when you have two extremely high level players you try to be a little too perfect because you know.

They can do so much it just seems like Hunter just overdoing it a little some lucky fans close by there videotaping got a nice Andiamo right in their face and it is Julian Arnold who takes game one 11-8 making it an even tougher Road for Hunter Johnson who now.

Must win two games in a row and a tiebreaker match to 15 to take gold we'll see how game two plays out right after this foreign.

foreign here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus we are in two of five gold medal matches right now Julian Arnold on the near end Hunter Johnson on the far end Arnold taking game.

11-9 and he is looking to close this out right here in this second game and take that gold medal as he came through the winner bracket Hunter Johnson must win the second game to even keep his gold medal dreams alive looking to go back to back after taking gold for the first time last week in Houston Texas.

Yeah definitely Hunter Johnson gonna have to figure something out as some of his consistency from Thursday has eluded him so far in this match there's that nice hand Exchange so there should be something instead of the cat and mouse which is kind of the.

Soft game at the net we need a new phrase for the the fast game at the net between the two players nice Chris volley from Julian I'll ponder that one Lauren scene if I see if I can come up with something maybe the chat has some suggestions I like nicknames and naming things things it's fun.

I'll tell you what Lauren uh I pulled out of this tournament as a player last minute and got a little winded throwing free stuff to the crowd so I think it was a pretty good decision on my part Nature has taken its course oh wow and and let's be clear that was an.

Amazing serve but there have been some issues with that spot in the court I think kind of kind of two-thirds the way up in the blue uh two or three feet from the Baseline I think I've seen a couple awkward bounces there throughout the weekend great ball from Hunter Johnson right at the feet of Julian Arnold.

Yeah Julian can't believe it his face says it all probably maybe not the easiest volley he's had but definitely one of the easier ones he's had in this match and just a little too much punch okay Julian Arnold what he is too fast stop it Julie look where he is his foot's in the green he gets back to his left and carves the outside of the ball.

To put it back cross-court for the winner a ridiculous degree of difficulty I love that he yelled to himself it's never over after coming out on top of that and he is very correct again just just need a mic on Julian Arnold.

Four one call stance so we saw on Thursday when these two faced off Hunter Johnson does have a bit of a spin serve he uses that left hand to create Spin and then really cranks that serve and Arnold oftentimes again he doesn't have a ton of court to work.

With in the back so he'll a lot of times go down to that one knee in an attempt to kind of just get in front of the ball saw it on that last one he's just really it's a good option he's really just kind of using his legs and getting his contact point on the same plane of the serve so but one of the impressive things about Hunter Johnson's Spencer is.

I don't necessarily think it's the spin it's the ability to get some Spin and still crush it deep yes so a lot of the other spin servers on tour uh they might get more junk on the ball more English uh as we talked about the other day but hunter has the power and the depth on it combined with the spin so I think that that is uh what really makes his his uh.

His serve world class all right come out of this time out Hunter Johnson out front 5-1 looking to again take this second game oh that was the double yet from Hunter I think Hunter Johnson made sure Julian heard that little mental Warfare after a couple loose backhand volleys from Julian.

He goes another Ace let's go it's so funny the the Johnson twins don't really strike me as trash talkers on court but we're getting a little of it yeah Hunter Johnson we got a yep from Julian this is this is what we wanted let's go this is indeed what I was hoping Julian's saying hundred and needs to go.

Big on the serve because he can't he needs it he has to have that serve so this this is fun too much there we go it's so much you know we might need a splash screen we need one of those plexiglass up here sometimes when the Andiamo is Big a little saliva coming out.

Oh pushing it a little wide it's been my favorite to watch the crowd on the opposite side as they do the uh the turn their heads all at the same time as they watch the ball foreign did he say nothing can stop me let's go Julia come on what a power walk too.

This is this is getting good let's go oh a verbal warning for hitting the ball ball abuse yes all abuse I like that and it really started with that yep yep from Hunter and then the two Ace comment the missed serve and Julian exclaiming yep and here we go we got a little back and forth between the fellas.

Dare I say you love to see it I mean not a hot take at all people are living for this matchup this is what makes pickleball great especially for a spectator standpoint certainly the crowd here knew what they were going to get certainly out of Julian Arnold but I think the oh I say never till I think.

The slight drawing from Hunter Johnson a little unexpected he gets fired up but I haven't really ever heard him say something like towards his opponent I love it oh yes and I I promise you that first one was meant to be at a audible level where Julian Arnold could hear what he said so uh good stuff and.

We got in the chatter they gonna hug after this and I still think they will yeah I think still so yeah Yates Johnson in the back there nice job from Julian Arnold clearing his body out of the way stepping to his left and crushing an inside in forehand oh he's using his line against him it's.

So good it's so good twice oh yeah I'm just I'm just so happy I'm so happy keep it up that way pickleball and that there's a reasonable chance that could have gone wide but Julian Arnold having some Top Spin and side spin on the ball under Johnson choosing to strike the volley on the backhand.

Side and that's an error and we are tied up at seven I mean dare I say Hunter kind of poked to the bear a little bit that's I'm you gotta be careful I mean right after the the ace comment.

Dumped that serve into the net and it was kind of a yeah I mean it's I mean it is so good someone just said fire up to Julian Arnold no because he is fired Up Guys.

He's fired up despite I mean this might be the most actual Talking I've seen him do during a match just constant yeah I mean he was on you know level 15 of 10 levels and somehow uh a little jawing and uh he's up to 20 now so uh just just crazy the man has unlimited gears and unlimited gas in the tank especially in.

This one match Championship Sunday format it's it's uh it's an all on barrage right now from Julian Arnold oh goodness he was just stalking he's stalking back there in the back and I got a special message and I will absolutely give a special happy birthday shout out to Ching Brew Baker of Wichita Kansas love her huge pickleball fan.

Loves the sport loves the pros and a big happy birthday to her that was was that in I guess so wow that looked crazy hey when it rains it pours my goodness that's extremely close but hunter didn't really even motion or consider that it was out there gold medal.

Oh Julian Arnold in two my goodness Julian Arnold with the gold medal Hunter Johnson I mean I know he's disappointed with that result certainly very frustrated.

But silver metal here played phenomenal just I don't know he might have to reconsider John at Julian Arnold next time well hey everyone else stop clapping I've been clapping the whole thing time Lauren amazing oh my gosh we take a short break we head to the Franklin Studio where we'll see if he's calmed down a little.

Bit before then but back into the action with our women's Pro doubles matchup coming up next Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop take on Simone Georgine and Anna bright don't go anywhere Championship Sunday continues here in Hilton Head right after this foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when this line was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you.

So thank you we hope you like your work welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with gold medalist Julian Arnold and I'm pretty sure the crowd is still absolutely on fire here after that performance I mean it's never not entertaining with you you always bring the passion the fire how did you feel just with this crowd.

With the way everything went the energy that you're feeling today yeah I mean um this Hilton Head crowd has been nothing short of just amazing so I love the energy I've loved the support all weekend uh starting with Thursday and it's been strong all the way through the tournament so I mean an amazing fan.

Base here and uh probably attribute that to you know obviously great tournaments by the app and and probably Sarah Anne's burial who I believe is the local Pro here so obviously she's got a lot of these people interested in pickleball which is which is awesome for us here at the tournament and for our sport so um yeah I mean for the match I'd say uh it.

Was a back and forth battle I think we were both kind of warming up um Hunter's an amazing player he's got a big serve he's got good passing shots so it puts a lot of pressure on me to to hit you know pretty much the perfect volley or he's putting it away um had me in the second set and I think I.

Just dug deep and you know he started chirping and nothing between us we're good friends but I think the last thing people want to do is start chirping at me because it just gets me fired up and uh once you open Pandora's Box there's no clothes in it so I mean that's you've said it all I don't really need to ask.

Anything else we said exactly that in the booth that might have been the turning point that Hunter will have to think about next time you two face off but just a phenomenal performance the energy the fire as always a big congrats to you let's bring in Ken Herman with our trophy our second gold medalist of the day here in Hilton Head so last week.

We're in Houston and I'm looking on social media and Julia's hanging out in Mexico snorkeling and doing it it was a great week off so you came here with lots of energy the crowd fell in love with you great playing our gold medalist Julian Arnold any any final thank yous or shout outs yeah I want to thank uh my friends and family back home in San Luis.

Obispo I want to thank my uh my friend Ryan Cohen and his girlfriend Layla who are at home supporting every every time I play my girlfriend of course and her family who are out here today Mark and when D who always come out and support when they can and of course the app tour who puts on phenomenal events and allows me to play the sport that I love so um.

Yeah if I'm forgetting anyone I'm sorry but uh do you want to thank me and and Lauren and Laura and all you know the whole PP or app excuse me app organization who puts on a great uh great product for us they do such hard work and make these all possible so I mean I was mostly joking but I appreciate that always.

Always a great time I'll be congrats again second gold medalist here on Championship Sunday Julian Arnold let's hear it for him one more time and we have our ladies coming up next Andrea Coop and George Johnson face Anna bright and Simone Georgine coming up next foreign.

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had opened presented by Lexus brought to you by powerplate the official recovery tool of the app tour sunmed your official CBD store of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro coming up next we have our women's Pro doubles gold medal match we have Georgia.

Johnson and Andrea Coop they face off against Simone Georgine and Andrea I just keep saying Andrea there's too many A's and Anna bright Andrea and Anna they're just so close I've done it about 14 times already today it's a tough It's last day last day Adam Lauren McLaughlin Adam Stone here at Courtside give us a quick rundown of how.

These two ladies teams found themselves in the gold medal well we had oh here's our graphic perfect so we had uh Johnson and Coop defeating stratman and Braverman 1147-11-11-3 in the semifinals Georgine and bright defeating Vivian David and Corinne Carr 11 6 11 4 and then a very.

Odd score in our winners bracket final as Johnson and Coop defeated Anna Brighton Simone Georgine 11-0-11-2 so obviously interesting uh scores there in the winter bracket final and then Georgine and bright able to work their way back through the opportunity bracket meaning stratman and braver Men uh and getting back to this.

Gold medal match so we got to see that match over on cc2 uh yesterday I mean coopen Johnson jest on fire there was no stopping them they absolutely Buzz sawed through this team their first matchup I suspect it will not be a similar story here I think it'll be a little bit closer both teams having that rest coming into the brand new day but before.

We get into it let's go ahead and take a moment to get to learn a little bit more about Miss Georgia Johnson my name is Georgia Johnson I'm 16 years old I'm from Boynton Beach Florida the first time I ever heard about pickleball I was with the neighbor my neighbor introduced me to the sport my immediate family all started to play when we moved.

To Florida I remember thinking this is really fun because I got to hit the ball as hard as I could and hold my family members so then we kind of got into it playing wreck games and then tournaments from there I don't know if my game is special but I like it I wouldn't change it definitely like to play more on the powerful side.

Of things I always like pickleball better intense I always say that no hands battles in tennis like you miss out on that part of it and I just like it because it's faster I like the APK tour format because it's a little bit different than everybody else's and from different sports it's a little unique to pickleball and I like the fact that you.

Can come back through the backdraw I think that's special I think pickleball is definitely going in the direction of one of the bigger Sports I think it could be pretty iconic and uh I could definitely see it going to the Olympics in the future so just a little bit there about the youngest player on court Georgia.

Johnson's 16 in Boynton Beach Florida her partner Andrea coop 34 years old in Grand Haven Michigan where she is a full-time lawyer specializing in civil and criminal cases they're in Michigan and they face 23 year old Anna bright who we saw in our first gold medal match of the day in singles in Pompano Beach.

Florida Collegiate tennis career at University of California Berkeley where she graduated a year early of high school to join that team that's how heavily recruited she was and transitioned pretty quickly after that college tennis career right into pickleball making a big splash very.

Early on and continuing to do so here her partner of code of course uh the most decorated female in all of pickleball Simone Georgine who is originally from Santa Maria Brazil moved to the United States at 18 to play tennis for Auburn University after two years transferring to Fresno State University where she was a.

Two-time All-American in tennis and of course since then has coached tennis working three years as an assistant tennis coach at Fresno State then moving to the College of William and Mary and ultimately eight years the Head tennis coach at Michigan State University.

Very decorated coach there and of course many U.S open wins National wins under her belt here in pickleball and she just continues yes and interesting I I saw bright and Georgine warming up and of course they were hitting some balls but they were doing a lot of talking while they were warming up.

So uh you know obviously rough govit the first time against this team so we'll see uh what kind of different strategies they might come up with in the second match in good car is our first referee for the school medal match Steve Hess our second she let us know that Cooper and Johnson won the toss and elected to choose ends.

They chose this near end and then bright and jajim actually chose to receive serve so that is how that toss zero zero two turned up nice clean counter from Simone Georgine after a ridiculous get early in the point from Andrea coop first time ever Anna bright and Simone have played together in a tournament.

Here in Hilton Head zero zero two always a successful first-time Partnership if you find yourselves in the gold medal match it's like out nice two-shot combination from Georgia Johnson nice rolling forehand and then obviously when that ball goes up high.

Georgia Johnson's some of the best put away power on the women's side great eye from Simone Georgine and I'm gonna go ahead and apologize to Georgia Johnson she has some of the best put away power in the game of pickleball not just the women's side good distinction Point wow some really good stuff there.

From our all four ladies and Georgia Johnson picking a nice spot on that last shot to step over to her right and attack Anna bright the move there just got caught yeah good ball at the feet from Georgine second server the old oh my gosh what is that from Simone charging I do not have the answer.

For you Simoni yeah really good start from uh energy wise from jargine and bright who kind of almost seemed like they were in a daze for a good portion of that previous match uh and a lot of that chalked up to the incredible play from their opponents.

Point nice spot from Anna bright attacking her two-handed backhand off of the bounce and getting Andrea Coop a little extended on her forehand side couldn't come up with the counter you know side out Andrea Coop of course national champion at UCLA during her tennis.

Career in college yeah and Lauren the number one women's tennis recruit in the nation coming out of high school as she should have been point nice uh kind of topspin rolling drop definitely a ball that Georgine's going to come up with most of the time but well executed drop from Andrea Coop.

Creating the error very nice job and Anna bright very much looking to be a presence in the middle of the Court as she struck that forehand on Jardine's side but being the left player completely fine with her stepping over in that situation and really if there's been anything I've.

Seen from Georgia Johnson throughout the weekend is in an occasional forehand attack into the net not using her legs enough getting underneath that ball second server but very much picking nits as her game has been on point uh like I've never seen it before in this tournament unbelievable rally there from all four.

Ladies I think Anna thought that had clipped Johnson's paddle before Coop was able to pick that up but it goes long regardless I think that's exactly what she was saying but as you mentioned did not matter kinda like when uh you get called for a football but you.

Missed the shot you're like thanks ref really appreciate that I hit it I hit it 14 feet long you don't need to let me know I was in the kitchen but but thank you for that two three one I'm still continually struck by how special the game of pickleball is when you can have three women on court.

With incredibly accomplished Collegiate tennis careers and then a 16 year old who hasn't even graduated from high school who is right up there with them oh Marine hits the deck for the first time I doubt it will be her last in this match that's a good shot right there.

Wow slippery Mr wreck from Simone jargine jamming up kind of pretzling uh Georgia Johnson great attack from her Point many Ernie yeah quick timeout and uh just for everyone at home when I say pretzling up I just mean forcing her into an awkward swing so kinda you know when they get the limbs flying and.

They're catching the ball on on different sides of the body that's the definition of a pretzel and if you pretzel up your opponent your attack was very successful very glad to see charging a bright coming out here with a different game than we saw from them in the winter bracket final.

And yesterday yes and Lauren one of the main uh patterns that has been better for them in this match is Andrea Coop uh I wouldn't say uncharacteristically but often you see the pros attacking straight on uh at a high clip she is one of the better cross-court attackers in the game and Simone jargine has handled that much better so far early in this.

Match and the best pattern for them in the previous match was Andrea speeding up cross court at Simone and then Georgia being ready to clean it up and we've only seen that a time or two early in this game one what yeah nice slide Simone committing to slide to her right and destroy that.

Two-handed backhand counter and great athleticism early in that Port from Georgia Johnson who won the lob was phenomenal from Simone great get from Georgia that tough spot from Anna bright she she felt like the previous ball was good enough to come forward but ended up in the transition zone not able to make it.

All the way to the kitchen and unfortunately for her decided with a power shot instead of a soft shot from that position oh yeah sorry Lauren please go ahead no you go I was just gonna say great Olay uh just kind of pulling the body back pulling the paddle back letting that that shot sail along one of the best.

Qualities of Simone jargine point people may remember that Anna bright and Georgia Johnson were paired up in that Punta Gorda tournament that was Anna Bright's big coming out party for pickleball they got themselves a gold medal against Simone Georgie and Andrea coop.

And Punta Gorda I believe it was Simone Georgine and Korean Carr yes so I'm so sorry for us no worries but Simone and Andrea have played several times together so uh both of these opposite pairings have had very very good success together so love to see the success coming when they mix it up a little oh Corinne I'm so sorry.

It's good wow such a nice combination from Anna bright and I had a really nice little text battle with Anna bright after the Houston tournament about that two-handed topspin lob it's just another option for her on that backhand side she already has so many weapons there just to add one to the list.

Oh no point yes uh big big brain on Anna bright and uh love talking strategy with her uh whether it's via text or live in person at the tournaments always looking to tweak and improve her game slide out hold a couple drives failed them long good eye on the.

Opposite side of the net point yeah I mentioned the other day that I have never had a victory against Simone jargine in mixed doubles and I've probably hit 150 drives out and she never hits one of them I don't get it second server yeah great great uh counter-attack from Andrea Coop and I.

Brought a little late moving to her right to cover the middle Point wow really I mean this is crazy night and day from yesterday to today so far correct ten three two yeah two good nice sustained pressure from Coop and Johnson holding that.

Kitchen line and finishing the point after three or four very crisp shots my goodness I mean yeah they wrote a song about it Lauren What A Difference A Day Makes I mean this is this is crazy the difference between the match yesterday and today so far yeah just uh sometimes when things happen so quickly in this game I.

Mentioned them kind of seeming like they were in a daze yesterday and couldn't quite snap out of it so uh a night of rest and Recovery uh mental preparation and they look like a different team today point and they will get game one done here 11-3 so an excellent start here for bright and Georgine they will have to.

Win another one in the two out of three portion to force that tiebreaker to 15 if they want gold but they are off to a very strong start we'll take a short break back into the action here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus right after this foreign.

station s thank you foreign.

back into the action here in our women's Pro doubles gold medal match here on Championship Sunday our third gold medal match of the day Simone regime and Andrea bright on the near end take on Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop now on the far end charjing and coop once again how many times do I put them together.

Charging and bright well taking game one I mean you said it earlier they're good together and they've had a lot of success so maybe I'm just so used to them being together zero zero one second server yeah we'll uh label that attack ambitious as Georgia Johnson as on it and she could be but.

Couldn't convert Coupe doing a great job of pulling Simone really wide on those dinks trying to open up the court yes I agree with that and forcing Simone into the last attack which was very ambitious and the previous one I wouldn't say I would I would try all the time even though it did work out.

Point yeah fantastic partner communication I mentioned Simone great at letting the ball go out but when her partner calls it early and makes it even easier for her to do so I mean perfect construction there from Johnson Simone off the court Brett has to come over to cover opens up that left side puts it.

Right where right left great job recognizing that pattern just missed on the forehand lob attempt we seem to do it several times on the backhand side throughout the weekend but not as often on the forehand side oh my goodness again all four ladies a little backed up off that kitchen line.

Fantastic hands battle all four getting a piece of that action ultimately Johnson with the final put away shot with the Lefty overhead after a well-desed disguised law from Simone charging I'll tell you right now ladies ramping it up the beginning of game two has been very exciting.

Come on I mean no I don't agree with that she could have stopped at one but she wanted she wanted to pile on she had to call herself a on top of that side out yeah everyone on court knew knew Coop was going to pull the trigger there so kind of already had it in her mind to possibly let the ball go out and.

She does so nicely no point we'll label that an aggressive outcall but she got her point across didn't she uh she had it too much much better clearing her body kind of got jammed up at the body frequently in the previous matchup and she's doing a great job of getting herself in good position on the.

Counter attack Simone charging great adjustment from yesterday to today Point yes uh I wouldn't say interesting but a trigger pull from Anna bright on the backhand side a few feet off the kitchen line clipping the tape and throwing off the rhythm of Andrea coop great pickup on the LOB oh no oh hit right upper shoe yeah I.

Think I mean I'm not sure he would have made it but I think she would have had a chance to if it does not hit the shoe as you see her paddle well behind her body and uh in a decent position to pick that last ball up wow nice power great job earlier in the point too of Anna bright sliding over to the middle to cover.

And then Simone with a couple nice counter attacks Georgia Johnson not able to come up with the last ball and while our two singles gold medal matches only went two games each this one will a minimum go three grateful I mean we talked about a little bit yesterday when these two especially.

Faced off the first time charging just just looked a little off she just wasn't on her game and nothing off about it today no question she is fully engaged yeah so good able to get the ball down at Georgia Johnson's feet with a great backhand roll from Anna bright and a kind of a half mini Ernie from Simone Georgine destroying a cross-court.

Forehand for the winner one second right thinking that's going out changes the call as that drops in yeah and I think that that was a fine out call lightning this hit from Andrea Coop I think that's why that ball stayed in okay there's that shot tree I was talking about the two-handed backhand on.

The left side you have the down the line attack you have the body attack you have the middle attack you have the cross-court backhand roll Dink and now you have the lob that's five options for Anna bright side out she's been going to that lab well a lot especially from this end of the Court.

Must be sensing sort of maybe the wind conditions or making it a little more advantageous for her to try to throw up some of those lobs second server great call again and I'm very impressed with how early Anna bright is calling these balls out it's almost right off the paddle letting her partner know great communication.

There's the slide you see it she commits to it so early she sees Andrea Coop take her paddle back a little bit further than normal and she is already almost straddling the sideline ready to destroy a two-handed backhand knowing Anna bright is going to plug the Gap in the middle for her oh great get from coop.

That moved it with the wind you could see him in the in the motion as that was changing paths here and again you mentioned before I mean Simone and Andrea have played together so much she knows her each of them know each other's games so well they can anticipate.

What kind of shots they're looking for when they're gonna speed things up I love it she just casually says I need to stop I mean I did say she's going to it it's perhaps a little too much now frequency is very important especially when you're playing talented opponents.

Wow so I do believe that Johnson and Cooper up 3-1 in this game too so a incredible six point run from Bright and jargine who are firing on all cylinders and a drinking Phantom orange on the timeout let's go let's go Anna bright you should just moved up two notches in my book for drinking Phantom Orange I was gonna give a a nice little recipe.

For an adult cocktail but I don't know I feel like there's perhaps some some younger younger players watching well we'll wait for your viewers we'll wait for a timeout or wait for in between games because I would love to hear what a phantom orange cocktail you can come up with uh we'll just say if you love.

Creamsicles oh my goodness a little something for you orange creamsicle so good bring me back to my childhood give me creamsicles not dots and Tootsie Rolls yeah I mean I'll take the Tootsie Rolls I I will not give you that but Dot's right there with you I like I do I like the fruity Tootsie Rolls yeah the fruity the fruity ones are better than.

The chocolate ones in my opinion you ready are you ready all right coming out of this time out again if Georgian and bright can take the second game it will force the tiebreaker match to 15. yeah tough break a really nice shot from.

Anna bright off the Cross Court attack from Andrea Coop but just enough paddle on it for Georgia Johnson Too trickle over the net foreign massive shot from Georgia Johnson yeah tough break for jargine who had some incredible digs early in that point but.

Popping up the last one and Georgia Johnson very much knows what to do with those pop-ups point it looked like she had that might maybe from our angle couldn't quite see if that ball was a little farther away from her than I thought yeah she I think she she had time to take an extra step and she ended up kind.

Of uh losing her balance leaning for that ball a nice little server nice little uh tip at home lunge don't lean that's the Martina Coakley right there uh teaching pro down in South East Florida shout out to Martina the score is six seven two one minute smart move uh Simone obviously after.

Being up 7-3 to give away three quick points stop that momentum on the far end of the Court as Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop kind of finding their footing with one of their first sustained runs so far in this match I mean look at this the top three women on all the aapp standings list on court right now the fourth in the number.

Seventh spot so not far behind but love Andrea Coop Georgia Johnson and Simone Georgine just right at those top three spots and looking to add more points here today in Hilton Head so so just uh just a smidge of Talent on court Lawrence just a tiny bit remaining in the game I mean barely.

Above the two of us yes I mean no for sure fairly even noticeable yeah I mean I would yeah I'd be number five on this court for sure but I'm I think it's safe to say that I would be number five ahead of you at number six though I think that is okay I will concede at least at least give me a point yes absolutely thank you.

Six seven all right Coop and Johnson looking to tie this up here coming out of the timeout cannot quite get it done though what a pickup Georgia Johnson off the ropes in the backcourt they're picking up that lob thank you for describing that as.

Steve Taylor was in my way lucky for him he's an amazing photographer definitely makes a Better Door than a window I have to say nice job oh Simoni given the crazy eyes I didn't see the crazy guys at all yesterday oh no I've seen him a couple times today and I like it oh yeah.

Eight six two poach good cover such a great job getting pushed back on defense and immediately closing as soon as they had the opportunity to get back up turn that into some offense unfortunately regime with that last shot into the net after some amazing work in the backcourt.

Second server nice spot from jargine oh she she just looked over at me oh no oh no what I think she might have felt something oh no did she hurt herself oh no she looked over at me and it was not it was not good oh no no no no no no God dang it I hate to see this but as soon as she I as soon as I made eye contact her I knew something wasn't.

Right speaking of oh it's raining oh yeah okay good good all right everyone our first stop of 2023 is going to be in Punta Gorda Florida that is open for registration now so definitely get on oh thank God.

Oh yes I didn't even see the raindrops I didn't either no idea it was raining it didn't see it oh there they are I see him all right folks so it's starting to get slick on court it looks like we will have a rain delay we're hoping to avoid it here today definitely send dry weather thoughts to Hilton Head South Carolina so we can get.

Back into the action soon but we will take a break until we can get these courts dry and safe for our ladies don't go too far keep that window up and we will give you an update as soon as we can thank you so much for joining us and we're back into the action here in Hilton Head as soon as we can be oh.

Up s ET thank you foreign.

foreign thank you hold up.

foreign foreign thank you.

foreign foreign foreign ER trust this will move that's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet.

Of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it so you go all in stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sport sedan foreign.

foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus brought to you by Yola for the champion in you and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro thank you so much everyone for being patient through our rain delay here hopefully we have no more coming in the.

Future and it wasn't longer than it was we appreciate you guys standing by here and waiting until we can get back into the action safely here for our players on court get it nice and dry no slick spots for the ladies we have Anna bright and Simone Georgine taking on Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson we are in the middle of game two currently here in.

This gold medal match Anna bright simonia Georgine taking game one 11-3 and currently up 8-6 here in game two looking to force that tiebreaker 215 and as we mentioned Adam Stone and myself here in the booth these two faced off in the winter bracket final yesterday to a much different result.

Than we're seeing currently where Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson just kind of turned on the buzz saw and jest right through jargine and bright in that matchup but they have absolutely had a good night's sleep gotten into it a little bit better here and they are on the precipice of forcing that tie Burger match to 15. and and we saw we confirmed.

That they're leading 8-6 in game two is that correct that's correct okay yes so uh that was sorry about that everyone at home I I got a very concerned look from somebody and I did not see the raindrops coming down and her concern was why she gave me such a crazy look as I walked up and talked to her afterwards is she said I'm finally playing good this weekend.

And the raindrops come so tough yeah so uh definitely not her best performance uh yesterday but man they really came out hot and she was well on her way to redeeming herself as the vibe the point construction and the execution uh from Anna Brighton Simone jargine was Top Notch uh earlier uh before we had the rain delay I'm.

A delay you know we talk there's there's the aspect of Championship Sunday where you have the momentum through the day through the bracket as you go into that gold medal match that can kind of keep you going fire you up sometimes you can lose that going into a brand new day having to restart mentally reset yourself I have to imagine very similar.

If not maybe to the exact same degree but having a delay like this right in the middle of a very important matchup can be a little tough I mean you have to stay absolutely mentally in it the whole time can't really let yourself get out of it so how important is it or how hard is it for these players after having that delay right in the middle of a very.

Critical second game to come back into this and try and regain the magic that was happening yeah it's it's so difficult I can't even describe it even like you said with just the one match or possibly two or rarely three that you have on a championship Sunday to have that break in the action it's just kind of human nature to to be like kind of.

Why me oh here we go there there's something else but uh we talk about it so much these players are you know some more than others but almost all of them to be playing at this level level have some form of of high-end uh mental games and and so it's easier for them than most to get re-locked in but certainly it's not the easiest task especially.

When you're playing as clean as they were before the break so uh just part of the deal you have to keep telling yourself over and over again that's part of the deal these are the breaks that happen the starts and start starts and stops everyone has to deal with it uh whatever Court conditions weather conditions uh rain delays all that stuff.

Is part of the deal for these athletes and uh I think they're gonna come back from the break on fire I have no question in my mind if as we mentioned Georgine and bright can take this second game it will force the tiebreaker match to 15. the players normally have up to 10 minutes before they get into that I imagine because of this extended rain.

Delay we will have barely any break if that is the case if Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop can get back some of the Firepower that we saw for sure yesterday in their just domination then we will have a game three and then of course see how that plays out and whether or not we then go to the tiebreaker so a lot still on the table.

In terms of how this match is going to conclude here in the gold medal match following this we have our Men's Pro doubles gold medal match Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson will face DJ young and deckle Barr and then we conclude our Championship Sunday here in Hilton Head Island South Carolina with our Pro mixed doubles gold medal match Vivian David.

And Thomas Wilson face Andrea Coop and Zane navratil so still a lot of amazing pickleball to be played and again we saw it in Houston last weekend a lot of different faces in these gold medal matches here today of course Anna bright in two of them Andrea coop in two of them but nobody looking for that triple crown here today and.

Some new faces in in everything so love to see the variety on a Championship Sunday with uh just no idea who's gonna come out on top it is anyone's bet anyone's game and I believe our players just have a few more minutes before they get into the action officially here so we will.

Take a very short break and then back into the second game of our women's Pro doubles gold medal match right after this this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn.

Oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work.

foreign foreign welcome back everyone to the app sunmed.

Hilton Head open presented by Lexus as we've mentioned Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop face off against Simone Georgine and Anna right here in our women's Pro doubles gold medal match we are already into it so Jordan and bright taking game one eleven three now up 8-6 here in the second game.

In geicar our first referee for this gold medal match Steve Hess our second yeah Lauren and I thank this this first couple minutes of of resuming action is gonna say a lot about uh your possible your score is eight if we are on the second service rotation all right ladies all right so it is eight six two I guess it'll say a lot.

Does the energy just continue for Anna right are you ready and Simone Georgine or or decoop and Johnson take advantage of this little break in the action and get back to what they were doing so well yesterday they're doing doing full knee knee jumps out there point.

Excuse me it was Coop and Johnson's serve so it is now seven eight two Point all right so this is this is the tough this is the tough spot about coming in from the delay you know these players have been warming up but they've got to get back into match mentality now point.

And this could be an extremely quick conclusion to this second game here for Johnson and coop if they keep this up and the definition of not a clean start from both teams and not just one second server you can see bright really trying to pull Simone mentally out of that little black hole she was starting.

To go into after as you mentioned she was playing so well and clearly a couple errors right out of the gate and that ready was weighing on her bright definitely saying come on come on Simone we got this Shake It Off watch it.

Side out nice job by Georgia Johnson kind of targeting the middle a little bit more so good at that cross-court backhand way to switch up spots from Georgia Point well and I'll tell you what it's always super tough when the ball goes into the middle and you're expecting one player to hit it.

And it comes off the paddle of the other player super awkward situation doesn't happen too frequently but it's a real thing game point here for Andrew Coop and Georgia Johnson to force a game three I like that they're getting into some soft game there again doesn't work out and it's a quick.

Game two in the books for Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson so we will have a game three instead of that tiebreaker match to 15 which could still be coming out of the bag but we take a short break game three here in our women's Pro doubles gold medal match right after this fruit.

S fruit smash super hot tattoo with real juice it's party juice foreign foreign.

Foreign tough time coming back from the rain delay for Simone Georgine and Anna bright and Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson took full advantage coming out very hot from the delay very quickly closing out game two.

Forcing this third game so Coop and Johnson on the near and bright and Georgine on the far end they will switch ends at six in this third game tell you what Lauren we are really getting some funky bounces on the near end right side player about three-fourths the way through the court another one from Andrea Coop and my.

Goodness this is the definition of loose play coming back from this time out and I really can't blame the ladies after after a crazy rain delay I mean moment momentum is a crazy thing so with a clean match from both sides lots of high-end points and we probably have six or seven unforced air since.

We've resumed action yeah that's that's five missed returns between the teams in about 12 to 15 points inside out and of right being mean to herself a few times this match uh nice drop volley from Georgia Johnson and Anna bright very late getting there and kind of.

Throwing up a desperation defensive lava did not work out for her and although regime and right are up here in this third game I am certainly seeing flashes of the winter bracket final from yesterday with Coop and Johnson just really bringing the power here trying to not allow that slow game.

And I mean nice fire fight from all four ladies but once again Simone jargine committing to the two-handed backhand very early and she was right on both of those counter attacks and a nice job from Andrea Coop instead of pushing a cross-court attack a little more to the middle she was able to get that to the right side of Simone.

Jargine's body loading backhand very difficult when Coop can pull that that far across Court Point yeah I'm not sure who hit that ball in the middle but either way point ending with a two-handed backhand jargine shot sailing long a little too much on the cross court.

Dink attempt seeing Johnson had some success with that ball I want to talk about that cocked wrist allowing her to really create some nice angles but a little too much on that one foreign of emphasis coming back from the break is Andrea coop uh maybe not frivolously.

Speeding up at Simone jargine but taking advantage of of a lot of balls that are in that yellow kind of questionable attack Zone and letting loose on the ball like you said a little bit looser pickleball than we were seeing in this matchup before the rain delay neither team really looking.

Settled in right now haven't had too many longer rallies we'll see if things get a little tighter here between these two teams yeah she said it not us Georgine knowing that's a bad spot as Andrea Coop taking a page out of the jargine book from game one sliding to her right and crushing a two-handed backhand counter attack 4-1.

Yeah there's that point we saw it so much in the winter bracket final whether it's a drive or an aggressive drop like we just saw Georgia Johnson kamikazeing forward after that quality dropping knowing what to do with the next ball great ball nice combination from some money jargine with a tricky slippery.

Attack to the back end of Georgia Johnson as Georgia Johnson was very much leaning to her forehand side yeah point I mean bright clearly thinking that's going wide and catches that sideline Johnson and Coop one point away from the end change here in game three.

Oh wow that was crazy look at her look at her face it's it's not happening and then drops right over in the backspin right into the net there is literally nothing Jordan Johnson could do about that shaking off that hand that clearly hit off.

Nice slow grind probably the most dinks we've seen in a point so far since we have resumed play nice job from Anna bright kind of looking at that left hip and as we've seen from a variety of the ladies sliding over to crush the two-handed backhands but at the same time if that slide is a.

Little bit late create some handcuffed opportunities and that's exactly what we saw there so uh always talk about the ladies in their big two-handed Strokes much more difficult to cover your body with that shot so clearing your body either to the left to hit the two-hander or sorry to the right to hit the two-hander or to the left to load up on.

The forehand so important for all the ladies on the court whereas often we see the fellas just kind of one hand punching from the chest uh uh you see that much much less in the in the women's game so a little different Nuance between the two both shots obviously can be very effective uh and we'll uh I'm no doubt that we'll.

Continue to see uh the big two-handers from all four ladies throughout the rest of this match no doubt Anna bright Simone continue with the serve now on the near end Richard Johnson Andrew Coop will conclude this third game on the far end a couple of really nice gets there from.

Georgine in the backcourt oh we're back to the lob game saw that maybe a little too much especially from Anna bright before the rain delay Simoni had him fooled though so didn't execute but they were not particularly ready for that so okay in my book go watch it amazing job from Andrea Coop to take add.

A little extra Spin and take a little Pace off that ball he's just gonna ask looked like it was a little slower Pace than perhaps someone he was expecting I think if she crushes it Simone comes up with that ball yeah just too much power from Georgia Johnson who in uh game one for sure a.

Little late on a couple forehand calendars right on both of those I mean just just too good too good from Coop with the two shot combination as the initial counter attack from Simone Georgine was very good uh just yeah like I said quality play quality shot combination from Andrea coop Johnson and Coop take a one-point lead.

Here in game three what happened a foot fault on the right let's take a look-see here oh that is a close one another Miss hit it sounded like off of regime's paddle just a slight hesitation thinking maybe letting that ball bounce and possibly end up right taking it and.

She swoops in with that backhand stab at the last second oh Hands On Point since we have resumed play my goodness yes and it was a good call from Simone but I think it was a little late so uh agreed uh uh a little late call and Anna.

Bright not being able to pull off as I do think that ball was going to go long all right time out here from Bright and jargine and I heard Kathy and the chicken in the crowd I see her moving through but looking over there I was surprised I saw Federico Stacks rude just in the crowd amongst the people as well as Rob Cassidy over there just.

Enjoying some great pickleball here with their peers Kathy's got the heads though she's that's Laurel I want to say heilman is her last name in the white hat let's go Kathy Kathy of course lots of Pros here cheering on their peers before they head out for the weekend.

Yes and uh yeah not surprising at all to see if Federico stacked fruit a big hitting partner with Simone jargine doing a little uh on court practice as well as some uh teaching and coaching together so uh good pals on and off the court uh nice to see him supporting her in this big moment they played together last weekend in Houston.

For the first time in a tournament so just I mean solo shake and bakes whether it's a drive or a drop George Johnson coming in hot and just all the power yeah leaving leaving that drop a little bit higher and on uh enter in her own Simone closing in tight as well so forcing Andrea Coop to attack a ball a.

Few inches off of the ground great closing speed from Simone oh oh wow wow so good and I know we made a couple sad comments about the cleanness of this match coming back from break but the ladies are building right now with some oh yeah.

Great Point construction and execution as well certainly started to fall into places all the ladies were getting warm warmed up and back into a Groove point I mean that is a 7-0 rated let go as she was locked and loaded on the backhand side pulls the paddle back and the ball sails two inches out great eye from Anna bright.

Locked in wow that one huh some silly defense from Andrea Coop and sustained pressure from Anna bright and Andrew Coop not able to come up with the transition zone soft shot oh yeah literally the entire crowd gave a nice.

Chuckle as Anna bright screaming yes and then immediately nope nope it was good it was it was long and she she tells the crowd it felt good though yeah she knew it nine eight one two points away from a gold medal.

What a combination from the goats amoni jargine completely getting on top of that two-handed backhand and putting it away okay great resets oh that diamond is Georgia Johnson who just gets locked in and engaged here taking over Coop taking that step back.

To give her all the room to work and it gets themselves a gold medal heck yeah I'd step back too match point oh my oh there you go Coupe smiled and chuckled though I wasn't sure if she was gonna give us a little look just such great work from regime in the backcourt though.

Oh Anna break the shake and bake complete again judging just doing a great job backing out of the way and letting her do her thing they are looking to tie this up there's the crazy eyes we need it oh man just.

I love it the yelling just the intense iconic so close to each other's faces two I mean I know the people would not be upset about some more pickleball yeah weird weird kind of ball trajectory on that Rob and almost kind of side spinning kind of hit that Frozen turned.

Left uh interesting Flight of the ball on that particular LOB ster so the match point is gone for coopen Johnson but they just regained it with that error into the net from Anna bright yeah and Georgia Johnson has left one or two high but had some incredibly offensive drops on her forehand side.

That have created some good offensive opportunities for her and her partner make sure the serve is in that time it's just uh just a little too far back from Coop who you know we talk about him stepping a foot or two off of the line with the bounce attacks I think a little too far back on that particular one oh my gosh.

ah I mean coop coop was in a horrible spot for about seven shots in a row and just great sustained pressure from jargine and bright nice nice hand from Georgia Johnson but I really like the move and I like the initial speed up that started that whole fire fight from the left-sided player.

And a bright no no qualms with that uh that combination in my book inside out Coop getting fired up there massive hold not allowing any points on the board for Brighton jersey regime they maintain gold medal Championship Match Point here no and they'll get it on the server turn.

Long from Simone Georgine but what a match what a game three here for Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson I mean tough coming out of that rain delay couldn't seal the deal in that second game between bright and Jersey but they are our silver medalist really nice matchup but.

Andrew Coop Georgia Johnson gold medalist here in Hilton Head we head to the Franklin studio and then back on court for our Men's Pro doubles gold medal match Dylan Frazier JW Johnson face deckle bar and DJ young right after this this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this.

Wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work.

foreign foreign.

Please fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop our gold medalists here in women's Pro doubles in Hilton Head I mean the big issue of course the rain delay right in the.

Middle of a big game two but very seems like to your advantage as you came out of that rain delay taking game two really quickly after Simone and Anna had a lot of momentum what were you guys thinking during that rain delay knowing that they kind of had gotten the best of you in that first game and were looking to do the same in game two that needed.

To be adjusted coming out of that delay you know we played them yesterday and Georgia and I probably played some of the best pickleball we're capable of playing and they didn't play so hot and I think Georgia would probably say the same that they came out today playing much better and we were not at our best but even when the rain came I think we.

Were down 7-2 in that game and it was six eight like I felt like we had momentum that we had we're figuring it out and playing better so the rain delay certainly maybe helped us but I also thought we were coming back there and I felt confident of where we were even then all right that was I mean again you know Anna and Simone very well tough.

Tough competitors did you feel like after the rain delay you come out you were able to really Implement your strategy well and get back to kind of what works so well for you yesterday defeating them the first time um well like Andrea said you know uh we definitely were making a comeback even before the rain delay and it helped that.

They came out a little colder than we did and um I dedicated yesterday's win to Boba and today I dedicate it to Pokey because that's what I ate in the rain delay I love it Adam Stone just making an appearance like he doesn't know what's going on just gotta crash the party over here he is he is new it's true Georgia.

All right let's bring in Ken Herman here with our trophy for our gold medalists you're shot there I know a little he's new here Andrea and Georgia great playing today the crowd was just so into the match you have a lot of fans here congratulations our gold medalist for the Hilton Head open well done both of you two all right any final shout outs.

Thank you to anyone Andrea before we head out uh no thanks everyone for being here who's watching and I guess the stream as well we have a lot of fans and we're grateful for them Georgia I'd like to thank my sponsors chicken and pickle and uh day one and Franklin and uh yeah I mean and Andrea know how good day one is.

So cheers to that all right let's hear it one more time for our gold medalist s all right our gentlemen take Court in their gold medal match right after this no time to waste under the sight inside into our wildest dreams follow me.

Into our wildest dreams thank you foreign foreign foreign.

foreign ER trust this will move yeah that's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false.

Nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it so you go all in stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sports sedan foreign foreign.

laughs foreign here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open.

Presented by Lexus on Deck is our gentleman's gold medal match but before we get into that we have our sunmed recovery point of the day happening in that ladies gold medal match and a bright Simoni georgin on the near end getting pushed off the line from Georgia Johnson and Andrea coop a lot of.

Firepower coming their way battle back couple good resets in the transition zone jerjim almost on the court get back up to that line start to apply some pressure themselves and Johnson into the net and a big giant yell from the ladies coming out on top of that and that was our sun Med.

Recovery point of the day as I mentioned gentlemen's doubles gold medal match coming up right now we have Dylan Fraser and JW Johnson coming through the top half of our bracket while deckle bar and DJ Young coming through bronze to get into this gold medal match we saw.

DJ young and ducklebar team up last week in Houston ultimately taking a silver medal getting double dipped but we saw them defeat dayesku and Yates in their semi-final match-up while Frazier and Johnson took out Wilson and eggnodewich then Frazier and Johnson had to face oh excuse me deasco and Yates defeating bar.

And young in their semifinal dropping them down where they had to defeat Rafa Hewitt and Joey Furious to get back into that bronze medal match where they then again faced diascu and Yates who got dropped down in the winter bracket final by Frasier and Johnson getting revenge in that match finding themselves here now in the gold so bar and Young.

Again tough road ahead of them they'll have to win the two out of three portion of this gold medal match as well as a tiebreaker match to 15 against the number one seated team Dylan Frazier 20 years old out of Ashland Missouri currently a full-time.

Student at the University of Missouri in his junior year J.W Johnson 19 years old in Boynton Beach Florida attended a tennis academy in his high school years ultimately thinking perhaps tennis was the way he wanted to go in his sporting career but during the pandemic found pickleball and decided that was a nice change that he.

Was looking for and we are thankful to have him we have DJ young 22 years old now in Dripping Springs Texas originally from Oceanside California grew up in Spain where he was a very high level junior tennis player and now one of the most entertaining and dynamic players on the pro circuit we.

Are rounded out here with decklebar 29 years old originally from Israel now also in Dripping Springs Texas along with DJ Young played some professional tennis attending college in Israel before coming to the states full-time only just a few years ago and we can credit Adam Stone next to me with deckle Bar's.

Pickleball career got him over to the dark side we appreciate it or should I say the good side the last one you saw the latter oh no just a just another pickleball point no big deal yeah not not anything.

Nothing happened too crazy yeah not any skills out there just ridiculous stuff from the guys Bob Swiss Helm our first referee Trish Winrow our second for this matchup yeah nice job there by JW Johnson handling the deckle bar drive and uh DJ young looking for this shake and bake towards the middle of the court but JW.

Putting that volley behind him yeah very yeah very nice from decal and the floating dink but I expect decal and myself have played JW and Dylan a lot and the middle is the safest place for the dinks I'll explain why after this point so we have Dylan Frazier with an amazing off of the bounce forehand attack and JW.

Johnson with an amazing backhand out of the air attack so that middle dinking is Young and bars attempt at neutralizing two of the biggest weapons on the other side exactly correct okay and we saw that JW Johnson backhand kind of jerk poke whatever you want to.

Call it either way it's a short backswing and a lot of power Johnson and Frazier have had a lot of success together played together many times very good friends off and on the court you can see them always smiling joking around love to see it keeps them nice and loose and relaxed.

Oh off the I mean that was literally off the body and came back over the net that's how hard decobar just hit that well what yeah that's it by DJ and uh not I wouldn't say a great spot anywhere to attack JW and Johnson but if you're gonna do it do it too high to his backhand side when he's leaning a little.

Uh to the middle uh looking for a forehand so great misdirection from DJ young to put that ball to the left side of JW Johnson's body points sales long and a free point yeah that's a that's I think that's two dink errors and a return error from JW we'll just chalk that up to the Johnson slow start.

There is the Baby Dill incredible off the bounce forehand attack and very much right there for the next ball to clean it up up the middle yeah nice scorpion from deckle bar half of a I wouldn't say rare but uh not too frequent forehand speed up from the middle from J.W Johnson.

Well known for one of the biggest serves in pickleball gets up on that tiptoe ballerina bar serve and you saw there a really uh I think under utilized skill JW Johnson looking to be aggressive with his court positioning in the middle knowing that his opponent neutralized it and then.

Leaving that ball for his partner who knows is behind him nice step back from DJ young kind of jamming up J.W Johnson around the upper chest area talk about that multiple times a lot of players cover stomach and the belly button but struggle to cover a little higher point so.

So declaren DJ young ultimately double dipped by Zayn navratil and J.W Johnson in that gold medal match but really liked the partnership from bar and young I think young can be a little volatile on court depending who he's playing with and I think decal bar is a really good partner to keep him grounded.

And very focused into the game there it is again DJ young catching JW on the left side of his body with a nice beforehand and able to put away the next ball JW Johnson is smiling in the middle of that rally he blocked that shot from Barr and had a huge grin on his face in the middle of that I love to see it.

Foreign wow great slide from DJ young knowing that's going to be their strategy when J.W Johnson gets an opportunity to poke that backhand out of the air DJ is going to slide to his right and decal is going to cover the middle we talked so much about Dylan Frazier he covers the body so well because.

Not coming from a tennis background he doesn't have to sort of get rid of any of those habits that came over from tennis and you mentioned how a little tougher for tennis players to block the body really nice balance of attacking with the forehand and not drawing trying to do too much early in this match from DJ.

Young on the right side keeps him grounded I really like the chemistry between the two of them five four one no offense you you two are also fabulous together oh just missed okay I kind of thought for a second it might have touched someone but uh just missing it long uh Dylan Fraser able to pull that paddle.

Back foreign ER who uh maybe not uncharacteristically but actually a better poacher off of good drops as opposed to drives interesting for the big man no I like I like what I like what's going on with DJ right now I like the sliding uh he's been even a couple of.

The ones that he missed he was on it so I like what I'm seeing from DJ young early in this matchup foreign that was probably one of I would say you know not a bad decision but one of the first questionable decisions on a speed up from DJ kind of funny thing four big strong athletic guys just dinking to the.

Middle dink into the middle point yeah deckle bar kind of going away from the pattern and pushing that dink wide to the forehand side of Dylan Frazier yeah it's a great spot from deckle bar when he steps to his left to hit that that forehand attack he very rarely hooks it to the right side of the person.

In front of his body usually goes at the left side player or to the middle sign up of course djang and deckle bar combined height of 14 feet maybe that's a lot so huge reach big wing span wow worked that time I'm not sure if that's.

A sustainable strategy to handle the Dylan Fraser forehand attack but certainly worked that time for the big man yeah slight miss it a little too much brush from DJ young gets a lot of rotation and spin on those drops but obviously a little higher risk when you're stroking it like he does.

Yeah so that's back to back kinda middle yellow range attacks from DJ young not bad just gotta keep that in check a little bit second server yeah good eye from Deco bar and a nice call from his partner DJ young who's just rocking a beautiful red v-neck side out.

Nice and you see DJ knowing that decal might attack instantly sitting on the backhand kind of disregarding that forehand side knowing that ball is going to go wide yeah there's that inside out forehand again from bar and uh I would say some uncharacteristic counter-attack misses in this game one from JW Johnson.

It's not a server eight six two oh missed return nine six two side out I had one I had an opportunity to show off the hand speed and I flubbed it that's why you're over here now I'm out there with Deco that's sad oh.

It'll be okay oh Deco mixing up his spots with the forehand rarely going at that right-sided player like I mentioned but he's put a couple to the middle a couple of JW and Johnson and now one at Dylan Frazier knew it was coming yeah exactly right and we've I think that's the second time we've seen the Scorpion from deckle bar.

I think uh last time out probably used it a little bit too much so we'll have to monitor that moving forward yeah tough break uh clipping the tape throwing off JW Johnson's Rhythm that ball getting a little bit behind him where obviously wanting to have that contact point out in front but the the net did not allow it.

Definitely saw some some words being moused by J.W Johnson after that wide a good angle uh from JW and and DJ young very much there but kind of ran out of room on the sideline yeah tough luck but a nice job decal attacking a low position he did have a window in the middle of the corba JW Johnson closing.

That window very quickly yeah JW muttering to himself he missed not not a terrible drive but he missed his spot for sure going to the decal bar forehand wow nice job kind of fortunate for decal to get that lob up as Dylan Frazier faked him out deckle going to the Scorpion and then Dylan Frazier pushing.

A dink behind him so great shot from Dylan and somehow deckle bar got back to neutral in that point say a server yeah tough luck uh we'll never know what would have happened but I know Deco would have hit it very hard possibly for a winner or possibly directly into the net all very possible options.

These that chords are just barely staying in each time and Bart and Young have themselves a game point and they will get it with a return long from JW Johnson just a few too many errors on their side of the net here in this first game so deckle bar and DJ young one step closer to forcing that.

Tiebreaker match to 15 we're back into the action right after this thank you foreign heart pounding design and intelligent technology courageous performance discover a new world of possibilities with a golden.

Take on the Lexus RX or lose your Edge red we are launching selker team which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by seller.

Welcome back everyone to our fourth gold medal match out of five here on Championship Sunday at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus Lauren McLaughlin and Adam Stone here Courtside for this men's bro doubles gold medal match and our final match following this in mixed doubles but we have JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier on the.

Near end for game two they take on decobar and DJ Young on the far end after Barr and young take game one they are one away from forcing that tiebreaker match to 15. we'll see if Frazier and Johnson can make some adjustments here clean up some of those errors we saw in game one and push this to a third game.

Yeah great spot uh nothing DJ young can do there sliding to his right but the previous dink too high and J.W Johnson pretzling up DJ with a nice backhand speed up can't go come on yeah there's a nice counter attack I like to see decal not go to the Scorpion there and just hit that heavy backhand counter baby don't.

Miss his spot trying to get it to the right side of the body of decal but unfortunately he put it in a spot where decal could could catch it with that heavy heavy backhand counter wow great recovery off that net and great recovery there as well I mean three insane cats from dackle bar within that one rally my goodness and.

That's deckable uh Dylan Fraser missed his spot on the previous point he hit that forehand bounce attack exactly where he