Welcome to the app sunmed Hilton Head open Dominic Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards we're here on Championship court number one Men's Pro doubles underway here Rafa Hewitt Joey farius taking on Deco bar and DJ Young all bar with the quick speed up there Chad yeah really good job by bar.

Dropping the paddlehead underneath and sliding it through that slot that uh Farris didn't come back and cover on return into the net from Young a nice little trigger pull there from DJ young Chad and we've seen that before from him and we've talked about it many times as we want that controlled aggression from DJ young yeah I think.

For both the young and ba that's what we've got to see you want him to be aggressive but you don't want to try and force the issue because they've certainly got plenty of power and and a little bit of finesse with with some some shot making there's that controlled aggression right there you take something off that gets.

It down at the feet of Rafa Hewitt heavy sub from bar gets all the way I mean he's 6'3 and then he's getting up on his tippy toes and getting as high as he can to hit through that ball yeah I'll talk about the serve and the spin serve going away in 2023 deckle bar doesn't need to change a thing he is all power no spin on it he's just coming.

Right at you oh nice coverage by Raffi Hewitt on the ATP there yeah he was he was a cross and he read that before Barr even made the decision to go he recognizing that that ball was going to go out past the Net post young with a little heat check right there seeing how aggressive he can being.

A ball off of shoe tops foreign from Hewitt but that time deckle bar not missing that put away chat yeah Bob made the adjustment on on that one uh it was more of like a setup around the post came back in paddle was already out in front where the one before it kind of surprised him when Hewitt got a back up.

At his body oh Joey ferius off the tape right there he's shaking his head because he knows he had one there yeah a little unlucky good coverage from Hewitt recognizing his ball was floating a little bit came back fun forehand Ferris tried to finish but just wide there from Deco bar on the.

Sideline Ferry is already standing out of bounds after his Ernie yeah Deco overran that one tough ball to try to bring back from behind your feet a little bit too ball too deep of a ball for Hewitt to try to drive on that one it was already back past his hips oh okay so bars had one three three atps.

Hewitt has covered all three of them but bar is only finished on one of them after the ATP just missing that sideline is furious and he's hands up in the air can't believe he missed that ball DJ didn't even pick up the paddle foreign s down the beautiful lob from DJ young.

Hewitt used the the fence to bounce himself back off getting that shot ball like a WWE wrestler off the roads in the ropes uh just kind of carried that ball on his pedal just a little too long and that's what Deco bar will live with right there Chad is he is gonna go for a serve he is gonna miss a couple but he's.

Willing to take that chance rare Miss on the cross court dink there from Rafa Hewitt the second server here one five foreign quick side out there for Barr and Young second time duckle barf tried that sideline and missed that ball stayed down didn't even come.

Up Chad we've seen that this weekend so far a lot of balls just dying I mean is it a court ball weather a lot comes into play wow that's a beautiful lot as he Paints the Baseline perfectly disguised as well made it look like he was going back Cross Court textbook offensive LOB.

That's good drive right there from Rafi who why is he so successful with that drive Chad oh he's got heavy heavy Top Spin on him and we saw some of it yesterday when we're over on cc2 those Bulls are a couple inches above the net but just die once they get over it's so hard to make that adjustment oh.

Chad you and I have known Joey for a long time he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve and there shows off one of them with that little two-hander down the middle yeah I like how much that two-hand roll has come into play on both the men and women's side now I like that attack though from Rafa Hugh he's on his front foot coming in moving.

Forward putting pressure on but takes a little off it too to keep that in yeah and and we've seen DJ young is one of those guys where you can't give him a ball into his body your most most guys you want to jam him in the body DJ is rock solid into the body so in order to beat him with hands you've got to get him outstretched a.

Little bit more right he's backwards to a typical player right that you'd want to let them you know you want to jam them up DJ young you do not oh and then radon Q is he fully extends and just lets that ball travel goes right down the line it's a nice little run here from Hewitt.

And ferius getting right back in this oh wow so there are two I thought Joey was gonna put Furious was gonna punish the first one he doesn't yeah a net chord and then into the net ball just out on the Cross Court from Hewitt wow that ball just caught I thought that was going a foot out right there we've.

Seen a couple of times Young kind of lifting that forehand a little too much balls floating but he was there to counter attack just caught running through that drive three nine well good leave right there for Ferris tough attack Cross Court a speed up from bar yeah I'd like to see if that's that.

Same ball again more of a roll back across the body you're trying to speed up short court and Joey just moves that left shoulder oh DJ young flying across full movement big forehand oh uncharacteristic Miss from DJ young that's his favorite kind of forehand role right there body falling back a.

Little bit legs staying straight yeah right there and it's Joey just getting a little slippery right there and that's what he does almost looks like he was gonna go hard cross court again and then just slows up loosens up that grip and goes right at DJ foreign spot from Young down the line Chad.

Yeah I think we'll see more of a progression from Young that he's he's it's something definitely we talk about as that can controlled aggression but he's now starting to hit spots he's changing speeds yeah and then there's that flat pancake right there and he when he's hot Chad he's one of the best players on the.

Court no matter who he's got on the other side of the net game point here oh no unforced error from Furious and it'll be a bar and young victory 11-6 in game number one we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back here on Championship court number one game number two coming at you from the app.

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foreign foreign.

welcome back to Championship core one here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open game number two coming at you game one going to DJ young and Deco bar 11-6 over Hewitt and ferius Rafa Hewitt to serve to start game number two thank you wow nice hands by all four of these.

Gentlemen it's just it's got a little chaotic there for a minute yeah I mean that was a tough read of that ball coming off of boz paddle I thought he was going middle Joey thought he was going middle for for sure and then it just slid across his body a young can't believe he missed that one good nice deep return there from various.

Puts bar on his heels we trade side house early in game two no rhythm just yet here Chad no they've had some some flashes of of really good play but young and Bach keeping them off balance nice ball and reaching right there from DJ young and that is when he is playing well doesn't try and do too much with.

That it's at about 50 percent oh it's just so big and there's nothing to go down the line no you can't go down the line if ba has even split the center line and it certainly if he's left of the center line forget about it he's One Step jump the kitchen oh it goes twice to the same spot but DJ.

Played that ball um I mean that ball almost hit the side Franklin sign nice counter from Rafa Hewitt using bars pace another really good spot from Bob they're both young and ba not trying to over hit those rolls just take it nice and early paddlehead underneath accelerating through and creating that.

Heavy spin oh I like that post from Hewitt reading it nicely yeah when he's on that's that's his move right there he's he's able to be explosive snap that wrist coming through double up on the Ernie right there from duckle bar good dig from huge on the first though.

One one oh again right there a little change up down the line from young finds the spot and a 2-1 lead for Baron Young wow I mean he's on the move but the quietness of his hands right he doesn't take a big swing yeah he gets in trouble when he takes too big of a swing but.

Right there he stays nice and short he's even though he's he's kind of circling the court for my money yeah he's got the serve dialed in right now and various questioning with our referee and how high his service.

Yeah a nice counter from Hewitt yeah he was knew it's trying to get himself fired up right here decal and Hewitt kind of chirping back a little bit before that last serve nice hands by again all four of these gentlemen but just a little too much bar and Young one more here come on yes.

6 22. no they're both sailing too deep Barry's trying to put the pressure on and get young into the body as it was moving forward but DJ Making a good move getting out of the way nice run there from Young and bar though taking a 7-1 lead here in game number.

Two seven one oh nice the tomahawk finished there from Rafa Hewitt getting on top of that with the big left hand yeah nice ball right there from various and young looks over at bar going I don't know how that stayed in yeah a little little eye roll I don't know how.

That one stayed in awe that's it good spin from Ferris with that gearbox paddle oh and they just continuing to go right at the body of Deco bar the third one works for furious wow oh my gosh I mean it looks like DJ young punched that ball I don't think that was all.

Hand all hand it jumped up it jumped up off the net chord and a winner hand winner for DJ Young oh not that time half matrix by Farris to duck out of the way yeah oh nice work from Young and guard to get back up to the kitchen line get in that point Chad yeah good counter.

Attack there from Young Bob just sitting with that pancake that's that's become a big part of his game create so much power from such a little swing yep scorpion getting down just ready to attack from that squatted.

Position as bar yeah he went back into that pancake position and then with that ball kicking up off of the neck called was able to bring the hand up fast enough big finish from Ferris no no joke when Joey's gonna hit a ball it's gonna be hard Joey's got great power.

A tennis background a little too cute there from bar yeah I kind of tried to shape it too much I'm sorry I'm just circle underneath the ball not a thumb surface or broccoli going come on DJ DJ asking if our referee saw that yeah oh nice little run here from Hewitt and farius right back in this.

Second game here trying to force a third game so we're seven nine one quarterfinal match up here Chad what's been the Difference Maker for Ferris and Hewitt here to kind of get on this run get back in the second game no I like the pressure that Hewitt and fairies uh started applying once.

That lead uh kind of got away from them a little bit so you know bar and young can be susceptible to some of that speed up and we see it with a lot of a lot of players that are aggressive plays themselves uh if you can pull a trigger and get them on the defensive early it takes them out of their their comfort zone and what we've seen and we see it.

Quite often with bars when he's using his legs and he's getting down really really difficult to beat but then he starts standing up tall straight legs that ball gets tied into his body and that's where this role has started coming you're you're Young's very flat bars very flat right now and and Ferris in Hewitt are.

Really feeding off of this you are trying to sell it that DJ Young put a hand on it and DJ young goes nope never oh he would miss hits that little backhand punch but a good run there from Hewitt and fairy is right back in this 9-8 wow that's just a great shot there from.

DJ young inside out yeah it makes the the same motion lays the hand back a little bit more hitting the inside part of the ball and changing direction and big third shot drive there from deckle bar and bar and young will move on 11-6 11-8 move into the semifinals Furious and Hewitt will drop down they.

Got some work to do but we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll speak with Deco bar and DJ young about that Victory here on Championship court at the app sunmed Hilton Head open foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this.

Wrench was turned this line was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work oh.

My God there's only one window only one fruit smash super hot salsa with real juice it's party juice foreign.

thank you foreign welcome back to the app sunmed Hilton Head open I'm with Deco Barr DJ young after their victory over Rafa Hewitt and Joey farius Doug I'll start with you.

Game one you like to go third shot drive a lot it looked like you were going third shot drop a little more what was the game plan there in that first game I just kind of to get settled in a little bit more uh balls are pretty hard so I gotta adjust a little bit maybe just to get in the kitchen a little bit more we liked our our style there against them.

So to keep it a bit slower and take our spots uh in the kitchen and DJ we've always talked about which DJ is going to show up and recently it's been the really good DJ that we talk about where you are playing very controlled yet aggressive playing with Echo bar him setting you up like that how does it feel to play next to him with your.

Aggression yeah I know I think it's great I mean we get along really well well obviously we practice with each other quite a bit and he uh he actually had the idea of me just being a right side demon so you know just the forehand rolls the forehand thirds just kind of like unbeatable at this point some people call me calling John's um you.

Know I don't know I'm having a good time he's hanging out in the right you know playing with someone like Deco so hopefully we'll uh we'll keep it going all right well DJ young decobar moving on to the semifinals we're gonna take a quick break when we come back women's Pro doubles here on Championship court at the app sunmed Hilton Head open right.

Side demon foreign foreign foreign ER trust this will move.

That's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it do you stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sports sedan back here on Championship Court Dominic Catalano alongside me is Chad Edwards we.

Are here at the head pregame show Even after our first match but we'll get this in we want to talk a little bit about what we got coming up in store for you today Chad let's start with the guys we just had a quarterfinal matchup bar and young Hewitt and ferius on that guy side of the bracket what are you looking at as as some maybe two or three contenders.

Going into later on this evening oh that's that's a tough one I mean you know you've got uh JW and Dylan playing together two explosive guys yo I don't know if uh both of them were a little little tied from Singles uh on Thursday but they're a little flattered today I was watching them earlier this.

Morning uh they dropped their first game nine eleven but then come back 11-11 but then they they they turn it back on um you know we just saw Declan and DJ young uh unfortunately losing in the in the uh in the final in Houston last week but they they made a good run I'd expected them to make a a good run again this week I I got one team that I kind.

Of want to work for Thomas Wilson James ignatowicz yes that team yeah right there a lot of Firepower a lot of a lot of kind of excitement and a new partnership oh I was talking to Thomas when I came in this one he's like you know what I love playing with James he's like I don't even need caffeine because James is like so high energy and Thomas.

Is like I'm just I'm just feeding off of this so you know I think the the the men's side is is a really really uh difficult one to pick uh because it is it is pretty pretty deep and and it just it's all going to come down to the matchups with within each game and if you give you know any of those three teams that we just talked about if you.

Give any of them like a little bit of a lead it's really hard to come back and and close that distance all right and then let's switch gears over to the women's side of things we have our next match up here on Championship court on the women's side of things we're going to get a chance to see the number one seed Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop.

Other than them Chad who has a chance to punch their ticket to Championship Sunday yeah I was gonna say you know Georgia and Coop are going to be really really tough team uh to beat uh judging a bright new partnership today playing and going out Simone was was pretty flat yesterday and and mixed uh so she'll be she'll be looking to pick it up.

Um yo David and kah have have the ability to to kind of throw a wrench in there and upset some teams um yo I don't see them going kind of into the the semis or or winners bracket final but they've got the potential to upset somebody especially with how well Vivian David's been playing.

And and my sleeper team on that side I go Thomas ignato which on the men's side on the women's side I go remendsi Esquivel yeah it's which it's who shows up on the court yes okay and we talk about it with DJ young all the time which one shows up and it's a good DJ young I know in my interview I said that to him which one shows up and if the one.

Shows up that just played he's good same thing on the side with both romanzi and Esquivel if they're both playing well as a seven seed yeah that's very deceiving because those two are are great ball Strikers good control great Defenders and can really do some damage as a seven seed all right looks like we are just about.

Set ladies ready looks like Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop are set Georgia Johnson Andrea Coop will be matching up against Blanca Carvajal Lane and Ava rodzikowska rodzikowska and Alabama took a gold medal I believe it was yes um yeah first uh first pro tournament yep right and you know first.

Uh first pro singles yep and I watched a little of that match and it was incredible great ball Striker uh we'll see how it all kind of relates on the double side of things so Carvajal Lane and Rod zakowska coming in as your 17th seed they took out Ryan Foster and Megan Hall 11 4 11 8 in the first round this is the first match for.

Georgia Johnson and Andrea coop players are just about ready to get going predictions in this one Chad very this is going to be a difficult one to predict as a feeling out process I think on both sides of the net yeah Coop and and Johnson I don't think they've seen either of these two uh or played against them in in previous.

Tournaments um and we haven't seen much of them them either so I think I think Coop and Johnson are gonna be two you know too strong for for them but like we saw yesterday is that first round buy is extremely extremely tough.

Especially in the in the first game of finding the Rhythm and and going through I think Coop and Johnson are going to do a better job uh than most as as far as finding that rhythm but uh yeah this this first this first game at least is is going to be pretty interesting rajakowska like you said is an extremely.

Clean ball Striker you can see the the tennis background in her game and I that's kind of why she had some success in in singles he obviously doubles is a total different animal for for the tennis players when they come over I'm gonna look I think for Coop and Johnson to be aggressive early try and.

Set the tone see if they can put some pressure on carbajal Lane and rodzikowska it'll be Carvajal Lane to serve to start here oh I think that bowl was going out I almost looked like Johnson was trying to get her pedal down and couldn't get it.

Down fast enough but on the far end or on the far end Carvajal Lane in the pink types rogerkowska all black Georgia Johnson in the floral hat on the near side Andrea coop in the visor on the near side out zero one one.

Point a good ball from Georgia Johnson again we've talked about it Chad Georgia Johnson probably one of the better third shot drops in the game very aggressive third shot drop and a great drive on cue right there yeah she she actually rolled that one a little bit more it typically George's drives are pretty flat but she's.

Starting to add more topspin on that forehand side a little wide there from Johnson but yeah you're right Chad that last drive has had some shape on it something we don't see a lot from Georgia Johnson oh boy all right.

I couldn't tell from this this side whether that ball landed in but um yeah a good Top Spin drive on that that fifth as well oh what's the second ball that Johnson's messed up high but yeah that's the aggression that you were talking about coming coming out for for Coop and.

Johnson really good forehand from from Johnson's and coop is so strong on the two-hand backhand just got to move her feet she was planted and reaching for that ball gotta move your feet get to that ball a little long on the forehand volley from Johnson.

Foreign the body movement for for Reds at Casco you can still see that that tennis background and she turns her body a lot when she's when she's moving forward nice angle there from Rod zakowska but go ahead finish on what you're doing yeah I just I just think we've seen a couple of Misses from her with with you.

Know pickleball we've got a little bit more of an open stance or semi-opened not as much clothes off um so that'd be something for for her looking forward going as as she progresses in in pickleball is fixing that footwork but we've seen Johnson kind of overswing on a few forehands on.

Those balls that are up doesn't certainly doesn't have that feel on the forehand side right now all right must run in the family J.W Johnson typically a slow starter in his first game as well Johnson not struggling but it's not playing as crisp as she'd like right now watch your lips don't look now.

Rod zakowska and Carvajal with a lead here in game number one Chad that's why we don't play to four a little big Chad yeah and that's part of the body tone again so I I like the ton and the draw and and the way she drives the ball from the Baseline but right there full turn that ball gets too deep into the body.

And you don't have as much time to get it up like you do from the Baseline I see Carvajal too she's doing the same thing right yeah it's a good roll right there very nice control two-point lead here for Carvajal and Rod zakowska good pressure there from Johnson and.

Coop yeah that was a good adjustment from Johnson on on the final forehand there keeping the paddle out in front taking that ball earlier the ones that she's missed have gotten back behind the hips and there's the movement that we need from Coop and Johnson need to go side to side inside out.

Keep rodzikowska and carbajal Lane guessing all right Carlos there yeah she's there she's got good body positioning but when Johnson's feeling and she and her timings down where we've seen the last couple of forehands really really tough to beat her in that forehand battle.

Ah some balls right now Carvajal Lane and Rod zakowska are gonna want back here yeah Johnson just too good setting up that point on her own you're laughing Chad no I mean it's like I said you get a ball up to Johnson's forehand and she popped that that backhand roll up a little bit but she recognized that.

Carvajal was going to attack she's right there and I mean that Ball's explosive coming off of her paddle wow nice drop again radar cue again we talked about her third shot drop it's so good so much pressure with it what now off the tape over the paddle of carbajal Lane and a timeout here from.

Carbajal Lane and Rod zakowska 9-5 lead for Johnson and Coop what changed Chad because Carvajal Lane and rodzakowska had some momentum there at 5'4 yeah I mean a five-point swing right there um Johnson cleaned up the the forehand misses started putting more more pressure on that.

And I think like I said the the first game when you're coming off of that buy um it it's hard to get that Rhythm you know and we we get halfway through game one and and Coop and Johnson kind of well they had a couple of errors in there found the Rhythm and and now they're just they're just rolling with it yeah.

Johnson missed some forehands early it's kind of fixed that and tune that in them and it's a 9-5 lead here for Johnson and Coop game number one wow Carvajal Lane got a little out of sorts on that one she went down real low to try and block that but couldn't do much with it game point here for.

Coop and Johnson that will do it and it's at 11-5 Victory for Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop game one here second round women's Pro doubles we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game two for you here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open foreign.

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Thank you foreign South Carolina app sunmed Hilton Hilton Head open game number two women's Pro doubles Andrea Coop Georgia Johnson taking game one 11-5 point oh that's a couple right there.

Chad that carbajal lane has missed just like that yeah she's just come the the ones that she's missing to the top of the neck chord there she's coming in a little flat she's got to get the paddlehead underneath the ball a fraction more and she'll have a good roll and I I do like her positioning right.

She gets nice and low tries to get top or get underneath that ball roll it in but she's just making just a couple yeah and that's not a ball that that you're going to be able to keep them back on once that ball is below the net Johnson's crashing hard we see it again right we're not cute and it it's something that that you've got to.

Recognize as you're going into it once that ball gets below the net now I'm trying to think about creating an angle don't try to go back through the middle of the court or keep them back not gonna happen you're just going to feed that those players coming forward and this is a quick 4-0 lead here for Coop and Johnson.

That almost got red zakowska's ponytail your point zero four one Rod's Cask almost has The Deco bar mentality of let's drive this third gain some ground drop my fifth I like that because it gives her an easier drop oh ball got right in on rodzakowska's.

Body nothing she could do with it side out and just tried to swat it away I like it from Coop yeah I like her trying to trying to get the the feel for that crash it's getting a little too big just again continued pressure from Coop and Johnson and a little bit of a mishit from Coop on that one.

Uh kind of threw off the timing of cabochal but slow the momentum down here a little bit for red zikowska and kava Hall but if you if you look at the the two different teams right now Coop and Johnson are moving the ball around they're moving red cowskin and Cava Hall they're they're never set.

They're they're controlling it from the start whereas whereas Coop and Johnson are are basically set when they're getting to that bowl they're they're recognizing they're executing well hold the dig out of here for Carvajal Lane and Rod zakowska down seven paddle.

Oh Coop wasn't having any of it she got a little frustrated that she got that uh carved Halloween got two of those back yeah I mean good good pressure from Coop and and she's not gonna let you get away with the ball up to her forehand either oh as soon as it came off her paddle she stood straight up going I can't believe I hit that out.

Seven one one a good spot right there from rodzikowska getting that ball away from Johnson finally yeah no nothing happened right there no you're in trouble once that once Georgia stepped in and started ripping those forehands you're in trouble.

Eight one two wow I mean just when you think she's not gonna be able to get much on it Johnson gets so loose with that wrist to roll that yeah I mean it's it's a perfect role again we see we see the extension out in front paddlehead drops under it and it's good strength from from the hand wrist.

And forearm but but again it's you know Coop and Johnson they're they're hitting and their feet are set and and they're not pressured you see kalahalla and red casket there always moving they've got so much pressure onto them and it's so on them and it's so much more difficult to keep that ball down when when you're trying to hit with your feet moving.

Right and when rogerkowski gets Cross Court when she's on that lap keeps going back hard Cross Court instead of going Cross Court cross court maybe go middle maybe go flat down the line but what it does is it keeps Coop and Johnson in the same position yeah it doesn't move them enough and what you're seeing on the counter side of that is Johnson and Coop.

Will continue to move that ball around like you just said as we come back in it is a 9-1 lead here for Johnson and coop wow she gets into it and she is right there just in a beautiful squad she's all small she's all smiles right now I love it right there great replay great job by our crew here on the cameras.

Oh and then Johnson goes flip two-hand backhand down the middle and that'll do it game number two to Johnson and coop carbajal and Lane are no team to be messed with Chad we know that obviously here they played a great match you just run into the one seed here early on it's 11-5 victory for Georgia Johnson and Andrea Cooper take a commercial break.

When we come back I'll talk with Johnson and Coop about that Victory here at the app Sun Matt Hilton Head open oh I don't know first which is like these distant Roars in the dark you know but then they started getting closer and closer and that's when I saw it this was no pair it.

Was like a pear squash and that's over now what Dad what's a bear Squatch it's a cross between a bear and a SAS it's made up capability comes responsibility the legendary Lexus GX with Apple carplay support he's usually sleeping he'll never sleep again.

foreign go back here at the app Sun Matt Hilton Head open presented by Lexus I'm with Georgia Johnson Andrew Coop second round Victory but first round for you guys as.

You came off a buy George I'll start with you came out a little slow made a couple mistakes early but fixed it in game number one what's a Difference Maker against a team that you really aren't as familiar with uh I think that you just gotta stick to the basics uh before you feel them out and then you can start to play more into your game.

Style once you know the whatever sides you want to be on or uh where you want to return things like that so it's really just like first round issues um they're a good team but uh pulled out a win all right Andrea it looked like you guys kind of had a game plan um you moved them around a lot and it seemed like they were kind of bothered.

By that a little bit was it a game plan you guys had going in not particular for them I just think that's how we want to play um George is so great at creating space for herself and I just want to get out of her way and let her do it all right well Andrea Coop Georgia Johnson moving on to the quarterfinals we have a men's.

Pro doubles matchup here on Championship Court coming at you next from the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus oh foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

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it's only one heart pounding design intelligent technology discover a new world of possibilities with a whole new take on the Lexus RX never lose your Edge.

Laughs back here Hilton Head Island South Carolina app Sun Med Hilton Head open presented by Lexus Dominic Catalano alongside Chad Edwards we've got a men's Pro doubles matchup for you here on Championship court number one quarterfinal matchup Dylan Frazier J.W Johnson taking on.

Gabriel tardio and Shelton Jean Baptiste aka the Unicorn will be a good one here both of these teams in that second round being taken to three games we chatted a little bit about it Chad the Dylan Frazier JW Johnson match against cus miter and Newman they started off slow drop that first game 9-11 and then won.

11-11-6 now the next match of that tardio and Jean-Baptiste had they played staxrude and Arnold that was going on right behind us over here we were watching before we went live a nail biter 11 5 10 12 11 7. but what are you looking for out of this matchup with these four gentlemen I mean you've got three got well full.

Guys on the court right here that can create something from from nothing it's audio probably uh one of the should I say uh most explosive plays that not everybody has had a chance to to watch uh definitely coming on stronger stronger now yo Frazier and Johnson.

A very tough matchup for uh tario and and Baptiste but you know Shelton has the ability to to create some some Mayhem in there he's he's a little unorthodox as far as a lot of his Strokes he's probably you know the the first guy that we've seen now tadio sent it to a different level but coming.

Across on the backhand side dropping it down and then flicking a forehand tario just explodes it even more but but Shelton was was one of the first guys or if not the first guy that I saw do that shot um you know I just think Johnson and Frazier are going to be a little too strong.

Zero zero two three of these guys play against each other all the time so I'm I'm expecting a little bit of chopping in this one I know a quick side out for tardio and Jean-Baptiste zero zero one right there inserting himself early is Jean-Baptiste taking over that.

Middle one zero one we had Kathy Dimitri getting getting fired up for the day oh and I think because of the movement of Jean-Baptiste Frazier double pumped on that you you're not here no I'm like very rarely do you see somebody step in front of tadio a bit but that piece has done a.

Couple of times he's executed really well Johnson almost took out Dylan Frazier with that overhead pull this paddle back just in time oh and Dylan Frazier with a foot fault and then early lead we'll see it right here as well clear as day great work again by our camera crew.

Catching that 3-0 lead for tardio and John Baptiste oh he reads reads it perfectly can't get on top of that yeah I like the crush I just don't think he needs to go that hard tadio with a really good drive yeah yeah too strong too strong with that region from JW and you'll see him speed up from that backhand side much.

More than he will from the forehand side he just full reach full extension quick snap of the rest that's a nice two-hander down the line from tardio coming right at you set up like he's going cross-court I mean Fraser paddle down feet not moving.

That's a good third shot drive there from Johnson again at probably 70 80 percent but that's what creates that shape wow I mean he's he's getting balls off balance yeah good put away from betus right there uh I mean tatio's tricky man he's like why did I why did I drive it.

That way yeah definitely driving Cross Court you're giving your opponents more time to react there it was right on cue Chad that little hold it going for the backhand flip it to the forehand and accelerate slide out two four one.

Second sir just wide on that reset from Frazier two four two two four hole for Frazier and Johnson yeah and the key is you have to force JW Johnson to play the ball off the bounce if he's able to take a ball out of the air you don't know what to expect because he can do so much with it.

Wow he's just smiling all the way to the bank with that shot right there and it's 4-4 yeah good step in drive from Johnson Baptist can't try to go too big with that false shot wow what a counter from Dylan Frazier and that 4-2 lead for tardio and Jean-Baptiste gone five four two one point lead for.

Frazier and Johnson yeah nice read from tardio he's seen that a couple times in practice yeah I've seen that plenty of times and he's got super fast hands four five one all three all four of these guys can generate pal from very short swings oh oh that just like you said little talking back and forth with.

Tardio and Johnson four five two a little wide down there sideline Johnson and Frazier just like a Saturday stroll in the park right now these guys are just laughing nice finish from Jean-Baptiste I mean how about to get from tadio on this speed up change his Direction with it.

Slides it off the paddle just missed that yeah I like to speed up from Frasier good one two punch but just a little late on that backhand again off the tape right there just sailing wide all tied at five five one.

And I I don't see the point of what tardio was doing right there he was attacking a ball coming up charging on the ball is high trying trying to get Johnson to you get caught off by his movement but just opened himself up as a Target oh these guys just.

You're watching them it's like you in the booth yesterday just cackling laughing all day having too much fun having a good time having a good time yeah oh just the little almost stare down from Johnson going okay what are you doing right here because that is not gonna work with that big overhead six five one.

Foreign just trying to do a little too much uh but again when you when you're practicing against the with with the same guys and you're playing against some energy you've seen Tendencies you almost know what shot they're going to hit before they hit it.

Casual right there with the overhead foreign Johnson and Frazier in control here game number one quarterfinal matchup Men's Pro doubles I love watching JW when uh when he misses a ball he emails some of the funniest stuff well that's the thing too is like he.

That's one of his strengths is that he believes that he shouldn't miss any of those right he believes that he shouldn't miss anything good pressure from Frazier on the cross court dink oh nice angle right there from Frazier it looked like he's gonna pound that.

Hard like flat but then he goes backside a little inside out yeah and Frazier's one of those guys that does extremely well on the left and the right what another good quick speed up from Fraser disguising it well going straight into the body of tadio Frasier makes a face because I can't.

Believe he blew that great play there from tardio on the coverage nine five two slide up and on the good ball from Betis with the Inside Out forehand pushing back deep to Johnson's backhand Claudio and about two staying in this switch now.

Nice job oh look tardio giving Johnson a little smile right there he got a little scorpion in him right there just dropped down and got really low and got on top of that speed up from J.W Johnson second third what's the mistake there Chad now it's audio just tried to do too much with that ball cut it cut off the swing he.

Really tried to to rip up on it to create more spin but ended up cutting it off later it's right there Chad come on Chad Chad Chad can't do it one more there's another one up there it's right there yeah that one right there get it get it Chad.

The the heavy breathing that's Chad trying to get a boss on top of the tent I couldn't get through it sorry sorry people at home but we got it everything's under control and he's safe comments peanut gallery over here talking to us as we're watching.

962 9-6 lead here Frazier and Johnson been stuck on nine here for a couple last thing you want to do against a team like tardio and John Baptiste who can streak a couple together here Chad what again good pressure from baptism you don't he's not hitting many many backhand dinks on on that uh left side he's really running around them.

And it puts a lot more pressure when you're accelerating through that full hole audio didn't need to move on that one no not unless he was gonna attack and it wasn't a ball he could attack oh they get one back now within two that's a little awkward position that John Baptiste gets in here.

Almost gets that nice hands there from Jean-Baptiste and tardio again it's the familiarity Chad I think most players aren't going to get some of those balls but tardio very familiar with Johnson's game wait well that's tough gotta make those right there when the opportunity.

Presents itself yeah tadio is frustrated with himself he read it well saw the Johnson speed up game point number one and game point is a winner there for Frazier and Johnson so an 11-7 victory for Johnson and Frazier game one this quarterfinal matchup will take a quick commercial break game two on the other side here at.

The app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Alexis foreign foreign intelligent technology ages performance discover a new world of possibilities with a golden take on the Lexus RX never lose your Edge.

We are launching Selkirk team which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7 pickleball proudly brought to you by Selma game two quarter final match up here on Championship Court Dominic Catalano alongside Chad Edwards on the call for.

You guys here all day men's and women's Pro doubles game one going to Gabriel or excuse me Dylan Fraser and J.W Johnson 11-7 cardio and Jean-Baptiste looking to even up and force a game three balls out that was actually a really smart move by J.W Johnson there he he saw Baptiste was out defending that so.

He actually hit it a little bit higher than what he normally would that ball probably wouldn't have gone in the court but because Baptiste was down low defending it forced him to come up and pop that ball up and out foreign he sat out on the sideline just ducked down put his paddle up over the net and.

Was like go ahead Frazier hit it one zero one foreign way out in front of it one zero two nice bulb right there from Jean-Baptiste as he sees Johnson about to pull the trigger backs up a little bit gives himself some space yeah and and that's JW speed up right there full extension so he's not gonna.

Not Gonna Hurt You by going soft so step back again oh yeah I just miss hit it yeah not able to get a good paddle on it but you see Johnson Reach Out full extension man take a take a step back to give yourself a little bit more time to reset if he goes soft you got time to react oh just his reach is just so good and.

What he can actually do with it yeah his ability to control the ball at full extension is so much more Advance the majority of players can do again it's just you can't let it go because he's not hitting it hard enough to it's going to go out yeah you have to play it it'll end up rolling in the back.

But you know I'm just saying if if we have an amateur play trying to do that full extension flick with the hand that ball is going 10 feet out or popping straight up what right off his paddle tardio knew that ball was going along and it's a 3-0 lead for Johnson and Frazier early.

Game two off the tape out second server here for Frasier Johnson what he changes up the spot each time so he recognized that Baptiste was starting to read that speed up so now coming across body we've seen another speech up the switch.

Up from cardio and Baptiste they're just getting everything back to Chad and she's forcing pressure on John Baptiste centaurio 502 the two guys that hit that shot and Johnson's like hey I can do it too well unfortunately he tried to rush through.

It that's there for Jean-Baptiste but the idea is there the execution not oh Tar Heel with a yes off the tape he'll take it see how quick and short oh a little wide right there from tardio he got out in front of it actually yeah he was anticipating something coming a.

Lot harder so trying to counter-attack that this change of speed he was way out in front oh Jean-Baptiste cleared himself but really couldn't do much with it because he's fully extended watch where he jumps from very hard position to do anything with.

There's that misdirect right there that we talked about before the game even started and we haven't seen much of it from Jean-Baptiste six one two two good right there from Johnson again just waiting patiently that ball definitely high enough for him to attack and the smile of the boot.

Seven one two point lead for Johnson and Frazier big eye roll from Johnson there didn't even get the arms going to try to try to help with the lift nice pressure there from tardio again tadio just needs to get a set up a little earlier there late for paddle.

Preparation standing a little too tall all comes out flat oh that ball stays in I think got a yes out of Johnson right there it's already I can't believe it's shaking his head Guy Fieri on the sideline likes it Oh I thought it was just out of his reach.

We were talking inches that he was not able to get that ball eight two one on the attempted Ernie just inside out a little roll forehand phrase is a little been a little flat the last last couple of points nine two two and again right on cue that flatness.

Continues 291 wait a couple of arrows creeping in for Johnson and Frasier but still 391 relatively Lads lead at six oh I mean even an awkward ball Frasier able to get that ball get on top.

Of it put it down 319 right now nobody saw that we're fighting that ball and neither one of us came up with it oh I love it it's audio chops back every time JW tries it tries to do something towards him.

With hands from Jean-Baptiste oh and tardio reads that one too but again we talked yesterday about the jumping right as soon as you jump you get on top of that ball yeah I mean it's just fading them into it and it'll be a Frazier Johnson victory 11-7 11-3 in this quarterfinal matchup they'll move on to the semifinals take a.

Quick commercial break here from Frazier and Johnson right after this at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus foreign foreign.

Foreign through this fruit smash super hot sells you with real Jewels it's party juice foreign.

Foreign foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this.

Wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work welcome back to the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus JW Johnson.

Dylan Frazier with me victory over Gabe tardio and Shelton Jean Baptiste JW I'll start with you going against someone very familiar you are with is Gabriel tardio you know his game you practice with him what's the game plan against someone you are that familiar with well really just try to go at game as much as possible and then try to do his tornado.

Shot that he usually does I tried it one time obviously that did not work he even let me know that was not going to work against him and other than that just try and earning as much as his balls as possible and Dylan I was talking to you guys off camera you guys were having a blast that whole match it was like Smiles all over.

The place how do you guys though stay focused to try and move on here even after cruising 11 7 11 1. yeah stuff you definitely have to buckle down focus at times and and kind of let the other stuff go but but at the same time I feel like joking around and laughing every once in a while helps kind of helps keep you loose.

And relaxed and nuts and stuff so I think I think it goes both ways all right well Dylan Fraser JW Johnson moving on to the semifinals we'll see them probably shortly we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back women's Pro doubles here on Championship court at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus.

thank you foreign.

Thank you thank you foreign only one.

Foreign my crypto's down no coiner trust this'll move yes 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the.

Limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it until you go all in stick it in the audience camera welcome back to Hilton Head South Carolina we are here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus let's take a look at the app top 10 list for ladies.

One and two Andrea Coop Georgia Johnson teaming up today they are our one seed Lee Whitwell playing with Olivia McMillan today with well eight on that list the rest of that list Chad is All In Action today so all top 10 ladies are here they're playing all battling Lee Whitwell and just comedy mode as always.

In front of us number eight player on that top ten list but a good match up here between Andrew Coop Georgia Johnson Lee Whitwell Olivia McMillan Chad explain here too we have a dynamic of this match right the dynamic I'm talking about is two righties versus two lefties so what is the Difference Maker.

Here in a match like that yeah the hard thing that's going to be for uh Johnson and Cube Johnson and Coop to start off with is you have to remember that that you've got two lefties there because a lot of times you get so used to playing against a right-hander and and you know you might be isolating a backhand or.

Something and then all of a sudden you're feeding forehand so or or if there's you know a Rottie Lefty combination you're keeping more balls away from the middle because you're staying away from that forehand so going into this very rarely do we see two lefties playing together um and and two lefties that have the.

Ability to create a little bit of of Havoc with their with their speed UPS as well or your Whitwell probably has the biggest overhead oh my gosh yeah uh for from anybody on on the tour so yo again I think Coop and Johnson are just going to be too strong but it'll come down to how how quickly they can make.

Their adjustment we saw it took about half a game for their for that last one for them to make that adjustment a spot in the semifinals on the line oh Coop does not get on top of that she looks down I think she almost thought about letting that ball drop yeah it looked like she was just drifting with it I think she was.

Trying to figure out whether that ball was going to go out or stay in and made the decision late Coupe two unforced errors back to back right there she'll fix that quickly here one one one and that's the side that I'm gonna be most interested to see both McMillan and Whitwell play is that the left side yeah.

Because as a lefty you don't play that left side very often because typically you're playing with righties who will play that side so very interested to see how both of those ladies play from over there oh too good too good that's nasty Coop's so strong on that backhand side.

All around but that roll the heavy left hand and there's no way for Whitwell to catch up to it there's there's that big big overhead you were talking about yeah she even miss hit that one a little bit and it still had a ton of power behind it oh a little squeal from McMillan after she hit that can't believe she missed.

That overhead yeah just trying to go a little too big off to Johnson was able to get two of those balls back about just half pace floating but drops in the back three one two oh yeah a couple balls easy one for MacMillan one for Whitwell right there.

That they do not convert on four one two oh a little too much reach there from Whitwell I think McMillan was there yeah there's a good change of speeds as well got into a fast hand exchange but then just reset that's that thumb a drop throw shot drop.

From Johnson that we're talking about in their previous match and it's becoming a lot more or used a lot more now where it's it's halfway between the drive and drop but it puts on so much pressure if you can keep that ball low why pretend I receive I like what Johnson.

Did that too she steps in takes a good ball drives it comes forward and instead of going 100 on that on that fifth she takes a little bit of pace off and it adds the the roll and the spin McMillan setting up ready to reset that firm a ball but because it's it's a little bit slower and has some of that spin she.

Can't do a whole lot with it right well it's a 7-1 lead here as you see our temperature for today 73 degrees 79 humidity winds at about 20 miles an hour it is going to get more and more Gusty as the day goes on so it's going to be a little more challenging as we move on through this.

Day so we'll see how these players adapt and adjust they've all played in conditions like that before and know what to do but again it's all about making those adjustments because both teams have to play in it but a 7-1 lead here for Ruben Johnson in.

Game number one seven one two oh just attacked right at the body McMillan gets attacked right at the body right there and nothing she could do with it yeah and the balls from well they're really good balls that got good Pace on them but Coop doing such a good job of absorbing that and still transitioning forward.

Oh nice digs from McMillan just can't get that last one and a commanding lead here for Coop and Johnson cruising in game number one nine one two big finish from Georgia Johnson but again it's that moving and ball inside and out Jack yeah move moving in the middle and then setting it up with that.

Good two-hand backhand roll again from from Johnson pulling McMillan out wad the only thing she can do is go down the line and Coop and then starting the finishing find out a nice ball there from McMillan see if they can build on that even if it's not a victory in game one you have to get some kind of momentum moving into.

This next game good spot from Georgia Johnson in the middle right there big overhead second server to Whitwell and Macmillan one ten two little flick at the body of coop yeah just holding it nicely and then Coop going to the backhand but.

Whitwell I'm able to get it up into the chest McMillan apologizing to Whitwell sorry balls up but see there is the respect that Johnson has the Coop's two-hand backhand she comes across hit the forehand and she's like one two one got just as much power on the backhand as I do on the forehand.

Oh a little unlucky depends on who you're what side you're on oh that's true I'm very lucky for McMillan went well again they need a couple more of those breaks Chad right off the line there oh the coop is ready for that speed up she was ready for I I would have liked.

It I mean did well it is a game one victory for Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop we'll see on the flip side of these messages what happens in game number two at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Alexis foreign.

Up hold up.

Oh this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when this line was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you.

So thank you we hope you like your work back your own Championship Court one women's Pro doubles quarterfinal matchup here Georgia Johnson Andrew Coop taking on Olivia McMillan and Lee Whitwell Johnson and Coop Cruise in game one 11-2 see if Whitwell and McMillan have an answer here in game two.

It what what I'm seeing and we saw in game one my perspective was MacMillan and Whitwell were getting attacked whoever was on the left side because it is an awkward position for either one of them to be playing and Johnson was exposing the Cross Court dink that way yeah the the ability of Johnson to add zero two.

More so than I've than I've seen Whitwell we saw it a few times in MLP with the with the lines with uh up McMillan playing on the left so right out I mean not a not a bad thought process here to potentially stack because whitwell's Rock Solid on the right with the with the resets but um.

Peter one one we'll see how how we go here one thing's for sure is you need to go middle a little bit more to get rid of the the angle that's created yo you go out wide we talked about before you go out wide to Johnson order Coop on that backhand side They're Gonna.

Roll harder Cross Court if you go middle they can't create as much angle yep so right I think she's a lot more comfortable McMillan has played the left so I wish watch a whitwell's reaction oh yeah I'll stare that down I meant to do that the fake apology two one two that two one lead here for McMillan.

And Whitwell a good spot from coop yes wow Johnson was leaning forehand leaning full hands she's just so fast going backhand side there but also too if that's a one-handed backhand she's not getting it right a two-handed backhand.

You have the ability to bring the ball back from deeper because you're using that left hand to bring It Forward point well upset with herself that's not a ball she's gonna miss very often three two one big forehand there from McMillan and that's what they need from her she's a.

Very fiery player she needs to get fired up and get in this match thank you oh I was getting ready to be like boom oh man what no never move she never moved and on her heels just tough right there because you even mentioned it earlier Chad her overhead.

One of the best in the game but you got to make contact four two two wow McMillan did everything she could she went sideline to sideline Johnson coop finally able to end that point she's looking over at us going out what.

I gotta do to put ball away here foreign cubes laughing right now too because she let out a big big scream after she got jammed no she'd missed the ball that she wanted two four two oh yeah it was running out of the way of that.

One here it is right here again it won't say that's gonna hurt as she's turning away from the Johnson forehand four two points McMillan backing up just a little bit on her heels there a couple couple the uh the spots with the power from Coop right there she goes first one backhand to McMillan McMillan.

Sits again for the backhand as she crosses up forehand so you know power and spot love the decision from McMillan off the ball on the tape right that ball kind of popped up but she knew there was a ton of spin on it she just rolled it back over and gave Whitwell another ball yeah.

Oh I think Jillian Arnold's on the court behind us nice leave right there good work from Whitwell two five one second third time yeah very disappointed and upset with the self right there you know it's coming right.

Yeah yeah I'm just repeating what you're saying yeah yeah yeah she comes up yeah to us because that's exactly what she was saying she's like you know it's coming she just wants you want me you want me to sub in for you yeah she wants to be better in position right so she knows it's coming she knows.

What's gonna happen she's got to be in a better position to do something with that ball yeah it's a it's a little bit of uh what we've talked the last couple of days we you're jumping when that ball comes you don't have that solid base and then even though you're trying to reset there's there's nothing there to get that ball.

Back over see out of this time out there on second server 252 McMillan service McMillan gonna stack here now I'm in foreign I mean Johnson closed that middle so fast in the middle of that point.

Just nice and easy down the line winner 6-2 lead one oh she missed it yeah she missed it long yeah I got a break there and gotta take advantage here six two two point elbows seven we're fine McMillan getting down.

On themselves quite a bit in this one oh MacMillan just getting a little too big right there trying to it's gonna be short sweet get that ball down it's right in her wheelhouse eight two two find out all right now the side out big side out here for Whitwell and McMillan gotta answer here two Johnson Coop.

Within three Eventing this yeah it's just just too good I mean ball up to coops back in she's rolling a couple down McMillan tries to change speeds and then Johnson's just sitting there with the forehand ready to counter attack and go back even harder oh and the touch while she's blowing a.

Bubble in the middle of hitting the ball yup just drops it in nicely hey hey quick side out for Coop and Johnson trying to end this here in two wow I mean so we were talking about earlier that third shot drop is so good yeah and that's on that that was on the backhand side there you know she's being hitting some really good forehand ones.

And then she hits that backhand roll oh Johnson playing so good right now and one point away from moving on to the semifinals where Lauren stratman and Jill Braverman are waiting yes not a typo Jill Braverman came out of retirement to play with all soft Merchant this weekend and his final.

Hurray oh and McMillan just over hits that forehand Chad out of bounds and it is in 11-11-2 Victory for Johnson and Coop they'll move on to the semifinals like where excuse me where they will face Lawrence stratman and Jill Braverman like we just said before that will take.

A quick break come back talk to Coop and Johnson and see where they're at and what they think about that matchup with stratman and Braverman here after these messages is the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Alexis Earth fruits match super hot salsa with real juice it's party juice.

Foreign foreign thank you first was just like these distant Roars.

In the dark you know but then they started getting closer closer and that's when I saw it this was no pair it was like a pear Squatch and that's over now what Dad what's a bear Squatch it's a cross between a bear and a sass made up Mobility comes responsibility legendary Lexus GX with Apple carplay.

Support he's usually sleeping he'll never sleep again foreign.

foreign me dreams oh foreign.

Foreign foreign fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned.

and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work foreign.

foreign foreign.

Had opened presented by Alexis Lexus experience amazing and also pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginners to Pros back here on Championship Court we have a good matchup for you here DJ young dackle bar taking on Andre day esku and Kyle Yates.

Early love from the net for DJ Young yeah I'll be looking for for bar and I ask you to get really big in the middle here in in this matchup diasuke plays extremely well when he's able to get extended and take up a whole lot of Court Yates all throw some flashes in there.

Look the setup that I ask you oh wow I mean a little hip check on Yates bar run into each other and end up like running right into each other oh I've never seen that before and over oh my goodness and that's over as well popped up and over the head of Kyle Yates this is a massive overhead.

The eights couldn't even get to it I don't even I don't know that high no usually they compress it in that odd oh okay I screwed all over that speed up from DJ young yeah that's the spot diasko wants it right there young not able to get that possum through the middle football.

Oh and adds insult to injury one two one yeah too good from diasco again there he's been playing I mean this this whole year he's been playing extremely well two two one in that that middle phone just missing a lot slippery down that sideline Inside Out forehand yeah and he saw that with his.

Body as well a couple of forehand cross-cut things moving with the body and then the body moves like he's gonna go back Cross Court and change his Direction with the paddle slotting behind deco sign up yeah he's trying to rush rush that one before he goes head first into the side.

Barricade definitely a little bit tighter around this court oh boy they ask you leading with Amy see him Sam in his lead with that that head of the pad will be led with that elbow behind thank you wow nice play there from deasco I mean.

It was a great get by Young and at a really good ball coming back but I ask you sitting there no problem putting that through the gap quick side out for Yates and descu all tied here early game one at three foreign good leave right there from they ask you and.

Yeah young young trying to force that one a little too much going more body trying to rush through it second server four three two sign up a little rush from diyska there as well running through the drive.

For both teams to kind of settle in a little bit more as I say that right now the Fast handic Change young again trying to trying to force the pressure but diesku ready for it what oh nice job by Cal Yates picking up his partner they ask you right there let's.

Go reached a little too far to speed that up popped it up for the Eight's able to bail him out there big reach from DJ Young oh foreign outstretched get off of the overhead off the cover on the ATP here.

I'm able to get that next one yeah he's looking at himself going probably not the time or the right spot to speed that one up three five one the easy one all right yeah how many times we've seen that you get all the difficult balls all the speed ups and then the easy one.

Yeah that's better movement from Bob that coming across taking that ball holy four five two points yeah I mean trying to make something happen right there it's a tough ball to do anything with it's so low and I know you had bar out of position but not sure it's the right.

Decision right there uh Paul just wide good play from Yates there Big Sur from dayascu right there on forced air from Deco bar one point lead here for de-asco and Yates big drive on the forehand Chad yeah another good step in and daisuku takes.

That ball early takes it on the way up helps to keep that ball lower with authority yeah we've seen Dias could pop a a couple of thirds up in that third shot drop off Yates trying to get a couple of steps in front to anticipate a good drop foreign oh Yates he's there he was there.

Paddlehead was just a little bit above the ball forcing to go down into the net all right what hands they ask you when he eats keeping themselves in that play got a little big right there Chad try to do a little extra no yeah well I mean we talk about it all.

The time is those balls keep coming back so then you try to get bigger to hit the ball harder to do more and you end up missing it or or in that case right there young trying to force something that's not there and dance again just sitting on it last thing that DJ young needs to be is is getting frustrated here.

Stay with him time out decal bar and DJ young gate serves it anyway just make sure he's within the 10 seconds yeah I got my my serving so again right here is the eights in desk new two-point lead or four point lead excuse me what is it that bar and young need to do on that side of things to try.

And get back in there they got to clean it up they got to clean it up they can't force the issue they're they're trying to to speed up balls that aren't there or without setting it up yeah where they are when they are getting the opportunity they're gonna trying to go too big right like we saw deckle bar got a little big on their.

Forehand and goes into the net the two-point lead or a two points away rhyh's desk you from taking game number one a lot of noise on the court behind us with dick cusmeyer Alex Newman taking on Federico Stacks route and Julian Arnold a lack of excitement.

We hear Julian Arnold screaming a 9-5 lead here on first server for Yates and descu a hands battle won by DJ Young he starts it and he finishes it Yates set himself up nice right there going down the line with the first yeah.

Really good ball behind but but I did an excellent job of getting a paddle on it and that ball started dropping Yates tried to rush it before it could get any lower but wasn't able to do so on again Chad we could write a book on the the jumping and trying to block it causes you to get on top of that ball.

And DJ young does it right there yeah but that's a that's a really good one too from Yates daesco daisuku recognizing that Yates was speeding that up and he was anticipating the ball coming back as well it's not out lob attempt right up at the net from DJ young goes long.

Oh and off the tape off the paddle it'll be a game point here for daysco and Yates up 10-5 ten five one we were tied at five they ask you and Yates going to 6-0 run to end it they will take game number one eleven five take a quick commercial break game two on the other side here at the app sunmed.

Hilton Head open presented by Lexus our priorities they've changed hey Lexus play my music it's about knowing what watch for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech and our most advanced Safety system ever.

foreign foreign.

back here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus de esku Yates on the far end bar and Young on the near end the eights in de-esque coming out on top 11-5 in game number one game two about to be underway going around the post here young trying.

To tell zero zero one bar to let that go look like it was gonna be out but he played it got it right on the line right there they ask you calling that all right gets that one right now yeah almost almost same ball so kinda.

Yeah some young told bar to let the the previous one go he didn't so now he lets this one go Yates calling that back into the back of the Court wow Kyle Yates feeling good right now a lot of Bounce in this step and again a quick lead for diasco and Yates I don't like the decision.

Oh he gets away with it but I do not like that drop decision there from bar because it brings both the Esky and Yates back up to the kitchen line yeah just uh go go hard but go with a little bit more angle or not and not as hard as what you're trying to hit through the court just sitting down on it oh.

Just long there from where was that let's see that oh we didn't see it from here wow good ball there for him to ask you then it's our blind spot that corner oh miscommunication I mean look at that get from Young right there.

This ball last one in the middle I think that is Deco Bar's ball for some reason he deferred to Young oh he's trying to go pancake there on the speed up from bar yeah and and ba was able to go a little bit more left shoulder than what Yates originally anticipated let me close that bowl to miss out wide.

All right they ask you to try he hates going hey you're fine you stay over there I can get it I'll get it they ask who he was engaged so yeah wow that reach right there but I think it's the middle ball no it's set up right 100 it's that middle ball it it was deeper pushed bar off of the off of the line.

And created the angle of his hips going in that direction daisco able to read it and stop moving before he even hit the ball that's a nice lob from Yates get right back in here oh bar with the counter beautifully done deckle bar yeah I really like the scene diascu roll that.

One back to the backhand of bar while he was trying to move forward on that instead of trying to hit it through him oh bar can't believe he missed that ball I Know That Swing was so big I mean it started so far behind his body yeah he's getting caught up a little bit on the footwork there wait was going back over the heels or.

He's trying to hit beautiful setup from DJ young goes inside out here gets the pop-up and the put away and it's good patience from Young and and he's using his legs a lot better here in game two as far as staying down he's getting he got caught a couple of times in in game one where he's standing.

Up too tall and the ball gets too close to the body big serve there from tackle bar free point oh just misses that wide it's there so we got Stack Street and Arnold took down kuzmodern Newman 1816 so that's why there was all that yelling.

Coming from behind us bar Ernie trying to get young fired up here one point lead for young and Barr oh it tries to hook it a little too much but looking at the sideline fence right there as he almost runs into it it's it's tight it's not yeah it's not it's.

Tight on a space nice punch there from DJ young and you mention the score of that match yeah 18 16. crazy but a nice 5-2 lead here for bar and young and what I'm seeing Chad from DJ young right now and she's kind of fired up right now into this match the last two three points and that's been my.

Difference Maker here yeah and and like I said he's he's using his legs a lot better in this one he's staying more balanced he's he's able to stay in the the rally longer move the ball around set himself up and I think bar is going to feed off of Young's intensity as well like yo they definitely feed off of each other.

When they get a little flatter they're they're both standing up up tall letting balls get closer to the body but I I would say we're gonna see diesco and Yates come out kind of put a little bit more pressure on try to try to get young and bar off balance again so I ask you who has that ability to like like we've already seen.

Get big in the middle speed some balls up put some pressure on two oh good ball right there they ask who had bar in transition big side out right after that time out with cover from descu it's not happy again with the sideline right there as he runs into it again on.

That ATP two five two oh another Ernie they're from Deco bar and get that side out quickly and be back on serve here up by three trying to force a game three two one.

Oh I think Barr almost got in the way of young right there trying to end that because he was fully engaged on the drive and then the drop yeah and and I like the the aggression I I'd like the the pressure putting on that but again don't go for for too much don't go for these crazy crazy speed UPS or attacks from from that low.

Oh nice drop from day Askew Reese that's that whole point I was listening to the crowd in that one yes yes oh geez yes excellent job for him to ask you getting a paddle on that and getting them back into the point oh Yates reads the speed up from bar really well right there but just.

Couldn't put it our take it out of the Wheelhouse with DJ Young hello yeah bar getting a little fired up here I think he is like you said Chad he's feeding off of the energy of DJ young right now yeah and I mean if I'm Yates and diascu I think I'd go behind bar a few a few more times go to.

That backhand pick your spot to go young because young is has found a rhythm right now and then Boz being there to to clean it up yeah and off the tape right there from Yates and barn young will extend their lead to six two yeah oh Yates couldn't do anything with any of those balls.

Yeah it's cold but it's and so again another team talking about deckle bar serve yeah and off the tape nothing to ask you could do and as it goes right up in the Wheelhouse of DJ young he just punches that down six point lead foreign.

No no we're not gonna have any of that right now still down by six so our Yates and day esku come on a little ambitious there and eight two shot maybe yeah and I think it went out wide enough he just didn't shape it get outside and roll it back in.

He just kind of went straight whoa right by the right ear of decobar great return from deckle bar pushing to ask who all the way back not enough emphasis on good return of serves in the game of pickleball push your opponent back keep them back oh it tries to double up on the SQ and he's saying no no not now yeah I went.

For the like you said went for the double up but the second one was a little bit firmer diasuke just reading it perfectly decal Barr getting called with the footfall Bob Swiss Helm right on the call right there I think it was the drag of the left foot possibly right through there.

No argument from bar DJ young clear his body there because he felt that speed up coming from they ask who a good angle right there from DJ Young you mentioned it yesterday Chad when you talk about it often the placement over Power Hit That angle not about how hard but where you know.

Even if they get that ball back then yeah now out of position and you've created a hole somewhere else in the court oh the SQ and the Eight's starting to chip away here was eight two now eight four yeah nice to get a short return from Deco bar on a good serve from De ascu.

And three straight points four deasco and Yates time out from Deco wants us to explain why it was a short return Have You spin on it heavy spin deep and that I think is Deco wanting us to say that he had a bad return no no I think echo's saying that he he put that.

Placement short on purpose ah no no no he's asking us questions he's drilling us it's all right we like it it's Interactive almost no room back here at the back of the Court yeah yeah yeah okay I got you Deco I got you I got you so what Kyle Yates was talking about kind of you guys saw about the room that he didn't have.

Jackal got pinned back against that Back Fence here and he's explaining to us was it a good serve yes was it deep yes did they have some good spin on it yes but he also does he have enough room to get behind the ball and and hit moving into it no no or a bigger take back no yeah nice counter from DJ young but we love that interaction with the players.

They can hear us talking a nice run from Desco and Yates answering getting three straight there see if they can hold again get back on the board wow that ball is gonna end up in the player tent off of the askew's paddle yeah but at the same tolerance I think Bob can move out of the way of it with how hot that was coming from.

Daisuku foreign eleven five yeah we'll we'll trade games one and two which means we'll go to a third game here on Championship Court a spot in the winter bracket final at stake here and Men's Pro doubles will take a commercial break have that third game from you here at the app Sun Matt.

Hilton Head open presented by Alexis foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be.

Well more you so thank you we hope you like your work there's only one window.

only one fruit smash super hard sells you with real juice it's party juice game number three here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Alexis we have traded 11-5 games game one going to Yates and descu game two going to Young.

And Bar game three about to get started Kyle Yates to serve players will change ends here at six they're asking Yates in the near Court Barn young in the far Court there's a lot going on in that first point Sharon yeah good job from diasca resetting that ball.

While Yates is back after that LOB oh they ask you a little out in front of that actually it kind of just slid along bars paddle potentially changing a little bit of the spot where Daisuke was recognizing that back foot getting away from diascu oh Yates ready for that speed up from.

Deco bar right there nice job yeah and Bob didn't sell that a whole lot also didn't add a whole lot of spin to it he kind of just flicked across the side of the ball usually he has good speed UPS from there dropping underneath yeah the balance and the body positioning scorpion pancake.

All in one yeah never came out of the out of the squat look like that bowl slid on the on the line a little bit but regardless excellent positioning going back behind bar and I think that's what Yates and diasko have to do spread him out from the middle a little bit more I mean bar almost down to a.

Knee to try and hit that last ball all right oh off the back of DJ young right there I don't know what God receivers what got DJ young right there but he had that that awkward get in the middle.

That pop that ball and there's that ball right off his back again and we're watching that we're a little behind right now we're watching that replay again but here's a look at the weather today winds have calmed down a little bit from earlier at 16 miles an hour now 74 degrees very overcast today.

So not much sun out but a 4-2 lead here in game three for daysco and Yates time out from bar and young what's been successful here early in this third game for de-esco and Yates that they need to continue to do to take this third game you know they've taken some chances again and we saw a ball hit a couple of a couple of good counter.

Attacks but you know they've done a better job of keeping young in bar off balance to come out here in game number three kind of slow slowed the momentum that they had going into it wow they ask you going backside on bar here I thought that ball was going out to ask you able to keep that in one.

Point away from an end change what a drop from the Baseline by descu and it's a 6-2 lead shed all that momentum on the side of de-esco and Yates and again what do bar and young need to do to slow this down yeah they've got to clean some some things up they're the ones making the arrows right now.

But they're going back to being flat again as well you know we had a little bit of a explosion pick me up kind of kind of deal but go again you get into game three your legs are tied you stop moving as much you're not getting as low or using your legs when you're hitting.

I think you're at the point right now where you just gotta your your full points behind it can't let this roll go much longer you've gotta step it up here step it up into another another level put it in there put it in the gear and go got a ball from Young.

He was going wide Cross Court with Yates there and and getting a little pressured he switches it up and goes left foot oh nice angle ball ends up in the stands right there watch your lips nothing you can do there it's a great ball.

And that's that's forcing the issue trying to make something happen that's really not there at that moment jumping out of the way of that ball I mean I would be too you got a freight train coming down with a ball that's up high like that and you're stuck at the kitchen line but that was that was a better choice of.

Balls there from from boss stepping in taking the ball early applying pressure and keeping everything out in front um part of the uh the conversation that we had there between two and three was how much spin bar is putting on it his Serve by coming so far underneath it.

Yates questioning the heart of the contact point oh we are now back within one here rattling off three straight time out from Yates and de-esque Yates not happy with the serve of deckle bar right yeah so I I like the time out gotta regroup forget it let it go and just play right.

Now yeah we sold barn and young apply some pressure to some some better balls for the speed up something that can get extended on something they can take out in front get the paddle head underneath all right as you look we got our Top 10 male players.

Looking at this list right here every one of them in action other than we'll have a asterisk by number eight he's in action he's in action he's got the headphones on on the microphone side of it watch that big size 22 shoe of Deco bar really gets up on that toe a lot of pressure with that big serve.

Oh the bar put some pressure on right there I didn't mind that time right he dropped that ball in yeah some pressure young was was going back not expecting Bob to be able to get to it one good three-point run though from Young and Barr and get within one here that's over oh and that one's not coming back over.

What digs from descu and Yates to stay in that point but just too much deckle bar in that big overhead six five two good leave right there from Deco bars that ball Sails Long and looking to continue their run here down by one yeah bar closes the door on that real.

Quick with the Ernie and we are all tied up at six yeah excellent recognition from ba rating Yates his paddle on that one foreign get some love off the tape still questioning the sub and the hot of bars paddle and the bullet contact leave there from.

They ask you you're showing me Chad yeah I'm just saying to me but I was waiting for you to finish talking bar kind of disengaged from that fast hands exchange there for a little bit and just poked at that last ball and again that yeah the paddle just laying too far back and it's more of a an overreach and a a poke rather than.

Moving the feet and really hitting through that bowl great job by Yates oh I didn't ask you Misses that was very anti-climation right like everyone was just so quiet and it was like a yeah yeah and what wasn't as close as as what it looked like from outside but you know.

Wow I mean what a point great run down by Yates on the LOB fall out from de-esque second server oh and they get some love off the tape Yates she's like sprinting back to the line preserved all tied at seven oh dots that line on the sideline and it is a one point lead here for daysco and.

Yates big forehand right down the line eight seven two oh going long right there and good counter attack from DJ young prepared for that attack from diasku all right so it's a one point lead still for dasku and Yates now take one Barn young looking to answer.

Excuse putting his arms up going what do I gotta do to get some love off the tape young young tried to over hit it oh God I have saved him ball got on him so fast he didn't know what to do with it on on the flip side now Barn young take back a one-point lead.

Young's face after he hits the shot he looks up like in utter disbelief that he missed that ball down the line 8-2 I will recall the storm nine eight two oh yeah it's getting a little love on the backside we've had a bunch of electors here bar trying to go left-handed.

Fall right on the line there second server down by one oh good spot yeah really really good spot from Yates he's just waiting for that mistake gets the mistake puts it away and now all tied here again at nine we've been tied at six seven eight and nine this one's going down to the wire Chad.

Difference makers whoo game of runs you know we we saw bar and young come back from that deficit choosing some some smart times to to be aggressive and set themselves up for for some good finishes and now we've seen Yates and diascu.

Come back and and tie it up with again not overpowering balls from Yates and diascal but really good positioning yeah absolutely and so nine nine here gonna go down to the wire here app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus Karen.

Hilton Head Island South Carolina 992 as we come in from this time out just wide on the ATP from Yates and we will stay tight at nine yeah this one yep balls on the green line green line is out so that's better Movement by bar right the couple of times where he missed.

Those four hands wad he wasn't moving the feet those ones he's he's into it he's sliding across one be Match Point number one here or bar and Young oh good hands battle one it was it was iffy it was iffy right there yeah just a little too much risk from Young on that last one but good attack and.

Aggression from diasco and Yates and ask you fight off two match points oh nine ten one yeah I think they ask who may have saved an outlaw on that backhand side yeah I think so too young getting a little big on a couple of those but you're in that fast.

Exchange so hard to hold back on some of them oh I think it's the mistake from Barr change of pace it's a it's a a misdirect inside out but it doesn't hit it as hard as you hit the previous ones yeah oh yes comes out on top of that one and it is gonna be on the flip side now.

A match point for Yates and de-escue standing room only here on Championship Court that's it oh remember that get back at the baseline from they ask you keeps them in the play they flip it take that game at 12 10 and we'll move on to the winner bracket final.

What a game what a match they will face Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson who took out Thomas Wilson and James ignatowich three and four we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll speak with Yates and they ask you here to app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

I mean a thriller of a match Kyle going against two guys you know very well DJ young and Deco Barr you guys figure it out in game three what was your Difference Maker well yeah I mean we've played I've been Andre and I played uh DJ and Deco so many times just on tour you know almost every other weekend and uh you know I think everyone knows.

Everyone's game so it's kind of hard to attack because everyone's sitting on all your all your weapons and last time I played Deco I didn't have a lot of success attacking them so I try to make sure I just stay a little more patient try to grind cross-court not to do any doing crazy because most of my attacks aren't going to work on these guys they.

Don't make him too well so a little more patient let big man reach in and be the offense and I think I just kind of surprised him in the last couple points there and you know Andre playing with Kyle you know one of easily the best right-sided male players in the game when he's going cross-court with that forehand how.

Confident are you and being able to step in I'm very confident that's why I I normally will pinch my mid a little bit more but with Kyle doing it I I don't feel the need to be overly aggressive you know I have to be aggressive and not overly aggressive so let him do his magic over there and and wait for the opportunity to until I get the ball I.

Want and uh and that's been happening he's been setting up Grace for the whole match and then from 10-9 on he just played lights out to get those three points and get us to 12. so critical all right well Dylan Frazier JW Johnson waiting for you guys in Winter bracket final what do you think who that's it right there I love it well.

Kyle Yates Andre to ask you moving on winter bracket final JW Johnson Dylan Frazier awaiting them we'll take a quick commercial break we'll have our next match up here on Championship court at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus foreign.

Which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by Selma foreign.

House our priorities they've changed hey Lexus play my music it's not just about getting ahead oh the constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech.

And our most advanced Safety system ever foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign go.

Hold up foreign foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned.

And when this line was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work.

Thank you thank you foreign foreign South Carolina we have a women's Pro double semi-final matchup for you here.

Palmetto Dunes tennis and pickleball Simone jarjim Anna bright taking on a Vivian David and Corinne Carr David and Carr your three seed Jardine and bright your two seed two out of three here Chad quick predictions before we get started oh um a little bit of a tough one uh be careful be careful now like I talked.

About it oh yeah I knew uh new partnership by for with judging and brought uh David and Kyle have played together a couple of times but David playing extremely well uh as of late so I'm I'm gonna put it down to how uh aggressive bright is on that left-hand side her backhand rolls um how much.

Havoc she can create with that oh oh No David hits one ball hits the tape drops over winner nothing bright could do to get that one good depth from car on that one bright not able to get back behind that one quick enough ends up flattening out I'm almost to the point where we got to.

Turn the lights on I think yeah I think so too it's getting a little darker in here 4 45 and we're already getting getting dark I don't think we've seen the sun today on Sunday no Chad and I are both from Florida we're used to the sun all day I'm freezing right now it's like 65 degrees Yeah.

And bright ball slipping underneath the paddle of Vivian David and said I'm sensing a pattern from Corinne cars she's trying to go Middle with her Dinks yeah I mean going middle that negates the the shop angle that bright can create and the same if judging steps over and.

Takes it yeah that's the only issue is if she's gonna pull the trigger on their forehand like she would on the backhand too but I like what you're saying is that it eliminates that sharp angle Cross Court I'll tied at two here early in game one oh and a firefight one there and the End by Georgine.

Yeah I think that Ball's going out that car puts a paddle on right there as well nice work there from jojin she had car back in transition they take a 4-2 lead he had two good lobs in that one but one from Bright run from zhajin keeping both David and Carr off balance and another net roller from Carl dude I.

Just got really cold like all of a sudden no it's gotten cold yes it did no the temperature has dropped significantly in the last five minutes because I need my hoodie hey Shay oh oh David would be around the post yesterday yeah just a little short of.

The sideline here just couldn't get enough depth on her position to get around the ball just a little bit I like I like the adjustment from car right there trying to do something different I mean obviously Brighton judging predominantly going at car right now they do go to a couple to David just to.

Keep her honest oh nice kiss what oh wow and and everyone always asks what do you like watching more women's Vans are mixed it's women's hands down these fire fights are disgustingly good the Hands by these things the digs and the resets yeah unbelievable point right.

There and then the lob is the winner yeah it just it just Twisted Corinne around right there yeah a little little lead here for charging and Brighton what is it that David and Carney to switch up because it looks like cars being targeted a little bit here Chad yeah and it's a tough situation right because.

She's hitting those those balls that are negating that the angle like I was talking about but it's also not doing a whole lot so it's allowing that it's allowing bright to keep going back at car or you know like I said we're doing an occasional one over to David just to keep her honest and then when she goes back middle then it goes back at car so.

It's not in David and Carr's game plan or or play style really to be more aggressive but I think potentially maybe for a couple of points just just switch up uh and attack a couple of balls just just to see if you can change the the Rhythm the timing for of Brighton judging oh just wide.

They're from Outer bright I like that speed up trying to go across body on on Vivian David five two two Dominic's over here taking photos of his his snack boxes of s'mores Monster Energy Drink keto crisps don't get me started on your bag hey that's why I keep it in the bag oh no right coming down on top of them.

On that one and big side out here for David and Carr we need to get back in this good coverage by jarging as Anna bright was coming up on that stack two five two that's it and that right there car's going for a drive instead of the drop she's she's trying to be a little bit.

More aggressive but just push that one a little wide five two one oh no look it's not a bad lob even though Georgine gets that out of the air she doesn't get much on it but yeah but it also it changes the Rhythm it changes the timing and it like you said she's going back.

And getting it but then gonna come back into that point wow taking over in the middle I'll say hey again Shay seeing how you you missed the last one second server two five two oh got it right there big ball from.

Corinne Carr but I mean this is really turning into an ISO game where it's two on one jarging and bright verse Karen Carr yeah and cause recognition on on that point there was was on point set up ready for the counter attack yeah oh it's Vivian David pounding her chest going that's mine yes I gotta hit this she wasn't quite ready for it the.

Paddle moved but there was no forward forward momentum on it get one back within two here Point that's you hear Anna bright go that's such a good Dink and it is it's a a dink with a purpose that's exactly what Georgine did there it's in the the hot thing with uh for David and cars they've both.

Right side players oh nice ball right there and right now I'm happy but talk about that a little bit Chad both Carr and David being right-sided players yeah yeah you know it's it's they can do it they can play the left side they can be more aggressive speed up those those four hands in the middle but they look more.

For for counter attacks uh they look for counter attacks on the backhand solder attacks on the backhand side compared to something where they're going on the forehand or taking the initiative to speed balls up so it's difficult uh to kind of switch into into gears there and you and you ask either one of them to move over and and.

Change the play style oh both car and David let that ball go through the middle thinking they might have been gone gone out that landed about three feet in three six two strong from David on the backhand side I see that hook shot right there she got.

Up the finish on the two-handed backhand unforced error from jejing his ball Sails Long on the return to serve and David and Carr within one here they're grinding some points out that one was out both of them were out of things right caught both of those.

Ones yeah hitting the first one Corrine says you want to bring it I'll bring it right back at you wow right at the right hip perfect spot oh God brings it back into car's body a little uh she had something on her mind whatever you can do I can do better kind of deal she had it right on her mind right there.

Where I'm gonna get you back for that last one seven five two that's a good return from Karine Carr car and David get back to the stack put car on the left yeah I think she was waiting to go around the post and then she's kind of.

Like no I can't get it around the post I'll just try to hit as hard as I can my back across my body that's just so annoying getting every one of those balls back is because she's just the height of the last one it's a it's you know we call it a shovel pass where you just drop the paddle down and it's in the shape of the the shovel but.

That's something that that she's lived her whole career off of is is the defense and it's the lob that's setting up the drive right there and it's a great job by Anna bright a little wide from Corinne Carr and charging and bright back to a.

Four point lead two points away from moving on to game two I won't repeat that on air what Anna bright has called herself but yeah she knows that she was a little and overly ambitious for that speed up right there and now that's the hard part right like you you.

Tear yourself down on the last point because you're not happy then you cannot combat one mistake with two and that's exactly what happened right there oh just missing one I like the idea from car they're trying to catch bright as she's coming across the court with that stack but just trying to be a little too fine.

Hey Shay I said hi twice and you didn't hear it so a nice spot by Korean Carr finally able to find a hole in the defense of Georgine and bright yes ma'am 692. oh miscommunication from Carr and David who's gonna take that third.

Nine six one nice good hands battle there bright finishing that strong forehand paddle out in front here down and through the ball turns and looks and goes that's so awful she is so fun to watch.

Ten six two yeah we talk about we talk about having that good bass when you're hitting wow and about four shots earlier to recognize it she slid off the court set that whole end of that point up and it is in 11-5 Victory or excuse me 11-6 victory for charging and bright in game number one will take a quick commercial.

Break game two on the other side here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus thank you heart pounding design intelligent technology courageous performance discover a new world of possibilities with a golden.

Take on the Lexus RX thank you thank you thank you foreign.

Ohio we're back here on Championship Court I was just discussing how cold we are my partner in crime Chad Edwards and I are discussing weather still because us we're big blooded Floridians have just put on our hoodies we are freezing and it's probably 65 degrees long long pants.

But game two about to happen Simone jarjim with the serve and one game in their pocket 11-6 we'll see what Carr and David have in store here trying to force a third game I think that's gonna drop oh whoa what was that wrap.

Oh wow someone please don't give Anna bright a GPS because she took a route and a half to get I was I was worried that she's gonna roll an ankle or something when she started going back on the phone but hey she got it doesn't matter how got it back over forced the error and they're on the board first.

Yeah good middle ball from car there pushed right back judging stepped in to take it and that ball was already behind her zero one one oh nice ball from zhajin down the line zero one two another good middle ball there so a couple good dink battles here yeah early and a good job from from car.

Keeping judging and brought off balance there in the middle that's like why this feels like a game one like it's a feeling out process here as all the lights on all the courts around here except ours are on yeah oh getting some net love from Adam bright excellent job with that two-hand.

Backhand coming in counter-attacking super aggressive two one one tell you what the these ladies have so much power in the two-handed backhand and I'm probably still talking to herself two one two.

Again that middle ball confusion it seems like from Carr and David yeah it's good job from both bright and charging there once they got on the attack I'm again mixing up the spot that's it's a good setup right there from joshing on that law because Anna Bright's got a ball she can handle and.

She's got car in a transition area 131 one oh that's a better job by Vivian David going on the offensive judging's balls sitting up just a little too high oh charging tried to hit it she literally tried to hit it and swung a mess that.

Almost cleared the barricades in the back wow two three two hey we got light yeah much better job from David and brought on that one and hard part about that is none of.

These ladies said a word when those lights went on typically it is a distraction oh yeah it got real bright all of a sudden court and these ladies didn't even affect them oh they probably one of the easier balls of that whole set or that whole point right there yeah her feet just got crossed up a little bit there on that.

Last ball but they were doing such a good job of of controlling the the point three three one whoa watch out there people yeah oh good split down the middle from Anna brought again they gotta have some who's gonna be the alpha in the middle right there for David and Carr.

Because no one is right now and bright and jargime are exploiting it oh that ball just out from Bright I like the offensive lob there from Bright but in reality that's kind of the shortest part of the Court there yeah good ball there from Carr at the feet of jejing so winner of this will Face Georgia.

Johnson and Andrea Coop who took out Lawrence stratman and Jill Braverman in three and the women's winter bracket final and another good spot there's uh Jin trying to slide to the left but that ball kept following her and jammed that forehand.

We heard Vivian David go good luck yeah and that's exactly what that was right there she just she doesn't clipped the tape right there I'm pretty sure it's a clean winner four four two right back in it oh gosh they did all that work get back in it and car just goes a little long on.

That forehand wow what a point from these ladies the ball from David she went behind bright head bright fully extended right able to get it but just gets her off bounce enough four four two All Tied here at Four game two game one going to.

Jajim and bright come on getting the love off the tape right there time out receiver five four two they'll take a 5-4 lead here game number two it's a tight one here in this second game Chad it was tight for a little while on that first one and then.

Judging and bright pulled away what do David and Barr need to do here stay in this and continue to kind of chip away and hopefully for them forcing third game yeah I I like here in game two of the side of game two that David and Carr have been a little bit more aggressive Carr has sped up or started some hands battles on very very good balls but also.

The the resets from David have kept them in the point like her her resets are crazy crazy good and allowing both of them to get back into that position even after uh judging and bright has have taken somewhat of an offensive position and then to answer Kathy Roberts in the chat right here the uh the brace you see on.

Simone's leg actually goes up around her hip it's part of the injury that she's had for a couple years it was going to force her into retirement with a torn hip labrum uh torn head of the hamstring and uh of compressed discs in her back so she wears that support I'm just playing defense right there is.

Anna bright as they stay in the point and take a two-point lead that's not a ball that judging's gonna miss very often she'll fix that between that one and the next one four six one nice pressure from Anna bright out.

Quick side out for joshing and bright two-point lead here game two spot in the winter bracket final at stake car trying to do something that really wasn't there at that moment Ball's a little low attacking that goes a little long seven four one.

Nice job by David getting nice and low counter attack from David that's that's her shot I saw that a ton last week we saw it yesterday and mix nice cover by David uh both just wide oh yeah Vivian David just missing that backhand Cross Court no ma'am.

Yes ma'am eight four two so Georgine and bright double up David and Carr eight four oh nice but see she made the adjustments from some of her earliest beat ups right there as far as getting the paddlehead underneath it more and rolling it where she became flat on some of the others.

Nine four two two points away from moving on to the winner bracket final come on David can't get that last one and it will be a game and match point here for Brighton jarging up 10-4 0.50 oh yeah oh she'll take it yeah Vivian.

David with the big fist pump going yes we'll take that right now on Match Point big side out if you guys know Vivian David she wouldn't hurt a fly so completely being funny with that and a bright not having any laughs as she goes right at David for a second for a half a second yeah.

And then she's like nah I get back to business yeah Stone Cold and a bright oh that's a quick side out I mean that was about five balls Smiley and smiley uh partner together yeah misses that ball in the net she tons and shrugs her shoulders and he's like hey I'm okay with it.

Victory for Simone Georgine and Anna bright they will move on to the winner bracket final or they will take on a Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop but next up here on Championship Court we got a good one for you at Men's Pro doubles winner bracket finer final I know fine Andre descu and Kyle Yates taking on Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson before.

That I will speak with Anna bright and Simone Georgine about that last match so don't go anywhere here at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Alexis fruit s fruit smash super hot sells you with real Jewels it's party juice.

Oh yeah foreign foreign.

Welcome back to the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus Anna bright Simone charging congratulations you guys are moving on to the winner bracket final um playing very familiar foe Simone I'll start with you in Corinne Carr and Vivian David game plan going in against them.

Uh pretty much it was going to be me uh making sure that I'm setting her up like Anna up so that way she can feel free to attack and poach and and be her uh so I honestly felt very comfortable I felt like um you know I was doing my job and she's just a sensational player so uh yep so that's it.

Anna you're over here going oh my gosh um up with Simone but it looked like early on they were trying to go middle on you guys it was something you guys saw and what adjustments did you guys make um I I felt like they were mainly avoiding my backhand and doing that and so just.

Trying to continue to move the ball around Corrine was attacking really well off the bounce also so we were trying to put our dinks in spots where you know to make it a little less easy for her to do probably but they're such a good team playing with Simone is a lot of pressure you know the greatest of all time I've been telling everyone I just have to do.

Better than jdub did with her yesterday and I'll be better than Jada and it seems we have accomplished that so I'm better than Jade have you heard it here first wow and JW is within hearing distance right now so he heard all of that so but congratulations ladies moving on to the winter bracket final go take a break we'll take a break here in.

Hilton Head at the app sunmed Hilton Head open presented by Lexus we'll be back next with our Men's Pro double winner bracket final no time to waste under the set inside please.

Thank you foreign stations foreign ER trust this will move.

Yeah that's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it until you go all in stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sport sedan foreign.


Thank you foreign Hilton Head open presented by Lexus also presented by power plate your official warm-up and Recovery partner of the app tour sell Kirk sport one of your official paddle sponsors.

Of the app tour sunmed your official CBD of the app and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginners to Pros back here on Championship Court Men's Pro double winner bracket final here at Palmetto Dunes tennis and pickleball.

Dylan Frazier JW Johnson be taking on Kyle Yates and Andre descu de Esco and Yates your three seed Frazier and Johnson your one seed so Chad going into this we just saw Yates and to ask you take out Deco bar and DJ Young give me some predictions early on as.

These boys finish their warm-up here Chad uh I think for Yates and diascu they've got to play even cleaner pickleball than what they did against young and and Bach because Johnson and Frazier aren't going to make uh some of the same errors that we saw from from bar and young they're going to.

Speed up some balls but they're much more composed uh they take fewer risks or if it is a risk it's it's more of a calculated risk so again it's going to come down to diascu as far as how big he can get in the middle Yates did an excellent job of switching Switching gears switching speeds switching spots so if he can move.

That ball around and keep Frasier and and Johnson off balance and allow I ask you to get big in the middle and put some some heavy pressure on I think that's gonna be a good uh place for them but oh On Cue a nice little hands battle won by Yates and dash good start for them Yates and they ask you on the far end.

The eights in the white they ask you in the green Johnson and Fraser on the near end Johnson in blue Frazier in Black Chad trying to go for that ball again well I was just hoping it was going to come this far oh I'm like oh I'm like oh for 27 this really caught anything pfps.

Chad pfps you need to work on your pitcher Fielding practice well you know I was a two-way go I don't know