Gotta think red clay hot sauce come on let's eat them sponsoring this event Drew here we are we're at pigtona you take you take two great things and mix them together it's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup here pickleball Daytona Daytona we got Anna Lee parento mix that together we got a great match coming up.

Here seven in a row though for Anna Lee Waters in this round in this matchup annalize serving off we go and it'll be a side out for Catherine here to start when they last played in the finals at Desert Ridge it did go it's a two out of three and it did go three so uh Catherine can look at that for some.

Confidence and that is on the line nice shot from Catherine also last week when Annalee was not participating up in Minnesota Captain was your champion and she came roaring back against land Jansen down 5-0 in game three of the best two out of three and won 11 points in a row drops right in front of parento.

And what a rally here early on yeah we don't get too many of those festive hand battles in the singles game and that was unlucky for parenta there because she was way ahead of the point until that trickled over but look at how athletic that woman is to be able to get that back and that's long from Catherine first.

Point for Anna Lee yeah just the volley they're just sort of guided and when you guide something it's usually not going to have a good outcome you got to have confidence in the contact winner from parental just good patience because the tennis ball you can just bounce that into the 30th row But You.

Gotta Wait make your opponent commit there that's smart and sell Kurt paddle I was talking to Catherine earlier here on site got the defense dialed in and it's got extra pop and she is playing fantastic with that Selkirk now annalee's there to put it away so Catherine currently residing here in.

The Sunshine State down in Naples early of course in Delray Beach so both Floridians here for the time being at least yeah I don't know if there's a West Coast V East Coast but we can create one here Drew let's go sounds good game on you're a West coaster here so uh I know we don't cheer in the booth but uh.

Geography's geography I had Catherine with another winner and Dave two big pickleball facilities one in Ebor City just outside of downtown Tampa and one in St Petersburg just announced this week it's awesome how the game is growing in my hometown and I'm sure it isn't yours as well yeah and everywhere you look.

Like Texas it's just it's awesome oh great effort by Emily to get there but Catherine pumps her fists after another point and look at how she laid the paddle open to be able to touch this into that open spot that's such a good shot from parento.

Oh Catherine wow the only way Catherine's winning that point is if the ball touches the net and you can see the disgust with which Annalee walked off the court after that that's a quick timeout and sometimes things are going your way now earlier the netcore wasn't fair to Catherine so she would be quick to point.

Out it's 1-1 on that yeah a great start for her so 4-1 in favor of Catherine parento Hannah Lee Waters calls the timeout we'll step aside as well Little Instruction for mother Lee we're back to Daytona in a moment so Anna Lee waters getting a little bit of instruction from her mother Dave what's going on over there.

Start from Catherine parento and we've talked about this a lot with players having physios having coaches obviously in annalize case she's got one of the best players in the world unfortunately injured but right there to give her pointers on what she's seeing and no one knows her game better than her mother side out now to Waters.

Trailing 4-1 here in gamewalk Catherine right now is dictate I can't tell you how great a point that is from parento because Annalee when she usually does everything went right on a point she wins it she dropped the ball she threw a ball down at Catherine's feet that ball she thought she'd get past her and then she's digging again that's.

Great pickleball from parento I should also note the last women's player to beat Annalee Waters at a PPA event the great Paris Todd who is back here in Daytona but Dave she's a spectator for singles not playing today so uh she will be ready to go in mixed doubles.

Tomorrow and oh just wide and Ali thinks otherwise could challenge this chooses not to looked wide live but didn't see a second view of it uh that return is deep and to finish the periston I told her you couldn't get any good partners at all could you just Riley Newman and Anna bright so uh we'll.

See where her game is at coming in here this weekend she's excited oh Catherine parental right now just crushing it on Championship court and I think that's the difference in her game and her adjustment to this paddle the pace on that was ridiculous and the shape and Catherine is a confident player coming out of Minnesota here and is showing it.

Out and that's a good point Dave because Annalee did not play in that event of course take advantage of the rest but nothing like having momentum either Catherine is just absolutely placing everything perfectly right now I mean if you're that far stretched off the court you should be done and it was.

Actually Anna Lee who's done who covered the court the way you should and gets beat with an angle my goodness so side out tanningley Waters trailing by five here in game one six Captain right now is just running everything down I mean again stretched.

To the absolute limit and then look at this and then be able to get the next ball just have a outstanding and then you think I don't know how to pass her I have to do a little bit better and a little bit more and that creates error so it's a compounding problem for Anna Lee Waters and you.

Don't see her in a hole like this too often so can Catherine take advantage got to make that ball though side out back to Annalee trailing 7-1 and you don't want to rush it she likes to play fast when she's ahead and you can see Anna Lee now slowing things down just a little you don't see that every day.

Side out the other interesting thing for Catherine in this is she got a walk over in the quarterfinal because as I mentioned on another match Lawrence stratman unable to go due to sickness so a very fresh Catherine parento coming into this match as well.

One seven oh off the net and Annalee can't do anything with it nothing going right for the number one player she's like seriously and you know this is this is why sports are the greatest reality TV show you don't know what's gonna happen Catherine just too good at the moment.

And another time out here for Anna Lee Waters as parento is absolutely playing as Flawless a match of pickleball as you can she might have even played an out ball in the middle of that last rally and sometimes when you do that your brain just leaves you're like oh man I just played an out ball and you make a mistake she stayed true pushed Annalee.

All over the court there and we have a situation here Drew we'll see if Catherine can finish off this semi-final right after this so right now Coach Lee Waters trying to keep her daughter Anna Lee in this match Catherine parento is playing as good a pickleball as we have ever seen in women's singles and look at where we're.

At now we're uh like the uh coaches calling in the play they're covering their mouths with the uh call sheet as uh lee is covering her mouth with the instruction there because everybody's learning everything they're watching video any little thing they can pick up gets the side out quickly.

And that's gonna be a point for Annalee Dave one more time for folks just joining us the history between these two players and annalize Edge over Cafe yeah she's 12 and 10 is 1-7 in a row and hasn't lost since 2021. and uh that's a talented player on the other side but this paddle and this confidence and the way that Catherine is playing a.

More aggressive style here against Annalee not sitting back won a game when we last saw them and had annelie in a little bit of trouble and then here we are that doesn't make it over big cyber Leaf coming from Anna Lee our officials Tom Tattler our lead official Dale Van Scott second referee.

Tracking is Larry Harvard and on video with us in the truck Mr Tom Richardson now let's see if Anna Lee can get it going here Dave three eight and there's the Annalee Waters we're used to seeing yeah and uh so what do you have to do when your opponent is playing at the peak of their game you.

Got to raise your level too and as beautiful a two minute backhand as you will ever see right there and I like that Catherine called timeout she had an 8-1 lead it's now 8-4 shut it down find your best return coming up here so long way to go for Anna Lee Waters starting to zero in on the target Catherine parento we're back to Holly.

Hill in just a moment welcome back to picktona and Holly Hill here in Daytona Beach strufelios Dave Fleming Cameron Blackwood with us as well on the court Annalee Waters serving to Catherine parento and Catherine's going to get side out here coming out of the timeout tremendous return she'd gotten beat with.

The Tui down the line before that let's make her hit a forehand On The Run that's a great great shot coming out of the timeout gets a freebie Catherine's dictated thus far Dave and now it's 9-4 Anna Lee tremendous backhand yeah and you saw you're guessing if you leave it in the.

Mid Court there and uh Catherine's first move was to her left the ball coming to the right couldn't adjust and parento Talon went up to get slide out yeah a little Flamingo inside out there you know as a Fleming I love a nice pink bird and uh that's a great Inside Out shot again that short angle.

That you can't track it down and you use the spin to run it away from your opponent Dave you've talked a lot about the paddle and the confidence that comes with a new pedal for a player yeah you got to get it dialed in and the you know all the defense and the touch that Catherine has was the question there's.

No doubt she's got more pop now and she's got the whole thing working for and it looks really good how about that shot though by Anna Lee another Cross Court that grazes the line yeah and you also have some volume coming from uh the youngster so uh you know if she drops that one then hits the forehand on the dead run here.

Point and that approach you saw Anna Lee goes straight ahead at parento why do you do that take angles away and you don't want to give an angle because you'll get an angle in return point and that caught long by Annalisa paddle's about to hit the ground or or.

At least be put in the shape of a tee with the paddle being the top half of the tee and uh what was once eight one is now 9-7 drill so Anna Lee getting closer here on Championship Court and we'll step aside here take a break come right back Hannah Lee water serving.

Against Catherine parento still in game one we'll be right back get access to top players both players are out so here we go Hannah Lee water serving down by two here in game one Catherine parento on the other side Natalie hits it long Captain will have serve yeah she read it just right but uh.

Punched it just a little too deep 9-7 timeout is effective signal these shots have been getting better and better Davis this game has gone along and the depth of the return helps her make those better and or the approach shot in that case Too Short gives annelie too many options no stopping Catherine side out once.

Again yeah just a great patient overhead there nice firm Pace don't give her a chance to get back into this scoreboard pressure when you get to 10 is significant got to get this one oh up against the net and now it'll be game point for Parental yeah I know the conversationalize having there is I was.

Ahead all the way in that and then the tape pushed me off the kitchen line and here we are at a game point you're watching pound for pound probably the two best players in the women's game parento and Waters and that is going to be wide so Catherine parento is going to be a game up on Anna Lee Waters here in Daytona.

She withstood a furious rally called time out and then got to The Checkered Flag here at Daytona so this is something else for game one she needs two checkered Flags though in pickleball we'll see if she can get it when we come back welcome back to the red clay hot sauce floor to open picktona the site at Holly.

Hill just outside Daytona Beach Drew fellios Dave Fleming with Cameron Blackwood on the court Catherine parento Victorious after game number one and Anna Lee Waters gonna have to Rally here to stay alive and she has called in reinforcements Drew as Ben Johns now sitting over there obviously they are mixed doubles Partners so what is he.

Saying to help her give that little Edge the coaching is significant and it's what you need and I'm sure he didn't say miss your return um but uh you're trying to use every little Edge you can get when the margins are getting Slimmer and Slimmer on the tour and Catherine comes out firing two.

Straight points here to start yeah and uh you know Catherine was like I don't care who you've talked to over there I'm gonna just keep funnel in the ball forward I'm coming forward hitting great first volleys thank you it just seems like annalize been on the.

Defensive most of the day days and that's the absolute filth that Catherine has and it was the two shots before that that you thought you're playing with a little more lively paddle than what she used before will she have that in her Arsenal the answer is yes yes and then Phil and she's up three and now four point.

And timeout already Drew like this is something else here from Catherine parento so parento making a major statement again she has conceded the past six times she has faced Anna Lee Waters trying to kind of shift uh where the Championships go on the women's single side she wants to stand atop the podium when Anna Lee is right next to.

100 she won last week Annalee wasn't in the draw you have to go back all the way to 2021 since Catherine won against Annalee Annalee has not lost in a singles event she entered since last summer so this is when you think of are we going to have chalk make it and win it Anna Lee has.

Been the betting favorite delivering the goods every time she may still do that here but this is as pushed as we have seen her be in a long long time four nothing serving time in 4-0 and Emily with vintage Waters coming out of the timeout yep and that time.

Unfortunately for Catherine she had to use the paddle as the other half of the clap for her opponent there so good sportsmanship there and a miss hit by parento and you can see these ladies are trying to approach especially Waters down the middle of the Court don't get me stretched out by the ball I hit to.

Create that man is that wide Catherine thinks it's not and Elise says it is so called wide and confirmed and no challenge which is an option Anna Lee now has scored three in a row timeout receiver 3-4 and paddles will hit the floor can just sense how important this match is for both of.

These competitors Captain a little frustrated yeah I think that was a carryover from the ball before that where she saw a ball that uh from her vantage point was good and the other question is Catherine you don't hear that's that's as loud as you will hear Catherine so can she just get back.

To the focused Catherine we've seen throughout Great Rally here for Annalee so we'll take a quick breather this is everything you'd want and more in the semi-final we'll be right back moment in this match Hannah Lee Waters trailing 3-4 to Catherine parento and now serving.

Yeah rally she desperately needed staring a game down and four ZIP down wow and point parento thought that ball was going to travel deep it was a couple inches inside the Baseline she caught it and said my bad and that's as easy a point as you will ever win to the net from Waters side out back to parento tied at four and I can't tell.

You how big a miss that is just in the the mindset and psyche of parento plays a ball that you just caught oh side out if you don't hit the line you can't win points right now Drew it's that good The Shot making is ridiculous right now and that started with a ball on the line.

On the sideline and then parental was patient there she pulled in a lead wide and you thought maybe she should come in behind it but waited for one more chance and this is as good as it gets tied at four all right Handley up against the net looks toward the sidelines for Ben Johns and her.

Mother Liz yeah and that's what you want to see from Catherine you want to see her looking for answers somewhere other than within herself and that inside out forehand has been pushing Anna Lee and that she's just trying to find an angle but that's tough to do consistently Along by parento.

Waters will get a side out here trailing by one and a lead number one player in the world 16 years old by four let's try it out so if parento chases that ball from the get-go she has a sitter but her move forward was a half step late and.

Couldn't take advantage of a great drop Anna Lee up against the net and you see both players Grimace on that because that is not the return that Catherine wanted but she'll take it foreign ERS comes up and gets it out and again if it's high what these athletes are able to do with the ball that is up so.

If that's a little bit lower the detail on the next shot won't be as good but that's still a ball a millimeter inside the line now momentum starting to swing in the favor of Anna Lee Waters after struggling in game one side out and Waters keeps going down the middle and she cannot believe these.

Angles that parento is finding from that placement tied at five oh how about this point Catherine parento yes that might be the best women's singles point you will see all year because of the quality and the athleticism of every ball hit in that rally unbelievable.

These two ladies bringing out the best and one another what a treat here on this Thursday afternoon side out back to Anna Lee and parental you can see how badly she wants this because she had a two-handed backhand that she could have tugged back Cross Court and really been ahead in the rally and finds the tape.

And that is just long Catherine right there with her eyes home alive yeah she was beat going to her left and that's one of those just keep come on just a little a little air a little air she's six five willing it deep point and another Point here for Parental and for people that ask well.

How can I get more on your serve watch the way Catherine drives for her midsection really rotates those hips through her serve and a lead with the side out so this is where you got to get the nerves handled you can kind of feel like I've I've got an opportunity here and a miss serve is.

Humongous for Catherine because the heart's going to be beaten she's a talent she won two gold medals this is different right here it's one thing about Catherine parento the will to win from her is just off the charts and right now she is in best position over Annalee Waters that she has been in.

In a long time another one hit out and Catherine closer to the Finish Line yeah that serve jumped up into the body of Annalee Waters and she is really really out of sorts over at her box here trying to get some thoughts from Ben John's there about where the ball's bouncing up so we're gonna bounce out of here real quick but a significant upset.

Is two points away ah no timeouts remaining still up one time out remaining Catherine parento two points away from taking down the number one women's singles player Anna Lee Waters here we go and parento now with match point yeah and that just Wicked Inside Out.

Forehand has been her shot to go to and here we go Waters comes right back inside out 5-10 side out so second match point coming up for Catherine after Annalee hits it long.

Afternoon here for Annalee Waters and parento can't finish it just yet and she went with that same forehand that has been so deadly here but Annalee Waters able to scrape it back down the line parento 28 years old Annalee Waters 16 years old when Anna Lee was starting to run a.

Rough shot if you're Catherine you got to be thinking am I ever going to re-establish my dominance in women's singles good chance here but Catherine hits it up against the net and now those two match points weigh heavily in your head this is when the mental part of single starts to overtake the physical part and.

Then a missed serve when you felt like maybe this is where four or five in a row from the Anna Lee freight train come third chance Catherine hits it wide yeah the feet weren't good there and uh wow Dave our hearts are pounding as well watching this.

Annalee with the winner he's within two timeout Catherine parento so you heard the loud roar from Annalee Waters after she made that one and uh and parento has got to there you see her just trying to slow everything down on her bench just find one more shot but she has to get the ball back and she is not I'm gonna just put it out there in.

The world she's not gonna get another missed serve from Annalee Waters right here that that already happened and now Annalee is the one walking around with confidence and ready to try and get what didn't look possible just a few short minutes ago at game three now there's work to be done but three match points against have been saved by Anna Lee.

Waters take a deep breath everybody time in and Annalee hits it wide Catherine parento going to have another Match Point here leading 10-8 and a very tight return she got away with there try number four foreign.

And when you're aiming it and not swinging it and it looks very different from what it looked like just five minutes ago you don't get the results and there's a oh my analy Waters within one nine serving 10 here momentum building on the waters side.

Oh that's wide Catherine will have side out how good that backhand right there was under enormous pressure is unbelievable Catherine for the match again oh Catherine parento she has done it and that's just a look of relief there Drew.

She had four prior chances to finish this match off but got a short return and finally swung through beforehand she had a couple other looks at it and this is a surprise to say the least she's 2 and 12 now 3 and 12 against Annalee Watterson had lost seven in a row didn't beat her last year but comes in here and that didn't go three wins in.

Straights and you feel like her level of play carrying over from Minnesota to here we saw her be able to back that up the challenge for her is and I think it's fortunate for her is the final is not today I think that would be really hard for her to have to play again because it's felt like a win and it was.

A win but it wasn't a tournament win so we will talk to a relieved and jubilant Catherine parental when we come back welcome back I'm Blackwood here with Catherine Prince so an incredible win here you just came off your gold medal in Minnesota you're creating such pace and shape with that paddle right from the get-go what was the discussion with.

Your team I think I just had to stay aggressive and be confident I think for sure getting gold uh two weeks ago kind of helped me uh today and I just yeah I was aggressive maybe not by the end I was a little tight there but uh yeah I kept reminding myself I got to stay aggressive that's when I play better and we know you've added to your team but.

Are we at the point in professional pickleball where we're watching tapes before we come on of other opponents to make sure that we have a game plan heading in for sure I would say that's a big part of my uh study I guess when I'm home I've spent a lot of time watching my opponents to come up with a good game plan and yesterday was International.

Women's day do you want to say anything to those girls right now saying I want to be just like Catherine when I grow up keep working hard I just I love this sport I mean it's great for women now you see so many women playing the sport and it's just amazing keep it going there you have it Catherine Pronto moving on to Championship day Sunday.

Don't go anywhere we'll be right back
Watch #4 Catherine Parenteau take on #1 Anna Leigh Waters in the Women’s Singles Semifinal Round at the Red Clay Hot Sauce Florida Open.

Before this match, Anna Leigh Waters was on an eight-month winning streak dating back until June 2022.

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The Red Clay Hot Sauce Florida Open aired live on YouTube from March 9th-12th, 2023.

Location: Pictona at Holly Hill (Holly Hill, FL)