Julian Arnold similar to navratil also a great singles player very capable of playing an up-tempo aggressive style and Catherine parental can do a little bit of everything she can be aggressive when she needs to but certainly capable of grinding and keeping them in points uh if they need to play that patient Style well it's gonna be fun to watch to see.

How this patient game or maybe lack there of patience as the wind conditions will increase throughout the day it was definitely something to note as of yesterday it changes the style of play for a lot of these athletes as well as the chill in the air first serve now underway and it's also going to be fun you've got.

The Lefty and Jay kalamoto on the right side so some double forehands up the middle yeah yeah so expect them to stay in that cross-court pattern predominantly at least to start this match to feel each other out foreign parento Julia and Arnold find a second.

Point they are definitely testing that middle early yeah absolutely I think Julian Arnold especially is going to want to shift over look for opportunities to be aggressive anytime he can sink his teeth into a ball here so give me a run gave me a little bit of an education on the temperature and the wind and some of.

The effects and impacts it might have on the game after this point titles get it yeah sometimes you know when players don't uh trust their touch as much because the wind is swirling and really changing the direction of the ball sometimes they want to try to win points playing a little bit faster where.

They don't have to string together as long of combinations of points in a row second sir so maybe some shorter rallies throughout the day zero three two finding that left tip of Jay cowimoto yeah she was on it I I'd like to see her.

Sit down just a little bit more to be her put herself in a better position to counter punch there and you see early on the male players are certainly looking to use that third shot drive a certain amount that's one way to adjust to the windy conditions and a good lead from calamoto yeah nice job by kawamoto recognizing.

How good the drop of navratil was she really closed in in a hurry really maximized her lean to speed that one up out of the air from Zayden navratil yeah he recognized that Arnold would be leaning middle knowing that he popped that ball up great job going back behind him there.

Do it what defense from Jay cowimono she saves them three or four different times yeah her ability to reset in the middle of chaos really goes a long way in extending points I know they didn't win the point but it sure feels like they did.

Big forehand from Julian Arnold yeah that's where kalamoto every now and then may need to keep Arnold uh a little bit more honest he was leaving a lot of space open up the line there I know she's trying to catch them on winding the stack but sometimes driving back behind the male player just keeps him from taking too much.

A lot of open space as Catherine's backhand is covering yeah when he comes that far over speeding up Cross Court does expose your line so unless you get your opponents on that speed up initially you're probably gonna get beat thank you wild bounce on that one second sir and to your point yes this is the first time Julian Arnold and.

Catherine parento are playing together their first match and first tournament playing together Catherine traditionally playing with Tyson McGuffin this year however Tyson out with a minor foot injury well it's not a bad thing to be Catherine parental I know last tournament when uh McGuffin went out.

With his foot injury she was able to pick up um I believe and now she's able to get Julian Arnold so uh no shortage of strong partners for her that's that's for sure does that speed up up the line from Jade yeah and then Arnold you know looking to take a chance going right at Jade she did a great job of countering and as the.

Point extended Arnold just wasn't able to catch up with uh one of the subsequent balls they're good drop yeah yeah and it's the forward pressure of being decisive where they both closed in after that drop that made that a tougher shot for Arnold second serve saw a lot of shake and bake Wednesday.

Navratel played alongside Catherine parento they went full send on that third shot Drive oh off his back foot and off the balance yeah I'm just going to mention the disguise is one Element off the the speed up off the bounce it's so important wasn't power that really got Arnold the point there really was.

Deceptive made that look like a dink to the last possible second second serve and we've seen just a few thirds from all the players here catch that tape again mentioning the windy conditions it just throws the touch off just a little bit to be significant at this level.

And Arnold going with uh not a conventional speed up there trying to use the two-hander going back across to Zane navratil got a little unlucky uh with the tape there and Zayn putting a ton of pressure just really sitting on the T right there at the kitchen light yeah the drive from his partner was a little high but he.

Showed some great reflexes there to steal that point away second serve nice location on the speed up there by parental got that left hip of navratil he uses both two and one hands on the backhand and not a bad location to cause some indecision right oh that flew off the paddle of Julian Arnold yeah we mentioned the the.

Drive and serve combination of Zane navratil really can generate a lot of power on that forehand side all right calamoto and navratil earn another point timeout receivers eight four two they never till and Jade cowimoto off to a firing start here at game number one in their first round match against Julian.

Arnold and Catherine parento and a little bit more patience Julian Arnold had the same look that we saw him take that step back on the tee and instead of speeding up he went with a nice little dink yeah likely was part of the conversation with them in the.

Timeout just hey let's work the point a little bit longer let some of the the points come to us more organically and go from there I wouldn't say that's that organic from Zane navratil creating off the edge yeah and that's the the risk that Catherine has dinking up her line to navratil very athletic and very capable of jumping.

That kitchen well Arnold disguised it well but he may have fooled himself and waited just a little long unable to clear the net there inside may have just been a little bit too low to take a swing out from Jade but she's balanced patience and.

Aggression beautifully so far this match hi there's the aggression and actually I caught up with her as well as her sister uh Jackie and the conversation was what have you been working on they said we're trying to get more aggressive we're trying to find more speedups I also think that's the case for just.

About every Pro on this tour yeah the game's getting faster paddle technology is getting grittier and the capability of coming up with offensive shots from lower locations is becoming more available beautiful little combination from Julian Arnold yeah again he's just doing such a.

Great job of disguising that no backswing at all in his motion just accelerates through the ball is always ready for that ball to come right back well played five nine what corner pocket for Julian Arnold really tough to be able to come up with that much spin on the stretch with a reaction volley there and that's what they need.

Just in time here need to make a run right now and it looks as if Julian Arnold's starting to find some success even on that backhand side of navratil yeah he's really clogging the middle right now and looking to implement his will early like a wall is Julian Arnold Arnold but.

Zane navratil says man what do I have to do well he finally just hit it away from him right to finally get the point tested him about three times and said okay I gotta go to a different spot here wow I'm waiting for the first Andiamo I haven't heard it yet as they've earned several back just within one now.

Clips the top of the net gave him too much loft they get the ball back second sir yeah a little unconventional to drive that ball generally if you're not balanced dropping is usually the the more percentage play.

Zayn looked like he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do on that yeah it's a couple different ways to use the drive you can drive kind of wait and then drop the next one or you can drive and just immediately get in there and look for the volley they appear to be a little bit more aggressive with driving and just crashing right in.

That's a nice adjustment there by Zayn though watching his backside just a second longer nice cover as that ball just flies off the paddle of Jay kalamoto it's 9-0 good deep serve there by Arnold right through the middle for Julian Arnold yeah it wasn't just a great shot.

But a great recognition of where the hole would be on the court he saw kawamoto slide overage for the Ernie knew that there would be some space right up the center really smart there by Arnold well you mentioned the timeout at four to eight they actually went one further down at four to nine so that's the amount that they have come back to.

This point after that timeout now with a game point lurking for parento and Arnold ten nine two and they changed up the third shot Drive location they had been going at Zane navratil and said they go at Jade a much needed side out now firefight the direction of the team in.

Red yeah just constant pressure and kamoda navratil both weren't able to get comfortably established at the kitchen line there foreign like you mentioned you can see she's clearly looking for offense early in these points as she's transitioning to.

The line oh my goodness talk about a slow death from Zane navratil I think he fooled just about everyone in the stadium on that what a time for it to earn themselves a game point here game number one to the 26th seed 12-10 now at Bell Bank Park Jake calimoto and Zane navratil picking up game one 12-10.

Over Julian Arnold and Catherine parento and a missed return gets them the first point yeah certainly a little colder here this morning that durable tends to fly a little bit more uh during uh colder conditions you know and in the commercial break we.

Were having the conversation I love watching mixed doubles I think it's my favorite style of play I think it's so fun to watch so many different Dynamics to unfold and that first game was a great epitome of why this sport is so fantastic as these men and women are on the court at the same time yeah there's so many subtle adjustments that they can.

Make and really separates pickleball from a lot of sports where this is a big time Marquee event to be able to have the mixed component really adds to it and quickly talking is Julian Arnold he may think he's the king of this court after MLP and he'd have reason to be one he ended up winning MLP with the Mad drops as.

Well as becoming the MVP of MLP yeah certainly a breakout event for him wow Cross Court crossbody well it's tough to show uh you know on television but the last dink by kawamoto just had so much bite on that slice it really creates some indecision out of Parental as to what her best response is hi I do know the kalamotos both Jade and.

Jackie I believe are free agents on the paddle market so if anyone's looking I don't know where that deal stands now but as of a few weeks ago well paddle manufacturers should be paying attention to that absolutely now the seventh seed much better begin.

Talking about bite how about that Ding from Catherine parental absolutely she's just being a little more aggressive off the ground what that enables is it enables her partner to not necessarily hold his line as much he can then uh go more towards the middle and that's what we've seen out of Julian Arnold he's been a little bit more aggressive with.

His movement but the placement and the aggressive dinking of Parental enables that it's for Julian and author and parento who have put us in a solid game too can't remember when alongside Kyle McKenzie that's for another Duo.

That's Jade kawamoto and Zane navratil y a different look for Julian Arnold yeah coming all the way over off of that return and then speeding up the next ball he really is one of the elite shot makers that we have on tour and putting it on display here Julian Arnold is Unstoppable Catherine printo hit the ball once in that no he's.

Turned up the dial right now and he's committed to playing Up Tempo and moving as aggressively as he can right now oh and too much on that from Zane navratil it's the level of Defense though that parental and Arnold are able to come up with that's forcing uh navratil to aim.

For a smaller Target there two sign out he was sitting backhand and Julian gives it much Mark yeah he was right on that I don't hate to play by navratil though because um Arnold was dictating every single ball sometimes you just have to punch back a little bit.

Second shot really nice choice by parento there to go back behind never till he was really looking for the poach and she kept him honest nicely yeah navratil there for the first speed up but wasn't able to to get that second one nice job from parental I wonder beautiful I can get one of those shirts that's Jaden Jackie that's what I'm.

Talking about I wonder if those they sell those over at the store I think that is fan number one in the stands right now I love it I need me one of those I'm definitely a Jade and Jackie fan girl certainly a lot to like about each of their games that's for sure ten one two.

Sign up that's the second we've seen just on the backhand body of Julian Arnold yeah it seems like it's a routine error but when you think about how aggressive he is darting towards the middle going at him is a good way to just keep him honest one to ten still and a nutmeg yeah yeah just a little too.

High on the drive there from kawamoto and Arnold uh making him pay the price there ten one one what a drive and game number two to Julian Arnold and Catherine parento sporting that Ava Lee uh clothing line from cell quick meanwhile game three.

Just about to get underway Catherine parento gets us started geez J calmoto's defense yeah she's doing every everything she can but more of the same from parental and Arnold they've really committed to almost not dinking just firing as often as possible and just staying on offense the entire time.

zero one one and it's interesting we also were having a conversation this morning as we were getting ready for broadcast talking about uh paddle angle and paddle location in terms of that speed up on the forehand side all right.

particularly off the balance because that's a fantastic rally right there but it's interesting how much you have to drop that paddle face yeah I think if you don't drop the head of the paddle and hit it more like a traditional ground stroke at least the tendency in my game when I started out was I would.

Hit the net a lot on my speed ups and so just in order to clear the net dropping the head below the ball is the start and then being able to kind of brush the bottom Edge or bottom side of the ball is kind of the motion that you see most of these Pros using to at least force their opponents to volley has a little bit more side spin to it as well when.

You drop that paddlehead hi yeah just another continue to to play good placement with those dinks from kalamoto there anytime you can get it near your opponent's feet it really can cause indecision about what their next response should look like.

A really nice read right there from Zane navratil yeah can always feel a little dicey as the male player when you come all the way on the other side but he had a high ball and was able to stay in control there yeah just wide it's in and actually it's going to be.

Overturned yeah never till drawing on some of his singles prowess there for that beautiful forehand drive slapping that down is Julian Arnold side out yes yeah you always like to have one of those right after the timeout we'll see if they can close the gap here that one's sent out to the Raptors yeah.

Beautiful backhand swinging volley there from navratil really generated a lot of pace and spin on that one and a second point for Parental and Arnold there were several balls there where I really expected Arnold to kind of surrender and just dink but he kept his foot on the gas and it paid off for him.

Trying to find the backside but they never till he had a tough combination in there he had to step into the kitchen get back out to be able to then find that backhand on the combo you had to show off some fancy footwork there speaking of footwork Julian Arnold's tried to take his toe off yeah and that's the downside of driving and.

Crashing in immediately if your opponent is able to get that ball at your feet it's so tough to stay on the plane trying to look for a drop in state instead is Jade cow Moto right now have to unwind the stack s oh that is just crispy clean from Jade Cowell Moto she tells Arnold stay on your side honor that line.

Foreign ing in and using heavy spin from navratil it's not just the power there it's his ability to get that ball to dip to an unattackable location bring us to the sixth Point here in game number three which means it's time for a.

Change of ends as we look to the grandstand as well where they just picked up their second Triple Crown Center Court Championship Court back underway we did have a few big upsets in terms of the singles competition yesterday Catherine forenzo took a loss to Mary.

Brasha so big congrats to Mary having made it into the semi-finals no just gets to Annalee Waters and Ben Johns will not be getting their triple double triple as Ben Johns was upset by Federico stacksrud who's been really inform uh all year in his singers game so stock struggle play in the singles final against Jada villier as.

There's an open angle smooth as can be from Julian Arnold yeah and it's very rare to see winners in doubles we mentioned the shot making ability of Arnold and that's what they're gonna need to decline claw their way back in this third game some noise on the side of parento and.

Arnold 4-6 and the coverage the court coverage of Arnold was just incredible there kalamoto doing everything she could to try to keep it away from him but he's just everywhere right now game point on the grandstand a hip check for Arnold yeah nice job going at him but like you mentioned right at that right hip unable to clear.

His uh body for the forehand volley there a missed return gives an easy fifth five six two down yes six one.

Point they never tell with some nice Top Spin propelled that ball down below the height of the net same thing both kawamoto and navratil just firing away well yeah they know how aggressive Arnold's been with his court coverage and if you slow it down in a.

Way it almost plays into his hands so they're committing to aggression and getting some errors on the volleys here on a call I like that committing to aggression I think my mother would say that's my life motto it was way too aggressive as a child I have a couple of those kids at home so I.

Can relate a little bit of course I was an angel growing up oh yeah yeah three could come to conclusion after this thanks for joining us here on Championship Court Julian Arnold and Catherine parento in game three action and another point on the bar board which.

Means it's match point and I love it it comes from the Battle of Jade cowimoto the aggressive play pays off with the victory yeah it was really a story of whichever team was more bold and not necessarily waiting for that perfect moment but just took it to their opponents really really ended up uh taking each game here so great.

Match on both sides here's a look at Jay cowimoto she sped that up from the transition zone absolutely Fearless and Championship court is underway with a quick shot at Pat Smith yeah great close there by Buckner in a great location to find that chicken wing.

Location on Pat Smith you mentioned the power that uh Megan Dizon has anytime she gets a high ball she really has that one ball put away power in her Arsenal.

Yeah excellent body control there by Deacon and a good patient Point all around From dazon's perspective it looks like she had him moving but he planted his feet and got his body in front of that counter punch oh had some room but it's just wide of the Court.

Don't worry not an earthquake folks really reaching in but to me that's the same thing how far can you reach in maintaining balance and getting enough shape on the ball yeah and the ball was a pop-up but it was barely a pop-up and so the response from design has to be a medium paced attack there it looked like.

She tried to hit a little too hard for how low that ball was two two one second third we mentioned there's a few different ways to use that third shot Drive Steve Deacon really a master of using what I call the drive drop combo he uses that drive as a way to get a.

Weaker response to eventually get to the net but showcase there it also has the option of maybe earning the the missed volume and winning the point right there too foreign for Pat Smith but I'm liking the slice backhand I'm seeing from Brooke Buckner as she's kind of getting in that.

Transition zone getting up to that kitchen line she's being able to keep that ball down at the feet of her opponents impressive Deacon did a good job of extending the point there but just never could kind of get out of jail and get one down enough.

To completely neutralize the point they're good aggression by uh by Pat Smith and Megan is on he leaves it and it lands the leave and land is not a play you want not the one that you want on your set she'd absolutely a little look what I found.

From Pat Smith there all right and that's kind of the difference that I'm seeing from from Steve deakin to Pat Smith it seems like when Pat's driving he's looking to close in and look to pounce on any weak volley whereas uh Deacon is using it more to set up an easier drop to get to the line.

Taking one off the chest is Steve deacon five four one all right yep from Deacon's perspective really looked like it was going to be out off the paddle but a great usage of spin to bring that in at the last second from Pat Smith.

Point advantage second serve yeah and a great adjustment there I imagine in the timeout they talked about the need to get better depth on their Returns the drive ability from Pat Smith and design has really been problematic.

For them early on and we're seeing any time they just kind of float a return in it's putting them immediately on defense so they're needing gonna need to have more of a singles mindset with taking a little more risk on the initial return got that ball down at the knee of Pat Smith four seven one.

Rock Buckner the former Division One tennis player as is Megan is on what a dig there by Buckner to set up her partner and that's what it's gonna take is uh winning a few more of these fast twitch athletic points they're comfortable in grinding it out but they're gonna need to to play offense a little more often well done.

That's the hard part of finding the hip trying to protect that is not the easiest thing yeah not just great power there but beautiful location uh jamming up Pat Smith there on the volley Point great technique as well as great location on the speed up there from.

Buckner did a nice job of dropping the head and finding that Medium Pace to slide that one through the middle wow awfully close to being very painful for Megan design and that's why we we love pickleball but can get a little scary at times in those fast exchanges that ball can get on you in a hurry.

hopefully she's okay I don't know if it actually ended up hitting her but my goodness that was as close as it gets off the ball uh it actually came up my old paddle and hit me in the eye I don't know if that speaks for my skill level or not but well you're not the only one so no worries Cameron.

971 -9-7 Buckner and deacon we're down two at one of the timeouts four to six so now have found the advantage to this point yeah it looks like Deacon was just maybe moving through that one a little bit I'm.

An unconventional error from him there yeah most of these teams are going to stack which means they're going to try to get uh the male player or whatever player they feel like forehand is in the middle when they can but getting caught unwinding the stack is certainly problematic if you can't get there in.

Time I was from the top floor for Pat Smith again you mentioned unwinding the stat causing issues that's a great example nice drive from Megan design and you can see just how difficult unwinding is when you've got somebody that can drive like both pets and.

Designs watch for Buckner to potentially go up the line here give yourself some more space instead she goes to Pat Smith interesting as it ends up being design and Smith on top 11-9 yeah again I I prefer the up the line return but wherever you go you have to have depth and that's where I said even if it means you taking more risk and.

Missing an occasional return those mid Court returns right now just aren't doing the job for them so far game number one to design and Smith here in their first round matchup first Brook Buckner and Steve deakin awfully close just two points difference he thought to maybe leave and land but that time it landed yeah I'd love to say.

For that Deacon hit that lob on purpose but I think that was just some good fortune with the deflection volley there thanks wow Pat Smith I don't even know if that ball was gonna stay in but he still went for it he said you know what if it's up that high I've got the power to just put.

This thing away no matter what so I had to slide off the court there but a nice footwork to get around the kitchen Brooke Buckner got a paddle on it that was impressive enough point yeah I like that play by by Deacon I think that they need to match the aggression of their opponents and um and.

Look to continue to use that third shot Drive yeah nice job by Deacon again playing within himself recognized one ball from Pat Smith sat up just a little bit was able to start the fire against uh dazon there all right now it's interesting I talked to Megan.

Design about her tennis career she played tennis at BYU and asked her if she played pickleball like she played tennis in that same style she said actually yeah I was a very aggressive double player playing tennis and she said that's why I love pickleball so much as I still get to have that same type of mentality especially up at the.

Kitchen line and also even from the Baseline said she loved her two-handed backhand drive and tennis yeah those fast volley exchanges in tennis if you're comfortable there certainly an easier transition to to play high level pickleball that's for sure she even has a little bit of a unique.

Background actually grew up as a swimmer and then transitioned to tennis and then later found pickleball after a tennis career now resides in Utah trains with several Pros there Point Steve Deacon found about three nice drops but couldn't quite get himself into the transition zone yeah.

And we've had a few deflection volleys this match there from Pat Smith where they're fooled but they just had some good fortune in keeping that ball to land in seconds excellent volley there by Deacon finding the feet of Pat Smith looking to do the shake and bake but if you can get down on that ball he makes it very hard for.

Your opponents I know yeah great placement by by Buckner all those balls were right at the feet near that kitchen line of design and create some indecision there second sir Pat can't believe he walked.

Away winning that rally based off the net trickle yeah I think he was pretty fooled by that last speed up though too and got fortunate that that one didn't clear the net by Buckner trying to get tricky but Steve deakin's forehand not letting him have it yeah he read that one really really well nice.

Job by uh by Deacon there three two two let's try it out yeah a little along with the drive but I like the look they've been getting the majority of their points and sinking their teeth into these points mostly off of Deacon's drive so I think when he's balanced he needs to continue to let it.

Fly wondering if another ball has found the dura graveyard aka the stands here on Championship Court two three one second service yeah we mentioned the adjustment that they needed to make was better depth on the return excellent depth there and.

Created the error Pat Smith is currently one with the net at this point I know that ball just went long but I feel like he's seeing as many neck chords as anyone in this matchup foreign.

Er's gonna try and find it but I'm more impressed with that defensive play oh and that ball actually nearly bounced back on the other side based off the amount of spin yeah he needed to hit that that's for sure he had to do that quickly yes yeah it looks like Deacon was just still.

Moving a little bit as his opponents were hitting you always want to look to use that split step just a fraction of a second right before they're about to make contact to enable you to be balanced and move laterally three two confirming the score now.

Two three one point just look at the amount of shape on that forehand there was no getting that ball back yeah and one of the other things that's actually hurting Deacon here is where he's standing on the return he's all the way in the corner looking to play a backhand but that's creating at least another full step of.

Distance to travel and he's been a step late several times on winding the stack all right so core position is even imperative in terms of where you are in your return not necessarily just at the kitchen line or transition zone especially when you're going to run diagonal in that stack formation.

Well he gets one away there as the ball is just long on surf foreign looking to to be aggressive in those middle balls but the initial attack was probably just from slightly too low of a position and eventually lost the point.

point tough to go up line yeah yeah it was the pressure of of the Dink and the location that I think made her want to reset and not go back across her body but credit to Buckner for being just a little bit more aggressive with her dinking.

and Buckner again Steve Deacon and Brooke Buckner facing off against Pat Smith and Megan design second game action right now the advantage is on the side of Deacon and Buckner who dropped game one Cameron Irwin and Kyle McKenzie.

Foreign ER to Brooke Buckner but interesting you've got Megan Dizon on the left in that rally and Pat Smith on the right and it looks as if they're going to stay as well not having to oh maybe they're actually going to switch they decide to change.

Yeah I think they had some confusion on the last one but uh got it back figured out all right well even then she showed the fist too it looked like potentially stay and then switched and then she changed her mind so yeah I don't know what they talked about on the timeout but the last couple points she kind of took an odd path coming forward so they.

Seem to still be deciding what the better play is as far as do they stack or do they play straight up temporarily playing straight up here ah tough dink well defended by Design as the lob now comes.

And two people trying to hit one overhead rarely works and what a point it had a little bit of everything Butler and Deacon were on defense for the vast majority of that point but eventually able to steal that one away and just because the ball goes up in the air does not mean it's easy to put away at this level by any means.

We'll see if they go back to what was working for them in game one well you're correct they do switch and that's a drive where you're gonna get beat with that whether you play straight up or unwind the stacks that's not one where you need to make an adjustment in my opinion.

Number two goes completely different games at the Arizona Grand Slam the carvana Arizona Grand Slam stay down yeah we mentioned just how many really high level mixed doubles teams there are in the draw and so many of these matchups can really go either way it's just going to come down to.

Execution so much of the story has been all about the third shot drive or just Pace in general this morning especially in these mixed combinations we saw I'm winding the stack become that much more difficult for both of these teams at different times.

Yeah and you said it Cameron if teams are going to take that risk of running diagonally to get into formation it really opens up uh the opportunity to start the point with the drive and go from there I know a nice return gets Pat Smith in a bit of trouble yeah.

We mentioned how important depth is going to be for Buckner and Deacon they did a much better job of that in game two we'll see if they can keep that going here in game three turn his head away cannot believe the bounce that took off the net yeah he had plenty of time but it just stayed so.

Shallow he didn't really have anywhere to take that ball foreign yeah bailing out her partner a little bit from time to time always helps the chemistry I won't make a joke of that one.

You're thinking about it I wanted to but I held off I know yeah excellent depth on the volley there from design just taking a little bit of that preparation time away from Deacon was able to generate the error there and a missed return so Smith and design the 14 seed facing.

Off first the 19th seed again this is first round action for both these teams yeah never want to see missed returns that being said I did mention they are going to need to take more risk on that return so to some degree as a team not ideal but you have to say you know every now and then one may be in the budget because those short returns were really.

Really hurting them in game one seconds it's a fine line as the male player where you're expected to be aggressive and take a little bit more court but if you just get a little overextended the errors really start to creep in into your game.

Kind of reaching outstretch this past Pat Smith former division one Collegiate tennis player one three one he's introduced to pickleball by Jade villier both now residing in Wichita Kansas Megan design floating one to the Baseline yeah really measured that little slow roller perfectly well done by her.

I know three one one at this point you've just gotta become frustrated on this side of Dizon and Smith the ball just bouncing not their Direction off the net yeah not so far I mean we've talked about long term they usually even out but In the Heat of battle it's it's really tough to not get.

A little frustrated Pat Smith with a magical save wow yeah I definitely had a little circus shot in there to extend the point but uh the aggression of Buckner and Deacon still able to win out nice drive off the paddle of Steve deacon.

And that's been working for them the entire match I think he's going to continue to look to do that to give him their best chance here in game three point yeah it looks certainly a makeable ball but much tougher when you feel your.

Opponents closing into the kitchen line three three one they decide to play straight up on the other side design and Smith yeah interesting that when Deacon got that first pop-up rather than traditionally going at the person in front of him he stayed and kept the.

Pressure on his on there and attacked back Cross Court was able to win the point second sir Pat Smith continuing to try and find the feat of deacon and there it is it's going the opposite.

Direction now we'll see if you're right Kyle I think they've got a few more to go their directions remember remember it's long term math terms hahaha point and another ball to the side of design and Smith a couple examples there you don't need to.

Get the ball to bounce in the kitchen to be able to pressure your opponents if you just get them hitting it from lower than the height of the net they can really change their shot and force them to be a little less aggressive the winner of this match will have a doozy of a next match because next in store is Anna bright and Riley Newman.

The number three seed here I know who had a match point opportunity to go to the final back at the desert ridge open to Matt and Lucy Matt Lucy making a significant comeback and victory heading to the final there we have yet to see one of those nice job.

Making design yeah really good job she recognized that uh Steve Deacon was leaning a little bit towards the middle nice job of keeping him honest going back behind him there with that with that speed up I know four four one.

second third yeah just a little bit more motion on the Pat Smith forehand than his backhand and he's had just a couple times where he's just been a hint late on that side um certainly there's a lot of people in that category but that's been just a bit of a factor here in this match.

Stayed up yeah I think that's really the location if you feel like you have an offensive shot going to the Pat Smith forehand seems to be the location that they're getting a few more errors I know let's serve off Brooke Buckner so you can get all four first second chance.

Yeah in that slightly bigger motion really helps him when he has time for an offensive shot a little tougher when his time is taken away that ball lands in bounds too design had success there earlier just a few points ago but the door has been closed yeah I think it's just an example of fool me once from Deacon it was.

Almost the same scenario but this time he didn't lean as much middle ready for that ball in his backhand Deacon has done a nice job on those drops on that backhand flight side slicing that ball down I believe he's only missed about twice to this point from the Baseline.

trying to go full tripod yeah yeah he did a 360 in the middle of that and darn near came up with a highlight reel there that is a beautiful return from Brooke Buckner barely skidding over the top of the net not much of a bounce on that.

Sometimes taking Pace off works in your favor When You're Expecting The Hard driven ball game three action here in the second match on Championship Court six to four Steve deakin and Brooke Buckner on top oh that could have been a winner yeah he definitely had some space in the middle.

He recognized it just slightly overcooked that drive I like the choice though as I look at scores across the board right now in this mixed draw one stands out Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick Quinn taking the win over Lena padiga Mike day and Colin Johns in three games those were some wild game scores.

Foreign yeah in my opinion Cameron I think we've got you know Ben John's Annalee Waters maybe the team of Riley Newman and Anna bright but then there's so many other teams that are right in that conversation where it just comes down to who's going to execute on a given day well and to your point one of those.

Potentially AJ Kohler and Jesse Irvin who have picked up a first round and second round in total win 11 6 11-6 so they're moving on as well they'll face off against Jansen and retten Meyer Brook Buckner can't believe that one didn't go yeah she had her feet set and she saw that she had a sliver going back behind Pat Smith just wasn't able to.

Convert there point yeah unfortunately for Pat Smith there he just decelerated looks like he wasn't really sure what type of shot to hit and that's the thing with topspin the more you trust it the more control you actually have foreign.

Too it's been I was watching so many matches out on the outer courts yesterday and as the wind continued to increase you're so right that hesitation you saw so many balls starting to fly out or adjusting the game especially with your back uh with the wind it's very challenging you think that ball is just going to soar on you yeah you know.

One of the things I I stress when I teach is not always making the perfect decision but being decisive in your decision and kind of learning to operate in with that mentality most people find their best games foreign ER with a big high five after a solid shot yeah both these ladies are doing a.

Great job if they're given any space at all with a slight pop-up of being bold going right at the guy and hitting some really nice locations and that's kind of the ball that you're taking out of the air that you have to kind of let slide off your paddle right it's a little bit challenging to bring that ball up the line maybe the next.

Time you see it you can dictate and tell us what are some of the challenges with that contact as Brooke Buckner looks to poach with the one hand backhand yeah there's a couple things that are challenging is is one we talked about dropping the head of the paddle to make sure that you clear the net and then the next would be hitting a good location.

And finding a medium pace seems like when you hit that one too hard it's easy for your opponents to just let it go out and not to over talk here but the next challenge is often if you do hit it it's going to come right back to you and so switching from a forehand speed up to then playing a backhand on the very next ball can be problematic.

Pat Smith with a massive groan as he picked up a great defensive play oh I think he recognized he had the whole court open Cross Court but the ball just got in on him in a hurry wasn't able to straighten that one out didn't see any time of one of these Pros misses their third the frustration is.

Clear yeah this is crunch time here in the match and all those thirds just get a little bit more important as we get to the end here taking over yeah you know first time we've seen Buckner go for the lob there didn't love.

That occasion because she was still kind of on defense there but um we'll see if that one works next time Deacon's stepping in right at the right time yeah and going back behind Pat Smith great recognition that he would often be looking for that forehand in the middle.

Eight five two and a bit of a late call on the wide call off designs paddle brings Deacon and Buckner to 9-5 just two points away from a match victory playing for a spot to face off against Anna bright and Riley Newman next up Megan design and Pat Smith versus Brooke.

Buckner and Steve deakin game three action you're gonna make a move it's now for design and Smith yeah very timely hold for them let's see if they can go on a run here and make things interesting interesting I would say most of the.

Returns in that location Pat Smith's come over to play is for him but he left that one for Megan is on to play her back in and that enabled him to get to the net a little sooner we'll see if that's an adjustment they're looking to make here all right well and also it's important to note.

What number that Buckner and Deacon are at at that nine point which means they're going to be unwinding the stack in this rotation yeah not a bad Instinct she uh design recognize that Deacon was still moving so tried to speed up back behind him but just she didn't have a lot of space to.

Work with points oh boy make it another point on the side of design and Smith just one away but still a good run yeah and earlier we saw design play that drive with the two end and backhand might be a little too far for Smith to come over on that particular occasion.

Donna Smith now need a hold a beautiful combination yeah I like the play of going right at Deacon and then anticipating where that counter attack is likely to come well played it didn't bounce the direction of design and Smith and they're grateful they're.

Definitely even out the score in that regard yeah Buckner and Deacon looked to be in control of that point but great reflexes and defense from Smith and Design to the right shoulder of design yeah you got it really great location there good.

Job leaning in but again how do you hit spot with that speed up might have been a different story but how about that return location forcing Buckner to stay even further on the Baseline having to work all the way across to unwind she can't believe it she's done it a few times now yeah trying to thread the.

Needle again there's not a lot of space to work with but I certainly don't mind the attack attempt there from design what foreign on that forehand cross-court roll from.

Buckner really did a good job of setting her partner up with the pop-up match point he takes the shot and it's long so Buckner and Deacon 11-9 in the third pick up a first round victory and they're smiling they look like they're ready to have some fun and just.

Give it their best shot here and I really think you know if you just think about skills people love they should be able to push a very very dominant team here in uh the number one season and a lot of primantally waters now this is a piece she's definitely added more.

To her game this season we've seen it a few different times throughout the first three now three events yeah it can be a very high percentage shot when you're playing that right side and you're able to kind of slide that through the middle like she was able to do there picked up a first round win in three.

Games versus Chuck Taylor and Irena tarashenko hi really trying to find an angle there is kalamoto yeah I've just seen a couple of unforced errors and ignanowicz early here James well known for his two-handed backhand that time working with the one hand punch.

yeah and it's not a good sign to start from ignotowich and kalamoto to the one thing ignada which is really known for is his hand speed but if annalize able to effectively attack him um I think they're really gonna struggle winning a lot of these slower extended kitchen points well and she's looking.

Very quickly to attack up the line whether that's on her forehand or clearly on her backhand side as she shifts to the sideline I know she just missed that long but shots are already being taken that way yeah it reflects the confidence that she has to start this we'll see if that holds true here five one two.

The leave and land again you never want to be on the receiving end of that yeah I think you know from ignonwich's perspective he thought maybe that was gonna fly but that project Perseus with a little extra dip from Ben Johns there gets the job done 62 and two that is the record all time for this mixed doubles combination of.

Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns that's a 96 make it 97 win percentage pretty good I'd say yeah we talked about the level of dominance and those are the stats to back it up pretty uh intimidating going up against this Duo and again there's the forehand speed up to the backhand side those two losses came just about a year ago.

The first was against Catherine parento and Riley Newman in the second was just a backdraw match with J.W Johnson and Simone jargine all right looks like Waters is just a little indecisive on how hard she wanted to hit that one uh air into the net by her there.

I like the idea by agnodowicz to play that aggressive up-tempo style but Ben Johnson doing a great job of getting back in that point and finishing it off with uh with his hand speed deadly two-handed backhand just finds the top of the net so a third point for kawamoto and ignatowich.

it's like watching the mirror image of the match we saw earlier Jade and Jackie's righty and Lefty but same defensive process she missed the law of attempt there but I like the attempt I think that's going to be something that she can use uh in this match I'd like to see her stick with that and keep going.

For it when it's there got the switch and Annalee Waters knows exactly what to do with it yes so deceptive there she kind of did a little look away and found that outside hip of ignatowich and intriguing we talked about the cow motos adding some more offense into.

Their game there was an example of it two times she certainly could have dinked but she chose to speed up and balance aggressive dinking with speed UPS doing it well so far and just get caught there off the drive of Annalee Waters a nice recovery from James ignatowich.

But Ben Johns closes the door yeah this is one of the areas where Norwich can separate himself from a lot of the other dominant male players he's very comfortable playing both the right or left side and taking a lot of court with his two-handed backhand in the middle inside out.

Three nine one okay nice job by John's not just making those volleys but really doing something with them and getting good depth on both those responses yeah anytime you can hit a winner of Ben John's line you gotta be feeling pretty.

Good about that see if they can continue to kind of build off that and close the gap here in game one foreign very compact in that stroke yeah and I like what I'm seeing they're not being too afraid of Ben John's going back behind him just often enough to get into.

Some more of these points a well-managed slight punch and flick from James ignatowich yeah they seem to be really coming to life here this is good to see we talked about them having the skill set on paper it's nice to see it translating into some points here all smiled on the side of ignatowicz and cowaboto as they found a few points now.

Against the number one seed of Ben Johns and Annalee Waters the defending champs six to nine and a side out again for Ben and Annalee wow and that was set up several points ago Annalee taking shot after shot after shot up the line this time she goes to the interior yeah and it's such a.

Visually different look by her running around to play backhands on the forehand side just not very many people are ever gonna show you that look effectively like Anna Lee can andalee decides to take that aggressive step forward but ends up I think touching that with her left hand I guess.

She was trying to get out of the way of it a little unlucky for her that her non-dominant arm got in the way there hey John just bends his elbow gets the battle face down as well as the ball to close out game number one that man is ready to go Ben Johns is pretty much maintained his posture out on the court.

Through game one into game two on the changeover and Lee Waters turn around all over the place why not James sitting on the other side of the next long side Jackie kawamoto game two Starts Now certainly never how you want to start a second game but shake that one off and.

Uh it's important for these athletes to have a very short-term memory out here side out chair one one Point yeah I like the play by kalamoto John's has added in that two-handed backhand counter when he's reaching and.

Sometimes going right at him is the best play if you can surprise him just a little bit second server one more two I like that choice from James ignato which the quick close yeah that's what he can bring to the table he's very.

Explosive very long frame and he can plant himself in the middle and show off that Elite hand speed he knows he had a good look yeah certainly was there for him just put a little too much strength on that one hi yeah good location from John's there just handcuffing ignado which a little.

Bit going at that forehand right hip Anna Lee can't even believe it yeah she knew it right off the paddle didn't even wait to watch that one bounce she just turned her head right away a little disgusted with her shot selection there big news for the 16 year old she recently resigned with cattle Tech.

Great news if you're a paddle Tech fan that's an important athlete to keep uh keep under your under your company there a new car and re-sign with Cattle Company should be feeling pretty good a couple Triple Crowns to her name too by a couple I mean she's got more than double digits certainly accomplished a lot in her uh.

16 years on this planet that's for sure third Pro when she was just 12 years old the youngest to do so second server looks like James is starting to maybe work with a little bit more often in one hand yes getting it into the mix yeah.

Certainly in certain situations where one hand is the preferred shot in this match I really would like to see him stick with his two-hand backhand role I think Ben Johns is so comfortable going slice to slice but you start giving him Top Spin I think it presents a different look that might make John's a little uncomfortable.

all right redirects there for Ben Johns and a side out back for Ben and Anna Lee three apiece three three one nearly finds the Noggin of Annalee yeah Waters is doing a great job of varying.

Her attack locations really uh keeping ignatowicz guessing out there okay wow plenty of pace off that paddle yeah when uh when John's reaches back I don't know if there's anybody who hits the ball harder but it was all set up by.

The excellent lob by Waters to push them off the line and they maintained control to finish the point yeah she took that long uh out of the air too very deceptive foreign oh my that could have been dangerous yeah fortunately we avoided the.

Collision but my goodness what does it take against this team you defended the around the post but still John's was able to get back and put the next one away foreign Jackie gets backed off the kitchen line yeah it's just the pressure that John's.

Is putting on by being in the middle of the Court trying to go back behind him it's not a big Target to be able to make those Dinks unattackable positions like you mentioned with the backhand roll but it's coming instead off the kawamoto's paddle as she's on the left side right there if you can hit.

That short corner it really will open up a lot for you obviously easier said than done though yeah without a doubt foreign four seven four third and one.

Ignatowicz gets it back yet again want to pick up what a rally pointed the tournament without a doubt oh it had a little bit of everything and it ends up with Ben Johns actually playing the right side and Anna Lee on the left which you don't see very often but they're clearly.

Capable of doing it all out there Cameron Crossing like ships in the night Ben and Anna Lee on opposite sides side out seven four seven four one ignore it was smiling at that one I think everybody in the stadium kind of felt like Anna Lee was going to speed.

That ball up here's a lookout on the grandstand third game action happening there okay whoa at the back hand Natalie Waters yeah amazing body control she was actually out of position but she planted her feet did a nice job of turning on that two-hander.

Six five on the grandstand change event Travis rettmeyer Leia Jansen down by one to AJ Kohler and Jesse Irvin we'll check back in when they come back out Point yeah some great dip on the last drive by ignata which really changing the volley from Waters there.

second server yeah nice speed up Cross Court by Annalee Waters I haven't seen her do that too much but really handcuffed kawamoto there I don't know if that's what you're.

Looking for well it's tough it's tough you know because if you don't go at John's often enough he really just gets so comfortable staying in control but if he does see it coming you can look pretty silly testing him at the wrong times Ben John's looking to Anna Lee wondering if that ball was inbounds or out of.

Bounds play continues Ben Johns just on leashes on that ball it was an absolute rocket across kawamoto about at her waist and I'm still thinking that probably was going to land out then John's also checking the face of that Perseus paddle after that point.

I think that one left a mark I like that ball from James ignato which kind of that we'll call it 70 ball to Anna Lee Waters catching her yeah I felt like the entire Point both players did a really good job of moving the ball around and really um making.

Waters and John's earn it shout out an Untapable bounce off the net for Ben Johns well they're in Striking Distance here with the ball back at six nine one let's see if they can uh make a push here six seven on the grandstand son and Rhett Meyer down by one.

second timer red Meyer with a nice flick to get the seven very much in control great location and yeah we've got a battle here this is fun two chords head to head right now sliding that offer paddles Anna Lee Waters yeah good choice going right back to where the pop-up was created ignado.

It's sliding back to the middle nice twist going back behind him ignato which puts one away Jansen and Rhett Meyer find an eighth a lead change and it looks as if at different times Jesse Irvin AJ Kohler ended up on the opposite side that time Jesse back on the right as they unwind the stack here.

Oh and a timeout called on the grandstand and Elise says thank you very much yeah I don't mind the play for mcnaughtowicz testing annalize gonna have to do that from time to time but that one just sat up just a little bit to the Annalee forehand and she was all over it.

Foreign does have to keep being offensive there like he was trying to do just unfortunately for him unable to clear the net on that speed up attempt to run on the ball James well John's did.

Straighten it out but that's the risk when you go that far over you do leave some Court back behind you inside out another side out at six to nine kawamoto and ignatowich with a solid hold so they've kept him at nine a couple of times here this is really their.

Opportunity to see if they can close the gap having some conversation all right as a missed return comes off the paddle of Ben Johns make it 7-9 791 eight nine now in a beautiful Drop there by kawamoto just what the doctor ordered right here see if they can push them in game two and maybe take this game off of them of.

Course eight nine first serve d yeah Travis a call from Leia Jansen yeah and he was just giving Irvin a steady diet of Top Spin balls to her feet until he eventually got the pop-up to put it away 9-9 now on Championship Court.

it's such a brave speed up by Annalee Waters to be able to go across court and find that outside hip of kawamoto really really well placed there second serve now as the score is tied on Championship Court meanwhile the grandstand still down by two make it one excuse me.

We've got a game point here at 10-9-2 with ignata which to serve kawamoto from a decent space off the kitchen line yeah and the height of the bounce just really didn't sit up enough to be aggressive there I probably wishes she had that one back oh Anna Lee with perfect placement 10 10.

Yeah she does not care what the score is she's gonna be herself out there and she is an aggressive player love to see The Confident version of herself this is great yeah I'm not sure if he intended it to go that way but put your paddle on it.

And good things happen second serve now oh she had a good look it's also matching scores out on the grandstand at 10 a piece there now 11 10 for Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters another Crossing pattern ignato which I like it Fearless with the put away and.

If there's 81 in the sport that has maybe even a more lively arm than Ben Johns it would be the man on the other side of the net this is coming off his paddle huge anytime he gets a highball yeah so first serves that knit off second serve now still down by one Kohler and Irvine Irvin still down by.

One as well on the grandstand Sporty's found some success that direction french fries on the board it's 11 all on Championship Court here's a look back to grandstand 11 11 2. looks like they fought off a match point.

There and they get the ball back on the grandstand down by one Waters with a beautiful ATP great job by her to recognize it was going to open up weight long enough and we're being treated to some amazing pickleball got my head on a swivel.

Bouncing back and forth here Cameron 11-11 and 11-11 fall called out of bounds on Championship Court make it 12-11 on Championship Court Ben Johns Emily Waters with a match point foreign.

with a final put away 13-11 on Championship Court the match goes to the number one seed it's been a great job for mcnaughtowicz and cow mono to push them but the experience and the adjustments was really impressive to me Annalee Waters started speeding up Cross.

Court much more often as that game got tighter yeah and did it just often enough to be able to get through and win this one and two a few short weeks ago in the desert Dylan's got a little smirk not aiming for that but you know if it goes there whatever gets the point he knows he got away with one his back end was going to.

Be going quite a bit out but uh Riley bailed him out a little bit by touching that one get served Lauren stratman lets that go the new Resident of Austin Texas her and Julian Arnold making one to move from Tennessee that direction.

Lots lots of Pros to train with out there yeah certainly a hot bed for for pickleball Pros no shortage of high-level play for them I'm sure Ernie well defended by Lauren stratman as she just lays that up into the corner she gives a good read by Riley Newman but uh Frazier's dick just stayed so close to the net that he had to kind of.

Lift that and pay the price for it from stratman one one two point reaching he knew he had plenty of room but too much on it yeah normally very secure on his volley he's kind of an uncharacteristic error there by Frasier.

Yeah I just left that backhand flick up a little bit and Anna bright known to be one of the most aggressive female Pros that we have certainly make him pay the price for that error point Lauren strap and Dylan Frazier do have some experience playing alongside one another but it goes all the way back to.

2021. it's been a minute yeah I'm sure they're you know gonna be working the the bugs out as far as their chemistry a little bit today but they've already played a few matches now so they should be uh ready to go here Lauren stratman backs up and unloads yeah a lot of times you'll see players take a step back prior to hitting their.

Counter just to give them a little bit of time to slide to the side for that two-handed backhand there nice job by stratman can serve it's a lot of spit on that hard to get a paddle on it's Rodney Newman rocking the sweats everyone's trying to stay warm underneath the shade here on.

Championship courts pancake yeah his signature shot right on cue interesting that we're seeing stratman several times in a row take her drive directly at Riley Newman uh we'll see if that's going to be effective for her on point.

Dylan Frazier just pulling at his shirt they're frustrated as a foot fault was called not on that's right there yeah it was tough to tell if he got re-established didn't look like he did and called for the fault there showing some range on some of those counters she has gone up the line a few.

Times that time finds a nice middle angle Point tries to drop as low as possible yeah really you know having played Newman a handful of times really the pressure that he presents disconnecting and the mountain that he can reach and cover really makes you aim for smaller Targets on what would normally seem.

Routine ducking under the way of that one is Dylan Frazier the ball has definitely entered the uh during a graveyard yet again finding another is Lauren stratman Anna bright will receive 261 California Golden Bear.

Second term you know interesting uh it'll be interesting to see how that battle within the battle plays out Anna Brighton known to be similar to Annalee Waters very good at speeding up balls off the bounce but Dylan Frazier is known to be one of the best counter punchers out there what a get by stratman Lord strapman seriously that's.

Wild yeah I'm certainly not a bad speed up attempt by stratman but tougher to get Newman reaching he's so comfortable sliding to the side and using that two-handed backhand second serve.

Six two two call it a bounce I think one of the big questions is Will Anna bright and Riley Newman make an appearance in the final as they had a match point against Lucy and Matt at Desert Ridge in the semis and couldn't pull it out Riley Newman foreign.

Movement from Dylan Frazier yeah you hit the nail on the head in order to counter punch it really starts from the ground up he did a good job of getting his feet in position which made him that much stronger on the backhand counter a big swing but she had the room for it yeah it was the time for it and you need to add a certain amount of power on.

These shots to get through that wall on the other side so don't blame the attempt just didn't quite straighten that one out great dig ger great movement and combination between Dylan Frazier and Lauren stratman it seems like they move really well together to this point yeah.

Stratman had the Ernie and then they stayed in the point had a little Matrix move to get out of the way the last one I really like how she's playing to start this match forget foreign what's the call.

You're challenging the no call yeah all right after video review the ball was in the call stands the challenge was lost and a timeout is lost the team up stradman Frazier is charged one time out we have proceed with side out at seven three one one timeout two timeouts and to your point I actually just asked.

Don sitting right behind us here our video official and he said with the no call it is presumed in at that point so you are correct yeah good to get some clarification if that comes up again Anna bright I love it yeah great I mean great job by stratman to fend off the initial attacks from.

Newman but still just not good enough to get them the point foreign you know it's interesting at times I've heard conversation about Riley Newman's kind of drop style in terms of drops and resets saying he gives himself a bit more space to and more margin for error a little bit more Loft on those because.

He trusts his defense so much would you agree with that yeah absolutely it's not just trusting his defense but even when he has a ball uh when he's on defense that he defends with a little more height and shape he still comfortably moves forward better than most because he's trusting his counter punching ability as well so it's a combination of.

Both foreign with the forehand yeah not a bad attempt by stratman there to go at that dominant shoulder of bright but seemed to be all over it might do better off going more into the body the next time she's in that situation.

And game number one quickly turns the direction of the number three seed bright and Newman 11-3 she picked up game one alongside Riley Newman 11-3 over stratman and Frazier we talked about Dylan trying to get a little more aggressive where might be some of the locations he looks to become.

More aggressive yeah I think it starts with taking more chances on the dink where he's gonna have to dink with a little more aggression to be able to dictate but then once he has a ball that he feels like he can speed up I would say he's going to be best served going to the oh my goodness Dylan Frazier is everywhere right now.

Ball's out of bounds give it to him he earned it amazing Point wow um but talking on uh we're talking on earlier I would start going to the left side kind of left tip of Riley Newman and right into the body of Anna brider could probably be his best two locations when he can speed a ball up.

Didn't have a shot there to be able to do it all the pressure applied to Lauren stratman shut up get another nice leave by stratman she's shown some good Court awareness and leaving some of these balls that a lot of us would get too tempted to play.

Solid forehand drive from stratman what I'd like to see what I saw there is closing in after the drive especially from Frazier I think that if they try the shake and bake I think they might be able to steal a few points away which it's tough to score points on this team just having to earn it with that many Dinks.

shut up you'll take those when you can get them yes trying to reset that and just bring the point back to neutral but a lot of Top Spin on that dink by Riley Newman and I believe Dylan Fraser not happy with that ball I believe there's a crack in it so they are switching that out.

He knew something felt a little funky probably on the last one took an odd balance point yeah Frazier again in good position there just a little bit off with some of his kill shots uh so far Hannah Bright getting really aggressive when Newman gets so much credit for his.

Defense but so far this match Anna bright has done a great job of digging out those balls and making it very tough for her opponents to actually score points on them a nice blocked location for Mana bright I'm not sure what that maneuver is Riley he's known for being very animated with trying to will the ball over the net.

It's unable to get it done that time everyone hold full helicopter I don't know I gotta think of the term for that one Riley four one two four one two it must be nice to feel so comfortable picking up a ball with a left-handed.

Forehand for Riley Newman because it allows him to creep so far to the right he goes I'll chase that dink all day long back out of the timeout now Anna bright and Bradley Newman in quarter final action looking for a spot into the semi-final here for mix Pro doubles carvana Arizona Grand Slam.

Point yeah just that pressure of Riley Newman being able to fully disconnect and clog the middle really can make life difficult if you're strumming in Frazier fight and they've all got it all working at the moment it's tough right now for stratman and Frazier to really sink.

Their teeth and find some rhythm in this match accountability on full display Riley Newman holding himself to High Mark second sir that's the other adjustment that I like that they did I think they should do more of that is trying for that shake and bake stratman has a great low drive and Frazier is very capable of.

Poaching up at the net Riley Newman flying in speaking of someone who's capable of poaching right on cue Mr Newman it was a pogo poach she did that with one foot look at this point at this point can't stop the bleeding for Riley Newman.

And Anna bright they are just inflicting their will let's be safe I think that had some funky spin on it yeah I think bright was a little excited there and that ball may have changed Direction on her before that uh final speed up with the left hand I can't do that that well with my right.

Hand I don't think you're alone change a pace off the serve for man of bright another error added it is now match point for Adam bright and Riley Newman all right quick reflexes out of bounds yeah nice.

Speed up there by stratman it's always tough going right at Riley Newman but it looked like his feet were still moving just a little bit and was able to generate the error uh we have yet to see that but that's one of Anna Bright's favorite and best shots getting pushed wide fine in the middle.

Foreign stratman's really had some great digs in this match showed another one there and they're gradually chipping away here they've just built themselves a unfortunately a tough deficit and almost every single time strapman's played that drive right at Newman he's only been able to kind of block it right.

Back to her I'd love to see Frazier take a more aggressive angle and take away that play from Newman Point kind of force him to try to do more without and go back behind Cross Court he hasn't seemed like he's wanted to do that yet just don't think Fraser is quite picked up on that in this match so far popped into.

It and he says no no no not that time yeah I kind of felt the same way as she'd won the last two but traditionally the right hip of Riley Newman is normally a no-go area and I just think she went to it one too many times there no fly zone with a big finish 11-3 11-5 they're moving on to the semi-finals yeah they.

Really had it all working and just a glimpse of what this team is capable of when they're playing well look for them to have a real shot uh to play on Championship Sunday if they keep playing at this level well they have one more match to go before they can get there and they have booked their ticket.

To a semi-final several quarterfinals still to go on this mixed doubles day we'll be back with more after this yeah I remembered last match she did a good job of not retreating too much off that line and staying right on the kitchen line with those forehand dinks she'll need to do more of the same.

Here we go a spot in the semi-finals up for grabs Emily Waters just misses that third you can already hear the silence in the stadium everyone knows this is all business side out uh second third yeah I like the aggressive play it's always tough though when your partner is.

Looking to disconnect and do that shake and bake if you drive Cross Court the natural volley is back behind them up the line so they're gonna do that shake and bake I'd like to see them go a little more middle and take away some angle.

Foreign of what we saw long extended dinking rallies between these two teams not necessarily the short play that we've seen in regards to most of the day so far yeah and for the viewers at home that are wondering why that is it's the.

Respect that everyone has on the court for the reflexes and the Hand speed so they're really trying to work the points a little longer to really make sure that that opening is there oh one zero one zero two point two missed returns now two zero two.

Sign up yeah it might have just been a little bit too high for Annalee to look to to poach off that last one JW made her pay the price there all right and a point for the number eight seed J.

Dub and Georgia yeah we saw in the last match Annalee Waters having some success speeding up cross court against kawamoto but uh gonna be maybe a little tougher to do that against Johnson I think she has a little more power in her counter punching ability one two two.

Foreign have talked about the growth of Georgia Johnson in her game probably one of the most improved in 2022 alone yeah she came right out and always had a lot of power but without a really good job of improving her hand speed and all the touch shots that you really need to be able to work these slower points three.

Two two the lead change now 3-2 I think a good idea there from Johnson just unable to convert on that uh backhand speed up all right.

not quite able to grab that one three all it's tough when the best are always getting better and adding new shots I think we've seen uh Annalee Waters try three or four lob attempts today and she's made all of them foreign.

With a few shots to get it done so I have a question for you with the risk position of JW out of curiosity because he cuffs that ball when he's thinking a little bit more often we all know he's got the flick on the backhand side to create how does he create offense on the forehand side second serve yeah so I think you do need to.

Change your paddle position when he kind of cuffs it that's usually when a ball is starting to get behind him a little bit Yeah and he'll use that paddle position in order to bring the point back to neutral but when he has the ball in front of him it's going to be similar technique of really dropping that ahead and being able to generate a lot of.

Paddlehead speed from the shoulder and wrist okay broken ball you'll notice that John's will do a similar motion again on the forehand side when that ball starts to get behind him he'll kind of his wrist or cuff it into a different sort of way to be able to bring that back and straighten the ball out.

This is broken that ball is demolished no surprise there between these two teams Waters and John still with a one-point Advantage 4-3 excuse me get that updated on our scoreboard side out right on the body of Ben Johns.

Second serve yeah Georgia missed that drive but I like the drive attempt I think with her brother's hand speed the shake and bake plays not a bad idea and she was balanced so I know some Friendly Fire there for Georgia Johnson yeah I think she thought her brother was gonna cut off the angle.

On that one was a little surprised to have to play that next ball fine yeah Georgia just uh floated that flick just a little bit too much and Annalee made uh made her pay the price for it there's Georgia Johnson a nice shot speed up up the line.

Six three two and the adjustment that was the same type of counter and punch back from Jay dubb that he had just missed yeah you see the elite hand speed and that's why they can push uh Ben Johns and Annalee Waters is because they really can play them pretty even in that uh Department in my opinion.

second serve and I'm gonna seem crazy here but I really think that Georgia Johnson should do a little bit more of dinking or speeding up back behind Ben Johns I really think he's so good at being an off the ball player she's done it a little but I really think for them to win this match she's gonna have to up.

Her percentage of thinking back behind him especially when he's flogging the middle good news is the only person that call you crazy and have you here at is me and I want to do that now we'll save that for later foreign she changes locations to the right side.

Of Ben John's nice shot six three two three six one saw the pancake come out for Jay dog but these fire fights are what we love about pickleball so fun to watch all four of these pro athletes go head to head yeah.

The fire fights have been pretty even so far uh Ben and Anna Lee able to to get the better of them on that one and to your Point Georgia put them in a very solid position wow she really did she was very bold that's what she's gonna have to do they were in a good position to win that a little unlucky that they weren't able to.

Finally get the get that point there nice block from Georgia Johnson as Anna Lee tries to more pressure and there's one for her and again we saw the formation get changed up a little bit with Annalee on the left side and they're wildly comfortable doing that I think I've only seen him do it a couple of times and.

They've won both points so what can't they do out here Annalee just wants to play on the left because she wants to show off her new one-handed backhand that's all I'm saying 7-3 Waters and John's on top Over Georgia Johnson and Jay dub at the top of their craft 731 such a young age point.

Yeah nice location on that drive from Waters knowing there's just a little bit of indecision from Johnson wondering if that's his ball or his sisters point missed return for Georgia Johnson again both trying to unwind the stack the pressure is on from the serve of Ben.

Johns changing the tempo and a side out yeah the score isn't really reflected it too much but I really like what I'm seeing out of Georgia Johnson and how she's balancing keeping benjons honest with dinking behind him as well as varying her speed up locations.

and that ball is put away by Ben John second serve now 392. nice volley from Anna Lee Waters yeah I'm trying to do the shake and bake and I think it's a good idea but when the drive goes just a little higher it gives the opportunity for that volley to come.

At a downward trajectory the hands of Jay does how did he outstretches and just finds out with his wrist one the forearm strength that he must have in addition to the hand Speed most people just don't have enough strength when they stab at the ball like that without taking a step he's kind of.

The exception point not a lot of dead dinks from Annalee Waters and that continued pressure is going to create errors from just about anybody actually that hits and goes on the other.

Side of the net so it falls on the side of Ben and Anna Lee it's a side out it's for Johnson and Johnson three ten one point George is starting to feel it yeah again having success going at Ben Jones at the right times she's gonna need to continue to do that.

Um if they want a chance in this in this match there is a nice flick from Ben Johns yeah he doesn't need a lot of daylight to work with to find some options great job leaning in and taking control of the point foreign.

to Waters and John's 11-4 in quarterfinal action this is carvana Arizona Grand Slam Cameron Darwin alongside Kyle McKenzie zero zero let's see what the adjustments are for Johnson and Johnson yeah and that's JW Johnson's signature shot can really generate a lot of power.

And spin with a short flicking motion on that backhand side thank you the challenge that Georgia Johnson has of trying to keep it away from Ben while also keeping him honest when she does grow Cross Court she really has to get it out wide enough to keep it outside.

The forehand of Ben Johnson what a beautiful ATP from J.W Johnson I love it he gives a nice little blow to his hand saying yeah we need to cool that thing off a little heat check he did not have a lot of space to work with really thread the needle nicely there all right she had the right look.

The challenge even I was just working on that yesterday on the court the challenge of trying to speed up on that forehand side and the margin for error to find the backhand is just so difficult especially with somebody like Ben Johns yeah and when the ball is a little lower than the height of the net it's finding that perfect speed you hit.

A little too fast and then it floats on you hit it too slow and then they're able to get back over there and counter punch effectively it's a nice shot from Ben Johns in terms of location on Georgia Johnson kind of finding that left shoulder hard to defend above the top of her head yeah right now John's is being very.

Aggressive with his footwork really looking to control the middle of the court at the moment okay Georgia curls that one over yeah and she has that ability to go Toe to Toe with John's and win a fair chunk of these hand exchanges not easy to do.

all now two two one Georgia getting some help and love from the net yeah we mentioned though that you know Waters in her last match was speeding up Cross Court it really comes down to the person in front of you how capable of are they as a counter puncher.

Georgia Johnson I think has enough power where Waters may have to second guess that particular location for Ben and Annalee at times it felt like one of the ways you could maybe maybe neutralize Annalee Waters with the dink at her feet it didn't allow her to be as dynamic as she typically can be yeah and with using the two hands on the.

Backhand what you do give up is reach forward right so you can dink aggressively at the feet it's a slightly bigger Target than other people well and there's kind of one of those examples she's got to step around the ball there and she has that aggressive forehand role but maybe not exactly the amount of speed up that she might have.

With the one hand exactly and if you're forcing her to create while she's moving the percentages go down oh my goodness so five to two here in game two Johnson and Johnson on Top This is nearly identical to what we saw at Desert Ridge between these two teams it was all Ben and Anna Lee in game number one game.

Number two well it was pushed further 13-11 was that second game score right now Johnson and Johnson are looking to find a third all right that was a little bit of a risky step in there for Jay dub even throws his hand up saying that was awfully close to the kitchen yeah yeah and I like the move.

From Waters there but I think she needs to have the discipline to maybe lay off that one when she jumps the kitchen if it's not there and Georgia changes her ammo she goes with a cross-court speed up but I don't think she found the location she was looking for well we talked about Waters maybe to avoid speeding across to.

Johnson might be a little bit of the same they both have the reflexes and power to to make that a tough play second serve Georgia snuck one by she may have got away with one but fortune favors the Bold Cameron and they're gonna need to take chances to win this match.

That's pretty bold very bold I'd really like to see the Johnsons if the return comes to Georgia to look to use some shake and bake here off the Johnson Drive or the Georgia Johnson Drive issue again Jada just so dangerous on that backhand side.

Yeah his reflexes are really on another level and he's putting it on display out here today second sir you know so often we've we've had the discussion about the backhand and the ability to not only counter punch with just the wrist but the amount of balance and control it.

Requires for the rest of your body it's not just wrist strength that's needed there it's actually full body control yeah absolutely I mean normally if you don't take a step with your lower body as you get reaching you start to get much weaker and tend to Pop the ball up so it really starts from the ground up and if you're balanced good things.

Happen J dab takes an early shot at Ben John's in the last rally 3-7 now second sir you can see annelie trying to take the pace off there just letting them paddle a little too loose in her hands I just love what I'm seeing from Georgia Johnson she's really committed when she gets something to work with of.

Going for her shots and it's working so far here in game two committed aggression she finds the body bag on Ben John's and I think that's one of the underrated speedups at John's if you go right into the body a lot of times he will just block and with him wondering is he going to use two hands or one hand sometimes there's a little.

Element of indecision going right at him I don't think that's a call I've ever made right at the body of no more so that Ben John's got a body bag it's rare to see him that full for sure that never happens 732 it's a testament to his skill obviously trying to lift that changing the pace.

Yeah smart shot by John's there knows that all that really Johnson can do is just reset that and can't really get out of jail until he lets his foot off the gas right on the Baseline you can see how much action Georgia Johnson was trying to get on that ball with the location.

And kind of fluidity of her paddle and wrist and another Point make it 5-7 it was 2-7 when they got the ball back yeah I'd like to see a timeout um from the Johnsons here just for the purpose of changing the momentum and making Johnson Waters think about it a.

Little bit more interesting too to watch uh John Scott with a third shot drop even while they unwind the stack wanting to get up to that kitchen line side up there's the drive well the Johnsons will certainly take that still a two-point lead for them with the ball back here.

caught him on the Move yeah no absolutely we talked about the correlation between your lower body being balanced and the quality of your counter punch tough to do in your feet all right there's a beautiful shot off the paddle of Georgia Johnson they find the eighth.

Eight five two sorry no Ben Johns wants the ball back and he gets it yeah JW Johnson had a short return he thought maybe he would test John's there but he was up to the task with his counter punching on that occasion fine it's hard when you're speeding up Cross Court it feels am I wrong if you.

Want to be able to have success there it's got to get to the forehand side of Anna Lee I don't know if it necessarily has to get all the way to the forehand side but it does have to be more in that belly button a belly button and body location to just create her uh not be able to get the extension with her hands all right a belly bit belly bitten I.

Wonder where that is seven eight now seven eight one there is a nice stroke from Georgia Johnson yeah let that ball drop just a little bit more in order to find that uh forehand up the line nice choice still with a shot to tie.

George instead goes speed up up the line it is now eight all right yeah obviously tough going at the Ben John's forehand but then again she was there for the recounter just unable to win that fast Exchange oh ouch sorry friendly fire off the bounce.

I think that's a steak dinner Ben Johnson yeah obviously a little confusion there you don't see that happen very often great placement and location for J.W Johnson great Point construction yeah once he can sink his teeth into one of those backhand flicks it really sets him.

Up to use his fast hands and dictate from there yeah just going head-to-head with Anna Lee Waters in that last stink rally second serve and a good lead from Ben Johns a heads up play second serve now 982 .

And another point make it 10.8 and an immediate timeout called by Waters and Johns well and that's the next question the strength so where might this third shot go for Johnson and Johnson where do they play this yeah I think it depends on where the return comes to I would say if it's J.W Johnson.

I'd like to for him to just play percentages try to gradually get in the kitchen line but if Georgia gets it I'd love to let see her fire away and do a little shake and bake well there's the drop from Jay dub and we and we're going to game three you gotta love it we said that this has the chance of being an epic match based.

On the last one where they lost in two tight games we're at least going to three and anything can happen Cameron here's a look at that final Point J dub really willing to that ball over a hop skip and a jump gets him game number two come play where the pros play here on the carvana PPA tour game's reaction in the quarterfinals here for mixed Pro.

Doubles now underway whoa Natalie Waters that's not even flying in that was wickedly quick I know she missed but she's moving yeah it was a great read I like to play by them just unable to convert on that particular occasion second sir we started game number one with some.

Really extended dink rallies game two not so much the case a little bit shorter in points right out and I'll leave it's almost as if you don't want to poke the bear and I mean that in the kindest way possible you got two bears on the side of Anna Lee and Ben Johnson yeah I don't think people talk enough just about the.

Competitive Spirits the Annalee Waters has in addition to all that talent and she does not like to lose second serve JW Johnson doing a nice job getting that ball down if you're just joining us game three action and quarter finals the defending champs Annalee Waters and Ben Johns drop game two.

Wanting to call that ball out of bounds but George's paddle was already there tough to make that decision in a fraction of a second off the off the tape there zero two thank goodness it wasn't too in a row.

Is that concerned that is a big swing on a big swing but perfectly timed for manly Waters yeah I actually like the play of the shake and bake but if only Waters can turn on that two-hander it's obviously not gonna work out too well Georgia Johnson finding the backside yeah and her two-handed backhand the.

Power the ability to turn on that and go line is really giving Ben Johnson fits right now but also the ability to keep that inbound so easy to overturn that ball oh man Georgia Johnson displayed some pretty fantastic defense Ben Johns had to was forced to go the opposite direction yeah even though they lost.

That point her defense her counter punching is still making John's feel some pressure out there covered by J dub and it's out of bounds it's interesting to watch that Cross Court dink rally the backspin of Georgia Johnson 3-1-1 the rolling forehand of Anna Lee Waters going Head to Head.

Good cover by J dub a great read he kind of felt that his sister was pushed back a little bit by the serve knew that they would maybe look to drive there and he stayed home just a little bit longer two one two three.

Jay does get an expressive yeah his hands be kind of bailed him out a little bit uh Georgia got fumbled with her footwork popped it up but they were still able to steal that one away winning that yeah John's is dialed in now the hands are working he knows he has to bring his.

A game if they're going to get through this one checking a new ball pretty good yes one two two just when you think you've seen all the capabilities of Anna Lee Waters she.

Shows you a new shot yeah I know she's still adding tools and it's amazing to me though how good of a job JW Johnson's doing covering that speed up back behind his body even with keeping his feet planted a lot of times people will get a little too weak if they don't have their body behind them but he clearly not the case for him.

You know what's so funny you talked about not moving the feet in the words of the great Jay dub he said when you have to flick you don't need the feet I love it I love it classic shirt all right tough getting that on the right hip of Georgia Johnson another point it's three two three two foreign.

angle where he changed his swing path rather than finishing on the opposite shoulder to the same shoulder just kind of going straight up to increase the Top Spin there beautiful execution finds the line foreign.

So good for Ben Johns silky smooth on the speed up yeah certainly not a bad shot selection by Johnson there but uh just you see how tough it is with the presence of Ben John's completely owning the middle a two-point Advantage for the number one seed.

Jay job did everything he could and Emily Waters finds herself on the left side yeah we had another one of those formation changes that just kind of happened reactively throughout the point but they're able to to get it done and a much needed side out yes the Johnson's down early but still.

Within Striking Distance here yeah if they are going to shake Megan this is why it's so challenging to play this team I do feel like the drive needs to go at John's or right into the body of waters if she has the ability to extend her hand she's just generating so much power on that two-handed backhand.

Yeah Georgia went up the line then tried to find that right side of Ben Johns they're not turning their Direction quite yet ball back 5-2 an opposite angle for JW Johnson yeah I thought they did a good job this point of just moving the ball around.

Eventually got the pop up and took advantage of it foreign take a little bit off that ball did not bounce as high as he thought it might six two now so a change of ends Waters and John's with a substantial lead here in game number three.

steps and feet are moving as Ben Johns and Annalee Waters have a substantial lead here in game three in the quarterfinals Over Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie Anna Lee serves yet again.

So Kyle I must ask if you're Johnson and Johnson what can you look to do at this point well I think the key here to me is Georgia Johnson's been playing a great match but I think she needs to continue to move the ball around she can stay in the pattern with Anna Lee and those Cross Court Jinx for a little while but the longer she does it the more Ben.

Johns owns and clogs the middle so she can dink back behind him that'll actually set up her brother to get more involved with some more forehands in the Middle where he can start to dictate she can also do that too with a block winner or just do that just do that with another what what do they need eight more times to win the match pretty.

Impressive there and she does it yet again and I think from Waters perspective she's tried it a few times but unless she hits a really really good location the power of Georgia Johnson has been effective enough for that Cross Court attack to not be that effective for.

so instead of the dink up the line she goes with the speed up up the line yeah and not not a bad play there she also has to balance some attacks as well it didn't work out for there but the dink up the line as long as she doesn't get Ernie will help her brother get a little more involved.

there it is Georgia Johnson the forehand winner yeah and she's making John's pay for it every time he tries to thread the needle and be a little too predictable with the attacks her counter punching has been very problematic for him back to back for Georgia Johnson.

Outstanding Play It's really Elite play right now it's not just the execution but really just the pickleball IQ that she's showing out there is extremely impressive to me and how she's balancing her patterns so I guess the question is what is if he's not human a superhero I don't know back in Action Now Johnson Johnson down by one.

Foreign there's the pattern you were talking about the dink up the line gets jaded up involved and it pays off yeah it's usually gonna create a lift dink to the JW forehand and it sinks his teeth into the point long enough to maybe get it inside out nice shot there by Waters finding the feet of Johnson as she was.

Working her way in so they earned the side out it was seven to two now seven apiece calculated aggression until J dub just doesn't even believe it got the overhead look those definitely hurt but I love that his little sister Georgia Pats him.

On the shoulder there says hey we're still in this don't worry about it we still have a chance I like the location there for Johnson and Johnson kind of finding that in between Zone as one player is further in front of the other yeah generally speaking your opponents are staggered and you have a high ball you want to go.

To the person closer to you nice job there find out wow the first Miss stink we have seen from Anna Lee Waters I can't remember another in this match well I don't think John's and Waters are impervious to feeling a little pressure themselves and that's what happens when you keep the score close.

Jay job had a good read on it speaking of everyone pulling out their best game impervious in game three look at you you know I like to keep you on your toes out here Cameron eight seven thank you net says Georgia Johnson but again what set that up was the previous.

Dink back behind John's she leaned in and was able to dictate from there 882 88 second serve foreign there was one of those in game one and Georgia Johnson wasn't able to manage that's not the case now that was a very very awkward and tough ball to handle.

But she got it down just enough to get the error from John's side out so aside out but the lead now resides on the side of Johnson and Johnson must win by two just enough of a reach for Ben John yeah.

Good idea by Johnson there to dink behind him but wasn't able to get that one to bounce and Ben Jones does not need a lot of daylight to work with to be offensive there's the Cross Court speed up on the forehand side or at least to the right side of her body somewhere near that.

Right hip somewhere near that right hip will get the job done well done Georgia Johnson is jumping up and down she just won a hands battle first Ben Johns to me the entire theme of the match is Georgia Johnson's willingness to be bold at the right times didn't care about the score there really really.

Great point from her she wanted another Ben Johns showing off his flexibility getting out of the way absolutely not just the hand speed but the body control covering that much Court in a fast hand exchange is really tough to do 992 99 second serve wow that was a nice chicken wing from Emily Waters I don't know how she got.

That ball back but it's the 10th point and now match point for JW Johnson tonight and Georgia Johnson okay Redemption to the semi-finals Johnson.

And Johnson what a fitting end we talked about how Georgia Johnson was bald she finishes the match off by going right at Ben John's and it dividends Cameron what a match the final Point Georgia Johnson absolutely Relentless going head-to-head with Ben Johns and picking up game.

Number three eleven to nine the number one seed Falls to Johnson and Johnson it's the first loss that Waters and Johns have had this year they came into this tournament with double Triple Crowns but just a great performance by the brother sister Duo of JW and George Johnson great to see you well welcome back to Championship Court.

Where it is upset City here with a Johnson sibling Skies this is an incredible upset what was going through your head when it came down to the wire in game three um I was just relying on my brother you know we're a team out there and so I was just looking for him just for support and him looking at me and you know it.

Was just a really fun match glad you guys got to see it well guys a lot of players out there would love to know the secret of how to take down the number one team what can you tell them uh fast hands uh I don't know we were just patient for a lot of it uh trying to look for the right targets and eventually if we found it and we just.

Kept going well Georgia you both have improved so much but it is really obvious how much you have come how far you have come what do you credit that success to um just so a lot of hard work I think all my practice Partners back at home uh Gabriel tardio Dylan Frazier JW Johnson and my mom love it guys congratulations.

We'll see you play your semi-final later on today guys we'll be back with a lot more pickleball after this and Megan fudge is so steady so reliable so that's a great partnership on the other side you see at a right talking to Rafa Hewitt the Lefty Etta Wright is a star on the rise here Drew uh played terrific at MLP she was.

Thrust next to Ben Johns a lot of pressure on that played Flawless mixed doubles had a lot of big wins on this court in MLP and they are a confident Duo coming into this match underway here on Championship Court thrilled to have you with us zero zero one.

second just a little bit short from Deco bar more of that please though you saw the just massive forehand from Barn you're gonna see him going mad after big serves here all day point and that got that whole thing started with a humongous.

Serve at a right not able to get anywhere near the kitchen line on the return nicely done by Etta Wright Dave how does this change the mood now that Annalee Waters and Ben Johns are no longer content it changes everything because you're like we can we can go win this not that these teams didn't think they.

Could win before but when a team has been as dominant as Johnson Waters have now this thing is wide open you have the top seed and the second seed are out true point two one one ah very aggressive fewest coming out of.

The gates yeah and on grandstand we have just a throttling going on Zane navratil and Jade kawamoto are up 14-1 and have just won 15-1 over Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova so their day is over that's a very good excuse me that's a.

Very good day so far for navratil and kawamoto who beat Catherine parento and Julian Arnold in the first round you talked about the upsets they're everywhere fudgeon bar trailing by three and that is well done by Etta Wright dialing it up yeah so the ladies that have the.

One-handed flick are very few and at a right is one of them and it is a gorgeous shot that she just hit for a winner right there and bar and fudge are a little discombobulated here and they're gonna need to think about this they did not switch out of the big serve from Hewitt that got him.

Behind they tried to switch and that's a big big hole to come out of trailing 6-1 just underway we're back to Championship Court in just a moment coverage of mixed doubles continues here on day two at a right Rafa Hewitt off to the good start here in game number one right down the boulevard.

Six one two side out tremendous dig there from Rafa Hewitt and then got a ball that he'd usually destroy and unfortunately caught the net but really good start and there you see duckle bar going after that serve but uh couldn't make it there so.

Fudge and bar got to find their Rhythm here haven't been able to to start this match love watching you know I walked out to the truck to get in position to call this and I walked by Hewitt and right and they were a confident Duo.

I said who do you guys got in the next one and they said who's got us so uh they are feeling very good about their partnership new they played the other Phoenix event right now controlling on top of the kitchen.

And the the big thing here when you have a lefty guy as you have with Rafa Hewitt is you've got at a right in front of Megan fudge and she is going to win those exchanges heads up with hand speed side out aggressive move from right doesn't pay off but I like it just put another thing in your opponent's head here she comes.

Flying across there good hands by stucco bar 7-1 game number one and the imposing Israeli that is decal bar is what got them the victory over kovaleva and right he was everywhere at the end of that match that's what he needs to do again.

Second serve two seven two better right can't get to it oh great get by Hewitt Hewitt showing the total package but hits it just a bit long yeah you got a little over cranked there at the end he came flying in with the two-handed.

Backhand and then needed to reset the last ball here this is great but a good handle by fudge and three seven two well deep but uh tremendous defense to even get in that position sign up that's just a great Cross Court dink extension Etta right wins that one Megan.

Fudge when you have backspin to backspin it's tough to deal with she needed to let that ball travel I'm not sure what ever gotten wide enough to make that so she got the dreaded HTP instead of the ATP she hit the post second serve a little bit wide that time from Hewitt Hewitt the all-time leader in career.

Wins at Point University men's singles tennis made the conversion to pickleball in 2020 yeah and there's the challenge of having to change to the other side of the Court Megan fudge on the dead run could make that last volley.

Nowhere to hide that top right a right she got one scorpion but then when the Scorpion is getting squashed and you're getting down there's nothing she could do great sportsmanship from fudge coming over and checking on it on the next one sorry not sorry coming at you sometimes uh you have a great sportsmanship you think.

The net would be your friend afterwards and it most certainly was not Deco Park gotta put a little bit more on his plate here I think yeah that's that was the difference for them I mean he has maybe the biggest forehand in all of the game it's Gotta it's got a Roar.

And it's got a roar now oh nicely done from Hewitt and guess who's roaring it's not duckle Bar's forehand it's Rafa Hewitt Hewitt right flying all kinds of pressure up against the net that time second serve coming up with an 8-4 lead.

Megan's like you got to be kidding me I have good sportsmanship two Nets in a row don't go my way but I love the righteous keeps attacking straight ahead if she's only going to reset it keep going second serve and that's the one that's got to be made.

You're you're at four nine here into the net that time slide out coming up that's it wide and that's the impact of decal's massive service they can't switch Rafa over when that is returning just because she cannot get all the way up to the kitchen line a little too much.

On that one though they do have Replay in play here Drew has not been utilized much today though has it it has not and that wasn't even close but just while while we're all here chatting right still an attack mode yeah and uh Hewitt's third shot drives are so low and.

Etta Wright has the athleticism to get up there and shake and bake that so you got to choose your poison do you want Rafa running up there or do you want Etta it just long from right was born in New Zealand grew up in California so well traveled just 30 years old.

Hewitt winning those battles here early on yeah you heard deckle bar yell at uh Megan a couple times no thought those were going deep but uh The Confident team I saw walking the grounds looked very good as a partnership there in game one we'll see if deckle bar can really be a monster in game two and force the.

Third game but kudos to that woman at a right played great in game number one 11-6 after game one game two coming up right after this coverage of mixed doubles continues Drew fellios alongside Dave Fleming Lauren fudge now serving and it is a new opportunity this weekend here in Mesa.

For sure yes and that opportunity is obviously the top seed Waters and Johns upset by the Johnson brother and sister Duo everyone now sees a chance to grab a title inside out and uh the ice cream truck of fudge and bar needs to get going here now I can't miss your serve but got it.

Back without any damage really close on the sideline there and Megan's still looking at it Megan is a German her husband is a tremendous player himself so a uh pickleball family through and through foreign played her college tennis at University.

Of Illinois did Megan fudge a lot of Big Ten representation on the PPA tour we got Michigan with Matt Wright Michigan State with uh Catherine parento so uh easy pickings for deckle bar yeah and I think he played so aggressively he was straddling the T the whole match against kovaleva and right.

He needs to be back and there's that position right there left dekalbar story uh born and raised in Israel coming over here to study and Dave he is just a giant on the court isn't he Giant on the court in one of the nicest human beings you'd ever meet off the course so uh just uh continues to make an impact on the sport.

And what defense in this point from the big man and that's long did it graze the shoulder of fudge maybe even the hair strand yeah I don't know if the ponytail got clipped just barely there twice the obviously everything is in play if it happens but I think it just missed there.

Foreign was wondering and now you see fudge and bar start to get into a bit of a Groove again if they're going to just keep going at Megan she just needs to pick a side of her body and let decal stand right next to her he'd he'd been flirting with disaster on the serves.

That one slides wide three-nothing lead open court nicely placed by Deco bar yeah so he's like go ahead go ahead go behind me but he's so big and has that great lateral movement that's and didn't try to do too much with the Open Court beautiful start little post that time from bar at the.

Perfect time so hello Bert of course is when you Ernie in front of your partner because he is being so aggressive that play is definitely available to him out sign up that time caught fudge a little flat-footed yeah Megan can't believe.

That Bard and swath out with his forehand oh monster forehand that time I hear it inside out right in the corner pocket there and uh one five one oh they are really taking their swings aren't they well that's that's what got.

Them here that's what uh makes them such an effective team so if you do return near Rafa he is going to pound it and let Etta Wright come finish foreign defense by fudge paddles may have tapped there fudge able.

To stay in it oh tremendous by deckle ball are and Megan Fox that is how you play defense and that's how you play winning pickleball right there you saw Megan fudge really getting a solid base getting low they finally got a ball to bounce and the Big D came roaring in to finish that's a tremendous point of.

Mixed doubles right there that's why people love mixed doubles bar right now the aggressor so a 6-2 lead trying to get a game back here in game two thank you second serve.

Any side advantages you think today Dave with mixed doubles you know certainly in this particular setting we'll see later with the Sun as it comes in it's a lot warmer than it was yesterday tackle bars everywhere and so Sidelines are definitely better earlier in the day.

On the side that Megan and declar on now because you're not looking into a glare of of the bleachers behind you but the wind in there versus outside is not as big a factor side out now for right and Hewitt trailing 7-2 here in game two so you see Megan fudge giving a.

Direction to return this to at a right as well so sometimes your partner will give you not just that hand signal that tackle bar gave that he's switching but also where they want to see the return and to the neck once again declar.

Initiating and a side out to fudgeon Barr yeah was that a right coming flying across with the shake and bacon duckle bar just stood his ground and blocked it used at a right pace Ernie attempt and Barr was there to send it right back yeah got a little help off the net but because his paddle is in such a good.

Ready position able to deal with that some quick hands point so now it's duckle Barr who is locked in on Etta right and they're only playing 20 feet a quarter 10 feet on that side it's really working 9-2 here that is just inside the line.

Certainly look good from our vantage point there see another angle of this Yep looks like caught right on the line nine two two second serve here and that's wide so now we've got game point and that's the pressure of deckle ball are making you try and do a little.

Too much get it out of range of his paddle and no timeouts here from uh Hewitt and right gonna just play through this once again fudge holding it down defensively from that back line and a miss hit gives game to fudge and Barr all right welcome back to the carvana Arizona Grand Slam presented by Hyundai.

Drew fellios Dave Fleming right and Hewitt now serving to start game three bar and fudge in the far Court foreign just absolutely teeing off right now yeah and a great first volley from Megan fudge there handled the drives which were so effective in game one when Wright and Hewitt were the victors.

oh great get by Hewitt still playing absolutely ridiculous get from Rafi Hewitt and he left it in a safe place and then it's hard sometimes as the player on the other side to maintain your composure great job by duckle bar there right hits it into the net another point.

For fudgeon Barr yes and this lockdown on it right they're just gonna play every ball to her and Big D's gonna dare them to go on his left side three zero one second serve that's the first error that just made in a long time since early in that first game three zero side out going right that far that time.

Side out coming up yeah and that ti