Be awesome because the community of pickleball is growing crazy it sure is it's one of the fastest growing Sports in Southwest Florida and across the country now pickleballers in Cape Coral will have even more room to play city council is talking about plans to build a racket Center at Lake Kennedy Park and Southwest Cape this project would add.

Dozens of Courts and resources for players NBC 2's Jennifer Vegas is live from the park tonight giving us a preview of the plans well it may be a vacant 14-acre lot tonight but earlier today Cape Coral City Council Members approve the Builder that will transform it into a pickleball destination.

Soon it's a sound you'll hear at Lake Kennedy Community Park it's a great sport neh can do it any skill level tonight city council is moving forward to build the lake Kennedy Park racquetball Center here's the blueprint so far 16 pickleball courts with room for more and I think the great thing about this particular project is is.

We're going to take it to full build out which is 32 pickleball courts plus 6 to 12 10 discords more than 180 parking spots a concession stand and Pro Shop the more courts they can get the more people that may join and get more exercise and just be more involved Christine Lawson calls it a relief almost every day playing at Joe stone is.

Park she says here patience is key A lot of times you get here and there's maybe 40 50 60 people maybe 60 sometimes and it takes a long time to get a court tonight players are thrilled hearing what's to come it will be awesome it will be awesome because the community of pickleball is growing crazy here I mean everyone in the U.S but here in Cape.

Coral Naples Fort Myers is going crazy now for Neighbors concerned about noise there will be mandatory setbacks for this project with the courts from the roadway there will also be fencing around the property I'm live and local in Southwest Cape Coral tonight Jennifer Vegas nbc2