Foreign foreign.

foreign thank you our action has already started in our first round match up our 1C versus our eight seeds so we have the Rocky.

Mountain Rush coming in as the first go where I’ll see and the northern rollers in the blue as our eighth seed Sarah how’s it going it’s great Kim thanks for uh thanks for having me today excited to be very excited yeah excited these players were out here warming up early they were fired up jumping all over the place ready to go.

It’s underway a Rocky Mountain Rush team playing right side we have Alex Walker and then we’re on the flying left side we have Casey there Alex from Vancouver British Columbia Casey from Cambridge British Columbia they are in the red and white jerseys facing us blue jerseys with their backs to us we have Emily.

From Kirkland Quebec what a shop I Jess Emily’s playing left side with that big overhand ATP defending an ATP around the post shot this is not your average recreational bit of law already Jessica kawamoto from Hamilton Ontario playing right side again the rollers in.

The blue the Rocky Mountain Rush in the red oh God it seems pretty uh specific targeting of Casey early here by the rollers oh oh the decisions.

Smart playing by Emma Lee working that angle to Casey on the outside and then finding kind of that little Gap in the middle so I mean really interesting watching the northern rollers coming in as the eight seed and uh I mean coming up with the ton of confidence and I was talking to a few players and you know coaches with a with a sports background.

I mean the Roller’s coming in with nothing to lose they’re playing pretty loose here as they should yeah all right we’re gonna have a quick time out here uh by the Rocky Mountain Rush the roller is rolling early we’re going to jump to a quick commercial break here and we’ll be right now.

Foreign what’s going on with the rush what are they going to try to do here I would say just settle into the rallies a little bit more like you said they might have a little more pressure on their shoulders coming in as the top seed I’m really just kind of relaxed and.

Play stick to their game plan I’m sure they have a great one yeah and it’s really funny um you know like they played twice before we had Eastman splits and Western splits before and you know both times the ref the rush handed them pretty easily there’s a good shot by Alex.

You know the rush rush wanted in a tiebreaker in Guelph but then they swept them 4-0 back in uh Edmonton so um a little bit of a different environment here um the Roller’s coming in with a little bit of confidence there two quick points out of that time for sure right really smart time out rush rush has a nice head coach Tracy.

Bennett leading the team yeah hashtag Tracy Bennett pickleball for sure yep and um you know let’s just talk about the scoring the format of how this works here this weekend so this is our Championship weekend we’re here in Mississauga Ontario one Health Club for those of you that are just watching one of our matches for the first time or.

It’s a little bit of a refresher we play rally scoring here uh but we play dedicated or committed rally scoring where they’re staying to a side so you’re noticing that the players are not switching sides with the rally scoring format every time that a ball is introduced there’s a point going to be awarded.

Eight six nine six rollers are up so every time I serve is introduced uh there will be a point awarded because the rollers are now on an odd number score Emma who’s the left side player his eye player is going to be certain if it was an even score the right side player with the new server right yep and this really this format really allows.

Players to settle into their side utilize their strengths to their advantage and enhance their defense the division down the middle gets worked out a little bit easier because you know you know flying defense down the middle is one of the harder parts of the strategic game defensively in pickleball right yeah and in one of one of the.

Scenarios where you might see players switch sides on the court would be mid rally when perhaps the other team throws up a lob uh to switch around so one player could take the Four Hands All right so eight nine Rush make it a little comeback here in our game so we talked about how it’s a rally score our games are played to 15. I mean we’re.

Still introducing the game of the World we’re halfway through this game already and that’s where you know you can see the rest are feeling a little bit of pressure here it’s 10 8 already and both teams are just trying to settle in at this point and for players out there who are more.

Used to traditional scoring you know there really is a different kind of way of playing Rally Sport for every shot counts yeah consequence for every action s decision to just wait another opportunity instead of you know as the serving team no harm no foul but there is a foul now yeah exactly.

so as you’re noticing we have our women’s doubles matches out there that’s going to be followed by men’s doubles and then you’re gonna have two mix matches and it’s going to be the first team that gets the three wins in any given match a little different from our regular.

Season games where even if the first team got to three first right they played out before they’re not going to be playing at the fourth this weekend as this is now a playoff weekend and it’s a double elimination the team that loses this match overall is still going to have an opportunity to come back they’re going to be knocked.

Down to the uh the bottom end of the bracket right and then they got a long way home to try to come back in there both teams probably trying to avoid that early so that one made only one mixed match yeah it could be yeah nice defense by Jessica yeah it looked like it was just wide maybe so.

Yeah see the the home team is the higher seat and they’re the ones determining you know how the matchups get lined up first so I mean there is if you think you’re winning those first to eat doubles choice is important because I know you know you’re going to be trying.

To conserve energy maintain energy as the day goes this is going to be a pretty intense format as as this weekend develops good Ball by Casey really nice job little push there by Alice maybe a little rushed in that same area there all right another timeout by The Rush here 13-11 rollers I think this is a.

Smart timeout to take them out again last time I was very successful come back here and talk to Tracy get back into what works there I think after that scenario they’re they’re definitely feeling the pressure where maybe prior keeping the ball in play a.

Little more to the rollers was resulting in a little bit of a loose ball or a mistake on the side it’s not happening already it’s really not no Justin and Emily are playing very smart on their side they’re expecting some hard aggressive balls from rocket and Rogers which they are seeing and they’re responding very very well there’s some.

Calm resetting the ball into that non-belly zone yeah and I think there’s you know there’s a lot of nerves coming in right and like I said there’s a lot of pressure on the team coming in as the number one seed you’re the Target right you know Emma is one of our youngest players in the league you know showing a lot of maturity out there a lot of.

Composure I think it’s exciting let’s see what she does here good drop for the network almost got it for them I’ve noticed the side switch between Rogers and Walker yes and they’re you know now maybe that’s getting them what they want so they’re feeding to Casey a little more now.

And that’s really important and that’s our another unique aspect of our format is where you get Frozen at that so all that rally scoring talk that we just had goes out the window now you go back to a little bit more of a traditional scenario so once you get to 14 you must be the serving team to win that rally Jess taking a chance there great defense.

By Alex this night that is huge for the rollers a lot of pressure on Nathan joy and Brett Forsyth here coming out um trying to answer back right for the for the Rocky Mount rush we got Jonas dollar and Rob Chris manich so Rob Chris.

Manage one of the owners of the team of the northern rollers for loyal Northern Roman supporters out there Corey Osborne their other owner player and he’s not here this weekend he is uh unfortunately not available so it’s going to be Rob and Jonas coming out trying to match up against uh another player owner of Brett Forsyth on the.

Other side that’s right owner versus owner versus the owner Battle here yeah and I mean I can tell you both these guys are fiery competitors there’s gonna be a lot of emotion from both of them definitely I definitely agree and you know between rappers manage and Jonas dollar they both really like taking Court space you know especially a dollar.

With his Long Reach and Rob with his natural sense of competitiveness it’s going to be really interesting to see how they work out that balance results a little bit more Comfort into uh you know the format into the bay that it takes to be successful at this level um and I mean he was taking the sixth.

Overall in this league and I’m starting to show it a little bit more where the rollers were able to get on a little bit of the role in it 52 at the time the West principal Marines were one of the the top seeds and that is that’s one of the reasons that deliveries are coming up number two instead of number one right right so.

Again I’m excited to see what uh both of these things come over a lot of the Ontario players and Ontario fans out there but I mean Nathan is gonna have one of the hardest smashes you have ever seen and Jonas is not far behind this is going to be a power fact match display here so what might you think the.

Uh a strategy for the Rocky Mountain Rush yeah I mean I think the Rocky Mountain Rush have to come out you know with a little bit more confidence and a little less nerves I think they are going to be obviously you know Jonas takes up a lot of parties very athletic they are going to be the most.

Nuances of pickleball a little bit Rob’s a great player but he can’t exploit him a little bit in the movement right but Jonas can make up for that in his reach and athleticism so I mean I’d like to see what uh Brett and Nathan can do but I mean so much of it is going to be the confidence that they come out with.

I agree uh great point and I think you know for for Nathan and Brett it’s um not thinking about where the the TEAM stands overall right we’re down in one already pointing out getting ready for his fired up one of the things I know about Nathan is as soon as he’s done his match he goes.

And re-watches them right and gets fired up for the next one so he loves when we give little shout outs as are a lot of the players who loves watching back he loves the emotion of it and then fired up and you’ll see after big shots he will be according to the booth ready to go looking for his Shadows.

Brett Forsyth a little more business a little bit a little bit uh-oh a little bit over here yeah we get to taste of it very quickly as foresight’s Brew set was just sitting a little bit high and slow yeah and when we talk we talk a lot about the quality of the play here.

That’s necessary I mean all of these players hit really good shots some of their mistakes are where they’re hitting them and you know maybe that third was a little bit it’s Gotta you gotta make Jonas is that he has a tendency to reach her lunge more than take the step right so you got to make him take that step otherwise he’s just going to be able to.

Take advantage of you that way right there yeah so something that the rollers did early on was they they sent the ball over the foresight then he forced a couple of Errors so that probably led them to go back to black foresight but he definitely did a good job sending a message back to them old seed Rocky Mountain Rush will now be.

With their Banks towards us and then the right the red and the right playing right side we have Nathan Choi playing the left side we have brought for us I’ve got Forsyth he’s from Cambridge British Columbia Nathan Joy is from Vancouver British Columbia for the northern rollers oh Rob with a great dance.

Toronto Ontario playing right side and we have Jonas dollar from Burlington Ontario playing the left side yeah 3-2 rollers pop early again in this one rollers taking the ladies match up one with nothing yeah again that’s about that’s a ball that the rush got to do a little more with on those drops.

Their drops are are to the middle and that’s of all I mean not only did they get the rollers get set up with Jonas in the forehand as a strength I mean Rob really has a great backhand right right such a great backhand right so that anything to the middle here is gonna get eaten up by those guys I think they really have to try to take advantage and.

Get those drops in better spots oh we’re gonna have a disagreement here on my call so the opposing team cannot make the line call yeah yeah right again great job by our referee team getting so the rollers Point here is that and I mean I did see it as well right the.

Roller’s Point here is that right forward side to look towards the bench for the confirmation of his call and I think that’s whether or not the rollers agree with the call I think that’s their biggest issue yeah yeah absolutely uh when in doubt you call it in and um all right so that ball has been called out great job by our refereeing team.

Enjoy Nova Scotia coming all the way over here to help us out that’s truly amazing yeah and I mean we got fans and volunteers here from Nova Scotia as well um we’re like very familiar with and very thankful that they’ve come over that course I showing a little emotion give me a little shout out to his mom.

Kim for a second in the stands there trying to get you know calling the crowd to get raisin up this is a home crowd for the rollers at this point uh again the kawamoto clan travels really well okay um sit with them it’s two for his dares from and I mean if I was glad I would have gone right back to the welder yeah.

Yeah the negative energy got going it’s hard to bounce back I mean they’re you know they were they were up four or three four two with that line call and now it’s six four yeah I mean that was a nice backhand uh from Christmas yeah very disguise.

a lot of students that I work with I tell them not to try those Drop shots you know to bring your opponent forward but the key to that was the quality office is still developing pickleball but we’re coming from his Pro squash.

Background he just kind of rocked oh another great ball by Rob he set that up unfortunately it did look a little long yeah yeah and they made a great setup but just to go back to that point right the quality of breast return got.

Jonas I’m doing the time to try a profile and it has to be that quality of ball to be able to execute that to beat somebody yeah we might be seeing a time out here from the rollers yeah yeah um how do you think the rollers are going to be able to turn that around and.

Swing momentum back in the favor again like I think I think whether it be unique I mean even as those of you that are listening here like I mean you can hear the let’s go roller chants you can you know the the crowd’s getting bigger as the points develop here it’s it’s only going to get louder in here and it’s only going to get more intense some.

Of the things the players are learning at this point is how to deal with these controversies right it’s going to be interesting so I mean I think the rollers are going back like okay we were up four or two right we were playing at the momentum what’s working what’s changed I mean the only thing that’s changed is the emotion at one point.

Right exactly so can you get back to the consistency and I think as as professional athletes I mean it’s the ability and how quick you can let go of something without it carrying over into future points that’s right Kim see what they got hey that’s a great answer oh.

Solid days for Nathan out of the middle though it’s got to be out of the middle there get down there was one sequence in that rally I mean let’s give a shout out to the The Rush The Rush having you know great defense there but I thought there was a ball that Brett had the opportunity to.

Do a little bit more with and that’s all you’re looking for though where that ball could have pushed off to the side but the rollers were able to regain the momentum of those overhead smashes there I’m out by the rollers it seems like they’ve settled back in yep absolutely sometimes you just need.

To take a break cut the momentum of the other team yeah and I mean that’s what I was thinking I’m pretty quick on taking time out right like I mean if I feel that momentum turning I want to try to nip that in the butt um you know I think I would have grabbed one maybe a little bit sooner before I got a little bit out of here.

Yeah while we’re scoring a deficit of three points is actually quite a big gap for sure yep and each team gets two-time match yeah all right eleven seven the first time that drive has been a little bit off-center in regards to away.

From uh goddess’s frame there right he’s kind of making him reach a little bit more than he’s comfortable doing yeah I’d like to see a little bit oh the Russia’s still feeling them out a little bit here but I mean Rob’s counters on those drives have been pretty you know dynamic coming back yeah.

I mean if I’m driving at this point I’m probably driving at Jonas and then dropping to rock um so Nathan was one of our highest ranked players coming out of the West draft qualifier and he’s just so exciting on.

The court that’s the first time we’ve really called his name um you know as as the date there you go oh yeah right yeah yeah I think he was just overcooking that one a little bit yeah so right at them right they’re now starting to get settle in a little bit.

Maybe a little more aware of where they’re hitting the ball um you know starting to get each other out of each other’s planes there I think that’s the way the Roller’s window was a bit drive by Jonas right Rob coming in and taking the opportunity I don’t think they I don’t think they win longer rallies here right I think.

They if they can keep that rally a little bit shorter yeah that’s a decisive win by the right and you know now coming into the mix uh you know the Russia been kind of mixed in their their uh their men’s results so this is a huge job for them their ladies have been pretty dominant throughout the.

Throughout the regular season but once they get into mixed uh the Russia are forced to be reckoned with a little bit you know looking at the stats of the mixed Division coming in you know the the rollers are actually you know 500 another the rush either one of those matchups that they’re going to be putting out whether you put Brett with.

Or Casey I mean I mean looks like we’re gonna have Jonas and Jess going out uh first for the rollers that’s a matchup that’s you know they’ve been pretty consistent as to either right but they play together a lot just being at Hamilton yeah.

Um and it looks like we’re gonna have Brett Forsythe and Alex Walker Paragon you know again they’ve kind of been mixing that up mixing and matching that um you know what they’ve been through it through that Edmonton event but uh yeah we’re excited to see this yeah this is going to be another fiery matchup for sure.

You know just how Moto and AJ Walker both have really solid experience on the pro tour um Estates in particular we’re curious to see who can handle the pressure right out the gate and just kind of focus in on taking those first couple of points those first few points.

Really are pivotal yeah and I think it’s uh I think that Point’s so valid like you know the first thing we didn’t talk about was who’s got more skill than the other one we talked about who could handle the pressure because I mean if you were if this was the video game and we were looking at their stats their overall ratings I mean I’m imagining you.

Know Brad versus declaring Jess and comparing Alex we’re looking at a pretty even match-up you know we’re right around 500 as well it’s pretty even across there there’s pressure feed off of it and you know every like we were saying.

Every every point every rally here there’s more people coming into the stands as today’s building I mean I think one of the most intense matches of the day is going to be the two o’clock match Brewers and Toronto United there’s only going to be a lot of Hometown fans shooting cheering in both in both directions that’s why I can’t.

I can’t be so even across the board where um and yeah they’re the four or five seed they’ve got the same the same record coming in it just came down to head to head and uh it’s gonna be fun.

Thank you lives foreign.

And we’re back just a little technical delay on the board here but we’re back and ready so Sarah quick start here again three two the roller is out in front early yeah and you know we’re looking at uh Justin Jonas out to an early start here again some pretty exciting rallies that.

People would be watching where we had you know Brett Forsyth trying to go around the post early just a little upset oh there’s Jonas’s length getting involved great get Alex thank you let’s try in the lob there just a little.

Long people at home do not try that shot a little bit of a bad bounce on the ball there red appealing to the refs what can I help with.

Thank you all right gonna have a quick timeout here time out taken by the Rocky Mountain Rush seven three rollers off to an early start as we’re kind of rolling here Sarah I mean again we talked about who’s going to handle this pressure the best.

Uh I mean so far the rollers are handling it pretty well yeah they are calm and collected out there Jonas is actually taking quite a few balls from the air catching Forsyth off guard just a little bit and just in how fast that ball is coming back to the other side yeah and you know again we’ve talked about we’ve talked about emotion and.

Handling um controversy as one of the skills that’s going to be developed this weekend in order have to be developed this weekend I mean Brett not happy with the bounce of one of the balls man this happens indoors Outdoors everywhere right and uh you know the ability to only let that be one point instead of.

Turning it into two or three right that’s right there it is again Yoda’s taking that ball out of the air really like below of waist level yeah and you know now 83 again another insertion by uh Jonas Theron a great play yeah Brett’s gonna have to do more on that volley oh got away with it a little bit there but four eight I don’t.

Think they’re going to want to invite Jonas and Jess forward if you can so we are tied in this match between our number one seed Rocky Mountain Russian our number eight seed Northern rollers Ball by Jonas trying to get there yeah I mean he’s got to stay confident and keep doing that.

Though I think not to let up definitely yeah but tied 1-1 um the northern rollers took the northern rollers took the first match uh the the ladies right in the Rocky Mountain Rush with a quick answer back uh taking the men’s and the rollers out to a 9-5 lead here early this match could go either way.

It’s by the ladies ATV was maybe there oh and there’s you know we’ve talked we’ve talked a little bit and you know I’m sure you talk with your students as well about the the purpose of making the decision and just just changing the direction there maybe got her in a little bit of trouble maybe another ball.

Back to Alex so she’s a little more set looks like she maybe changed her mind at the last second right being able to try to stay in that rally and not just change the direction but they’re on purpose exactly paddle up right that’s it yeah he was honored he was honored though great read by Brett just make sure you talk a little louder.

Oh and again you can see it you can see a lot of motion and breadth there you know not even turning to pick up that ball he’s uh he’s in his own head right now he’s got to try to get out of that because now it looks like you know we were just talking about like how quickly can you bounce back from this.

So how much would you say could a partner help of uplift someone who’s in their head in this kind of a moment yeah I mean you know I I would say that as as I continue to develop I become you know I you know your own awareness is one of your biggest skills and I’m a very emotional person and you know as as.

Somebody who plays in competitive Sports a lot of people will feed off of your emotion and me learning to to recognize first that if I’m playing with negative emotion it can it can affect my partner right and you know I mean I’m nobody’s harder on themselves than me than myself right but I mean that doesn’t mean you need to be hard on your partner they’re.

Not it’s not like they’re out there trying to blow the game right sometimes what they need is they need some support they need some positive energy coming off because it’s so hard to self-generate that definitely definitely and you know pickleball is just it’s so fun and we can tend to take it obviously very seriously there’s a lot on the line.

But at the end of the day it comes back to just pickleball is so fun yeah yeah and I mean I you know I I played a lot so you know Corey Osborne uh you know we were talking about with the northern rollers him and I played together and you know he was one of the first guys to help make me a little more self-aware and pickleball about how I was and he.

Says I know I missed the shot I don’t need your Bot you know I don’t need your face to tell me that I missed that shot right like he’s you know so trying to just you know let you know I’m not I don’t need I don’t need more negative energy what I need here is some positive awareness.

What a shot again this is a pretty uh Northern rollers friendly crowd going on at this point um oh Jonas dollar doing the shadow to Onyx pickleball uh as we come in one of our sponsors shout out to Onyx um you know and and very quickly.

No it’s before like if but if somebody went up 3-0 then they don’t play it so we had the Rocky Mountain Rush we have the Rocky Mountain Rush coming out here in a need to win scenario Nathan Joy Casey Rogers and versus Rob krzmanic and Emily I mean the Roller’s in a great spot here we’ve talked about how they’re playing loose they’re coming out you.

Know playing with a ton of confidence I think I think they found something in Edmonton in the in the way that they they need to approach this and how they need to be on the court um and you know you talk you talk a lot about in team in team pickleball like a number one mix team or a number two mix.

Team um I would say that that was probably the northern rollers number one mix team uh just based on chemistry on the court uh with Jonas and Jess it’s hard to put a label on the rush because they’re just so even across the board um but I know Casey Casey Rogers was one.

Of our top performing mix players she finished 12-2 in her mixed matches uh Nathan Choi six and one they were partnered together for almost all of Edmonton I mean the rush have to be having confidence about this team coming out here yeah those statistics speak very highly for for this team um you know one thing about pickleball.

Is on any given day anyone can beat anyone right so and I mean we’re we’re seeing that right now I know you know uh you know a lot of our cnpl followers a lot of the people that watch I mean I even heard why are they even playing this match right I mean you got the rollers who have only won two games all year I mean.

Uh every game they played in was tight I think they went to eight tiebreakers like in their 14 matches and I didn’t win one of them so you know like any one of those can go in any direction so even though they were two and twelve even though they were 2 and 12 go you know coming into this I mean that that can flip pretty quick yeah.

All right so Sarah we’re on the camera here now the pressure’s on how’s the hair looking very good yeah nothing in my teeth that’s great so again cam Taylor for the cnpl joined by Sarah McKinnis Sarah McKinnis pickleball uh pickleball extraordinaire player coach uh.

Aficionado like how’s things going things are great cam thank you thank you yeah uh doing a lot of work in Toronto running Toronto pickleball Club a local non-profit Community Club we’ve got a lot of members excited to start their winter season yeah I bet and I mean already and it just changes like so fast it just.

Changes so fast in uh the scheme of things I mean last year’s indoor season versus indoor season I mean we’re in one Health Club here where this wasn’t an opportunity for them to play Pickleball and now we’re in a beautiful facility here in Mississauga it is beautiful I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to play here before it looked a lot different.

When I was here but what an amazing spot for people in the GTA to have now okay we’re underway with our first rally going to the Rocky Mountain Rush so again we have the Rush playing in the red and white with their backs to us uh so far it’s been whoever’s been on this side has been the winner I mean it must be the pressure of looking into our eyes.

As uh on the far side there must be it right yeah oh exactly so Nathan Choi playing left side again Nathan’s from Vancouver British Columbia his partner Casey Rogers playing right side.

Um cam loops BC Emma Lee for the northern rollers and the blue on the far side Kirkland Quebec oh Nathan inserting himself so that there was a way better you know a little bit more composure uh on that ball when he was reaching in that time uh and Emma’s partner Rob Chris manich Toronto Ontario also very involved in the the Toronto pickleball.

Scene uh he’s with the Etobicoke pickleball Club so I know after talking with uh Casey a few times uh you know her 12-2 mixed record speaks for itself she loves playing a faster paced game you know likes to play with the guys likes when people hit the ball that are fast I think she’s going to be very comfortable.

In this environment here it almost looks as though the rollers are slowing that ball down though yes I would too yeah I I mean I absolutely think that’s a strategy that they’ve been enjoying like you know recognizing that they’re probably not winning that game and this is one of the hardest things that.

Players I think are coming to terms with good Ball by Rob yeah there’s a ball that Emma’s gotta probably come up a little bit more on Rob made a pretty good drop shot yeah and she kind of just got stuck in the middle of that transition zone I mean she’s got to be up to take advantage of that if.

Your partner is going to hit that good of a drop shot get up and hit down on that ball exactly yeah so there’s one of my so there would be a great learning example and I wish that we could get a replay of that scenario so Nathan pushed the ball to Rob’s backhand and then moves straight forward towards the novale Zone the mistake.

Isn’t wary at that ball it’s that he didn’t move towards where he hit that ball right yeah yeah exactly he moved linear straight up to the center of his side almost like there’s a magnetic X on your half of the Court versus being a little more aware of the chord position there if you hit that good of a ball there you.

Got to move towards that situation Emily make it a statement there we’re gonna have a quick time out here coach Tracy Bennett jumping out to call the timeout here Rocky Mountain Rush taking their first time out again in a need to win scenario here the rollers playing pretty loose they are it’s great to see.

And our our let’s go roller chance picking back up again in the crowd here it’s a family for their on that bench everyone coming to support Jess kalamoto of course her brother Matt kamoto a part of Toronto United pickleball Club yeah who again is going to be in one of our more exciting matches of the day can’t wait to see.

That one happen yeah and then you have the force I tried to answer back in the stands with their let’s go Rush chance this is going to be a fun environment this weekend all right Rob kismatic on Sir 5’4 rollers up two to one here.

The drop by Emma Emma’s got to be really careful oh who’s behind Nathan what a sequence these are not your two and fourteen rollers are they they are confidence in this match and I I think it just speaks to take advantage now oh rob a little overextended there.

We got the crowd helping out on some of those line calls there but yeah you know uh I think that’s one Rob’s got to try to think about you know I always ask my students after they make a mistake and you know I I would love to freeze that moment in time and ask Rob were you more thinking about how hard you were hitting it instead of.

Where you were hitting it right and if the answer is you don’t know or it was I just wanted to hit it hard right right it’s the wrong answer right so having the awareness of where you’re putting that ball needs to be your first priority and I mean I never get sick of saying it but place over pace good ball.

Yeah Casey really reaching and extending that was a great job getting low and trying to get an attack on that ball yeah she’s seeing just a little bit and so she’s just applying that additional pressure on Emma making it hard for Lee to really reset get herself to the line yeah and I think I think your point is is valid.

That Emma’s giving her that opportunity there right yeah Emma electing that high lofting serve on Rogers over and over again Christina chin special Christina loves that right Rush making a little bit of a comeback here out of this timeout oh there’s another ball and we were.

Talking about we highlighted that earlier with Jess like Casey making that decision she’s she’s committing to that ball with her paddle only like to change that direction you got to commit to that with your feet as well like there’s nothing deceptive about playing a slow ball right get behind it change it with your.

Feet there’s a little extra effort there that’s better there oh yeah good call Byron oversard all over it uh but again I love I love the athleticism I love the movement by Casey there um but I mean all of a sudden this is getting pretty nerve-wracking for The.

Rush down 7 10. yeah again we talked about that three-point lead or that three-point deficit being pretty significant Casey after the well again the advantage of having an athletic male partner playing left side there to cover that whole Court yeah great defense great defense by Nathan Choi they’re.

Answering that uh Emma’s flick that Emma speed up and being able to take advantage of the open courts yeah I’m a Emma has what it takes to stay in that rally a little bit longer that was a sign of some impatience perhaps because she sees that score creeping up for their team yep and I mean just the just the awareness and the recognization that.

She’s out of position good players on the other side are going to be able to take advantage of that as they did uh I can’t imagine Tracy’s gonna let this go much longer uh 11-8 need an answer here by the rush I mean the rush will take it uh Rob just caught a little bit on his flat you know flat-footed or on his back foot there.

Um step back and get into it well there’s two now maybe the rollers grab a timeout yeah and you know what this is where I’d like to actually see the rollers crowd really get behind them yeah yeah 11 ton uh I mean if I’m the rollers I’m grabbing a timeout here that’s two two unforced errors yeah I would agree uh.

Let’s regroup let’s come out of this time out with the lead good Ball by Nathan probably one of the most confident players on his backhand though right Nathan definitely Rob to finish that but same with permit there’s manage as well so comfortable and confident on his.

Backhand yeah so they elected to not time out the rollers but yeah get the points increasing their lead to two 12 10. Rob get off your back foot he’s got to take that extra step that’s two in a row it really does yeah that’s just too tight to the Baseline um you know again I know Rob watches.

This back and he may not believe he’s doing it in the game but I mean seeing the two results of those shots are are indicative of getting into a better position there good what a rally oh Northern rollers and I mean this is the difference in the rollers uh today versus the last couple weekends is they were never coming out.

On top of those rallies today they are yeah here’s a quick timeout by The Rush we are at 1311 Northern rollers up two to one in this match two points away from upsetting our number one seed um I mean and the rollers chances are going there it is there it is yeah I was missing it actually I’m glad they’re back.

Well I mean if they have anything if they have anything to say about it I mean they’re not looking to go anywhere anytime soon at this point um so interesting in that last rally the main portion of the attacking game was done cross-court um when you attack across Cross Court it gives a lot of time for your opponents.

To see what you’re doing and part of the reason we attack in pickleball or it’s so effective to attack is because you’re deceiving your opponent oh you’re you’re shrinking the distance between contacts at the time between contacts and uh and and all those texts kind of more obvious and giving more time for the rollers to see what was happening so yeah and I.

Speak about it all the time like when we think about our defense like it’s speeding up cross-court actually opens up alleys that shouldn’t exist right right so somebody can get the ball behind you when maybe they shouldn’t be able to good time out by Tracy here um you know good mental regroup here for the rush I.

Mean the rush what they’re trying to do here is force a tie breaker uh forcing it so that’s I really like the old almost the I always talk to my students the over-exaggeration of the footwork get into a better position yeah right it’s not if you want the ball to come off your paddle consistent you need to get into a consistent hitting.

Position those are some great dates by uh by Rogers really putting the pressure on Lee yeah here we go again yeah I think yeah and I mean this is a rally Casey needs to win oh yeah Nathan enjoy there he is now a little wink back to the booth I mean finally Nathan you know this match.

Started at 10 o’clock not 11 o’clock right let’s go all right 14-13 rush time out by the rollers he’s still on West Coast time yeah it’s Eastern Standard Time here in Ontario Nathan yeah all right so the rush with a little life a little energy here and you know we talk about the mix match and you know the the strategy and you know when the.

Male can get themselves involved in the rally um but really the tale of this mix match specifically is early Emma was beating Casey in those rallies you know those head-to-head patient rallies but that’s really shifted and you know it I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it came out of a timeout with Tracy there.

14-13 froze at 13 we have a double freeze situation here which means all these points must be awarded and we’re right back into this rally oh the net cord so we’re back into this rally let’s see who comes out on top this time oh goes behind there’s a good ball.

Oh what a rally I felt like it I felt like it was on the rush paddle there though yeah that was a solid Rally from all four players right so coming into the double freeze here so it’s just gonna be 13 14. I know you see the score as flipped to 14 14. it’s still 13-14 as our score okay.

I think it was probably wrong server I think I think Prismatic there’s just some there’s just some confusion around where the freeze happened right so 13 14. so whoever’s on our score on the scoreboard there needs to change that to 14-14 we’re 13 14 for the roller so it’s double Frozen at 13.

So 13 14. the rollers they need to be the serving team to get the point and again not very surprising that we’re back into this rally Nathan trying to get involved okay so even though the rollers or the rush win that rally we are still 14-13 there we go now our score is updated sorry out there folks.

Oh a little Loose by Casey there yeah and again just that that movement that awareness just got stuck a little flat-footed there you know a little loose ball coming up popped up in that scenario 13-14 and back into it oh goes behind Nathan Troy Emily so Emma’s able to take that shot because.

Casey’s tanks are sitting just a little high yeah so again it she didn’t attack that ball you know above the height and then it was below the height in that but again it’s it’s not just that Casey’s balls were a little high I think they were a little quick as well right because Nathan couldn’t get set there or adjust to where they’ve been played to.

You have to get that ball to bounce again oh Casey on it though Emma took the shot and I mean why not I take it too what do you have to lose you again you put that pressure on Casey to make a great shot she just did she did yeah here we go 14-14 again the rush have to win this he could continue this rally uh-oh.

But there’s there’s the composure of Rob kiss manage on that ball that Ball’s on your paddle it’s 14-14 you’re emotional and he just puts that ball in play right as he should I mean his teammate really set him up oh beautiful yeah finish yeah the last thing you’d want to do is over Pace that ball and miss that opportunity and.

Again back to the Lobster by Emma oh that was close at number 18 upsetting the number one seed the northern rollers with the hometown crowd this is exciting and I mean so for those of you that are watching we’re in a.

Double elimination format this means that the Rocky Mountain Rush are not out it just means that they’re down down to the bottom part of the draw and they have a lot of work to do and there is a very big Northern rollers crowd here cheering that on Sarah we’re gonna we’re gonna jump out we’re gonna let them warm out here uh.

I’m gonna go grab a country interview and we’ll be right back sounds good I’ll see you soon at the Canadian national pickleball League we are thrilled to use the Onyx durafast 40 ball for our professional competition the durafast 40 is a seamless one-piece ball designed to produce great response Onyx play your.

Best thank you to pickle rolls it can be installed anywhere temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I have a feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future check check cam Taylor here with the cnpl I’m here.

With Rob krizmanich owner player of the northern rollers Rob what’s going on number eight taking down number one you know what it’s pickleball you you know what we were so close in Guelph we were so close in Edmonton it’s just you know what anybody right it’s just playoffs or playoffs and these guys are amazing.

And we couldn’t have done it without Corey yeah right right and I mean I we we’ve spoken to it I mean you guys you know 017 in Guelph right but I mean five tiebreakers in Guelph that you just didn’t come out on top of same thing in Edmonton a little bit of a slow start but then you beat the West Coast Wolverines you come out you got two wins.

In a row talk to me about some of the changes in in the team’s strategy because we’re seeing a few in the booth but what are you guys doing what’s the effort that you guys are trying to do that’s changing with your game so we’re trying to be more patient we’re trying to set up the right shots and not trying to go for too much too quickly and you.

Know what our team like look like our girls are so amazing at patience and danks and resetting and we have to use their strength and you know what they just played phenomenal and Jonas was attacking like the way Jonas does he that’s Jonas right there right and we we identified that a couple times both in Edmonton but then.

Early here is I mean probably the next race the most improved player one of the classiest persons or Tracy Bennett absolutely right Jonah is one of the most improved players from Guelph to Edmonton right and then already taking his game up another level you know here to Mississauga yeah he you know what and rightly so and there was a lot of people.

On a Mech wealth and he just needed time he just needed to be in this atmosphere which he hasn’t been and now he’s thriving on it and he’s covering that middle and attacking and he’s a huge Presence at the net especially in mixed he’s a massive presence and just our team is just class they’re just so good so speak to me I mean I know you’re a.

Member here at one Health yeah right just just right but speak to me about the home court advantage of having the the crowd chanting let’s go rollers being on your side motive invading you guys pushing through speak to the atmosphere here uh you know what it is spectacular and such like Steve and Kyle in the ownership group here just did an.

Amazing job of making it in such an intimate atmosphere that you can actually hear in the music and you guys um they just did a top job and having all our fans here and of course the cowboy Motors will be we could be playing in Hawaii and we’d have 12 fans at the kalamoto so which is like one of the classiest families there is yeah.

Awesome well thanks so much Rob good luck the rest of the way my man thanks buddy cam Taylor for the cnpl oh foreign foreign over here.

thank you as a pickleball coach nothing matters more to me than player safety and that starts with having the proper Footwear that’s why I recommend Tyrone a purpose-built shoe just for pickleball there’s already so much to keep in mind.

While you’re in the game The Last Thing a player should be worrying about is their feet tyro’s the way to keep that at Bay this is Cam Taylor and I’m loving these new velocity bees get yours now at oh thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign okay foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign oh my God foreign all right and we’re coming back for some more live action here in Mississauga Ontario one health club cam Taylor for the cnpl joined by Sarah McKinnis Sarah.

We just came off a massive upset the northern rollers number eight seed coming in two wins in the regular season two and fourteen or two and twelve record uh you know taking down number one Rocky Mountain Rush what an exciting match that was uh and here we go we’re underway with lineup number two.

So match number two we are gonna have the number two seed West Coast Wolverines playing the number seven seed Montreal lions yep um lions are in the blue back to us Powerhouse Kim Layton from Calgary Alberta playing left side and then we.

Have Grace on the other side coming over so Grace is from Victoria BC Grace Thomas and then we have a new player for the Wolverine so I mean you’re going to recognize and she’s going to be a pretty familiar face Angie Walker number one overall seed uh playing left side for the West Coast Wolverines but then a new addition to.

The West Coast Wolverines at suko she’s from uh etsuka’s comes from Whistler so etsuka jumping into this as a as a player so their their former player Vicki strandland um you know not able to make it out here to uh Mississauga so atsuka jumping in as their sub as a player jumping into this format this environment and not.

Having participated what do you think katsuka’s feeling coming into this I would think a lot of nerves um hopefully she can generate that into some excitement and really fuel it for her game um you know what I’m sure her team has really supported her in in just kind of jumping in and taking in this really.

Significant role yeah and I think it also goes um there’s there’s a little bit of benefit of having Steve deakin be your team coach right and um the composure uh of what he’s going to bring on the sidelines in their practices so I mean you know Steve Steve’s from BC you know pretty close to.

Uh where atsuka lives coming out of Whistler uh you know practicing out of the Top Spin pickleball Club there I think there’s going to be a great uh you know opportunity that she’s had the chance to work with them so that’s our first non-volley Zone violation uh great call by Rhonda brassard all over it eyes on the prize.

There doing her job so again the the Wolverines um number seven seed coming in in the blue and then we have the West Coast Wolverines and the black on the far side Angie Walker and atsuko playing Kim Layton and Grace Thomas here so Kim on serve down three four good drop by Kim.

And then just a little so I mean such a high quality drop but then almost moved herself into the worst spot that she could get into on the court yeah right so right and I mean just just stopping to the point that that ball was able to get to her feet either take that extra step push up grab that ball out of the air or it’s okay to stay back sometimes.

Right if you don’t feel like you can you can push through right seeing from the Wolverines early on is they they like the fast game they’re looking for those volleys um you know they want to impart their I believe tennis background yeah you know with a lot of topspin I I would imagine we’re going to see a lot of third shot drives.

From the Wolverines yeah I think this is going to be kind of a fire ice scenario here I think uh Grace Grace plays uh likes to play a little bit of a softer game it seems around the no volley Zone like backing up to play that ball like that um you know looking for those opportunities is where I see you think.

You’re gonna see the Angie and natsuko uh be a little more aggressive allow Grace to reset and slope down the pace of the game at the non-volley line I think that’s going to be the Lion’s key to success here and I really so that timeout was initiated by Kim Layton there uh on Serb which is not when most players.

Um would normally take a time out or it’s not a general um you know usually you would take the time out when you’ve given up a few points the serves on the other team right um I would imagine that Leighton saw something sure that was the exact point that I was.

Going to make is that I think you know 11 points into the rally scoring match here that I think Kim wants to have a strategy to talk right okay what are we seeing what’s coming to us what are we giving them and what do we do moving forward because this rally scoring formats over so quickly right so you got to try to make that adjustment really.

Early so coming in down five six uh Lions out of the time out here and a pretty similar result like not not a not a bad drop shot by Kim but just kind of got stuck in that mid-transition zone there right so yeah yeah but I think I think she’s got the opportunity that her drops are a high.

Enough quality that she could or should be getting up to the line there a little bit more yeah definitely yep and you know I I talked to everyone when they’re practicing Drop shots and I mean if you’re out there and you’re trying Drop shots you probably know just like all of us it’s the most frustrating shot in pickleball and you know we get too.

Caught caught in the Black and Whites what makes a good drop shot are the purpose is for hitting a drop shot is to create time for you to move forward safely and to make your opponent hit up it doesn’t matter where the ball lands in a live ball scenario if that Ball’s deeper it’s not as good as you thought it was going to be but they back up to.

Play it or it forces the ball to bounce you should be coming forward and capitalizing on it you got to read the ball in that situation right yeah yeah wow Lion’s got away with one there I think yeah yeah I think atsuko as she settles in is gonna is gonna make that shot that’s probably when she’s gonna be able to take advantage of again I think.

You’re right she’s uh coming in and trying to channel that energy that nurse and I know one of our mutual friends out there is listening Jim Parrott who we were both involved with I notice you text Sarah but I haven’t seen a text come over to me yet so uh you know hi Jim parrot clearly he has his favorite and I mean while we’re at it shout out.

To Corey Osborne I haven’t seen a text from you buddy yeah my phone’s blowing up with Corey Osborne oh there we go got the text from Jim all right so we’re having another time out here again the Lions grabbing another timeout 10-7 the Wolverines um starting to see our our top seed.

Starting to play like a little bit more of a top seed here trying to enforce their will a little bit on the Lions Your Grace or your Kim what are the what’s the strategy here what what are you talking about on the sidelines how are we getting back into this so I really really like what I’m seeing from Grace she’s playing some smart resets.

She’s electing when to attack and you know I I would like to see Kim Layton settle into that a little bit more as well be patient you know hitting the smart shots and waiting for that attack to really sit up yeah and I mean Grayson came like the the Lions overall you know were were three and eleven um you know in their matchups but like.

From a from a women’s women’s double standpoint they they were solid like they were eight and six overall they were above 500 played really really strong they’re a solid they’re a solid ladies team I mean and it really helps when you have the length and the strength of Kim Layton playing Left Side here but I mean.

Grace Grace is obviously going to be the one that tends to get targeted a little bit more but she definitely is holding her own right yeah so they’re bringing the power to Kim because Grace has proven her resets are are on right now so they’re applying that pressure on Layton and so far it’s panned out.

Yeah and I think that’s I think that’s such a you know again like the you could come in and you could have everything on oops you could have everything on paper as your strategy like drives are going to Grace soft is going to Kim but then you try it in the game and that strategy could completely change yeah right like okay okay like today’s the day that this.

Shot works here and it may not have normally worked in that scenario right yep foreign good return good return by Kim keeping that ball pretty low.

Um you know and again they’re you’re you’re just like you identified uh they’re looking to speed up that ball that’s not a ball that Ball’s just not gonna bounce high enough and Kim almost did that on purpose right oh good Ball by grace.

Get that reset into the middle good ball Grace yes so again call for it you know we identified in that Rush match a couple times as well where the resets were going to the middle again you find a margin for error when you get that ball out of the middle right a little more awareness right there’s a good ball back him there’s a.

Good thing yeah Grace’s resets are amazing yes Grace is playing unreal yeah well done well done Great Rally there and it looks like I’m super settling in a little bit yeah Seth bring us brings us to game point so.

On that game point that means the Wolverines are Frozen um so we’re playing rally scoring up until this point for them but now they are frozen at 14. and win the points on serve and there they go so the Wolverines you know coming in with a lot of confidence making a big statement and.

You know identifying one of those things that was kind of missing uh in that Rush match early there’s something to note as well as head coach Steve deakin and owner of the Wolverines knows Kim Layton’s game very very well right yes all right we’re just gonna jump to a quick message from one of our sponsors.

And we’ll be right back when no one is watching are you preparing preparing to leave it all on the court every ounce of energy the work that brought you here to this moment to this place your best game after game nothing is given so give your all own the court be the one who just won’t quit because.

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Ready all right we’re back to the West Coast of wolverines taking the ladies match we’re now out with the boys on display so for those of you that are watching you’re going to see some new Lions players and it’s going to be hard to determine you know black jerseys versus black jerseys here but with their back.

Towards us we have Joelle Peltier from Red Deer Alberta and hadothal from Calgary on the far side we have Ravi the panther from Ottawa Ontario playing left side and we have Sunny bhutar from Oliver BC playing the right side um for those of you that have been.

Following some of our matches you’re going to notice that the two typical Lions male players are not here oh what a ball by Joel good patience so the lions were busy wheeling and dealing after after Edmonton making some moves to position so um Ravi who was originally the prop property of the Prairie pronghorns was.

Released by The pronghorns and picked up by the Lions and um Eric Daniel and cam Rich were unavailable for the event this weekend so they also made a trade um so the Lions had the the rights to Jordan Renwick and they traded that to the rush for sunnybutar and uh yeah new men’s lineup for the Lions this weekend.

At Ravi and sunny here we go two great players looks like they’re drilling well so far yeah yeah and I mean both of both of them played in Guelph uh for a different teams so Sunny played for the rush and Ravi played for the pronghorns and both uh held their own both of those teams had great success in Guelph.

But one of our one of our more dominating men’s teams Hado and Joelle uh this should be a fun matchup here yeah yeah paddo’s game is so Dynamic um you know he’s got it all LTA really brings the power yeah they call we call pelche the Assassin for a reason yeah.

Oh the panther playing defense yes what’d I get by sunny oh and I such a beautiful example and I mean that’s definitely a video that I’m gonna clip for my students to be able to send to them to say here’s what happens when you move your feet and you work hard great things and then as soon as you get.

Stuck flat-footed on the easy ball you miss it yep right it’s always the easy ball because it’s the one that you relax on it’s the one you breathe on it’s the one you take that break mentally you’ve gotta try to continue to move great point and you know I’d like to see the Lions use the momentum of that amazing rally and maintain that energy.

If they can through these next couple points right and even though it didn’t cut you didn’t come out on top but it doesn’t mean you didn’t create energy for yourself right positive energy and I think that’s one of the the dynamic parts of uh the rally scoring game is you may not win every rally but you can still create something because.

Of it yeah yeah Ravi really likes his uh earnings so there we go for Ernie attempt number one a 5-3 score what a ball by Joelle there and that that sidelines that sideline to sideline sequence there uh by Joelle being able to to drop to one sideline and then attack the other sideline love seeing that sequence.

And it looks like we’re gonna have a quick timeout by the Lions 6-3 we’re gonna grab a quick timeout from one of our sponsors a message from one of our sponsors here and we’ll be right back at the Canadian national pickleball lead we are thrilled to use the Onyx durafast 40 ball for our professional competition the durafast 40 is a seamless one-piece.

Ball designed to produce great response Onyx play your best all right we’re back six three Wolverines up after taking a 1-0 lead in the ladies match they’re now out to an early lead six to three here in the men’s game as well oh a little Loose by Joelle and I know that’s when he’s gonna definitely be a little frustrated with.

Himself that’s not the plan that they came up with out of that uh out of the time out there and joelle’s usually a little bit more consistent with those drives as well yeah oh yeah and I think this is this is the learning experience that these players go through as they come into this environment that.

Drive that Sunny hit was a great drive and that might have eaten up 90 of the players that you play against but haddos on the other side looking to attack that ball yep yeah yeah for it yeah and uh there’s just a little too much height on that drive so huddles were really able to place up all where he wanted to.

All right we just saw a switch mid rally here getting uh Ravi to his backhand in the middle um I like the adjustment there it looks like they may be continuing with that snack um you know coming out of the timeout I don’t know why you just wouldn’t make.

The switch but uh you know now you just created confusion for everybody all right beautiful nine five Wolverines again the Wolverines coming in the two seat they were the they were the strong they were the strong dominant team in.

Guelph they were very dominant early in Edmonton and then just a little bit of you know they lost they lost to the rollers they gave the rollers their first win and you know lost that next game which kind of dropped them into a tie in the first place and they ended up losing the head-to-head to the rush but the Wolverines are coming out here.

Making a statement making a purpose uh you know early early you know pretty comfortable win in the first game and already up 10-6 here in in the second game looking for sunny and Robbie to try to settle in they playing with a little nerves it looks like at this point so if you could impart a coachable kind.

Of moment to the Lions men’s team right now what do you think you’d be saying to them yeah I mean again like I think I think they’re trying to they’re trying to match the level of the Wolverines and I think they need to settle into their game uh you know we again we’ve talked a few times about the crowd the crowds.

Does not seem to be as invested in these two teams currently but a lot of a lot of the mistakes that the Lions make are making are unforced errors at this point right so I mean they’re hurting themselves in a rally scoring format that’s just not that’s not going to be successful right so there’s a difference between oh another great ball and here’s.

Here’s the difference between our our recreational play and the level that they’re playing at here you’re watching that ball everyone’s like wow Hado made such a great shot all of these players can make that shot that was an unforced error by Ravi to allow that ball to bounce that far outside of the court that Hado could take that opportunity.

Yeah right and here’s the level of play that we’re talking about I mean you’re watching you know man like they’re making these mistakes but the quality of shots that they have to make not to provide those opportunities that’s the pressure that they’re dealing with and jumping into this environment is tough yeah absolutely and they’re coming into.

A team that um 50 of the regular team is is not present for this Championship weekend you know they it does look like they’ve got some coaching happening from Alex over there on the bench but from prior to that I mean they didn’t have a coach for the women’s match either yeah so.

Unfortunately the coach Jay devilier couldn’t be here this weekend um you know they had been training hard but I I do think there’s something to be said for having having that presence on the bench you know they’ve got you know on the other side you have a very veteran coming presence who’s been there and done that and been there in every.

Environment uh you know Steve Deacon um yeah I think it makes a big difference as to what you’re coming back to the bench or what’s coming off of the bench and I think that’s what we’re going to continue to see we were talking about we were talking about Tracy Bennett on the on the rush bench and the presence.

Of that I think we’re going to continue to see that evolve in team pickleball as these players accept the fact that they they do need coaching not just skill or technique-wise but strategy and uh you know mental game as well I agree so uh Ravi doing a good job to Stave off a match our game point there no.

So a good sportsmanship call there from Joel pelche overruling his partner getting that ball back in play I like seeing a smile s yeah for sure and I mean rally scoring format anything can happen here um you know the West Coast Wolverines are frozen at 14. oh and just a freebie.

Um from the Montreal lions they’re they’re going to need to settle in fast I mean those are two two pretty quick games yeah uh that the the Lions have given up here it’s going to be interesting to see who they roll out as as the the first mix match uh we’re just gonna jump to a.

Quick uh sponsor time out here and we’ll be right back when no one is watching are you preparing preparing to leave it all on the court every ounce of energy the work that brought you here to this moment to this place you your best game after game nothing is given so give your all own the court be.

The one who just won’t quit because settling isn’t an option it’s your choice it’s your time play your best with onyx yeah thank you to pickle rolls it can be installed anywhere temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I have a.

Feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future all right so we are back Wolverines out to a 2-0 lead first mixed match coming and again we talked about it in the the first game uh if you have been following along with the cnpl and I hope many of you had what a shot by Java right if you’ve been following along.

Even if you know previously even if the Wolverines had gone up 3-0 they would still play that fourth match while this is playoffs uh that’s unnecessary now so if the Wolverines were to happen to win this match again uh then it would be done at 3-0 um and uh the Lions would go down to the bottom side and join the rush there.

So we have uh our our first mix match game coming out at suko and Joelle for the West Coast Wolverines on the far side and then we have with their back to us sunny bhutar and Grace Thomas answering for the Lions and as this as this continues to go I mean this is a this is a much win much you know have to win must win.

Situation here for the Lions I I’m a little surprised not to see Kim Layton in this match so I’m wondering um I’m wondering that decision as well cam um I’m presuming that should the lines take this game and they are.

Um they’re going to play a second mixed match they want Leighton up against Taro and Walker that’s yeah I mean and I get that but you have to win this one to get to that one right so I mean I I understand the strategy I understand the thought process there but I mean that if that strata if you don’t even get to that.

Strategy it’s not a good strategy right so I agree yeah so you got to try to got to try to manage what’s in front of you and take those ones first um but right now even though the score is only four or two I mean you can clearly see there’s a lot of confidence coming off the Wolverines and there still appears to be a lot of.

Nerves coming off the lines at this point yeah and you know just again another unforced error that’s that’s a ball that we have to you know yeah they’re making high quality shots and Joelle and atsuko are playing really really well but there has to be more coming back.

Oh that’s a little loose Wolverine’s kind of stuck at the back in that transition zone really yeah they tried they were almost there yeah just one more shot and I think they you know again like the the tendency is to read your the quality of your shots a little early and Grace has a tendency to let the ball bounce instead of taking it.

Out of the air yes I mean my personal strategy would be to crash a lot harder than their crashing you know putting the pressure on her to see if she will change that decision or be able to play that ball and maybe a manner that she’s more uncomfortable with yeah right where right now she’s very comfortable stepping back and she has the margin for.

Error on the other side of the net because they’re staying back Grace comes from a very high squash background tends to happen in that sport so it’s just one of her skills kind of transferring into pickleball where yep yeah maybe that’s one of the unique.

Things Grace is still a really really good pickerball player her opportunity for improvement is to try to grab that ball into the air a little bit more or at least start to work it into her game a little bit more so that it’s not a predictable situation for her right or for her opponents joelle’s job shots have been really dialed in right in the.

Men’s match and in this mixed match here yeah very very triple with that tsuko yeah so I mean again like probably not a probably not a team that they play together very often uh at tsuko fairly new she did she was on hand.

In Edmonton as a sub uh not sure that she got into a match though uh Vicky Vicki was holding down the forward for the West Coast wolverines in that case oh sonny get it in there but Joelle Chris with a little head nod there yeah yeah loving it again playing pretty loose um.

It’s almost a complete reversal of what we saw in the previous match where and again just the different different Dynamics uh uh you know the the West Coast Wolverines coming in as probably an overwhelming favorite if we were having odds or somebody was betting on the match and playing like it uh as we’re on the other side we had you know.

That first match I mean it was almost like the the rollers were coming in and looking like they were the top scene with the confidence they were just playing right all right so we have a quick timeout here taken we’re gonna just jump to a message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back.

foreign s tying this game up seven seven oh that’s gonna get punished yeah quite a high third yeah again like the the height the height of the third uh you know not ideal the position and the placement of the third is what really I mean.

Could Joelle ask for a better ball to his forehand I mean that’s exactly what he wanted probably if he was drawing it up right so if you if you are tending to play that ball through towards you out I mean that’s got to be on the angle to make him move his feet you just can’t leave something sitting there right so I would love to see you know Sunny try to.

Change the position of that ball first versus the the quality of the ball I think the quality comes with the position of it another unforced error there by the Lions again they gotta they gotta start to Reign that in if they want to stay in this match.

Nine eight what a ball there’s a so there’s when we’ve had Joelle in the booth he’s talked a few times about you know again his drives and and reigning in the pace of them a little bit being a little bit more position oriented that’s a great example right there right that’s just such a high quality drive at about 60.

Speed so we Sonny’s asked for an appeal on a line call there see um I’d say typically no however the alternative is the poach opportunity could happen right.

Right I mean there’s the other side of that right so I mean I can remember you know we talked about the you know the kawamoto family and I mean if you if you didn’t return to Mad Cow Moto you probably lost the rally because Jess was so good on her thirds yeah right that Matt was able to crash aggressively and get up and do just what joelle’s doing.

There so I think the strategy is that they’re trying to keep Joelle back but now the problem is is that his thirds in the quality of the drives that he were playing is putting so much pressure on them you’re kind of in a no-win situation there if you’re the Lions right but again a great hold there by the.

Lions at the no volley Zone there good answer gotta try to make up a little bit of grout here 912. oh again they’re feeding feeding the ball to the middle make them move their feet it’s just too easy for the Wolverines at this point right again it’s not just about how fast you’re hitting it’s not where you’re hitting it.

You gotta try to get them to move you got to get them out of their comfort zone right now the Wolverines just look very comfortable all right timeout taken by the Lions 14-9 here all right we’re going to be jumping to a message from one of our sponsors we’ll be right back.

I know that you ain’t ready all right we’re back Wolverines on game point Frozen at 14. again a freeze means that instead of the rally scoring format they’ve now gone to a serve the port.

Served to point a more traditional format and a good time out there by the Lions get a free point you know kind of got Joelle off his rhythm there a little bit and again probably a ball that he’s just a little too casual on yeah and we’re we’re speaking about how Grace was doing the step back there was.

A good example that atsuko did the step back and really gave a lot of ground to Sunny on that draw right that drop was nowhere near the novalism but like you said you even said it was a good drop right because of what atsuko did to the play as where there she took away ground now she’s playing it out of the air again.

Yeah great job by Grace making an adjustment like this little run she’s just so smart about it all right so a quick time up by the Wolverines here 14-12 quick message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back at the Canadian national pickleball lead we are thrilled to use the Onyx.

Dura fast 40 ball for our professional competition the durafast 40 is a seamless one-piece ball designed to produce great response audience play your best all right we’re back Grace Thomas trying to keep this momentum going down 12 14 in a must-win situation here must win this game to continue this match super a.

Little late coming up again Sunny you’ve got to get that drop out of the middle stop feeding to Joel’s forehand he is way too comfortable there’s more opportunity there and most of the players aren’t even aware of it like if they were to watch back they wouldn’t believe how many times they’re playing that ball to that position.

And it’s funny that as the strategy changes oh good Ball by Joelle Grace putting a little more pressure on grabbing that ball out of the air and it’s funny how the strategy changes from beginners you know we’re always telling them aim for the big part of the Court aim for the middle and aim for the middle and as you get better that’s not.

The great strategy anymore you gotta aim for the angles you got to create angles and again they’re just feeding right to joelle’s forehand got away with one there Grace making a really good reset another really good reset three really good presets Grace Thomas so good right good comeback here by the Lions oh oh that’s a great ball and one of the.

One of the best you know ding shots that I’ve seen Grace hit so far really pushing that ball wide I mean 14-14 here I think that was yeah the the Wolverines looking uncomfortable for the first time come on lions what a ball by atsuko there.

So good answer by atsuko in that rally with Grace and otsuko really puts a lot of Top Spin on that that uh dink ball Widing really trying to cut it it does yeah she really flexes her wrists and keeps that paddle pretty open to engage that topspin good drive how to expect to drive from Peltier there yeah oh there we go so the.

Wolverines 3-0 our number two seed moving on uh versus the number seven seed here so just a reminder because that match went to 3-0 uh we will not be playing the the second mix match so the Wolverines moving on the Lion’s gonna be going back to the drawing board uh down to the bottom side of our double knockout.

Cam Taylor here for the cnpl joined by Sarah McKinnis right and we will be right back with an interview from our winning team thank you as a pickleball coach nothing matters.

More to me than player safety and that starts with having the proper Footwear that’s why I recommend Tyrone a purpose-built shoe just for pickleball there’s already so much to keep in mind while you’re in the game The Last Thing a player should be worrying about is their feet tyrell’s the way to keep that at Bay this is Cam Taylor and I’m loving.

These new velocity bees get yours now at foreign cam Taylor here with the cnpl head with here with us Steve deakin coach of the West Coast Wolverine Steve how’s it going uh it’s uh I wouldn’t rather be in any other place but here amazing so you know number two uh West.

Coast Wolverines coming in you just saw the number one overall seed Rush lose uh what was the message prior to that game to your team uh you know like in this format anything can happen if you’re a one seed or an eight seed we don’t take any team lightly here uh even though we’ve had good success against the Lions in the regular season we know every.

Single match is going to be a war this doesn’t matter who we got we’re expecting to come out on top uh with the talent that we have on our bench right now but um there’s going to be more upsets here at cmpl yeah definitely and I mean a little bit of a roster change for you guys as well today so bringing in that.

Suko you know Vicky unable to be here speak to me about that change and how that’s working out so far yeah you know this is you know as a as a manager of a team uh you know you sometimes have to make some decisions that aren’t comfortable and Vicki was an unreal asset and still is an unreal asset for our team I I went with that suko for.

Just a tad bit more Firepower and it seems to have paid off so far in in these really tight moments and I think it’s you know the I think that first match out there where you’re seeing a lot of nerves for you know in the rollers and the rest match I mean speaking of the environment the crowd’s getting bigger as the days going on here.

That’s got to feel pretty good to get that first one under the belt and and your team looking pretty comfortable and confident 100 you know like these these first matches are nerve-wracking and I was telling my team I’m more nervous watching than I am playing because I can control what’s going on on the court if I’m playing and it’s tougher sitting on.

The bench when you you know you see things that unfold and um and you want to be there doing it I want to do it and put the game in my hand but these guys did an unreal job uh you know we faced a little adversity at the end of that last mixed game but uh edsuko really uh pulled it together towards the end there and and came up.

Big for us perfect awesome Steve well good luck the rest of the weekend appreciate you taking the time thanks guys cam Taylor from the cnpl here thank you very much thank you foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you back all right thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Oh God foreign thank you foreign I’m Taylor for the cnpl here we have the East Toronto smash versus the Prairie pronghorns of the.

Prairie pronghorns are coming in on as the number three seed after our regular season splits and then we have the East Toronto smash you after a hot starting Guelph struggled a little bit in Edmonton Alberta for the Prairie pronghorns and the blue and orange we have Kim Brent from Ottawa Ontario and then we have Pam Clark from.

Regina Beach Saskatchewan playing right side Kim Bren playing left side on the far side we have Jordan vigna from Montreal Quebec and Lee Bradwell Toronto Ontario’s Finance on the right side again a pretty home crowd bias for the East Toronto smash here East Toronto smash looking to make a little bit of noise they got the both of.

Their male players back Chris Elaine and Doll beer bandel after a birth of his child back in joining us here in Mississauga Ontario so pretty excited about this match oh Kim Brent putting it down uh pronghorns out to an early 3-2 lead so we are at the beautiful one Health Club here in Mississauga Ontario uh this.

Is match number three of the day uh but all these teams are competing in a double elimination format to determine our winner for this weekend uh this is our 3-6 match how a full match works is there will be four games within a match there’ll be a women’s match there’ll be a men’s match and then two mix matches and it’s the.

First team to three if they tie 2-2 then we go to a tie breaker which is a singles format unlike some of our other splits if you’re joining us and you’re one of our loyal Watchers out there if one of the teams gets up 3-0 they are no longer playing that fourth game uh it will just end at three uh and um yeah.

Moving on and there’s a little bit of economical uh decisions to be made you don’t want to overextend yourself as this thing develops so 4-4 Lee Bradwell on serve so an out ball Kim Brandt asking the ref if they saw it any different so players do have the.

Right if they don’t agree with the line call to check with our first and or second official and see if they saw it any different oh so we’ve talked about it with Lee in Edmonton sometimes she gets caught with a little bit of too long of a backswing she’s gonna need to have a little bit of.

A shorter stroke there to try to be able to get down to that ball and when we talk about getting low the concept is going to be about trying to get low in the knees and not low in the hips don’t want to be bending over at the waist you want to be getting low in the knees yeah nice drops again Pam going to the lob.

That’s two already good push back by Kim putting a lot of pressure on Jordan there Pronghorn 66 on serve here both teams still trying to feel each other out a little bit trying to settle in again we have a pretty intimate crowd on hand here a lot.

Of people on site watching a lot of people standing around cheering this is a new environment for these players this is pretty intense oh good defense by Lee even though she got caught a little off guard their third lob from Pam and that lob’s now been pushed out and I think I think uh you know Pam’s going to that.

A little bit too quick there there’s a good attack did Bald by Pam nice Short Stroke seven seven good drop by Kim so I really like I really like that ball by Kim um.

Pushing Jordan wide and forcing her to make a decision as to whether she was going to lunch or she was gonna take that step and I think the decision that she would have to make moving forward is to try to take the step we’re gonna grab a quick message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back.

all right Sarah McGinnis back in the booth a little bit of a lunch break hi everyone actually um I kind of drove here on a semi-flat tire oh so I just didn’t want it to sink any lower and I went and got that thing inflated again Safety First yeah.

Absolutely you know I have to be back here tomorrow so it’s a good pickleball strategy it’s a good life strategy as well right good job so we are gonna be eight eight hero the smash just taking their first time out and after a timeout you always want to try to get that next point right Implement that strategy.

Right as they did locked in at 80. nice Movement by Lee there yeah yeah a good setup oh just missed that ball and you know like the players at this level you know Lee’s going to want that one back that’s an execution mistake the setup she got to the ball that she wanted she’s I’m very.

Confident I know she’s going to be very confident she’s going to hit that that next ball pretty disgruntled line call there and I mean right in front of the East Toronto smash bench and they were not happy and an immediate appeal to the the first official and I have to say a great job.

By our officiating team to overrule in that situation yeah the ball well and we’re able to make that call good flip of the switch there by the by the smash I mean there’s a big momentum swing coming back they were down six seven they’ve now forced a timeout here.

By the Prairie pronghorns uh you know the smash now up 10-9 after that last time that’s our great adjustment during that time out so you know pronghorns coming in as our number three seed we have the East Toronto smash coming in as the number six seed these teams have gone back and.

Forth alternating 3-1 wins the last two times they played each other and I mean even though we have our our three versus our six it’s still like an eight six you know uh record versus a 7-7 record it’s it’s tight now it’s going to come down to just margins cam you know both teams have had their.

Chances to settle in with each other build those relationships even stronger and um smart pickleball is being played today yes as it should be right and I think I think the the East Toronto smash is um an unworthy six seed uh they you know.

Unfortunately on Saturday in Edmonton they had neither one of their starting males in the lineup and then they were missing the Beast Bond all on both days you know he’s going to be a presence when he gets back out on the court and we’re going to have a lot of players or a lot of Watchers at home that may have never seen dalbir before he’s a presence.

On the court yeah he definitely is you were talking about Jonas and the amount of Court he can take up uh dalby or broke the uh the measurement uh tool in uh Vernon when we were doing it with his wingspan so yeah quite quite the presence on the court for sure and again a great job after that time.

Out getting right back on point but then Pam just a little a little nervy there on that shot I would say rushing it we’ve talked you know you were talking earlier about uh the players settling in and trying to increase the length of the rally versus rushing out of it and I think that’s a strategy that both these teams are gonna.

You know smooth into a little bit as as they get their feet under them sure and that’s the final Rally Point that’s right good Ball by Lee nice control there wow great great reset great Hands by Karen exchange by Kim friends and emotions.

Starting to come alive for the pronghorns here they are a very emotional team on the court for sure to just be exactly what they needed for that 12th Point get those drops out of the middle though got away with one there Jordan’s gonna want that ball back 13-11 pronghorns and looks like we have a smash time out here.

so that’ll be the smash’s second timeout pronghorns have flip the script here a little bit up 13-11 now you know Jordan and Lee Lee Bradwell here in the timeout what’s what’s some of the strategy they’re talking about here what are you seeing about what uh you know Kim and uh Pam are being able.

To put on them I think Kim and the Longhorns are really just just work a little a little harder for the attack and of course smash is eager to do so if smash can maintain a little more patience um and steadiness they’re gonna get their chances but but I I know Brandon Brent really likes to kind of dangle.

That ball and make people really work and think that that shot is there and it may not be yeah and we you know again like when you when you think about there’s there’s this black and white like you know the ball needs to land in the no volley Zone and that makes it a good shot or doesn’t make it a good shot your your opponents make it a good or a.

Bad shot right so there’s times you almost want to play a baiting ball or an enticing ball to try to make them do something that they’re uncomfortable with Pam had a pretty good look at that one yeah that one’s going to be tough to overall yeah it looked long look deep 14-11 frontwards Frozen at 14 here.

Again the resets to the middle get him out of there pronghorns take the ladies match here first quickly the these Toronto smash males are out on the court ready to go looking to pick up their ladies um Chris Elaine and Dolby or bandel were were almost unbeatable in Guelph.

Um yeah you know again unfortunately you know neither one of them was available on the Saturday in Edmonton but I know they’re both looking to make in the statement a statement here this weekend trying to pick up their ladies here early and the whole team of Smash has a great energy about them they of course Had A.

Cinderella Story uh going undefeated was it in Guelph oh my goodness it was really cool to see Kim um you know and I really like to see some of that upbeat energy translate into this next match awesome so quick message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back here with our men’s match.

Professional competition produce great response foreign it can be installed anywhere temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I have a feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future all right and we’re back so Prairie prong orange number three seed we have.

The East Toronto smash the number six seed and again like I said a pretty uh surprising number six or maybe Underdog number six coming in here uh just based on the results that they had at Edmonton due to not having their starting players but their men’s team I mean Doll beer was six and one as a you know in our in the men’s format and Crystal Lane’s.

Seven and three these guys are gonna be no slouches here but then you’re looking at them playing against Brad Chapman and Matt stenola I mean Brad was five and two uh Matt’s seven and seven overall you know it’s hard to say there’s a favorite versus a not favorite here both teams are you’re gonna see a lot of.

Athleticism you’re gonna see a lot of movement you’re going to see a lot of deception this is going to be an exciting men’s watch it’s gonna be an amazing men’s match we’ve got stedola who is like the poker face King over there and you know same with Chapman he keeps us cool they like to play a little studier whereas the boys who are right.

Um might have a little more emotion absolutely and if the crowd Gets behind them watch out yeah they’re gonna play that to their advantage yeah already a pretty good rally to start both teams just kind of testing the water yeah yeah and again I don’t mind that you can.

See like Brad’s Brad’s so intelligent on the court he’s moving that a ball around just to check things out yeah right he can play that quality of ball and be able to you know hey Chris here’s the forehead here’s a backhand Dolby or here’s this here’s that let’s see what comes back right right what are you guys going to.

Do with that yeah Chapman brings a lot of experience to this team partnering up with Steve deakin at some PPA events down in the States this year yeah yeah it’s a pretty good setup by Brad to finish with Matt uh you know again the good team chemistry there and a little bit surprised to see Brad Chapman.

Getting so many balls early he’s so athletic but the ability to firm up that ball back from Matt I mean Mets drives or no slouches either right and just being able to get that ball back right what a gut and I love the crash by him.

Afterwards that’s the key all right here we go now seeing Matt a little bit more involved in the rallies again I think there’s just some feeling out of the situation here and Sarah I think one of the things that we should do today as as the day progresses and over the weekend I mean you’re getting.

Texts I’m getting texts by people that we know that are watching so I mean why don’t we encourage some of our friends out there that are you know from different parts of the country that are you know different pickleball clubs to to message Us in either on Facebook or on social media or if you have our cell numbers or emails feel free to message.

Us and we’ll give a shout out to your community and your club and you know have a little fun and see if we can’t get people all across the country uh shout outs right on I like it so I mean the first one I’m gonna give a shout out to is I’ve got pickleball Moncton uh I know they’re watching I know I was just there teaching and was pushing the the.

Live stream knowing that we’d be on it and uh they’re they’re anxiously watching these boys try to put into practice what we were talking about on the court that’s great I love it you know what shout out to just pickleball new brands like in general you’ve done such a good job growing the game and their Province I’ve seen it really.

Expand over the years definitely I mean you’re you’re preaching to the choir there for sure and already the messages are coming in oh I love it yeah Joe Joe Williamson sending in from Brooks Alberta Joe we wish you were here man you gotta come on out the hip is teacher what’s up the hippiest teacher yes yes sir.

Gotta look good to be good oh great ball by ball deer oh but maybe push that ball a little long yeah yeah that that point was there for his taking all right Pronghorn six three in the pronghorns won the ladies match there Rush looking to answer back here Chris Elaine and Dolby are got to dig deep oh.

That’s the Dola going behind all beer study as always masadola no backhands to Dollar here we go is the Assassin I mean Matt stidol is the two-handed Assassin yeah there we go uncharacteristic mistake there for Brad Chapman shout out now hey Sarah The Manor pickleball Club is enjoying cnpl awesome head pickleball official Karen.

Hill Ontario Karen four Prairie pronghorns smash need to dig deep here this rally scoring format is not going to allow a margin for error great drive by Chapman football.

look at the reach by Doll beer just nothing gets down eh and it’s just so enticing when a player like that is not letting the bounce ball bounce what it almost does mindset wise is forces you on the other side to not let the ball bounce and maybe just caught Brad uh you know coming into his game there a little.

Bit where Brad’s strength is the movement right the movement by Matt he moves so well oh Chris not not friendly to Chris Elaine there oh and I mean the messages are just pouring in now I mean thanks Mom for listening uh but my mom is now asking.

For a shout out to Sabo Beach pickleball Club in the sogging shores pickleball Club I know that we’re gonna have huge representation in the crowd tomorrow from the Soggy Insurance pickleball Club so that’s going to be exciting to see but a definite shout out to two other partners of ours that we we spend a lot of time on the court with for sure.

We’re gonna grab a quick message from one of our sponsors keep those shout outs coming looking forward to seeing them thank you.

All right we’re back after that time out pronghorns 11-5 looking to really take a strangle hold on this match Doll beer great defense by Max to NOLA to stand his ground there see we talked about how they’re you know pretty straight face pretty Stone Face on the Pronger inside a little emotion coming from Matt there that was a pretty.

Great defensive rally and again we’ve talked about it in all of our matches so far there is there is some I think there’s a skill in playing in front of a crowd and the intensity and the nerves that are going on and it does look like Chris and dalbyer are a little.

Uncomfortable in this environment right now it’s closer to the port which is amazing for our Spectators of course yeah I mean it’s providing the environment these players they need to learn how to play in this because it’s only going to get bigger right like and every I think the other thing that.

They’re feeling is I mean it’s becoming real in regards to what this means they’re you know their their contracted professional athletes they’re getting paid to be here but there’s something on the line for for winning this weekend or how they finish this weekend and I think that’s players are feeling it yeah so no point conversion on that rally for.

Smash so we move to good again there’s a really nice counter by Chris I’m hoping that he can start to build a little momentum off that uh and be able to start to execute in some of these conversion opportunities now that they have because they’re again they.

Make such good shots they’re just not coming out on the proper side of the rally and uh you know again the the communication down the middle there uh for me I I kind of like Chris coming back I know that stalbier’s forehand I know a lot of players out there you know forehand always takes the middle yeah.

But I mean these are two great athletes you know high quality professional sports background good counter Again by Chris uh the pronghorns putting that away I mean without getting into too long of a conversation the concept beforehand always takes the metal goes out the window at this level.

Um and when you have two players that you know Chris with his athleticism Dolby with his reach I mean there needs to be more awareness around who’s who’s already in the speed of the rally yeah right dalbier was trying to catch up to the speed of the rally Chris is the one who had initiated that rally he was kind of in the flow of the sequence I would.

Err on the side if that should have been Chris’s ball suppose it also comes down to the defined roles of each player you know way shots despite Chris’s setup that’s something that the two players have to talk to about amongst themselves nothing matters more to me than player safety and that starts with having the.

Proper photo that’s why I recommend Tyro a purpose-built shoe just for betterball there’s always so much to keep in mind while you’re in the game the last thing that players should be worrying about is their feet tyro’s the way to keep that at Bay this is Cam Taylor and I’m loving these new velocity bees get yours now at. when no one is watching are you preparing preparing to leave it all on the court every ounce of energy the work that brought you here to this moment to this place can you play your best game after game nothing is given so give your all own.

The court be the one who just won’t quit because settling isn’t an option it’s your choice it’s your time play your best with onyx thank you all right we’re back Prairie pronghorns number three seed up two to O in this third match of our day on the number 16.

Smash and the smash you’re looking to make a statement here in this mix match quickly quickly back at our top here foreign yes I would say she was pretty committed to her for him all going around the post great defense.

By Pam yeah good Ball by Jordan good defense by the smash there and again and again the you know the commitment to run around that forehead to try to put that ball and play it I don’t we’re gonna have a quick time out here by the pronghorns.

I don’t know that the ball that Pam would even play in that sequence is gonna put enough pressure on the smash to even be worth the amount of pressure she’s putting on herself yeah yeah I would agree I actually think the adult beer is leaving that ankle open as a bait oh yeah and uh he wants the ball he wants more touches.

So it’s it’s there on purpose and she’s being very obvious when she wants to send it there so and I think that’s one of the awarenesses that players need to have is like the decision you’re making on the court is that in fact the way you’re playing the ball generally the pace that you’re playing the ball at is that in fact putting more pressure on.

You in your situation versus your opponents right well exactly she’s exposed half of her side of the port by choosing to make that kind of a shot yeah and even sorry we have Jason White over here just doing fist pumps in the booth so excited to be involved yeah and I just don’t know that even if.

She does execute that shot hitting it on the Move hitting it on the run there that it’s even going to be worth worth it right it’s just so so hard for her to execute let’s see if she can make an adjustment here let’s see maybe pointed it out and asked to make an adjustment yeah and she just Pam looks a little.

Uncomfortable right now a little indecisive so if there’s anyone watching out there who’s someone with a stronger forehand playing the left side and as we’ve seen in these mixed matches today that has been the male player in the case of the Prairie pronghorns we have maxedola playing the right side and that’s.

Because he’s a left-handed player putting both forehands of the two players in the middle yeah and I mean you’ll also see matches switch hands arbitrarily anyway so I mean they use the two-handed Assassin for a reason I’m not sure that he does truly have a backhand.

Hey why not have two forehands instead of one yeah exactly there’s oh there’s a nice counter by Matt and so Doll beer I mean an amazing amazing setup by Jordan first let’s give her credit for making a great shot that double your felt that he could poach on um you know if we were to be able to freeze.

That rally in that sequence and we were talking about again like I would never discourage Dal beer for from jumping on that ball from accelerating that ball but him hitting that ball in a cross angle back behind him to Matt opened up the alley behind him that ball should have never gone to Matt right that attack should have gone in Pam’s.

Direction and that’s not because we’re picking on Pam it’s just because that’s the angle that he would have been able to have a chance to play defense on the next ball thank you sir all right pronghorns make it a little noisier two seven.

A little more confidence coming from them now mad starting to insert himself a little bit more here shout out Steve bozek and again there’s there’s that concept um you know Matt speeding that ball up towards Jordan and then Matt moving straight forward instead of laterally on the angle towards where the ball was.

Going and it actually ended up opening up a seam instead of you know uh being able to close it off which is what you would have liked to have seen there so this is a second time out by the pronghorns and um somewhat early on in the game itself what do you think of the Strategic move.

Kim yeah I think I think Matt and Pam um don’t look comfortable out there at all I think I think Pam’s um forcing things I think she’s playing a little nervy she’s indecisive when Pam is on fire and I mean in the mixed game you know Pam’s Pam seven and seven Matt’s six and eight like they’re both.

They’re both right in there with all of their matches uh when Pam’s Pam strength is when she’s playing with confidence and she’s playing her style of game yeah right and right now I think she’s struggling to maybe you know maybe there was something coming from the bench from the coaches or maybe there was a strategy that they were trying to employ.

Against them and it feels like she’s just a little uncomfortable in that in that play right now and that’s that’s some of the risk in this environment too yeah this may be the right strategy but that doesn’t work for my game right love it hey why not you can’t take it with you yep right and I mean you’re down A2 you.

Literally have nothing to lose at this point so I mean the one thing uh that significant change is going to do is going to get Pam probably on her forehand more which would look like she was trying to do anyway uh in those in those dinking rallies anyway but you know the mistake again on that last shot.

Was not not where you know how she hit it again same ball I mean thank you for stadola for bailing her out there yeah Matt oh oh wow yeah that’s the dollar with some great play there the only I think the chance the pronghorns have to do is Matt has to that has to be a you know a rock here for Pam and yeah you know just.

Play with a whole lot of confidence and allow Pam to roll off of it here and I mean we talked about we talked about emotion um you know you mentioned Matt being very stone-faced there but I mean he’s also going above and beyond to try to be positive to his partner there which is.

What she needs in this moment right yeah you know just again trying to be that rock that we’re hey I’m here for you right we’re a partnership and then again like the format here is tough but um you lose this one you still have that chance to win the rally in the next match you know win the the match in the next uh mixed match.

these Toronto smash can just not get the ball into play fast enough right now they are just ready to get that ball into play every single time 5-11 pronghorns trying to claw their way back into this one yeah so.

Now one of one of the results of Pam being a little indecisive on some of these shots is that when she is making decisions the balls are going to the middle which is playing into Dal Beer’s forehand yeah uh I mean again like the the risk of not playing with confidence here is really hurting them a little bit to be in this moment the best thing you.

Can do is just look at the next Point ahead yeah right I mean again Nick you never know what happens in the freeze uh but I mean no matter what happens even if oh with the pronghorns winning the men’s and the women’s match you know what no matter what happens here I mean Pam may get another opportunity they have to be a valued member of this team.

If they get to the tiebreaker yeah right so let’s let’s you know if I’m mad I’m saying to her let’s let’s build some momentum let’s build some confidence here I don’t care if we win or lose this let’s just try to you know find something that’s gonna start working for us because we’re going to be needed later potentially yeah.

14-6 smash looking dude bring themselves a little closer trying to win this third oh boy oh yes just Dolby or reading from uh The Playbook there almost that’s a dull beer I saw in golf yeah right there yeah so love and seeing the energy from dalby are there again like I think settling in a little bit more after that men’s match.

We’re gonna let the the next mix game warm up here we’re gonna grab a quick message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back don’t say I didn’t warn you You’re Gonna Know My Name thank you.

Right we are back so the smash answering back to pull a little closer 2-1 pronghorns and I mean pretty obviously their number one uh mix team I would say I mean you have multi-raigning National Champion Brad Chapman as well as Kim Brent uh you know on one side and then you have Chris Lane.

And Lee Bradwell playing for these Toronto Smash in the pink and white uniforms with their backs to us for the East Toronto smash here uh I mean the the edge on paper probably goes to to Kim and Brad but uh what a Lee and Chris do to stay in this try to force the tiebreaker our first tiebreaker of the weekend come on.

So I think she’s going to be able to keep her and her partner nice and steady um I want to see Chris just settle into himself he he displayed true apodacism in Guelph um like he said he knows when to crash the the line very very well let’s see that pressure on this other team right away right there there it is yeah that’s.

It hi dink but Brent chooses not to speed up another one yeah and again the just Kim’s movement there you see Kim move out to the side there take that anticipation step that put pressure on Lee to maybe change her.

Her shot at the last second that’s another form of pressure that doesn’t get talked about enough the movement to make somebody change their mind and while Kim may not get rewarded for uh forcing a mistake there she should be I just thinking back him a few years ago the first time I saw Kim make that move on a match that I was playing you were.

Her partner how did that one end up I can’t remember actually but you and I were Partners we played together we did play together we played together in the provincials I think yeah yeah good old hardwood floors oh yeah shout out Rim Park shout out to pickle roll.

For giving us options yes oh good pressure by Kim bread there so one of the things that Chris is going to develop as his game continues to go and I mean Chris is still relatively new in regards to pickleball experience and I mean his athleticism is just unmatched but he still has that tendency to because he can back up so much on that.

Ball I think good players like Kim and Brad on the other side are being able to expose and take advantage of that good reset uh-oh oh wow well she reads the shot correctly but it has so much Pace on it yep for sure and I mean not only that there’s there’s different smashes right there’s a smash that goes straight down into the.

Ground and again that can almost be a mistake smash you’re over hitting the ball in the ball if you smash and you smash straight into the ground it tends to bounce straight up red and a lot of the speed comes out of it if you watch Brad’s smash back there he purposely and deliberately hits that ball in more of an angle so that it tends to not bounce.

Up and it tends to bounce longer which put the pressure on Lee there yeah exactly good Ball by Chris wide enough to make Brad move but not wide enough he can go around the post there it did look like he was looking for it nice rally by the ladies there was almost an inside out but uh she sent.

Her right through the middle right yeah all right and a real quick timeout called by Kim brunther we’re gonna grab a quick message from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right back children know my name.

All right we’re coming back from our time out here pray pronghorn’s just taking a moment to regroup still up six five I like this time out you know they were up six three lost a couple quick points uh let’s regroup let’s get back to what we’re doing uh let’s try to stop the momentum because I think once Chris and Lee get going here it might be hard.

To stop that freight train exactly and horns don’t want a game four no I think I mean the the pronghorns have gone to so many tiebreakers I mean just to be honest there’s been so many tiebreakers in general um you know the pronghorns have gone to so many uh they’re probably not afraid.

Of it but I mean there’s a lot of athleticism on the other side I don’t know who that I don’t know who that uh you know the advantage would go to in the singles matches will be a tough call again on paper we might lean pronghorns but at the end of the day all these players want to save their legs for the next round and for.

The the finals yeah they’re gonna need them for sure a little Inside Out deception there good control by Brad I don’t know that I like Chris taking that ball there yeah like I just again the the Ben John style where the the player so Chris has inserted himself moving right laterally.

And then plays the ball behind himself left laterally right and then Kim is good enough to expose that and catch him off balance I just I’m not a fan of that play Lee is too good for him to jump in that ball and then lose the rally because right and I think that’s where the the mixed strategy is almost going too far in the wrong direction.

Solid learning moment for for these players in the off season though yeah you know that they’re going to go back and look at this footage and uh adjust doesn’t mean I don’t love you Chris right recalibrate as a few of us like to say out there it’s our it’s our word of the year I think yeah that one right so again like you’re.

Inserting yourself with purpose yeah yeah and I mean that’s smart again the quality the quality of shot that Lee hits allows Chris to crash but I think that’s a great example of what you were talking about earlier Sarah um you know where they were feeding to Joelle to try to keep him back I mean the feed to lead there and the quality.

Of shot that she hit I mean Chris is crashing and you know lose the the pronghorns lose the rally as a result of it is Chris the car the crash King the crash King yeah he moves like a kawamoto that’s what I like to say oh Kim Brandt oh with a fist bump she is another one of those players that plays.

With a lot of emotion yes oh and we have a lost ball situation all right time to dig e for the smash here downtown uh maybe 11 8. yeah so our squirrel get updated here perfect.

Oh boy so there’s that ball so we’re talking about yeah well done good angle there but again you can see those smashes like Kim was very comfortable it didn’t matter how hard Chris was hitting that bec