foreign hi I'm Bill the geek broadcasting not live from iguana Park in matatlan Mexico this is the bill Dallas Lewis Channel and we make videos about the joys of living in Mexico well I'm sure you've heard about pickleball I just heard.

About it for the first time about three or four months ago I mean it's on the front page of the Wall Street Journal the New York Times I mean they're talking about it on CNN on The View and I live like a half a block away from here and I am in iguana Park and I walk by here every morning and there's a bunch of Canadians and Americans out.

Here playing pickleball we're gonna we're gonna talk to the group organizer or one of the group organizers his name is John he's going to tell us all about pickleball and we're here in matzatlan it's a very popular sport so John's going to tell us all about pickleball and I'm going to shoot some some footage of these people.

That play So check out the video we're here with John Robinson and John where where the hell are we we're in the beautiful mazat land Mexico on the Iguana pickleball courts iguana pickleball court iguana I know it sounds kind of strange but this park was dedicated to you see all the trees around to Sanctuary for iguanas and.

There's probably a dozen iguanas that live in these trees oh you see one moving there no and they feed them daily and this is their home and they've allowed us to come and play Pickleball in their homes oh my God yeah it's pretty cool now where are you from John I'm from Calgary Alberta in Canada oh you're a Canadian yeah you betcha you.

Betcha bill yeah and how long have you do you live in Mozilla no no we spent six seven months in the now our Winters down here and the balance of time at home yeah okay yeah okay okay and okay so it's November did you just show up are you just returning yeah we came about two weeks ago and we'll go back.

Home next May or something yeah okay yeah now um what I mean six months ago I had never heard about pickleball yeah right and now I'm seeing it on the front page of the New York Times The Washington Post yes CNN it's everywhere uh a professional athletes like LeBron James or they're they're.

Buying yeah Drew Brees yeah everybody yeah yeah what's happening what what do you have people like me what do you have to say about what is pickleball and why is there so much so so uh excitement good question bill um pickleball was initially developed about 60 years ago by a family in from Bainbridge Island in Washington State uh.

Followed by name uh Bill McCallum and his family came home from the beach one day they were going to play some badminton at their home the uh the net had fallen down uh their their Baba interactives were broken so they formulated a paddle from wood similar to to this this is a new pickleball paddle and they had a dog named pickles.

And he had a little Wiffle ball a little Wiffle ball so they took pickles ball and started hitting that ball back and forth across the low neck because it had fallen down that was the birth of pickleball no yes that's the story I've I've met Bill McCallum a couple times he's passed away unfortunately the sport for the next I'd say 50 years really.

Didn't progress about eight ten years ago the Baby Boomers retiring people like myself pickleball is very easy to learn you can learn it in five or ten minutes it's easier on our old bodies Our Knees our joints everything else but more importantly it's extremely social a lot of fun a lot of laughter a bit of.

Competition if you want it is there so the way it went we learned pickleball about eight years ago in Casa Grande Arizona at the Palm Creek pickleball Club 32 outdoor courts um just for pickleball no 1400 members yeah no way no way yeah shots.

Well John I greatly appreciate your time I know you're eager to get out oh yeah yeah Brethren we're all going and share in the joy thank you very much it's a pleasure meeting you and uh I'll be back have a feel of that oh yeah email me so I have your email yeah and then when this goes live I'll email you.

The link okay okay oh yeah I got to I got you I have to yeah yeah we got paddles we got everything okay it's so much fun oh you got paddles all right oh that was deadly wasn't it.

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Can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan | How Can I Play Pickleball in Mazatlan | Pickleball in Mazatlan

People ask me all of the time, ¨Where can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan.¨ Other people just ask me ¨Can I play Pickleball in Mexico?¨ Yeah, some people just ask me, ¨What is Pickleball?¨ Yes people do actually ask me that.

The thing is that where I live, I walk by a place where I can see Americans playing Pickleball everyday, not Sundays or Saturdays, but all of the other day they play. And for Canadians an PickleBall in Mazatlan, I would say half of the people playing are Canadians.

So if you are thinking about Pickleball in Mazatlan, or if you are wondering, ¨Can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan?¨ or even if you are thinking about, ¨How can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan?¨then this video is for you.

Do people play Pickleball in Mexico? Sure they do. People in Mexico do all the stuff and more than what people do in the US. That´s why when people ask me, ¨Can I play PickleBall in Mazatlan?¨ I try not to look at them like they are crazy because the answer is of course you can play Pickleball in Mazatlan.

So to answer to your question, ¨How can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan?¨or ¨How can I play Pickleball in Mexico?¨ That is why I made this video, to answer that question.

Is Pickleball popular in Mexico? Is Pickleball popular in Mazatlan? The answer to both questions is, ¨ Yes!¨ You will see many Expats playing Pickleball in Mazatlan.

Oh, My name is Bill the Geek, and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. Thank you for joining us.

I hope this answered your question, ¨How can I play Pickleball in Mazatlan?¨