In this video we're going to try to find out what level player can take down a top 10 ranked singles Pro in a two-on-one game stay tuned to see what happens so my competitors for the first round of this challenge are Anthony and Mark they're both right around a 4.0 duper.

Rating maybe a little bit higher and they're just super fun guys on the court we had a blast out there so the way this is going to work is we're going to play a two out of three games to 11 points if they're able to take me down and get the win then they get bragging rights of beating a pro player if I'm able to beat.

Them and I will be moving on up and challenging the next two players that are around the 4-5 duper level and we're gonna keep going like this until we find that level of player that can take me down in a two-on-one game so before we get too far into it I want you guys to go in the comments below and.

Put your predictions in do you think I'm gonna win or lose this match against the four rows and if you think I'm gonna win it then put what level player you think will eventually take me down let's get it started foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

oh yeah foreign foreign foreign.

and hello
In this video we’re going to find out what level of player can beat me in a 2 on 1 match. I’m taking on 2 4.0 level players. If I can win this one then my next match will be against 2 4.5 players. I’ll keep it going until I lose. What’s your prediction?

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