She is Rafa’s Daddy and she’s Riley’s daddy too yeah what what’s this daddy talk can we get to the bottom of this well Rafa decided he was going to talk a little after they beat us in in men’s doubles we’re gonna get it to Zane over there Zane’s a great friend of mine love and doubles partner and all but uh I like him on that right side so after we.

Won the match and Rachel she was like going behind Rafa she was hitting Rafa she just lit up Rafa and mixed and so you know we get Cameron to do the interview and I was like all right Rapha so I actually you know I’ve partnered with Rafa as well a lot of respect there I actually I know his dad and uh if I didn’t know his dad I would think that.

Rachel was his daddy so I mean a bunch of the questions because we put up some Instagram posts and stuff to get some questions for you Rachel a lot of them had to do with what it was like raising Rafa as a child dude