A real quick shout out to our sponsors Selkirk for making this video possible I'll put a link below for you to get some discounts hey everyone welcome back to Davis pickleball we're getting into a new series called building habits which is my personal take on how to improve in.

Pickleball we're going to go all the way from a beginner level all the way to the advanced level and Beyond we're going to be building habits from the ground up focusing on the fundamentals of pickleball this series will help you build habits that will make you more consistent play high percentage pickleball and make less errors.

By focusing on these fundamentals and building good habits I guarantee you you will increase your rating the Habit I'm going to be working on today is keeping my paddle out in front using a wall to drill is one of the most effective ways to build a good habit because you can get a ton of touches within a short period of time every time.

You make contact with the ball your brain is registering that information and making Nero Pathways the more touches you get in the faster you improve so that when you play an actual game you're going to be ready what I'm working on here is making sure that I have my eyes behind the ball and the ball doesn't get too close to my.

Body if that happens then I lose vision of the ball and that's when we start making errors I'm banging my knees so that I have the ability to move around when I need to and I have a solid foundation if I stand straight up it's hard for me to be athletic and move with the ball I recommend doing this drill for about.

10 to 15 minutes let the ball bounce or take it out of the air you can switch between your forehand and your backhand side get as many touches as you can and emphasize making clean contact with the ball out in front of you with your knees bent a small note about making contact with.

The ball is you want to try to aim the ball to hit the center of your paddle that's going to be The Sweet Spot the more Center you can get the ball to hit the more reliable and consistent your shots are going to be remember when you are drilling or playing you are building habits whether they are good ones or bad ones.

I had a wrestling coach who always told us just does not make perfect perfect practice makes perfect that always stuck with me and I always emphasized during my training that I want to build good habits not bad ones so the next time I'm out there playing and things get extra spicy I'm letting my habits take over.

Add a lot in front and bend those knees if you found these tips helpful please be sure to like And subscribe as we will be releasing more episodes regularly drop a comment below on what you thought of the video and what you'd like to learn next.

Davis Pickleball’s newest educational series: Building Habits to improve your Pickleball. In this series, we teach you how to build GOOD habits through practice and drilling so that when your games get spicy, your good habits kick in.

Learn how to be a consistent player, make high percentage plays, and make less errors.

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