thank you foreign good evening everybody Dave Fleming here and welcome to the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards there's a great look we are inside.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino here in Las Vegas and you saw one of our great players out there on the courts just missing ATP there and my goodness what an order of Play We Have Tonight you're on Tennis Channel you're going to see tennis stars and they're going to be battling the best of the best in pickleball that's right Sam query and.

Jack sock are going to be playing Ben Johns and Matt Wright to start us off then the tennis guys are gonna be playing and folks there have been text chat Trash Talk going on all week now someone will have bragging rights because we'll have the video to prove it and then we've got the last of our team competitions again.

These are setting up the seatings for tomorrow morning's semis and finals so sit back relax get your beverages get your snacks it's going to be a wonderful night of pickleball here in Las Vegas 18 30 40. any point one means you win because when you bet just one dollar on any tennis match you could win a hundred if any point is one plus if you're not.

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Welcome back everybody here's where we're starting tonight and this is gonna be fun we've got two of the best American tennis players in history Sam query and Jack sock a lot of height there as well playing a team that played together all last year and dominated pickleball this year they've actually been Arch Rivals coming together tonight.

To play together Ben Johns and Matt Wright so it'll be fun to see what they can do and it'll be even more fun to see what the tennis players can do when they're staring it down two of the best players on this entire planet but on a pickleball court so great to have you with us I'm Dave Fleming and Cameron blackwood's back next to me here tonight.

And Cameron we're gonna start out seeing the tennis guys who if we go back to last night you and I were on the call the tennis guys were able to just squeak by Anna Lee Waters and Jesse Irvin now we're gonna have a couple of the men play a couple of the pickleball man what do you expect to see here you know I'm still heartbroken.

About last night with the women losing that really close match but going into the men's I think that it's gonna be I do see the boys Matt Wright and Ben John's coming out on top of course they're just they're the best in the world however you do have Sam Quarry and Jack sock who are playing great pickleball they've actually been.

Training for this and just you know we hear Sam Quarry wanting to come on tour and be a professional pickleball player Jack sock is almost there right now anyways so their Court sense is incredible and I think it's gonna be a good fight yeah so I can't wait to see it as I mentioned earlier the last.

Experience for you tonight will be a team match and here's where we stand we have one more to go this is for seating tomorrow team young has two wins so the winner tonight will tie them and we are on ABC tomorrow so that is going to be a lot of fun I know Cameron you will be calling that with Cameron Irwin and Matt manasse I will be at my daughter's.

College graduation so I won't be able to join you tomorrow but I've got uh big personal plans tomorrow obviously so excited for that but excited to see how is this all going to come together Sam query as you said has said listen up folks I'm going pro I'm done with tennis I'm going all right Sam you want to go pro here we go here's your test here's.

Your first test and Jack stock loves pickleball more than just about anyone on Earth he's played 104 rec hours this week here in Vegas so we are going to play this like a traditional match two out of three to 11. win by one win by one win by one we got fans in the stands wearing t-shirts with the logo on there they've tricked.

Up some signs Cameron and this is gonna be a lot of fun I think there's gonna be a lot of trash talking on this court as well yeah I'll be disappointed if there isn't and then you know I think Matt Wright and Ben Johns I know you were heartbroken both as a pickleballer and then obviously for the ladies yes that.

They didn't quite get over the top yesterday so will there be some Valor from the two men on your screen here you know I like I said I think it's going to be a clean win uh with Matt Ryan we're gonna see a lot of some different movement from the tennis players we're.

Gonna see very different styles of play right now watching two x tennis players coming into pickleball in that transition and then you're looking at two professional pickleball players who have been playing for years so the difference in style right now on patterns and strategy you're gonna see uh why the professional pickleball.

Players are going to be coming out on top tonight yeah great look at netcam there we love absolutely love this Innovation so we can see all that action right up there at the kitchen line and helps us call when you're when your feet are in there all right Matt Wright to serve let's play Pickleball.

And Jack socks speeds it up and hello tennis I like that he's been really confident about that all weekend playing and he's looking to take it to him second serve Sam Cleary on the right side here the big swing and that sails deep so again two out of three to 11 win by one regular pickleball scoring.

Stuff all right hands for days from query and sock and they are the first team to score here I love that little giggle there from Sam query almost in shock of what we're we're playing we're in this match right now and they're gonna stack sock to the left side of the Court which means he will play over there the entire.

Match shout out do you guys want to swap I'll get you in the right place all right so we're gonna make sure these boys are lined up properly there's one right and John smiling away second sir.

Big rip from the Michigan a very large Target in front of him I really like that movement there from Jack stock he his transition movement was very calm kept his hands really soft worked his way back in of course Ben Johnson comes out on top but he's turning into a great pickleball player good leave that's a good skill in.

Pickleball to learn too why not let it go so good job by query there so they've decided maybe stacking's a little confusing so they're going to just stay and play their side to understood and it is Santa been there giving a gift to the tennis players on the Mist return I think he almost wanted to do a tweener and.

There was no way that was possible yeah the paddle is heading there and then all sorts of unfortunate things happened after that they're in the stands yeah of all places for that to be going one two one point.

Oh sock was there there's a good look at the sock Mrs socks and the blonde there at the top two two one I love that all the families are involved in this yes and the sister second sir look at the court awareness here is query season ATP coming and is right.

There you know I'm really not surprised by that because just coming from tennis they do have that Court awareness there it was just the side out since a pickleball moving that into the into this size of a court that I thought would be trouble for him but they're handling it just fine six six Sam query serving.

Oh shake and bake it is on folks fight and a delicious third from query and it is 4-2 foreign that third shot from Sam Corey looked.

Like John isner's from last night with the trajectory being really flat in a heavy ball versus a nice lofted drop very effective upside down and that's the Precision of Ben Johns there but a very nice get Jack sock was all over the court today slid for a ball went all the way to his skin.

Kid was bleeding that's how much he's given to this game in this event great finish there by Matt Wright he's not gonna he's gonna make sure he finishes that one and right at the feet three four one fight big Drive catches query there and uh four four one four four.

much better handle there for number 77 Sam query sounds like your left Winger here of the Las Vegas Knights wow what a great look there from Jack sock sock kisses this around there and is on the line what a ball and Sam query hits a winner off a Ben.

John's Ernie folks comfortably oh just second serve so you mentioned the transition area Cameron where the differential will be significant it is and another thing that's going to be a difference here it can move the ball and change the pace so incredibly well everyone has power on.

The court we all came from tennis we all have big drives but when you get up to the kitchen as you're seeing benjons really move the ball around with that change of pace that's gonna be the Difference Maker tonight second serve 542 foreign.

Great take from sock there don't let that ball travel all the way to your partner and he was practicing that earlier and made sure he just looked right at his toes that they were outside of that kitchen line and we are at six four one six four one Jack sock one of the best.

Doubles tennis players in the world if not the best oh and he wanted that needed the doubles alley he did yes yep six four two all right and that sails deep and even though sock a little off balance there able to hang in there.

742 foreign and that is a phenomenal move by the goat of pickleball watch him anticipate this and get all the way around that is leg day is important camp and for him to keep his hips squared up to keep the ball in incredible job at Ben Johnson fight.

So we'll see if these two slow everything down like we talked about the pace the tennis players love it yes they are loving it right now like I said I think they just need to go back to simple pickleball let's get up to the kitchen line make these boys play in some dink rallies.

Sock speeds it up but John's is ready and the lead but one second sir and look at Cleary that's where the height helps you doesn't it it doesn't the ball really really well and he's keeping his paddle out in front of him sometimes what we're seeing with these tennis players is they're taking this long swing because.

They haven't they've just transitioned over the pickleball and what you see on the other side is a lot of just wrist flicks especially Ben Johns is so good at it a little mix up there in the middle of the Court but I'm very impressed with Sam queries he's keeping the pedal out in front and this is very short yeah Matt just forgot.

That Ben takes all those in the middle that was 20 21. played together second sir and it's hard when you have two incredible pickleball players like Ben Johnson Matt Wright just like we had Jesse Urban and Annalee Waters but they don't play together often so that.

Chemistry is not there and it's hard to create right away get moved by sock just couldn't finish it so they cannot Edge in front there's Ben John seven a piece second serve tremendous volley right there seven seven two seven all on the.

Scoreboard seven all on queries back and they say well you're not getting in front either so they're having a great time right now no pressure on them and they're playing lights out.

Second serve yeah the pressure is all on Johnson right here for sure don't get any love from the net there so 771 Ken best two out of three to eleven win by one fight big step back fire from query there but.

Right into benchon's paddle that's a tough place to win eight seven one second serve rare Miss there from John's eight seven two and another Ernie from query if I was that tall I would earn every.

Point too but he's reading it really well and going at the right time and he's not getting caught there by Matt Wright and he's got an athletic guy to his side who will fill in so it's a very smart play second serve suck you could hear him saying why did I speed it up Ben John's just standing.

There so uh Second Chance to tie it up at eight oh my goodness damn query doing a Victory lap and we just saw the end of the chest bump there but my goodness I thought that was gonna go wrong and that was right in every sense of the word that was an incredible take by Sam Curry jetting over there and hitting that.

Winner down the line and now it is 9-8 sock and clear two points from taking game one here point and now it is game point for Jackson Sam query oh no and the pressure's got to oh no.

Okay eight ten one that ride is piling up on sakos for an attack might have been low Cam and that's the Difference Maker that's going to happen is you're going to start to see I think they've proved me wrong already that they're going to want to look to speed up and play a little bit more.

Aggressive but not have too much thought behind it and that's we're going to see the spread where John's and Matt Wright are going to go ahead and take the lead and another big drive and clear his backhand and we are tied at 10. win by one folks win by one.

Ten ten two win by one by two okay and the inmates are running the asylum on the court and we've got uh we're gonna win by two foreign.

Look at that shot and that goes deep unbelievable point at 10 10 and the tennis players have the ball back remind me but I was it Jack sock last night who wanted to win by two and it ended up working out in his favor it's hey we're gonna win by two now and we're we're happy to call it that way.

Sails deep so 10-10 win by two last night they changed it on the Fly too and that actually hurt the pickleballers and another missed serve at crunch time for the tennis player so they've had a game point at 10-8 they weren't able to cash second search but the oh and.

A little fist bump at the net from query that's a great Slide by query but just like you said earlier big swing Kim big swing keeping things short and really just that wrist flick he has enough power in there just to go ahead and put it down at the feet would have been a winning shot so now it is a game point for Johns and right.

Point and sock gets tagged and after staring down a game point against at 10-8 Ben Johnson Matt Wright rally and win with that tag right there impressive from sock and Cleary but just not quite enough they lose game one 12-10 think you know Rose Nama Eunice Rose lost her first title fight flat out lost right then and there she made a decision.

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On select vehicles now during the Hyundai getaway Sales Event welcome back everybody very impressive from the tennis starts in the near Court Sam query and Jack sock right there I'm in zero zero two so again second game best two out of three to 11. shine out.

See Clearly was really sliding he was almost done sock side and that's something that Ben Johnson is gonna read every single time and it's an easy risk like Right Down the Line second serve speaking of wrist Flex sock just really understands that from pickleball to get.

The ball down but not down when you're returning Jack not down in the net over yes over and down right yes yes sorry we didn't we will clarify sign up they know they got a gift in that one he just went right down to the ground with it versus finishing out right in.

Front of him over his shoulder yeah we're inside the 12 Days of Christmas that's all good and that's all good right there too super super shot from Ben John's there shout out and that's what's hard about these tennis players transitioning over what we were seeing earlier yesterday is a.

Lot of their drives going long they're used to a longer court and then so they try to adjust and what happens is you encounter almost too much and take so much off that you go into the net so just finding that happy medium for them is going to be key in having success on the pickleball court Point.

Mr Sam query better start watching his line because Ben Johns is seeing a huge opening indeed two zero two click start for the pickleball Stars three zero two point and short returns and big drives continue.

Side out oh a double bouncer doesn't come over and there you saw the Jack sock attack and he was ready for the second ball he was he is holding his ground at that in line and nothing's really pushing him back really impressive second sir I spoke too soon no that's just a great shot yeah great.

Shots thereby by Matt Wright side out I see that the tennis guys have the paddle tap down though now too so all the all the intricacies you don't see a lot of Racket Taps uh high fives for sure second serve D smiling away there.

And that just goes deep usually it's ten Lords of Leaping there is one John's a leaping there second serve that really is set up by Ben Johns there he can hold that ball for so long and then decide where to place it with that big back swing making their his opponents really have to guess.

Point look at sock run around the backhand and then he was coming to absolutely destroy this ball right here but when six feet six is in your way you can't get there and he's not a short man either side out what a sharp angle drop there from Ben Johns so they're finally on the board but uh.

Wright and John's up three second serve that just kissed the tape and neither players like we're just calling it out and that their call was accurate knew it was that one he did not want to uh give it shout out and Sam Cleary again with an inside out.

Grip with a beautiful Ernie play that Ball's gonna hit our title sponsor logo back there bubbly but uh Matt Wright played it oh my second sir oh after that wild get that was a great Court awareness Again by Sam Curry I didn't.

He got down and up quicker than I thought that was one of those you want that point to last a while unfortunately it did not four two one point and Jack sock gives the big thumbs up on that one.

He does have a nice backhand flick there but when you have veterans like Ben Johns and Matt right on the other side they're going to start to read that finish the ball right away that's the no-go Zone second serve beautiful angle from query there and I.

Love that they've transitioned to hitting those sharp angles because unlike tennis that ball is coming back it's not going into the stands right away it's a great adjustment there by the tennis guys stock a little frustrated with that Miss volley what a point and it goes the way of sock.

And query and I give all the credit there to Sam query because he's been getting beat down that line by Ben John this entire match so he slid perfectly made sure he was there to counter the ball keep him and win the point second serve just couldn't quite get the ball to bounce and transition there so.

2-6-2 Jack sock to serve two six two second sign up and looking up to the heavens but you can't see the heavens we're inside as I mentioned inside Mandalay Bay so you just get a raptor stare there Mr sock my fault right toe oh I got it right gotta do it right toe and Jack stock says you can't.

Call that and uh he was quickly told oh yes I can that's why we're here oh my and Matt Wright said I am ready for that here's a look back at the right toe just in there my little size eight would have been safe.

Second serve again just some confusion on the other side and that just comes through having not played together in a while three points from winning this exhibition at two nine two two sign out.

Another one off the tape where they're like I can't overrule that no challenge no challenges no challenges 291 here we go I'll read I'll read two nine one second serve.

Ball don't lie is stated across the net there after the missed third and a beautiful tennis style shake and bake is the big man Sam Cleary finishes with the two-hander and that's what a lot of these tennis scores are going to have success early on is because they have those big drives so they really can shake and bake and get some easy points.

So nine three one here and best two out of three exhibition number one of the night and Sam finds the ATP using all six foot six of that wing span and ripping it back on the other side of Matt right that is gorgeous I mean within inches he got that in.

Um millimeters oh that it was incredible shot wow like we said these these guys do have court awareness they know it may not be a racket and a ball but it is a paddle and a ball and they're handling it just fine second serve you're gonna watch give Jack sock.

Another two months and he's gonna slide just right and make sure he's ready for that next fall just got caught there on his hip oh third shot lob and it is in from sock Point what a play by Jack sock looking like a vet loving that switching it up he heard you say two months he's like how about two.

Minutes and that's what happens you have such great great points and then you try and do too much versus just let's settle back in let's continue to get some points on the board yeah we ain't settling here tonight there's no settling we're just going and it's looking very good.

Another shot to get to 10. oh and what disguise on that ball from Ben Johns he's been dropping that to the corner and then brought it into the middle and sock is so far into the cookie jar the lid is on top and here comes match point okay.

So they save it 410-1 second serve I like that he was trying to take that out of the air just needs to finish that before continue to lift his shoulder up making sure that ball gets over there keep him in the point yeah crossed over a little bit too that's a problem.

and that's a great point there Dave when you transition over to pickleball that is one of the hardest things to get rid of is that cross step from tennis and then getting more I call it a crab walk Style with the pickleball up at the kitchen line so third match point right here for.

John's and right and that will do it very impressive entertaining battle the tennis players showed out tonight but it is the pickleball Pros who take this match what a fun exhibition Hannah John we'll get to talk to her brother and Matt Wright they're the winners a lot of fun thanks for watching Everybody we'll.

Be right back foreign a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot um match point it's all up to me nothing.

Can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going foreign we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville foreign.

The tennis stars who played incredibly well in that match will all be on the court when we come back but first we're going to talk to the winners that would be the pickleball guys and that would be Ben Johnson Matt Wright they're standing by with Hannah Johns well welcome back everyone Matt Wright Ben Johns pickleball was triumphant here on the.

Court tonight was game one a little closer than you expected yeah god um I think we got up well we got down a little bit came back and then they got to 10-8 and I think Sam missed to serve and um Ben and I you know we were we were out there I mean we were playing we were out there to have fun and then when they.

Get up 10-8 it's like uh oh they're 2.0 we're a point away from losing the game here so Sam thanks for the gift we'll take it um and then I think yeah it was we'll we'll take the win I have to ask how hard were you going with percentage-wise Ben how do you want to answer that no I think we we're going hard but uh.

It's always uh fun too when you got new players and amazing tennis players um so I I think it was it was just a fun match all around but uh you know obviously you got you got to go hard I got cover over here from Matt what was that 75.80 I would say does that feel right Ben sure all right guys you did a little bit.

Better than the ladies last night why do you think you guys were more successful uh I actually didn't watch the match last night so I'm not sure but uh I think uh indoors and uh just hitting the ball hard is it works well so I think we did that maybe a little more than the girls did I'm guessing did you watch the match last night I actually saw the last.

Five or ten minutes when it got real tight and I saw at the end it looked like they were having good points and um you know when you're playing new players like that they can see how you could get a little bit tight a little nerve-wracking and that you know if the other team's opportunistic and they were and not to take anything away from they.

Played great they played Isner was dropping lights out like hitting nose diving drops and when you when you're able to do that that just sets up the point Jack is so athletic quick Around the Net Quick flicks it's just you know they played great well guys so fun to watch congrats thank you Dave take us away.

All right well a really impressive fun match we didn't know what to expect and we got a lot of fun so we're gonna have four tennis players on a pickleball court on Tennis Channel right after this new people pickleball.

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By Avis by durafast the official ball of the PPA tour the dura fast 40 and by Selkirk we are pickleball there's a beautiful look at Mandalay Bay and yes folks we are inside Mandalay Bay thanks to the pickle roll technology it's unbelievable that you can play the.

Same as a traditional pickleball court inside that huge Convention Center that you see right there so let's reset where we're at we're ready for the four tennis players to play we've got Sam query playing with Donald Young and we've got game one Jack sock and John Isner on the far side but one game to 15.

Let's play Pickleball I am Fleming thrilled to have Cameron Blackwood with me point looks like John Isner needs to wake up just a little bit he's been sitting there for a bit yeah big Advantage for query and sock here.

I've been surprised by how low stamp where he can get down and get back up with how tall he is but he's really agile zero two one all right we're gonna play regular scoring here folks second serve zero two two.

Side out and Donald Young able to throw it down at socks feet so two zero one it is amazing that Sam query is four inches shorter than another player on the court but he is second serve and that man is is I'd like to see if they keep this stack.

Here having Donald Young on the left I think I might like him on the right he is a lefty there and I think that Sam Corey can cover the court so incredibly well on that left-hand side especially with all the Ernies he was hitting in the previous match yeah it's interesting they chose to start this way so there's there's something about that that they.

Like here we go zero two one point and John Isner comes flying in and queries like seriously off the net all right so they are gonna stack Jack sock to isner's left second sir oh second serve isn't there just can't quite rally that.

One two two side out I'm just so impressed by these guys just from yesterday and then playing today how much they've softened up their hands up at the kitchen line they're looking for those different patterns and movements looking to maybe suck some players in then to hit behind them so.

Yes they have court awareness but they now have pickleball court awareness yeah it looks very good I mean we've got four terrific American tennis stars here and looking very comfortable on a pickleball court and there's a huge rip from that forehand that Lefty and what I love about this is.

They're used to seeing these drives but from the Baseline now they're seeing a Donald Young wind up hitting a drive at them from maybe just 15 feet away coming full force so it's a very different look for these guys like we said paddle and they don't have strings anymore so a lot of just slaps and wrists is what they're gonna have to make that transition and.

There's the shot from that man John is there that was so devastating last night in the exhibition just making everything this time they make no thirds on there tricep ball comes back to Donald Trump second sir and that's what Donald Junk's just gonna have to change moving forward in the piccolo world having query all the way.

Off the court you're out of position and hitting a speed-up ball I'd rather that just be a nice reset bond to the kitchen let's get we'll set back up restart the point you saw Jack sock take one just under the chin but have the paddle ready on the prior point so down a couple our sock and Isner.

Second serve three missed thirds in a row not that I'm counting what neither is he Point Owen Cleary looks so good with that in the battle against the pickleball Pro 232 Cameron over there again point.

I don't know about you Dave but do you think that there's more pressure for all these four men on the court with the Tennis Pros versus them playing pickleball Pro oh they had nothing to lose when they were playing the the pickleball Pros now bragging writes and they are major are right here side out.

there's a lot less Smiles than laughing right now yeah this is intensity we're on Tennis Channel all their buddies are watching point Sam Aquarius Walton across that kitchen line just behind it making his presence felt a.

Second serve and there's the problem with the two backhands in the middle hey Camp it is and that's something especially on the left-handed side usually takes that middle Ball but when it's your backhand side it's a little trickier five three two.

Wow huge rip from query but uh goes deep oozing Oz from the crowd on that swing that drop from Isner is gonna set up Jack sock this entire match or anyone he's playing with really absolute filth great read by sock to come flying over so you can shake and bake a drive or a drop second serve.

D yeah query did not hit this Ernie hard at all and Isner was there with an open court couldn't make it point and that's just still the tennis in him of keeping it really flat versus letting that wrist go ahead and bend down snap towards their feet get that point and that is an absolute gem from Jack.

Sock who is trying to bait a ball on that side so he gets the forehand and absolutely catches queries going for the Ernie what a shot five six one foreign ER catches query up high but I like this look having Young on the.

Right inquiry on the left but same thing that happened in the last match where we had Corey that was missing that slide on the right-handed side it's gonna have to make that adjustment on this left side point and Isner comes in and drops and charges well done by the big man the Georgia.

Tennis star and there's query scores sock who comes flying in after a gorgeous third again from Isner nothing he could do we're gonna switch ends it is cisner as they like to be called sock and Isner looking good how much fun is this though cam this is absolutely incredible who would have thought that.

Now we're number one we're calling it on the tennis channel but number two we're calling it on the Tennis Channel with former Tennis Pros that we know one of them wants to transition into a pro pickleball player who knows I'm looking at Jack sock right now Edon young even Isner making these small adjustments and you're starting to see them really buy.

Into this and get a little upset when they're missing it and wanting to get better so I'm looking for them to continue to stay on this pickleball court is there isn't there in sock looking very good and I wouldn't be surprised if sock is putting together his pickleball schedule for next year as we speak.

Japanese playing he should for sure oh second serve that ball hit him too but uh two very honest player that John Isner oh boy yeah that crushes my soul I know that that one hurts and the young family just a.

Little more and that's what he had made the adjustment last night John Isner was missing those short made the adjustment and was hitting those incredible drops so look for to make that adjustment just finish that drop with a little bit more reach out there and it's right over the net.

Again one game to 15 here we will not switch again we are staying on the end we're on side out away from the pump of the air at the kitchen line you have you create a lot more air on the other side and a lot of free points on yours.

The big man is there oh and sock sock is waiting to rip beforehand but when your arms are that long at 6 10 you're you you're usually up there just didn't make it cover this entire cork yeah just get that out of there don't reach on the backhand.

Foreign and now Isner and socks stretching it out a little bit we're down early and now to have a five-point lead okay Ransom football Mr Curry and that is a foot fault Mr query a very formal announcement of default there I don't think they've ever said that's a.

Football Mr Fleming to me or have you gotten to miss Blackwood I have not okay I would have loved something a little bit more cordial yes you guys time 11 you'll be over here coming to you here's a look at the foot fault let me fight too just maybe the back edge of the Hill it looks like that's.

What it looks like oh my boy and Big John Isner with the gorgeous drop and then he just chased it all the way there he planned it from the drop he knew exactly what he was doing he just strolled right up said you know what I'm gonna drop it and I'm gonna Ernie and I'm gonna you're gonna watch me do it.

This entire way up there and then I'm gonna wave to the crowd on my way back to serve feeling it was out so again one game and they're just confirming a call that bounced an inch from the video board one game to 15 here and then we'll have a team match for you to close out this.

Session boy I like that he really I don't know if you realize it or not but in the previous match he was getting passed so much down the line made the adjustment saw Isner a little bit in decided to take a rip worked out seven twelve two.

Side out Smiles all around after that so sock is loving this and that's what's so difficult in the transition from tennis to pickleball is you know you don't have strings but you still slice it as if you do versus just a nice drop over sock went halfway.

Then aborted the mission but it's that movement from sock that is a absolutely he's a menace man he's reading this game as if he's been playing for years oh boy even in that yes it didn't come over but he already saw that it was gonna be low anyways if.

It were to dribble over went ahead and rushed the net so here we go match point for cisner oh and that's going to be a problem and it is indeed and Jack sucks quite a night he wins it with his buddy John Isner in a very entertaining tennis pro battle on the pickleball court it's Isner in stock 15. Sam query and Donald.

Young seven so we will hang out here and then have some more great pickleball we've got team matches the last one of the round robin coming up foreign like these for a fraction of Big Brand prices with Shady Rays you can we're an.

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On an edge you best work for for it electrum earn your Edge foreign thank you.

Welcome back everybody what a very entertaining match between the tennis stars who've been talking trash all week in the group text while it is John Isner and Jack sock who will take that bragging right with them and they are standing by with our Hannah Johns well welcome back to Championship Court Jack sock John Isner here with me you guys.

Were talking a little trash on Twitter earlier in the week but you got to partner up here today how'd it work out for you uh we gelled like we did on the tent that we do on the tennis court in doubles uh he uh well I guess kind of reverse here I'm more the power guy and uh he's more the field guy maybe in this.

One I don't know uh but we had we had a blast uh it was fun playing two really good friends of ours um we all enjoy playing playing pickleball and uh hopefully we can do it you know more times in the future like can you compare the two uh yeah you can and there's a lot of similarities you know you take speed off the ball you.

Speed it up that's what pickleball has it's a lot of variety a lot of nuance in the game uh so today they'll actually the last two days very good practice I think tomorrow is going to be very very intense so I'm no longer friends with Jack anymore and same goes for Sam and Donald and we'll see what see what our team can do.

Tomorrow Well Jack there's been some rumors I gotta ask you don't have to answer are you gonna go pro I mean not not oh man uh not anytime not anytime soon we'll see see how many more years I have.

In tennis but I think post tennis whenever that is I think you guys will definitely be seeing me on some some of the pickle tour in some facet all right I think they're all big fans of that behind us guys congrats good luck to your teams this weekend all right so there you have it uh Jack saw can't love pickleball more nor can.

We enjoy watching them play more so we're gonna come back with Team sock versus Team Cleary right after this foreign we owe great times to good friends to glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived.

The morning after to make our own tequila it wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle foreign.

foreign welcome back everybody to the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM.

Rewards so we're playing all these round Robins Cameron and here's where we're at Team Young they're done they're two and one the winner of this match will tie them then we'll get into tie breakers for seating so a lot on the line here from a seating perspective and then tomorrow morning semi-finals and finals so uh it's gonna.

Be fun to see this we've had quite a night already of tennis players playing some great pickleball we have and we've had Sam Curry and Jack stock on this entire time so I just think we're gonna see them only being better in this next match coming up and like you said in the interview they said you know what yes we had a great time on court but we are no.

Longer friends no we ain't friends no no no no Christmas no anything so we will have those teams on the court from fabulous Las Vegas Nevada when we come back foreign man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game.

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Course plus get exclusive deals to paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin used and this fantastic event is brought to you by bubbly sparkling water by MGM rewards earn points on every game-winning celebration.

By Avis and by Dura fast 40 the official ball of the PPA tour and by Selkirk we are pickleball and we are playing pickleball inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center perfect conditions there's no wind there's no cold there's no heat miser.

There's no snow miser we got the perfect setup here we do it is a little chilly though Dave but no it's an incredible facility that they have created here at Mandalay Bay and and not only this court but to have all the other amateurs here for this incredible tournament is unlike anything I've ever seen but I'm excited because I know this is the future this.

Is what we're going to see and it's going to be a lot more common incredible work here by our team yeah and as as we talked about you know the the team at pickle roll being able to come up with this way to be able to put a court that can play like this as if we are on a traditional pickleball court and have the best players in the.

World battling you're seeing some Innovation right here with our amazing netcam you see Colin Johns on the right and Megan design there on the left side of your screen with that devastating Ace of Spades paddle from Pro Kinex that thing is full of fire so uh just getting the teams organized to see who's playing.

With whom here and look forward to it again the tennis players still have some work to do their day is not over no Mr Isner and Mr Young are done but uh Clarion sock need to cheer their team onto Victory and they need to play well to get there too they do and as you're seeing they're listening now to our Pro.

Pickleball players and I think that's really it's really cool to see that you know they have pride and yes they were the best in tennis and coming over that they're listening wait what can I do to get better how was my movement in this shot what pattern do I need to look for when I'm up at the kitchen line so I'm really liking that it's almost a switch.

Of torches here with the pro pickleball players and the pro tennis players and it's really nice to see here and it's nice to see them evolving in the game so quickly and really being a force to be reckoned with here on the pickleball court yeah they played fantastic and we've seen this in pickleball all of the celebrities coming into Major.

League pickleball and we had the draft here earlier this week and Sam Cleary is hoping to be drafted in the next version that Challenger level of Major League pickleball we'll see what happens his showing tonight did not hurt him I think people want to draft an undraftable player Jack sock after what they've seen potentially he's not available just to.

Be clear he's not but I can guarantee if you put his name in I would see him on that Challenger level his movement on the pickleball court is absolutely incredible not only that but his knowledge and how he's adjusted so well yes he still has some of his tennis Tendencies as he should but he's really honing in on the game of pickleball and.

It's incredible to watch it is and then we've seen that crossover of other athletes coming in Marcus Allen was here earlier today Hannah John spoke to him in our earlier coverage so just love seeing everybody just wear a magnet Cameron and people are coming here to see what's going on all right so we're getting the players into position here.

And we're gonna start out with Jack sock playing with Matt Wright on the near court and uh Sam query and Riley Newman hello Newman you're going to be playing against your partner here Matt Wright and Riley Newman have had a great year in men's doubles in pickleball and now they're on the other.

Side of the net from each other incredible year that these two guys have had and they know each other's games so well so this is going to be a really interesting matchup here we go all right Sam query to serve on the far side for team query of Co of course let's play Pickleball and Sam query goes before the I'm coming.

Even closer hey netcam how close can I get to you and then I'm getting out of there may have had a little problem with the left foot there but we're moving on moving on moving on I I don't think he got out he definitely did not re-establish from touching the kitchen line.

What a finish from Jack sock right there and again we are playing rally scoring here as we have throughout the round robin so you will see every rally end in a point on the scoreboard until the freeze and you see there how Matt Wright went ahead and shifted out to his right he's used to having Riley Newman go ahead and.

Take that ball and earlier Ben John so he's had the best of the best film in the middle Jack sock knew he needed to be there two three and a big yell from some pretty hands from query and just very steady forward and I like that he he didn't.

Finish that all the way over because that would have caused the ball to go outside and a little bit wide kept it nice compact locked it Right Down the Line five two point six oh and jack is not happy about that one Harry comes flying in there it's a great read.

And a lot of these tennis players I think that's one of their easiest shots that they've learned right now is the Ernie because they're doing it incredibly well and you have two giant organic human beings here I mean query six six sock six two six three so they're using that height in that length to take advantage of it 0.7.

And unlike earlier with traditional side out scoring that missed service here it's a point Costa I know we've been talking about the pro tennis players coming over in a pickleball but just right now with the professional pickleball players showing.

Why they're the best in the world they're teaming up with the pros are teaming up with each other they're mixing things around and they are still at the top of the game and just seeing how they can adjust so quickly is absolutely incredible another Miss serve there now the uh the level has been phenomenal here at Mandalay Bay all.

Weekend and you are having to adjust and we just can't get a servant right now folks we're not going to call for overhand serves yet I would love to see it I would too wouldn't we all like to see a big kick serve from query Slidell point six.

And again we saw with Sam query with that going around the place he's guarding that just fine and getting it back into play again best two out of three to 15. so if we go to a third game it'll be 11. we will freeze at 14 and 10 meaning you have to win the last point on your search.

10-6 wow okay Jack sock mockingley puts his hand in the air there after that point hey hey Tim thank you.

So down Point alone when you get Riley Newman moving at that kitchen line and controlling it like he is you're not gonna see that ball coming back no it's over point very impressive there by Sam Curry what's difficult is sometimes you're up at the kitchen line and you're still new.

To pickleball you take that full swing and then you're late for the next one He adjusted quickly and was right there for the second third got the point 13. and now just two away our team query Sam and Riley Newman and beautiful ball from Matt Wright catches.

Riley Newman looking in the middle I'm like oh no I'm beat and that's in the budget for how aggressive he wants to be in the middle great drive there fight Jack socks seeing that Sam was starting to sneak into the middle just a little bit and he took a little off of it that's what I'm.

Liking from these tennis players adjusting the pickleball taking a little bit off they don't have a lot of court to work with Lefty save eleven a good lead from sock 11 13 third point 12.

12 13. point and another Miss volley and we are tied at 13. 13 13. 14. short return they take advantage and we have a game point suddenly on the comeback Trail sock and right 14-13 and a missed return and it is.

Jack sock and Matt Wright who rally back and take game number one 15 the 13th see team sock loving it we'll be back with game two right after this foreign thank you.

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Over 100 years that's the difference between thinking you're ready for what lies ahead and knowing you've planned for it now that's different discover the bare difference ah very good welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Cameron Blackwood and a very tight first game here in this first.

Of the four matches you see Matt right there with Jack sock they were able to Rally back with rally scoring and they take game number one 15-13 rally scoring of course means every rally has a point until the freeze at 14. where you have to win on your serve but it also allows the team that's down to.

Rally so here we go and picking up where they left off looked like that was flying long way out I think Riley's like why are you hitting that upside down one one side out point.

Two one sign out great to read There by Sam Curry adjusting his feet like we were saying before he a little stagnant early on now he's seeing what the slide is and what the slide can do and now he's having Success With It point three and just like that does it.

Again and he's keeping the swing short he has to keep doing that in order to be prepared for that next shot to come back try it out point and partner on Partner crime from the PPA tour right there and Matt Wright comes out on top there so uh another very even battle here in game two it's interesting that they chose to.

Put Matt right on the right it could be because the right side's doing a lot more returning so he's going to be way more consistent not that sock hasn't been very good all day long as well or he's just an animal in the middle of the court and why not let the animal Roar 0.5 just deep.

Five four point six cannot miss returns or serves but in rally scoring it costs you try it out Sox just smiling at query they're like that's not the place to go anyway four six you.

And for those of you are wondering I know that 6'4 had been called before that was incorrect so the score is right at 7-4 he can even hit winners when he's backing away off the kitchen line watch where shock goes here and I love that he just kept it short yeah kept it short he was sitting.

Backhand like he should and just finished right out in front of him the only thing that I would like him to adjust instead of falling backwards with it is keeping his momentum forward just in case it were to come back he was ready for the next shot absolutely be set up.

As you see everyone is just stunned as to what happened and how down okay point seven so sock called that out it did look a tick wide live and everyone's good with that call so seven a piece socks on it just takes a huge hack at an overhead Norman Klink scales is our lead.

Referee Larry Howard is our second referee Tom tadler tracking Point hey and that's something as Sam Curry transitions into professional pickleball you're seeing Riley Newman make a lot of movement up that kitchen line and that's where Sam Curry is going to have to make those adjustments making.

Sure I step back off the line that he can get those balls versus staying in his way it's almost suffocating Newman just a little bit not that he can't adjust and hit a winner down the middle just like he did but that's something that he's gonna have to be more aware of when it comes to the pickleball kitchen light and there's Riley Newman's game in.

A nutshell there set it up finished with a pancake forehand grip side out point nine nine nine foreign right there big man ready to go pro pickleball okay yeah very nice little off pace they asked if he was okay on the off.

Speed ball there wanted and that's why it devastated there with this paddle 10 11. sign out point 12 10. foreign there was no no other idea except I'm gonna hit Jack.

Sock as hard as I can with that swing oh my goodness sock does a complete 180 to protect the face message sent that was the only strategy on that on that shot foreign I mean we heard Isner saying we're not friends anymore so there's exhibit a 12 12.

And that's something that query's been doing well this entire day is he's taking that forehand with a nice sharp angle cross-court I would like to see him switch it up a little bit if he has the chance just so he's not stuck in a pattern that Matt Wright's definitely going to catch up on but doing great so far.

And we have a game point here for Cleary and Newman to tie this up in one game a piece and sock comes hard at Cleary and he's able to get all six feet six out of the way so we are gonna play game three and I say I love it so I hope you are loving this at home thanks for watching here on Tennis.

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not yet buddy foreign all right welcome back everybody two very entertaining games to start this and it's going to take a third game.

To declare a winner right in sock discussing what they want to do we will switch sides at six this is just 211 so this will happen quick we want to get off to a good start oh foreign.

And it is Matt Wright who says I'm ready to go 1-0 point one correction two cannot happen especially to game three with rally scoring just to 11. yeah that's talking to himself all the way up there.

Point three and that sails deep so a quick three nothing lead for sock and right very tight on the sideline there wow and you hate to miss the Easy Shot incredible Hands by all of them a lot of people get stuck and get caught with.

Riley Newman's ability to pull that trigger and pull his backhand wherever he wants stock handled it incredibly nice and this is five fast points for soccer and right and another beautiful look at complimentary pickleball we're gonna switch sides at six Zip There was a.

Strict game plan coming out from right in stock there and it's simple pickleball they're just looking to hey it's rally scoring let's focus on number one let's getting our serves in let's get our returns in and let's just make them play one more ball and they're doing that very well and that's why they have a 6-0 lead yeah no mistake so far.

Because the zero is the zero so here we go six nothing again this is just 211 in the third and deciding game and Jack sock is ready he looked like he was ready to try a curious type serve there which would be legal oh seven.

Sam had already turned his back in the middle of this because he knew he was in trouble and then almost almost got that wing span back to the ball 7-0 and Matt Wright left four hours early but still had a chance that's why I was so surprised that Newman continued to go cross-court because it was an easy winner up the line.

So they get their first point one seven oh my point that would have been something else and then at one point Riley Newman's face was absolutely I was worried about the Ricochet that's where I held my breath as I thought that was going straight for his head thankfully it did not no Friendly Fire we're playing on 8-1 though.

Foreign started this third game with a flourish comes flying up there oldest guy in the court says I am not that old baby let's go 9-1 team sock nine one and that's just a great read There by Riley Newman like I said he can pull.

That backhand in any direction with any speed that he wants at any given time incredible ball side out point 10. so I missed serve brings us to match point for sock and right side out 44. can't come up with it there so one opportunity saved can they rally.

And they can and that's what's so dangerous about this rally scoring is you may not be the first one to get to that freeze point and sometimes that's the better position to be in and it's a great position to have the ball going off the net so again to reiterate sock and right must win that 11th point on their serve so if they get the ball.

Back they will not score a point because they are frozen .7 and here they come now 7 10. 7 10. try it out all right so it's just the side out no point second chance to win the match give their team a one-nothing lead within the team match.

We're Frozen yeah getting everybody squared away Larry avard and Norman Klink scales and what a great final Point good staff from query on the Sox speed up but it is sock and right who take the first of our four matches impressive in game three so they lead one game to nothing and we've seen a lot.

Of tennis players on the court tonight so far it's gonna be all pickleball Pro the men's are back right after this 15 30 40. any point one means you win because when you bet just one dollar on any tennis match you could win a hundred if any point is one plus if you're not in a Sportsbook State you can pick a.

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An expert help I got a good Solutions make an appointment at foreign foreign welcome back everybody we've got the men as I mentioned coming onto the court and we've got Tyson McGuffin gonna be playing with Spencer.

Smith we're gonna have Smith's everywhere Colin Johns will be playing with Pat Smith and appreciate having Cameron Blackwood in the booth with me and now I've got one of the best players on the planet I love having her in the booth and she's a participant in this event Leah Jansen welcome what's up what's up Dave it's.

Nice to be back here it's great to have you back here so Leia tell us about what it's like to play in this you got the tennis players in it you're in the teams mixed up it looks like a lot of fun yeah I mean I always have a lot of fun in the team setting I think we all do and it's a nice refresher coming at the end of the season and it's cool.

Playing with some people we've idolized all growing up I know I was a big fan of Isner because he's so humble and it turns out he's the same exact way I thought he would be yeah these are four great human beings all four of the tennis guys coming in here and I got some skill too did you how about that first match Leia.

From your perspective watching Matt Wright and Ben Johns getting pushed really hard from two very impressive tennis players yeah I mean and I think the most impressive Pro to me is no doubt Jack's office I remember you told me you you thought he was going to be the best and he is he's a Grand Slam Tennis champion multiple times so it's.

No surprise to me that his skill set correlates over so well yeah when you survey the Tennis Pros in the world this is the guy that comes up when you talk about tennis doubles and Tennis doubles translates much easier to pickleball doubles if you have those magic hands that we have seen him showcase all weekend along and he has a.

Lot of risk to us so that I think that correlates a lot as well yeah he's finishing down better than a lot of the top pickleball players who transitioned from Tennessee he's just got that maybe he played a lot of table tennis as well he's just a great athlete yeah I think the physicality is the main point zero zero all right Pat Smith to serve let's.

Play Pickleball so now point one we'll receive here from Spencer Smith no relation ship okay I think that might be a bad bounce just a little slidey there and that did not give up for Mr McGuffin who's having a.

Birthday weekend celebration here oh in Vegas too yeah not bad A little sloppy Star right no surprise sitting for a second two one point three three one point four oh that catches.

So hot start for Colin Johnson Pat Smith yeah I think they're gonna test Pat out on pretty much a lot of thirds and see if his Drive is on or off Colin is such a steady dropper foreign from all four players goes to John's and.

Smith so this is kind of interesting seeing call and play on the left all weekend wow it's a great combo yeah for those of you new to pickleball Colin is D no no Thomas older brother of Ben John's the best player in the game and usually plays on the right side here he's been playing on the left side playing very.

Well over there I think it's good for him to kind of become a more well-rounded player I think if there's one knock on Collins game is that I'm a big sport definitely isn't as aggressive and I think this is probably a good transition for him to learn yeah.

Just just wide poor is a great Point obstruction right there though three six points great hands from Spencer Smith to handle that ball off the tape people panic a lot happens foreign so what I've noticed a lot this weekend playing indoors and kind of in a faster.

Climate is so seen a lot of drives a lot of drives I know I've been driving a lot such a beautiful ball down the middle from Tyson McGuffin yeah the third shot drop is a relic here compared to I think the tennis guys are all bringing the big heat as well but it is the it is preferred there's another people are shaking and baking making.

Those holiday cookies to Leia Jansen for sure it's a good place Spencer and Tyson are two of the better forehand drives that love where's the Christmas present or birthday present ask Mr McGuffin not on that one oh my God oh my goodness.

Look at that oh tough bounce there for McGuffin nine and six and you see Pat Smith playing with Eola paddle that's brand new for him Solaire I think it's good for Pat's game the yolas uh I love him you know it's really increased my dinking and my resets and for Pat the power game comes so.

Naturally I think this is a good transition for him and look at this little left-handed flick right now Colin John okay brother foreign and what do you have to do later when you're playing with somebody new that you you have talent but you've never really gotten the communication figured.

Out I think it's just a lot of endpoint communication so that means if you want a middle ball you got to call the middle ball as we saw right there just I would also just play normal in the court I think Tyson reaching in with his backhand is a little bit ambitious right there 7 11.

12. it's a little off-speed roller there Leia it's a really good ball especially kind of on this court I know we've been kind of getting some tough bounces hey yeah Pat Smith just pointed to the fans who's hey chest he saved on that ball has gone wildly deep.

Inside out point 13. again best two out of three rally scoring 13 to 15 but you freeze on 14 so you must win that 15th point on your serve all right nine it's a good region right there and very well set up by Spencer Smith look at.

That flow from McGuffin that's a beautiful lettuce me personally so I think they're pretty much it's hard for Tyson and Spencer to get up to the kitchen line for them I I know that driving is a lot easier with this court and being indoors but I would maybe start using those drives I mean those drops.

A game point here for Colin Johns and Pat Smith says no and has some theatrics to go with it here watch this ball go right between them right there I know they lost that point but that's such pretty people move in there by Colin he can really just finesse the.

Ball around and I like that speed up actually at Tyson's backhand just gotta try it again point 15. that is not correct what it was called so you're Frozen on 14. so 14. let's win here 14 10. Slidell and that's the danger in rally scoring you lose your game point and they get a point on the other side it's.

Tough it's tough to close it out we've seen some big leagues go this weekend me myself included and here they come 12-14 with no timeouts too really a momentum 12 14 right here and Tyson McGuffin has pulled them within one now Colin I think was thinking about maybe doing something on.

That and decided not to last second and left it high thank you sort of what a volley from Pat Smith and you saw McGuffin remove his trousers right here goodbye and then he pulled him back up yes he got caught so game point number two third does not come over.

Big point right here 14 14 14 apiece and that drive does not go their way so 14 all want to make the third right here he's going to Pat and a beautiful violent ATP finish from Patrick Smith got that just waited you.

Got to be patient it's rare that the ATP is defended by the right side player from that position but that's the vicious angle so 15-14 for John's and Smith will be right back you think you know Rose now I'm a Eunice Rose lost her first title fight flat out lost right then and there she made a decision.

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Vehicles now during the Hyundai getaway Sales Event thank you welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Leia Jansen and as exciting as you can get one point victory in game number one for Colin Johnson Pat Smith with an emphatic ATP.

Winner to start slide out point one I think it's important for today Spencer to really get off on a good start this game they kind of dug themselves a whole thing try it out that's a good setup though so all of the Colin John's tricks that we're used to seeing on the right side.

Are showing up here I mean why not he has one of the most talented forehands I think very hard to read very smooth should formulate over on the left side as well and uh certainly look good there there's a netcam of views from Tyson McGuffin that's slammed into it never returned what did the net cam do.

To you guys come on two two foreign Johns yeah you don't see those very often three I'm liking what I'm seeing over there from him the most aggressive person yes.

That had Patron written all over it but just hit the advertising back there thankfully we want you to come out and watch folks and just watch for flying pickleballs it's just a waffle walk you'll be fine and the birthday boy is barking when he is ramped up is it not Leia yeah when he's yelling that he's feeling good.

Try it out one thing I've noticed is they're kind of taking their drives that Pat a lot Not only was he standing up there but Pat probably I think you would agree Dave has a great fourth Folly one of the best in the game so compact not saying Collins is bad but I definitely that would be my target especially when he's coming up.

Point six I like Spencer taking his flip yes flick behind the left side person that's a personally shot I'm working on so it's very hard to hit in the court but that middle person that left side person is always closing middle you can often catch him Sam McGuffin sitting on some of that.

Colin John's forehand Wizardry there and says get that out of here the most electrifying man in all of sports says bar stool do they say that that's what they say so they put that out there put that on the Twitter oh boy number 99 I'm loving the numbers yes what number did you pick and why laugh.

I chose number five uh strictly because that was my number in Baltimore I used to play volleyball so yeah I had to keep it it's a family number three it's great that you can bring a little bit of something from your past into the pickleball court in this format very fun it is cool you notice I I A lot of people are pretty specific about their.

Numbers so I bet they all have a little bit of meaning behind it set up there so you said they need to get off to a great start and have they ever up 8-4 here four could we be pushing to another game three like we had earlier I wouldn't doubt it in this format we seem to have be having quite a few close.

Matches good setup they're both just kind of Miss timing those but you know it's a wiffle ball flying through the air oftentimes the easy ones mine's not that easy yeah the execution is the answer the setup was beautiful there yeah and there's Pat Smith's SWAT team.

Right there so five nine here in game two five nine side out I like that moved nice I think Colin was just not really ready and expecting it but I I think that was they're just a little bit late on their combos maybe because they.

Haven't really played together yeah I always say that I think I'm a better player off my ball than if you're my partner because I know what I just did and then if we haven't played together that even makes that worse so good observation Leia point seven and if you were like wait a minute he ducked in his hand when in the.

Kitchen he could lay in the kitchen if he wanted to he didn't touch the ball so all good you can roam through there just don't volley it Point hey that's also the worry if you take your flips cross-court if you don't get into that outside shoulder it's such a small region isn't it Dave it's tiny yeah that's why a cross-court attack is.

Very tough might have been sailing I love them yeah because just just for those of you new to Pickle bar just don't even know what the it's 44 feet long by just 20 feet wide so if you're going across Court very very limited range that was fun and McGuffin says no not on my watch.

Smith actually try to block winter there yeah 12 hey interesting he's usually a swinger I think it just got a little bit low it's a good point though great point these boys are putting on a show all right here we go 9 12. that's that hurts frustration.

From Pat Smith there so Smith the Smith they are 13-9 Spencer Smith took off to the right Divinity left that up he knew he was in trouble unbeknownst to McGuffin he would have been a better person to deal with that but uh too late.

11. it's a good attack I mean he the Goffin slid off the court so much Spencer was kind of moving towards him up and he hasn't gone at Spencer at all okay just like in game one there was a comeback now the team that was ahead which was that man and Colin Johns were.

Able to finish this time it's them on the comeback Trail and Pat Smith just for entertainment value blew a ball that was three feet wide three feet and one millimeter wide it's an important time too and we are knotted at 13. just live.

Kept digging and digging and you heard Colin John scream in the middle out but Pat Smith couldn't get the paddle out of the way and we have a game point four McGuffin and Spencer Smith and Pat Smith finishes and now they will have not just a game point but a match point at 14 a piece you could not have a closer match than these two battling it.

Out foreign 15 14. it is Pat Smith number 41 and Colin Johns number 42 who knocked this match up socks got one query's got one Sam Sam way to go Pat way to get over the hump we're gonna have the ladies on the court when we.

Come back thank you foreign match point it's all up to me nothing.

Can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville foreign.

Welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Leia Jansen and at the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards and as I mentioned the ladies are coming to Center Court we will have Catherine parento and Arena tarashenko playing against Megan design and Elise Jones these two on the right side of your screen have played a lot of pickleball.

Together and there's a great look at all those amateurs playing and there's our man Tyson McGuffin chugging beers as he's been known to do on the side of the Court perhaps his day is done perhaps it's not we shall see Leia we'll never know we actually will know but it's his birthday yes birthday weekend in Vegas this.

Worked out very well for him what do you expect to see from these four ladies well I mean I think this is a good move not only are Irina and Catherine on the same ml M so they can get a little practice for that kind of test out some stuff but also we're going into the final format.

Tomorrow so kind of kind of mixing around seeing play who plays well with who I I if I'm not mistaken have edit and Irina lost both their matches I think so yeah so maybe change it up Etta is a very accomplished mix player as well maybe she'll play well with Matt um so I think it's good to just try some new stuff out Megan and Elise have.

Played together quite a bit so we know kind of what we're gonna see from them Megan's gonna bring the power Elise is going to bring a lot of diving and consistency yeah so the ladies on the far side and the black absolutely know their games of each other and expectations very well you can see.

Tarashenko and parento literally probably working in fact not only are they working it out they are changing who the first server is as they walk out there so so I I have a suspicion this is because Megan is starting on the right and um I think Catherine feels pretty confident going forehand beforehand with.

Megan yeah there's a lot of things a lot of balls are served to the right side player so the parento return a lot of things let's play Pickleball everybody catching her moving in transition one zero look at Elise Jones.

And as we expected Elise Jones is on the ground early can't get back but it's not an Elise Jones match if she isn't on the ground and we've already checked that box two and that's not the most forgiving of surfaces a little gritty so you I mean.

She's not wearing pads there's not like skin tone color pads she's got on there she's just she gives it her all every match there it is two-handed Firepower is being repelled back at Megan design and we're still playing what a point.

That's why people love your part of pickleball the women's doubles is absolutely entertaining every single time let me tell you it's a lot more fun to play as well a little bias there Leia but uh the fans don't disagree with you point three it's a good drive I think just a little ambitious there going in for that crash Catherine was able to.

Kind of recover and get that ball behind her foreign she's got some hands and she can finish the point three three popping off that uh Fades paddle too thanks God heat yeah watch it.

Slidell point four so again best two out of three scoring 15 game three will go to 11 if we get there finishing power of design and we saw this win by one the men's were 15 14 15 14. so every rally counts point.

And the second what a point from Leia goes to the ladies from Utah yeah both of these two are two of Megan and Elise Jones are two of the most improved I remember seeing them last year and they have become so much more consistent and it's really cool to see them kind of come along and come to the top of the.

Game and no one practices more than that woman number two Elise Jones six four I asked her to hit a little because I like to hit on the court before I come College who's ready to she was gonna hit a thousand dinks with me if she wanted to let me tell you I've practiced with her the last couple mornings before even we.

Play competition so you know she keeps me focused no one is as not only does she practice her attention to detail is tremendous that's what it's going to take going into the 2023 season yes it's going to be stacked can't say everybody Tyler Shane go defend that off.

So tied at six are you surprised with the design side selection here yeah yes and no I Megan played the right this morning against us and I thought she played very well over there and no because I I think she's and yes because I think she's a little more comfortable so this must be for a strategic reason.

S I was going along oh no and after a tremendous point the lob goes just deep from Jones big smile on the face of Arena tarashenko and this match is fire sign out Point hey a little ambitious on the driving crash but I love the aggression you know even in rally.

Scoring people are just still being aggressive and I think it's going to start favoring the more aggressive people if you're going to give up points anyway you might as well do it point nine first rule that we've seen sign out nice knife from tarashenko there and that's a tough ball to knife.

Back because you're reversing the spin exactly all right I think that's where her length or lack of length kind of hurts or I know I would have just taken that out of the air and if you let all of irina's slices bounce it's hard another Beauty here oh it's over.

And that is why we love women's doubles on the PPA tour offense to defense back and forth Leia this is what it's all about I don't know about you Dave but don't you think the points are just going so extremely long like the level is getting so high you have to dig the ball out I don't know how many times you gotta hit 11 winners every point I mean.

Every single one of those balls I was like there's a pop-up but the point keeps going and it's just gonna keep getting tougher and tougher nine a piece I wonder how much of that was bad choice and how much of that was kind of a bailout because it's been some long points and you have no timeouts.

Yeah that last Point alone was a minute and eight seconds long and then you got to get right back there's no you can't go towel off we're on Tennis Channel you know you can roll over towel off ask for a different ball here it's let's play that was a good setup by Megan I think that's when she's at her best just leaning in and using her length.

it's Jones 360. they have worked their way back and Catherine finally gets the Finish I agree with the scoreboard operator there wow good Mr X by parento she's so dangerous.

On that forehand side out you got to give it to her though she got low to adjust that was impressive this is not a replay folks what a battle and it is design and Jones this I want this to last another two hours this is unbelievable pickleball that was a good pull by parento you saw.

Jones just adjusted enough and got it behind her and Jones is also she doesn't have an earpiece and she's taking those cross-court dinks out of the air like you suggested yeah maybe so I know she's psychic important stuff see I I really do think.

That's just I I would have called a time out there so we have a game point here for design and Jones and that angle is beautiful from tarashenko all right here we go we've seen this before will they get all the way back to 14 and we have another 15-14 we'll see because design and Jones can only win on serve now.

John's bringing the offense she's down again and she's up and she's still playing oh my gosh this is awesome I that was so impressive like I tell you parental like Colin Johns is very dangerous over there she's so smooth with her forehand she has a great misdirect and she's also starting to.

Pull it at the right shoulder now and Jones is fending It Off game point does it get over you heard the shriek that went with it oh you can feel you can feel it 14. she's down again wow are you kidding me oh no and then for the first time really all.

Day gets a little ambitious with that ball and we are within one my goodness I mean this is amazing three games in a row the two men's and this one are gonna end 15-14 and that goes just deep and Elise Jones.

Cannot believe it and like we have seen like we talked about Leia the team that behind comes roaring back and it is Catherine parento and arena tarashenko for team sock that winning 15-14 more please we'll have it when we come back foreign.

foreign foreign welcome back everybody the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards here's the round robin standings team query and team sock trying to win.

This battle and tie up team young with that 2-1 record and folks tomorrow on ABC starts at 10 Pacific we will have the semifinals and finals so we are thrilled to have had this opportunity to show all these great tennis players playing pickleball now these ladies putting on an absolute Clinic I am entertained I know you are at home and.

This is gonna be fun three games in a row go 15-14 Leia how about a fourth I I would love to see it you know this is a great match some very high quality here Smiles all around as Arena tarashenko starts game number two good pull right there yeah and you gotta just wipe it away don't you they had two game points they didn't finish.

Gotta come back ah it's pickleball foreign I would love to see a drop first drive ratio of this tournament like it's amazing pickup drive it's dippy oh and everyone's checking on Elise Jones.

And Gus she's laughing the most Elise Jones goes for the high five it was one of the sometimes it's your fault oh man just gets clobbered in the bubbly against reaction too usually you hate it if it was your ball that got your partner hit at least in that case it was elise's ball she's she's tough she's been on the.

Ground 11 times already she'll be just fine no she's the toughest that's for sure she's there yeah Elise Jones is also one of the best encouragers of her partner to go heard her screaming at Megan just couldn't get it to safety good touch there by cherishing yes.

No go Zone yeah that that was a good setup and if you pop it up to Megan yeah goodbye frog sir four four shout out point five what really well really yes but it's okay it's just one go again and now tarashenko a lot a lot of uh me.

Myself and I discussions here uh right now Leia five five six that was a really good pull good setup at least you saw take a swing at the air because she had an opportunity didn't make it violence just unmitigated violence from Megan design.

With that paddle you can't get out of the way of it either it's impossible and after all that patient and resetting Leia big swing yep a little bit too big and I think that's kind of the paddle position that police goes in so it's really hard for her to keep falling unless she really gets over top of it.

All right nice straddle from Elise Jones and here we go again hands for days on both sides Lucky Sevens in Vegas it's a Navy slice right there let's see if a team can create any distance no they just can't sign up okay negative so what have been your thoughts.

On the rally scoring this weekend I think it's been fun to see you know it's uh you know people love a comeback and we've seen it all day long I think you know for those just joining us on Tennis Channel never seeing pickleball before one of the more confusing parts of our sport if you haven't played it a lot is what is that third number in the score.

You're used to two scores so uh nine eight we'll see where the where the sport progresses but I think it's been fun what about you as a player you're playing in this you know I haven't hated it what was for singles I think it would be really hard for me to give up my side.

Out scoring not gonna lie there you go oh and it just dangles on the tape and doesn't fall over so I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of debate on that as as we go along here with the pickleball yeah it definitely hasn't been as bad as I've predicted and you know we it's destined to happen in the sport sometime because truly as a viewer I think it's a.

Lot more fun it's a lot more fun it fits in compact Windows as we mentioned on ABC tomorrow so you have a national audience getting to tune in she is down again a little confusion right there and they fended a tarashenko just fended off a bullet absolutely like bulletproof vest on there for double 07 on the other side.

Wow I can't go feeling it right now she's playing a lot of the Court oh nice another amazing point we hope you're enjoying this on Tennis Channel tonight wherever you are this is a classic match got it foreign.

Tough ball to take a big swing at right there I want to reset that so 11 12. wow no separation no way that ball stays in now it's the design reset clinic and that sales the world are they winning these points.

Land it's I'm telling you the level is getting so high like if you at home want to step your level up go to that transition zone that's basically where you're seeing the level increase each time points are staying out longer you can dig yourself more out of more holes you can get misses like that they had two chances in game number one.

Couldn't get it done now they have one here in game two I think that's smart to drop foreign and Jones comes into the middle of the court and speeds it up that does not work so they do not finish and 12 14. I don't know again they must win on their serve here.

So second chance at game two to force a game three I think you got a drop here just not drop High Jones is chewing out Jones right now and it puts a point on the other side in Raleigh scoring so very tough wow rolls off the net and we will indeed.

Have 15-14 four times in a row here is a match point for tarashenko and parental 14-14 Catherine parento goes inside out and they get it done 15 14 15 14. we could have just left the scoreboard from the men's match because that is exactly what we had before what an unbelievable match.

What a show from those four ladies all I can say is I want to see this again so hopefully you are enjoying it as much as we are calling it and we are going to have our mix match when we come back foreign pickleball paddle answers the angel question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one.

Grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign.

talks about without the moments no one sees in practice late night drills running it over and over.

You don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again thank you wow I hope you were able to take a deep.

Breath at home after that just fantastic pickleball one more individual match within this team match and we've got the tennis guys back out here so we're gonna have Jack sock playing with one of the up and comers in women's pickleball at a right and one of the fan favorites in long time star of pickleball Lucy kovaleva.

Will be playing with Sam query if folks haven't seen that are right before what do you what do you know and what can we learn from what you've seen from Mata so Etta is a very steady player um relish I think she started playing tournaments this year but she's extremely talented she has a very good backhand flick and she has an all-around.

Cool demeanor I think she's going to become a fan favorite very sweet person and then we know what Lucy's gonna bring she's gonna bring the fire she's gonna bring some finger Wags I don't know if we'll see it today um but she's also got crazy power for for uh the game so I'm excited to see this I would say Jack sock as we've said.

Before has been proving himself all weekend long so I'm excited to see how him and Sam duel off against each other no doubt I mean this is their last chance until the morning to sort of say hey we are the team exactly and a lot of discussion I saw Matt Wright snuck out there for some uh.

Discussion of who's going to play what side I assume that Etta will indeed start on the right side on the far side of the court and then Lucy kovalova will start on the near side so number 23 and big Sam queer I mean Lucy's a tall woman and she is standing next to six foot six Sam Cleary yeah it's been interesting to see our.

Size be humble yes indeed let's play Pickleball okay all right you and then it still worked out queries everywhere tennis overhead from sock got a good bounce on the dura there it's hard to do you know I think shock has been like really like he might be the the MVP of this team.

Right now for sure a little speed up on sock shown some great hands all weekend long as Leia Jansen pushing for the MVP voters to recognize Mr sock and out of Wright says I saw all six feet six inches moving a little early there of course we have Matt Wright and at a.

Right on the same team no relation right on cue a talented player 3-1 Joy watching her on the PPA tour next year and a Seattle Pioneer in Major League pickleball so this mix match will start with the Tennis Pros and then a pickleball Pro.

Will Sub in for games too and if we need game three all right well we've got one more uh okay we're having a little discussion about whether that was in or not and uh I think just tried to call it out but Sam called him off so we had an overrule without uh soccer green to that.

But okay big drive from Lucy Hannah Johns is with us and she's Courtside enjoying all the action that's right Dave I'm down here on the court with Riley Newman Elise Jones guys what do you want to see out of your mix team right now this is going to determine the course of this matchup yeah we want to see lots of high energy high intensity.

Uh really really good pickleball points just kind of lock in see if we can clinch this last match so excited to watch Courtside I got the best seat in the house with some good teammates so we're having a blast well Elise you were diving all over the court in this last match and uh pickle roll it's the first time we're playing on the pickle roll.

Surface you had close contact with the court so how's it feel out there what's it like how does it play it plays awesome um normally like it's taped down yeah you will have some spots but when it's like fully glued down it you it plays just like a regular court and so I'm actually going to have my own soon and.

In a gym floor in Lehigh so I'll have it straight on the gym floor lay down and it'll play great and it'll be better on my joints not playing on straight cement so that is awesome what color is it going to be it's this court right in front of us Center Court is mine so all right wow this exact Court Yep this will be mine.

Guys I want to ask about your numbers you've chose numbers for the backs of your jerseys why that number yeah I was uh born on June 3rd so that's one of the reasons why I chose number three and also I played High School in college basketball and that was always the number I chose uh in in basketball and so I just wanted to rep it here on.

The pickleball court love it Elise any story behind your number um well I'm actually really number three and I don't know who took that and then my second number is 13 and someone else took that and then Megan took 11 and I let her have that and that's fine and so I went with two which was uh one of uh it's Brian's dad's number so yeah my.

Husband's dad well at least you finally found a number no one wanted exactly exactly all right guys let's take it back to the cart Dave so a lot to unpack there we've got uh Elise Jones who was a star on Center Court tonight's gonna have her own Center Court wouldn't we all love to.

Have a Center Court Leia chanson oh that would be amazing that's the setup yes so uh and just having this to be able to put down in a oh no now at a right had to charge out of the way of the ball she's saying it did not hit her but everybody else everyone else is saying it did but it's.

Because of the way it came off the backboard that it looked like it hit her but it clearly did not it is rare you got a matrix from that far back okay so yeah she did not hit it it definitely did not hit her so right in sock continue on here up 10-5 okay ambitious but I like it.

Yeah it's fun to see these uh players getting uh 6-10 for the numbers Riley Newman mentioned number three is his birthday his football number you mentioned uh year old volleyball numbers it's a it's a nice little touch here at the bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM Awards point seven all right I think.

I think here just to get close before they hit the freeze oh my God two missed serves in a row from query that's not going to help your team's chances especially around in rally scoring really a lot of your on serve mistakes that you don't usually make really kill I.E Miss drops or thirds answers.

It is interesting choice of who to wave your fingers that has got as you mentioned the control but she can rip a ball oh yeah foreign and we have our first game point here in.

The mix as I mentioned you gotta win on your surf query going for the Ernie early oh and she does tag Clary and Jack stock is bent over in laughter wow look at this finish we warned you Sam query Etta Wright's got pace and here it comes.

Ouch ouch that will leave a mark in deep so we'll switch out the tennis guys and good news for Cleary he's done for the night we'll be right back what if you could have Shades like these for a fraction of Big Brand prices with Shady Rays you can we're an independent company so we do things.

Differently we offer high quality polarized shades for a reasonable price and we personally replace any pair that gets lost or broken and so far we've racked up over a hundred thousand five star reviews I founded Shady Rays so that we could have sunglasses that stand up to whatever life throws at us order now and get 50 off two pairs at.

Shady has its own stretch strategy each player their own style whether you dink it drive it lob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score we recognize the winners holiums are earned Electro earn your Edge.

foreign the end of the round robin format here and tomorrow live on ABC will be the semi-finals and finals of this wonderful event and we hope you tune in again ABC one Eastern 10 a.m specifically a chance and you're playing pickleball tomorrow.

On ABC how fun is that it's amazing I mean it's amazing how far a sport has come it's amazing what Connor Pardo and the PPA tour have really pushed out and Tom Dundon for us to have the opportunity to do and they are loving it in the crowd all sorts of uh dance moves so as I mentioned this will decide who ends.

Up winning this team match and we have swapped in Spencer Smith on the near side here to play without a right and on the far side left side Phenom in this tournament Colin John playing OVA let's see it I love it right there Smith Johnson Wheels here okay.

Colin Jones that and just goes prancing back like yeah yeah this is me there's no B in front of my last name this is C John's 0.1 out of right says okay one of the things I really love about the MLP format is guys if you want to.

Get selected you better start paying attention to your mix and caring about your mix because if you don't have that side of your game it hurts your draft stock females as well I know me especially one of my goals for 2023 is to get my mix stuff up and explain to everybody because some.

People would say well hey it's pickleball well and it's not is it it's still pickleball but it's a very different approach to the game it is pickleball but it is very different things uh and for men's doubles obviously have to be much more steady and in mixed doubles the guy really has to be very aggressive so a.

Lot of the right side males and less aggressive males really have to learn to change their game styles and vice versa for the females who are a little more aggressive and less eye dominant we have to really learn to embrace the awesome patient and reset game so it you have to learn different parts of it and you also have to find a partner that you.

Mesh very well with sign out this is not just my opinion it's a lot oh for sure that mixed doubles is the most difficult event to play it's a can of worms three four could take just a little late paddle face just opened there for Colin Johns and uh Spencer Smith number 88. serving it over.

There to conscience slide out point five got to thank Norman Clank scales all of our referees Larry Havard Tom Tattler Tracy Dvorak and Howard Simon the video referees haven't been called on each team does get one challenge a game we haven't had one yet oh it catches point six.

six four one of the things in in my opinion that makes a guy a good mix player say AJ Kohler for example he doesn't really care if he loses one or two going at the girl and you're gonna lose some but the guys who are really Relentless and don't care.

Essentially if they're winning the war keep going uh some passive players I've noticed uh if they lose one then can I completely shut down poach what a get from Spencer Smith what a get from Etta right oh what an angle.

A lot of whats there and they were all very impressed yeah the other thing is you have to have a budget in the budget how many times you're going to attack the lady how many times you're gonna get beat behind you you know you're gonna do it but it's just part of playing aggressive mix.

So 9-5 here in game number two kovalova and Colin Johns are up five nine Spencer Smith from Utah serving it in there good representation of Utah and tonight in this match kovalova finds the net and Hannah Johns has some more guests Courtside it looks like Jack sock and Matt Wright taking away Hannah.

Foreign to be doing right now what kind of energy do you want them to bring to this cart yeah I mean it's been a long few days right so we're getting to the end of the of the pool play um so I think everyone's trying to find that last little bit of energy before we go into the elimination round and.

You just gotta muster it up right so and we're playing for seedings right now and we're all trying we've been crunching numbers trying to figure out oh who's gonna finish first who's going to finish third and it's it's really close right now from what I've been told we can finish anywhere from first if we win this we're first if we lose we'll be.

Third so uh it's kind of an interesting Dynamic but we'll see any idea tomorrow that was a great point I know Jack anything that you're thinking about as you sort of watched your team play you've seen the different matchups and Partnerships that they've had on court do you have any ideas for how you want.

To sort of loop it up for tomorrow no I mean I think obviously the format tomorrow is different so it'll be uh I think teams that we've seen uh and it's mixed doubles only tomorrow so the teams that we've seen so far in the round robin played not sure that they'll stay the same based on team strategy so probably some.

New pairings uh it'll be intense it's gonna be a lot quicker I'm just going to keep trying to hold my own like I've been trying to do all weekend and and keep helping the team if I can and hopefully come out on top be fun what do you enjoy the most the mixed or men's or singles uh oh my God I enjoy uh I enjoy all of it honestly I mean obviously the.

Doubles are so fun you're out there with somebody else trying to figure it out together um I've only played like wreck wreck singles games really never played a serious singles thing about dude I do enjoy that aspect as well I I like the cat Mouse type of games and all that but I've never played at this level of.

Singles but uh one day for sure all right guys thanks Dave take us away so a lot of strategy going on over there between those gentlemen to get themselves set for the semis and finals and the elimination round as Matt Wright correctly described it and here we go with another comeback.

10-10 now not surprising no not surprising this one's gonna go down to the wire let's see foreign in there 11 10. oh.

Tried the little over with the little hero shot right there 12 10. that was very heroic and very very long unfortunately for her CJ just catches the outside of the line here with that little placement great shot and Spencer Smith ready yeah Spencer sits pretty heavy backhand.

So that's a really tough ball to take below the net and I think he has some pretty underrated hands in my opinion he's had some interesting mixed results some good wins Point 14. yeah you really can't sleep on Spencer Smith no I think he's a very he was a very talented tennis player he's very steady and I I notice he's working on trying to bring.

Some more offense and and this is match point for team socks cannot get there so second chance will they get it we've seen people get the ball back and never give it back again you gotta win that last point on your serve kisses off the kovalova paddle so second chance to close this out for at a right.

And Spencer Smith they cannot do it here we go again I think that's right it's 13 words yes okay oh that's high way too high from Outer right and guess what folks the score is going to be 15-14 look at now we got a game point on.

This side and a huge Drive goes wide from kovalova third match point for Etta Wright and Spencer Smith for team sock s and that is not gonna be it and a second game point for that duo kovalovan Johns foreign and.

We will play a third and deciding game more pickleball you want more pickleball we've got right after this foreign we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after.

To make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle thank you.

foreign for the last night of the year on the PPA tour because we're playing in the morning tomorrow what a night of pickleball we have had epic battles the.

Tennis stars playing great and a game to 11 win by one will decide it and Lucy kovalova comes right out and says I got a highlight for you fans and rips in ATP winner let's go again one to 11 we'll switch sides at six side out point one is it going to be 11 10 Lane.

You know my odds are on that but we shall see that was kind of like a heartbreaking loss right there let's see if they come out sharp in the beginning a little bit high and that's a good spot two one Spencer Smith reaching in yeah that.

Ernie attempt by kovalova opened up middle and Colin didn't really slides over far enough to cover that three one look at these two scrap from the Baseline he's got that no way oh my goodness Spencer Smith then ropes an overhead what a point from.

Wright and Smith I can't believe it gives a thumbs up to Spencer Smith I love the sportsmanship she's not AJ Kohler only AJ Kohler can pull that up ooh when it rains it pours and again we'll switch at six and a hole is a problem but we've seen.

People dig out of them foreign and that goes wide and a big lead for Wright and Smith for team sock as they switch sides able to throw away the fact that they had three match points in game two yeah I mean that's a quick turnaround so good for them to be able to just unpack.

That but as we've seen also what I like to point out I don't know if she talks about this on the broadcast yet but as you can see behind this beautiful Buckley PA board a little bit harder for viewing from this side so not only is it going to be hard to close it out the visuals are a little bit.

Tougher yeah some people don't do well looking into that some don't do well looking into a depth of field where there's a long look into it so you just got to adjust it's always going to be something there's always something it's the paddle's fault too a few minutes yeah exactly.

It to them okay feel tight over there see that one back three two two six yep Feel the Love on it but just blisters it well deep big swing a lot of uh Team sock uh chatter to kovalova and Colin Johns over there that's why we love the team competition.

Oh went for it earlier didn't connect got that one that was a little bit better of a ball to go on I think that rose up a little bit more the other one that she went on was literally yeah all right creating a little bit of distance here let's see if they can finish it.

Just uh backhand Clinic from Etta right yeah if you leave that up to her she will be able to get it down she's got some good length and really isn't trying to pull that trigger two points from a win and Colin Johns goes Ernie net smart silly angle he'll take it.

Again this is just 211 folks good leave right there and uh ball change without even looking at it there just the ball's cracked okay stretch it out boom someone can see the future I know there's a lot of magicians here in Vegas oh yeah how to write set that up left a bait ball out there and finishes and we.

Are at match point for team sock s that will do it so after not finishing three match points in game two Etta Wright and Spencer Smith are able to get it done much to the joy of their teammates so team sock is the winner of tonight we will come back and talk to the winners.

What a night of pickleball see you in just a minute he's the most electrifying man in sports the apparent work and the face of the game Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same way Selco exported with the team dedicated professionals with a passion.

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Welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards and that narrowest of Victories for team sock puts them in the number one spot going into the elimination rounds tomorrow morning we'll have the semifinals and finals and talk about that in a second but we're going to talk to the winners.

Now Hannah Johns standing by on Center Courts that's right welcome back to Championship Court Etta Wright Jack sock here with me will we finish the round Robins this was the last match you've seen how your team can play how do you feel about your chances tomorrow as we head into the real rounds I feel great um you know we had a loss yesterday.

We're coming off a uh a hot streak today we got two W's so we're coming tomorrow with a lot of confidence um might shake things up with the lineup who knows uh we'll come out with a few surprises and uh and shock the pickle world oh Edda you've been playing lights out out there you got the chance to take the.

Court with your tennis pro how are you feeling about your play Oh My Gosh super excited um I haven't won a match yet so I'm happy to secure the win for our team uh tell me jack what do you find most fun about pickleball um I feel like and not a weird way the things I do well in tennis kind of with the hands and Cat and Mouse stuff.

Obviously translates uh very well to this game so um it's really fun it's kind of a chess match out there so to say especially in doubles and everything so I don't know it's a lot of fun feel uh handsy stuff and yeah hopefully you play a lot more add anything to add to that what do you find most fun.

Um I mean just the people it's so fun the crowd has uh and my family has been here to support so that's been really nice all right guys congratulations that is all from us Dave take us away all right Hannah Johnson appreciate all your work uh throughout these first two days and as I mentioned folks tomorrow find us on ABC yes one o'clock Eastern.

10 a.m Pacific we'll have those semi-finals and then the champion will be crowned of the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM Rewards four all of the broadcast Partners I've had for the amazing Tennis Channel crew I am Dave Fleming thanks so much for watching we'll see you in the morning good night.

Welcome to the bubly Team Championships presented by MGM Rewards, hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Today’s match-ups will feature the top pickleball players in the world competing alongside professional tennis players John Isner, Sam Querrey, Jack Sock, and Donald Young.

Match #1: Sam Querrey/Jack Sock vs. Ben Johns/Matt Wright
Match #2: Jack Sock/John Isner vs. Sam Querrey/Donald Young
Match #3: Team Sock vs. Team Querrey

Team Sock: Jack Sock, Matt Wright, Tyson McGuffin, Spencer Smith, Catherine Parenteau, Etta Wright, and Irina Tereschenko.

Team Querrey: Sam Querrey, Riley Newman, Collin Johns, Patrick Smith, Lucy Kovalova, Meghan Dizon, and Allyce Jones.

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