Australia Mike thank you foreign foreign.

Folks how are you look at this the convention center in Mandalay Bay it's exciting for the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM Rewards here at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas look at that Convention Center all that pickle roll out there I've got 25 courts going here's what's happening today four teams seven players.

There are three professional male pickleball players three women and a tennis professional who is team captain and also playing it is a round robin everybody's gonna play everybody it's rally scoring each match goes to 15. there is blood on every Point whether you're serving or receiving it's win by one an adjustment not a win by two it's.

Win by one all right it'll be a third match if necessary here we go men's doubles his first that team captain and tennis pro will be paired up with the pickleball Pro then the other two men on the team will take the court then it's women's doubles and the third woman will be paired with a tennis professional for the mixed.

Doubles match look at that three points so all the previous matches are one point and the mix is three points after the first game that tennis pro can replace himself with a pickleball Pro now tomorrow pickleball will be played on national television broadcast television ABC carries that match my friend Matt.

Manasse with me right now we'll be doing that game and we're excited to do it my man you ready to get started oh yeah let's do it Billy it's on coming up from Vegas just a second foreign when I turn him back.

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Between thinking you're ready for what lies ahead and knowing you've planned for it now that's different discover the bare difference foreign we are back here in Las Vegas the PPA bubbly Team Championships let's take a look at the order to play today Donald Young team young versus Team suck Jack.

Sock and Isner and query that's how it goes and then tonight you can see all all that action Smith and Jansen Leia Jansen right there she's an animal let's get right into this now it's men's doubles to 15 rally score you got Jay de villier and you've got Donald Young against Jack sock and Tyson.

McGuffin here we go gentlemen big stars in this one oh yeah this should be a good one here we go Jack sock probably the best of the tennis players partying with Tyson let's get it going the big win last night for Jack sock John Isner against Annalee Waters and Jesse Irvin Jack sock had an around an ATP around the post shot that everyone's.

Still talking about incredible got lucky on that net right there some say that net giveth and it taketh away it does indeed nice there for number 99. 2-0 side out point one nice work by davilia there one two.

Oh wow Donald Young put up a meatball for John Jack he handled that nicely Donald's still day two going for those drives on the third instead of the drop yeah it's gonna be tough especially with a guy like Jack on the left big wingspan no joke Matt and I just ran into Donald Young in the men's room before we came into the booth here and we were good we.

Were pumping him up we were having fun with him Donald your game's really coming along he was like yes side out point two double up you see this sometimes early on a couple of you know errors that you won't see made later point three right right on cue like.

Right on cue Tyson McGuffin doesn't miss that very often 0.5 ripped one there not a lot of dinking going on so far a lot of five driving and crashing it's put away by Jay de villier there there's another there's another match going on a match but within the match.

Which is interesting and that is there's sort of a debate of between the two men of who is the most handsome player is it Tyson McGuffin who just hit that one or Jay de villier right there both handsome mess you know folks you think about it and we'll give our opinions coming up but absorb it for a few minutes.

McGovern couldn't put it away yeah the win by one here is a great thing really moves five things along it was a great drive there by sock attention has to make that ball yeah and again young going for the drive on the third not giving devilier a chance to really get up there I'll recall that score.

Jay devilier says this about his war of who's more handsome with Tyson McGuffin he says you don't put stickers on a Ferrari I like that good line two pro tennis players oh Donald Young's watched it a few times he knows about that Ernie he wanted one he set that up great moves around that kitchen line that's called an Ernie that's why we.

Don't we don't dink down the line usually that a little higher gives the opponent that chance to Ernie Point great just Top's been ripped right there by Jack sock s he went back to the well yep trying to use that big forehand yeah it was a it's a true tennis guy yeah antenna Sam pickleball he's got a lot of topspin.

That thing's dipping down but you see see look at this bill here right there well I didn't make it but that that that drop yep yeah he's trying to drop it in the kitchen there to give him and his uh partner time to get forward oh wow Ernie back out re-earning that was MC.

Nasty that was McNasty and stays right there big time from the Frenchman so my feeling is look they're both two kinds of handsome right if Tyson McGuffin is to walk into a bar in Florida Bama they're gonna go wild for him Jay de Villiers got that Roger Federer right you know what I mean white dinner jacket casino and Monaco.

You know I mean cigarettes in a case hopefully not smoking them great put away by it He's Got The Panache yeah so they're just two types of Jay's starring in Casino Royale Tyson probably Talladega night yeah I hate a tie but in this case here they go oh what a great Hands by Jack sock it's.

Really exponentially better than when he started this yep no back swing there keeps everything out in front finds that square paddle face wow that's a great body shot there by Tyson McGuffin 13-8 looking like they might cruise to victory in game one.

14. Jack got it gonna take that right jack right at his friend yeah Donald Young they're going at DUI pretty hard DUI is not used to absorbing that ball resetting it in the kitchen it's going past that kitchen line allowing Jack to take it out of the air and put it right back in his chest we've got a freeze at 14 here so.

McGuffin and sock have to win on their serve which is right here they did not do it now just a little bit of comfort for devillier and young 9 14. side out 14. yeah now they have to serve again for the win and if you notice all the returns for McGuffin sock going the way of Donald Young they know he's not.

14-9 season player he's not going to drop it only going for that drive oh look at Jay defilier's hands saved them there but you see Jack sock has already picked up.

In the kitchen he has a backhand roll right there all right touch would be 15. there is a challenge coming up here on a kitchen call there was they're looking at Jay de villier if his paddle touched the kitchen here uh oh it's very tough to tell it looks like uh but guess what from here we've.

Got Dede Jackson in here from North Hollywood California she is the video referee she is on the phone she's gonna find out if that in fact was a violation but every team gets one video challenge per match not per game per match but this is it and in the booth DD has a couple of.

Different angles than you're seeing here on your TV what you're seeing is Jana krachina on the far left and Spencer Smith on the far right getting ready for action and our referees today Mark Thomas is our lead referee second referee is Crystal Clayton.

And Matt and your guy Matt guess who's the tracking referee today I'll give you a hint surprise surprise surprise Jim Nabors neighbors shitty neighbors he's back Jim Nabors I'm told that Jim has a good sense of humor so he won't mind the Gomer Pyle reference whenever I hear this song I think of my.

Great friend Al Michaels one of the Great announcers of all time one of the best they allowed to golf without Michaelson I'm just listening I believe in very cool how's this game do you believe in miracles yeah I'd like to take the fifth on that one if I may.

Looks like they're switching sides which now he looks like it would have you believed that that paddle did indeed touch the kitchen on the um the call on the court that the paddle touched call stands Point gay mat or point game 15 9. well there it goes you suck and McGuffin heard it they heard an unmistakable.

Click and of course and Jay de villier's paddle did land in the kitchen okay so there goes the first game we will be right back it's two out of three so we're definitely playing another one good teams for a different more holistic approach to wealth management with your career.

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Have more time for what matters most not yet buddy foreign back here in Vegas at the PPA tours.

Bubbly Team Championship let's take a look so far team standings here Donald Young's team two and oh Isner one one lost one soccer one Sam query 0-1 okay we are back to men's doubles game two McGuffin and sock winning the first one I have a feeling Sox Fortune's.

Gonna change today finding his form in a major way shock looks like a future professional pickle ball player don't you think yeah people people are saying Planet 10 Talent remains to be seen why is it that every time we say something the commentators first.

Sign out point one good speed up there from Jack I'd like Donald to try to absorb that reset that in the kitchen not try to go offensive from that position in the court there yeah pop that up a little behind Donald's got to make that make that volley.

Has managed to push suck back let's try to creep back in and he's there oh that should be a put away it it's not what it excellent the great get by by Jack zock he really unbelievable guy any further and he was going over there.

Over the edge there that looked like uh Pro men's doubles on the ATP Tour Jack sock yeah your instinct is to hit it hard right Donald Young has this interesting to just hit that top spinning correct please guys stopping that in the kitchen is really where you're safe and it's tough to remember it's against.

The urge right you want to rip it great Hands by McGuffin sales wide there yeah these guys right now because you have the two tennis players on the court they're not really having the ability to slow it down this game is Pure Drive and crash sight out point four when you're hitting this drop from the.

Back there it's really pushing that paddle face through the ball not a lot of wrist and you are seeing a lot of risk from these tennis players like right there yep five four got to put that away it's not about the power on the put away it's the angle.

That's a heady play there from socks he's pulling earnings 18 piece he's got it all going he's got a whole bag of tricks all right young and devilia with the lead point seven got under that ball a little bit too much.

Come on the top of that put that down Nice Shot there by Donald Young he dropped that low oh what a pretty oh what a great get point six there you had Jay de villier over committing a little bit trying to protect Donald behind him on a great tank.

Oh point that seven that that went in just the right amount of tippage there 77 foreign very deep served by McGovern he's closing in he's taking over they were in the eye formation right there eight seven.

He's gonna drop one here don't let them he's gotta drop that in there Donald there it is we tried sign out point eight yeah so for those that are just watching when you are at the kitchen line you are on offense the team of young and devilia trying to.

Get forward young not able to take Pace off point nine you know in tennis it's the advantage of the server in pickleball very much the advantage right yep the receiver the first team that can take a ball out of the air coming forward right away the reserving team has to let one ball bounce.

Did you get a piece of that one close call but I think I think the accurate one there by sock 9 10. yep really getting underneath that ball swinging upwards getting so much Top Spin once it hits the court it gets to your battle that thing is moving.

Very hard to control oh yeah right there beautifully yeah it's the first time stock has really tried to drop the ball into the kitchen there left it up a little high Jay's gonna move over 10 11. take that all day yeah Tyson McGuffin gets a roll on it.

Almost every time he's got one of the great volleys in the game 11 11 11 we're headed to 15. win by one well that is some pace big time early with some Pace I like.

That Jack brings the flare I asked him before the match who his favorite players are said McGuffin right because they just bring that energy and Fire Inside Out point 12. 12 12 side out point 13. sock is going after his friend Donald Young I don't know if they're going to.

Be friends after this one yeah hey man hit one of the Frenchmen will you oh look at that beautiful switch positions right there really good point from all four guys there Donald Young's finding his own here foreign.

All right they're serving for the game and this would be 14-13 the match oh wow thought he had him down the line a good put away by Tyson McGuffin that's the match came down to uh Jack sock just being a little bit more clutch there than Donald.

Young but really great stuff from all four team young zip team sock beginning the day with one beautiful we'll get back with some more men's doubles strictly professional coming up in a minute here from Mandalay Bay Resorts and Casino foreign love 15 30 40. any point one means you.

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Foreign foreign back here in Vegas where my partner Matt manasse is sipping Bubbly by day because it is so refreshing at the PPA bubbly Team Championships now we're going to get professional Callan Dawson and Tyler loong against.

Spencer Smith ooh cagey with those hands and that beautiful supermodel Matt Wright Matt Wright is back walking that Runway I'm excited to see this match up I think you're gonna see a little more traditional pickleball from these four loong and Dawson playing together regularly on the PPA tour they're gonna slow things down and then you have the.

Fiery mat right he's gonna be all over that net trying to take over from the left side Spencer Smith like you said great touch great hands pretty methodical out there this should be a fun one I had a nice chit chat with Matt Wright a moment ago and uh word got to him that I referred to him.

As a supermodel yesterday and I think he's got something coming our way I think he I think you're gonna see why I said that he's going to show you something it's that strut he's gonna Embrace his inner Naomi Campbell it's a peak gotta let him fly super great sense of humor I love this guy all right.

We're underway who loves and earning more than Tyler I can't name anybody Loom especially on the Lefty anything left up close to that sideline he is gonna go and he's gonna go early yeah with those four hands in the middle it's you know they're a tough team but the hands of Matt Wright the.

Reflexes it's unbelievable I was talking to Jack sock actually before about Matt Wright it's just he was so impressed with how Matt can move out of the way the ball and create space especially for that backhand just missed that what's it called he's cool you never see him get.

Flustered man right same thing at the crabs table by the way you walk by him just yeah whatever I'm down who cares move by Spencer Smith who is very cat-like moves quickly that testing uh Tyler loon's hands there past the test flying colors like we said in the first uh match the.

Three in the first match they were a little slow to get started yeah right uh right here everybody warmed up nicely yeah there's definitely a feeling out process with all these Pros kind of test what the other guy has four three speed it up early see if they can as you see it Matt either team have uh.

An advantage here I would say uh I'm gonna be even obviously and especially in rally scoring it's hard to break away but I'd bet on any team with Matt Wright especially in this format that makes sense oh he almost rolled that ATP it was it was almost low enough to roll it barely.

On the ground just beautiful point six yeah I think you're seeing Matt Wright try to speed it up a little too early from below the level of the net it's not a easy shot to do in pickleball 0.7 again there's no strings on that paddle so from below the level of the net I.

Can't really hit it that hard and keep it in great drop there and here are the angles just gonna go a minute first extended dink rally there keeping the ball low Cross Court very hard to attack but they're trying.

To find that one ball that's left up a little bit too high to make a move great reaction there by Spencer Smith oh nine sometimes you get them notice how uh Callan does it chokes up right there just eliminates when he's serving.

But only the serve it seems like oh and also when he's enclosed by the kitchen yeah sure is the touch it gives him great great feel yep he makes that paddle almost an extension of his hands doesn't allow him to really flick and have a ton of offense but at the kitchen line he gets that paddle face squarely through balls very good.

Thinker uh just two good Tyler Long looks like he slept well in Vegas last night one of the one of the few did not go out neither did we Matt no we did not no we didn't bet by 9 30. that's right thank you for Lending me that book by the way it's riveting oh my gosh.

Up Dawson and loong are pulling away here if I'm uh if I'm coaching Wright and Smith right now I'm telling them to slow it down I'm speeding it up over and over has not been working thus far down yeah.

that are there from Matt Wright getting that ball down you see it really dipping below whether they can pull it out in this game uh you have not seen the last of that right point 13. I believe that second game will be a different man second half of the.

Fashion Show is when the Met ride shows up well he doesn't like to show his supermodel moves to win losing side out and this is a convincing yeah Dawson loong like I said play together every single week on tour Smith and right not used to each other's speed UPS Cadence side out point eight.

Fourteen Ryan Sherry back there crushing some type of food inside out all right there's a freeze on 14 here so lung and Dawson are going to have to win on surf and that's it what a game Dawson and lunga convincing Victory there.

Yeah great stuff from Dawson Moon we will be right back here as game two gets underway and I like I said look for more from Wright and Smith you think you know Rose Nama Eunice Rose lost her first title fight flat out lost right then and there she made a decision stop just fighting and start believing.

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Person here we go game two loong Dawson a convincing win in game one Point wow ball crawled right up his shoulder you have great reach in there from Dawson again when we're dinking when we're hitting those short balls in the kitchen looking for one to just attack a little bit did a great job.

There by Callan wow oh so now point one said that was well played by Smith and right right executed the lob perfectly just could not close way to track that down from Spencer Smith two guys with great touch right there.

No point two Matt Wright was weight I think he's getting impatient he likes to put him away yeah that ball left up there a little bit too high you're good so so physical those dink rallies moving in that 10 foot space there side out point two.

Tyler Long looks like he has an extra four inches on his arm then Callan Dawson doesn't he I think he might be right yeah he's good he's made for it three like like we said this is gonna be a much tighter game three two oh yeah you will not see Matt Wright.

Let anything go the score in the first game did not reflect how you know tight these players are inability yep great flick there from loon not something he usually does either I don't think Matt Wright's expecting that Tyler.

Normally known to kind of just slice that ball back another dink maybe he's working on a new shop three three point four an unforced error by Spencer Smith yep not the one that you love to see I don't like to see that it's it's the worst.

Feeling in the world is missing an easy dink you just want to say don't do that such a sweet guy so it's just nice chat with him before very soft-spoken yep great guy 88 is that Eric lindross uh in the number game oh yeah oh yeah Lind Ross 88 for sure yeah.

Side out oh no is he trying to lob there now he's trying to speed it up a little flick through the middle he gets impatient he does supermodels are like that Wham Fourier six it's just six four a little bit of frustration there trying.

To make that too good going for the line if they were allowed to take a time out I think they would do it here oh great Hands by Matt Wright a lot of it what you said earlier Matt is you know the chemistry that Dawson and loong are afforded here every week together that's a big deal.

Point eight when it rains it pours everything's going right lob right there by Dawson Spencer Smith is struggling a little bit and you can see it frustrated yeah Spencer's unraveling here a little bit.

Oh What a Beautiful roll that was that Top's been dipped over the net Wright having to cover the middle there just has to do it one spot susceptible to that forehand 11. oh wow eleven five foreign twelve.

It's just getting away from them 12-5 got sand query back there seems to be pretty relaxed snatch later I am not gonna rule them out we had some big comebacks yesterday 14-4 coming back so 12-6 enough oh a great lab and a great Handle by Matt Wright 13.

We can't get it done you know I've decided who Spencer Smith looks like I've been just wrestling in my mind who the actor Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne yeah is Eddie Redmayne at the at the kitchen right there now that reference is not an old reference it's not a young person you.

Don't need to Google anything I Googled Eddie Redmayne I don't see it I just don't see it you don't see it come on I just want to know which Super Metal Matt Wright is oh wow what a ball oh what was that was that.

Did he roll a volley was that a half lob what was that that was a nice little disguise misdirect roll inside in off the tape look at this ball watch it just rolled up his back and off the back superb play by Callen Dawson and Tyler lung a convincing win team sock is back in it not enough 1-1 we'll be right back with women's doubts.

Thank you thank you a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot um what's good.

Match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville

We are back in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and this is the PPA bubbly Team Championship you're taking a look at Jack sock and Matt Wright they've tied it up against team Donald Young and we were gonna we're gonna get into women's doubles there's one team on the court Arena tarashenko and it looks like Etta.

Wright yes sir we got double 07 back in it Billy Bush Matt manasse bringing this action to you McNasty is his name and he is nasty I saw him out there certainly on the crabs table you were certainly Hot Hands baby I made some money last night how much did you pocket I made 200 bucks last night it's not bad not only that we'd like to welcome in a.

Documentary crew oh my God pickleball is so hot that there are two great documentarians and I'm related to one of them he's my cousin-in-law that's right and they're making a documentary about pickleball and uh they interviewed us earlier and they did they're catching a little b-roll in here so welcome back some good.

Stuff great yeah they have some pretty hard-hitting questions last week we are on the air by the way this I don't know he was just about to ask me more questions always asking this this documentary we have Cali Joe Smith and uh Jana gretchkina well that's going to be interesting a.

Lot of a lot of friendly banter here before the game Jana gritzkina you're looking at it right there she is lightning quick so fast moves around that Court effortlessly so you got Gucci and Smith Smith more power shanko sarashenko power and Etta Wright boy she had a great.

Women's doubles yesterday started off slow and she really came back and sort of won it for they were the 14-4 comeback I believe yeah it was 14-4 and they ended losing 14-4 they ended up winning 16-14 14 unanswered points so I'm expecting more intense women's doubles action here yeah you're gonna see again just like yesterday between.

At a riot in Cali Joe Smith a lot of dink battles Cross Court those short shots in the kitchen and you're gonna see a lot of movement from bridge Kina again trying to close that middle some driving crash Cali and her and Arena a shot maker balls in play.

Oh yeah popped one up early for that arrange you're putting that away again asking with that balls it was going out I think it was Teddy you're gonna be serving We Love Tara shenko you're serving and her 007. we do she is out there rocking you can always find arena with a nice new Belgian beer after the match.

That's her her brand like really always with the voodoo Ranger in hand I like a I like a woman who likes a beer couldn't have said it better myself remember that Elizabeth Warren for president campaign that she had like she was with her husband on Instagram like would you like to have a beer you could tell it was like that's.

That's a forced Brew that's it let's connect with the truckers right exactly what do you say honey all right comes a methodical Point shaping up side down wow one Gretch akina did a great job there of holding that outside forehanding and.

Then rolling it right through the middle great speed up side out point three look rich Gina had that one for sure Terry shinko's choice of hat is interesting too 3-1 beekeeper Julie's gold one two yeah that Ball's sitting up Arena does not want to go through the.

Middle and leave that ball up to Cali Joe she's got a long arm Cali Joe in it the best offense defensive players on the women's side point three nice little extended play in the kitchen there I don't mind that that reach there.

From at a right it's the right play I'm sure she totally has that shot in the Arsenal yet though oh oh great touch right there really worked that point out well for gretchina moving the ball around just took a little bit too big of a swing.

There at the end point five Arena's doing a great job here of taking a little bit of space off that kitchen line about two feet they're attacking her but she's getting a little bit of space and time to then counter really impressive stuff right down the middle.

Often we said down the middle solves the riddle yeah you can't think of a place to put it just go down the middle 100 percent with any luck their rackets will hit foreign pop that up just a little too high Cali did and Arena iced it seven three.

Oh and for the ATP that is awesome stuff tarashenko with the ATP Etta coming over closing that middle off well 8-3 good night Irene uh 0.9 okay again no timeouts in this new format I guarantee you they would be taking one otherwise.

I'm gonna have to find a way yesterday we saw it at a right the greatest comeback I've seen good ball there from Cali Joe Smith really impressive too how all four of these ladies can go from offense to then absorbing going slow much harder than it looks at home.

Point five Four Points can go very quickly in rally score great dig by Gretch Kane look at that and gets down so easily I couldn't finish the job but made the hard one missed the easy one yeah that happens doesn't it 10-5.

Foreign very well today looks focused she keeps getting better in this tournament side out point six way to curse her again you know what we'll we'll give her a pass on that one six eliminate overall performance here point seven right down the middle and.

You see there was a moment there yours or mine yep Etta you gonna take that on your forehand or am I gonna take it because it's slightly closer to me correct great Hands by Cali Joe wow what a point now that's the kind of point that can spark a little fire and.

Get the mo going the other way yeah so composed right see if they can't build on that side out point 12. 12-8 foreign every time they serve I see Lee Waters there on the road in the green.

Sweatshirt of course A Champion with her daughter he's tired you talked to her this morning yeah she said it was tough to watch pickleball right and not play it yeah we were sitting in that little area there she said it's you know what does it feel watching although she said terrible it's just like.

So hard to watch I want to be playing so badly without pain out of the year yeah tornado she'll return and I have a feeling I know who her partner will be when she returns loyalty family first okay yeah Annalee who raised you.

To come back to Mama side out port 10. all right here we go tarashenko and Wright can close here but not on this particular point they have to be serving it's a freeze on 14 they caught out 14. all right so back the other way and now tiroshenko has a chance to clothes like James Bond himself always closing always.

Always somewhere up on a mountain but wow Wow way to keep in it never got a chance to eat some points up here and they just need three point 12. tough dink there from Yana had a lot of Top Spin on it that thing's dipping down.

Didn't help that it went off the neck Court as well 14 12. now point 13. I mean wow comeback City this is why the freeze on 14 is such a good rule a team behind a chance to come back.

All right now Tara shank going right yep make no mistake about that ball out of right was putting a beat down on it they can close here 14-13 managed to push them back yep kept her back and and keep themselves alive here yeah holding that kitchen line again that's where you're going to.

Be offensive the earliest part of the Court you could take a ball out of the air wow team win by two ladies win by two a real comeback here it's the red ref says win by two in this match we were told it's win by one one by one that's what we were told and one by one.

Sir I don't mean to head ref the head ref here it's okay it's usually win by two it's an easy mistake to make references now why didn't anybody tell me they're calling DD in the booth to find out what's really going on we've got Dede Jackson from North Hollywood and here she's the video.

Referee and really I'm going to say the the ultimate Authority I agree I agree right Diddy yeah she's nodding over there basically runs the sport of pickleball DD told me the first time that she played pickleball was like 2005 and it was down in San Diego at a club that had bigger ball courts and then they shut him down years ago because.

They're like well I don't know now they're really regretting that yep they didn't see the growth and uh I bet they wish they had those courts game point match for uh Team young 15-14 it's yeah it's win by one in the end and there we go game two coming up in women's dubs this one is close see in a second.

new people pickleball thank you foreign thank you.

Back to Center Court here at Mandalay Bay Resorts and casino women's dumps is super tight Yannick gretchkina Kelly Joe Smith big one out there against tarashenko and right 15-14 it's a win by one by one don't you prefer that Matt I do yeah I don't need a win by two no sometimes it just goes on and on let's get right to.

It I'm sorry the rules have changed again folks I I'm not kidding you this is now win by two we've gone back to win by two but I promise you it was one by one either way you slice it on this one it's a victory for Gretch Gina and Smith you can hear the in-house announcer saying.

Formalities we're gonna change it back again goal post to move but uh awesome momentum kept there by Cali Joe Smith Diana grijkina you know I can't unsee this uh beekeeper thing with the hat that you said it's Julie's goal but uh I think you're gonna have to see Arena tirachenko take over a little bit.

Become that uh what she has on her back that 007 and really impose her will here but uh close game very very small margins earlier we talked about the uh the great Al Michaels the greatest play-by-play man in the history of I think certainly footballers yeah go sell you know Joe Buck and Al Michaels.

Our producer Warren pick is listening you know back in La he's in our ear Warren picks said Hey guys you're not going to believe this but okay when Al Michaels made that call do you believe in miracles in 1980 I was a PA for ABC Sports and I was standing right behind him that's he was getting water for Al Michaels he was getting him.

Coffee in Lake Placid he heard that call from two feet behind us there we go unreal into game two now Gretch Keenan and Smith out of the gates starting this game just like they finished the last 0.2 Indiana grichkina really doing a great job up there moving these dinks around.

Getting them off balance point three I want you to know I've just texted Al Michaels and said do you remember an ABC Sports PA in Lake Placid named Warren pick so we're gonna find out 4-0 Gretch Keenan and Smith build on.

This momentum 4-0 side out point one see if Wright and taroshenko can get some type of momentum here they're gonna have to take it to Gretch game and Smith a little more not wait for them aggressors five one.

Point six I think Arena tiroshenko gave a call there on that dink on the outside looked like it sailed wide now down 6-1 wow just locked and loaded and boom rip that for him.

Yeah Cali Joe really known as one of the better offensive players on tour 7-1 extremely fit strong in a moment of Pros are just like us Cali Joe had to dig that ball out of the Hedge side out point two it's like the middle court at the Riviera Country Club I gotta go in the bushes and get the ball oh.

It's great it's amazing you start with like 10 balls you end with one what's what's called Cali Joe makes it out seven not enough and out call there I'm sorry side out point eight players are left to call it themselves in this which is old school I like that.

Of these replay cameras they do get one challenge per match not per game but per match you can challenge One Call and our video referee will work it out point four yeah I like I like what they're doing now with.

Etta Wright and tarashenko taking it to butchkin and Smith being the aggressors not waiting around that kitchen line for them to speed it up wow spectacular point now all four ladies here really doing a great job moving the ball around.

Tirashenko finding a little extra Pace on that beforehand beer hand s nine five foreign six nine.

Well seven big put away there I really thought that was a that was an important point for Gretch Gina and Tara shenko seven nine they're they're starting to creep back and now it's going to get a little a lot closer I have a feeling wow that's some great power there from a gift from Ellie Joe Smith yeah right.

Though a real gift yeah in the middle part of these games you can get a little complacent but I've got shikina Smith needs to just close the door here keep the foot on the gas pedal looks like they're leveling their way into one here.

Oh she gets down so quickly Point 11. Yana gretchkin and that's the ability for Gretchen to keep that ball out in front of her yeah find that paddle face Square soften the hand seven the key to that reset is to really have soft hands not hold the paddle too hard point 12. there they go soft hands and strong calves calves.

Matter in pickleball you guess that's the recipe down quickly oh a great move right there by gretchina could not close but a great move great anticipation side out point 13. 13 two more to Victory here.

And all of a sudden women's doubles will be done set out point nine Thirty and with this format so easy to come back and you can win and lose on every single point oh great hands wow what a dig.

Oh and just a strong angle yeah unbelievable angle sometimes Pace isn't going to get the job done she's got the right stuff baby and a right fan I wonder if she keeps that up for Matt Wright when he's playing no no you can keep the she because we call it exactly.

With Matt they just have a Vogue magazine up there 11 13 show his picture off wow they're just getting them all staying alive a good call there by the referee Gretch akina takes off with that left foot from the kitchen line yes what are you gonna.

Do did not establish two feet both feet needs to be established outside of the kitchen before they take a ball out of the air as you can see there only one foot established Dede in the booth saw that way ahead of time to show you what a great sense of you know location these players have they.

They really it's the first foot in the kitchen call we've had in a day and a half correct you go to the park oh it's constant and people are all alone they have no idea where they are minimal respect for the kitchen all right 14. gretchkina and Cali Joe that's in there.

Have a chance to win the match right here on this point out point 13. however we're gonna have another nail biter really good ball there from Arena keeping that out in front using that pace blocking it back deep oh no yep again.

It's counterintuitive that ball looks so easy at home to be able to do something with it's sitting in the kitchen all right 14-14 but no strings on the paddle really tough to attack that ball oh wow tip off the net Point 15 it is Win by two players can do a lot of things right but that that chord can make all the difference.

Sometimes oh don't tell me looks it's it's win by two it's one by one okay let's see what Don Stanley's saying out there man in the red cap one of the best in the game besides well.

I think you guys coming to our right here DD yeah it's win by two because you just got to keep it homogeneous here for the yeah 100 yeah if you play game one win by two game two has got to be win by two Zoom play at 15 14 one second I'll recall the score this next Point could close it out what.

Game wow really impressive by Tara shenko and Wright really taking a tune being the aggressors there I loved it all right game three coming up this one will go to 11. win by I'm gonna say two maybe coming up the products are pickleball paddle answers the angel question of how to get.

Paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball.

Foreign you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and.

Over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again foreign.

Vegas women's doubles game three a deciding game here Matt manasse my question for you is is this one do you think win by one or win by two I think we cannot predict it either way I have no idea but we're hearing one we were told win by one but we'll see I think Don Stanley might make the decision in the last second here I heard.

The in-house PA and they said Win by one so great start there from gretchkina there will still be a freeze at 10 meaning the the team that's leading and gets to 10 first must get that 11th point on their serve point two sales a little bit wide there from tarashenko I think.

I think gretchkina and Smith really ride on the the mood and the feel of of gretchkina she's kind of controlling their tempo side out point there you go on the board that's right one two point three I have to say it's my.

Favorite shot the body shot the body shot it exists in women's men's and mixed just right into the body yeah when there's no other Target no other spot open go right to that chicken wing that shoulder area or straight into the body great Hands by Jana gretchkina right there.

She's pouncing yeah I thought I thought her energy level dropped a little bit in game two right back up in game three and showing in the score upside down wow you gotta get up get up look at that ATP Arena does such a good.

Job of letting that ball leak to the outside until it gets furthest angle possible then rips it around the post for amateur players it's like it's like getting your first hole in one you get your first ATP it feels so good foreign.

High action high energy oh yeah great point right there by all four yeah these ladies are scrambling all over the court you can see this game three means a ton to him oh what a dig Jana's hands are so good she is so live and cat-like she moves so quickly it's.

Just five three it's a just something to watch he's like a shortstop in baseball he just gets down there and handles it oh wow so funny you mentioned the shortstop thing when she's resetting yeah the ball I tell all my students be like a shortstop out there keep that paddle tip down keep that ball out in.

Front be a shortstop she does a phenomenal job of that I stole that from you I wasn't I was one of your students that's true sign out point six time out one minute change ins score is 6'4 all right we're switching sides here we'll be right back and close out game three here in this match women's dubs.

Like there he is pickle man overlooking the scene here we love pickle men he is a huge fan that appeared as glorious all right we are gonna closing out the final game here the third game foreign.

goes to 11. I'm not sure who hit that one looked like they both went for it I think Regina got the out the uh outside of that ball right to the forehead exactly people are playing they say is that where you like it it's just before you.

Put it away yeah that's exactly where at a right likes is that is that high enough is that the perfect spot yes it was after wards let me tell you what won that point you know Jana gretzkina is.

She's just all over the place look at that she saved one in her chest with an incredible volley that first step explosiveness okay from the backcourt into the kitchen area and then she pounces she knows how to close in this case you just you don't care how you get them ugly you're beautiful.

Exactly give me the points she wants that back had that lined up a little bit of a risk there from tiroshenko to speed that up from below the level of the net six Diana had it on the paddle but I swear I just saw Marcus Allen Watching I'm gonna need a camera to take a look.

At that VIP lounge here for a second that is that Marcus Allen great USC running back oh seven nine just like he did on the field he disappeared oh upper right right there leather jacket that's Marcus Allen it's Marcus Allen.

Great call thank you Raiders under the Chiefs oh yeah unmistakably handsome and he knows where the action is in Vegas right here Center Court side.

To win the match and couldn't do it looks like Jana had a decision was she gonna go big is She Gonna Roll kind of went in the middle found the net giana's had so many glorious moments 10. oh There She Goes she's back.

Remember gotta win on the serve so that didn't do it for him but this might okay hey foreign able to fend off some big time speed UPS there from schmitzkina really impressive there from out of right.

And now once again Diana will serve for the match beautifully handled there it is and there's the there's the match superb play by Yana gretzkina moving those dinks around with so much pace so much spin eventually tiroshenko.

Lifting this ball up here and that is Irene boom you will see the Tennis Pros the team captains come out and they'll each have a profession coming with them so this is going to be great mix doubles is next and that's for three points that is next for Vegas for you and Marcus Allen.

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Foreign times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila it wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle thank you back in Las Vegas the PBA bubbly TOUR Championship team championship we've got Donald Young playing with Anna Lee Waters the world's number one.

playing with Catherine parento Matt Manasseh who's got the advantage here you gotta go with sock even though Donald Young is playing with Emily looks Anna Lee Waters by far the number one women's player in the world at the moment but.

Young is the weakest player on this court and I think they're gonna go after him that's the old in your face yep the body bag as we call it 2-0 great role there from below the level the net from Mr sock s.

Oh yeah Jack You Don't Know Jack there's annely's father right there one two father of the world's number one player in the blue hat back there Stephen Waters great move there from Annalee Donald Young a lefty both Four Hands In.

The Middle both have the ability to become the alpha side out point three but we know that's Hannah Lee Waters yeah three two point four oh Donald Young just launched that yeah he's trying to get a real Slice on that little two tennis like has to push through it a little more not so.

Wristy oh no way to hang in there young hangs in sock cannot put it away three four definitely got away with one there young speeding it up cross courts apparento side out point five for those at home you do not want to.

Speed the ball up from below the level then that Cross Court opponent has time there's more time to see it and then can attack your partner yeah side out point four four or five wow 0.6 convincing by Jack sock there.

Yeah great move from Jack stock knowing how to play that Alpha roll on the left side becoming big taking that forehand through the middle interesting matchup because uh Annalee Waters and Catherine Toronto have played a lot together lately side out point seven.

Just know each other's tendencies yeah they're just gonna have to pick on Donald Young here as great an athlete as he is it's just point eight It's just tough Jack stock is you know known for his ability and doubles no matter what that's right side out point six.

Yeah it doesn't matter what court Jack sock is on tennis or pickleball to be a pretty pretty good doubles player that's it keep it away from her Wham great canned overhead yeah really smart family.

Spread the court and then go through the Middle with that overhead someone found a third shot drop nobody has it it puts a ton of heat on there sir McDonald's kind of got that Tyson McGuffin serve a big consider of a rainbow arcing topspin it's just about how deep you get it right yeah yeah the.

Serve you definitely want to keep your opponent back again they're trying to get Fords that kitchen line so if you can have a deep return especially with some pace it's kind of helps to keep them back Ryan Sherry probably one of the best serves on tour at the moment so much pace so much whip and a ton of depth.

Waters and young got their first lead it's now tied up nine a piece oh beautifully placed ball that was McNasty well Anna Lee was probably a little further over than she normally would have been but she's trying to cover that middle 100 percent foreign to yeah I'd love to see that replay.

Catherine held that forehand roll to the last second waited so she saw Annalee moving middle 11-9 went line wow that was an awfully close grip right dirty Jack sucked app barely missed the line you see annelie Pop That finger up no sir.

Again there Donald Young speeding it up cross court giving Catherine all kinds of time leaving Italy a bit of a disadvantage there to say the least good move by Jack suck that's all of his tennis knowledge yeah poaching's everything.

He's great at the drive and crash really covering that middle going early side out point 11. 11 13. oh great handles that's put away by Jack sock all right they can close this first game right here 14-11 will they nicely done by Donald Young there.

They're keeping this away from Annalee Waters and there it is game one soccer parento it's a best of three so we'll take a little break we'll come right back and you know what the pros can take themselves out and put a pickle Pro in there.

Petrifying man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same way Selkirk sport did with the team dedicated professionals with a passion for Innovation and unrivaled commitment to the game of pickleball Selkirk sport we are pickleball.

thank you foreign it can be installed anywhere temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I have a feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future foreign.

Pickleball a try without getting pickled in pickleball magazine is partnered with Selkirk to get you started go to to get free access to an in pickleball starter course plus get exclusive deals to paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin use here we go game two time in zero zero as is the team Captain's prerogative.

You take yourself out and be replaced by a pickleball professional in both Jack sock and Donald Young have done that Jay de villier joins Anna Lee Waters and Spencer Smith is now with zero parento smart move I thought Jack Zack was playing pretty well be great if Zach was like no I'm gonna.

Snap I'm good I'm good I think I'm better than you Spencer Smith no I think it's a good move still got a hole weekend left he's got semis and finals tomorrow 2-1 .3.

How did Jay devillier miss that see him stretching out there got to get warmed up again point four so Annalee Waters signing paddles for people uh just a little earlier before we began coverage the legend of annalize certainly growing and spreading.

Point definitely yeah she's uh clearly one of the top faces in the sport if not the top face her play is definitely backing it all up the amount of exciting life she has lived getting the driver's license is going to be very anti-climactic you know exactly 15 years old she's just a Luber right three four.

Nice put away by Jay devilier finds the middle so much action on those backhand rolling dings from Annalee Waters setting jadaville up really nicely there okay got himself a little Ernie there did you see that little Shimmy Shake he faked like he was going middle tried to go behind him.

Got the big time Ernie sight out point five great eye by Spencer Smith I mean I would have hit that yeah that might that might have hit you in the chest it's barely out I just trust when Anna Lee hits it that it's probably in so right exactly take a swing at it six five here.

Waters in devillier power there through the middle from Smith you don't think he looks at all like Eddie Redmond come on he does a little bit yeah did you you said Tyler Loom no no I said.

Spencer Smith looks like Eddie redmay no it Waters around the post fires it into the Shins of Eddie Redman I see I see it I mean I see it now thank you okay wow okay eight seven eliminated this deficit and now leading.

Wow great hands there I thought that was a great time ball from Jay good driving crash had the ball he wanted Spencer has great awareness he knows where he is he knows when they're out foreign.

Right there Jay does such a good job of reaching in there on that forehand side he's a kg Frenchman he knows when it's he knows when to go point 11. 11-8 oh sir gave up on that one yeah there's the importance of that deep return there short and only able to come and.

Rush Smith there with a great Drive I believe well that was a very nice play right there good body shot by Catherine oh wow davilier is just taking over the entire court there he is such a Charming guy but boy don't mess with him he fired one on.

Twitter yesterday at uh tennis broadcaster it was kind of putting down pickleball ier got very fire oh yeah Renee Stubbs 11 13. Twitter attacking pickleball saying she's not gonna invest watch rather watch paint try well I can't stop watching it that's right it.

Just look at each point in the kitchen here just lulls you right in oh devilia had some Choice words for her which were extremely funny all right to push this to game three she caught that line very nice shot right there great volley by Catherine parento caught that line in the back.

Foreign okay 13 14. look at the advantage here yeah just had him for the beginning and Jay is able to reach in with that forehand I think Catherine thought the drop was a little better than it was and came in behind it she's.

In tough in such a tough position there because if she does try to go behind Jay he can also earn you that ball not many places to go when you're playing Jayden oh he caught that line sir Smith caught the line off the net sure that was going out and here we are at 14 win by one they can close it right here.

What an amazing reversal of Fortune Annalee for the match clean Waters puts that away there we go how about a game three who's into it we will be right back Jay devilier will.

Stay with Annalee Waters can they continue we settle this coming up from Las Vegas foreign foreign for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your.

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Bare difference all right back here in the convention center at Mandalay Bay Resorts and casino Anna Lee Waters about to serve here game three to 11. the deciding game it goes to 11. it is Win by one great point there by Spencer Smith and this just in from Entourage Creator pickleball fanatic Doug Ellen he sees.

Your Eddie Redmayne that raises you Steve Nash is who he thinks wow Spencer Smith looks like I kind of agree with him wow well that's a guy who's got some expertise in casting uh I think he's right I definitely see some Steve Nash oh side out point and Steve Nash a huge pickleball fan huge pickleball so this.

All comes together here but Doug Allen creator of Entourage wow he's got a strong game I do want a piece of Doug I think I can hang with him side out point two all right here we go Doug thinks he is the best in Hollywood I know he doesn't but I'll take the bed I'll I'll I want to.

See that match up good what a great dig look at that drop by Adelaide but a nice finish wow by Eddie rednash Spencer Smith I hope he's having fun with this one he hears about it later as much fun as Matt Wright had when someone came up to him and said you know they called you a supermodel he was like.

Really it's almost like a dream he'd come true foreign right there with the white credential side out point four like you said yesterday nasty the net is just a little higher the further away it gets from the middle.

That is right 34 inches in the middle 36 on the side five three thank you one minute wow we'll switch halfway through here so really impressive shot there by.

Catherine to cover the middle all right we'll come back in just a minute here from Las Vegas and resolve this as they switch ends and take a sip of water and you finish your Johnny Rockets man it is the absolute nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah he comes in to recharge gets software updates you.

Know same time next week you got it cool let's go there all right we are back game three in the mixed here and also Johnny Goldberg Pro pickleball player weighed in on Spencer Smith you said Eddie Redmayne Steve Nash.

Yes Spencer Smith also looks like Sean White Sean White snowboarder Sean White I'll let what just it's starting to pile up here foreign great body shot into the big Frenchman football called on Jay creeping on that kitchen line 7-3 yep clear as day right there.

Gorgeous touch right there by Spencer Smith look at him drop that in there not a little high on that one Jay devilier's got a long arm so you really need to be careful four seven point five all right a couple of quick and easy points here no six and looked out before he hit it.

Up seven reached a little bit too far wasn't able to roll over that ball did he catch the line on that one sure did look at the flick of that wrist and right on the line there seems to be young is challenging.

There is a challenge there's the challenge DD finally gets to do some work here we have uh DD Jackson is our video referee in the booth with us and she's gonna get on the phone here and figure this out but I believe the call is gonna stand it looked into me yeah it looked like it just caught the line.

You guys are seeing another angle right here yeah unless we have a new angle on the back line and now we get to see like a an Instagram Boomerang here that's right every point so crucial in this last game to 11.

Our DD Jackson is in here taking a look she wants to see there it is your video challenge we're taking a look at these cameras too a good look at that back line and see if it was in we're taking a forensic dive right now so this is It's overturned well.

Again I think the call stands how are you feeling from here I don't know if there's enough evidence there to overturn an in-call to outs it looks very close to me the only angle you know we're seeing in studio looks like it caught but I'll leave that to the professionals Mark Thomas is the head referee he's the.

Lead referee so he'll have to make that call and he'll make it now your view of the call stands the score will be sight out 8-6 there are no more challenges for team young there you go ladies and gentlemen as we thought Spencer caught the back of that line announcer who sounds like Daddy goes.

Turn on your microphone son call me son the ref did not look happy with that Who you calling son player laughs oh great little reach back for that one big point for Spencer Smith right there almost did that by himself unbelievable hands there getting that.

First one Spencer Smith is playing some good pickleball every aspiring pickleball player has got to take some time thinking about that backhand volley with a flick of the wrist you gotta roll it real quickly yeah it's pushing that paddle face from a little bit under the ball getting that.

Little bit of roll this is an important Point that's an error I did not expect from Annalee I can tell you this is for the match great dig by parento twice so much Pace there by devilier Texas overheads on tour.

Even if you're in the right spot tough to get tough to get that ball back great stretched him out right there great oh we went for it can she cover the court she did but total disarray but I like the move Little Rob by the neck.

Had that ball set it up perfectly missed that he did serving for the match Catherine parento the win by parento and Smith Steve Nash Eddie Redmayne.

Sean White keep them coming what a great win Tyson McGuffin is fired up he's high-fiving everybody that was fantastic and that wraps up that round team young two teams suck suck it to him four excellent Isner standing by the big guy and Sam query their teams will go up.

Next but that's what it looks like right now team young is two and one is there split at one and one sock is one and one query needs a win badly and he's going up against Isner on the other side of things here the action is hot nickname oh yeah can't wait to see Team query get back out there query and Isner go to it the two.

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foreign it is exciting here at the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is where we are in Las Vegas Nevada Hannah Johns is Courtside with Catherine parento who just had a huge match for.

Team Jack sock all right well welcome to Championship Court everyone where team sock finally has a win under their belt how do you feel about your team's performance it took us 24 hours but we did it um no we we had a blast today we switched up our lineup a little bit to.

Get some different pairings and obviously they work pretty well we got our Redemption from yesterday which is nice so yeah team's feeling good we're excited for tonight and the rest of the weekend that's right there's a little bit a little bit of G when it comes to who's going to who and at what times is that you making the decisions or is the.

Tennis pro involved with that as well um I would say yeah Jack was a little bit involved but uh Now Matt sent us a text and he said what do you think if we just change up the lineup for today and I said yeah it's a great idea why not because we lost yesterday we can try something different and it was great for us we came up with the w Well Jack you.

Spent a lot of time on Tennis Channel playing tennis now you're playing pickleball on Tennis Channel you'll also be on ABC tomorrow what is that like did you ever expect you to be here uh when I first started playing pickle no I didn't think I'd be able to hold my own but I played a little bit more I'm feeling comfortable out here now it's it's a.

Blast playing with these people I watched you know you know on the weekends playing their tournaments so um it's just a fun thing to be a part of all the tennis guys are loving it and hopefully you know play a few more in the future yeah absolutely hope you guys are going to be moving on guys congratulations Billy take us away.

Hannah Johns thank you very much if you find Marcus Allen ask him what's going on I want to know his level of interest in pickleball still to come team Isner team query the two big guys the pro tennis players and then later on oh boy let's see oh Lucy kovalova Elise Jones you got who's that Cali Smith and Leia Jansen right.

There looks like that's that's some evening action tonight and then you got a great exhibition is there in sock query and young look at all four of the tennis players out there at once we'll be right back we've got Isner and query standing by that's gonna be awesome stick with us.

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For help I got a good Solutions make an appointment at foreign foreign back here in Vegas team query team Isner facing off men's doubles to kick things off Sam query will be playing with Riley Newman Deacon is paired with John Isner Matt.

Manassi what do you think which tall man wins this that's a lot of tall guys on one court but uh I am going with Riley Newman and Sam McQueary of the two tennis guys we're definitely the better pickleball player here and partnered with possibly I would say number one or two best doubles players in the world Riley Newman would you say they do it in.

Two or is it I think they're going to do it in straights Riley's gonna take over from that left I think Sam is capable enough to take the right and be solid but uh we'll see John desert played well last night got a big win with Jack socks so I mean a huge huge one over Annalee Waters and Jesse Irvin lost the first game 11-0 not.

Since Bobby Ricks not since Bobby rich incredible all right Sam query we saw a lot of good stuff yesterday from Steve Deacon didn't play so well his first game but really came back had a great performance yeah he's coming back from injury right he's got a wrist injury there yep had a wrist injury boy.

Steve digging not a very not really considered a short guy but standing there next isn't the way he's looking up at him isn't there six foot ten six ten so obviously he's got the big I'm still waiting to give out the bubbly feat of Excellence trophy to whomever can lob John if anyone could do it it's probably Riley knew it someone's got to tell him.

About this award just incredible all right John's ready to go Steve's probably just a little off camera but ready to go Sam query I see him everywhere in the hotel.

One of the nicest guys on the tennis tour now on the pickleball tour will be full time next year 2023. we are underway right now a two-handed scoop by Riley Newman is so effective so effective talked about that yesterday his pancake grip on the forehand awesome two-handed ability on the.

Backhand for that LOB 2-0 set out point one sort of gave up on that one very quick we're looking to hit a third shot couldn't quite get under it enough point three the element of surprise Riley's so quick at getting up there.

Covering that middle shooting over three one oh he got one he got like you had to go for that you had to did you see his face when he you could see he realized that oh I got it and he just ripped nothing like ever off that ball there's no better feeling than.

An ATP and no worse UTI but that's what you call it UTP is an under and under the pole UTP under the post the only thing worse is the UTI hope I don't get cancer for that ah don't worry I'll consult you I'll nurse you back to health there it is.

Almost like Riley Newman's apologizing Riley does such a good job tracking that ball and Deacon a great job covering yeah Court there on that ATP there's that scoop he does so well isn't there pushed that out I'm afraid yeah we said that this is in favor of something.

Oh no they got it I guess he got a piece of that tape I think that was a favorable call from query there maybe felt bad for the big man don't do that the big man is knows how to hang in there and win 70 68. that's all I can say referring to the longest match in Wimbledon history.

Over three days Grace placement there by Steve deakin all right maybe mounting a bit of a comeback here in game one three seven steps yeah 0.8 stuff for a big man you know really get around and get an Ernie there but I'm telling you Sam.

Query's got an Ernie and an ATP already in the first game so he's he's getting flashy oh Bank point nine yeah Riley just picking on the big man Sam does look to her I mean uh John doesn't look too pleased at the moment now point four.

Riley Newman is so good at resetting everything oh with that little scoop drop he has he really has his need to do that probably the best defensive player on tour Yeah by far it's not very close Prides himself on really being able to reset a ball from anywhere.

Deacon with a rip right there where you get a piece of that line he sure did I like that move there too from from Deacon and the the cross from Isner 16. oh what a gorgeous drop and a great Hustle by Steve deakin got there oh wow.

You're quicker than he looks those shorts that are so baggy I like a set of John Stockton's when I'm not there I know some thigh we have our fashion tags here we'll go shopping Steve we'll get you a pair of tighter shorts yeah tighter shorts I'm gonna sell the product sell.

The game I was about to commend John is near the point before of getting his feet going getting a little more energy there looked a little flat again oh yeah oh nice that's what I like to see at a big John an Ernie for Big John.

Wayne is there showing some life and some spunk right now oh is that called a premature Ernie thirteen eight no comment moving forward ah wow all right yeah Riley Riley really the Difference Maker here and chance for Riley Newman to close out.

Game one Far and Away the best player on the court really having his weight here against team listener and weary taking notes oh great move by Isner by Islam he really should Master the earnings your legs that long.

14. now Gotta Serve for the win I really like that first drop there it's trying to do the right things he's out of bounds that was long right there and that is the match excuse me the match that's the game we've got it's only game one somewhat a discrepancy wow this is.

Kindness just giving him the point okay you're gonna give him that point this you may regret this wow wow oh wow Isner reached up into the seventh row to volley that one that's a better angle here oh my Ernie there great Court coverage there from Big John Sam says all right good try though and.

Now they have a chance to serve for the game here Sam query put his name in the MLP hat so to speak planning on getting drafted in the Challenger draft on Monday Premier draft already happened this week that's right 12 Premier teams 12.

Challenger teams I I made the reference it's much like if you watch Ted lasso and you're a big that's right Ted lasso's team is trying they're in the Challenger they're trying to get up into the Premier League that's right for a minute and that would be the same for the for the Challenger teams try to get into.

That Elite 12 team Premier League I think Sam's got a chance he keeps at it a lot of patience between the two big men here bang okay switch ends and there it is game one done query and Newman convincing we'll be back for game two it is a best of three right here from Las.

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Las Vegas the the EPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards men's doubles Ben Johns and AJ Kohler and Johns oh they're gonna split up the brothers again and said Patrick Smith yeah that's going to be a good one right now we are game two of Isner and Deacon.

And Newman just need a little bit more energy out of John Isner here in this game looks a little flat out point one that's just sometimes you don't win the point you lose one one that's right and that was set out point two yeah.

Little mistakes like that just didn't drive me crazy such a perfection there we go great spot there from Isner left a little high from Newman and isner's arms again they're just so long his paddle reaches the net from the edge of the kitchen oh point three.

There's that pancake grip we talked about chest shot oh three two it's right in front of him pancakes are right back at Steve Deacon there body bag good hands big guy puts it away nice hands by Steve deakin there three a piece back to The Far Side.

ERS on the right oh mine the look away oh yeah pretty exciting stuff look at that right between the legs he had to talk about the body bag in return 4-3 you know it's Vegas right yeah you got.

To compete with the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil and all that so you must entertain got entertain nobody with Carrot Top though point five Steve Steve five four.

Oh boy is that in um all right tied up at fives here going 15 win by one oh wow oh Big John stepping on the line there he did didn't he yeah point six right here.

He barely steps on the line with that giant foot exactly when you have a size 20 shoe tough to stay off that line kapow put away by query seven five seven five point eight wow.

Really good defense there from deacon I cannot wait for my first ATP I still I don't have one really nope great move by Newman what about an Ernie nope we'll get there not five yep but I I haven't tried any it's not like you know what I mean I haven't tried it yet.

Body shots do a lot of body shots here in Vegas and on the court too boom 10-5 Deacon looking at uh Newman saying come at me oh look at that scoop he just shovels it it's perfect.

0.6 just a little too turn there from Sam query needs to stay Square when you're in that transition zone keep the shoulders Square 11. 11-6 next match coming up after this will be.

All pro football players men's doubles set out point seven eleven point oh we slapped at that took too big of a swing there from the big man the other big man on the court used to being called the big man just.

Not in this game point 13. oh Steve digging sort of decided not to move his feet I think 13 8. 13 ain't two more points and this match will be open Great Escape oh great hand Sam couldn't keep it in but yeah really good.

Hands there for query if you want to be drafted in the challengers I gotta say that was a he's been putting in a lot of time on court with another Big Time pro Wes Burrows yeah put that in here 14. in your resume there probably gonna uh go pretty high himself in the Challenger Drive shout out Wes query serves for the match here.

get it Sun out 14. okay must win on your serve Here Comes Sam querrey 14 10. pick up a point in team play think Newman's gonna wait too long there he is making a move.

Oh wow it just won't go away and now they will there it is like you said they want it in two easy peasy that's the match I think query picks up a point there you go it's official right there men's doubles coming up no tennis professional straight up Pickle Pros we'll be right back in Vegas.

Here in a minute foreign foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what.

Are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville foreign back in Vegas here at the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM.

Rewards men's doubles up right now Ben John's number one man in the world AJ Kohler former hockey player now pickleball machine Colin Johns Ben's brother that's a fraternal rivalry going on he's with Pat Smith this should be some really good stuff here yeah I know I'm really excited for this Ben John's clearer away the number one best player.

In the world right now AJ Kohler probably top five in his own right I think the last match got a little silly a little carried away with the Tennis Pros in there I'm excited for some real high octane pickleball here Pat Smith has all the power in the world Colin John's again usually a great right.

Side player with Ben will be taking over on the left here so there's gonna be a lot of good stuff coming up in our day session yesterday we you were bold enough to say that Ben Johns did not play well yeah he did not um we'll see if that changes now Lots going on in Las Vegas here across the way is the legion Stadium where the.

Raiders play and that's where the Las Vegas Bowl is taking place the Florida Gators are right going up against the Oregon State Beavers and the men announcing that game Kirk Herbstreit and Pat McAfee we saw them last night at dinner huh we did went over to the table you know I always say this like when you see a guy.

And you kind of know him but you don't fully know him no matter what you give the big hello always go with the big hello we went over there at a table of eight just muscling down porterhouse for for two for one that's right but they were super nice guys and and uh they're here calling that game so I heard they give you a little shout out.

On air fun to edit we're we're returning the shout out is what we're doing we're doing I like right and to their little puny audience to our massive I believe from what I've seen 25 million people are watching right yeah that's what I've been told accurate.

Well this is going to be exciting Ben Johns has everything but a sneaker deal he is sponsored up and down but no sneaker deal he told me the other night I don't have a sneaker deal what do you think he's going to try to get he's wearing a set of babylots but they're getting that for.

Free that's right Nike's moving into the pickleball game making a Nike pickleball apparel what about K-Swiss always love me instead of K-Swiss I'll wear my K-Swiss all right here we go Pat Smith gets us underway men's dubs a regrettable lob by AJ Kohler.

Start out point one then John's coming out strong interesting thing about Ben and Colin they don't play any Rec games to practice all their practice is Krillin the only time they play matches is when they're in the actual tournament really yep they never play a match unless it's in tournament Play.

Good call yeah they they everything they do is situational a lot of uh isolating certain spots on the court a lot of different technique work the only time they get to play points is set out point two at the events themselves two two foreign.

We've told you many times that Ben Johns is the number one ranked player but that's only singles right yeah singles the Colin actually passed him as the number one doubles player according to PPA rankings I think if you ask most people uh it would still tell you Ben is there number one but uh according to this.

Ben took a couple uh a month or so off during the season away from the court Colin pick up some much needed points oh right into the body of his brother yep oh brother on brother crime three four.

And their sister by the way Courtside but it's ready to interview one of them it's a family affair right all right flick of the wrist there that's such a tough shot there that Ball's sitting in the kitchen AJ has.

Time to do a variety of things wow cut out point four great save just an intelligent shot very been held it to the last second he thought he was gonna go wide gets so much action on it through the middle point seven if you can have action a ton on that.

Serve by AJ Kohler some points are Thrillers some points are wow just a little whoopsie John's on Johnson oh you don't beat benjons twice in a row that was Colin trying to get him again really starting to see Ben put that pancake grip up.

0.5 five eight point six Colin is six years older than Ben he's a little long in the tooth he's almost 30. wow wow old the kid brother is certainly tops in the world a great save.

By Ben Johns there on an awesome ATP by Patrick Smith oh did he catch that line he did and that one was out benjons is now showing his Precision we needed to see this yesterday we are seeing it right now 9-6 he's come out on fire today yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah side out 0.7.

All right Kohler stepping on the line there yikes did that drop in it did not out not not loving the energy here from AJ Kohler cup of color a couple of Kohler mistakes and all of a sudden it's 9-8.

Sun out point 10. and that's good news for him wow much better there for me AJ love to see his energy continue to rise here there's a much needed spur for the team in Black.

Oh Sun out point nine that one one by the older brother mom's favorite I don't know I made that up I have no idea it was mom loves them all she loves them we know Hannah Hannah Hannah's the favorite come on is the favorite I know he's he's the father of three girls.

No that's got to be daddy's favorite Point wow this is awfully tight and there she is the star of the John's family that's right there she is Miss Giggles right there too bad she's not such a nice person and bang the point 11.

It's not a shot you see Hannah Hannah John's raise one finger if you're rooting for Ben and two fingers if you want Colin one for Ben two for come all right there's three let's see it let's see it.

All right you know seeing in America we just it's just it's that impulse to divide that's right right this is Tate Johnson Kohler 12. Smith and John's 12. 13 Colin Johns look to stuff that down the.

Line 13-12 Point 14. good drive there from Ben that just Dove right over the net levels as well game one right here could be closed no no 13. AJ not enough not yet this is that might have been 13. they look back.

On felt pivotal to me that is out and now truer words right yep win by one win by one Colin okay now it goes the other way benjons serving AJ Kohler service for the win.

Oh that's way out and now because this is just this is about as this is what they call sudden death to race to one just gotta win one on your own serve here and now back the other way AJ Kohler to serve for the game.

Oh is that lob way out the decision to lob there 14-14 not on the third shot no not a serious one okay well they got lucky and they got it back yeah that's something you might do an exhibition play but not team play another one.

Out 14. and again it doesn't work out yeah Bill you're you're on point here this is they're playing this like a an XL and uh I think they all four need to step it up a little bit great coach right there there it is great ball there by Patrick and that's what happens I mean they took it too lightly right there what was those two.

Lobs that that Johnson Kohler decided to attempt neither worked out John isner's the captain of this team I bet he's gonna chew him out right now maybe not maybe not we'll be right back new people pickleball.

Thank you foreign thank you foreign foreign back to men's doubles action here team Isner team query game two to 15. and it is game two very close game one there.

Battle of the brothers Colin Johns and Ben Johns and their parters and that one won by the older brother Colin set out point one and they take the lead in game two I'd really like to see AJ Kohler step it up here energy wise a little push for his team.

That's not a lop that's a meatball AJ said it's just not there today well listen well then you get it then get it there you're a pro you dig in and you put it back together set out point one pickle man up there with it change of Shirt By the way he's now going with a white shirt one two showing those.

Beautiful eyes you'd rarely see them behind those Oakleys put away by Patrick Smith right there and it's 3-1 3-1 speed up there from Ben that third shot just sitting a little too high too long then to kind of pick his spot.

There did it very well it's very interesting watching brothers who normally play together play against each other because they they kind of have a a little inside information on each other right ton ton they know exactly each other's Tendencies from practice from playing with each other in matches.

They know how to defend each other's strengths probably feel a little badly about exploiting them so out point three yeah probably not no they're competitive guys the Brothers Johnson all right.

A little big swing there from Colin hitting the bubbly sign on the Fly 4-4 like we mentioned earlier Colin Johns is the number one ranked men's doubles player his brother the number one ranked overall singles player but so eeking out that Victory there in game one five four you know according to according to the stats.

I guess good move there from Kohler following the Ben Johns Drive especially in this format really smart to drive and crash oh took off a little early for the Ernie a little.

Early premature Ernie that's an early 0.8 yeah you missed that one well John's and Kohler Kohler's managed to pull himself together and sort of feed off Ben who is as unflappable as they come.

Foreign right there great point nine four oh it sounds a little wide there from Kohler actually a great shot held that to the last second you saw Colin definitely leaning middle he's got himself right back into it look.

At this he's cheating the Ernie and he gets it that was incredible see the way Ben Sean's covers for him when he did that and that was quite brilliant Sun out point six anything can happen here in this format Smith and Colin can come back quick.

Wow this is on what a great point that's what you're seeing uh one of the best players in the world right there those hands keeping everything Square out in front and power Pat.

Great drop that lets them reposition now the point slows down and takes on a completely different tempo real cat and mouse developing here great flick right at the head of Colin tried to get the paddle up just was not there in time.

He's getting his own ball no no no no 12. 12-6 convincing lead here foreign well Pat Smith and uh Colin Johns are gonna have to put together some a run right here they really do.

Notice where Ben Johns is standing very close to the middle yep that's Ben's always going to hug the middle there because that's such a good mover to get back to cover a slow ball to the left he's not worried about that he's worried about really controlling about 70 80 of the court with his forehands.

All right what are the odds in Vegas that these guys can run seven points straight right now to be tough good move from Kohler just great anticipation and again he just loves to jump that early that's.

Great so we're great body control serving for the game here to push this to three wow gorgeous yes AJ Kohler was complaining about his own play I would say there's nothing to complain about now he's back and on two games are down one a piece we will come back and resolve this standoff.

Between the Johns Brothers in Vegas the pro and start pickleball paddle answers the age-old question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every.

Shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign.

you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet.

Everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again foreign Vegas I'm Billy Bush Matt manasse AKA.

McNasty alongside here as we get to game three the Johns Brothers squaring off in men's doubles here at the bubbly Team Championship Pat Smith gets things going set out point one Ben with the no call it's going out AJ hits it right in 1-0 Hit.

Out point one one a piece this one's going to 11. win by one we think at this point we are now certain 98.2 and these games to 11 with rally scoring goes so quickly to every Point really so valuable here.

Thank you nicely placed there and no uh Kohler and John's didn't win that point but take note of how then transitions to the kitchen line putting short shots in the kitchen really absorbing the ball 0.3 looks like Kohler got a piece of that line there three two.

It's Kevin good results with this little flick of the wrist that he does looks like he's faking a drop and then he just flicks his wrist so hard and hits it deep and strong yeah the whole the whole disguise in pickleball is the ability to hit multiple different shots from that same take back and AJ Kohler.

Looks like he's dinking it and can do a variety of different things with that ball yeah good disguise a little too much there these these guys might go Tit for Tat all the way up to that magic 11. that's right foreign shot down the line there.

see Ben cover so much in the middle yeah cheating over the middle yeah still in the Middle Point five four foreign well right about now my soul brother it.

Is six four Ben John's the younger brother over Colin Johns the older brother and there their Partners Kohler and Smith yeah this match there hasn't been so much strategy it's been more about decision making on both sides 0.5.

I've got about 35 textures from people saying hey herb Street and McAfee give you guys gave you guys a shout out on the bowl game I said yeah if you're 35 I wonder what one already herb Street has like 150 you think at least at least I would think so I heard his phone is blowing up stop blowing me up.

Ben Johns just same look on his face just stays so cool and so even AJ that's not allowed it's a great ball there all right it's so close right now.

gave up on it eight six Kohler John six that's a big point eight six yeah to get that two-point lead here rally scoring if they just hold they're gonna have a chance to serve it out great love there smart one point nine very smart love.

Well nobody lobbed it's not over but nobody loved John Isner so No One's Gonna Get this bubbly feat of Excellence trophy Kohler gave up on that one yeah a little lazy with the feet there from AJ come on AJ at the finish line let's Pump It Up There You Go set out point 10.

All right this will end men's doubles we will move on to women's doubles after this if Kohler and John's in the light blue can finish it off nicely handled Here Comes Ben Ben's taking over the point look at that Ben's in the middle and Kohler is in ernieville but on the.

Line again isn't he yeah watch AJ Kohler's feet as he sneaks around big black thing right there look where he is oh no feet look good to me he hit the post is what he did yeah really good shot there from Ben that's.

The that's actually the signature of Ben John's backhand flick keep it on the outside there you saw AJ Kohler hitting the pole here it is here it is and there there the match Ben Johns.

And his partner AJ Kohler with a victory there in men's doubles and they and they pick up a point for team Isner women's doubles is coming up we're gonna see Jesse Irvin in action she is so Fierce we love her fun to watch there she is right there in the middle.

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foreign championships this man hand is ready with a man who looks great in a yellow jacket NFL Hall of Famers 16 seasons in the NFL in a Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen welcome to your Courtside I'm here with.

Marcus Allen X NFL player he actually played for the Raiders you somehow got dragged out to a pickleball event today how did this happen well uh yeah we came we're supposed to be going to Raider game tomorrow taking Matt and Cameron and and Denise to the game tomorrow and uh I asked him what they were doing.

Today and they said at a pickleball tournament I said okay let's check it out into my amazement I am so thrilled that I uh that I came I heard about pickleball but I actually I've never played it and now I feel like my yeah I must have had my head you know stuck in the ground or something because this was it's been so much fun and I've really.

Enjoyed it so far so do we foresee you picking up a paddle in time like a lot of other celebrities out there well listen there I have I have a reputation that I always try to uphold you know what I mean so I never want to embarrass myself so if I did I would practice a great deal before I actually went out and presented myself in public so I love.

That that's the philosophy a lot of us should have I think well any similarities that you're watching here to football where you were a legend well obviously quickness is something that I see great handline coordination and stuff and and I used to play tennis a lot so I'm actually you know familiar with uh this kind of movement and some.

Uh and my nickname you want to know my nickname when I play tennis they used to call me black and row I absolutely love that oh my gosh well we're so glad to have you out here and watching and supporting this sport I hope you do pick up a panel I'm thrilled to be out here and you know what I I probably will I'm going to pick it up.

And this is what this is what I want to play with the pros play all right we can do that for you thanks over to you Billy oh an absolutely legendary appearance by Marcus Allen oh that is really funny all right women's dubs is underway here.

We've got Leia Jansen and Lindsey Newman with Megan design and Lucy kovalova oh great touch there by Lindsay boy Leia Johnson you were saying this she's very she's just aggressive oh so aggressive she's coming out firing we're really here set out point one yeah these ladies aren't holding anything back early you.

See kovalova there moving well not her best day yesterday but already looks to be moving way better here at day two wow that was a rip by kovalova I've ever seen one wow funny thing about Lucy kovalova she came up to me and she said I'm gonna win that.

Bubbly you know feat of Excellence trophy because I am gonna love John Isner so we'll see hopefully we get to see it in the little mixed doubles yeah or maybe on Sunday Funday that's right three two which is tomorrow in ABC.

Point four I was talking to Megan uh he's on yesterday after her match she said it wasn't her best day she asked me I hope we weren't too harsh on her 0.5 but I know she's gonna come out today firing could never be too harsh on Megan design oh.

Got away with that one wow he's on really pushing those Dinks off the court with a lot of topspin opened up that middle there Lindsey Newman won't make that error too often 0.5 5.

Points oh yeah powerful by Design there yeah that's been normally known for being able to absorb everything seems a little offer to start oh great shot there now what can you do with it don't let them back in oh great placement right there by Lindsay.

That is a great roll of the wrist forehand volley all the way down the line a great point there usually so hard to control that ball and keep that in really found the perfect 0.8 combo of pace and spin oh well they've got him pinned back right here Advantage team isn't there and they.

Close they make something of it six eight wow all such powerful players wow they won't dink for too long no and these are these are these are powerful people Lindsey Newman you know shows a little restraint the.

Other three the other three want to speed it up you're gonna see Leia Jansen look to speed up a lot of balls kovalova too so .7 yeah the way the game is going now people are getting more athletic quicker they want to speed it up because they're betting that they have faster hands than.

Their opponent why slow it down why keep it in the dink rally oh another saw that earlier in the game and you just saw it there again Lindsay just ten seven dropping one into the net Point eleven seven foreign.

again for those at home it's not always about Pace when you have those put away shots it's about can you get them off the court can you move your opponents around Leia did a great job there put that away there you go.

Right at defeat 9 11. so yeah smart place to put it very good spot yeah point 12. 9 foreign okay team black looking nine strong right now Megan design oh.

That forehand of kovalova is really powerful don't expect this patience to last too long who's going to go first whoa communication here perfect thing to the left but of Jansen 14 caused a lot of confusion design kovaleva great job there took.

About five six seven balls to get back up to the kitchen line point game and there goes game one there you go convincing powerful game one down in women's doubles two right around the corner.

Thank you we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila it wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle foreign.

foreign all right back in Vegas here we go women's doubles game two about to commence kovalova design good victory in the first more of the same here to start game two.

Zero just need a little bit more footwork had a chance in here wow very powerful shot there and huge credit to tazan for not having a great day yesterday coming out today definitely finding her form here.

one two yeah point three powerful out of the gates yep they don't want to see a third game three one the fans do body shot.

That kovalova forehand is flat just a complete slap it's just a slap City yep very similar to uh Matt Wright two four both of them together mixed Partners as well living in Wichita and they're a couple right yes sir I wonder if they must have some pretty great singles games let's go settle this.

In the backyard okay oh great point there Leia Jansen was all over that whoever wins this hands battle cleans the dishes tonight yeah oh what a nice angle good hustle there by Lindsey Newman and a great dig by Leia Jansen oh wow.

Kovalova found that corner unbelievable control there look at that beautiful shot of that right shoulder of Jansen totally caught her looking another one hops off the net Lindsay Lucy kovalova really good game here.

Away from her four six seven four point eight yeah they're really going after Jansen here clearly out of sorts normally normal format could take a timeout no timeouts here today.

And Leia Jensen is just you know she's a killer usually Leia Jensen's walking through the uh The Mandalay Bay and I I saw her I stopped her and introduced myself and said hello she thought I was just some crazy fan walking she was had her headphones on oh I said no no hi no no hello I'm Billy I'm commenting can you sign my.

Arm and she's like oh okay oh yeah hi oh wow wow Lucy and Megan really working together team is really showing some resilience there but a lot of power coming from design and kovalova.

Yes barely missed 16. such a really good spot there from kovalova all four women there slowing it down putting each other around the Box finally finding that middle ground causing miscommunication.

Foreign oh good put away 12-7 foreign mixed doubles which is for three points all the matches you've seen so far are one point each point eight.

thirteen oh yeah well yeah kovalova designed there really pushed them around slowly moving them back off that kitchen line until they got something high enough to 14 8.

Attack and then finding the feet really good there it is ending on an off Note but an ending in a convincing Victory there for team query pretty good we'll have some great mixed doubles coming up here in a second both query we'll be back on the court in.

Isner just be the chance someone gonna love John as someone's got him I don't know the mixed doubles is worth three points though it's the big one feature match coming up it's the most electrifying man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game.

Dyson McGovern became an icon the same way self exported with the team dedicated professionals with a passion for Innovation and unrivaled commitment to the game of pickleball Selkirk sport we are pickleball foreign it can be installed anywhere temporarily.

Or permanently on any flat area so I have a feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future foreign try without getting pickles in pickleball magazine is partnered with Selkirk to get you started go to to get free access to an in pickleball starter course plus get.

Exclusive deals to paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin use thank you foreign we've got some action mixed doubles Jesse Irvin fist pumping Jesse Irvin and John Isner.

Jay eyes against Elise Jones and Sam query the pros are in at least for the first game of this mixed doubles match it's worth three points and it is I like to say the featured match oh my God yeah I can't wait for this one Elise Jones Jesse Irvine two of the most fiery competitors.

Not just on the women's store but on the PBA tour in general and then you got the two big guys in Big John Isner and Sam query I expect again Jesse Irvin to get John Isner going here a little flat-footed earlier in the day but with Jesse Urban by his side not today and uh this is gonna be a competitive one oh yeah they're ready for action already.

Let's do a little here's a little the final love tap of the day right here come on big guy okay there it is those guys can hug and still not go in the kitchen that is true but I'll get this going here for team Isner what a beautiful return you have great.

Depth pushing the big guy back you need your weight solidly planted with hitting that third and his weight was almost towards the fence yeah right at the shoelaces right there great shot Jesse Irvin knows what she's doing one one.

Set out point two one South Point two good speed up there from John Isner having him in front of Elise Jones he should look to speed up balls I think that's going to be his best path towards Victory here.

The greatest struggle for John Isner is the is you know the cousin tennis you hit everything deep right the deeper the better he has a very hard time sort of finding that little drop from way back just dropping it barely over the net in the kitchen that's hard 100 a lot of a lot it's hard for anybody 100 in tennis a lot of people think you have more time.

In pickleball because the ball's moving a little slower you actually kind of have less time John after that serve usually has time to set up a forehand or a volley here are things 14 feet away they're coming a little bit quicker and lower than he's used to oh missed that line four three.

All right five oh just a little long ER driven the two-point lead John gets it into play that should be a put away great Hustle by Jesse and a great grab by John oh and it's long.

Hannah Johns is sitting on the team bench there looks like a team Isner talking to some of the players Port bud I've got Leia Jansen here with me Steve Deacon as well guys you're down 1-2 in games here what was your advice to your mix team before sending them out there I don't think we give Jesse much advice here.

Um but basically I think John is gonna try and start uh playing a lot more aggressive since he likes to use his length a lot more in mix so we feel pretty good about this one oh Steve what do you think personally uh John isner's game that was so fun playing with John I didn't realize how tall he was it was uh you know for me.

It's going to be a really memorable experience um you know such a great guy awesome competitor um I love his reach right like if I was six foot to 85 I think there'd be a whole different ball game out there for me but it's uh he's I feel he's got to use his length a little bit more and.

He's still learning and he's got such incredible hands um and and even the decisions that he's making on the court uh in this early stage have been have been phenomenal well Leia you got to take the court with a tennis player any chance you're gonna join John Isner on the tennis court no way I don't even think I could like.

Stay on the court with him he would just hit me off of it so no pickleball's my thing so if they want to play with me they can come here you got it all right with that we're gonna take it back to the action Philly thank you Hannah yeah team Isner does a great job yeah I like that Steve.

Deakin such a late chance as well such a great competitor but Steve's very funny uh talking about John 6 foot 85 I think we'd all like to have that length up there he didn't realize so neither did I I gotta say bumped into him in the in the restroom yeah and uh you know I'm.

Standing there and he's standing there and I'm like wow I can just feel this tall fella walking in there couldn't be a nicer guy in the world than John Isner seven nine once in a while it's just a just a flat out error yep that's all it wasn't anything tough but just to just muffed it.

yeah John having a lot of success in front of Elise Jones speeding it up he's realizes that he has the better hands the quicker hands and he's putting it on her to do something there's that shot and John's getting a real good feel for it.

On the Deep drop he had a tough one with the 19. oh Elise Jones goes for an Ernie right there covered by Sam query but they they got away with it they did a little fortunate bounce off the net tape there police is so fun to watch so much energy out there.

police heard me in the booth saying she is better well John has better hands than she does going after him that time coming out on top foreign.

Make that paddle there we go I was just seeing if you could catch sometimes they throw it out there to see if you're paying attention always Panda did a great job oh 12 11. it's a real thing paddle and Racket get it right that's right.

12 11. you don't yeah oh there's our video referee down there Nancy right big difference paddle don't ever say rack and if you do you get shamed yeah pickleball Community will come.

After you oh yeah someone someone quoted me in an article once it said racket I don't even think I said racket you would never say wreck never the chat rooms were lighting up I had Renee Stubbs after me foreign ER serving for game one great shot right there.

the big guy oh she might have kept him in play there bang oh wow what a boy game one down in John Isner he gets to put it away no better feeling than being able to step into the kitchen for a slam then he did all right game two coming up in.

Mixed doubles it's a three-pointer we'll be right back Mandalay Bay beautiful we're not turning back for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your.

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Bare difference foreign Midway through mixed doubles the Tennis Pros are out the pickle Pros are in Hannah Johns is an equal opportunity team interviewer she is now with Team query Hannah well thanks guys I'm here on the.

Sidelines with Lucy kovalova and Meg design guys are you the biggest cheerleaders out here Lucy I have heard you quite a lot over the last match well of course you know I I love my team so I like to support it and then this match like we are just this is like a decided basically game because we won a couple matches we lost them so it just all come.

Down to this mix match so we're very excited to be part of it Megan do you feel like you got the best tennis pro uh yeah Sam's awesome he's playing great and um he's he's got a lot of wins for us this weekend so so far so good well what do you expect to see in the rest of the matches this weekend do you think.

You're gonna make it to the final all the teams are really good so I think anyone can make it but I do believe in my team and I think we have a chance I love it all right anything you want to tell your side of the day or half of the team out here right now what do they need to do well they need to win game two because otherwise the game is over.

Match is over so I think I really trust Riley and Elise to to bring the victory home so we can we can finally win a match all right good luck guys thank you Billy thank you Hannah those two had a powerful performance I will say that kovalova and Dizon were very strong and as we rejoin the action here.

Riley Newman has stepped in with Elise Jones and they are up 3-1 over Justin and AJ Kohler he's back oh Elise kept that in will she come to Rigo boy what a great handle yeah I expect a big turnaround here now.

That you got Riley Newman he's going to put a lot of energy AJ still looks a little sluggish to me well hello Nostradamus five one all right 5-1 they've jumped out to a lead here oh what a great move by Riley Newman.

Boy did he time that was standing in the middle and just made that huge move Riley's super underrated as an athlete six foot two and can move he's in the middle he's got oh a great lob it's in what's up.

Really clever lob there by AJ Kohler again that's one of those dinks that he can disguise and do multiple things lob being one of them that was close wow look at the great hands here Riley Newman as the great shovels great shovel dig it is so effective it just gets so much square paddle face on that.

And that is what we call the marriage Council excuse me is what you say or sorry dear oh and there's that move Kohler loves look at the wrist she may be small her engine is small but watch out for her Steam.

That is it quote from a show called Different Strokes you're too young to know it never seen that Billy but Arnold played by Gary Coleman said my engine may be small but watch out for my steam okay I'm gonna go watch that is that on Netflix yes I try to quote the Bachelor or whatever else it is that you're watching but I'm gonna.

Classics struggles of working with a very young handsome and single partner here Matt manasse what a handsome man for follow me on Instagram at I'm kidding no do it Alyssa hey where didn't you like almost join The Bachelor and I wasn't I I did I did I was cut a week before filming why'd