Thank you foreign good evening everybody what a night for pickleball day Fleming here and we are at the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards and there you.

See it yes we are at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino here in Las Vegas Nevada and amateurs are playing inside the convention center so many people enjoying the chance to play Pickleball inside right on the Strip come out win a match then go win some money inside the casino we have a great night of pickleball ahead if you were watching.

Earlier you saw some of the team competition and we have a great match we have the two teams that actually won this morning team Isner and team young and we'll explain everybody about who's on what team and what we're gonna see tonight and then and following that we've got an epic exhibition Jack sock and John Isner are gonna play Anna Lee.

Waters and Jesse Irvin I'm ready for pickleball I know you are as well we'll have it right after this love 15 30 40. any point one means you win because when you bet just one dollar on any tennis match you could win a hundred if any point is one plus if you're not in a Sportsbook State you can.

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The world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours for help I got a good Solutions make an appointment at foreign foreign everybody welcome back to the PPA bubbly.

Team Championships presented by MGM rewards so what are you gonna see tonight well here's how it works we got four teams of the best PPA players in the world but with a catch there's a tennis pro attached to each team and that's the team name so we'll refer to that throughout the night.

This morning tonight and tomorrow we will have round robin matches those are going to get us for the seeds and then Sunday morning we will have the semi-final and final the way this match is gonna work rally scoring so we'll be explaining that throughout the day to 15 win by two best of three games and then we're gonna have this format so first.

We're going to start with a men's doubles match that includes the tennis pro and tonight you're gonna see Donald Young and the big man John Isner can't serve overhand here big man but he's got plenty of pickleball prowess then we'll have the other two men the PPA pros play against each other then two of the three women will play against each other and.

Those three matches are all worth one team Point ah but then it's mixed doubles time the tennis pro and the woman who hasn't played yet will play that's worth three points so that's a huge opportunity to ring that scoreboard and make a comeback so mention I'm Dave Fleming thrilled you're here and I'm also thrilled to have.

Cameron Blackwood next to me we've enjoyed calling pickleball before and we're gonna have a great night here in Vegas Cameron I can't wait this is an incredible setup here at Mandalay Bay I was shocked when I walked in it looked like a normal pickleball facility absolutely incredible we have the best of the best here and we have the former.

Best Tennis Pros yeah so you saw John Isner walking in front of the camera there these guys have played earlier and in fact as I mentioned earlier team young and team Isner won their matches early today so they're off to a good start and as I mentioned we're going to start with men's doubles and they have chosen to put AJ Kohler with John Isner.

And on the far side you've got Shay davilier playing with Donald Young you see the Lefty bouncing the ball it looks like Donald Young will be serving first here and I love that at least for right now we have is there playing the left side with Kohler see how that works out he does have a reach.

This man's reached he's every bit of 610 he feels like he's 14 feet tall when I'm standing next to him it's like I'm a three-year-old there was a picture that went out with Isner and Ben Johnson the difference in height was just it was a it was a sight to see yeah so these tennis players have been in a group chat with him Cameron they've been talking.

Trash they want this bad there's the dialed in John Isner right there this is gonna be a lot of fun and again rally scoring means every rally Rings the scoreboard so Donald Young ready to serve for team young let's play Pickleball and just deep there so there's the rally scoring camera and a point is already on.

The board absolutely makes a little bit more sense okay big man all right I mean he might as well he's already halfway to the net anyways I mean that took two strides from the Baseline and John isner's got an Ernie in the books in the night session thank you.

Oh feeling it here we're gonna try and speed it up down the line that cost you though here cam it does it does but I like what he's doing he's taking his time getting in he's not panicking he's not going for a winner right away he's hitting a drop he's playing pickleball and that's what I'm loving from these tennis guys is they're really soaking in.

This pickleball philosophy and the third shot drops and fish shot drops and working in to speed up every once in a while but I'm loving them adapting to pickleball I am as well and as we adapt here we have to wait till the referee calls the score John so uh he's learning point a little wide there there's a good look.

At AJ Kohler number 91. I love that everybody's got name and number side out point two four and Alan Roman our lead referees going to get these guys to just take a pause and then search prisoner again ready to go with the cell Kirk paddle and something that they're.

Going to have it just for is that we'll transition game that's where you get stuck and you think you have to do more than you have to soften up the grip let the ball drop into the kitchen then move your way up they'll get there wait six a little pressure from Kohler and young six slides It Wide good start for that.

Man right there originally from North Carolina now lives in Dallas seven and he came out so nervous this morning did not play well with he played with Ben Johns now now his nurse coming Point hey and as we're seeing as pickleball is progressing the lob is now a key shot where it wasn't like that we used in.

Tennis but it didn't translate over to pickleball now you're seeing it off the bounce from the kitchen line out of a volley from the kitchen line as a third shot if you're just starting pickleball you need to learn a lot without question and a big Target from devillier there that's a lot when you got six feet ten.

To choose from love the neck cam there side out according uh was a shot Off the Wall in left Center for a double for Donald Young from DC unfortunately no shrinks no no strings foreign for those of you who can't see Cameron.

Because there's no camera on us she is just trying to pull Isner to the kitchen line and he's just not going yet and that's the hardest part for anyone even if you're coming into this order if you're a high level Pro it's that transition zone that you think do I need to take a step back do you need to take a step forward.

Especially coming from tennis we're used to ground strokes at the Baseline versus coming up and stopping those hands and creating patterns from the kitchen and creating some opportunity for you so I'll be happy to see him take those two slug steps and get up to the kitchen John Isner handles that attack and then goes with the little Tui roll here and.

Gets a mistake and he knew he was in trouble still shaking his head this is a guy that has the most aces in the history of the ATP Tour just missed an underhand serving pickleball It's Tricky this over to pickleball you just don't have the streaks to bring the ball back.

In and you really have to take that long stroke out of it and shorten up your game a lot of risks that's why colors deadly up at that kitchen line tough third there so you will continue to get points whether you're serving or receiving until your team gets to 14. when you get to 14 it's the freeze you must win that last point on your serve.

13 seconds as you saw there when you have someone that is playing the left side they like to sneak over especially someone like devilier coming over and helping out young but he leaves his Line open and Kohler saw that right away side out point eight there you see a man who can almost reach the net from the kitchen still not.

Getting all the way up there on his way on his way 8 13. good look at young dessert Point 14. all right so this is game point and they are obviously serving so they can indeed win game one again best two out of three side out point nine but that does not.

Stop the other team so we've seen a lot of comebacks today Cameron we what happens one little mess up because it's a point every single time that you serve the ball so you just have to be really strategic and you can't miss a person you can't miss returns those are just non-negotiables especially in rally.

Scoring Donald Young looking like he's playing tennis at the Baseline here he's still going couldn't drop it and get in though so again they get the ball back but they do not win the match here great Great Rally there I think Divinity was wondering when's he coming up and he he was parked.

Back there a second game point here for team Isner comes up just short so two tries foreign here on Tennis Channel and they are within two and the best rally of the match goes to team Isner from the Isner paddle and.

They have a third chance 14th was out game number one right here side out point 13. and you take that risk when you think Kohler had to make that a winner he can't just come off the court especially with someone like his or who isn't that experienced yet on the pickleball court so like you said it was his Bat on that one.

Side out 14. and that's the no-go Zone Mr Young so uh fourth chance here now at 14. 13 must win by two as well folks his nurse finally gets in and he can handle the transition so four tries stopped and we are tied at 14. so now both teams can only win a point while serving and.

They must win by two rally scoring two and Donald Young comes strong and they and I really like how young has settled into this match I think what was happening is he was feeling very suffocated at the beginning is there and Chloe doing a great job of that he settled back in and now you see them.

Hitting a little bit more to debilier and I would like to see them just like that suffocate young a little bit more he likes to hit the ground stroke thing at the Baseline so if they can keep that pressure on him I think they're gonna come out on top so Isner and Kohler have been stuck in 14.

And another poach really a Bert there which is when you jump in front of your partner across the kitchen so a second game point here for team Young do it so after having four game points of Their Own It is team young Donald.

Young and Jay davilier who come roaring back they win game one 16-14 more of this fun right after this you think you know Rose not my Eunice Rose lost her first title fight flat out lost right then and there she made a decision I'm just fighting and start believing she would become a champion.

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Now during the Hyundai getaway Sales Event foreign welcome up back everybody and it is John Isner and AJ Kohler trying to figure out man we had four game points so a lot of discussion during the timeout between.

Those two and they're looking to close the deal they had a lead the whole way got stuck on 14 and never got off of it so uh there's AJ Kohler here we go game number two again to 15. 1-0 point one fancy Hands by AJ Kohler there as that.

Went to a very weird spot off of the net looked like it was going out oh wait two and the tennis players have a big old Target on them don't they they do and I think that's something that John Isner is doing well but I also see the frustration is that is he's trying to work his way up to the kitchen light and.

He's he's getting there but what's happening is once he's getting to the kitchen line he's not finishing his drop movement so he's working his way up doing well and then that last one he's missing it in the net and that can be very frustrating and I see it he's carrying that with him uh if you can just let that go he's doing well and I.

Know it'll start falling for him unbelievable get by Donald Young in the look at this this is insane still was back in plenty of time but isn't there and Kohler end up winning the point that's world-class athlete right there Donald Young he made that ball unattackable.

Yeah so hard as a lot of the times you panic and you throw it up get the you eat the ball but he went in there very composed and and fortunate he had a very unattackable ball sometimes would come charging up there and pop it up and you're like what was that for saw some beautiful tennis form on the overhead from Young there.

Three four of the dainty dropper from Isner what I love there though was young just stood there and watched and no movement for him to go get that one and he definitely could have that's yours yours Jay having a lot of fun out there on court I love the smiles love having the tennis.

Players mixing in it's a great return from Young it isn't what I would like for Isner is staying with that his movement his body movement was back and he's trying to hit a drop he has to stay forward with that ball and a lot of nice too he's from Donald Young especially that drop beautiful form on that and the level of the tennis.

Players Rising throughout the day I like it .6 ghost for the Ernie but a little too much on it and Donald Young able to get out of the way and he's been impressing me from this morning to now he's a completely different player so it just shows how much improvement you can have.

On the court even within hours with this sport of pickleball and that's what's so incredible about it he's really adjusted from laying back on those ground strokes and then flying long to staying forward over the ball and finishing those Drop shots and it's keeping him in a point a lot longer and he's coming out is there again comes up short on the.

Third which is usually and in side outscoring but here that's cautious it does point eight flying Frenchman exhibit a eight six Point flying Frenchman exhibit B just come in it isn't it he's comfortable and.

I think Young is setting him up perfectly and he's just controlling that middle support so incredibly well it's for Isner there and that man is on a roll side out point seven go time for Team Isner he's got the ball.

He will serve 7-10 side out Point eleven and there's we're staying back just let a just an average ball become a problem it is and I feel the frustration from these tennis guys because most of us not all but did transition from tennis and you come in thinking well I was so good on a tennis court it's going to translate so well.

And I'm going to be amazing at pickleball and they will be but it's just such a different game with such different shots and the mentality of it so it's going to be like I said to see Donald Young already transition from this morning to now seeing Isner in two to three months he's gonna be a completely different player.

Man right on cue with a beautiful Tui finish for young 13 young again so two points from locking down the first point in this team young 13th team isn't it and when your name is on the team and you're back you want that desperately 0.9 I owe you Ellie announcer curse postcard Mr Young 913 yeah sorry.

9 13. absolute filth from Isner left a few in the net and now clean winner third and I love that because he was singing he's taking over so much of the middle ball go behind him keep him honest I think that's his gameplay right now hitting a nice drop over to devilier side versus young see if they can't create some more.

Confusion on that side and get some points on the board and much like young and devilia came roaring back in game one here come Kohler and Isner foreign 14. all right so they get a couple but we are at Match Point 14-11 team Young boy 12.

Can't make the third so this is reminiscent of what we saw in game one side out 14. again must finish it on their serve so second game point here for Donald 14 20. NJ and a missed return is a anti-climatic finish to this match so Donald Young brought it after they were.

Down in game one and it is team young thanks to Donald Young Who wins game one we'll be back with more men's right after this foreign foreign.

match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville

Thank you and this amazing experience and tournament are brought to you by bubbly sparkling water MGM Rewards fast 40 the official ball of this wonderful event and Selkirk the official paddle we are pickleball.

Beautiful look at the outside of Mandalay Bay and a beautiful look inside Mandalay Bay this is the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards we just saw that a little bit we are at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino all these folks are playing inside Cameron this is so fun it's absolutely incredible and.

It's you come to Vegas and you think oh gambling no pickleball that's what's going on right now and here we have it so we had Donald Young who's sitting there going yeah I did my job as the tennis guy now we've got a couple of tennis players on the bench cheering for their team let's play Pickleball we'll set the teams here in a.

Second Corey Warren and the Canadian Steve Deacon wearing number eight I love the name and number and jerseys going on Steve Deacon playing with Ben Johnson yeah four eight two on the far side the Lefty is Tyler loong and he'll be playing with Callen Dawson.

Foreign Dawson with the beautiful Ernie I would have assumed that Lou would have hit the first Ernie but I love that Dawson's coming in hot taking that right off the right off the volley side out point three Ben Johnson throws up a lob over the lob Dr Callan Dawson.

There so as you mentioned earlier Cameron lobs are everywhere right now I was just gonna say with Callan Dawson on the court we are going to be seeing a lot of lobs well-placed strategic it's part of his game plan it is and there you see the SWAT team from Tyler long one of the best finishers thank you.

Saito 484 good luck for Dawson there just couldn't finish it four two five and Tyler loong how do you feel he's Mr Ernie he is now going to be at the best the third to get an Ernie into this match I wouldn't put him past it to put a big.

Number up there for him he's so good at reading him and he can read him sometimes two three balls ahead and knows he's planning for that Ernie there's that violent finish again from Tyler Long yeah you would have thought it would have been loong or Ben Johns and it's the others on the board with the Ernies.

Well pushed off with the right foot point four so the other factor with a lob is everyone rotates and as you see it right there Steve Deacon pushes off called immediately by Alan Roman all over it love the referees keeping us on point cam point six they do and that's what's.

So difficult and and that's why lobs are so important right now under six for making a lot of uh free points for the other team is because you do push off it's a tennis move you push off to go back and that's how you get a free point right off the bat and speaking of three points Tyler loong just gave one out and then Steve deakin said it's the holidays.

He's Canadian I'll match you can't I can't just get I have to give again this holiday season you're welcome so Callan has also entered into the gift giving this is like secret santa before our eyes here it's Ben's turn okay six six and everyone has done their giving let's play ball yeah Thanksgiving was a while back let's move on.

Beautiful Ernie finish for Ben Johns Lou's gonna be the last one who would have thought we're in Vegas and the odds on that would have been extraordinarily High feels like at least 500 to one on that bet o point seven.

so again if you're just tuning in rally scoring every Point brings the scoreboard until you get to 14 then you must finish on your serve ten oh and a little nutmeg finish for Ben John's there we got the World Cup finishing up that's a great move there from Dawson and what I like right there is because.

John's takes so much of the court and creeps over they have to keep him honest they have to do something to to make him feel uncomfortable because I think he's one of the calmest most comfortable guys in pickleball right now so I like what they're doing let's get up to the kitchen line let's slow it back down and let's keep John's honest.

Lemonade Point 12. huge drive from deacon team Isner within three points of taking game one in this best two out of three phenomenal angle from Loom and he could create so much when he was up at the kitchen line it almost looks like he's going right at John's and he can really open up that paddle face and.

Miss and redirect it especially being that Lefty hard to read tremendous defense from Loom and Dawson until Ben says I've seen enough and I'm putting a hole in your scoreboard and I don't care and that's what's hard when you're scrambling you just need one solid drop to get yourself back up to the kitchen line almost restart the.

Point just weren't able to do that oh and a dribbler and we are at game point for Deacon and Ben Johns here again game number one must win it on your serve great game and that will do it so we saw a lot of game points not finished in our first match of this Deacon and Ben Johns.

Impressive in game number one here so will Bloom and Dawson rally will find out right after this folks new people pickleball foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign welcome back everybody to the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards we are inside Mandalay Bay amateurs playing at all.

Levels out there and the gentleman number 14 and number 25 need to get going here Logan Dawson have played tournaments together before they've been in this case before and they've come roaring back before tough foes on the other side we'll see if they've got it here in game number two side out point one and just complete.

Indecision and I've said they played together before and it didn't even look like it there did it again I don't know if that had a weird bounce or what that was but Ling was as confused as we were tweener foreign best one of the match we had two Ernie's from Tyler loong a tweener get from.

Ben Johns on the lob doctor Lovin what a finish Kim AB absolutely incredible and it is such a transition right when you have the we had the pro tennis players and now we have the true professional pickleball players here the way they're seeing the game and the patterns they're creating right now is incredible pickleball two one.

Side out point two so there's Miss third drives just uh they they have an extra little bit of pain in them there so that's a great take from Ben John to there so get that back quickly after the Deacon missed third drive on their prior opportunity.

Backhand dink Clinic here in Vegas another phenomenal point and another one ended with an Ernie this time it's Callan Dawson and there was no Panic right when it starts to get hectic maybe hit a shot that out of just pure panic and they're so calm so strategic knowing exactly where the player is going to be except for Deacon there at one moment.

Had to look back and see where John's were so you do not get two points if your opponent hits it out and foot falls that's just one wouldn't that be nice boy like two or three we need to come up with a three-pointer here cam come up with their own rules yes I love it just banging away and deacons trying to.

Get one to drop and bounce just couldn't do it and really smart by loong a lot of times when you keep getting those overheads you try to do too much with it he just played with it himself just hit one more ball and just get out your protractors folks because that is a gorgeous angle from Ben Johns and Ernie Fest 2022 continues.

You even saw Dawson sprinting over that site knowing it was going to be such a sharp angle same guy he's human it should definitely have given him a little uh words of non-encouragement over there a little good-natured uh ribbing from the.

Other Squad unable to get it up and over after the little patty cake there at the net and it's great patience right now what Dawson is doing he knows that he can stay in a dink rally he'll throw up a lob when he's ready to do he's really controlling that kitchen line right now.

Side out point six oh and that Vulcan paddle just got punched from Tyler Lang sometimes we stare a hole in it Tyler just chose to treat it like a speed bag oh and a sorry not sorry from Callen Dawson right there boom seven yeah.

Seven six seven again best two out of three to 15. game three will be just to 11 though add a little more drama boy hey and the earnings continue to be really effective and they're really isolating Dawson right now you see Luke trying to.

Come over and insert himself in this point and he is he's a lefty so he can come over into the middle a little bit more but they're doing a great job and I give credit to Dawson right now he's handling the pressure really really well yep couple of snowmen on the board here eight a piece game two.

Side out point nine big drive from John's gets an error big swing from Dawson foreign and it can get really frustrating when you have two forehands in the middle it's a completely different game different style different patterns so they're figuring it out right now I see.

Loon creeping in on maybe some balls that aren't his but I think they're gonna figure it out and they're gonna stay in this side out point nine 9 10. Dawson the former baseball player with a sidearm delivery tremendous disguise on the Finish from Ben Johns there had Dawson on the wrong.

Foot and I like that he took a little bit off of it took a little off of it had a nice little roll behind him you don't need much you think you have to hit the put away with as much power as possible a good drop and a good off-speed roll can work just fine and Ernie again from Callen Dawson 11. so we've got a timeout called from Team.

Isner we are going to take a quick one ourselves there you see it has been Ernie's everywhere interesting timeout Choice by the receivers so we'll be back can they finish it off we'll find out.

foreign welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Cameron Blackwood and folks you see the name and number and everybody's wondering what's up with those numbers the players could choose any number they.

Wanted tennis and pickleball players don't usually get to wear a jersey like football or any of their other favorite sports so uh chance to have that opportunity and show some individual love and creativity and that is a massive Tyler Long slapped forehand that beats Ben Johns he's needed I think it's been he's been hard to try and find a.

Pattern and get a rhythm in this match and hopefully that can spark something in him to really stay in this match and so I know yeah a couple of uh Four Hands in the middle which is what people prefer but not if you Clank paddles so 12 11 must win by two.

Foreign just that devastating Inside Out forehand from Ben Johns sets up Deacon for the smash and they are within two of taking game number two and nodding this team match at one a piece so I know point 13.

And that Miss serve ties us at 13. 13 cannot afford that in rally scoring just like that it is Dawson and Loom who suddenly have a game point of their own to force a deciding game three and when you have someone crashing like Dawson did you saw dee can just hit right at his chest he needs to go at his feet.

Yeah side out point just like that yes winner at the feet especially in that transition zone you're gonna see you winning 2.0 10 out of 10 times tied at 14 it'll take more than 15. you gotta win by two tremendous defense no.

Dawson can't quite track down that angle though and we have a match point but what an incredible get there by Dawson almost a turnaround grab to stay in the point yeah we had a 360. he could uh Join one of the Cirque du Soleil shows if he keeps that up right down the strip slido 14. okay so a match point is stopped 14. so.

We've had a game point on one side a match point on the other no you're Frozen at 14. Frozen at 14. 14 14. our time 14 15. okay here we go correct score oh and a ball off the net and we are tied at 15. Luke's been slapping four hands at that Ben John's backhand here.

Wait 16. and that mistake from Deacon and they have a second game point to force a game three as you saw there he lined up and then just lifted up a little bit too much causing it to go wide but or long there 15 16. drive it down the middle drive it went Loom goes deep.

I really like that from Dawson you don't see that ever no and he read that yeah and he read that really well and it was very unexpected if it drops in I think they would have won that point and Steve Deacon comes flying by with a Canadian Ernie and a second match point foreign.

And that is what match point should look like Deacon and John's close it out 18-16 an incredible point I must just jumped through the screen what a great finish and Tyler lungs paddle goes flying in the air but the level is fantastic and as the scoreboard shows us we've got team young tied up with Team Isner and it's time for the.

Ladies to take Center Court so we will have the ladies up right after this you can see them heading out there Cali Smith and Jana gretchkina Leia Jansen and Lindsey Newman it looks like we'll be right back new people pickleball foreign.

thank you thank you foreign foreign the ladies are back on the court we're in Vegas Camp two great matches to start.

Here it's been incredible pickleball so far and what I love is now later on in the day like I said we just have players really settled in now and really focused in on this new partnership and trying to figure this out but I think that players are doing just fine so Jansen and Newman.

Versus Gretch Kina and Smith Gretch Keen to serve let's play Pickleball side out point one again you see Gretch Keenan she's 13 there she ain't scared 1-0 four eight two and Lindsey Newman's not apologizing for that going off the tape.

And usually she resets a lot of those balls so I like that she went ahead and and drove that and put away a power shot and just a tremendous point everyone got their steps in there Cameron they did it was great coverage by Jansen I thought she was going to do around the post at ATP there decided not.

To play the smarter shot got them both back into the point came out on top point one like Shekinah you see there are on the board Jay davilier in the back taking care of his kid point two take that while you can because she does.

Not miss those often no Jesse Irvin talks about making balls that's what Lindsey Newman does all day as well we saw the middle wide open there I would swing all day and that is one vicious swinger of a paddle Gretch Kina side out point three.

There you see devillier holding young Leo just a couple months old he was born the day before a tournament and Jay got on a plane and flew in and played that night he's got the whole family affair and his wife is here cheering him on 0.5 Callie Smith just misses that rope down the line.

Jansen was beat man did you see it you see the ball costumes Alan Roman is asking for Clarity you can challenge here they chose not to got Norman Vel Guth ready if we do get a challenge point six sneaky inside out from Cali Smith that's ridiculous hands from Leia.

Jansen and what I really liked is Smith used a nice slice and then she had a nice roll and then flicked that backhand right there at Jansen great Movement by that kitchen up there in the backhand that Gretch akina so I know 0.7 I really like that speed up from Newman like I said before she.

Usually just wants to keep it in play and resets the ball into the kitchen taking that early really caught Gretch King off guard and I think if she continues to do that throughout the match they're gonna get a lot more points on the board five seven and it is the offense of Lindsey Newman.

That continues to shine here as they are up three here for teams pickleball has evolved so much but especially in the women's game that we're not dinking 30 40 50 balls anymore we're speeding them up we're putting them away we're resetting an entire Point within a point and that's I love that they're making the adjustments and like I said how.

Newman is coming out and really being aggressive I think some speed up put away boss a ridiculous angle there from Gretch Kina on the Top Spin 489 Newman attacks again again gets some love off of the net but uh all part of the game and not just being a passive player so oh look at this get.

Unbelievable Cali Smith swings and misses and is able to track it down and leave it in a safe place here unbelievable not surprised though I don't know if you guys have seen her workout Wednesdays I won't do it I have attended one it was like four hours long I'm impressed she lived to tell about it Cameron.

The swing and the Miss oh okay we got it sideline we got we got a call in the kitchen here can't quite see it from there team young referee there we can see it for sure and they are going to lose that Challenge from where we set we'll now proceed with video review.

That read there so if you pause you see that Jansen hit her head is so far down looking at the ball and that is the right time to make an Ernie when that player has their head down then you can really go for it and hopefully hit a winner unfortunately her back foot hit the line there yeah you got the big leap and it looks like just.

Didn't get that right heel cleared so uh let's run through the referees Alan Roman is our lead referee Diane Anderson second Don Morgan is our tracking rapid debris and as I mentioned Norman belgooth is checking out the options but from where the announcers Dave Fleming and Cameron Blackwood said we think it's pretty obvious that the.

Call was right on the court there you see Cali Smith and Gretch Keena smiling about it good look at Don Morgan and Alan Roman there making sure they get the call Accurate and what an event here though Cameron I mean just so much fun and then the players.

Are into it and the level tonight has been spectacular and that's exactly this is what pickleball is needing we're needing these big events at these big Resorts here at Mandalay Bay has been absolutely incredible here in Las Vegas and this is the platform that we're really needing to take the sport to that next level and we're seeing it here.

All right Alan Roman with the call after video review what we saw and what Alan's like we could have saved everybody a few minutes here I called her in the kitchen everybody so uh 10-7 as we resume play eleven that's a great grab in the middle by Leia Jansen it really wasn't they.

Were on defense and Gretch King was on offense that entire point you saw her really mixing it up and and wanting to drive that ball down the middle like to see her maybe take a little bit off it let's set the point up just a little bit more then pick your moment to go ahead and hit that finishing ball chaos there they get out of it.

Side out point eight yeah not the best drop shot from Cali Smith but got away got away with it it's results this is a results business good look at Yana gretchkina also known as Gianna Newell married to fellow Pro pickleball player Ben Newell side out point 12. and that's what cost you here in rally.

Scoring is you just have to be a little bit more precise and really pick your moments versus just swinging away thinking you have a side out or maybe a three point not the case here with rally scoring sign out point nine nine twelve foreign.

She's gonna get there but just pulls it wide just chance and just in huge trouble puts the ball in a perfect place Gretch Kina says you're not getting a 14 on my watch 10-13 game number one third match we're.

Tied 1-1 young and Isner side out 14. and we have a game point after another Beautiful Exchange tough luck there for Gretch Kina foreign but uh certainly didn't catch the court so.

And Newman was setting that up perfectly she was really moving that ball around in the kitchen spreading Smith and Gretch Kina out wide seeing that middle ball they just weren't able to execute sideout 14. so again must win that deciding point on your serve so second chance here foreign.

And looking like her brother just swatched that with the forehand does Lindsey Newman and a lot of impressive offense from Lindsay Newman and Leia Jansen playing her solid game it is team Isner winning game one 15 11. the proxar pickleball paddle answers the angel question of how to get paddle.

Speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball.

Foreign you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees morning practice.

Late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again.

foreign number five Leia Jansen to serve foreign foreign gorgeous backhand down the line from Cali Smith in a Utah base come on goes.

Right with it and they did a great job they were moving the ball really well in the kitchen and what happened was Jansen started sneaking over a little bit too much because Newman was looking to Ernie and it left that line right open for Smith to finish down the line there's that offense and the fist bumps from Lindsey Newman catches Gretch Kina.

One one and Jana Gretch Kanis says don't you dare Lindsay I am sitting on that forehand Just Smokes a winner Slidell point two one great drive from Kelly Smith there three one just catches.

Point four and uh a little 180 in this match here cam I really am liking what Smith and Gretch Keen are doing right now they're playing with them themselves not doing too much slowing it down making the points a little bit longer and then picking their moments I think they were going for a.

Little bit too early in that first game and now they're picking up their moments and a beautiful moment here from Gretch Keena from netcam and a yell and you get Callie Smith next to you got to match your decibel levels it's possible you can get in the same.

Ballpark ooh slido point two that's a ball that gretchkina loves with the Tui yeah point three Lindsay Newman again pushing the pace blaster that's what I love about women's doubles.

Here we like to speed it up a little bit more than the men's I think we're I think we're more exciting to watch but on the flip side we can also hit a reset like what Newman does a lot and Smith soften up those hands reset a point within a point and that's what I love about this is the fire fights within the women's games our hands have to be on.

Point and that's the thing we love about pickleball is it's equal across the board same amount of everything exposure money everything for men or women and here we are me and you right here proven that point but it's I love the.

Women's game couldn't agree with you more Kim I might be a little biased I know you are but I'll equal it out since we're talking equality thank you point five and chance and Newman grind out that point on their comeback here yeah and what I like here is Newman's really going to Smith quite a bit and.

Then she'll change it up go to Gretch Kina the ball then is coming back to Jansen she's looking for that middle ball and she's finding it a lot of the time so I know 0.7 rare lose third from Lindsey Newman there so 7-5 is the lead here in game two everything tied on the team scoreboard each of these first.

Three matches are worth one point and then that mixed match is worth three so comebacks can indeed happen foreign doubles right there golly incredible Hands by all of them and you hate for it to finish like that oh big swing but caught the net from.

Lindsey Newman there so 8-5 oh caught with her hand in the cookie jar but got out of it oh and Gretch Kina had a shot great read There by Newman and that's Kelly Smith showing you why leg day is important to be able to push off and get back to that ball very impressive .7.

And a lot of the reasons are we can stay in those battles with those quick hands and in those long dink rallies is because in mixed the majority of the balls are coming at us or we're getting the majority of the speed up balls so the women really have to train in all areas so much harder because we're seeing more.

Balls than the guys yeah Buck hissed off the tape on the serve there and uh looked wide from where we sit and that is confirmed so 9-7 thank you didn't quite get the paddle face closed there and Smith and Gretch Kina.

I'm sure the ball is fit 10-7 so I know 0.8 a little off balance sticking the paddle in there cam yeah she's not gonna Smith is not gonna miss those very often you just saw that she stayed very stagnant versus moving forward and taking it over.

With confidence so I know usually that Turf bread and butter is crashing the net hard and going hard down the middle so look for her to fix that and get the next one lemonade 12. oh and the freebies the men were handing out the gifts twelve eight first one here from Malaya Jansen.

Quiet 13. that was a great speed up there a lot of the times when you hit that speed up you want to go shoulder chest or hip and what she did there was caught her on that inner tips and it's hard to do and especially on the forehand side a lot of us will sit backhand but if you catch them out on the forehand hip.

Get a lot of free points that'll sail deep and we are at a game point to force a third in deciding game side out point nine Lindsey Newman staring down Gretch Keenan smokes it at her again so they save their first game point down within five Saito 14. again if just tuning in this.

Is Rally scoring once you get to 14 your score is frozen you must win it on for your serve d Gretch Kina shook her head after that she got exactly what she wanted just didn't make it so two tries lost.

10 14. that's what happens in the rally scoring is on the side of Jansen Newman right now a lot of pressures off them they can kind of go for a little bit more because they're not going to lose a point if they if they miss it because other team is Frozen and Gretch King is saying you know they didn't ask me to save the video board.

Back there because that ball was clearly going deep took a big hack at it and missed it 11 14. so a third chance to force a third in deciding game and they're climbing back I mean 11 14 it's not safe they really have to focus in here have a strict game.

Plan follow it through to get this game another one does not get completed so 12 14. not only do you save a game point but you get a point so you do and a rough bounce there and suddenly we are within one and it is Smith and Gretch Kina who take a quick timeout here so the.

Drama is building here we're inside Mandalay Bay and it's pickleball on the strip foreign foreign welcome back everybody we are in Las.

Vegas I'm Dave Fleming Cameron Blackwood by my side and we've got a rally in rally scoring that's why it's called that and here we are 13 13 14. foreign comes flying in and says no after Jansen had her on the ropes so fourth try to win this 14-13 Gretch Kina.

To serve foreign just not in a hurry Gretch Keena finishes a tremendous game point and we are gonna play three and I say more please in D so game three will be a game to 11 again rallies rally scoring we'll switch sides at six this is fantastic pickleball.

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Foreign foreign welcome back everybody terrific match here Gretch Keenan and Smith too is not going to be enough game three again will be rally scoring 2-11 switch at six gotta win by two and the winner of this will push their team in front in this.

Match foreign yeah excited and what a way to start game three with a beautiful long rally 1-0 Newman willpower.

And I think that's what Smith and Christina are going to have to do let's keep these rallies a lot longer and pick our moments and I that's why they were so successful in this second game I would like to see on the other side Newman she's kind of getting back into her passive game keeping things in let's hit some speed UPS see if we can't get.

Some free points on the board two gonna scratch Keenan that takes advantage of a high ball and they've got the quick 2-1 lead both Jansen and Newman thought I think it's out and then they both sort of put their like oh and it's well in it's the worst feeling in pickleball.

Right there because you know you're in trouble point four little kiss off the net there but uh Smith and gretchkina keeping the momentum from game two going here and Smith is doing a really great job of creating a lot of Separation on the side of Newman and Jansen pulling them out.

Wide that middle is open quite a bit I would like to see Smith maybe take a few more balls down the middle like that push the left foot after just dominating the flow of that point steps in and on this overhead as well into the.

Kitchen on the push off and when she sees the video it was a foot fault call it the one thing if you drag that back let's we'll watch it again here just to make sure that she wasn't able to drag it back and get it now left foot clearly there Cameron so it's okay if you go ahead and push off the kitchen light if.

You re-establish what she did there you saw her left foot did not re-establish she only had her right foot on the ground so it's a fault Alan Roman is like folks I got dinner reservations I've made both these calls right but go ahead and challenge me that gets Dave Fleming to say my name a couple times so happy to do it for you Alan so uh go.

Ahead sometimes it's nice you may already know what the call is and sometimes you just want to regroup let's go ahead let's take the timeout given let's regroup this is a crucial third game we're in right now let's settle things back down and get back into a rhythm yeah because Cali was all over that point played a brilliant Point had.

An overhead and now it's frustrating to lose it we have her face off camera you're just like there she's like there's no way man that I didn't take this particular point but unfortunately for Cali this isn't gonna go her way in my opinion might as well after video review the call in the court.

Stands there was a foot fault result of the play is side out 2-4 these referees are just way too good not a zoom play you see a cow Cali smiling saying my fault I mean 2-4 played a great Point here we go when you go for that Hard Top Spin roll the net cord is going to accentuate that.

In the case it is and that's something that Gretch Kina has is very different than a lot of other players that she has a heavy Top Spin roll D or create a lot of errors but what Jansen does on the flip side is she takes a lot of balls out of the air and neutralizes the ball and then creates you know a setup then again for Newman or whoever she's.

Playing with so what a good strength as it stands is side out five three Norman velguth our great video referee is put to work within 15 seconds so a ball the ball that we saw go off the net get another look at this one right here okay so the ball on the far side this was a weird ball because it didn't have a lot of pace on it.

And something that's different if you're new to pickleball is it is unlike tennis where tennis ball compresses so even though yeah maybe it was a little bit out but the ball still compressed and touched the line it's it here at pickleball the Wiffle ball doesn't compress so even though it looks like it may be touching the line the actual.

Contact point is out so it's just very different it's a that's why I'm so glad we do have referees to make those calls for us because it is a very different look because of the Wiffle ball yeah that one's uh tough for us to see and for you at home to see from the angles that we had available because a tennis ball as you were saying Cameron the.

Entire thing touches and you even get that like oval shape from the from the video replay here a very small part of that Dura fast 40 is actually hitting it really is yes if you take the ball and you set it on a flat service you really look at the contact point it's very small yes and so that's where you get a lot of confusion with some calls.

Sometimes after video review the call on the court stands the ball was in the Challenger team will lose their challenges for the remainder of the game the result of the rally was side out 5-4 thank goodness okay and uh our our DJ there is adding some levity in the room and Norman velguth is.

Off the hook for the rest of this game five three so time in back in and we will switch sides at six so five three and a little inside out speed up from Newman catches Gretch Kina just couldn't finish that there you see Leia Janssen going through the centering routine that gets her mind and body all.

Ready to play her best up and being the first to six just switching sides with the lead here obviously will only be one and if whoever wins this rally will have the lead as we switch and you heard all of the Lindsay Newman stuff there one of the best screamers at.

Her partner to let balls go very uh clear and then she got the Wilma the Newman willpower going we had everything so six five there you see Team young trying to urge on Cali Smith and Jana gretchkina this has been quite a match it really has and what I'd like to see Heavens is that aggressiveness from.

Newman which got them to win the first game and then she transitioned back more into the race setting a little bit more conservative in the second game like we saw there she really caught Gretch Kina off guard with that speed of that inside out speed up on the backhand side so I would like to see her control a little more switch it up and change of pace I.

Think right now that's key like you just saw Cali Smith she can have that change of pace and dominate a point even though it may be the eighth shot she can go in assert dominance take over that middle hit a winning point so they're going to need to neutralize her and that middle point and Santa is uh ready to cheer and dance and have some fun over there even.

In the corner he better get his beard ready I know it they gotta we got just a couple days you got a week away there sir so uh enjoying some pickleball in the corner 211 we will freeze at 10 here and Gretch Kina has the ball and will serve there she is number 13.

6 rare Miss there yeah pushing Cali off the line a little bit 0.7 and it is lay a chance and who speeds it up and I like that she's been very patient setting the balls up so I'd like her again join Newman and getting a little bit more aggressive see if they.

Can't finish this out so I know point seven and the high third is also a uh painful thing when you're in rally scoring every rally creates a point hey and Lindsey Newman saying there's no way that Gretch Kina got out of the kitchen in time to volley that ball.

So Alan Roman who's been all over it says no she was good Lindsey Newman incredulous there so especially in rally scoring very close with the right foot there I know what Lindsey Newman saw very close cannot challenge out of challenges.

So eight seven eight seven again race to 11. foreign sliding the wrong way once in that point camera she did and what happens with she got caught off guard on that one ended up taking about two steps back but then recovered quickly and came back up to the kitchen line that's what I love is.

When you're in trouble you may come back for maybe one or two of the balls but you have to come back up to the kitchen line eight two points from a team young Victory but the lead is just one and a very difficult Miss serve there puts us on a match point for Smith and Gretch Keena.

Foreign let's play some more nine two I didn't think it was over oh and rides the rail and stays on their side so we are tied at 10. you can only score on your serve from this point forward inside out 10.

Quality come on from Cali Smith right there and it was a well-placed ball any higher than I think Jansen could have gotten it back right there at that feet straight winner don't we love rally scoring but now we've got the Deep Freeze yes a little chill now you gotta finish.

And what you find is this style of play changes when you have rally scoring then you go back to the freeze you really have to calm back down make sure you have a pattern ready to go and you really go back to you know your traditional pickleball style of play teams that adapt the quickest from going that rally to then getting a freeze are.

The ones that come out on top ten ten still tense eleven ten okay and that will do it Newman Jansen winning 11-10 over Smith and gretchkina but.

Three points stay tuned everybody because we are seeing if we have a continuation of this match coming here we will be back with mixed doubles right after this we owe great times to good friends to.

The glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your.

Tequila our casa is your Castle foreign foreign welcome back everybody the amateurs as.

You can see are heading off to have some fun in Vegas and we're having some fun with what it takes to win a match here so 11 10 is enough and we are going to play 211 win by one for the rest of this here we are with a mixed doubles match you've got Jesse Irvin number 33 there with John Isner.

Against Donald Young and Anna Lee Waters so I know point two again this is best two out of three rally scoring to 11 win by one point three isner's gonna see that ball coming real quick there from Annalee Waters this entire pretty much and he better be ready because the next match and features that exact.

Duo on opposite sides of the net this will be a good little refresher when we have the Battle of the Sexes after this and exhibition format oh this is a good warm-up for the ladies indeed and that's the ball right there that Isner I would say out of any of his shots right now that's the one you see him go to hit that drop and he pulls.

Back at the last second causing it to go in the next versus just allowing that shot to go all the way through his body four two foreign so if you're just joining us the next match coming up features three of the people on this court you will have Jesse Irvin.

And Anna Lee Waters versus John Isner and Jack sock that's going to be fun but we got a lot of work to do this mixed doubles match is worth six three points in a rare Miss from Jesse Irvin right there six two well the ball was going out and she knew it foreign and I have a feeling that is the trailer.

And preview of our next match right there Point hey great serve from Donald Young tennis star Lefty side out point three and that's something antley Waters does so well that a lot of players don't focus on or don't put onto the game is a cross-court.

Speed up you don't see it very often usually you see a speed up going straight down the line trying to jam someone but what she does so well speeds it up cross court right at that inside hip on the forehand side you'll see her get a lot of free points over that shot yeah cause wide is a big risk we're only 44 by 20 feet point on this court.

And she can pinpoint it she is so good at that and this is quickly and I mean quickly we get to 11 in a hurry they're even running up to tap paddle so they got poker room reservations we don't know but uh we're gonna have some fun here and uh Jesse Irvin will be tuned in to get Isner going in game.

Number two all right so so the break that we took is four seconds and we're back so thanks for taking that quick break everybody you know read one tweet that's the time we're gonna give you here so here's where we're at this is a match worth three points.

We have now removed the tennis player and the rest of this match will be played as you see there with Ben Johns and Jesse Irvin together and Jay devilier and Anna Lee Waters will play on the other side so does that first game Count well of course it does so Urban and John's are gonna have to win the next two or it is.

A representative team young who will take the title of this match and that is a vicious start for Ben Johns and just to set the stage all these round Robins are for seating only semifinals and finals will be what is it Sunday morning on this very Court okay.

You knew Jesse was going to come in here fired up oh yeah and what I love about this is outside of this format and where we're playing right now you have Irvin and daviliate they are partners and you also have Johns and Waters who are Partners as well so a mix-up right here every single person on the court knows each other's game so well it's really.

Going to come down to execution and maybe a little knowledge is power right there as young Italy Waters finds a spot on Ben Johns point two and Anna Lee Waters goes to that backhand again and gets a good result and that's why she is so deadly she is not going to get stuck in that rally with the women Cross Court she's.

Not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the guy straight in front of her and she comes out on top a lot of the time she has the hands to go against Ben any day yeah there's a big debate in the pickleball Community about if she played in the men's where would she rank she pulled her own oh she would definitely hold around someday we may.

See that we were definitely going to see where she ranks against tennis press I think she's going to do just fine and a huge finish from Ben Johns there point three that is just vicious for Leo who we saw him caressing earlier no caressing that finish three four great angle there from debilier so I know 0.5.

Don't love that take I don't think he did either but if he's gonna do that he has to fully commit or let someone like Annie Waters who can really handle any ball go ahead and take that get back up to the kitchen line and again Anna Lee Waters staring down her mix partner they lost one time what she did there was incredible she.

Read it just right slid early enough to make sure that that back hitch wasn't going to pull it wide and could hit the middle side out point six four five six oh my Irvin knows she played an outpaw and devillier had candy sitting there.

For him a candy cane ready to enjoy smoked it in the net side out point six Waters in davilia where the aggressors throughout that point so they win that rally side out point eight six 0.9.

What Irvin's doing so well is at the beginning she was getting pretty isolated she wasn't seeing the ball much they were really isolating her really going over to John's when that happens a lot of the times you get out of a rhythm and then they start to go to you and you haven't had those touches on the ball and that's what's.

Happening right now but look for her to regroup get back in this and start asserting dominance like we know she has and there's dominance like we know he has number nine Ben Johns finishes good night keeps the feet out of there and we have a game point to force a third and deciding game and that tags Anna Lee Waters so.

11-3 I with Donald Young versus Isner Irvin and Ben Johns come roaring back who will take game three we'll find out after video the most electrifying man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same.

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Pickleball starter course plus get exclusive deals to paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin use foreign folks welcome back this next game will decide who wins this game and this match and then as I mentioned we've got the Battle of the Sexes coming up three of the four right.

There just moved J out of there and put sock in switch the boys over on the same side but big drama to come here who will take it point one zero team Isner the Duo right there gets off to a good start and an Ernie by Anna Lee water sets that.

Up there's a lot of unorthodox movement there a lot of confusion like we said these players do not play together at all so for them to create chemistry and exactly where each other's going is a little bit more difficult we like to call that a bait ball she.

Knew it was coming back slit immediately and the middle was wide open great job by Waters point two two point three and Jesse believes I just make balls she does a lot more than that but that's impressive at the kitchen line and.

That's what happens when you get a face off of the women and the men going straight up we're used to dinking all the time and getting the majority of the balls so getting those guys those longer deep rallies you'll see the women come out on top that's Anna Lee Waters goes right at the Ben Johnson's backhand and finishes in a beautiful combo platter.

Here a lot of nice buffets here in Vegas to visit sign out point four inside out inside out that's my favorite shot to watch of Irvin's right there is that one-handed backhand she can really pull it wherever she wants and set out inside in high low it's an incredible shot and then that.

Beautiful hinge she extends the arm so nicely there five three they'd love to win this rally and switch with a three-point lead and it is Anna Lee Waters again after some tremendous defense from Irvin and that's why she's so good and you have to be prepared because she didn't really see a ball that entire rally until she.

Needed to see that key ball and executed it perfectly before break time and we are five five and that's just really good footwork from Anna Lee Waters point six time out for end change scores six five so we are gonna switch.

John's and Irvin have the lead and Ben Johns is not going around the net we're going straight over top of it I don't think he bumped our net cams out cam so I think we're good I think we're good if I try that the netcams and myself are on the ground oh he he he did bump the net Camp so I take that back uh there's a good look at number 21 Annalee Waters.

Talking to Lee Waters we certainly wish her well and her recovery there just heartbreaking for the waters family that she tore her ACL significant injury at the U.S national championships in Indian Wells but uh still obviously a great Ambassador for our Sport and connected through her daughter so here we go and an incredible coach oh great coach so.

She'll she'll be sharing the knowledge and that is the knowledge of how to execute an Ernie at crunch time that was smooth six six helps to be 6-3 and athletic okay just I don't want to touch it seven six but you did that was weird.

Lucky Sevens here in Vegas seven seven so and that's what happens when you don't play with a partner day in and day out reverse say she was playing with John's he would have known that she was going to take that he would have covered that.

Court so just a lot of it miscommunication but nothing on purpose though get the ball back right here again we'll freeze at 10. win by one a great pool right there jammed up John's team Young trying to stay undefeated in this round.

Robin okay nine nine nine nine this game and this match and this overall team match riding in the balance oh no and a tough Miss right there from devillier so match point for Johns and Irvin foreign.

Waters 10 10. and devillier steps in catches Ben Johns and team young Donald Young and his Squad fired up over there look at the smiles they are excited they get out the door 11-10 and we will talk to the winners.

Right after this this is what we love about team pickleball here in Las Vegas foreign for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your financial future takes on new meaning.

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Thank you Tim young takes it four points to two and it literally came down to the final rally Hannah John standing by with team captain Donald Young and Anna Lee Waters let's hear from the winners well welcome back everybody Donald Young Anna Lee Waters here with me two wins under the belt of Team young now are you.

Starting to feel a little more comfortable out there yeah a lot better um getting help from some of the best and showing me new shots so I'm enjoying winning and I was feeling good right now well Annalee you've been able to take the court with a few new partners including your tennis uh buddy now on the court with you how cool has that.

Been yeah it's been awesome you know I love trying out different Partnerships and playing with d by it's been super cool like before we go out I'm like all right let's let's teach you the Ernie now so it's kind of fun to like show them the ropes and I think the more he plays the better he's gonna get and I think we saw that in this last match.

Well guys you've got to choose the numbers on the backs of your jerseys under those names why did you choose your number I originally wanted 13 but apparently that was taken so um seven was what it was and it's another favorite number of mine is it because it's lucky yeah both of them are how about you Emily 21 was my soccer.

Number and I had it for many years one year I didn't have 21 and I played like total trash so you know I had to pick 21 when I saw it and I grabbed it I took it well since you got the 21 I think we can expect you to do very very well at this tournament congratulations guys I'm sending back over to you Dave so 21 is a great number to have in Vegas.

If you're at the blackjack table so here's what we got can the tennis stars stare down two of the best women pickleball players in the world they're gonna stare him down but can they score some points we're gonna find out right after this sock and Isner ready to go foreign.

like for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your financial future takes on new meaning at Baird our financial advisors have guided individuals and families to achieve their goals through every crisis.

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To the PPA bubbly Team Championships they're presented by MGM rewards we are at the gorgeous Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino here in Las Vegas Nevada and now we've got an epic showdown Cameron Blackwood is here with me I'm Dave Fleming and it's a battle of the sexes we've got Anna Lee water and Jesse Irvin playing Jack sock and John Isner what do.

You think you're gonna see if Waters and urban play full out it's gonna be bloody it's gonna be a quick in and out here and we're gonna go to dinner early if they play full out but we'll see I I really think that you know they're gonna maybe extend the rallies a little bit longer and get the.

Guys into a rhythm and then finish out some points here I don't see them maybe going full out all right so we're gonna just play one game to 11 regular scoring win by one so uh can the tennis star show us what they've learned all day long Cameron Blackwood is shaking her head saying this is going.

To be Irvin and Waters running them over I I'm excited I'm about to get out of this truck and hop in for a point or two and there's a great start for Isner and sock now they're wishing it was rally scoring because they had a point and a gorgeous ATP from Jesse Irvin.

Oh and there's a lot of chatter on that court right now again everything regular scoring here two serves on your side there's Jack sock the tennis star well the tennis guy scrapped together a point there but uh couldn't hang in there till the end so zero zero remains is there's playing much better though.

He's really hitting those drops that he was missing earlier today so I think they're it's going to be a maybe more of a battle than we had anticipated but these women are coming out on top okay so canvas full woman power here as is everyone else in the truck I'm a girl Dad let's go ladies one zero two.

Oh oh hi listener pushes that return wide there's those hands that you have seen across the ATP Tour on this Tennis Channel let's do a one Indian Wells together and played pickleball with yours truly the day before that's how much they love pickleball and Tennis coming together.

Sock could play hours at a time one of the best doubles players in the game as Isner with that huge serve and that's where the guys are going to get in trouble is going to be up at the kitchen line from the back they have great ground strokes they they know how to move on the court or from tennis you have a lot of Court sense so they have.

That but when it comes time to creating patterns with that softer touch with the dinks that's where you're going to see the ladies just come out on top and really pick their moments to hit a speed up Jam them up oh and a dribbler in front of Isner three zero two and I I hear some numbers being thrown out I have oh on a tough.

Bounce of two points in a row where Lady Luck was on the side of the ladies hey five zip Waters and Irvin and the threat of Al and that's what's different transitioning from tennis to pickleball is you have a little bit more time tennis is a little bit slower but when you're in pickleball and you're up.

In that kitchen light things move quickly and just that little movement right there to your peripheral can cause a mishit and that's what happened with Isner oh get up Jack sock oh no and then Isner can't finish it what a get by Anna Lee there it is not a tennis ball folks that pickleball is.

Coming back yeah kazak usually hits that into the 200th Row in the tennis facilities and Irvin goes back behind sock and that goose egg looks very very very dangerous on the scoreboard we are on Tennis Channel and Isner and sock have love foreign.

Nine zip hi zero two I liked that idea from sock they're trying to go behind and soften up the game they're gonna have to extend these rallies to see if they can oh and he goes cleaner into the net that is it for game number one here.

So we're going to take a quick break and we will return Ken Isner and sock score a point we hope so after this at Baird we offer a different more holistic approach to wealth management with your career family friends and Community finding time for you and making sure your family's.

Financial plans are on track can be a real challenge at Baird our financial advisors get it we'll partner with you to create a unique financial plan and coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most foreign.

not yet buddy foreign foreign welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with.

Cameron Blackwood and you are staring at a couple of tennis stars who have won a lot of matches on Tennis Channel we are just seeing if they can win a single point against two of the best women's pickleball players in the world here we go and Jack sock comes through and it's got the crowd behind him and holds up the.

Index finger not indicating he's number one indicating that he's got one point and that's exactly what they need to do right now oh no well not that they don't do that but the point before what they did so well is they slowed it down they got a lot more hits on the ball and it.

Ended up coming on top so I'd love to see them settle back in that's what they're gonna have to do is just get up to the kitchen line create more opportunities pick their moments of when they're wanting to speed it up because these girls have too good of hands for for them to come out on top in those.

Hands battles yeah I have a feeling tennis stars are going to be sharing that video with Mr sock much to his chigraine just needed that little extension he's used to the the racket not the paddle and Jesse Irvin says hello right in the corner that was a great.

Play by those ladies spread them apart pick the Open Court hit right behind sock side out off the net court so a lot of laughter here there's good look at Jack sock yeah let's do that again just trying to get the referee to call the score Force these boys are used to having the score called well before.

They're ready to serve oh and Jack sock is feeling frisky run around backhand after switching sides off the tape in the corner I I mean I expect sometimes if you want to come over because you're looking to finish the point but it was just a simple switch off a dink and here we have it here we have it why not sock on.

The left now is there on the right okay and here we go big man ready three two one and they've got the lead second third bad luck off the tape there three two who has once.

Is there a tried I'd say an ill-advised speed up there Cameron yeah and what I like I would like them to switch back I like Isner on the right and I like sock on the left I think socks just had maybe a little bit more time on core he can create a little bit more opportunity so I'd like him to go ahead and stay on the left side but maybe not there you have.

Isner hitting a nice John Isner says uh Cameron Blackwood hold my beer look at this little lightly stay on the left side I'll give him that yeah come on man I can reach the right side from over here and John Isner finishes again so no damage done three two one look at sock Hustle.

And look what we have here that is a just disgusting get from Jack sock and he it was unattackable that it was such an incredible it reminded me a lot of Catherine parento how she could really slide and stay low get that ball over into the kitchen good idea from his there just couldn't.

Finish it getting a lot of encouragement from the crowd here and boy would he love to serve overhand catches a line okay oh tough spin live from sock and it's a beauty and a very sad overhead from Isner.

Couldn't see it in the lights and yet they come through wow I am loving this confidence that after go heading into game two I want to know the conversation that was said and the coaching that they got from from the other teammates down there this is a different team here from Isner and sock yeah oh man they didn't need that okay.

So there was even a chest bump in there in the middle bad luck here so I can't believe it so it's 5-2 Tennis Pros okay the touch from the big man six feet ten inches of finesse he's almost the size of the entire kitchen that's a great ball too there Georgia.

Tennis star of course won the longest match in the history of tennis at Wimbledon and it's now showing his touch on a pickleball court inside Mandalay Bay what a life oh and Anna Lee Waters tries to show her finesse and finds the net and we are six two one foreign.

forehands seven two one and you see the frustration with these women because when you play true tennis players in pickleball you do come out hot in the first game you get a because they're not set in yet but then you head into the second game and they're ripping these ground strokes.

Right here and they're dropping well they've really softened up their hands and they're playing great pickleball right now confidence foreign High third the little miscommunication between these boys but that scoreboard is correct seven two is the score so two seven one Jesse Irvin the serve.

And socks says that is the no-go Zone Anna Lee Waters and what I liked is he didn't take a step back usually if you see a speed up there you step back off the kitchen line he stood his ground that's exactly what he needed to do his hands were ready to go came out on top says why is one of the best.

Doubles tennis players in the world with those magic hands okay A little Miss from Isner but has played a very clean game too until that point three seven two and look at his and her attacks Anna Lee Waters and sock finishes it good look at Lee Waters going I don't know what's happening right now but no we need to.

Get it going and we had a switch on the women's side look at her going look at John Isner finish wow these guys are on fire right now and kept that gigantic foot out of the kitchen which is not.

Easy to do for a man of his size six feet ten stock running around his backhand at the kitchen and paid the price and blamed the court we all do it I like this setup though that the change the women have made of putting waters on the right and Irvin on the left she has a really good deep slice dink that I think is going to.

Create a lot of problems sock pull that down the line and sock is coming for him to leave Waters 9-3 who saw a third game in this coming not one Soul especially me especially Cameron Blackwood who'd already packed up her things you need to hang out for a minute I'm excited yeah I love this great deep return okay big mountain to.

Climb two of the best competitors on the PPA tour and those two right there Jesse Irvin smiling away oh no technically the rep did call it yes but we are we are going to take that from them too all right four nine.

Welcome to pickleball boys oh goes for the drop shot again and then 180 spin around nine five is the lead five nine one again regular scoring for our exhibition sad just get that out of here says Anna Lee watersock tried to flick it over to that forehand she said no no no I didn't.

Think these girls were and John Isner is up for the task look at this you just can't imagine that a paddle could be there whose arms are that long John Isner SAR yes okay here they come 792 oh it just sneaks over.

Wild swing for man to leave water so 971 Jack sock to serve oh and a big serve and it is game point for the tennis stars ten seven one oh can you make the third under first chance second try for Isner and socks and two game points saved what I like is they changed around.

Everything from game one and coming into game two so they've they've done a great job of playing pickleball in this game too they have yes they're you know the girls are coming back as we thought they would anyways but they need to hold their heads up high because they have been creating a lot of good opportunities for themselves.

And taking the tennis game out of it and really picking out some good pickleball patterns and creating some confusion on the side of waters and Irvin I was not expecting that 8 10. oh Sak is there what a drop by Isner.

But reaching a little there in the lead is down two one nine ten two foreign get from sock that one goes for the LOB TP Trump should we've got a swirling twirling.

Chest bump and they have another chance at a game point here and they have done it the tennis gross after getting shut out in game number one 11-0 come roaring back they were in big big trouble on the comeback from the ladies but were able to finish and we will play a third game I want it Cameron.

Didn't expect to see it but here we go at Baird we offer a different more holistic approach to wealth management with your career family friends and Community finding time for you and making sure your family's Financial plans are on track can be a real challenge at Baird our financial.

Advisors get it we'll partner with you to create a unique financial plan and coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most okay thank you.

brilliant not yet buddy thank you welcome back everybody to the PPA bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM rewards we're at Mandalay Bay and this.

Is something else Isner and sock shutout run over in game number one 11-0 right the ship the ship was leaking it was leaking but they got to the Finish Line win game two 11-9 who will take game three and all the bragging rights that go with it just deep from Isner so the ladies get out in front early.

There's a good look at Jesse Irvin oh no and now a ball off the tape Cameron game two they really made some great adjustments they slowed the game down they started playing pickleball up at the kitchen line creating patterns picking their moments and that's why.

They won game two rightfully so so looking for this to be a really competitive game three oh my and it is the best ATP in the women's game Jesse Irvin runs it down sock was there just wasn't solid on that and a three nothing run at least to start game number three.

Oh no and now it's four hear a lot of the men I know Ryan Sherry was over there coaching up the boys one of the best singles players on the tour oh hello no luck winner and they might switch sides without touching the ball yeah and that's just that's experience.

Right there they're really starting to pull these guys a little wide then they're looking to suck sock in just a little bit opening up that line Hannah Lee Waters just misses getting there all right so Isner right there to serve they do get a chance to serve before the switch now.

Can they score not with that third good energy from soccer though and way too high from sock and Irvin makes quick use of that so 501 five zip and Anna Lee Waters is everywhere and all that memory of game two is starting to look a lot like game number one.

It is so like I said these girls they're gonna go back to their experience on the core of years of pickleball and they know how to win this match I love the scoreboard we got the Tennis Pros boys and the PPA Pros girls so the boys have zero eleven zero let's see if they can avoid a double goose egg with a win in the middle I think they'll get.

Some points on the board they're playing really well and they've like I said they've adjusted so well and what I like is the movement yeah they're now more comfortable up at the kitchen line and playing according to their strengths a little bit more now yeah I love what they did in game two they gotta gotta find that Mojo.

Second serve and I would like them to go down the middle a little bit more I think that's where they've gotten the majority of the points because Irvin and Waters don't play together often or at all that there is that miscommunication down the middle and they've gotten a lot of free points off that.

Good handle of the net Court by Isner and then lets it Go all right maybe it's side you know all the points have been served on that side here in game three and Jack stock speeds it up down the middle per Cameron blackwood's recommendation and finishes so they are on the board.

He's playing straight up not stacking anybody anywhere ah gorgeous oh Top's Been Loved from sock and Anna Lee Waters tried a tween her here's a good look from netcam just couldn't get quite underneath it and sock is there after a great defensive.

Volley from Isner and they've cut the lead in half and you saw just how far apart Jesse Irvin and Annalee Waters were on the court that middle is wide open right now his nurse hitting some buttery thirds but it's got to make a less ugly fish but nice Rampage there got three it's a good look at the big man.

What replay can't wait to cheer his Georgia Bulldogs on in the college football playoffs a few days time look at that get from Irvin Irvin's just hanging out on the side of the Court watching it's like Al's one enough good-natured fun there so they get three.

See if they can get the ball back uh that is a head scratcher and that's what happens you start to get a few points on the board and then you think oh I'm gonna go for a little bit more a little bit more and then you go for too much second time that's what happened there with Isner let's go ahead and take a.

Step back let's soften up those hands and let's just make the ball just a nasty Tui from Isner and a big finish okay so just one there three seven one Big Sur from sock keeps saying the lead back but look at her not only fight forward.

But blast the big man Isner started turning sideways the second that ball went up he knew she was coming and it's a great move it's she really does a shake and bake for herself and midpoint midpoint correct foreign and beautiful Drop oh no.

After some gorgeous defense stock can't get the backhand roller in there you heard isn't her say I knew it and she knew it too unfortunately oh that was going to be a fun ball there some nice balance from stock there.

Almost fell in okay hello John Isner he's doing well he's now he's whether he knows it or not really kind of learning the slide and not that he has to move much and like I said he's almost as tall as the entire kitchen there but I really like that he's seeing the ball a little.

Bit better and adjusting his feet to be ready to counter those balls yeah and he's got to let sock come over and just blast that forehand opportunity there oh no a man who is known for his Aces single faults there that's all it takes here and pickleball obviously three points from winning the Battle of the Sexes are.

The ladies second turn and for two shut up no damage done okay couple of nice thirds friends things could get Mighty interesting and why not why not Lady Luck can be on the guy's side too oh I take those every day all.

The time no no sorry not sorry we're just moving on we got five oh these thirds from Isner are gorgeous and it's weird I've played against him the ball comes from a different plane because he's so tall you're like how can that be coming from a knee and still be in and it almost doesn't have a loft no it's the trajectory yes it is flattened.

And it's heavy so you see on the other side with Waters and urban when it comes down they're almost getting pushed off their back foot just trying to pick up that drop like I said you give him three months it's gonna be deadly two on a gorgeous forehand as Anna Lee.

Waters was having to cross as they chose to switch it seven eight two drama building here on Center Court at Mandalay Bay 7-8 look at that drop and those hands of sock 8-8 see Kim kleinsers in the back there probably a little torn between the two because she now was an owner of a MLP.

Team and wants to see some girls win but she's a tennis player and watching these guys oh and a very ambitious Choice from Irvin or excuse me from Isner at eight all okay eight eight bragging rights and so much more on the line here oh look at that ATP defense from sock inside.

Rare Miss from Waters there and a violent ATP I mean Ernie from sock he was in the air before Urban even hit it knowing I'm gonna go ahead and take this Ernie look at that beautiful Ernie from sock my goodness they get the ball back at all and another gorgeous third from Isner.

And a great poach from sock the boys have come all the way back and they lead it nine eight one I would have lost a lot of money this is the city to do that in Camp oh my God and after all those beautiful thirds at 9-8 Isner can't find the range second try to get to 10 and a match point.

Okay a little little um little crack a basket over there he's got it back here we go so we're switching out the ball here my goodness just missed there too how she can let that go at 981 but uh if anyone knows the dimensions better than her.

I don't know who that is oh look at that drop again from Isner ladies and gentlemen they have come all the way back look at the strut and Isner it is match point for the tennis stars on Tennis Channel oh no and he can't find the range on that one so a match point saved by the ladies here we go.

Tremendous hands from sock and Isner yeah they're really sticking to pull off of the ladies paddles here very well oh no what I like is that they're doing so well is their their change of pace or sometimes you don't get right over when you come over to pickleball is it's just.

Bang bang every Ball but there's a lot of finesse in their game is there with the mistake it's nine ten two analy water speeds it up Match Point goes to the other side ten ten two uh win by one this is it okay yes just just everybody clarifying there's Emily.

Water wait oh the players are changing the format folks so you know why not all right all right so we're gonna win by two in game number three okay we won by 11 in game one so it's fine.

Oh no Isner step back to he he better be thanking everyone for agreeing with the win by two match point for the ladies and another dropper from Isner so both sides have saved a match point.

Just absolute filth on the third it's a heavy heavy third that he's hitting and he's hitting it with confidence right now it might be time to return somewhere else have one three rallies in a row and they have.

Their second match point oh and a little coaching much like they do before any serve in a big tennis match oh no game one 11-0 and come roaring back to win 11-9 13-11 the ladies cannot believe what.

Just happened and that man just stopped paired up with his buddy John Isner they are winners on Tennis Channel love 15 30 40. any point one means you win because when you bet just one dollar on any tennis match you could win a hundred if any point is one plus if you're not in a Sportsbook State you can pick a swing at thousands in prizes in.

Our free to play pools so download the DraftKings Sportsbook app sign up with the promo code that one dollar to win 100 if a point is one and makes it rain foreign the world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours.

For help I got a Foot Solutions make an appointment at foreign foreign well folks we are back and the Battle of the Sexes goes to Isner and sock they get absolutely demolished 11-0 in game one they come back win 11-9 game two.

Save a match point against and win 13-11 in game three we've got all four participants on Center Court Hannah Johns what do they have to say well welcome back everyone and what an electric match we just saw that was so fun to watch you guys got pickled in game one has that ever happened before and how did you come back strong in.

Games two and three well we got lucky first of all but uh it was kind of like the in tennis you never really want to win a set 6-0 because you're just dominating so much that's kind of what I told Jack that we had nothing to lose at that point but honestly we we won seven less points than they did I think if we play that back 50 times we might win.

Once and we just happen to get lucky today Jesse did you do that 11-0 as a point of Pride did you discuss that or what happened there yeah I think we came out hot and we just you know kept swinging and it worked and uh that game one was a lot of fun Well Jack a couple of the pros have.

Commented that you've got some really super soft hands you really had that part of the game down is that one faceted pickleball it's coming a little easier to you uh I mean that's I think while I enjoy it so much I love the Cat and Mouse stuff um the handsy stuff is always felt uh comfortable in tennis so it translates.

Over all right it's been a blast to play with all these Pros I'm a avid watcher of the game on on the YouTube channel and everything so it's funded now finally play with everyone and I think game two and three were my favorite well Al I saw you taking on Jack and a little bit of singles on a side Court how'd that go we only played to five and.

It was five three so you know I don't know what happened in the rest of the game but he was he was beating me five three all right I wish I could have seen the rest of that game but guys congratulations so fun to watch Dave take us away that was a blast thank you guys so what a day of pickleball we had and.

We've got a lot of fun tomorrow so as we did today we've got two team matches back to back in the morning Billy Bush and Matt manasse will be on that call team young versus Team sock team Isner versus Team query team young undefeated coming into that and then tomorrow night we've got some very fun exhibitions including tennis on tennis.

That's going to be fun and then we'll finish it with Team stock and team query for Cameron Blackwood Hannah John's on the court our incredible production crew I'm Dave Fleming thanks so much for watching us we'll see you in the morning good night thank you
Welcome to the bubly Team Championships presented by MGM Rewards, hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Today’s match-ups will feature the top pickleball players in the world competing alongside professional tennis players John Isner, Sam Querrey, Jack Sock, and Donald Young.

Match #1: Team Isner vs. Team Young
Match #2 (Exhibition): Jack Sock/John Isner vs. Anna Leigh Waters/Jessie Irvine
Match #3 (Exhibition): Ben Johns/Riley Newman vs. Sam Querrey/Donald Young
Match #4 (Exhibition): Matt Wright/Sam Querrey vs. Tyson McGuffin/Donald Young

Team Isner: John Isner, Ben Johns, AJ Koller, Steve Deakin, Jessie Irvine, Lea Jansen, and Lindsay Newman.

Team Young: Donald Young, Jay Devilliers, Tyler Loong, Callan Dawson, Anna Leigh Waters, Callie Smith, and Yana Grechkina.

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