Three Five Sixty Plus it's for the bronze medal Nationals 2022 35 60 plus this bracket started many hours ago at 8 A.M this morning it's now dark one zero two good finish there zero one one.

Good shots there good point so one one one so you might notice the guy here in black is doing a spin service going the ball up and spinning it which is going to be two on one uh that serve is going to be legal here in a couple months 2023 they're outlawing the spin serve.

Not be allowed to add any spin before you hit the ball starting in 2023 but it's taking advantage of it while we still can and he gets some great serves I saw him playing earlier and there were three or four serves in a row the other side did not even touch the ball because the spin he gets from it.

Three one two slide out one through one good finish there one three two and this game is to 15. okay and the winner will advance on to the gold medal match 3-1-1 good finish right down the middle.

Four one one uh fault there you cannot serve all the scores being called so four one two and there's that serve at work again so it hits the ground and it spins hard.

Wow that one was extremely deep as well so not only is it it's getting hard when it hits the ground but it's very deep uh time out there which is smart they get two timeouts smart to use it there when the score is 6-1 and he went for a little too much on that one so sign out 161.

Nice drive from the red shirt guy on the other side two six one and two six two a little net dribbler but they were able to get it over side out six two one.

And seven two one thank you 15 seconds eight two one and there's switching ends eight to one eight two one foreign.

And he's able to take a lot of those shots which is what you see a lot and mix is where the man just kind of takes over and grabs everything he possibly can and it's doing a good job with it and you can do that when he's got a good backhand and lady on this side is really.

Struggling with that spin serve it just hits the ground and takes such a jump it's hard to adjust 961. eleven two one second server there you go able to get that one back over I think she stayed back a little farther than.

She had been and that was the key 211 uh no that was uh second server so eleven two two foreign and the winner will go on to play for gold our service very low over the net there he's going for that backhand in.

The middle which that's tough to do but he's been getting most of them lady on that side as I mentioned her serve is very good it's just very low over the net she did it several times in a row two twelve one another advantage of that backhand he does is it puts a little bit of a.

Side spin Slice on it a lot of times when you're hitting that backhand which makes it a little bit tougher for the opponent yeah again he would reached up and grabbed that backhand that's a tough shot but he's he's good at it 971.

Oh 12-2-2 -2 all right point there 14-2-2 great point oh a little dribbler there and this side needed that little.

Dribbler shot so 214. one more a little conversation there about whether that ball was out the guy on the other side called it out himself which was uh nice to do so that's a point.

3 14 1 I believe foreign and just put it anywhere this side doesn't know where he's going with it slide out there 14-3-1 but one more point and the team over there on the other side with black has won and advances on and there's one final.

One final serve and I'm sure he scored many many points on throughout the day and so the red team the guy in the red shirt here and his partner have won bronze and the other team goes on to play for gold