David will be our first server over to Anna Bri on near side of your screen and a bright spot of the Inside Out opening too good yeah what a shot from her and a two-handed backhand lob off the bounce from Thomas Wilson so what a first point the right side rock and mix doubles andab right finding offense on the first.

Two points who needs Ben Johns well she’s so dynamic in that way you pointed it out earlier in the tournament on Friday her ability to switch into both gears goodness gracious and a bright two amazing shots and then a bit of hand speed and a bit of luck on that last ball wow Vivian David to even get to.

That on almost the full split shows off her athleticism as well Point 31 and Vivian David sailing that for and is not the in 401 second.

Serve good to see Vivian Dave David not holding back after that forehand error a couple points too finding some offense on Ben John’s are there any more openings with on the team with Ben versus Anna Lee up to this point I mean I think it’s hard to say that there’s any big advantages to.

Having Anna over Anna Lee Waters but it’s not much different in a variety of aspects oh just couldn’t get it over maybe possibly the fact that analy Waters likes to go freestyle attack the fella.

And kind of create some chaos maybe Anna brigh could grind out dinks in the slow game a bit more but uh I I certainly don’t want to say anything about how uh not having anal next to benide is an advantage side out yeah David and Wilson 49 and 17.

Fantastic win percentage for them and it’s even been better lately 411 second serve clean wear for Thomas Wilson yeah great job from Thomas knowing that Ben really Adept at that inside out forehand Thomas held his ground and cracked the two-hand and Vivian David trying to go soft back behind Ben John’s which which is an.

Important thing to do just have to find a way to not let him hit that ball out of the air side out missed serve ball back over to Thomas and Wilson or sorry Thomas and Vivy I mean I mean come on come on it’s match five cut me some slack here goodness gracious it seems like that could be a.

Good team Thomas and Wilson I mean that’s a reasonable team right there unfortunately it’s only one player out there right now the ladies trading dink errors another point on the board for Wilson and David Mayan David The Enforcer at the kitchen that yeah what did I say about.

Her having a bit of put away power too he did all set up from the great Court positioning and two-handed backand 352 Point that’s a huge drive from Viv David always tough going back left to front right unwinding the stack for Anna brigh awkward position on that first volley from her watch it watch it watch.

it no way Thomas exclaims no way it’s all it’s always stinks when your partner does such great things to get you back in the point and then you miss an easy shot I feel his pain1 second some of that fancy footwork dancing around the corner of the kitchen.

Looking for ernes from Anna put her out of position no point that’s a nice fill of the middle from Ben John’s 64 two andab bright said out confidently right when Tom has hit that ball ends up about one one in deep time out timeout.

Receiver position TI and Johnson and a br on a two and on a run in game one best three out of five in doubles champ Sunday beautiful play by Vivian David big yeah big Power good timeout 471 come.

On Ben can just take over Mi Double’s match so effortlessly it seems on his side it does not seem it is it is I know requires some effort on his part ni put away power from Thomas Wilson and yeah just any time that Ben s his weakness and I what I mean by that is his opponent’s off the kitchen line.

And he’s right on it he just starts the fire with a mediocre attack and just knows that he can clean up later in the point what’s going on what gives it’s the second wild stab lob from Anna Bri at the beginning of that point and then a.

Wild Le cord from Thomas and another one and such a quick adjustment too off the tape which is not as easy as she made it look second serve and a nice combination from Thomas Wilson right through the wickets of Anna brigh who is in a good athletic position to defend but Thomas’s forehand power too much.

752 yeah come on out 57 1 second Ser the fellas trading third shot Drive errors 572 oh my Thomas.

Wilson Oh hate to follow him with that but what a performance on his side yeah Anna brigh early on hitting plenty of quality dink but looking for offense quite a bit scoop some of those defensive plays love that net count come on and a whip from Vivian David and she.

Was hitting a forehand from the middle of Court not Thomas 72 out all right all right little something going here and I do believe the energy is a bit higher on the side of David and Wilson you mentioned Ben John’s taking over the match so easily I think he’s a flat actually to start this.

Match second serve understandably so two hours grinding on court with his brother Colin to secure go 572 and then a little little break to tighten up in between and one thing you cannot do is if he is a hair flat let him off the hook and let him win game one cuz then he finds that Rhythm and.

momentum sry second serve 752 very tough break from Viv David it’s a nice Serve by Anna brght to the inside corner yeah a little T serve up the middle 852 side out then late clearing his.

Body pretty half-hearted third shot Drive attempt from him still with a solid lead for Brighton Johns yes second serve nice job of Anna Brite keeping David and Wilson back at the Baseline 52 great job from Viv early in the point digging a couple.

shots been just two there 851 second serve it’s a great eye from Viv David 852 point a couple soft airs from Thomas Wilson.

Running around the backand some really Quality Soft Stuff from Viv David early in the point 952 point game point game point BR Ben Johns viian David gets the crowd on their feet for that one what a.

Shot I mean that’s a phenomenal dig 5 one one of the best female defenders in the game if not the best point andn right getting a little greedy going after a very tough first volley back behind Thomas Wilson nice drop nice drive from Viv point off the post for.

Ab Wilson and David Staying Alive yeah it’s possible the angle was there but that was a very tough shot from Anna brigh 71 1 oh no two Miss atps for Anna BR and I think that was the easier of the two just didn’t let let it travel far enough off and she exclaims are you kidding me.

As she Tings it twice 10 one point in a bit of aun there’s a big factor of expectations when you step on court with him second serve Viv almost running away from that ball has been put it over to the forehand side and Viv was sliding to the middle of the Court ni.

two come on and David all over it to tie it at 10 AP piece and damid has been doing it all from offense to defense 10 10 two oh boy that just barely made it over for.

Anna Bri Thomas wi bow to the net saying why took a dance no poor guy an a bright hanging on and Johns steps in to take that ball cross another game point yeah I think he had the easy job quality third shot roll from Mana brigh to set.

It up 11 second serve some real frustration from Anna throwing her hands up talking to herself aggressively 11 side out Miss third and a never misses those and a third game point held off by Wilson and David your Ben joh.

Consider stepping in to encourage Anna BR at some point or let her you would think so Michelle but I I I have not seen that happen yet it’s so bad tie game 11 and all yeah this is one you have to have.

For Wilson and David it would be so Spirit breaking after some of this rare loose play from the one seeds to not capture game one Thomas Wilson all over the opportunity exactly as you see it 121 and game point number one now for Wilson and David an 10 five lead evaporating for.

The 12 11 one one seat oh my beautiful snag just second what an unreal point oh my and a right covering the line Bob a couple wet.

Cords mixed in even leaving one up for Thomas Wilson’s forehand and game point number two to unfold now for Vivian David and Thomas Wilson now they try to close it out 1212 point wison and David will indeed capitalize in game number one when the.

World sleeps greatness Rises and While others dream of the next level we Chase it challenging every limit turning obstacles into Stepping Stones because the next level isn’t just handed to you it’s earned go next level with 6-0.

Pickle ball pass ball game two time in 0 02 Point that’s a tough sof Miss for ni David they were in complete control of that point throughout.

One2 she pulled it oh she made it okay very nice shot from BV DAV but I thought she might have pulled it wide but she kept it right Insider on the line nice shot from second serve nice little one-handed flipper from Ben John’s Z one two.

Nice pressure Big Time hook on that last forehand from Thomas Wilson pace and spin moving away from Anna brigh out see if Thomas can tighten it up just a little bit I believe he’s made more airs than usual in this match.

Just almost hip checked to the ball um that is not the play as she kind of ran into it let’s get a look 211 that was pretty awesome and she comes flying in with a wild forehand on the next shot complete Redemption two one two side.

Out ball just took off on Ben Johns is that third shot drive only halfway up the net what two one second serve all right A little sloppy to start game two from both teams know we’re three out of five but.

Everything matters out here got to tighten it up in this huge Championship Sunday moment SP right in the middle just perfectly placed two incredibly athletic Defenders and Vivien David and Thomas Wilson still clean winner for Ben.

Point nice power from Anna brigh first ball that she cracked came back but she was ready with a nice reload back to back nice two-handed back hands from her 311 second serve.

312 side out missed a middle dink from Ben John’s and it’s a wild difference uh between Anna Bright’s women’s partal Rachel racher and just the demeanor of Ben Johns and I don’t think that’s going to affect Anna much but it might affect her a little bit second Ser those two ladies are on.

The same page with their fire and their intensity and uh Ben just has a different style of Play 1 two that comes with time and a partnership too to understand what the other needs in certain moments Wicked hand speed from Thomas Wilson and a beautiful close too and.

Drops it in Inside Out Ernie right past your backhand of Ben John’s Well Done Thomas two32 out well on to the next point for Viv 3 2 1 down the middle Beauty for and David yeah she’s been coming out on top of those crosscourt dink rallies with Anna.

Brgh really at the beginning of game one andna found some quality offense but since then it’s been in Vivian’s favor 3 two point yeah so tough for Thomas to create offense from a low position in the middle because all Anna bright has to worry about is her two-handed backhand.

Anything to the right side of her body is going to go wide huge power anytime you can take away one or two of your responsibilities because of a certain pattern or a certain uh situation it’s really to your benefit one less thing to worry about.

Second serve two for two we replay the point Thomas dery 242 incorrect football called I think is whatz it B I think the referee thought that it was.

Taken out of the air yep happened many times just too good from Ben not even a ton of pace on those two attacks just to the perfect spot to jam up viven David interesting flow to this match waiting for an extended run from anyone Point yeah stop to play hereid David rarely hangs and they.

Played way more together than than Ben and Anna brigh but not a lot there well it wasn’t because she didn’t get low enough that’s for sure on that ATP from Viv David 6 2 1 second serve yeah that ball just not coming up and up right thinking it was going to be hip high it ends up down by.

Her feet 622 point yeah the dreaded gosh dang it from Thomas Wilson backhand dink right into the net and a pretty solid lead for bright and John’s and as I mentioned no real extended.

Runs oh then let it fly thought for sure it was going out and Vivian David to her surprise hands that one in that was well end good foot or more 27 one e yeah that’s one of the difficulties of playing with Ben you expect him to get.

So many when he doesn’t make a move you’re not quite sure what to do from Vivian David in the heart of that point point what a spot from Vivan David go up the middle of the court she hooks that cross so often and that’s the way Ben was leaning he’s very late getting his paddle back to the right side of his.

Body and that is why as you see two amazing spots from Viv up the middle and now fully crosscourt creeping a comeback on the BT of Vian David okay right back 572.

672 onepoint game for Wilson and David out Johns closes the door on the run but way for Wilson and David to chip their way back in as they did in game one here you.

go why an open court to hit to Wilson finds it creates the opening yeah I I don’t blame an a BRI for hanging out in the middle after Ben Johns went for that ATP just didn’t quite work out as you mentioned a big chunk of court for.

Thomas to hit into out ball back over no damage done here we go 671 yeah w Vivian David goes down the line on the back door of Ben John’s tie game 70 he is he canot you cannot be.

More you cannot fool Ben Johns more than viian David did right there she did it a couple times on the poaches in the middle of the court and now with just a standard attack and that’s been a couple times she’s done something spectacular and followed it up with a Miss serve and Thomas doesn’t give it dang he is going to support her all the way through it.

Thomas Wilson spicing things up Center Court throwing his hands in the air show showing us how he did it with a nice punch from the chest okay so good fromson David time in 97.

2 long for David run for Wilson David just checking that that didn’t catch the clothing of Ben John’s 791 he says no initial reaction from Viv says everything I think the ball Landing was actually blocked off by the body of Ben in real time.

891 oh my looking forand of Wilson finds the left sideline Yeah couple times now that bright has just not been in the right spot and I I cannot blame her for being in the middle there just perfect shot selection from Thomas Wilson has lost the peer step yeah and uh handful of soft airs at the end of.

Game one seem to be creeping back in for Anna bright they’ve all been there before too good Ben John he just kind of swats at it in the middle of the Court comes up with a clean winner 92 there’s even in the men’s doubles match there was some real vulnerability.

There from Ben Johns from the middle of the court from his left side opponent catching him in the right hip game point for Wilson and David Vivian David and Thomas Wilson take game two they are one game away from gold and the one seat Edam bright and Ben John TI in2 Adam St Michelle McMahon in the.

Booth side out let’s see what Ben John’s can create here anna bre clearly in a bit of a mental Funk at the moment showing she is human we’ve all been there oh just short for Vivian David how much Court do you give Ben John’s in this situation if you’re in a bright well as much as he.

Wants 90% C nice lob from Anna Bri nice start here maybe taking off the shades for Anna bri can get her going yeah I just don’t think Ben is in 90% mode right now I agree with you and a bright little soft offense with the law.

And now just a full-on rip up the line 31 second Ser now that’s a backhand drop from Ben John’s right into net cam 302 Point little a little extra pepping step time in.

402 stop throwing side out zero for one point I think it’s right off the line and right looking over to Ben to maybe help her with the call but he did not react checking the ball.

Here looks like we’re going to switch her out the body language of an breaks me right now not looking her usual Championship Sunday self understandable maybe she goes from Pep to anger and that can power her through one you seen that happen for many players yeah some players play.

Better angry oh my then Johns covers his backhand side so well what well done though by Wilson and David to Edge out the point two 4 One second Ser pretty solid reaction from Vivian David even the misses she’s somehow a.

Little py and happy Thomas Wilson Dro every forand right at the body of Anna bright right now yeah that first first volley from Anna bright sat up enough for for Thomas to be aggressive on backto back shots point four all tie.

Game four nothing leate gone 442 left cord and a onepoint Advantage yeah when it rains at pores four-point run to get back in game three and now a bit fortunate to take the lead 5 42 that ball actually had a chance to be going wide off the paddle of Anna brigh.

I think uh Thomas Wilson’s hand speed did him a disservice there good night from Thomas Wilson Fleet a foot yeah just the I mean it’s just a hop skip I mean he is so explosive as a mover 4 five2.

Wide Open Court Viv David finds it yeah it seems like every time Anna brght is in the right spot on a scramble point it is not working out in her favor watch it watch it watch it oh second serve nice hands for Nana bright putting that ball down at the.

Feet of Viv David listen knew that wasn’t the right choice her location for that speed up 7.

And a bright all over the law maybe the spark she needed to get going on her side one of the more extended dink rallies of the match all four players with nice delicate touches up at the kitchen line and some nice athleticism from Anna brigh to get a good bit of pace on that overhead four five.

one go go Thomas Wilson with a loose arm forcing the second serve yeah pretty quality track down from Ben JNS on that lob over Anna brigh just too much Thomas Wilson power late in the point Viv David a little late getting to.

Her position and a nice quality forehand roll from Anna bright 552 now that’s going to leave a mark in the lower left leg of Anna brigh that one had to sting 551 Point Miss return another point for.

Wilson and David 651 five points away from what would be the biggest upset of the tournament second third VI is trying to catch and a bright transitioning unwinding the stack nice protection from Ben Johns angle on the back hand of Ben.

Johns in a quick side Thomas Wilson can’t get there nobody can yeah exactly that’s a perfect way to put it what about Conor Garnett he had some crazy kids today he did I’ll still take Thomas Wilson bu a hair Anna Bri thought it was in I thinking to confident walk back yeah.

We’re going to have a challenge here puts us at 56 after review the call was overturned the ball was in no one timeout two timeouts we’ll resume play at 661 time in 661.

Second a tough attack from a low position but I kind of feel like Ben JNS has found a bit of a second wind his knee Bend is a little more intense his lateral movement at the kitchen line is picked up soft air from the middle of the court from Thomas Wilson big big.

Moment in this match clearly hits his paddle think he was trying to pull it back out of the way and then nicely that looked a little bit like analie Waters turning her back with the whipping through with the two-handed backand 862.

Oh couple of tough misses and a three-point Edge Brighton Johns you don’t want to give them any space to go you have the opening that’s where things can get tough against these two Gain point for bright and Johns yeah so uh a let cord that was unfortunate.

For Thomas Wilson and three soft errors from David and Wilson out all right still in it fall back over it’s going to take a lot now with a four put fourpoint cushion for the one seats 6 one Point all right one down three to go to tie this thing.

Up 7 10 1 Vivian David crashes the forehand of Thomas Wilson who fended off two overheads it’s almost like he thrives on the pace of the overheads defensively speaking for Thomas Wilson recovery speed is ridiculous still on a one for Wilson and.

David second third too bit from Ben even a reasonable shot from Thomas going up in the shoulder upper chest area of Ben but his hand speed was ready Miss sign out game point number two yeah she’s had a couple great looks at atps throughout this match and just seems to.

Be missing him by a smidge patient dink pattern for Anna brigh and game three goes to the one seed and will anab find her confidence after that win that’s three out of five in this mix story so far is bright trailing two games and a bright looking to find a.

Rhythm they did in game three and does Ben Johns have enough in the tank to take over well point one says yes as he came up with yes that was a wild angle Inside Out above his head from the backand side Thomas Wilson basically hit that ball right to Ben’s paddle couldn’t come up.

With it nice offense from Thomas 011 second pretty quality dink from the left side of the court from Viv David but she kind of panicked on that last ball and just threw up without.

Success yeah that’s phenomenal job of Thomas Wilson starting the fire and getting back to his position at the left side of the court to hit another forehand out oh that’s tough break perfect position from Viv let the ball travel just a hair too far got back behind her body always want.

That contact point to be out in front when possible it’s just fun I mean I can watch him hit overheads and put the ball away all day one one two inside out from the dink of Wilson ATP.

Defended by David Reon ATP from Ben John’s and viian Dav doesn’t doesn’t just defend it she puts the next ball away the layup what a read from Thomas Wilson almost standing on the side of the kitchen waiting to slap that thing home oh.

Oh a pancake show us Thomas how’d you do it there it is nice job covering his chest on the forehand side from Thomas Wilson a soft clean winner back behind Ben Johns oh my goodness I thinkk annna Bri was hoping that ball would travel out wide far enough for an.

ATP instead it just dies in front of her for a Le cord winner for David and Wilson he missed it what a stab on the backhand side from Thomas Wilson and time in 511 right on the line from Ben John’s so.

Good yeah it really is but they were on a one they get another crack at putting another point or two on the board trademark Ben John’s backand roll point and that’s one low position attack from Anna brigh who has had a bit of success with that in this match not this.

Time 612 oh had the opening had and a bright beat did Thomas Wilson I mean that’s clearly a very difficult shot to come up with has it though but yes Anna Bri was leaning middle and Thomas didn’t hit it to the middle I like that real aggressive with his.

Movement and his court positioning Thomas Wilson take control fella awesome job from Anna brigh fading the pump fake of Ben J’s at the beginning of that point and then finishing 262 Point Here Comes Anna bra and Ben John is creeping back yeah phenomenal defense.

Early in the point from Anna brigh got our team up to the kitchen line I mean Anna Bry had Thomas completely fooled he was out of position crashing back to his spot and what hand speed to not allow Ben Johns to get a clean paddle on that ball ambitious Ernie from Thomas Wilson.

Just barely had the opening as timing has been perfect he hasn’t been faking too much and Anna bride has been going back behind him at a decent clip great job from Thomas second serve.

732 side out that’s a tough possession in those last two see if they can get the ball back with only no or a small amount of damage that’s that’s bad luck and a bright playing some quality shots from the back of the Court lately.

But n had other ideas 372 I mean just crazy dink skills from all four players and I mean that last ball was only an inch or two up and Vivien found a way to jam up an right big sign out and service possession here for Wilson and David the door is open to take it on Anna bright.

And Ben Johns be the first title they’ve gotten over Ben and mixed ATP from Vivan David what was that that was an amazing shot is what it was and she’s had mixed results with the ATP throughout this match not that time Vivian David not just the quality of the shot but the.

Timing of it and right looks stunned wide and a Mis return Wilson and David two points away from their second championship of the Year 931 and Ben Johns Wilson and David have two thus Wilson brings a championship point on his side what an inside.

Out 10 3 1 point game Wilson and David take home the title in mixed doubles over Ben Johns and Anna Adam thanks so much what a performance for these two in mixed jels your second gold medal of the Year Thomas and your first over Ben John’s in mixed doubles what is the significance.

Of this title here in Orange County I mean it’s huge we’ve we’ve played against Ben or at least I have in men’s and mixed a ton uh he’s a tough guy to crack he’s an unbelievable player he’s a class act so to get one in in about a million tries I’ll take it you sure will and Vivian David you were all over the court today.

Defensively offensively whipping atps the crowd was behind you all the way through what got into you in this one I mean we really wanted it we wanted to just lay it all out there and we did I think just playing aggressive the whole time um I missed quite a few atps but I was glad to get one just super super excited to come.

Away with the gold again Ben and Anna brigh um just super tough competitors so um I think we are really honored and excited about this win well yes and that ATP was one that counted in a big way uh and these two by the way have made it to the podium in 11 of their last 13 tournaments very consistent Duo and a very special Trophy presentation now as.

We welcome mayor Glend grandis to the stage to present the violia title to these two deserving winners there you go congratulations congratulations to both of you City of Fountain Valley we so honored to host this event here at Los cab beautiful place beautiful weather and we’re known as pickle Valley here I love to play.

Pickle ball the whole city has really embraced pickle ball so congratulations we’re so honored to have you guys here appreciate it thank you all right the crown is yours Vivian David and Thomas Wilson cap our coverage on what was.

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