And that game had a lengthy weather delay tied at eight eight in the third before Anna Lee finally won game three eleven nine so chance and parent with the first serve and uh probably a side out we'll get it over to Brighton and Irvin this game or The Smiths I should say best three out of five as are all the.

Matches on Championship Sunday all games 211 got a win by two now let's go points out and it's a point referee confirms it just I don't mind that speed up there from one zero one sitting dink that's.

What you have to try to do with it foreign first to two-handed backhand and then the overhead told you this is the team with the power it's like Collegiate tennis at the University of California second serve and Jesse Urban hits into the net.

Two zero two moves to second server two zero two and one is wide moves it to three nothing right that's such a such job on these backhand things getting that paddle base below a tip down really rolls around the outside of it.

Irvin got to this final yesterday it was quite a match we saw with Catherine parento and and Leia Jansen in there we had maybe the point of of the tournament when Catherine parento Dove out and was able to somehow flick the paddle and get a what we thought was an unhidable ball ball back over the net only for Callie.

Smith to be with him absolutely incredible between those four yesterday parento is a beast that's the Jesse Irvin specialty the ATP but the play goes on point.

It's there from parental yeah like you said Irvin that's her one of her best friends signature shots puts a lot of pace on it they're almost too much space had a little bit too much air on that one so it was able to be returned chance in the printer trying to draw.

Even here and indeed they do knotted up at three here in game one three three one time Stanley the lead official for this match server 332 I like them putting everything to the.

Side probably a better dinker to control the cord from that left side out gets it back over to Brighton Irvin three three one second serve Anna kind of got no man's line there she was trying to get up to the kitchen was.

Caught between the Baseline and anybody who plays pickleball knows that's the worst place you want to be they call it the opportunity Zone but I don't know seems like no man's land to me Irving slams that one away for the point awesome Pace like I said Irvin has some of the hardest hitting shots on the.

Women's side behind that paddle face Square through rips it thank you shut up kind of bright on forced air gets it back to Jansen and parento trying to drive they had a couple good points with Irvin.

On the left side I don't know why they're switching back the other formation but they're able to break the serve there is on three four foreign bright and urban.

Four three one second serve move to the second serve and a lot of people might be tuning into Tennis Channel today because it's also Championship Sunday at the U.S open and obviously that's on a lot of people's minds but it's the PPA tour and pickleball right now with their.

Championship Sunday glad to have you along uh Tennis Channel great opportunity there taken by Leia Jansen sure these players would love that prize money that alcaraza rude might be taking home today well hey this support keeps.

Going that direction you never know you think about the humble beginnings of this sport right starting in a driveway in Bainbridge Island right you know with the with the dog pickles going and fetching the ball and that's really where the name came from it's not just an urban legend there actually was a dog pickles that would go and fetch the ball.

Trying to get my friend Aubrey and her dog Coco to do that same thing when we play go get the ball for us Coco IT Coco sounds like a lazy dog oh Coco's sweet I just don't know if Coco's gonna go fetch any pickleballs for us I bet there are people out there though that have trained their dogs to do that.

so he hits it long long gust sales there we spoke about it yesterday you can see Parental dancing on top of that kitchen line Anna bright Urban lay off that line not what you want to do one and a break right back at you.

So 442 442 play a Jensen with the serve Leia is type 1 diabetic that see the patch she wears inside her left arm parento it's a smile hitting the team 441 right into the chest.

second serve take a look at this right down the middle catches the line yeah how about the reaction out of Leia great movement there from parental she.

Was pulled wide with that dink from Bright but really came back to the middle closed it quick cut off the angle it's great footwork in that point they're seeing right now all gas no breaks from Jansen yeah there's nothing.

There's a lot of thinking going on in this one you thought the men's doubles was going to bring the power the women's doubles has been bringing the power dinking shminking who needs it let's bring the pace and you pointed it out yesterday Matt yeah it's interesting to watch how Anna.

And Jesse on the right side of the court date they really leave about a four foot and a half of space between their toes and that kitchen line and say it's a little bit of a departure from the way you see most teams play yeah I think Jesse feels like she needs a little more time because of her hands I think she's comfortable so comfortable dinking all.

Day long that she's fine staying back there side out gets it back over to Bright nerve and trailing by a single point and then bright why is that one-handed backhand she doesn't feel comfortable with the flick I think that's why she stands off the line a little bit.

how we get a little dinking in let's start the firefight because you know did he Jesse make it look fairly easy you leave that ball up oh yeah to take advantage green.

Well they're from Urban practices out in Arcadia Piccadilly it's called Piccadilly a lot of a lot of strong players out there nice tick there.

Couldn't do it a second time now so move to five five two again this best three out of five for this Women's Championship s just misfire there's a Jensen and parento get me sir back.

Second serve great hands there from Bright pop back inside is not a side you want to attack on Anna bright been really impressed with that this week what she made a nice run through the women's singles on Thursday and clearly making an impact here in the.

Women's doubles 5-2 for Jansen off the net sorry not sorry bright nerve and I'll get to serve back a nice crowd on hand in Cincinnati in spite of the rain in spite of the Bengals having their home opener today.

Sun breaking through right now which is very nice to see foreign again favors team Irvin and bright would love to see Jessica to get towards that kitchen line even though they won that point there.

big time the Tiger Woods asked fist pump right there from Jesse foreign second serve oh now she'll take over the serve after leaving them.

I can't overrule this angle called out they do have the challenging capabilities correct yes yes they could challenge if they wanted to for now it's eight six and they're not using the timeout and asking for a review.

and now maybe the current state of play well is eight six two we will now proceed with the video challenge there you go there we go let's so somebody told them someone somebody got him the message so we will have our first video challenge of this tournament.

Our first video challenge of the day Dave stew is the official who is in charge of the video replay right now I'd love to see that angle hope they put it on that big screen there create new addition to the PPA tours that screen in the back.

Not sure if that screen is connected to be able to share the replay but I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more angles or whatever way of available for our folks at home and see what they're looking at in the truck that said I mean that you you did see it there but it was so fast did it catch a part of the line or no.

They do have the challenge so you're seeing a couple of replays here and they can slow it down in the truck and be able to freeze that and take a look right at it after video review the outcall stands.

The team of Jensen impronto will be charged one time out they have one timeout remaining we will resume play at 862 we resume play it's hard to tell from that angle is there a little bit of Bloom maybe there is again yes ma'am unlike tennis that ball does not complete.

Uh so it is wherever that tiny sliver hits that's where it hits well and it has to be how did she do that I need a lesson on that held it to the last second underneath the ball that was wild six.

Yeah with the answer to get the serve back 691 wanted to go wanted to go now stay here I almost took a nap on the top of that tape two.

He just said six eight two I do believe 692 which is what we have is the proper score shout out to get back right Norman thank you Don Stanley expected 961 two points away from taking one game tonight lead second serve but again the ball.

Decides to stay so we'll move to 9 16. foreign cameras on the other end so they ought not to challenge 691 is the side up gets it back to.

Jansen and parental second serve move to 692 really like to see Brighton Irvin hug that kitchen line a little bit tighter they're giving Jansen and parental the ability room on those dinks I think especially in this late in the game they can pressure them show them a different look.

so with the return long side out gets it back to Brighton Irvin two points away 961 and able to track someone down and keep it in and then the two-handed backhand they've got them both back on the.

Baseline now I want to keep them there and they win the pool was special On The Run 10-6-1 it's got one of the most dangerous two-handed backhands in the game and more women second sir.

So we'll move to game point number two ten six two still breathing here in game one yeah there was a couple balls there again that I love Irvin what someone needs to put a an earpiece and Jesse's ear so she could hear hear.

My advice Seven Ten one something tells me she would stay with what she's doing anyway seconds Sir ladies talking to the ball at this point seven ten two point it's gotten tighter 8-10.

Intend to a long ways to go here Matt but this thing's shaping up like a five gamer all the way this is Nip and Tuck between these two teams oh yeah whether it's going three or five these games are long as well gonna test the fitness of all four of these athletes.

Too foreign game one in the books for bright and urban it probably could write this down on your calendar September 11 2022 the last.

Time you saw Hunter Johnson as an unseated player in the PPA tour yeah he will be unseated but not that much longer zero zero one very very good player brother also pretty good.

Interesting if you have the the Johnson Brothers against the Johns Brothers at some point second third that would be a fun one to commentate zero zero two second server I can't buy Irvin just hit the net still going.

to bounce for sure and she's saying sorry to Catherine there that was the one right there that was probably gonna go on Jesse has so much power with that one-handed flick works on that in practice a ton.

cats are not able to get it to go after a favorable roll over the net for Jesse Irvin just he wheeled that one over look at this time so it'll make it two nothing.

And now Jesse trying to figure out where the ball ended up going through all the sponsorship signs hey that's not too bad Watchers weren't minding that I can serve.

Great deeper pushing bright back really hard to get balanced to get under that third shot drop we do want to thank all the sponsors who support the PPA tour and I'm at that list of sponsors just continues to get longer and longer oh yeah and more impressive.

what a shot while going back yeah off the foot over the high part of the net classic Jesse Irvin foreign gets a winner.

Moved to four nothing four zero two hasn't seemed like there's much separation and all of a sudden you look at the scoreboard parento and Jansen I feel like maybe one more Point here and we might see a timeout come on point that makes it five nothing.

It's the timeout yeah good ball there from Bright to get this down you'll see her in a second below the level of the net parental just trying to speed it up from a tough position there so five nothing in game two we'll step aside welcome back to the lindener family Tennis Center in Mason Ohio yes ma'am five nothing Jesse Irvin and.

Anna bright with this game two lead already up one game to none in this best three out of five point for the timeout another point for Brighton Irvin six Hill two yeah Jansen apparento half to figure a way to pump themselves up.

Here stay engaged by Jesse it's tough to stay engaged when Jesse Irvin's doing that Catherine why you know how to play on it but decided to let it go shut up side out we'll get it back over though too bright era to Jansen.

Thank you good chance and apparent to speed this scoreboard that's what I'm talking about 171 . Jesse reaches and to take that one.

And then parental hits it wide foreign on all cylinders at the same time great great speed up there from Manson parento has to make that especially down one seventh you're trying to get some momentum oh Jesse and Anna back on the Baseline.

Now through the middle down it looks like she's gonna just hit another dink to get forward last second comes through the ball path boom look at that as DJ Khaled would say I like that what there is a lot to like about that and it's 8-1 now.

Hey one one short I don't think Jesse liked that no I want to she likes the lead here.

Yes yes ma'am nine one two foreign hits the net doesn't go over and we've reached game point Virginia when it rains it pours.

rain uh things are not going in their favor at the moment just don't hopefully this uh timeout can do them a little a little Wonder before game three well this is their second and final time out so I mean it's a 10 one game and a lot would need to happen for it to come.

Into play but they they will not have the option of a replay challenge now in this game no no and I don't I don't know if it's gonna matter down this deficit I think they just need to regroup here try to end game two on a little bit of a positive note so you can have something to hold on to in game three look at the chance in there probably reading some.

Notes she's she's very methodical and thorough and how she trains she probably has a ton of notes of how to come back from situations like this yeah when you're in this situation you really just need to end this game you're probably not going to win but you need.

To find something positive to hold on to so you can start game three in a better note ten one two one two game point there it is just two goes to Brighton Urban they've got a commanding two Women's Champion three of the women's.

Pro doubles championship match here in England too so Jansen and parento we'll start off this third game with the serve zero zero two out chance and hits it into the net and you wonder Leia Jansen how the humor effect might be affecting her right now Matt because she played in the women's.

Singles final earlier today and it was on the court off the court on the court off the court on the court with all the rain stoppages it's had a long day of pickleball mentally to kind of get yourself up and going so many times and then have to come back for this doubles final seen a lot of seconds Sir negatives.

Right she didn't win that match earlier down two games none here is going to be a struggle to turn around and say that is four but that's why you have a partner smart decision there to let that one go to get the served back.

Shut up good good good effort there but the execution was was not what Anna bright was hoping it would be execution was fine on that backhand but parent with some fantastic defense.

Second sword now we'll move to the second serve yeah Jansen when she gets a little bit tight zero one two things can definitely find their way into the net she's got to keep her feet moving keep that paddlefish through the ball point it's gonna be it's gonna be on parentota emotionally lift his team right now.

Great effort from her there to drive and crash all right so the native of Montreal but relocated to Florida he played at her college tennis at Michigan State where she was introduced to pickleball by the one and only Simone charging that's right.

exchange there finally won by chance in imperato the body language from Jansen there that's right so up 2-1 looking to add to the lead point and indeed they do make it 3-1.

Brighton Irvine do not want to give them anything thank you shout out so they will force the side out and get it back at 1-3.

One three one point not much you can do about that one other hope it's going to go out yeah I think she called that what uh Irvin called that one off got it anyway and found the corner way to cover that middle looking to draw even here two three.

Up two games to none I'm sorry one thing that all these players do on the pro tour is cover that middle so well a lot of recreational see a lot of people covering their side their alleys the middle is the most important part to cover work with your partner.

It's also hard to cover sometimes why you see so many winners go right down the middle that's right that does Sail Out so we're tied at three much better there Ervin to hold that.

Line kitchen line that is oh Jesse got to it nearly hit a winner going from side to side Anna able to track that one down what a point.

I'd add a little bit of everything there what a point though chance Santa parento get to serve back tied at three and a must-win game for them boy four three one loving the Sun out in Cincinnati finally yeah I was just thinking to myself you.

Could see some blue sky up there second sir that sails out to move it to 4-3-2 I don't know if the sun's gonna help the Bengals beat the Steelers four three two down 17-6 at the half but only hope four great deep return there tough to.

Get the feet underneath you there second sir speeds it up and Jesse puts it into the net three four two here is Irvin hit one that was too hot to handle for Jansen.

Four four two Point parenting to the net brightner event at 5'4 yeah we talk about sting balance she wasn't really balanced on both feet there and went for an aggressive shot.

Holy cow crazy offense and defensive on that point again finding that middle and it takes six four six four lead here in game three already with a two games to none lead yes ma'am and six four two.

Momentum going out of the timeout point see they can starting to get a little bit of a cushion so like that rip though from Irvin.

Short return that's the time to drive lots of reaction time for your opponent off the net and it does a great job catching up to it wow right I don't even think there was a sorry not sorry just a quick come on.

472 parento had fallen down and finally me finish things off Urban on a mission here really moving off the ball well taking over there's not many players that can.

Take over from the right side her back and it's just that good seven four one eight four one and urban or Irvin and right now just three points away hey 4-1 at point before that's one of those ones that can win two as you saw there from that missed return wow Enterprise.

God that is good that is really impressive so time out taken by chance and parento at nine four and this thing is uh suddenly looking very very favorable for Brighton Irvin I mean we were talking early after that first game we thought all right we could be here for two hours.

Watching this three out of five all of a sudden especially in this game three this separation is crazy these girls are playing on a another level bright nerve in their hand speed is insane they're attacking at will and they seem really really like they have great team chemistry and I think.

The confidence for Anna break the level is just gross she's been playing pickleball for less than a year I know she she'll tell you she remembers the exact date that she played pickleball for the first time it was October 23rd of 2021. oh my God yes ma'am playing some great pickleball not even a year into it 941.

and that's out and it takes us to match and Championship point 10.1 second serve that misses good effort though good idea by Irvin so 10-4-2 10-4-2 Championship Point number two.

inside out that misses as well so we'll play on at 4 10. I had a great look Jesse loving the opportunity to have that overhead is not coming back chance Center parento do nothing with.

Their service opportunities so it's back to Championship Point number three let I'll recall they'll Reserve ten four one second serve move to ten four two in Championship Point number four ten four two.

left away we've had four Championship points saved off she has one on her paddle when you hit that Stanley calls the football we'll.

Have to get the replay of that one from this angle Jesse second third and that exchange will move us to five ten two five ten two.

Foreign another point tighten it up at 6 10. as Chancey and your parent tell with their backs squarely against the wall trying to stay alive yes ma'am 16-2.

Sun out the championship Point number five ten six one and there it is comments especially for Jesse Irvin and a bright new to the scene but not anymore.

Two ladies credit to parental and Jansen awesome tournament but just too good from Wright and Irvin now what a tournament it was for Anna bright who played very well as we said in the singles on Thursday and she gets a title here on Sunday just here in the meantime she's not going anywhere she's going to.

Be part of the next match coming up here on Tennis Channel but not before she and her teammates speak with Hannah Johns on the other side of this timeout again guys I've got our new set of Champions here to introduce to you Jesse Irvin Anna Wright ladies you played absolutely phenomenal this crowd has just been loving it you came out had a strong game.

One it was tight then you absolutely destroyed them in game two do you feel like you leveled up in terms of play or was this sort of a mental blip on the parts of your opponent um no I think you know it's the first game of the whole day for us so I think you know it's not necessarily a slow start but kind of just getting our feet.

Wet getting to a good Rhythm and I think both sides are kind of doing that uh it's also kind of figuring out what strategies you want to use so that are working not working and figure that out in game one once we figure that out we kind of use the same strategy for game two and game three well this was a brilliant result one of your best.

Finishes to date your first gold medal Anna bright congratulations on that talk about the partnership you guys are still relatively new partners how do you like the way you guys have come together why do you think this is a good fit uh I mean Jesse's just an animal you know she probably could have won with anyone beside her uh luckily it's me.

Um but no we've you know we've we've played a few tournaments together now we got a bronze uh a few months ago and just felt like we've been really close to that breakthrough moment and we just the more we played the more we got comfortable with each other and this this tournament and this beautiful venue it all it all came together for us so.

Super stoked yeah well you guys are ladies I know of such determination achievement means a lot to you is there something outside of pickleball that you can tell me about where you have achieved or accomplished oh um I think just a pre appreciating life and having a good time and not taking.

Everything too seriously because at the end of the day a lot of stuff just doesn't matter that much so you know just enjoying every moment that I am here on this Earth and appreciating it you know with all these great people and fans and all you guys and yeah I'm just I'm just loving what I'm doing right now I'm just enjoying every moment hard to.

Beat that Jesse and I know you took a long hiking trip can you tell us about that oh yeah um so I graduated May of 2021 and then I decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail which is a 2650 mile trailer goes from the Mexican to Canadian border and about tomorrow is my one year anniversary of finishing that and so the the tattoo in my leg is for.

Finishing the trail so that is probably the coolest thing I've ever done I have a question so does this moment top that moment um obviously duh like I mean I hitchhiked I did everything it was dirty you didn't show her for 12 days but this is definitely better for sure very good all right ladies and congratulations.

We're gonna bring Brian Kurtz from beard wealth management on court to present your trophy Brian thank you said before we are so so excited for our partnership with PPA and I got to tell you I knew it was going to be cool before I came but coming and seeing it in person is unbelievably cool you guys.

Are really really good congratulations thanks guys
The upset of #PPA in women doubles. #pickleball #pickleballlife #prickleballpro