Foreign they are the lantern flies of the sports world that's what an upset dad said a Corporal John ASO Valley Park in West Village New York so what exactly is this article saying basically kids love pickleball so much they are making makeshift pickleball courts with duct tape and temporary Nets so they can play.

Pickleball what's wrong with that parents of kids that don't like pickleball are upset because these kids that do like pickleball are taking that space so they can't play soccer in other activities at a playground the parents are so upset they get into the puck early laying blankets down to claim that stake at the park for that day so.

Pickleball lovers can't set up pickleball Nets they have gone one step farther calling the cops to remove these temporary Nets because they're saying balls should not be played at the park a seven and nine year old went down to the park please go home they all said the cops slash Park Rangers Italian pickleball parents to remove these nets.

Because balls should not be used at the park I am flat out serious now we all know New York City does not have much space so parks are in high demand unlike Florida which is why most New Yorkers are moving down to Florida taking our parks Mommy it's a public park aren't we allowed to play today well kiddos some.

People will never make you happy in this life you can tell them to just screw off New Yorkers are moving down to Florida causing stress because everyone knows northeasterners are not happy I say that in all honesty I've lived there it's miserable there's a reason that's so good at hand on Mental Health people are going crazy there's no Parks they can't.

Have social experiences they can't connect with people and it's a serious problem in our society to that parent that said pickleball lovers are the lantern flies of our society I tell you not a good parent you probably don't have many friends and I say this in the sincerest way possible I hope you find happiness one day in the meantime don't.

Take away happiness from us I'm Joey I'm all in pickleball maybe you should be too except that one parent please just stay in New York now the cops tell us we can't mommy doesn't have anything better to do
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Link to NY Post Article:

Corporal John A. Seravalli Playground
17 Horatio St, New York, NY 10014

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