What’s up guys today we’re going to be breaking down my four five mixed doubles match that was at a team tournament there were a lot of really good things that I think people can learn about mixed doubles in this and I also wanted to talk a little bit about why you see the guy coming over and taking so many balls and I kind of wanted to explain at.

Least what’s going through my head in a four five mixed match in this match we’re playing against some friends David and Tasha and then it’s me and my partner Melissa we play together all the time we’ve actually played David and Tasha a bunch me and Melissa love playing with each other and we have a style that we know works for us and.

That’s how we choose to play we’re both completely happy with it and if Melissa wasn’t I would totally tone down the style I would do something that’s more in line with how she wants to play but we know this works so this is what we do and I kind of wanted to explain and break down some of when it works and when it doesn’t when I knew found out.

That I made money doing that I don’t think i’ be show my face anywhere good hands to all right so here’s this first point right here I come over drive the third and then I’m able to follow it up and keep being aggressive and now right there there is a great example of oh my gosh why did the guy come over and take that.

Dink and specifically here it’s a couple different things one I was already in a flow state of being aggressive I knew what I wanted to do I felt like we were winning the battle this ball was put really high so I was expecting to put this away however what happened was the ball drifted much further away from me than I was anticipating and I was.

Already committed to this and what I didn’t want to do was stop and have my partner think I was going to hit it and then leave her out to dry so that’s why I took this ball it wasn’t cuz I thought she couldn’t hit a dink it was just I thought I was going to put it away and that it was going to be closer and then also I just want to go over this speed.

Up that I hit at the end so again I was in a state of wanting to be aggressive and this is definitely a ball that I should have reset but I chose to speed it up at the highest part of the net because I was trying to attack Tasha and you can actually see she knows this from playing us so much she’s literally sitting on the line on her backhand like.

Colin John’s does cuz she knows I’ve done this to her a million times and she’s gotten really good at blocking it but yeah that wasn’t the time to speed it up I should have just in it back you loved it Emma that’s what your engagement party going to look like to be honest how’s anyone going to know you’re.

Engaged I’ll so right here’s a good example of just the guy coming over and taking overheads so for whatever reason I hit a third shot lob David comes very far over into her box to hit the overhead and now if you’re let’s say you saw this highlight on Instagram you would go what on Earth.

The girl is almost off the court let her play specifically for David and I’s mixed Partners both of them don’t have a lot of putaway power and it’s not any disrespect to them that’s just what it is and both of them are aware of this so that’s why our mixed Partners will usually let us come over and hit these overheads David just has a much higher.

Chance of putting away this overhead than Tasha does so it’s really just a numbers game so he hits this I reset the ball he comes over again and now Tasha is literally off the court when he hits this ball but again he has a higher chance of putting that ball away molissa hits some great resets to get us back in the point but unfortunately drops her.

Dink into the net and we end up losing but if you just watched that with no context you be like this is terrible but I can pretty much guarantee or at least a very high probability if Tasha were to hit those overheads me or Melissa would have been able to reset that ball and get back to the kitchen with David hitting those it was significantly.

Harder for us to get back to the kitchen got like a wedding planner and I’ve been listening toils and like what how much are you spending people you could buy a house with them people way too all one day hours so right here is a point where.

It’s probably going to look like I’m way over playing but what’s going going through my head is I want Tasha to feel very isolated from her partner I want her to feel like she has to hit every ball and that she can’t get away from me when she’s playing so I’m coming way over hitting a dink coming back over getting her out of position I hit a.

Really dumb lob here for some reason that made no sense and thankfully we were able to put that point away but that was certainly no thanks to my LOB there and also that’s a great example right there where I did give Tasha basically an overhead and you can see I was able to get us back in the point and end up hitting.

Down on it and we were able to go back on the aggressive or aggressive had David hit that he probably would have put that away and punished me for it so that’s a great example why you’ll probably see David coming over and hitting a lot of those overheads it’s not that Tasha can’t hit an overhead it’s not like she’s completely incapable.

Of it it’s just there’s a higher percentage of the point ending if David hits it than if Tasha does but that’s what’s going through my head and why I’m cutting off a lot of these dinks I want her to feel like she can’t get away from me or if she does want to get away away from me she has to go all the way to the outside of the Court which now either.

She’s setting my partner up for an ATP or she’s hitting the ball out so there’s just a much smaller portion of the court she has to hit to if she wants to avoid me right here is a good example of where David comes over takes a couple balls from Tasha and he ends up punishing me for.

It so Melissa ends up kind of popping the ball up and it’s going towards Tasha’s box so you could say well why shouldn’t Tasha hit this well one it’s David’s forehand that’s probably going to be stronger than Tasha’s backhand and then also there would have been a lot more time for me to react had Tasha taken this if we look at this slowly.

David comes over stretches and attacks me and I just wasn’t really ready for it and I dumped the ball in the net had Tasha hit it there would have been more time for me to react and at least a higher chance of me being able to reset it not a guarantee but just a higher chance now here’s a great example of what I was talking about just a minute.

Ago where when I’m coming over and hitting these it forces Tasha to have to dink wider so I come over take this ball and now she has to go wider if she wants to keep that ball away from me now here just got lucky with the net cord but that’s a great example of what I usually want the mixed partner to feel is like anything within the middle of the court.

And even a little bit past the center line like I’m going to come over and make you feel a lot of pressure so your only safe area is going to be way over here which either sets my partner up for an ATP or there’s just a very small box that my partner has to be responsible for like and Emma against andha like 10 videos.

Straight getting sick a watching myself play now this point which you know going back to a couple points ago where David poached that ball and it caught me off guard right here he tries it again so I try to go to Tasha he cuts the ball off to do the same thing again but he ends up missing hitting it and hitting it out I don’t think he actually made the wrong.

Play right here now if you saw this out of context without knowing prior points you’d go look he cut her off and he lost the point yes that’s true but it also worked previously honestly here I think he just mishit the ball he wasn’t that far outstretched he just executed wrong and it ended up losing them the point but more often than not David doesn’t.

Miss that shot and he ends up punishing me for it off now this point right here this is honestly just kind of a fun point it was a good little hands battle and this is also a good example of just applying a lot of pressure to the female nice let’s go come on another.

Thing too I think in mixed especially or I mean even if you’re playing gender doubles like it’s frustrating when you are the person that’s being targeted you feel like you have to be on more you have to try and find ways to get your partner in and I think in mixed when you can make it more of a two versus one rather than a two on two that puts a lot.

Of pressure on the other team it makes the guy feel like he has to play more to get into the point and you can punish him for that your mixed partner could go up the line and pass him or he’s more out of position and he’s stretched and can’t hit a great ball and the mixed partner either either wants some help or she just has to hit a lot of balls and.

It’s frustrating if she starts making a lot of mistakes so I think as you watch these you can kind of understand how putting that pressure on makes more sense or how it can make your opponent feel and possibly frustrate them which makes hitting shots even more difficult than it already was depends on how much they pay I guess.

If I could if I could not do my 90 but I feel like it’s well okay so she did three inan this is her second one here right oh she did one in Apple Valley this her third one here watch out now at this point right here Tasha Just.

Hits an incredible shot that honestly honestly it’s just an incredible shot there’s not much you can say uh we’ll let the point play out here just an absolutely insane misdirect that there was no way Melissa was chasing down like she maybe could have been further over cuz she knows I’m going to cover a lot over that center line but even if she.

Was doing that like she’s really in a pretty good spot to help cover where my forehand might not be and Tasha Just Hits an incredible winner so sometimes that’s going to happen now this point right here is an example of where I think overplaying cost us the point so I come over take the third pretty standard and then I see that.

Tasha is bringing the ball to Melissa so I’m going to do what I’ve been doing which is cut the ball off and now where I believe this ball is going to land would have been perfectly within my reach but then if we go slowly through this you can see the ball bounces off the tape and at this point my momentum is just very committed to getting to.

This ball so while it goes way way out of position like we’re both in the same box I’m cutting my partner off this is bad and I completely agree that this position is not good but really what happened here was I thought the ball was going to be closer I wouldn’t have been that out of position and I would have been fine to get back at this point I.

Was just committed and didn’t want there to be confusion about who was hitting the ball so I came over took the ball I did kind of pop it up and David tried to go behind me he was quite successful I was laid on the ball it was high and then I missed the next ball so that is an example right there where I do believe that me overplaying cost us the.

Point but sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s going to become an over play and when it’s actually a good play cuz sometimes you’ll see the guy come over and take a lot of balls like where we’ve seen already and it works great and then other times it just doesn’t and sometimes that’s just part of how it goes all right so this point right here.

Was also a lot of fun and one thing I want to point out specifically on my return is a lot of times we’re trying to return to David or you should return to the guy specifically their backhand because they usually can’t be as aggressive with their backand they’re probably just going to drop it unless they have a really good two-handed.

Backhand and specifically for David he always drops it so it’s safer if we hit the drop to him but the bigger reason you want to hit to the guy is so that he is not able to come up and poach if Tasha hits a really good third and we have to hit up on it David can run to the net and hit a poach and put the ball away and there’s a significantly lower.

Chance of Tasha coming up and doing that same thing now that’s not always the case but in our specific case against opponents that we know we know that’s going to be be the case so I’d rather hit the third to David who I know wants to be more aggressive now right here this is a pretty interesting spot I have a feeling because again usually the guy.

Doesn’t want to hit to the other guy you want to isolate the female as much as possible so my hunch is that he’s going to go to Melissa here on a dink and I might be able to cut that dink off so that’s immediately what I’m thinking right here and you can see I was able to cut that off put some pressure on him he popped the ball up and then I was able.

To finish it so ultimately right there me cutting off that ball I do think is what led to winning that point because right after that David popped it up and then I was able to hit an Ernie winner for the put away now this point right here was a little bit of both guys over playing so we’ll go ahead and let this play.

Out Tasha hits the return I hit a drop Tasha hits it David’s going to come over on this next ball and he pops it up and I come over to hit the put away just like I did in the last point which worked great but the problem with this one it was I was just a little bit too stretched out so you can see right here when I’m making contact like I’m about.

As far stretched as I can possibly be and then when I hit this I just managed to hit it out and when David hit his dink he also popped it up which is what made me think I was going to be able to come over and take that so both of us kind of messed up by taking those balls but again from that last Point me coming over worked great in this case I didn’t.

Realize how stretched I was going to be and it didn’t work but you’re gonna you’re going to miss some and you’re going to hit some great winners so it’s just figuring out how high of a percentage is it for you to do that and more often than not I find that it’s better for me to come over and try and take that ball okay right here is a.

Really cool point and some stuff that I want to point out score a okay so I cut the ball off put it back to Tasha I cut one off again and I’m a little bit more outstretched now right here because I’m so far out I have a feeling Tasha is going to try and go behind me so I’m going to immediately go back and try and set up for that ball.

And she does and it allows me to hit a backhand putaway which she does actually block and then we get into a hands battle and I end up losing it now I don’t think we lost that because of what I did there I actually think the backhand I was able to hit was a really good shot Tasha just managed to save them with a really good reset and then.

David came in put some pressure and it was just a shot that I wasn’t really able to get back but that’s what I’m trying to set up was exactly that right there I come over I put some pressure on with a dink I want her to think that’s open and then I come back and try to hit a put away or just apply some more pressure that does set me up for a put.

Away nice shot oh this is the third notice we’re giving people so yeah this is our second time knocking on doors they’ve already had multiple notices good game guys so those are my thoughts on our mixed doubles match did we play it perfectly no is it always.

Better for the guy to come over and steal his partners s also no but there’s a lot of reasons why you are doing that to try and set something up that doesn’t mean it’s always going to work sometimes you’re going to get burned but ideally you’re able to burn your opponent more than you get burned so if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to click.

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