Oh wow I'm going to get he got to work really bad all right so don't go in front of your knee but there's a way to do it and that's not it yeah you know.

See it didn't work that's not it worked thank you it's 6 a.m ladies and gentlemen well actually one time I was doing it and the kids were like Mom Mom so I pushed through we're going together.

Just for that pickleball pickleball Champions 2024. oh yes those are three we've made it to the courts ladies and gentlemen and we're matching so today is woman singles with me and Lauren women's Doubles Doubles I'm sorry what's up and we have to win because if we win then.

We're invited to this thing where you can win 175 000 imagine hundreds and five thousand dollars broken snow times but that's like you know a little bit far-fetched but Brooke we could totally win I think we could.

Come true we got dirt although we got third overall we got first place in our age bracket therefore we're invited to the national championship I'm not pushing out the whale.

I don't think I am when I'm like seven months pregnant you're kidding Lauren this is not I don't know what's going on with my gut my body it's not barely ate anything of that dinner not kidding I didn't mean because that's a good service no it's not she doesn't care.

Now for day two of the tournament where town and I will be playing mixed doubles and we'll eventually go head-to-head against the beat them before so let's hope that we beat them when it actually counts dominant performance.

We'll update you on the rest okay Ben and Lauren have won two games we've won two games the dynasties are about to meet we're getting close what no for two oh my gosh the official game is the only one we need today so Tyler and I started off.

The game Super confident speed even though we started off the game confident once we made our first air we slowly started crumble with air after air afternoon we weren't sure if it was the grunts that were echoing in our head that was messing us up or the intimidation warm-up that we.

Viewed prior to playing the game right now it's not good but all I know Tyler and I kept messing up again and again which made the final score 10-4 in the next few games after that for some reason we started crumbling again me and Tyler have a problem of getting in her head so on the third loss we.

Decided to pray because we needed to lay aside the weight of perfection and put God first dear God I just want to say thank you let us continue to put you first and also amen excuse me after that do you want us to play the best we've ever played.

we didn't get upset if we failed and we weren't worried about losing because it didn't matter good.

We pray to Jesus before our last two games no it's it's literally Jesus God even pulled me after into thinking that we got third place overall we're in third I know maybe third people lost three one seven oh wait no.

Seven and three I completely read the chart wrong oh um I read it wrong maybe I read it wrong hey Lauren just erase that from your even though we thought it was wrong in God's green earth we've got third place in our age group after losing four games because we got a medal we thought we came in last but we came in third in.

Our age group better chicken dinner maybe are you strong yeah it's because we pray to Jesus we lost guys but we won in our hearts we were close every single time never about wins or losses about improving having a.

Good time exactly and maybe winning we'll get in August everybody stupid pickleball this is a joke it's not a joke I really did get a ticket look at him how much shut up it's a hundred dollars no way.

You're lying I'm about sick and tired it's a warning it says have a nice day look 110 it's in the fire lane 110. you're paying it tell me where it says no parking here right there

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