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Socials check out all the links in the descriptions for shoes paddles discounts and merch all right let's get to that review okay today we're talking about paddles and a particular one paddle as the chatter about technology.

Becomes more and more obnoxious I think this company has figured out let's get to that review okay today like you know we just discussed a little bit there um paddles wow uh the the discussion over.

Paddles and particularly the pro game which I think we get carried away with because most amateurs that I speak with some a lot of them don't even know there's a pro game um and so I think we kind of those of us who are influencers and talk pickleball all the time forget.

About the you know average player who's just going out there to have some fun it doesn't have a ball machine is looking to just you know play with a group of friends have a beer afterwards and having a good time so when we talk about all these things with the dwell time and the you know the delamination and uh the grit variants.

Um RPMs um you know swing weights you name it it feels a lot like golf where you just keep getting on this technology train and buying equipment and thinking it's going to improve your game and improve your game and it's really about basic skills and technique and you know Ben Jones just beat some.

Guys with a frying pan and I've seen players Pro players beat people with cutting boards so you have to have the technique I think what's interesting is what people tend to gravitate towards as far as advertising goes and things like that so we're going to talk today about what they call the original their original this is the.

Big deal pickleball company and this is their original carbon fiber paddle comes in at about 7.8 ounces handle lengths about 4.75 it's got a slightly padded grip polypropylene Honeycomb Core so this is.

A fun paddle for several reasons I'll just tell you a little story I have a bunch of paddles in some of you know which you've seen plus more and plus people I play with have paddles and we put them in the fence because people are coming all the time that are new and don't have equipment and I put this one out.

And this is the one people choose who have never really played a lot of pickleball because it's fun and it's light-hearted it's got a pickle on it um and I think what is happening in the game is way way way too much overthinking about the paddle at this point most of us are never gonna play.

You know pro ball most of us are just going out there to have some fun can the paddle make a difference absolutely absolutely but if you're getting into the game and you've been playing a little while you know I think going out there and spending a ton of money on a paddle is probably a mistake because you don't.

Know any differences between paddles yet this paddle I played with um for a few weeks now and um it does the job for what I'm doing do I have paddles that can do things better than this paddle sure um but what I can do with this paddle is really the fundamentals and I can play.

Competitive games and if I want to power it I can power it if I want to finesse it I can finesse it it's not something that is heavy or or it's a middleweight mid-weight paddle as they call it it's got a funky little design it definitely catches people's attention people were always pulling this one off.

The fence and playing with it for hours and not thinking twice about it because it does the job um so I do recommend uh paddles that are you know under a hundred dollars because my number one paddle is under a hundred dollars this paddle which I played with a great deal is under a hundred dollars I believe.

It's at 90 and they have a discount code for some money off on it um so check it out this is USA approved it's uh keeping the spirit of fun and quirkiness in the game which is important because I think we're starting to get to the point where it's all about money and technology and the latest and greatest in raw carbon fiber and you.

Know you name it thermal forming whatever but I think this company is doing a pretty cool job and they've been around and uh they're keeping the fun in the game like some other companies that I've reviewed lately um bread and butter is another one so great companies doing cool things still keeping the game.

Unique and I appreciate it so check out the paddle there's links in the description and hey let's pickle you've had a company pickle pckl great paddle line great price points anything you want from starter paddle to intermediate to a pro series high level paddle check them out get 15 off using.

My discount code pickle it's the future and a side note real quick if you're looking to upgrade they uh the big deal pickleball company has a higher end paddle it's their Flight Pro XL fiberglass paddle so check that out it just came out and um go from there all right
With all the chatter about what’s legal in a paddle and the technology boom in the industry we all need to take a deep breath. Today we review a paddle that keeps our game where it should be…in the FUN ZONE!

The Big Dill Pickleball Company

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