For our second semi-final matchup of the morning between the California blqk bears taking on the New Jersey fives who have the number one overall pick in the draft they took of course Annalee Waters as she looks to help her team punch their ticket to the championship round and if you're new here or new this weekend let's check out a recap of the.

Action we have seen so far from MLP by Margaritaville here in Daytona Beach it has been incredible and the quarterfinal rounds started yesterday we had a couple of heated matchups there the New York Hustlers one of those teams that were expected to maybe make it to the.

Semi-final round they didn't and so the New Jersey fives seeking some Revenge from MLP Mesa they were knocked out of the quarterfinal round in Mesa they punched their ticket to the semifinals this tournament as we mentioned we will take a look at a recap over the weekend of the action that has brought us here.

This far.

Major League pickleball leveling up the game as we listen in now on the coin toss between the fives and the Bears foreign.

right now utilize the person to serve and ladies I want to say something interesting I talked to Andrea Coop a.

Minute or two ago and she was wondering if they won the toss if she should take end or the home team we've seen almost every team choose the home team so they they can react to mixed doubles but we have had some issues on the near end of the court with players being able uh to seed the ball a little uh less well from the near end of the court so the fact.

That she was even considering winning the toss and not taking the home team is a really big factor she's played on this court earlier so she knows the sight line so that is something we need to monitor throughout the match and by the near end of the Court you're referencing the side that is the bench of the black bears correct exactly right so the side.

Of Maggie brasha and Leia Jansen at this current moment is the better side or the tougher side no it is the tougher side so you uh are wondering possibly of ending on the far side far end of the court so you do not have those Vision issues to end the match well has anyone oh Tim klitsch did it shows away because he wanted to select the matchups for the.

Dream breaker oh okay there you go for the Texas ranchers so there has been and his son back home was advising him to do that he said pick away you want to pick your dream breaker match-up they won yes they won that way because they were able to pick the dream breaker they had enough faith in their mixed doubles Partnerships to say we'll throw them out.

There but we want to pick for the dream breaker so it doesn't happen often and and when it does at least in that case it was successful and that was by committee not something he said he would have he said he thought his son was crazy advising him to make that choice because it's not the usual so I want to say something about Leia Jansen here I.

Have had the the privilege and my career of playing with some top players Ben Johns Riley Newman a lot of tournaments with Deco Barr and I tell you what it's very easy they do a lot they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you but it's also a lot of pressure Leia Jansen don't think has played her best pickleball in this tournament and even if Anna Lee.

Doesn't play her best game it often comes down to it being your fault because her partner is so good so there is a pressure Factor easy to play with Anna Lee but also not easy to play with Annalee let's see how she responds to that pressure in this match the fives of course owned by the legendary figure Gary vaynerchuk and Ryan Harwood who is.

Co-owner and GM who you'll see on the sideline had a chance to speak with him leading into the matchup and certainly a part of their draft process was selecting the Young Talent available to them in the pool to theme of Youth on their side over on the Bear's side owner Richie tuazen very involved owner he's sitting on the bench.

For his team with his young daughter Tess very supportive ownership group and we're getting set now for women's doubles it is Leia Jansen and Annalee waters on the fives against Maggie brasha and Andrea coop in the all-white playing for the California blqk bears foreign.

Waters running down a couple of those overheads well and I know you mentioned the pressure uh that Leia Jansen might feel playing alongside Anna Lee Waters they had an outstanding match though a comeback win last night against Elise Jones and Simone jargime so they should.

Be feeling a little bit more confident in their partnership today Leia Jansen getting in some trouble early but the pressure of the bear is too good in that one yes and I expect that to be a common matchup Andrea Coop attacks Cross Court as much as anyone will Leia Jansen be able to handle those cross-court attacks.

To the left we had a discussion with her mom Lee waters on that Cameron what do you see strategy-wise there well and I think that's one one of the big questions and Lee mentioned it herself in terms of Maggie brasha she's a little bit more of the unknown on the court right now in terms of how she approaches the game where the speed ups are going.

To come from Andrea Coop once again finds the corner on Waters and that's one of the big reasons again Mary Maggie bra show was not able to compete back at MLP Mesa she's been an addition and a nice addition here in Daytona Beach really propelling this team great hands and defense but also plenty of pop off her.

Paddle foreign for the fives to finish that point Emily Waters coming away but they had to earn it that's exactly right and you can't just hit through anyone they had incredible offense early on neutralized by the black bears you have to spread them out and then find your spot nice.

Job Anna Lee Waters foreign the wide open court and this is where the fives did get into some trouble last night in the quarterfinal round on the forehand side of Annalee Waters who's basically inviting whoever plays her to to test that forehand side she likes it but has gotten beat there a couple of.

Times well and I think one of the big elements for this matchup is as much as we talk about defense I also think there's going to be an element that the black bears have to find some offense they mentioned that Andrew Coop a little bit more known to be defensive as is Maggie brasha they're gonna need to look for some spots where they can be the.

Aggressor oh and that's a great look right there from Andrea Coop out of the middle take a look at this she sets up a nice dink at the kitchen then the counter and it's going her Direction but again how often can you counter and just continue to win points.

Emily Waters answering right back foreign just amazing power from Annalee Waters right at the shoulder level it's such a clean ball always in The Sweet Spot and just getting on her opponent so quickly Italy water is so big on the forehand just as much so on the backhand yeah so.

Good again from Annalee Waters and I'm going to give a shout out to Dominic Catalano a member of the broadcast crew who played with Annalee Waters and I was able to defeat them I'm about Owen 10 against Anna Lisa so what I'm trying to say is that was Don's fault so Dom if you're listening sorry I had to roast your buddy but Anna Lee Waters the.

Progression in her game has just been absolutely ridiculous and I've been here for the entire growth just such a quality player thank you oh Emily Waters so good and powerful on the counter attack when she speeds things up well again this is why I mentioned being the aggressor the.

Attacker because the New Jersey fives are surely going to do that it's just a matter of poop and brasha hanging on maybe they can start to counter some more of those Andrea Coop one of the best in the game that ball is wide she won a national championship Coupe did with UCLA back in 2008 by the Bruins.

Yes that third floating up a little too much Andrew Coop not able to get established at the kitchen line and Annalee Waters with a nice mid-paced uh attack to keep the pressure on thank you that's the old spread them out and then find a hole I told you you cannot hit through these ladies you have to set up.

Your points you have to construct it could be two three four shots setting up one shot that you want and Maggie Brash a phenomenal job pulling Annalee Waters out wide and then finding the middle just wide for Waters and the black bears with a comfortable four-point lead yeah and I love the movement right there from Andrea Coop really aggressive with her.

Footwork pattern getting it to that forehand through the middle oh the leaping backhand of Annalee Waters so impressive yes and we have two of the best players in the world at a right side strong side normally the left player is dominant but Annalee Waters and here in a few moments Dylan Frazier two of the best in the game at being.

Aggressive and squeezing the middle from the right side of the Court which does leave a potential vulnerability opening up that Alleyway down the line for Andrea Coop rather we'll see they continue to try to exploit that Andrea Coop was lined up and ready that time the target ledge answer nice job by.

Andrea Coop on this ball watch her movement right here recognizing the two-hand speed up off the bounce it's well disguised from Annalee Waters but Coop that much more prepared expecting it and actually sliding to the middle oftentimes players will slide to their forehand from that left side to be able to counter but Coop with a great Slide.

The opposite direction and I would say uh as we see the Andrea player profile on the screen and I would say that Leia Jansen was a little too far off the kitchen line as when Andrea coop is attacking Cross Court Leia has a little bit extra time so I would like to see her hold that line a little bit more when Andrea Coop decides to.

Counter-attack Cross Court Black Bear is the first team to 11 so we will have a change of ends and the Bears no doubt had an advantage in in scouting the fives last night in their quarterfinal matchup Leia Jansen a part of that her sixth round rank in terms of duper she's 30 years old and the eldest on the team for the fives which is certainly.

Not old by any means yeah and talking about Leia like you just mentioned her kind of coming off the kitchen line one of those roles is Leia has to right drop back to create space for Anna Lee Waters that's been a huge part of the conversation but the ability to get back to the line the timing the spacing it's all a dance with.

Annalee Waters right now and when it's still one of those newer Partnerships that's be where that dance becomes a little bit more nuanced goes into that time the fives yes and a nice job by Leia Jansen they're much uh much more well-struck counter-attack more Pace more pop handcuff and coop.

Ah Andrea Coop going right at Italy Waters and fortunate with some let tape but nice to see her switch up she's not gonna only target Leia on the cross court with attacks she has to sprinkle in a few at Annalee Waters there's with another Point Maggie bra shop by the way still a full-time.

College student balancing her schoolwork at Concordia University Urban Irvine excuse me Jesse Irvin and the the black bears so far holding Court however rally scoring is a dangerous entity we saw the St Louis.

Shock who seemed to be running away with the women's doubles matchup in they lost Coop doing a wonderful job keeping Leia Jansen at the Baseline Michelle that is Rule 23c a pro pickleball you do not laugh twice in the same point Annalee Waters with a great cross-court lob.

Initially she's kind of been working that into her game but then the second lob over Coop a little suspect so the game I was referencing earlier a timeout and the court for the fives Simone Georgine and Elise Jones were the first team out against the fives in last night's quarterfinal round it seemed like jarjim and Jones had figured out.

The game plan against Annalee Waters and Leia Jansen then they dropped that game and it was downhill from there so this women's doubles game is so crucial my point here is though Rasha and Coop have had the lead most of this game do not count Al and Leia Jansen out of this one so in order for the Bears to continue with this run and this momentum what's.

Working on their side well I think importantly too you need to take a look as you mentioned the matchup last night for Leo Jansen and Annalee Waters some of the difficulty for them came at the hand of Annalee Waters Lee said it herself Annalee was playing at Mach 10. those are her exact words she had to get calmed down she was so amped up and I.

Don't think that's actually necessarily the case right now so there's going to be a different Solution on this died for the fives I'm curious to see exactly where that might come about they aren't utilizing the right side of Anna Lee Waters too often right now so again completely different game however I'm very impressed with Maggie and Andrea.

Coop and they pressure they're applying some of the counter attacks and the two-hand backhand of coop oh Maggie brasha answering the door that time yes so good finding the middle of the court from Maggie Maggie brasha and often when we're hopping off the kitchen life to give ourselves more time Andrea Coop she was moving backwards in an.

Incredible block early in that point Emily Waters wasn't going to lose that point well and I will say too one of the things that they can and just looked to in the previous rally in terms of the New Jersey fives is last night Leia Jansen had about four shots speed up up the line at Elise Jones that's what turned the page according to Lee.

She just tried to take a shot at Maggie brasha who answered the call though yeah this time though maggibrasha late getting to the kitchen line in a phenomenal Inside Out backhand drive from Anna Lee catching her in transition always an issue when that first volley is coming from the transition zone and not the kitchen line.

Ford just going in favor of Leia Jantz and Andrea coop nothing you can do about that I don't think the crowd ever cheers louder than they do the neck courts reinhardwood says they have lots of V friends in the house nobody's surprised.

oh a fire fight and the Golden Rule broken on the side of Andrea Coop lobbing maybe three times at that point but the fives so good that time yeah it's very true Michelle a little different when you're in the back in the back of the Court they didn't they didn't have a whole lot of options but.

Definitely the lob is usually uh the last of those options when you're scrambling but hey you got to throw it up sometimes when the Situation's dying came away with it I was hoping they'd break the rule and then prove you wrong but they didn't I'm just kidding finding the middle was Maggie brasha who.

Has been Rock Solid on her side of the court I'm really impressed with all four of these ladies right now just in terms of some of these hands battles we always use the word outstretched right and I think that's something that's critical in the game of pickleball because the ability to not only volley on your body but also from an outstretched position.

These four doing a really nice job on some of those contacts oh just long for Andrea Coop and here come the fights you knew they were gonna come there's just no doubt about it too much talent to just let this one be a blowout and they have creeped within two.

Coop was working Natalie Waters side to side a missed there for Jensen and so the Bears stay on top by three yeah tough spot for Jansen all the way in the back of the court and also Annalee making a stab with her uh to come to the middle of the court with the two-handed backhand could have possibly thrown off jansen's rhythm.

Answers right back and I would say three or four kind of half Ernie's from Leia Jansen we saw a couple early in the match so showing off her her athleticism for sure and when you have that two-handed backhand of Annalee in the middle it gives you more of that free reign to be athletic at the Ernie position.

Jansen played college tennis at Washington State University Emily Waters bringing that big forehand playing singles here's a good look though at the dipping ball that's actually the setup from Leia Jansen so as much as the Annalee Waters ball is impressive great shot and stroke from Leia Jansen.

slaps the ball between Maggie brasha's legs and now the momentum has completely turned in favor of the fives they do this nearly every time well and the amount of anticipation which equates to preparation from Leia Jansen there on the counter really opening up that.

Forehand that was a Difference Maker in that hands battle Bowl was called out of bounds and coop is looking to challenge why wouldn't you you're at the end of the game you have two free ones and Federico statute held his hand up pretty quickly and I'm not sure if that was because exactly like.

You said Michelle end of the game or he for sure saw it in and you have 10 seconds to challenge the captain has to do it within 10 seconds to the referee you can no longer defer to the referee to ask him for confirmation here she whether they saw it in or out and let's have another look at this ball that is wide yeah slightly.

Wide yeah I believe it's as close as it gets though certainly and from the back side of the ball where Federico saxford was standing that it always looks more in from the the back Vantage Point than it does directly on the sideline sure and you have you have a the MLP banner and also the the post so where the vantage point of Federico Stacks route.

Was a little blocked so a tough call for him even though he was in a good position to see it worth the free challenge I would think because you're this late in the game Coop and brasha had a healthy three to four point lead for most of this game and then Here Comes Leia chance and Annalee Waters they just don't go away they're.

Persistent in their Pursuit what's changed on their side Cameron uh well you said it yourself just so so aggressive in terms of their Pursuit I think some of the preparedness and that dance has been really critical for Leia Jansen as that call is definitely confirmed out of bounds so I think some of that terms of expecting a cross-court.

Counter and speed up from Andrea coop for Leia Jansen has been some of those points turning their Direction yeah and sometimes there's just natural Ebbs and flows you you get up a couple points the other team comes back and sure the first half of the match uh the black bears definitely on their toes and slightly more on their heels these last few and.

That's a testament to the quality of play from the fives forcing them off of the toes and onto the heels oh Gracia just catches the sideline that time to tie it up well speaking of Ebbs and flows I also think that's another good reason to use that challenge right this game is so rhythmic it has so much.

That is one point to the next point and starting to stack though so I think it's a nice opportunity for the black bears to change the momentum foreign Andrea Coop and her defense on display that entire point I just threw my pencil unbelievable point from the ladies I.

Thought it was over four or five times so good at Andrea Coop with the finishing blow MLP there's nothing else like it listen to these fans I'm gonna get this man a new pencil Andrea Coop back to serve to Leia Jensen two points away from game number one.

Foreign goodness everybody take a breath these points are incredible and the black bears knocking on the door for a game one win well and it was almost identical to what we saw in the previous rally the outstanding defense from the baseline from Coop and brasha they just continued the Trek I also as much as we.

Mentioned the defensive Coop I mean Maggie brascha is seeing the ball just as often on that right side the little half volley she's picking up just off the ground incredible touch from that woman right there Maggie brasha yes and if I would say anything obviously this is picking nits but if there's anything about Annalee Waters it's that.

Traditional full-on overhead that doesn't quite have as much power as some as the X high level tennis players now from the shoulder or head position off to the side incredible power from Annalee Waters and also a couple questionable Drop shots mixed in from Anna Lee Waters as well there was one in each of those last two the first win.

Into Maggie brasha and the second went to Andrea Coop inviting them back in it is Close Quarters here on Championship Court as Maggie brasha perhaps the unsuspecting hero on her side to Annalee Waters and Annalee Waters shows up when her team needs it the most exactly right.

Nice combination from Annalee Waters I was waiting to see who was going to pull the trigger in a not surprising at all it was Anna Lee Waters doing so but Natalie Waters speeds it up like that should Coop then go to Jansen try to if you can't difficult very difficult with the quality of speed UPS from Annalee oh.

Firefight going in favor of Andrea Coop how about the hands of Maggie brasha though unreal Andrea Coop again the difference in this one when Andrea Coop slides and finds her backhand she's much more able to bring that ball Cross Court that's why you see the Cross Court counter right here by Andrea Coop earlier she tried to slide forehand and.

That ball got back to Annalee Waters oh my goodness Maggie brasha is barely missing and so another chance for the fives to earn some points here on there sir oh Leia Jansen speeds it up on Coop and gets the point yeah it's been a while since Maggie Maggie brasha decided to attack straight ahead and Leia Jansen.

She's been rolling those dinks Cross Court to Anna Lee and she went for the offense there and Leia Jansen up to the task foreign oh no it was in so sorry we have a tie game on Championship Court Adam and Cameron it's like deja vu from what we saw last night with the St Louis shock.

Who were nearly in the same exact situation as Coop and brasia all right Andrea Coop answering right back yeah and again there's that slide this time it's the forehand but she finds the right shoulder of Anna Lee Waters right here right on the body I will say too impressed with the play of Andrea Coop.

Being able to cut some of these balls out of the air so she can hold her Court position on that left side Andrea Coop will take the bounce off the net the ball is good and so the Bears now on top by one with a chance to win game one foreign lawyer during the day and Pro.

Pickleballer here oh Emily Waters willing her way to win that point you're jumping out of your flip-flops Adam well unbelievable display there in the early and early and mid Parts at that point they were crying.

So hard from the back of the court to get it to Leia Jansen and the court coverage of Anna Lee Waters to control the kitchen line was so so good we talk we see her shot making we see her power on these on these balls but her movement around the court is absolutely world class 20 21. foreign.

here and they do Anna Lee Waters cannot be beaten world class is absolutely right she's creating these opportunities all on her own 21-21 Leia Jansen wants a piece of the action now the fives on top yes Michelle and.

Just another advantage of that movement from Anna Lee and the presence in the Middle full load on the forehand for Leia Jansen makes her so much more comfortable having being able to disregard the backhand side the fives could close it here oh Andrea Coop with everything on the line.

Splits the difference down the middle unreal play right here from Andrea Coop and Anna Lee Waters they're just going head-to-head covering both of them about 60 percent of the court if you're aliens almost 70 percent at this point Coop speeds it up to the forehand of Emily Waters and is prepared for an even faster ball to come back to her backhand.

Beautifully executed well and I think there was a little bit of hesitancy from Leia Jansen because she thought that ball could have been out of bounds and so she paused right on her overhead and it threw off a bit right Cameron and just a slight Pitfall of sliding to your left is that you're.

It's an awkward Court positioning so your court awareness is a little bit lower when you're not in your center of your half and sometimes that's difficult to let a ball go out my goodness this match is incredible Andrea Coop now with a chance to win game number one here for the Bears all right.

Oh Emily Waters answers right back everything on the line is unfit she's unfazed and again we talk about patterns in pickleball Annalee Waters is prepared now every time that she's seeing Andrea Coop will go with the two-handed backhand watch her immediate slide middle she's anticipating that ball going back the direction of Leia Jansen.

So just one step ahead right now in that regard perhaps Coop will test the sideline then the forehand side of waters to see if the pattern stays the same or mixes up oh what a grab foreign.

Andrea Coop and how about the support play of Maggie brasha who's not going to get credit in this one but she came up in crucial moments well there was one ball that Adam and I were sitting here kicking ourselves going oh dear we thought it was out of bounds and Maggie took it all out of the air and sends it back over that was astonishing.

The hands on both sides Andrea Coop and Annalee Waters firefighting to no end at the end of game number one giving yourself a break yeah I think that's the one you missed yeah she can't help but after that previous Point she can't help but chuckle so Waters with a chance to tie it here.

For the fives foreign and when you're hitting balls like that Anna Lee keep your foot on the gas we've seen a couple bringing the opponents in and a couple lobs mixed in I don't think that's the time for it keep ripping away Annalee.

Just long for Waters but remember that speed up right we talked about it probably three four points ago for Andrea Coop see the location the two-hand backhand speed up trying to find that space up the line it's not easily done you can see how kind of it was an awkward angle well disguised from Andrea Coop and it took Annalee Waters a.

Half second to adjust to the change and maybe that's just the time that Coop needed to create the error oh Leia Jansen getting in the fire fight uses the net she'll take it yes and I I just have never seen in a high level women's match so much Court covered especially from the right side from one.

Player even in the old school days of Simone Georgine playing left and taking so much Court this is incredible display from Annalee Waters foreign puts it away and the bear is taking their turn with the serve yeah really impressed right here from Maggie Brash I actually I love the fact she stayed.

Offensive there was a contact she could have let her foot off the gas as well but instead add a little extra roll and topspin to her shot and I think in terms of a full on overhead position Maggie brasha might have more power than Andrea coop oh Andrea Coop finding the middle that time.

And Annalee Waters didn't really slide right here because it wasn't on her own speed up so a great location for Coop but man Annalee Waters had been taking a lot of those balls through the middle just maybe didn't expect Leia Jansen to be the one to speed up first man I just want this match to keep going by far the best of the tournament somebody's got to.

Win who's it going to be rally scoring to 31 shall we we might get there okay Emily Waters says this game must continue to go on Sir returns to the fives this is just an unreal back and forth such a treat for us and everyone watching.

oh my goodness so close gosh these points are absolutely incredible the degree of difficulty on both sides and so the Bears with another chance to close it out well not to mention Michelle the physicality required this late in a game the exhaustion the heat.

Everything starting to kick in Richie tuazen the owner of the Bears watches on foreign puts the team on her back and closes the doors so the Bears take game number one this was so crucial for them to have a chance at the finals Cameron Irwin what did we just see here on Championship Court some of the best hands battles we.

Have seen to date between these of Four Women just unreal play from Andrea Coop and Maggie brasha they brought it and I love the location the placement I mean the countering from Andrea Coop the defense they had everything working their Direction Adam Stone have you seen a better women's doubles match than the one we just saw take the women's out I.

Have not I'm not sure I'm not sure I've seen a better match well I'm saying I'm I'm a men's double I'm a men's double specialist I'm garbage at mixed and I love men's doubles it's my favorite that was the best match I have ever seen Adam Stone you heard it here first we're surrounding him with ladies in the booth.

Here today thank you Adam we appreciate it as we check in now with the third Lady of our crew the fourth member of our crew top 50 current female Pro Cameron Blackwood standing by with the winners who earned every inch of that game Cameron I think Adam Stone said it best they said that is was this the best.

Women's doubles match we've ever seen and they said take out women's that might have been the best the doubles match we have ever seen Andrea how do you play in those big moments you know the best part about MLP is you don't have to be named a certain somebody to have your moment uh Irene is the MVP of MLP and I'm just trying to.

Channel my inner Irena and most of the balls were heading over to Andrea's side of the court but how are you staying engaged in those for those pop-ups make sure you're ready for the putaways oh I was just trying to be ready for any speed up coming my way and block it back staying pretty feel pretty composter.

Were you not excited in this moment oh I'm so excited I kind of don't believe it but we can do it there you have it bears go up one zero in that epic women's doubles match are coming right back with men's doubles you do not want to go anywhere
MLP 2023 Daytona Beach I California BLQK Bears vs. New Jersey 5’s I Premier SF I Day 4 I Champ Court

New Jersey 5s
Players: Anna Leigh Waters, James Ignatowich, Lea Jansen, and Hayden Patriquin
Owners: Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), Ryan Harwood

California BLQK Bears
Players: Andrea Koop, Dylan Frazier, Federico Staksrud, and Maggie Brascia
Owner: Ritchie Tuazon


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