I'd like to show you how to customize your paddle by adding weight I would recommend tungsten customization tape by Selkirk for a couple of reasons one is it's already pre-measured and two you won't get lead poisoning from using lead tape so there's that what you do is take off one strip which.

Is three grams or 0.1 ounces figure out where you want to place it I tend to put mine kind of down towards the throat and then up along the side of the paddle so you have kind of a three o'clock nine o'clock on either side for good balance obviously you'll do that on both sides make sure it's fairly even on both sides.

So if you have it a couple inches away from the throat on one side it's going to be the same on the other side obviously make sure it's also straight along the edge of the paddle there you go you can see how it's looks similar on each side and then you could always add more strips if you.

Wanted to I can also consider putting on some Edge guard tape to protect the edge of the paddle which would add a little bit of weight but I'm okay with that so there you go that's how you customize your pedal to have a greater or heavier weight paddle
How to add more weight to your pickleball paddle for better control and power on your shots.
Make sure to use tungsten tape instead of lead tape as it is safer and easier.
Feel free to try out various positions along the paddle edge to get the customized feel you want. Good luck!

Find tungsten tape strips at Selkirk.com. Feel free to use code ADV-DANIELJ for future gift cards with purchase.