The 10 best pickleball paddles pickleball is taking the country by storm according to the Sports and Fitness industry Association the number of people playing pickleball is estimated to be around 4.8 million which is double the number from five years ago what this data also tells us is.

Pickleball is now officially the fastest growing in America however those familiar with the game might remember playing it way back in gym class or at a summer camp pickleball is no spring chicken the sport was invented in 1965. but before starting support the channel by liking this video and subscribing to.

This channel for future updates as far as pickleball equipment goes the gear has seen rapid innovation in the past several years especially when it comes to pickleball paddles we spoke with Ben Johns the number one professional pickleball doubles player in the professional pickleball Association to get his take on what to.

Look for in a paddle the right time to upgrade your paddle is usually when you find yourself wanting to improve your skills as a player as opposed to just playing for fun now and then says Johns the key features you want to look for are weight Dimension and material so here are the top 10 picks for pickleball paddles.

Number 10 graphite pickleball paddle a small brand that makes USA pickleball approved paddles bison paddles incorporates a polymer Honeycomb Core with a textured graphite face to make tournament ready smackers these paddles are durable well priced and come in a few epic designs number nine Wilson juice carbon.

Wilson juices main difference is its strategically woven carbon fiber face that delivers more power in your shots the best part about the juice is it's only a twenty dollars upgrade from the echo so if you're looking to move into more competitive play this is a good paddle to Veer towards as a relative newcomer to pickleball I find the juice.

To have the perfect marriage of power and control within my first hour of play I started feeling especially confident in getting backspin on my returns says Rad Lopez a Peloton instructor number eight Hampton Victor if you're looking for another competition level option Selkirk makes.

So top-notch paddles that are loaded with some of the best materials around with the Invicta you get serious specs like a polypropylene X5 core fiberflex facing and a massive sweet spot that delivers big shots number seven premium pickleball paddle power series a newcomer to the sport pckl is making.

Performance driven USA pickleball approved paddles with quality materials and clean design we like the power series as its large sweet spot and rough grit graphite face allow for boosted well-controlled returns the best part is it's under one hundred dollars.

Number six the Ashbury Nettie is a pickleball paddle and gear brand that was born during the pandemic the Brand's founder and CEO Catherine Baxter sought to create premium pickleball products with colorful retro inspired designs for example this groovy paddle takes inspiration from the Haight Ashbury.

Neighborhood in San Francisco and features a polymer Honeycomb Core and a carbon fiber face and while the other paddle designs have different patterns the overall aesthetic matches thus making them a solid buy as a duo or bundle set number five Ben John's Hyperion Pro if there's one name you should know.

About in professional pickleball it's Ben John's the 23 year old is 151 championships on the PPA tour in singles doubles and mixed competitions in his career John's official Jeweler paddle is loaded with a carbon Flex 5 textured surface a reactive polypropylene Honeycomb Core and a specialized foam Edge wall for.

Added stability I was a tennis player and initially didn't think pickleball was intense enough for me I was wrong I now play up to 10 to 12 hours a week with games sometimes three hours or more and I go to this paddle every time says Brahma karate founder chairman and CEO.

Of Lifetime lifetime is currently the largest provider of pickleball courts in the country with nearly 450 courts right now number four Clarksville recess is another pickleball Gear Company making high quality paddles with great design several of their paddles are approved.

For USA pickleball tournaments including the Clarksville and are made with a 0.53 inches thick honeycomb interior we also like the fact the paddle is wrapped in authentic leather and comes with a nice canvas carrying case number three graphite Z5 if you watch any PPA tour events you'll likely notice Onyx as a paddle in a few.

Pro's hands while they have tons of rackets the graphite Z5 is a solid pick thanks to its wide body which means better chances of getting to those tricky Drop shots number two rally tiro II pickleball Central makes several quality in-house products the rally Trio 2 is a wallet friendly composite paddle with a polymer.

Core its best feature is its weight clocking in at a lofty 6.9 to 7.2 ounces this is a good starter paddle for those getting into the game number one Wilson Echo in terms of how much Tech you get for the value of the paddle the Wilson Echo Takes the Cake the echo has a po3 fiberglass composite.

Makeup to ensure a lightweight durable feel and inside it has a polycore x Honeycomb Core to dampen vibrations and hit a controlled shot on every stroke the paddle also has a classic shape design with a surface that allows the player to add some Wicked Spin To The Ball.

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As far as pickleball equipment goes the gear has seen rapid innovation in the past several years, especially when it comes to pickleball paddles. We spoke with Ben Johns, the #1 professional pickleball doubles player in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) to get his take on what to look for in a paddle. “The right time to upgrade your paddle is usually when you find yourself wanting to improve your skills as a player, as opposed to just playing for fun now and then,” Johns tells Men’s Health. “The key features you want to look for are weight, dimension, and material.”
So here are the top picks for Pickleball Paddles.

Rally Tyro 2
Graphite Z5
clarksville pickleball paddle
the ashbury pickleball paddle

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