But you can see the carbon fiber on the corner it worked through yeah i think there's another shape there's another shape okay uh this is jay he doesn't use this version so we're here with semi amateur andre and he was kind enough to answer the most asked question on the internet.

Andre what paddle should a pickle player use listen there's no right or wrong answer to this it's personal preference but let me give you the information that you can help have that will help you make a decision on what paddle you should use can't wait okay let me start on the bottom.

I'm going to take you back to the golden era this is the golden paddle that's kind of a standard it's been available for a while i'll hand you that this is another one that golden makes i haven't played with that one much but it's a firm paddle has nice pop i actually think it's well made and i really like the gold medallion when you.

Bump paddles at the end see that oh okay procanix is a very great brand obviously it came from the racquetball genre uh you know this is a bobby riggs staple dawson's if you will procanix that's a great one a lot of power on that one a lot of power i felt like a little less control.

Because i'm a you know strong 3.0 player yeah here's another version that they started with kind of the egg shape okay i like that one that's fun a friend of mine left this in my house the maxima vanguard now i'm a little reversal because the event the selkirk which is the top brand started first with the epic amped.

That's the classic most used paddle i think out there it has good control it's got a 14 millimeter honeycomb core okay then they came out with the you know the vanguard red version okay got a little bit softer a little different surface then they came out with the s2 at the same time the black they came out the black carbon fiber and that has also.

Just kind of that same softer i felt like i needed a little more power with that one this is another shape that's the one this is the one my friend left in my house oh cool okay there's another red epic vanguard okay this is a classic pop performance one pedal okay you see that logo this is like pickleball from the 70s before it even started they sold.

Out so many times on pickleball central he couldn't even replenish because he only makes like 30 paddles a month brian is his name okay it's got a nomex metal metallic core aluminum surface uh injected molding around the edge but you can see the carbon fiber on the corner.

Or through i think there's another shape here's another shape okay uh this is jay he doesn't use this version but this is a vulcan okay he uses the longer handled version right that's a really good control little hybrid one this is a china pedal we got for about ten dollars from china we put temecula pickleball on it we can get a.

Paddle for 10 bucks if you want okay there's another kind of a lesser you know oh paddletech is a classic weinbach the badger he used to use that one um he is his own version he puts a really skinny little grip on it like a ping pong player okay okay oh badger badger gets what he wants you know what i'm saying ben john's best player in the.

World used this until he switched over to the viola oh as they say yola okay the epic vanguard this was a revolutionary paddle with the carbon fiber it had a lot of spin a lot of grit on it a lot of players using that it feels like a tank i over size the grip okay yeah you can feel that one i have this one in the case because i've never.

Used it but this one came from selkirk it has you're not allowed to have a hole in the paddle but it has a hole in the paddle and a lot of them come out with this now wow you know so much wind resistance happens at this area apparently so it gives it more speed yeah but anyway this is very gritty i mean there was questionable was this.

Legal or not you know and then the carbon paddle and anyway that's all that's part one that's all we can cover today um so out of all the paddles you showed us like which one should a pickle player be using yeah they should use the one that they like the most
In this video I ask Semi Amateur player What pickleball paddle should we use in 2023?

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