Without wasting your time we are going to share top 5 best pickleball paddle the product links are in the description and in first comment the number five on the list selker camped selkerkant has made a beautiful paddle that feels great in the hands and even better to look at its beautiful visual.

Design makes it pop Out Among the other paddles in a stack and reminds you of the quality the paddle comes in blue orange red and green in terms of the paddle's construction quality don't worry it's Stellar the paddle will last you a long time as long as you're not using it to build a brand new set of pyramids but the main focus of this.

Paddle is what they've done to the technology let's take a closer look as I alluded to earlier there's something special about the line that hasn't been seen before from Selkirk they are using a new patent-pending polymer polypropylene material for their core they have dubbed this new technology as you can see plastered on the front of.

The paddle I of course don't have the inside details of what this new material is exactly but I'm certain that it is much lighter than most polymer materials since the core is so much lighter than usual the engineers were able to make the paddle much thicker this is the most remarkable difference between the Epic and other pickleball paddles check this.

Out look at how thick the Epic is compared to the padlettec Phoenix on the bottom it's almost an inch thick I've never seen a paddle This beefy before believe me its thickness shows on the court in terms of performance but even with the Selkirk still managed to create a paddle core that's extremely light the number four on the list padlettec.

Tempest wave padlettec Tempest wave has been a leader in pickleball paddles for a long time and their paddles can be seen in the hands of many of today's top Pros The Tempest line is the favorite of padlettec athlete Dave Weinbach Catherine parento you can also find it on the metal podium in the hands of.

Catherine parento The Tempest wave is their intermediate offering in the Tempest line this battle has a textured graphite surface and a graphite polymer composite Honeycomb Core and a typical pickleball paddle shape padlettec describes this paddle as being ideal for the control and touch style of player I have spent the last few weeks playing.

With this paddle to see if padletek has delivered the accurate touch they claim Tempest polycore technology shows padletex continued development of new core materials this high-grade graphite polymer composite honeycomb enhances the feel and control that the paddle can offer using their new graphite face in conjunction with the Leading Edge of.

Core materials adds up to one of the most advanced paddles on the market today when I think of a control paddle my mind immediately jumps to the word consistency being able to consistently put the ball where you want it on the court with the proper amount of Spin and finesse the Pablo Tech Tempest wave shines in this area of the game the.

First thing that I noticed when I began playing with this paddle was the balance between power and touch this made each shot feel predictable and comfortable I was able to hit from the net to the Baseline just as easily as I was able to take a wide dink to the kitchen there is a large sweet spot on this paddle that noticeably limited my mishits when I was.

Taking volley shots at the net this allowed me to be more controlled with my delivery and feel more comfortable going for the lines I found that dinking and net play is where this battle performed the best soft slices and lifts came off the paddle with these inconsistency right out of the box this paddle felt balanced in the hand and had an easy.

Swing it seemed to pass effortlessly through the air and even the first time I took it out on the court it felt familiar many paddles take a few games to get used to but the padlette Tempest wave immediately felt comfortable the number three on the list Onyx graphite Onyx graphite if you've been to a pickleball court recently there's a good.

Chance you saw an onyx paddle in someone's hand the is a classic paddle that has been around for a long time and continues to dominate courts across the country it not only has a sleek and subtle design but was built to be a Workhorse on the court designed and produced bionics pickleball the is an affordable option perfect for the.

Beginner to intermediate player looking for a consistent paddle experience that comes in two different face hitting surface options a composite face that is heavier and offers more stability and power potential and a graphite face which is significantly lighter with a softer feel and more control besides the way 10 face material these two options.

Are identical in every other characteristic the shines in the spin category for both the graphite and composite paddles because of the extra grid added to the surface once you run your hand down the paddle's face you'll feel how the grit will benefit your spin from your Top Spin serves to your slicing third shot drops if your look.

Looking for maximum spin our review gave the slight Edge to the composite because of the Composites already gritty nature if you feel like you need to spin it to win it you can't go wrong with either the number two on the list bold pickleball paddle bolt pickleball paddle the features a carbon fiber facing and a polypropylene.

Honeycomb Core the slightly textured surface helped put spin on the ball this is a terrific pickleball paddle for players of any style and level the hitting surface is powerful and textured to help with the player's spin it is a quiet paddle that is great for communities with noise restrictions the bolt is a middleweight paddle with a.

Weight range is a family-owned business led by owner himself a DOT we manufacture pickleball paddles and other products along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan in Port Washington and Milwaukee Wisconsin a strong dedication to the sport and a solid Midwestern work ethic were founding principles that continue to drive our growth forward but.

Our goals are crystal clear produced paddles geared for a variety of player types made from the best most durable materials available supported by Stellar customer service and backed with a solid warranty and distinct identity never backs down from being different in fact we Embrace at the be a leader not a follower mentality is embedded in every.

Ounce of our identity and it shows in the distinct feel and looks of our line of product starting with pickleball paddles the bolt features a carbon fiber facing and a polypropylene Honeycomb Core the slightly textured surface helped put spin on the ball this is a terrific pickleball paddle for players of any style and level the hitting.

Surface is powerful and textured to help with a player's spin it is a quiet paddle that is great for communities with noise restrictions the number one on the list head radical Elite head radical Elite the radical Elite composite paddle provides solid heft and top quality control so you can play Pickleball at your own pace with them.

Elongated body and ergonomic grip this is a versatile piece of gear that gives you the ability to cover large areas of the Court stress-free the design is ideal for control players who want to be able to manage dinks up at the net while still being able to drive balls on the serve the radical Elite composite paddle is long with a handle in a medium grip.

Size the weight ranges from so you get some extra power in your hits the design use is an edgy color palette of red gray and white the logo curves across the top of the paddle dot while its name and additional accents are placed below the face is wide the radical Elite composite paddle is a high quality choice for players who want to do it all from hard.

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Best Pickleball Paddles
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