Foreign people today we're going to go over the review of the rhombus r316 this is a really cool looking paddle the white and black you can get this online for about 120 bucks and this was my panel of choice for a long time till I just switched over recently to a.

Different palette which had a little bit different Group which I liked but it's paddle for the money is awesome get it for leave her new paddle is 100 20 bucks I think they have a sale online might be 100 bucks but go check it out fill it for a decent paddle has a good grip 16 millimeters and feels super good the specs of the paddle 16 and a half inches.

Long just over seven and a half inches wide five and a half inch grip which is pretty long but I really like it for my spin and my leverage on the shots this is just over eight ounces with the rock carbon t700 face you can hear the grip on it it's pretty good I've had some great.

Spin shots with this but overall feel this is really really good if you haven't checked it out go check out rhombus they have four paddles they keep it shoot they keep it shoot they keep it super keep it super short and sweet with only four Pals to choose from and they're all about 120 bucks the top one is 180 bucks.

Because it doesn't have an edge and it's also a 3D relief face versus the raw covered fiber just pretty cool as far as Touch goes like I said go check them out super cool company super simple minimal design but it feels really good and the money for the paddle you're not going to beat anywhere in the market in my opinion thanks for your support I.

Appreciate you guys a lot leave a like leave a comment what are you guys think and as always have a good week thank you
Is the Ronbus R3.16 the best for the money?! It might be…it feels, looks, and plays great, and is only $120! Pickleball Paddles are everywhere, make sure you get a good one for what you pay for!