Today i'm reviewing something a little bit different i'm reviewing a pickleball bag so i play pickleball quite a bit and i have been rotating many of my other edc bags through as a pickleball bag you can check out some of the other reviews but this bag.

By takia is actually made as a pickleball bag and it's quite good so i've been using this for a couple of weeks now and it definitely serves its purpose now one thing obvious is that this is a 70 liter bag so it's huge right my edc bags usually it makes out about 30.

I normally do not like such a big bag but i think for court size and for you know a couple hours or a long day of pickleball having a bag this big does help so i'm going to go through how i use it first and then talk about the back itself the back has two.

Pretty large side pockets on one side i have uh a pouch from able carry so this pouch has snacks and electrolyte powders and so forth so this is quick access the stack the other side is quick access to water.

I put in a large 32 ounce nail gene here usually i use something a little bit smaller but i just want to show you that a very large bottle does fit on the side so food and food and.

Water either side the back i can show you has a double zipper that goes only down to about here and it's just a compartment that has room for a couple of rackets up two the joomla solar is my current favorite this is a very weighted.

Long handle version and this is the maverick elite pro which is a similar kind of racket by a different brand so they both goes in there the pocket goes all the way to the bottom it is padded front and back so it does protect the racket from the outside.

But the doesn't protect records against themselves if you like i'm gonna put this back here and it's quite roomy so that's quite nice double zipper the front has this pocket.

Which is um which is wings which is good so whatever you put in here doesn't fall out i usually put my phone here there's another little pocket behind on the back wall as well so this pocket is good for safety purposes but it's not padded the material is kind of thin if i put my phone here usually i do not.

Want to put my keys here because the key is my special phone and so forth sometimes i do do that another interesting thing is that this pocket has a single zipper right which means makes it opening it a little bit more cumbersome if it happens to reach on the wrong side but this design i think kind of guarantees.

That you will close it tight because you kind of know you have to have the zipper down to close the whole thing again for variable it's a long side pocket has no it doesn't have its own volume it's quite deep so i end up often putting my keys and my wallet in here.

I'm not a fan of this pocket but i do it because there's nowhere else to put it since it's a vertical zipper things in theory could fall out so again be careful what you put in here now onto the main compartment so this thing opens up.

Clam shell style and it has this s-shaped zipper which makes sense so the whole thing has opened up quite large on the front there is a mesh pocket.

Where i keep things like body sprayed and suntan lotion on top so quick access even when the back is closed i can quickly get into it and the rest is really just one giant space like a locker whatever my.

Shoe bag lifetime coffee mug sometimes i sometimes go to the pool swimming gear and a tom bin don't remember the model but change of clothes and so forth slippers and that's it now there is this.

You can see this loop here and it's designed to hold a very large water bottle so you could put a water bottle in the middle like this i don't quite understand the thinking behind this so i've never used this there are these little.

Side stretchy pocket so again you could put keys there much safer but then it's hard to get to the back has this padded pocket it is i one is not suspended it kind of is because of the way the back is constructed.

Here i put nd work gear if i need to so i have my ipad pro basically disappears in there and my noise canceling poly polycom headset so if i need to make a call or whatever i can do that.

So this is a very very large space and it's great so honestly i just close this up and just stuff stuff in there and i never really have run out of room now when winter time maybe i need a more change of clothes than maybe i'll run out of room but right now.

Plenty of space but it is a 7 milliliter bag hopefully it's going to go back in there and it's fine now the back actually has a shoe compartment at the bottom so you could put dirty clothes or shoes in here it's a little bit of a venting here but since i used a shoe bag i never really used.

This having this at the bottom makes it of course hard to get in and out of so i just rather have use the bag standing up most cases at court side or in the locker so i don't really use the bottom on the back.

Very very basic mesh uh back not really very well made again compared to some of the other bags that i review on this channel this is not a bag designed for carrying heavy weight over long period right really is from the car into the gym or onto cart.

Side nice that it has a built-in hook so you could hook this on a fence or something if you want to keep this thing off the ground again the straps they're okay nothing to to nothing special about them they do work obviously.

Not height adjustable very simple strap system but again it is good enough just as i said to carry this in and out of the car into the gym and the measurement of this guy just to.

Round this thing up it's 24 inches tall so it's quite tall 15 inches wide and 12 deep so it is a 7 liter bag as i said so as a pickle boar sports back it's actually quite good i've been using it for a while now i might actually stick to this instead of using some of my i would say fancier.

Bags that design for other use so this is the tequila pickleball bag and it's uh quite affordable i think it's somewhere around 150 or less so you just need a bag for pickleball or other record sports i would recommend it
This is a great bag for carrying your pickleball equipment. It is a large bag at 70L but feels and looks smaller than that. It carries everything I need and more.

Get it on Amazon (affiliated link):

What I carry:

– Joola Solaire Paddle (good power longer handle)
– Engage Mavrick Paddle
– Change of clothes
– NB Court shoes
– swimming gear
– slippers for gym showers
– sun tan lotion, body spread etc

– iPad Pro
– headset

– keys, wallet
– water bottle
– pouches of snacks

All fit without problem. Highly recommended.