Right you know I don't even know uh folks this this you know I don't I'm not very good at processing my feelings I I can't even cut Take Five now that I have gathered myself I've centered myself after playing this weekend with this boom boom awesome carbon fiber pickleball paddle from Ace.

Pickleball it's called the Spade the ace Spade I'm still I'm still freaking out all my pickleball paddles have been shoved to the back seat you calling me a liar I'm a Believer with these guys first hand I got to play with it this weekend with a whole bunch of my friends and this paddle rocks I mean it definitely.

Is the first carbon fiber paddle that I owned but um I need to recognize the fact that I did play with other carbon fiber based uh paddles and I just really wasn't sold you know what I only lost one game because I didn't eat right off the bat I took this over the weekend and then we just started doing our dink.

Warm-ups and then it just felt great in hand like all I did to this paddle right here was just uh did like an over grip on the stock grip which you don't have to it actually played really well during my warm-up I just wanted to see how it felt my worry was it was going to get super tacky once we got sweaty which it didn't actually.

Which was pretty cool because I can't do the tacky uh stuff with my hands that's what she said and then of course I did the um the outside guard with uh my usual electrical tape uh I like the look of the whole black and white thing and then if you notice I haven't done a continuous Bend.

Uh around the the guard because it has like awesome little uh designs on comparison to my last video uh you might have noticed the color kind of changed a little bit but I mean what paddle doesn't once you just take it out and just beat the hell out of it a few other players from our Circle kind.

Of test it out as well because they I don't think any of them owned a carbon fiber face paddle at all and a review that was consistent with this paddle from my friends was that um you didn't really have to do much uh with this paddle I mean like the powers there the controllers there uh you'll get consistent shots from the.

Baseline you'll get consistent feel and hit and control and power even at the kitchen line which is pretty awesome I'm talking about like my friends that would just tell me straight up like hey this paddle is trash like you know I was like ah it's okay I wouldn't really play with it but this paddle was being you know like.

Demoed throughout the day throughout the weekend if not and yeah they really liked it but yeah folks that's it for this review um yeah this paddle is freaking awesome guys I'm not even getting paid for this video and I'm being serious this paddle is freaking awesome do not get this while you can I've just gotten an email.

Saying that they're on a low stock alert so please go to the description below use the code zack10 to get 10 off the entire order and yeah hope to see on the court but I'm gonna finish this video right now and go their blocky things attacks yeah try me and that's it because I'm gonna go back outside and play some.

Pickleball so let's go so this is a reference to see how big my face is
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