Ben Johns will start us off and to your point and say never till already proving why he paddles out on the court right now too take a look at the pro XR and Zayn's hands as well as the carbon face paddle from Yola Ben Johnson thank you slicing return to the middle.

Yeah there was a volley there he just needed to do more returns like you mentioned it appears to be 1-1 there's another ball to the middle not giving angles there's the first volley to your point and Zayn never till he read it perfectly it was out there so facing off against Zayn what is he thinking what do I need.

To complete what what's the number one task yeah I think it has uh men's doubles and mixed doubles in that kind of fashion this is still largely Checkers okay to how the technology has changed in the game the kind of margin above the net these players are able to hit at full speed it's it's huge pretty Ernie a lot of room for him to.

Come back to though and Jones gets it behind him scooping that ball for the drop Beautiful by John's foreign oh my goodness those are so tough maybe he'll have to mix it up and go across oh beautiful boy when you say being forced to bounce in front of him uh and.

That's a lot of it's because of the great serving from Ben Johns well some touchy feely stuff there from Zane navratil very good little Twinkle Toes there just a side out for Ben Johns depth on the serve there it is I think it's Beauty from Zane navratil y try that spatial pressure.

Point is that out do you know what I mean game ball Ben Johnson lifting that was it good yeah it was just one I'm still just trying to find one of those Ojo backpacks man oh yeah those are sweet scripts for different shots and that's how often he's kind of switching between.

That's wild to me the different feels he's so comfortable with and consistent great shot right there from Zane pulling Ben in oh beautiful that's just me yeah into an area where the other player still has to move and therefore under pressure.

Looks like he's hitting that thing with a pillow just so soft as reads foreign like that man there's just no bounce off now up by one oh look at that you gotta be kidding me gorgeous so heavily there just so much space available.

And the power of that two-handed backhand shows its versatility going up the line yeah I mean this is a tough match and John's is making it look a little routine right now it's just ahead of winner to that direction as well and they're the same thing to your.

Point s to to be able to guess where he's going and knowing that they shouldn't really guess I think that ball went wide but regardless the ATP pickleball court his match ball beautiful eleven six eleven three Ben.

Johns making quick work moving on in the Winner's bracket
Round of 16 match highlights between #1 Ben Johns & #17 Zane Navratil

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