He's been fantastic as a career goes and on the PPA but as this tournament goes this has not been on par with what he normally expects from himself and he'll start off this thing against Tyson McGuffin in rare form right there though.

And they can Tyson run from side to side and finally originally from Washington State his dad was a high school wrestling coach Tyson was a high-level High School wrestler 1-0 got just out of the reach.

Out and that's more surprising foreign good player here but he's running into a big problem in John's right now yeah a laser focused pin Johns because now he's starting to hit pickleball it's a good but good person for query to.

Train with because he's gonna make his entry into Pro pickleball there we go that is just wide sign up I want to just miss once.

Up Ben just gets seven when he was on the podcast we asked him about going on with Kelly and Ryan about a year and a half ago when he was on with Kelly ripen right pretty cool though to be able to go play some pickleball on a closed off Street in Manhattan absolutely another laser.

leave that one short and Ben just to make that look easy all right then shot Tyson running towards the center of the Court and John's dispensers of that shirt is.

The main reason of that obviously he's tried to manufacture some but it's not been easy to come out that the kitchen line has just been domination from that man and that'll close out game one a dominant 11-1 Tyson right up at that line.

up is a problem in that one skitters deep for band going for his serve a little great action at the net there by McGuffin right on that line oh how beautiful decision by McGuffin.

Especially in singles if they're so far this gold medal match shut up and the energy and the focus is now coming from that side of the Court so many options with that backhand four two five beautifully.

Crushes it I'm in five this the second to last match of the day on our tennis channel coverage we'll have the women's gold medal match in singles to follow as return on the far sideline foreign 's making McGuffin work.

And finally McGuffin falters yeah there's a ball took a little more out of McGuffin and had the same result wow again Ben's going for that serve in this look at where this return lands it's just you're just begging him to hit a winner make it 7-5 and guffin is sick of saying.

Yeah as it goes past them came two Point timeout receiver to be able to win this one ten five probably a little bit of both but definitely happy and there it is
Ben Johns VS Tyson McGuffin – Pickleball Men’s Singles Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California – Gold Medal Pro Pickleball Match

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