When it comes to high voltage action-packed and most thrilling pickleball matches two players take precedence over all others they're none other than the world-class pickleball players ben johns and tyson mcguffin elegant moves superb techniques and unique playing styles of these top pickleball athletes guarantee an.

Intimidating and ruthless match whenever they come face to face on the ground so what makes these two competitors so fierce and lethal let's find out in today's video hello and welcome to pro pickleball media in today's video we'll dissect the most ruthless pickleball games between ben johns and tyson mcguffin if you liked the video don't.

Forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and turn on the post and notifications let's dive right into the video pickleballs attracted a wonderful following and the top pickleball players all have their own fan bases most fans are aspiring pickleball champions as well as new pickleball players today.

We're going to focus on ben johns and tyson mcguffin who have been the world's number one and two male pickleball players let's start with tyson mcguffin first during his high school years tyson mcguffin wrestled and played tennis when he graduated he decided to focus on tennis and become a coach when one of his older students asked him to play.

Pickleball he said yes right away the rest is history after just one month of playing he knew he had found his game what's good he did it well mcguffin put away his tennis racquets which was probably a loss for tennis and focused on pickleball which was a win for pickleball after a month of playing practicing and learning the.

Rules he played in his first tournament in 2015. he was an instant hit with other pickleball players he became well known in his sport by winning championship after championship in 2017 he won his first major title this first win came in 2017 at the usa pickleball national championships in arizona some of his best pickleball.

Games have been at the mintos u.s open where he often faces ben johns both of them are trying to get the number one ranking one of mcguffin's biggest pickleball matches this apparently occurred in 2019 at the minto us open at the time mcguffin was number two and john's was number one the game was tough but it was clear early on.

That the two players were different mcguffin seemed to be full of energy and determination while john's was calmer and focused on strategy strategy energy and determination are all important and the match itself was very tough in the end it seemed like mcguffin was the better athlete even though john's who had saved his energy during the game.

Went all out at the end one of the most important fights of tyson mcgovern's career was won by him he's kept playing and won money at tournaments even though 2020 was a bad year for the sport because so many tournaments were cancelled he plays the game professionally now coaches players of all ages and skill levels and is a.

Real role model and mentor in the game is tyson mcguffin sponsored at the moment mcguffin is linked to the brand silkirk sport which makes and designs pickleball gear he likes their enrique ruiz signature epic paddle best but he is also used and like the maxima he likes both of these but especially the maxima he says that it's a good.

Paddle for people who used to play tennis especially because it's longer singles are doubles for mcguffin mcguffin likes to play singles and he says that tennis is the reason he's so good at it he also likes how hard singles makes him work out but he also likes doubles which is how he was first introduced to the game how often does.

Mcguffin play mcgovern said in an old interview that he plays between five and eight hours of pickleball per day but this is likely to include coaching he likes coaching at all levels and says he loves introducing new people to the game and helping good players get to the next level pickleball is one of those sports with a racket and a ball that is growing.

The most quickly and mcguffin loves it he trains hard works out and always eats a good breakfast before a match he loves the game and says he is totally hooked on him he also says that the game has a great group of people who play it together and offer sports competition in a great social scene tyson mcguffin has a lot of fans on his.

Website tysonmcguffin.com as well as on facebook and instagram mcguffett sends his fans and other pickleball players a newsletter every month and he also puts on pickleball camps for players of all skill levels so how much money does tyson mcguffin earn it's hard to say how much mcguffin makes.

Just from pickleball tournaments but the best players make between 50 and 200 000 dollars per year they also get money from sponsors mcguffin sport is helped a lot by selkirk sports which sponsors him it is thought that top players get sponsorships worth more than 80 000 per year plus mcguffin teaches pickleball so it's safe to say he makes a good living.

Pickleball players don't make nearly as much as the top tennis players because the sport doesn't well yet have the same fan base or tv coverage pickleball pays men and women about the same but you really have to be good like ben johns and tyson mcguffin to make enough to live on the singles finalists at the 2019 usa national championships.

Only got 2 500 if they won so if you want to make a lot of money you need to play in a lot of tournaments you could also get a sponsor make some extra money probably as a pickleball coach now let's move on to ben john's recent years pickleball has become more popular and the current best player in the world.

Is from montgomery county maryland ben johns who is 23 years old has won more than 146 000 and has 50 titles from the pro pickleball association he said it's kind of like an unsolved sport everyone is still trying to figure out how to play best the ppa ranks him as the best in the world there are definitely a lot of strategic elements like putting the.

Ball where you want it at the right time choosing your shot and all that he said pickleball is played low to the ground because the court is small and the ball doesn't bounce very high i love it because it's a sport that anyone can do said john's anybody can play no matter how old you are guys and girls are about the same no matter how much or how.

Little you know about the sports everyone loves it and everyone can play he said that one strategy that a lot of people use is to try to hit the other player by aiming the ball at them it's called tagging and it means they'll have less time to move out of the way john's goes to the university of maryland to study material science when.

He's not playing pickleball he used his skills to work with a company that makes paddles to make his own it was hardest to balance school and pickleball said john's both are a lot of fun on their own but when you do them together you're almost always worried about things like i have to finish this assignment or i have a tournament coming up and i.

Haven't practiced so the hardest part is just managing your time john's plans to keep playing pro pickleball after he gets his degree he also runs pickleball getaways a travel company where people can book all-inclusive trips to go play the game professional pickleball tournaments like the ones john's plays in are now shown.

On fox sports the tennis channel cbs sports and espn among others pickleball seems to be everywhere in the united states not just on tv there are designer panels and stores pickleball-themed weddings tick-tock videos that go viral weekly pickleball stories and national news outlets all over the country and even.

Pickleball-related charity work pickleball's popularity has gone through the roof of the united states this is partly because it is a safe way to exercise it keeps you away from other people it was first popular in retirement communities where people liked it because it was a fun way to meet new people and get some exercise.

But between 2018 and 2021 the number of people who joined usa pickleball almost doubled and the group now thinks that 4.8 million americans play the sport most of this growth has happened outside of pickleball's traditional audience from 2020 to 2021. the fastest rate of growth was among players under 24. this was because at the height of lockdown.

Portable pickleball nets sold out because people set up small courts in their driveways and gardens pickleball is also growing in other parts of the world though not as quickly pickleball is getting closer to being an olympic sport and they're now 60 countries that are part of the international federation of pickleball.

John said i think it has a lot of potential not just in the us but all over the world because it's a sport that anyone can play not only gets caught on in other parts of the world nearly as much as it has in the u.s but i think that wherever it starts it will grow quickly just like it has in the us once that happens in other places.

I think it would be a great fit for the olympics you just can't speed up growth so who is your favorite ben johns or tyson mcguffin tell us in the comments also don't forget to like and subscribe we'll see you soon in the next video and thank you so much for watching
The MOST RUTHLESS Game between Ben Johns vs. Tyson McGuffin

When it comes to high-voltage, action-packed and most thrilling pickleball matches 2 players take precedent over all others. They are none other than the world class pickleball players: Ben Johns and Tyson McGuffin.

The elegant moves, superb techniques, and unique playing styles of these top pickleball athletes guarantees an intimidating and ruthless match whenever they come face to face on the ground!
So, what makes these 2 competitors so fierce and lethal?

Let’s find out in today’s video! Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media! In today’s video, we will dissect the most ruthless pickleball games between Ben Johns and Tyson McGuffin! If you like the video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications.

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