The goat here they have played twice Ben John's won both of them one of them was a backdraw match in the PPA Peach Tree classic we'll get you that score in a minute but let's play Pickleball and statue of running John's all over the court to start so we'll see if that holds or if Stacks rude can get his first ever Victory against Ben.

All right and more of that please what a point and here comes stacks for staxford three nothing Point another short return Rippling off the tape and let it trickle over Point backhand winners on Thursday in the singles missed that one so 1-4 here in game one best two out of.

Three and there's the Tui from the shot before they're coming well he was in control of that point so he'd definitely like to get that one back great shot by Statue Point what opens up that uh that opening for the downloading pass all right.

All right out beautiful Court coverage from Stack's room oh Philly filth and a fist pump itself to match up against Oxford's in trouble and another rope line it's kind of a guessing game unfortunately playing him in those scenarios and now he's hitting absolute bullets.

Pedaling for the backhand anymore he's trying to implement his will early if he can find the forehead he's going to foreign here for Ben Johns point game and that catches the Baseline I wondered what staxford was doing but he was just going together.

Foreign 's got to go at least get one point and there it is if he can bring his best right here and that is brilliant singles from Federico statsroot foreign there it is again and this is all exploding off the court really as good.

As I've seen him play in a while it's something we said for the dominant level that he's able to come up with very nice from stacks for a time having to play multiple important matches on Championship Sunday and he looks as fit as ever and what a shot from Federico Stacks road I was looking for the Palms down.

We're going to say that was good nice shot from stacksrude and another Beauty right there same two and make that two six is our scoring game two and that ball hadn't even landed yet it sounded like timeout Point perhaps it should have been timeout another singles Title Here on.

The PPA tour foreign does it and Ben John's in absolutely dominating fashion wins the ppa's first stop on the carvana PPA tour
Full match highlights of the Men’s Singles Gold Medal final at the Hyundai Masters Tournament on the Carvana PPA Tour

Location: Rancho Mirage Country Club in Palm Springs, California

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