To use a video challenge let's play pickleball or to take this feeling out process and stay right in the match benefit today that'll that'll optimize his chances see if he can stack a point or two point.

Budget because you got two freebies off of that and that's huge in singles and that ladies and gentlemen is called an ernie when you jump the kitchen and it's been the ben john's forehand that has dictated play here so far and thanks ben right on cue the game point number two.

Absolute filth on the cross court roll from ben johns look at it right there and he is cruising i thought he should make let's see what happens here and that's beautifully played at the kitchen by dylan frazier yeah that's where we see dylan's quickness right this quickness is a weapon two here at 3-5.

Again this is game two of a best of five and there is a rocket of a forehand by dylan frazier and you must have a time out to use a video challenge that's a great point there frazier made him hit one or two more balls with that quickness wins in pickleball same shot.

And just absolutely nastiness watch him hit this inside out and as you mentioned it away for the most part and what a tremendous get here by dylan frazier you are allowed to go around the post.

And ben johns goes to the two-handed backhand and look at him thread that needle and you don't hear a lot of yelling and jazz from him typically and we got one there that's a great read by dylan frazier great read and spin and pace and it has been effective as far behind as some of these other.

Points when ben is just slapping forehands at him oh that's beautiful for frasier another one of those where he got pulled way wide and and there's pan john setting that up again very difficult to go yeah.

Game point and ben johns just dictating play you'll see him just hold this and little just those little nuggets for frasier and just missing john stood there points from a title and just beautiful watch him read.

This that's just too good before they hit it that's just not fair nor is that what in a hurry for ben johns and that will do it so ben john's showing his beautiful array of shots everything's working in the mountains and ben johns.

Is your men's singles tournament of champions champion
PPA Tournament of Champions Men’s Singles GOLD Medal match highlights featuring #1 Ben Johns facing off against 20 yr old Dylan Frazier

Location: Brigham City, Utah

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