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Interesting thing like what does the a top pickleball singles and doubles player look like 10 years from now that is anyone's guess um gosh I would really like to know this because there's so many factors right like you have all these tennis players.

And it's not that tennis isn't the best sport for transition but I can't say I know that for sure because we don't have enough sample size to say really high level table tennis players and kind of what they can contribute or like a combination of table tennis and tennis or badminton or whatever um obviously I think singles it's hard.

To argue that tennis is not the best background I think mostly it'll just look like longer guys that can cover the net better I mean when you got like a six six wingspan it is tough to pass anybody or even drop on them so I think there's that and then they can as long as they have good movement side to side like a.

Like a Daniel Medvedev type of guy like just just filthy like you're gonna be crazy like it's quick and long I mean you can you can say quickness is great but pure length on a court that size net coverage it's hard to beat like quick doesn't matter when you get past exactly so somebody like Frank Anthony Davis is unbelievably fast but it only matters at.

The Baseline exactly it matters from the baseline or if you're playing to a lesser extent than it does from the net as well like he might be able to track some crazy stuff down but like we'll stream lunging is is not nobody nobody that I've ever seen is quick enough to just Pat to to go get their feet in position.

For a passing shot just doesn't mean it does no matter how fast you are you can't be quick enough uh as quick as somebody's reach right yeah so I think I think that is the more obvious answer for for singles just long good tennis movement good tennis Strokes uh you're still gonna have some cat and mouse I think uh.

Which will make the game look cool but it'll be definitely I think more aggressive and less grinding up there just more like you know flicking more almost clean winners off of a lot of balls at the line more of a setup shot uh doubles is more the mystery to me I'd be like well tennis background is great but I think.

They're going to have to definitely add a lot of things like we see in today's game plus more things um I feel like my thing is you're going to see more grip changes uh not grip changes period but more like okay I use this grip for this position um hitting you know drives like this I'm hitting attacks like this I'm hitting.

Counters like this you're going to see a lot of this stuff tomahawks like this yeah you're gonna see tomahawks you're going to see coverage of anything that comes upwards at you with you know a pancake and whatever you want to call this one uh scorpion there's just going to be a lot of different ways to cover because I think people are realizing.

More and more in contrast like tennis where you know you're traditional you're here backhand forehand it's like when the court in doubles is only 10 feet wide coverage is a little different than you might expect especially when the down to up comes so I think a good example is like Riley Riley's so good at covering sorry the downed up meaning.

Like a low ball being attacked attacked towards you right so he for instance when the ball is low he's on forehand when the ball is down he's back end what's what's funny is they're almost like reverse of each other this only goes down this only goes up so he's almost doing the reverse of what he's seeing on the other side so that is less.

About left and right and more about up and down and of course it's not that simple there is times where he's still going to hit it back in even if it's coming upwards but it's it's interesting to think about how that Dynamic changes from what you can uh traditionally consider anything tennis like form-wise so tangent but do.

You think that Riley would be a better pickleball player today if he had a more traditional game because I look at him and he has unbelievably fast hands and I don't know whether it's because of his grip or because of his natural ability but one of the things that limits him is his inability to really speed up super.

Effectively off the ground on his forehand side and the reach with your two-handed backhand is not nearly as good as reaching in with a with a one hand sure yeah so that's definitely hard to answer because of how players respond to it right I think Riley is a fairly unique game style that players struggle play against now if you saw a bunch of.

Players that played like him maybe people would adapt to it more uh short answer I think he is better as a player overall if he's like he is and adds other stuff whereas it's harder to play more traditionally and add what he has right I would take the more unique intrinsic thing interesting okay yeah I've wondered about that it's an.

Interesting question for sure if you're coaching somebody how do you coach somebody like all right start off like Riley then add these shots and then you know get a little bit of this player it's like what is your perfect creation right if you can take a little bit of whatever you want sure and so like does he does he talking about your grip.

Changes right like does he change his grip for a forehand speed up or should he think about changing his grip for a sport forehand speed up should he think about adding a taking a one-handed I think every player can consider changing some stuff whether it's grip or shots or otherwise where it doesn't feel natural to add but hey you have the time to add.

It so why not add some new tricks um and those changes may be more dramatic than we think in the future once people figure out a little more fundamentally what pickleball is about and what benefits you the best yeah it'll be interesting to to see but I think there's I I have a hard time believing that.

Anything is better than tennis for for ground strokes but I have a hard time believing that tennis is the best for netplay in fact I would be almost certain that it's that it's not right it's some combination of of I think tennis badminton and table tennis right where you can learn a little bit from everything like there's no an enormous.

Blend yeah there's no there's been no Elite badminton player really take this seriously except for Henry Ronaldo and Henry Ronaldo is a guy that can make people look so dumb when he sets up for a basketball can you be flinching before it even hit it and then sometimes would be a drop shot this far over the net and then other times would be at your chest.

And then it'd be a lob I was like I don't know what's happening yeah I hope to God this guy never become seriously good off the bounce because anything out of the air he was deadly right just deadly so basically this this guy was a really really high level top five singles player and he could hold his paddle right here and you're like oh.

Okay he's gonna dink it and and then you just get murdered with the ball just snap his wrist from here to here from two inches incredible velocity and hit the ball harder than I can with the full swing yeah right it's almost like the tomahawk phenomenon where you know you can do your wrist like this a lot faster than you can like this Henry could move.

His backhand faster like this and I could do a forehand like this it was just shocking and when you're used to seeing backhands being a ding for that position Suddenly It's At Your Chest it was trippy um yeah so there's there's something there I think I think a lot of the movement patterns from table tennis.

Actually resemble are closer to at the line yeah a lot of shuffling a lot of moving around one uh backhand or forehand uh definitely a little different than tennis movement there yeah I agree with you that'll be interesting to see what are you gonna look like in 2033 2033 I don't think I'll be playing.

Pickleball anymore I might still be watching it but what are you gonna be you're gonna
Ben Johns breaks down how pickleball will change in the next 10 years.

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