Yes can't wait to walk you through this one Ben Johns will start us off and to your point zero zero hands they never told already we've got two new paddles out on the court right now too tsar and zing his hands as well as the.

Carbon face paddle from Yola Ben Jon's hands slicing return to the middle it was a volley there until early on we've seen these returns like you mentioned it appears to be one one there's another ball to the middle not giving angles there's the first volley to your point.

Yeah Jones could go around oh has he got it is it on the outside they're gonna say this ball is wide oh it's amazing how well he can get into position why what and have a chance at that kind of ball so quick with his feet and Zayn never until he ready do one now.

It's not rare Miss from Ben John sign out others out there so facing off against Zayn what is he thinking what do I need to complete what what's the number one task yeah I think he has the two two it's fair I still think there's a system to which.

He can attack to play I I think when the day comes where one or more players uh significantly better in one discipline than Ben is in every discipline then he wolf looks at Singles as two kids in the same way he looks as men's doubles and mixed doubles in that kind of fashion this is still largely.

Checkers okay find the new destination for the next sport usually the open space and he does that incredibly well looks like four three my vision it would be 2020. as long as your hindsight is 20 20. sign up in the game takes a bit of time.

To get it warmed up volumes to how the technology has changed in the game the kind of margin above the net these players are able to hit at full speed it's huge pretty Ernie a lot of room for him to come back to though and Jones gets it behind him work from the number one seed.

Five three just another look the athleticism of Zane navratil is just next level scooping that ball for the drop Beautiful by John's oh my goodness those are so tough that ball just off the bounce.

Familiar look of a man wanting a timeout so a timeout taken on the side of Zayn and never till there's a look at them you're in the world look for Zayn never to find a little extra something now though as he Trails by four back out of the timeout Cameron Irwin alongside Morgan Evans and he never till hasn't been able to find.

The line so maybe he'll have to mix it up and go across oh beautiful boy when you say putting something to volley yeah the ball is being forced to bounce in front of him and that's a lot of it's because of the great serving from Ben Johns and touchy-feely stuff there from Zane navratil very good little Twinkle Toes.

There just off the left trying to reach as far into the kitchen is it good but if you've noticed the body language here he he didn't uh three give away his intention too quickly that's the key it looked like he may have just rolled it deep full score four nine.

Out he needed to get old enough balls going in the court so I signed up for Ben Johns depth on the serve there it is try that at Home Folks give it give it a go see which hamsters four nine foreign.

Another point five nine still will be able to go into game two knowing that he made a meal of it tough ball right there trying to short hop flying serious spatial pressure till he's elected Court then Ben is just gonna clamp the line and give him no room to move it appears like Ben is just kind of sitting middle.

Again down to the kind of grip that's navratul uses we'll talk more about that after this boy it is such a an aggressive the Continental grip does well um obviously there there's no one perfect grip it's awesome what's that out Clem me.

Game ball Ben Johnson lifting that was it good yeah it was just white but I do like the outside yeah that would be nice I'm still just trying to find one of those Ojo backpacks man oh yeah those are sweet cycling or more different types of grips for different shots and that's how often.

He's kind of switching between that's wild to me the different feels he's so comfortable with and consistent great shot right there from Zane pulling Ben in oh beautiful it's just me oh we'll have to ask him later on which.

Particular grip was that was that number three or number four number 28 1-0 but the control from Ben John's on that final shot there's the difference I wanna I wanna remark on that change control benjons did a nice job right there of that yeah it is always a master.

Class in that department especially um and it is one of the big separators uh delicately into an area where the other player still has to move and therefore under pressure looks like he's hitting that thing with a pillow just so I think it's just the rhythm of having to play someone as precise as Ben who uses that chip back.

Um has to get his reads man there's just no balance two zero see if the internal scouting report stays back adjustment it does not pay off that's not a ball you see John's Miss very often and it does give never till the bull.

Back and a chance to start ripping your serve especially when you're trying to find a little momentum you might as well go for it at this point for Sure Shot time and time again I still gotta hit it clean though unfortunately well I fairly lofted.

Again trying to find the three make a fourth sorry Ben John's now up by one look at that you gotta be kidding me gorgeous yeah he's rolling off his left or off his platform like I'm talking volleyball never till protecting the line so.

Heavily there that just so much space available yeah I mean this is a tough match and John's is making it look a little routine right now I'm seeing him miss that either that's the kind of got himself a nice short return I mean it's just yeah so clean.

Yeah and the fact that he's been able to thread that needle so often means navratil is having to stand so far over which opens up that cross-court option a winner to that direction as well and they're the same thing to your point he's hit two backhands for his opponents too to be able to guess where he's going and.

Knowing that they shouldn't really guess and I think that ball went wide but regardless the ATP is more than successful nine three yeah get an unfortunate bound Zane knew it right away Point return Miss Zayn started his match ball has he got it.

We're getting the inside out beautiful eleven six eleven three Ben Johns making quick work moving on in the winners bracket here's a look at the final Point yeah this is
Pickleball Match Highlights with Ben Johns VS Zane Navratil at the Hyundai Masters Championship Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA.

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