All right guys today we have the Ben Johns Eula Hyperion paddle we have been using it for a couple months and we are going to review it this one is your classic control paddle so we've been using this for a couple months and as you can see it has some wear and tear from people hitting my paddle a lot also the rim tends to get destroyed but one.

Caution because of this paddle is that it's not made very well so I actually this is this one is my second paddle and as you can see the top the top gets loose and also the handle sometimes it gets wobbly then you have to buy a new one so make sure you register these paddles you get about a six month warranty on those so anyways.

That is it for the paddle breakdown and we'll get into some clips so like I said one of the big cons of the paddle is its durability now it will last you typically around three to four months if you're a heavy hitter like me or up to a year if you just played casually but that does harm the paddle in terms of play over time now over time the creek.

Idian-ness of it and the unstableness will just make your game be worse and you'll need a new pedal or just replace it entirely so take that in account when you're getting the paddle because you will be playing worse over time naturally now as you can see from here the dinking is very well controlled with this paddle and it gives you a lot of.

Leeway in terms of your shots and you're also allowed to put a decent amount of spin on it now when it comes to dropping the ball since it is a very good control paddle it does do drops well they feel very controlled and you can just flow through the ball and it almost always lands into the kitchen especially when you have plenty of time to drop the ball.

You're pretty much going to do it every time with a decent drop so you're able to move to the kitchen so I will give a thumbs up on that now when it comes to returning and deep it kind of suffers in the sense that it's heavily leaning on control you're not going to get as much power pushing those balls over and making it hard for your opponent to come.

Up to the net so take that into account also on Drive since it's not that powerful compared to like the selkirks and other power paddles you're not going to have as much push on the ball so you're gonna have to overcompensate and really drive through that ball as you can see here I'm using the Selkirk in the clips after and the shots are more.

Effortless with the pushing so take that into account with the paddle so overall kind of drives and returns deep kind of like with paddle and you're going to have to extend a little bit more potentially ruining your shot but everything else when it comes to Top Spin backspin dinks drops the paddle is very good now weighing those pros and.

Cons I do give the paddle a 9 out of 10 because overall I think that even though it lacks a little bit in the power Department it does have more power to it than most paddles you just need to push a little extra hard and it does drops and dinks incredibly well I do dock some points because of that durability aspect you notice your game will be going down.

Over time because it just doesn't last as long as other paddles on the market and you could say it's made cheap to take that into account if you're considering getting the paddle anyways guys that is it thank you so much for watching leave a comment on what pedal you are using and if you want to switch to this paddle and leave a like on the.

Video I will see you guys in the next one peace out
In todays video we go over the Joola Hyperion and some positives and negatives that comes with this pickleball paddle. There are also manufacturing defects that come with many models so is this the best pickleball paddle on the market?