L.a local to serve let's play pickleball full swing and a miss and irvin is there no swinging a miss on that one and that is jesse irvine tremendous defense by ben johns on the atp and then finishes yeah it's interesting to see where the game will go in the next five ten years.

Cheers oh chance you can hit a backhand the other option is to have your partner come over and take it which matt wright did there oh what a block and that even hit the table and one of the slowest winners you will.

Ever see yes all of ben's weight opened up the opportunity for a nice drive that's end that's in that's it yours oh that's what pickleball is all about right there that's what we came to see.

Unbelievable work all four players reset clinic that's what i'm talking about right there i had it all if you're ever curious about how to play the game oh phenomenal hands from an attack towards urban and ben johns on their eighth.

Opportunity finishes and certainly with these conditions nice and warm i'm not going to be too upset about that as we said two players going for the double crown as well and there is a spurt manipulation there by ben johns and two for three now on that particular.

Shot is that's what everyone has said on a pickleball court sorry not sorry well that one's getting just over and that's a beautiful shot by right there she might have a game three to equal the task but gotta earn it and the i formation does not work for.

Irvin and johnson what an onslaught and cali smith says i see you and i raise you and what a whole reach in by ben johns with a little flick and you gotta gotta go and you now comes down execution because the game plan hasn't changed.

And they come on comes flying back and what a drive by ben johns to end it and that's as high quality a match as you can have
Pickleball match highlights for the Mixed Doubles Gold Medal match at the Braemar Country Club in Los Angeles

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