Big part of the court that is day one son zero zero we are underway sign out time to give response his first serve of this match seems like the court is playing pretty fast so I would think those conditions favored Ben a little bit as well in.

Singles multiple choices didn't like his execution on the third ball referee call a fault on the serve ever almost.

Thank you wow what a start here five six zero get himself in position and execute this oh smiling he's smiling he's got that Selkirk Labs paddle.

Good time zero six actually returned cross-court to Tysons for him and he's been able to cover the court a little better from that spot well placed shot there by Dennis playing discipline we're going to see him um create situations from Rolling to Tyson's backhand and then closing in.

Potentially even earning four four six try to find super super slow-mo there as we watch it.

Sit on the top of the tape around eight four side outs four eights it's an effective spot because you're always trying to cover the outside of yourself not your body like in doubles.

Absolutely how to play than for Tyson got them closing in hot here I'm taking this first game nine side out for sure would be so huge for him to get this leg.

Up but it's gonna go back over and suddenly comes up short on the ATP thank you able to catch up to it a couple of times and Ben 64 matches in one day any cool moments looking back over.

Running all these tournaments that you've been doing you've been doing this for years yeah I'm going into my ninth or 140 000 players competing on well we are so lucky to have you at our basketball here in game one second by John's.

inside outs 11 10. let's see if he rolls the third shot and that's long then with the lob replacing with the.

Winner thank you 11 12. that slides just wide and you feel like McGuffin just has to have this foreign.

making the other work the backhand by John's to get they call the foot fault instantly called that one deceptive shot and the Thriller wow Ben Joseph.

Foreign for sure he missed the return catches the outside of the line and then he hits a beautiful backhand and gets a little bonus there oh man that almost hit the sunshade that went so high.

okay done on one of those what is the ruling on that a redo a loss of a point is it in tennis it is I would think think about would be similar beautiful zero zero the loss of the rally I'm being told by.

The truck so shopping so far in game two nice we'll turn there by Ben Johnson are you easy to them one of the players um AJ Kohler he has more of a hockey background so people love him quite often because he has not figured out how to hit an.

Overhead properly so people use that shot against him knowing that it's sometimes difficult and then tennis players are used to a longer implement so they don't get the whip that they're used to nice job tracking that down John's running all over the court right now.

Able to catch up with that one and then they see the smile out of work on that Tech aim for the middle yes aim for the middle it just takes Sidelines out of the club because people that go backwards with their face to the net that's dangerous yes it's definitely a safety issue don't do that safety first always.

Thank you one had three game points in game one my name after being frustrated but he has found it here in game two indeed yeah to his credit came out move and work working the point and uh probably got a couple on corsairs from Ben as a result of that work that.

He put in yeah can Thrive off what you're seeing and another winner by side outs but it is five it is zero five zero five.

Five zero six zero I only chooses not to do it here eight no nothing.

New ball seem results I I would have thought it would have been the other way indeed I think most people on this in this venue would agree and it's an 11 30 earlier in this point um but I'm sure there will be one one coming soon foreign.

only taking him a game and a half but talk about stubborn and there's that drop Ollie if you try to play that Ball Deep then it's gonna take Johnson McGuffin scored 14 straight and.

Now John's has scored 10 straight points unbelievable McGuffin out of timeouts points there it is Jump time in zero zero.

I'll give John midday on the other side his brother Colin in the men's Pro doubles and now trying to get a men's singles title on the left side of his body there for sure one zero I think more he was hoping it was gonna go wrong then he thought it would go.

Along side out I mean if you're going inside in or inside out and Tyson does a fantastic job deceptive there actually one zero.

see if Tyson can keep the lead so far the truck's been telling us sort of like a breakaway in hockey zero yes I can kind of panicked on this.

One and guess the other way then I think when line maybe once in a match I can't find my gun 14 feet from you he can't get there if it bounces if it doesn't bounce then we've seen him one four hit the shot over and over again singles doubles.

Pretty much always the same motion same pace you know it's been a little bit of time Drilling and practicing that oh sir four twos forehand beautifully here in this game maybe the exploring the variety of.

Options and developing a surface yeah you can practice without needing a partner take a bucket out to your local Court and you can hear them simple and really precise but it's all.

Done both clubs three eggs John's gets a friendly roll and then uses it now.

McGuffin so the bowling dropped quickly then survives uh-huh what a shot and that's long oh man right now nine eight I thought.

That one was gonna land actually hey nine I mean the physicality of this match and the hustle and the effort has been incredible stick here in game four that you have.

One time out remaining Tyson now to timeouts time in ten eight so John's for the Triple Crown age ten oh John's he will catch up to it points how did he do that.

What a sick trick right there believable what a way to finish the day in May
Highlights from the Pickleball Men’s Final with Ben Johns VS Tyson McGuffin at the PPA Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam in Mesa, AZ at Legacy Bell Bank Park Rockin Protein Pickleball Center. Gold Medal Match

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