Remember so many more details to come Catherine parento to serve let's play Pickleball yeah Simon Julian Arnold with the full package protected his body when he got blown up by parento early in he's already yapping why that's you don't often see whatever other uh.

Pickleball event he could find he's he's a good player and gonna be moving up the rankings in in every event look at this guys he's ready he's 10 espresso shots deep right now and ready to go clean forehand BB down the line and Arnold boom bringing it that's for a.

Better start here foreign Arnold brings this almost into the court on the other side just get the serve in what's it called thank you and a Tui down the middle and Arnold is fired up all right but but brasha there.

Had about four or five resets that dropped from Mary brasha sets up Arnold and that is the correct score 7-1 seven one point eight one Sam come on that's unfortunate for Mary broccia who played a great point there oh she did.

Everything right there and at the end just got a little unlucky yeah another huge ball front it'll be great to see enough and this team of Harley is so likable and uh you know I know it's a it's a commentator you're not supposed to cheer for a team but I find a little part of.

Me cheering to be underdogs here roaring and they came they come into this with a very nice win to start the day they beat Jeff Warnick and Lacey schnee in a couple of cows every time I see needs a little help here all right out.

On the execution exactly second said Mary brasha again with some ridiculous defense and I think a lot of people remember the video for a few weeks around the heads dad that's uh one of the most talked about pickleball shots of the Year probably okay.

Holy Arnold is a uh he's an energetic guy to begin with and he's he's been bringing this at the point one in this match side out and this is not a very familiar sight to see Dream Team dictate to him no and you know you don't get a lot of reactions out of Ben Jones but I think if you look closely it's a.

Little frustrated right now the body language is a little down foreign great job by parento still a seven point lead all right.

Shot by Ben Johns right there okay that's why he's the best player in this game on that roller a low Top Spin backhand line is so tough to read side out Russia and Arnold Russia again with a beautiful third and that scores no joke.

that is just so good from Julian Arnold the wrist work there was was really interesting insane recovery land and the end up winning the point oh my gosh they turned defense into offense there I mean absolutely.

Perfectly a little indecision in the middle for the top seat I want to let the entire State of California know that he knows that point hello California he's got a second message an hour and that goes wide and it is she's the one up on the line dominated that cross-court exchange second serve.

Concussion upside down that ball was punished from Ben Johns all right foreign two four one one of the first long exchanges in Toronto and John's way.

Second serve parento they've got two and two for two seconds Sir foreign foreign foreign.

yeah look at this point the ATP has defended and then Arnold comes flying across with a winner down the middle yes sir threes come back so four eight two Julian Arnold is everywhere this could.

Be foreign yeah man make that one point away as Arnold is roping winners all over this court and going right at Ben John says it might be the best player in the world but I'm coming for you match point second serve backdraw.

And it is Julian
Ben John RARELY get beaten this bad – Guess everyone has a bad day, even the number 1 pickleball player in the world – This happen at the Newport Beach Tourney

This happened at the tourney: Ben Johns / Catherine Parenteau VS Julian Arnold / Mary Brascia – Pickleball Mixed Doubles Semi-Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California – Gold Medal Pro Pickleball Match

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