And it should be a whole lot of fun and we are underway this best three out of five for the Men's Pro doubles gold title in Newport Beach and nice return there by Matt Wright off the overhead from Ben Johns and finally that in the in the mixed doubles very early when he and Catherine parento were upset.

The crowd on their side the chat with them they'll they'll be playing all of those tricks throughout this match foreign keeping it in the middle and that finally finishes It Off yeah I mentioned that quite a bit uh when they played Kohler and Wilson.

Yesterday in their semi and gets out of the way of that one and now a 2-0 lead make it 3-0 foreign everything right now right from the get-go in this match yours.

John's finally puts it away yeah this is a team that has in some instances started very slowly it's a family affair Dave so on the one before that they both went for it he might be getting close to a time out here and they gotta get a simple concept figured out who's taking the drive down the middle.

Foreign yeah this is not this is the opposite of a slow start this is mad let's let's put Matt on the left where he's been playing all morning give him a different look pee Riley keeps it alive the Ernie cowling into the net so credit Newman.

Are right they Stave off both an ATP end and Ernie out of John's that ball he wanted just didn't make it moving willpower Riley lets it go out what an angle on that shot by Ben but it stays alive and then Riley puts it away yeah so these two have been attacking.

The backhand left shoulder of course it's funny how that one Helter Skelter point the Ernie block the ATP block Colin had a chance to finish didn't and now it started a run on the other side that was there just too much on it from Newman.

You'll see the Johns Brothers keep the ball on the outside of the Court on the Dinks never made it to the kitchen eight five two off the wrist have been there if they try and switch when receiving they gotta run and cover the other side.

So when serving ball Smash down the middle on third shot drives smart by those two it was 7-1 five of the last six points have been scored by Newman and Wright he said you so there was no miscommunication and the ball just bounces behind you.

Is what they're playing for right now and John's trying to get these final three points to take a one game to none lead it's been a fun rivalry though Dave indeed yeah they show the full arsenal right now he's got every tool in the box at his.

Disposal that won't get over the net so that's going to take us to oh yeah he catches that line College speeds it up and Cowan aims the game fantastic bro that he is Dave.

Fleming for sure and one of the best teachers of the game as well support we're all gold medal matches I didn't know if there had been a fluke he draw at some point along the way I didn't want to assume they were all gold and now we're getting conflicting reports maybe one was not a goal in any case the Johns Brothers have had.

Success more times than not they're eight and three one one I really wish I had yeah you handed me a hand grenade yeah thanks for that you do the dishes that was one of those like I owe you brother I ran in front of you a minute ago and I'm gonna go get this one and an early lead now here for Newman and Wright.

sure been able to track that down and then get back to the kitchen wow absolutely ridiculous deep not no by the way and I figured you knew everything about Ben Johns.

I did not know a tiller earlier this week either but Ben Johnson is a big classic rock aficionado and his favorite band Fleetwood Mac would not have expected that out of someone in Ben Johnson's generation got some eclectic taste no I'm not calling.

It no that is I like it so like sushi like Formula One was a competitive Magic the Gathering player so this is lots of different things in his uh interests foreign of course he just got that engineering degree in May from the University of Maryland that.

He's putting to work for Eula and designing paddles just bump of this match would be between the Johns Brothers and not Newman and Wright gambling coming he would have gotten a big number for that watch it that's gonna go wide and it's ready to strike he hits that inside out sometimes that time he went.

Right at that great shot Riley screams out it does go out and weird tied for the gold medal at the best screamers at your partner to let the ball go of course he and Lindsay were part of the best pickleball point of the.

Tournament maybe that I've ever seen over 70 balls and we're not talking dinks that is epic yeah if you haven't seen it you can just I'm sure you can it'll come up if you Google it I'm pretty sure at this point to be one of the choices for sure.

Just there's not a Target there folks but it feels like it and then they smooth them around and Riley tried about a pulling wide because they know they're not going to get in trouble there second quick hands pipe four four two therefore Riley puts it away by tagging Ben.

So he was ready for that return from Colin too and that was really nice if icon to get it back in the first place Riley able to catch the line okay hold on I'm not sure what the call was here second serve well they did call it out.

And it looks like the right call the win five four two just couldn't get low enough the ball coming at him was too loud foreign by Howard Simon Bennett turns for it there.

hey Ernie up looked like it was going to go out but Matt hit it anyway yeah lost all its momentum because it hit the tape and then I think it was gonna just die in the court yeah yeah that angle you're right it is Alan Roman James neighbor the second half.

Ben putting that one away another duck could get back to two-point game here is five seven how about that exchange the fire fight won by one Mr Riley Newman more please seven five one.

second sir couldn't get back to the tape come on sale long so serve back over to the Johns Brothers at five nine five nine one go.

Matt right foreign game he's played on this court since 10 A.M been throwing everything at Riley and Riley keeping everything alive thank you and that's going to be long.

Yeah nine not a friendly Matt's time on the court about an hour and a half in his first match so uh shouldn't be a problem for me a player of his caliber thank you I hit one that was going to be out.

And they play on it because of all that had the incorrect server which would have been a just terrible mistake yeah don't want to have that happen so the referee helps him out been playing every angle and it's still.

Going Colin sneaks in and it's a good decision by the big brother John's finally puts it away yeah this is a team that has in some instances started very slowly turn five two so game point on the second serve.

Well we're gonna here and there it is he loves to fire with the forehand Newman likes to fire with the backhand and right finally misses wide.

this oh my God a lot of talking going on right there just turning We're not gonna get in the trouble and Matt Wright can play on the left side brilliantly sir but when we get to choose we're gonna have this format tires and now.

Riley's even firing with a forehand in there and how about Riley putting it down the boulevard from back near the Baseline that's a ball but Converse in game one is right and Newman having a problem he just pushed off and was there just didn't have the paddle out at the right.

Angle and that's the ball of his beating them earlier and now he put away one five two foreign strategy.

And they've choose to switch there Ben can't catch up to it there's not a ton on that serve kind of ate them up a little what's up second sir Ben ready to feed him Matt they heard the Riley Newman warning sign heads up to the seven to one yeah it's 23-11 in favor of Newman and right since.

That point oh Colin Connor just waited and then finally now chalantly puts it away Panic on good patience from Colin and then finishes cleanly and Ben and Kellen finally able to end the exchange put Matt in a horrible spot.

John's ancient back I need to keep it going and going that was really impressive yeah two-hander and then watch the little look back right there it is okay those sides being a really patient here they could do this all day Dave.

oh my God a target range wow the quickness on display right there and Matt right and a couple Lions staring each other down but it is that lion that fit excuse me nine five two oh.

Okay with the Ernie Ernie angle see if that can be the spark that gets the Johns Brothers going five minutes tape helped the angle a little bit more not that he needed it Point make it all right two straight now for team.

Johns 792 . keeping those pinks in the middle for the most part oh.

Back down and gain points and there it is game goes on Center Court since that first match started and the pro mixed doubles at 10 A.M but he looks like he's only gotten better as the time has gone on to find that backhand and speed it up on.

That middle dink second decides to hit it that was such a good speed up to set that up because he went right hip instead of down the line James there's gonna be something that's going to get Ben going a little bit bounces up high and you gotta let that.

Get attacked there's another high one John's finally get up to the line and the flick of the wrist and he paints that back Face line yeah so the key is you're gonna hit what you do with the fifth and the seventh to not panic let's play some defense.

Couldn't get to that one Riley playing the angle perfectly yeah and he's like all right I know you know where this is going but shalant finish second turn talked about that right sliding to the right then in absolute jail but they're a little too much not quite enough Roll On the Top Spin.

There's pain right down the boulevard to make it three nothing and that Boulevard is actually not the middle of the court but if Matt is going to slide you half of the right box to hit so beautifully chosen by Ben there second serve Riley Skelter point the Ernie.

Block the ATP block Colin had a chance to finish didn't and now it started a run on the other side second sir and an early lead now here for Newman and Wright been able to track that down and then get back to the kitchen.

Wow wow opportunity Zone there third try is the term for Riley foreign.

Quickly enough one three one been moving everywhere but Matt Wright doesn't care that's a tremendous defensive block into the Open Court two three one again gave ground had that backhand paddle position ready.

And now it's even at 3-1 by Riley Newman second serve look to the second server here Riley came in there just to the right second turn sign up well whatever momentum that John's Brothers had to start then the.

Men's and women's singles from Newport Beach okay let's try to change up one of the two times and it's working yeah Riley and Matt have had a lot to do and they've reeled off four straight.

Points make it five straight points for Newman and run s so I'm out doesn't help 7-3 new minute right second search simple dank into the net eight three two oh and there's there's what movement.

Does Riley foreign foreign gets one back four nine two no sign up second turn Ben takes advantage foreign.

Ben Johns / Collin Johns VS Riley Newman / Matt Wright – Mens Pickleball Doubles Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California – Gold Medal Match

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