Welcome back to another episode of Pros versus 5 O’s we’re joined by the world number one righty doubles team but today we’re going to see how good Ben and Colin are playing left-handed against our 50 friends so the rules are if the paddle is touching their right hand as they’re swinging that’s going to be a fault and I’m going to be Don Stanley on.

Their ass so no right hand whatsoever but take back’s fine yeah take back is fine contact no right hand at contact no right hand otherwise I’ll be going no no no no no right hand right hand first off serves we got to aim straight to their backhand I was going to say backhand from 90% of shots 90% of the shots that’s right we’ve seen them hit their.

Forehand I mean like the reverse forand they’re they’re solid so yeah we got implement the back hand that’s going to be the awkward like reverse hit I mean we’re going to play straight up at first just to see what size we’re better on cuz it’s kind of a mystery to us but we were going to just saying that.

His Drive is better so he’s probably going to drive and I’m probably going to try to close and we’ll just see if get some point like that we’re going to have to be aggressive we’re the back hand can’t be hidden forever so we going have to stick it to him quickly rare footage of Ben on the right side and col rare 2020 equally rare that we’re in the left.

Hand not since 2020 over here with Kyle right uh no with Matt Texas open Matt against Tyson andiy that was the last time I played the right 0 02 I like it I love that though 0 0 one yep right back yep no free points i’ I’d start taking his balls now he’s he’s looking pretty.

Shaky 02 no those kills don’t disappear how does he oh okay I know 0 one got it you ow got it coming yeah yeah.

Sorry Dylan i m hit that one on purpose all right Ser big one Zer two go big Ser oh what a drive the opposite was that a generous call back there that was a generous call it was good two 02 you go no that’s a really high drive 02.

One I’m hting better returns now than I do Wy I know pressure’s on I’m going to go you have to play Big you have to let’s go 0 two2 oh good sh that’s a smart call good call go out out out oh house rules you go.

Coming dude go no no no neither confirm nor deny I was watching reruns of mash okay two one one two out 2 two one yeah o where you at Ben uh that was a big swing 3 two.

1 you go go go here you go oh no oh boy 2 3 1 a yeah there you go there you go 2 three2 big serve big serve hey here we go going to start serving Lefty in real matches.

3 three2 me whoa where is that going God here we go y go yeah yeah stay back stay back 531 go oh God good setup such a bad bounce.

631 yeah that area has closed Ben 731 talking a we’re missing so many returns oh boy you guys got timeouts you know 831 go no got.

It oh don’t speed that up no too hard too hard let me take this side go 481 oh no CJ all hey I’ve gotten some points on the serve I got to go after it 482 sorry it’s chest chest that’s a lefty bag Lefty bag 582 go that’s.

Cool I got you covered baby all day 951 you’re good you’re good you’re good that’s it good setup though got it nice shot oh yeah we can’t speed up not at that one and he’s sliding over the whole way the whole way it’s almost like they don’t want to hit their left.

Hand and back in almost 591 go yeah that’s it watch that one going up follow me my long shot 69 that’s so good nice come on make our thirds here quality thirds 7 91 here you go yep big.

Point no no no sorry man here we go all right let’s go 892 get it out of the got yep boom I’d let that one go come on just press press press 992 ouch Oh no I got it couldn’t see it don’t always.

Have to be good just luy I thought you were going to let it go Colin can you do that again for our thumbnail please yeah 99 nice we come on good ball good ball one more stop perfect he’s never been so hyped up in his life all right I’m going to make a return here I’m going to make a.

Return uh 992 way to be big yo here you go no what a game nice play very much see you guys built up a pretty good lead 83 or something like that like what was working well for you at the beginning what do you think yeah I think what we did wrong was we started speeding up and.

Even these guys left-handed their hands are ridiculous so we did better when we slowed it down play methodical you know made him hit as many dinks back hands as we could yeah and just got to be ready for cins forehand uh left Lefty is huge and he’s hugging that side like no other so so got to move Ben around a little bit more there yeah yeah all right good.

Luck in the second half thank you so you guys got down 38 and started mounting a a comeback what was the strategy change there col just drove balls and I closed and now put enough pressure on them I think uh it was a slow start we missed way too many returns yeah four returns it’s unacceptable we got to clean it up this game if we do that I think we’re.

We’re right in it right now yeah once you guys got to the kitchen you were probably winning a good a majority of points I think the strategy is I should drop it and he should drive it he gets three points and I’m making my drops finally all right let’s see if we can do it let’s go 0 02 one2 good shot medical.

timeout here you go oh yeah he’s rattled he’s very Ratt I never play that side when I play Lefty this ref seemed biased here go one yeah yeah yeah I was not watching at all just so you guys know he might very well have been in the kitchen no you don’t have to worry about that you’re.

Watching our right hand yes one one two ohk you God 211 two was that yeah that was going to be trouble got it one go great.

Shot switch okay 31 two y y y oh 131 oh God great hands here you go oh went for it two yeah great.

Setup what did I do what am I doing hitting it no oh they shook here we go here we go rattled one 252 Oh Boy go I got it they’re creeping back free points 352 yeah no big I mean four.

Five2 y my bad 55 Sho out you you that’s my fault uhoh might G for forever.

552 nice one oh good shot don’t pull don’t pull no pulls remind me no God trying to go for thin 562 you no oh I like it I’m trying to deceive the John’s.

Brothers It’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever had 652 take it that was a bag 561 one yeah yeah no Mis drops so good next.

One okay 652 God so weak 852 Okay C go oh no I should have let it hit the bar freak.

It 952 got it yeah that’ll do it sneaky what is it 59 59 sorry 592 hey good rip thanks for the positive comments 952 out oh Match Point 1052 yeah yeah one of you.

Guys is the right server I don’t know oh my God good B hindrance from the grunt 51 two oh my the slow the change up too good might be the first backhand winner in a.

While yeah out oh you hate to see it run it back run it back you hate to see it let’s not finish like that all right okay can you scrub that out works for me 1062 on the first take oh my we should have taken the Mis return yeah we should have one.

1062 I was super aggressive knowing I would get a second one can’t end on a miss your turn every be the worst turnaround of all time that’s so stupid 1061 two oh nice play.

Play good stuff boys sorry boys you’re not going to get the singles today here you go guys so what do you guys as lefties have to work on now we got a lot of practicing to do that was pretty shameful M returns some really terrible dinks it’s just unacceptable the M turns really cost you in game one it was a 119 game what uh.

What was working well for you guys yeah I mean keeping it slow working the back end that was the the Play We Found out real quick that uh even their left-and and forehands are no joke and they uh they beat us on several hands occasions which is shameful as well even with a scorpion Lefty Lefty scorpion yeah the Lefty scorp was nasty that’s no joke no.

Joke the Lefty ATP was good he drilled you in the chest on one of those there were some good some good shots out there couple flicks a lot of highlight shots and a lot of blooper shots yeah yeah it was a lot of here and there and not a lot of in between so what would what would you guys say your your dupers are as left-handed players what are you.

Guys I’m uh 5’4 basically 5’4 49 I I could I oh you’re 49 well not as good as you so I guess I’m lower than that I feel like like a he’s higher than that he just I’ve been taking my D I’m going to arbitrarily say you’re like a 53 and we’re going to both claim a 50 flat great 50 flat maybe on a good day we’ll.

Count it so when are we seeing you guys in a 5 Lefty tournament as soon as they’ll let us play yeah would you would you actually do it we would do yeah so that’s a call out to all tournament organizers let us in your 50 bracket we promise that the right hand will not touch the paddle you can Don Stanley us you can Don Stanley us the opponents Can.

Don Stanley us I don’t care all right well leave a comment what do you think their duper is as left-handed players
The Johns brothers embarked on a daring challenge: taking on 5.0 pickleball players using only their left hands. With precision and finesse, Ben and Collin Johns maneuvered across the court, showcasing their adaptability to enhance pickleball play regardless of which hand they use.

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https://cameo.com/zanenavratilpickleballCollin and Ben Johns are renowned for their dominance on the court, the duo has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is achievable with an expansive pickleball playbook.

In a recent exhibition match, the world’s number one right-handed doubles team showcased their versatility by embracing the challenge of playing exclusively with their left hands. The rules were clear: any employment of their dominant right hand would result in a fault. With the stakes high and expectations soaring, the brothers set out to demonstrate their skill and adaptability on the court.

Ben Johns, the younger of the two siblings, has etched his name in the annals of pickleball history with his unparalleled achievements. A prodigy in multiple racquet sports from a young age, Johns’ foray into pickleball began in 2016 during a vacation in Florida. Little did he know that this encounter would mark the inception of a remarkable career that continues to enhance pickleball for countless enthusiasts.

Within months of his introduction to the sport, Johns made waves by securing fifth place in Men’s Pro Singles at the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships. His meteoric rise continued as he clinched gold medals at prestigious events, including the Riverbend RV Resort Pickleball Tournament and the Canadian Nationals. However, it was his unprecedented triple crown victories at the Tournament of Champions and the U.S. Open that solidified his status as a pickleball prodigy.

With over 80 titles on the PPA Tour, including 15 triple crowns, Johns’ dominance is unparalleled. His undefeated streaks in men’s singles and mixed doubles attest to his exceptional skill and unwavering determination. Beyond his on-court exploits, Johns’ partnership collaboration with JOOLA Pickleball underscores his influence in shaping the sport’s future.

While Ben’s ascent to pickleball stardom has been nothing short of extraordinary, his older brother Collin has carved his own path to success. With a background steeped in tennis, table tennis, and baseball, Collin’s transition to pickleball was a natural progression. His professional debut at the 2019 US Open marked the beginning of a fruitful career characterized by perseverance and dedication.

As a regular doubles partner to Ben, Collin amassed over 25 professional titles, showcasing his formidable skills.

Collin’s contributions to the pickleball community extend far beyond his achievements. Serving on the Professional Pickleball Registry Board of Directors, he plays a pivotal role in certifying professionals and shaping the sport’s future. Additionally, his co-ownership of Pickleball 360 underscores his commitment to fostering growth and development within the pickleball community.