Let's play Pickleball that you don't want to give up those opportunities against the best player in the world Inside Out forehand drive ends up winning the point foreign side out 4-2.

Side out five three size finish from Ben limited cat and mouse that's the way Hunter Johnson wants to play for sure foreign wow beautiful great read caught John's on his back foot head down goes down the.

Line on the reply Johnson leaves it jumps the kitchen line to go across Court Ernie's so sad pattern here in the semis beautiful two-handed backhand there point moment right here can he get the ball back side out.

Okay the heck out of it side out got the lead does Ben Johnson Ben Johns who was way down and that's.

Foreign wow so instead of the Roll he goes for the flick with more Pace on it Kyle gets Batman beautiful shot sets it up with this really nice forehand it's balanced wait a second goes Cross Court foreign ER Johnson wins a little so 11 serving 12.

Got another game point is Hunter Johnson who fends off three game yes and we'll see if there will be need for a game three here we go oh 100 Johnson coming in hot side out point just a tough positioning there good shot by John's foreign.

That is pretty and a nod to the crowd from Hunter Johnson yeah I just did that and the ability to hit with power same idea brushing the ball the other thing it does is it makes you unpredictable yeah it's more difficult to handle foreign.

wow so it is Hunter Johnson who is giving a little ground at the kitchen but got away with it because you can see Ben's feet are right up there but that was the only way to win that is that sick of an angle side out pretty close to the line he thought he missed that returned.

Wow what a gift he gave up halfway in oh dear forces you to hit a better ball I love the Ernie I love the first volley even better Kyle at that point then obviously the Ernie capped It Off side out you get absolutely munched Ernie Fest 2022 continues very athletic and he's able to see that coming using the earring to get the point.

Five foreign from Ben Johns there we are two points from the four seed upsetting Ben Johns just missed that one five nine down four okay down three chords position gets the point down two.

unbelievable stab volley and then receiver he responds side out eight nine second chance to tie it up for Ben Johns that is a use that left hand to put it where you want it wow oh my goodness at.

Point wow Hunter Johnson's feet foreign Hunter Johnson goes body after all that and Ben Johns was not getting out of the way guess left and you know it's sort of like these you know we talked about the World Cup coming up that soccer goalie's gonna.

Jump just kick it down the middle just wide there 10. and that black and volley flew foreign clean winner Hunter Johnson looks over at his fans.

And the ATP itself so we've had three match points foreign we will switch sides at six point bam just John's oh my and that time the ATP and I am hopeful that Hunter Johnson is okay.

He's holding that left ankle oh no put us into this medical timeout this ball right here is going to kick off the tape and this ATP is going to come back inside and oh man that's uh that's a rough roll of the left ankle there 3-0 point.

Okay raises his hand side out yeah he Danny that's a beautiful point from Hunter Johnson who is side out very hard because we're human beings.

Have you pushed through a little bit let's see if you can do that side out side out he's just steady up there and making the volleys foreign and the hardest part of that was him digging in and stopping as he was about.

To run into the sideline score that's pretty from that John's you know he sets his feet up as if he's gonna rip the ball yes and then just at that last moment as we've seen him do time and time again footwork looks the exact same as the previous shot struggling since then to find some comfort oh no now he's down.

That sounds deep so hero ouch point it's just hard to get all that to function properly foreign okay Hunter Johnson goes body again when he had a ball that he could rip and just feeling slightly more comfortable it looks like and just down.

Foreign by Hunter Johnson boy Johnson there too so here we go nine four Hunter Johnson unable to ankle that turned as well
Ben John ALMOST got beaten in Singles by Hunter Johnson – Hunter had 3 match points on Ben Johns in the second game but couldn’t close it out.

This happen at the tourney match with Ben Johns VS Hunter Johnson – Pickleball Men’s Singles Semi-Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California

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